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Formed 1819 from Crawford
Fayette formed 1821 from Bond, Wayne, Clark, Jefferson
Pike formed 1821 from Madison, Bond, Clark
Edgar formed 1823 from Clark
Coles formed 1830 from Clark, Edgar
Ford formed 1859 from Clark


1820-1830 Clark Co. IL Census
      No Duncan indexed

1840 Clark Co. IL Census (alphabetic) (ornate handwriting)
Pg.77  C.L. Duncan      0100,01  -  1000,1

1850 Clark Co. IL Census (ornate handwriting)
Pg.165, #32, C. L. DUNCAN (m) 33 VA M.D. $1000
                  Jane 28 VA
                  William 7, M. (f) 5, E. (f) 2 IL
                  E. FLETCHER (f) 18 UNK
                  G. BLUNDELL (m) 23 OH farmer $0
                  (MAD: Charles L. Duncan mar. Hannah Jane Blundell 2/2/1842)
Pg.201-2, #518, Coleman B/L. DUNCAN 48 KY farmer $2000
                  Ascenith 48 KY
                  Jane 13, Charles 11 IL
                  Thomas 6, Ann 4 IL
                  (MAD: Coleman Lewis Duncan mar. Aseneth Hess(more) 2/11/1830 Jefferson Co. KY; d. 1883 Coles Co. IL)
Pg.256, #1311, Joseph DUNCAN 32 KY farmer $0
                  Margaret 25 KY
                  Amanda 7, Arachey (m) 3, Mary 1 IL

1860 Clark Co. IL Census (each page has # beginning with one)
Martinsville Twp.
Pg.98, #189-8, Charles DUNCAN 30 IN merchant $0-$4000
                  Elisabeth J. 28 IN
                  Alice S. 6, Frank 3, Edwin 1 IL
                  John DUNCAN 60 MD (blank)
Westfield Twp.
Pg.178, #743-5, Coleman L. DUNCAN 57 KY farmer $1600-$800
                  Asenath 57 KY
                  Charles A. 18, Thomas H. 16 IL farm laborers
                  Ann M. 14 IL
                  Catharine Jane FREEMAN 22 IL
Marshall Twp.
Pg.248, #1236-5, Charles DUNCAN 43 VA physician $0-$400
                  Hannah Jane 38 VA
                  William 17, Matilda 15 IL
                  Emma 12, Woodford 9 IL

1870 Clark Co. IL Census
Marshall Twp.
Pg.387, #458-451, DUNCAN, Jane 48 VA keeping house $1500-$800
                  Woodford (m) 19 IL clerk in store
                  HUGHS, Edward 26 IN clerk in store
                  Emma 21 IL house keeper
                  Charles 1 IL
                  SCHUANEKE, H.A. (m) 30 HANOVER civil engineer, parents of foreign birth
Martinville Twp.
Pg.393, #74-69, DUNCAN, Charles 40 IN dry goods merchant $4000-$9000
                  KNOTTS, Catharine 25 IN house keeper
                  Alice 16 IL at home
                  Franklin 11 IL
                  Ephrin (m) 9 IL
                  DUNCAN, John 70 OH farmer $0-$0
                  (MAD: ? 1850 Vigo Co. IN census ?)
Pg.393, #75-70, DUNCAN, George 43 IN dry goods mercht. $5000-$9000
                  Mary 30 OH keeping house
                  John 16 IN at home
                  Rachel 14, Amanda 14, Charles 8 IN
                  ASHLEY, Mary 34 IN domestic servant
                  (MAD: 1860 Sullivan Co. IN census)
Westfield Twp.
Pg.483, #9-9, DUNCAN, Coleman (m) 67 KY farmer $4000-$1000
                  Aseneth 67 KY keeping house
                  Anna 23 IL at home

1880 CENSUS, WABASH TOWNSHIP, CLARK COUNTY, ILLINOIS (partial; from Kathy D. Cawley 3/2006)
S.D.# 5, E.D.# 43, PAGE# 205C& 206A, IMAGES 64 & 65 OF 68
JOHN R., M/W, AGE 8, IL./VA./IL.
MARY E., W/F, AGE 5, IL./VA./IL.
      (KDC: ? see Robert Duncan household in 1900 Mason Co. WV census)


Clark Co. IL Deed Index 1818-1858 (FHL film 1,306,063 index; SLC 1/12/1988)
      B-98 (3 deeds): Duncan & Archer from auditor, public accounts (not copied)
      B-170: Duncan & Archer to Jno. A. Williams (not copied)
      B-261: Duncan & Archer to Geo. Armstrong (not copied)
      B-314: Duncan & Archer to James Waters (not copied)
      (more Duncan & Archer deeds not copied)
      C-94: Elizabeth Duncan, wife of Joseph Duncan, release of dower
      C-95: Joseph Duncan to William B. Archer
      C-96: Jos. & Eliz. C. Duncan to Wm. B. Archer (not copied)
      C-225: Samuel Parker to Coleman L. Duncan (MAD: should be Charles L. Duncan)
      C-500: Joseph Duncan to James McCabe (not copied)
      C-589: Jas/Jos. Duncan from William Lynn (FHL film 1,316,999; not found)
      (more Jos. Duncan & Archer deeds not copied)
      D-406: C.L. Duncan from F.M. Hess, mortgage (not copied)
      F-162: Charles Whitlock to Charles L. Duncan
      F-196: Samuel Dunlap to Charles L. Duncan
      G-176: Nathan Tefft to Coleman L. Duncan
      G-260: Samuel Dunlap to Charles L. Duncan
      H-223: C.L. Duncan to David Clark (not copied)
      H-344: C.L. Duncan to Thomas C. Moore (not copied)
      H-358: C.L. Duncan from H. Manly (not copied)
      (Book I index too faint to read)
      J-489: Charles L. Duncan to W.B. Archer
      J-490: C.L. Duncan to W.B. Archer (not copied)
      (Mortgages indexed separately, not copied)

Clark Co. IL Deeds (SLC 1/12/1988 and 9/14/2013)
      C-94: 29 Jan. 1836, Elizabeth Duncan, wife of Joseph Duncan, in Morgan Co. IL, release of dower in deeds to William B. Archer, lots in town of Marshall, and about 184 acres. (FHL film 1,316,998; SLC 1/12/1988)
      C-95: 3 Feb. 1837, Joseph Duncan of Morgan Co. IL to William B. Archer, $4,400, the unsold lots in town of Marshall (not copied further) (FHL film 1,316,998; SLC 1/12/1988)
      C-225/225: 26 April 1839, Samuel Parker of Crawford Co. IL to Charles L. Duncan of Clark Co. IL, for $100 paid, sell Lot No.5 in block No.13 in Town of Marshall, Clark Co. IL, as per reference to the recorded plat of said town will more fully appear, warrant title. /s/ Samuel Parker, Emeline Parker. Wit. Wm. B. Bard, H.P.T. Bayle. Ack. 26 April 1839 before Wm. B. Baker, Clerk of Crawford Co. Circuit Court. (recording date not given) (FHL film 1,314,948)
      D-406: [agreement?] 25 Jan. 1842, between L.M. Hess and C.L. Duncan, all of Clark Co. IL, that the said Hess doth herein convey unto the sd. Duncan the following, viz, one 2 acre lot of land with all its appurtenances and the tan yard and sd. lot with all that pertains to it, and one bay horse and two beds and furniture with one set of cammon? chairs?, this conveyance made to said Duncan for the purpose of securing him in the sum of $200 to me loaned and this obligation to stand in full force until the above named sum is paid unto the sd. Duncan but after the payment of said sum this article to be void. /s/ Thomas M. Hess, C.L. Duncan. Wit. Allen Hess, A. Hess. Written sideways: I do hereby acknowledge to have received full and entire satisfaction on the within. ... 25 May 1847. /s/ C.L. Duncan. (FHL film 1,314,949)
      F-162: 14 Feb. 1846, Charles Whitlock of Clark Co. IL to Charles L. Duncan of same, for $25 paid, sell lot in Archers Addition to Town of Marshall in Clark Co. IL, Lot No.7 in Square No.32, said lot being on the North side of Cumberland Street fronting 66 feet thereon, together with improvements and appurtenances, warrant title. /s/ Charles Whitlock. Wit. Sam R. Young, John Bartlett. Ack. 14 Feb. 1846 before Darius Phillips, Clerk of County Commissioners Court of Clark Co. IL. (FHL film 1,314,950)
      F-196: 11 March 1846, Samuel Dunlap of Clark Co. IL for $100 paid, sell to Charles L. Duncan parcel of land in Clark Co. IL, Lot No.7 and Lot No.8 in Square No.11 being in the original town of Marshall in Clark Co. IL, with appurtenances, warrant title. /s/ Samuel Dunlap. Wit. Robt. L. Dulaney, Tim? R. Young. Ack. 16 March 1846 before Darius Phillips, Clerk of County Commissioners, Clark Co. IL. (FHL film 1,314,950)
      G-176: 12 April 1848, Nathan Tefft and Phebe his wife of Clark Co. IL to Colman L. Duncan of afsd, for $500 paid, sell parcel of land, the whole of Block 22 in Town of Westfield, Clark Co. IL, bounded on north by State Street, on the south by Cherry Street, on the west by Jefferson Street, on the east by Washington Street, together with appurtenances, warrant title. /s/ Nathan Tefft, Phebe Tefft. Wit. Thomas Tefft, William Morrell. Ack. 13 April 1848 before Charles Biggs, J.P. of Clark Co. IL. (FHL film 1,314,950)
      G-260/261: 25 Aug. 1848, Samuel Dunlap of Clark Co. IL to Charles L. Duncan of Clark Co. IL, for $100 paid, sell parcel of land, in Clark Co. IL, Lots No.7 and 8 in Block No.11 in the original town of Marshall in said Clark Co., together with appurtenances, warrant title. /s/ Samuel Dunlap. Wit. Darius Phillips, Edmund Hungerford. Ack. 25 Aug. 1848 before Darius Phillips, Clerk of County Commissioners Court of Clark Co. IL. (FHL film 1,314,950)
      H-223: 25 Dec. 1849, Coleman L. Duncan and Asenathe his wife of Clark Co. IL for $200 paid by David Clark of afsd, sell to said David Clark a parcel of land in Clark Co. IL, NW 1/4 NE 1/4 Sec.4 Twp.11N Range 14W containing 40 acres more or less, with appurtenances, warrant title. /s/ C.L. Duncan, Aseneth Duncan. Wit. William M. Gwin. Ack. 25 Dec. 1849 before James C. Robinson, J.P. of Clark Co. IL. Filed for record Jan. 25, 1850, and recorded same day, Jan. 25, 1850. (FHL film 1,314,951)
      H-344/345: 6 May 1849, C.L. Duncan and Asenath his wife of Clark Co. IL to Thos. C. Moore of afsd, for $300 paid, sell parcel of land, commencing at a stone in Washington Street, running north to NE corner of Block 22, then West to the corner of said Block bounded by State Street, then south along Jefferson Steet to a stone, then east to the stone of beginning, being the north side of Block 22 in town of Watfield, Clark Co. IL, together with appurtenances, warrant title. /s/ C.L. Duncan, Asenath Duncan. Wit. Charles Biggs. Ack. 6 July 1849 before Charles Biggs, J.P. of Clark Co. IL. Recorded March 29, 1850. (FHL film 1,314,951)
      H-358/359: 5 May 1849, Thomas C. Moore and Sally H. his wife of Clark Co. IL for $400 paid by Coleman L. Duncan of afsd, sell to said Coleman L. Duncan the parcel of land in Clark Co. IL, the NW 1/4 NE 1/4 Sec.4 Twp.11N Range 14W containing 40 acres more or less, with appurtenances, warrant title. /s/ Thomas C. Moore, Sally H. Moore. Wit. Charles Biggs, Garrett White. Ack. 5 May 1849 before Charles Biggs, J.P. Clark Co. IL. Recorded 6 April 1850. (FHL film 1,314,951)
      J-489/490: Whereas in laying off and plotting the original town of Marshall, Clark Co. IL, lots No.7 and 8 of Block or Square 38 were donated and given by the proprietors of said town for school purposes, whereon to erect a school house ... and afterwards the citizens of the town wanted a more convenient and suitable and permanent place, William B. Archer donated and conveyed to James Whitlock, Uri? Manly, Thomas B. Wilson, Joseph Courts and John Bartlett, Trustees of Twp.11N and Range 12W by deed 25 Sept. 1839, Block 52 in said Archer's addition, the entire block ... recorded in record C page 568, on which block was erected and still remains a stone school house, and ... Lots 7 and 8 should reinvest in said William B. Archer ..., we the undersigned citizens of said town quit claim to said William B. Archer the said lots 7 and 8 in Block 38 in the original town of Marshall ... 26 Aug. 1851. /s/ John Bartlett, Uri Manly, J.K. Greenough, Dean Andrews, Chs. L. Duncan, F.R. Payne, W.C. Whitlock, James Martin, Gilead Shaw, Elza Neal, Loras? Corey, L. Bradshaw, Valentine King, John W. Barlow, R.L. Dulaney, Ebenezer Payne, N. Harlane. (FHL film 1,314,952)
      J-490/491: 3 March 1852, William Cooper, William C. Whitlock and Charles L. Duncan, Trustees of School in Twp.11N Range 12W in Clark Co. IL, for the premises in the aforegoing deed by the citizens of the town of Marshall, in exchange of lots and block for school purposes, ... convey to William B. Archer two town lots, Lots 7 and 8 in Block 38 in the original town of Marshall, ... /s/ W.C. Whitlock, William Cooper, Chas. L. Duncan. Wit. J. Stockwell. Ack. 3 March 1852 before J. Stockwell, Clerk of Clark Co. IL. Recorded May 15, 1852. (FHL film 1,314,952)


"Reports of cases at law and in chancery argued and determined in the Supreme Court of Illinois, containing additional cases submitted at the January term 1878" by Norman L. Freeman; Illinois Reports, Vol.88, pgs.144 to 147 (California State Law Library, Sacramento, 2/2004)
      JAMES C. RYAN, Admr. v. CHARLES DUNCAN et al; Supreme Court of Illinois, Central Grand Division; 88 Ill. 144; January, 1878, Decided.
      APPEAL from the Circuit Court of Clark county; the Hon. OLIVER L. DAVIS, Judge, presiding.
      This was a bill in chancery, brought by James C. Ryan, the appellant, administrator of the estate of Nathan Willard, deceased, to remove a cloud from the title, and to recover possession of certain lands of which it is alleged the said Nathan Willard died seized.
      The bill alleged that the said Willard was the owner of the premises, and derived his title thereto, by deed, from the master in chancery of Clark county, made upon sale of the premises under a decree of foreclosure of a mortgage of the same, by Samuel L. Porter and Jesse C. Porter to Willard, the decree of foreclosure having been entered at the February term, 1867, of the Clark circuit court, the master's sale made to Willard December 4, 1869, and the master's deed to him executed July 5, 1871; that the Porters, against whom the decree of foreclosure was rendered, derived their title from Robert Carlin and wife, by their deed of the date of August 4, 1864, which was duly recorded; that after the decree of foreclosure, Robert Carlin and wife, on the 22d day of June, 1868, made and delivered their deed to Charles Duncan and George Duncan, two of the defendants, for the premises, which was recorded, and is a cloud upon the title under the foreclosure sale; that Doctor Hill, the other defendant, claims some interest in a portion of the premises as derived from the Duncans; that Nathan Willard departed this life Dec. 1, 1871.
      The answer denied that the complainant, as administrator, had any interest in or power over the real estate in question, and set up, further, among other matters, that the mortgage from the Porters to Willard, and the decree of foreclosure, were fraudulent and void, as having been made and obtained for the purpose of defrauding existing creditors of the Porters, among whom were one Robbins and Simon and Robert Carlin, to the latter of whom the Porters were indebted in the sum of $600 -- purchase money of the premises; that Simon and Robbins, on their claims, sued out attachments against the Porters in January, 1866, wherein they obtained judgments, upon which the lands were sold under execution to one Dulaney, in January, 1867; that in June, 1865, Robert Carlin obtained a judgment on his claim against the Porters for $661.26, and as judgment creditor he redeemed from the sales to Dulaney, and on June 20, 1868, the lands were struck off and sold to Carlin, on his execution upon his judgment against the Porters.
      Replication was filed, and proofs were fully taken in favor of and against the several matters of defense set up in the answer, and upon final hearing the court below dismissed the bill, and the complainant appealed.
      Mr. JUSTICE SHELDON delivered the opinion of the Court:
      If for no other reason, we think the decree of dismissal of the bill must be sustained upon the ground of the inability of an administrator to maintain a bill of this character.
      The administrator is the sole representative of the personal estate, but not of the real property. The latter descends to and vests in the heirs, over which the administrator has no control or concern, except a mere power to apply for an order to sell the same, when necessary for the payment of debts. This court has repeatedly decided, that an administrator takes neither an estate, title nor interest in the realty, and that he can not support any possessory or real action, in law or equity, for the recovery or maintenance of possession or title, or to clear up title from clouds from adverse claims; that, if necessary to sell for the payment of debts, he must take the estate as he finds it, and if incumbered, or there be clouds upon the title, sell it subject thereto.
      It is true, that in the latter case, which was a bill by an administrator of a like character with this, the court said, that the bill was obnoxious to a general demurrer on the ground above; but as the bill had been fully answered, and an issue made up thereon, and a cross-bill filed and fully answered, and an issue made up and tried on testimony taken, the cause was properly heard upon the merits, and the decree there, in favor of the administrator, was affirmed. That case is not to be understood as deciding that an answer is a waiver of such matter as might have been objected to by demurrer.
      The general rule is, as laid down in Mitf. Ch. Pl. 157, that "if a demurrer would hold to a bill, the court, though the defendant answers, will not grant relief upon hearing the cause. There have been, however, cases, in which the court has given relief upon hearing, though a demurrer to the relief would probably have been allowed; but the eases are rare." Where an objection, as to the jurisdiction of the court that there was a perfect remedy at law, has been made for the first time at the hearing, it has been held that the objection came too late -- that it should have been taken either by demurrer to the bill, or by insisting on it as a ground of defense in the answer. We understand that the case of Gridley v. Watson, supra, was one where the objection was first made at the hearing or in this court. We infer, from the statement there of what the answer contained, that it did not raise any objection to the right of the administrator to bring the bill.
      But in the present case, the answer expressly insists on the want of any interest in or power over the real estate in question on the part of the administrator, as a ground of defense to the bill.
      The decree will be affirmed.
      Decree affirmed.
      Mr. CHIEF JUSTICE SCHOLFIELD took no part in the decision of this case.


Pension Index Card File, alphabetical; of the Veterans Administrative Contact and Administration Services, Admin. Operations Services, 1861-1934; Duff to A-J Duncan (negative FHL film 540,888, some cards very faint); Joseph Duncan to Dunn (positive FHL film 540,889, some cards very dark)
      Cataloged under Civil War, 1861-1865, pensions, indexes; does not say if Confederate or Federal, but probably Federal. Negative film, some cards much too faint or dark to read, some cards blurred or faded, particularly the service unit and the dates of application. Most of the very faint or dark cards were in a slightly different format, with space for years enlisted and discharged which were sometimes filled in. Many of these were for service in later years, although one or two were for service ca 1866.
      Name of soldier, alias, name of dependent widow or minor, service (military unit or units), date of filing, class (invalid or widow or minor or other), Application #, Certificate #, state from which filed (sometimes blank), attorney (sometimes blank, MAD: did not usually copy), remarks. Sometimes the "Invalid" or "Widow" class had an "s" added to it before the application #; occasionally the area for the service information included a circled "S". The minor's name was frequently that of the guardian rather than the minor.
      The military unit was frequently the Company Letter, the Regiment Number, sometimes US Vet Vol Inf. (US Veteran Volunteer Infantry), L.A. (Light Artillery), H.A. (Heavy Artillery), US C Inf (US Colored? Infantry), Cav. (Cavalry), Mil. Guards, V.R.C. (?Volunteer Reserve Corps?), etc. Sometimes there were several service units given.
      Cards appear to be arranged by the last name, first name, middle initial if any, and state (including "US") of service.
      Duncan, Coleman; F 29 Ill. Inf.; 1882 Aug. 28, Invalid Appl. #458346, Cert. #270997, Ill. (MAD: 1850 Clark or Saline Co. IL census; see Pope Co. IL)
      Duncan, John R., widow Duncan, Margaret; F 7 W.Va. Cav., F 8 W.Va. Inf.; 1888 Feb. 10, Invalid Appl. #639402, Cert. #476464, Ills.; 1921 April 29, Widow Appl. #1173144, Cert. #909825, West Va. (MAD: ?? 1880 Clark Co. IL. b.1846 VA, wife Maggie b.1850 IL; 1910 Putnam Co. WV, b.1843 WV, wife Margaret b.1846 IL)
      Duncan, Thomas H., widow Duncan, Ione B.; A 123 Ill. Inf.; 1863 Sept. 4, Invalid Appl. #32087, Cert. #22077; 1926 March 3, Widow Appl. #1242939, Cert. #972170, Wash. (MAD: name as written) (MAD: 1850 Clark Co. IL; 1880 Coles Co. IL; 1900 King Co. WA)
      Duncan, William, widow Duncan, Laura M.; I 19 US Inf., F 30 Ill. Inf., C 28 US Inf.; 1871 Aug. 31, Invalid Appl. #168976, Cert. #118323; 1895 Nov. 9, Widow Appl. #623346, Cert. #451246, Ill. (MAD: Clark Co. IL per IL Civil War database)


Edgar Co. IL Deeds (FHL film 1,302,559 item 3)
      14-93: 12 Sept. 1853, Francis Seals and wife Nancy (X) of Edgar Co. IL to Samuel McClure and Charles Duncan of Clark Co. IL, $200, NE 1/4 SW 1/4 Sec.15 T12N R12W, 40 acres; wit. John Storwell.
      14-95: 24 Dec. 1853, Samuel McClure and wife Caroline and Charles L. Duncan and wife Hannah J. of Clark Co. IL to Frederick Soher? (Sober?) and Peter Cook of Edgar Co. IL, $400, NE 1/4 SW 1/4 Sec.15 T12N R12W, 40 acres; wit. Wm. P. Bennet (Clerk of Clark Co. IL Circuit Court).

Jefferson Co. KY Deed (extracts from Jeannine Wright 11/1991)
      76-367: 20 July 1849, James Triplett Duncan and wife Margaret of Floyd Co. IN, of 1st part; and Coleman Lewis Duncan and wife Asenath of Clark Co. IL of 2nd part; and Henry S. Duncan and Charles R. Duncan of 3rd part; Witnesseth, that J.T. Duncan of Floyd Co. IN has heretofore purchased from C.L. Duncan of Clark Co. IL, his one undivided fifth part of the tract of land in Jefferson Co. KY on the Bardstown Turnpike road and on both sides about ten miles from Louisville, 205 acres more or less, being the farm on which their father Charles Duncan lived at time of his death which by will was ordered sold and was purchased for benefit of the five devisees who were to have the proceeds. Further, that C.L. Duncan has never made a deed conveying said interest of 1/5 of the land to James T.; and that James T. for $2500 to be paid at $200 per year without interest until paid, has agreed to sell to Henry S. & Charles R. Duncan two undivided fifth parts of the land, to wit the one fifth he was entitled to under the will and the other fifth which he purchased from C.L. Duncan as said; that in consideration of these premises, the parties of the 1st and 2nd part sell etc. to the parties of the 3rd part, the two undivided fifth parts of the land. /s/ James L. Duncan, Margaret (X) Duncan, C.L. Duncan, Asenath Duncan.

HISTORIES before 1923

1907 "Historical Encyclopedia of Illinois; and History of Clark County" ed. by Newton Bateman and Paul Selby, Clark Co. ed. by Hon. H.C. Bell; pub. by Middle West Pub. Co., 1907, c1905 (LH12945, HeritageQuest 2/2007 & 5/2007; FHL film 934,973 item 4, book 71; Placerville FHC 2/2002 on loan)
      Pg.727: DEANER, A.R. ... business man and politician of Marshall, restauranteur and present Clerk of his native town. Mr. Deaner was born in this community May 2, 1880, and on the paternal side is of German ancestry. His father, C.J. Deaner, came from Germany to America, his mother, formerly Mary Ellen Holler, was born in Marshall. The wife of Mr. Deaner formerly was Tempie Ed Duncan, born in Bowling Green, Ky., February 2, 1881, a daughter of Edmund and Temperance Duncan. A daughter, Mary Louise, was born to Mr. and Mrs. Deaner February 3, 1904. ... (MAD: Bowling Green, Warren Co. KY)
      Pg.733: DUNCAN, Edwin. ... Men of the Duncan family have been a part of the commercial world of Martinsville for the past half century ... Edwin Duncan, who is engaged in the drug business in Martinsville, gives promise of occupying a different position in the community from that of his father, Charles Duncan, or his brother, Frank Duncan. He is a native son of Martinsville, and was born here Feb. 3, 1859. ... graduated with good standing from the local high school. In 1881, ... became clerk of John Gamble, the pioneer druggist of Martinsville ... after three years of association his employer died and his widow took charge of the business, retaining in her employ Mr. Duncan, and her son, Harry Gamble. In 1901 Mr. Duncan bought out his assistant ... Republican, Mason, member Methodist Episcopal Church. In 1884 he married Viola V. Nichols, born in Martinsville Twp. in 1861, and dau. of J.D. Nichols, a pioneer and extensive farmer and stock-raiser of this part of the county.
            Charles Duncan was born in Indiana and came to Danvers Twp., Clark Co. IL, during the early '40s. He was a natural trader and started a small country store, the success of which led him to settle in Martinsville and establish a mercantile career. ... Engaged in various side enterprises ... making money rapidly when the panic occurred in 1873, and in consequence of this he went under financially ... Republican, Odd Fellows Lodge at Martinsville, Methodist Episcopal Church. He had three children, Alice, Frank and Edwin, the former of whom is the wife of A.H. Myers, a telegraph operator and freight agent at Martinsville. The wife of Mr. Duncan formerly was Elizabeth Knotts, a native of Sullivan Co. IN. (MAD: 1880 census, Clark Co. IL pg.121B, Charles 50 IN OH IN, wife Lusind R. 33 IN IN KY, Frank 23, Edwin 21, Lottie H. 2 IL IN IN; indexed 1870 Clark Co. IL pg.393 age 40 IN; not identified 1850-1860)
            Frank Duncan, older son of Charles Duncan, finished his education in the high school of Martinsville, and in 1880 engaged in the grain business ... May 17, 1904, he was united in mariage to Ethel Harding, a native of Jasper Co. IL, and daughter of M.W. Harding, a grocer of Newton, IL. Like his father and brother, Mr. Duncan is a Republican. Mason, Methodist Episcopal Church.
      Pg.734: DUNCAN, Euclid M., M.D. Since his arrival in Marshall, Oct. 10, 1890, Dr. Euclid M. Duncan has built up a reputation for professional courtesy, ... represents a substantial family of Warren Co. KY, where he was born Feb. 4, 1850. In his youth, Dr. Duncan ... farming, but prepared himself ... at Warren College, Bowling Green, KY, soon after taking up the study of medicine with Dr. A.C. Wright of Bowling Green. In 1870 he entered Jefferson Medical College, in Philadelphia, and after his graduation, March 6, 1872, became an assistant in the PA Hospital for the Insane for a year. For the following year he practiced medicine in Bowling Green, and in 1875 moved to Kutuwa, Lyon Co. KY, which remained his home 15 years. In the meantime, May 25, 1876, he was united in marriage to Cora Holloway, a native of Eddyville, KY, and a dau. of J.N. Holloway, a merchant of Eddyville. In 1887 Dr. Duncan became house physician at the Eddyville Prison, the finest penal institution in the South, resigning from the same Oct. 1, 1890, the month of his arrival in Marshall. At the present time he is Pension Examiner at Marshall, and local surgeon for the Vandalla Railroad. He is engaged in a general medical and surgical practice, ... member of the Episcopal Church, fraternally connected with the Red Men ...
      Pg.769-770: HUGHES, EDWARD J. ... merchandising, in the city of Marshall, largest department store within the confines of Clark Co. Mr. Hughes is 64 years old, ... born in Evansville, Ind., July 22, 1843, he is a son of William and Emilia (Galway) Hughes, (MAD: more on background) February 18, 1868, he was united in marriage to Emma Duncan, of Marshall, daughter of Dr. Charles Duncan, and granddaughter of Rev. William Blundell, a Methodist itinerant minister of local fame. Three children have been born to Mr. and Mrs. Hughes, of whom Charles, the eldest, died at the age of 26 years, in October 1895. ... Grief over his death largely was responsible for the death of his mother in 1898. Maude Hughes married in 1890 J.A. Morton, and in 1901 Mary, the other daughter, married L.P. Schwanecke. (MAD: more on children's families)

"History of Crawford and Clark Counties, Illinois" ed. by William Henry Perrin; pub. Chicago: O.L. Baskin & Co., 1883, 806 pgs. (LH4516, HeritageQuest images 4/2007; FHL book 977.37 H2p and film 908,007 item 1 and 934,979 item 1)
      Pg.299: Clark Co., Marshall Twp. In October 1835, Marshall was platted on parts of sections 13 and 24 in town 11 north, range 12 west, by J. Duncan and W.B. Archer.
      Pg.379: Clark Co., Westfield Township, Coleman Duncan was an early settler on section 19, a man of some prominence in local politics and one of the early county commissioners.

1879 "The history of Coles County, Illinois : map of Coles County; history of Illinois, history of the northwest; Constitution of the United States, miscellaneous matters, &c. &c." compiled by W.H. Perrin, A.A. Graham and D.M. Blair; pub. by W. LeBaron Jr. (Los Angeles Public Library book R977.31 C69Hi; FHL book 977.372 H2c and films 934,974 item 1 and 873,833 item 1)
      Pg.393-4: Coleman L. Duncan ... from old Blue Grass State only a few years in Coles Co., lived just over line in Clark since 1830. His son-in-law is Dr. Steele.
      Pg.565: East Oakland Township: THOMAS H. DUNCAN; P.O. Oakland; born in Clark Co. IL, April 29, 1844, where he attended school and engaged in farming until August 1, 1862, when he enlisted as private in Co. A (Capt. James B. Hill), of the 123d Regt. I.V.I., and went forward to battle for the Union; he first went to Louisville, KY, then marching South, was engaged in the battle of Prairieville, KY, Oct. 8, 1862, going then to Murfreesboro, TN, where he remained until May, 1863, when, on account of disability, he received his discharge, and, returning home, engaged in farming for a short time; then, after attending the Westfield College one term, he engaged as clerk in the dry goods store of J.M. Miller, at Charleston, IL, which position he held for nearly two years, when, on account of ill health, he returned home, where he remained until the fall of 1868, when he entered the college at Eureka, IL, where, after attending one term, he worked as clerk in the stores of Kirkbride and Marcilleot, at Eureka, during the summer, and in the fall again entered the college, but on account of ill-health was unable to remain but a short time. ... until July 1, 1873, when he purchased a stock of goods and located in Oakland, where he has since continued to live; he was described to the writer as being the tallest man in Oakland, being six feet five and one-half inches in height, and while in the army was known as little Tommy Duncan. His marriage with Ione B. Decker was celebrated Nov. 28, 1872; she was born in Coles Co. IL, March 17, 1851; they have two children by this union, viz., Gertrude Q. and Jacob L. Mrs. Duncan is the daughter of Jacob K. Decker, one of the early pioneers of Charleston, Coles Co. IL.

"Illinois legislative manual for 30th General Assembly : 1877 and 1878." (Springfield, Sangamon Co. IL) by Jos Wallace, Wm. P. Emery, Frank E. Tousley; pub. Springfield, Ill.: M.G. Tousley & Co., 1877, 473 pgs. (LH7331, HeritageQuest images 4/2007; FHL film 934,966 item 2)
      "With: Springfield city directory and Sangamon County record, biographical and statistical, 1877-78"
      (MAD: did not find list of abbreviations)
      Pg.178: Sketches of Elected Officers of the House. WILLIAM DUNCAN, 3d Assistant Doorkeeper, was born in Clark county, Illinois, in 1842; commenced to attend college, but left it to enter the army in 1861; served three years in 30th Illinois Infantry; then three years in 19th U.S. Infantry; was seriously wounded and crippled for life at Fort Jackson, La.; has held various local offices and positions; is a druggist at Marshall, Ill., and was chosen to present position in January, 1877.


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