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Duncans in Greenville Co. SC


Duncan research files of
Mary Ann (Duncan) Dobson
the Genealogy Bug

Last revised May 26, 2009

Formed 1798 from Washington District (96th District)


1790 Greenville Co. SC Census, 96th Dist.
(and from Alice Duncan, 1977-1978)
Pg. 68  Dunegin, Isaac           1x2xx
        Enock Hooper, Phillip Sutton,
        Joseph Langston, John Dodd,
        Dunkin, Robert           232xx
          (MAD: wife was Hannah Carr who 1820)
        James McElroy, John Langston,
        Jacob Light, Luke Meadlock
    69  William Staggs, David Moore, Morgan Ponder,
        Dunkin, Wm.              214xx
        Robert Nelson, Ann Agness Clerk, Thomas Ussery
          many names
        Wm. Pogue, John Wiley, John Morst, John Gwinn,
        Dunkan, Jesse            123xx
        Ambrose Blackburn, David McCinsey,
        Abednego Chandler,
        Enock Benson             135x2
    70  Dunklin, Joseph          233x8
        Dunegin, Thomas          126xx

1800 Greenville Co. SC Census
Pg.245A Thos. Roy, Emilla? Bradley,
        David Brock, Rheuben Martin
        #74  Robt. Duncan         33010 - 20110
        John Upchurch, Henry Grey,
        George Bradley, Samuel Magniss
   246  Esley Hunt, John James, Tidance Bradley
        #90  Lewis Duncan         00010 - 30001
        #91  William Duncan       01100 - 00100
        James Bruce, Samuel Nealy, Benjamin Turner
        #95  John Duncan          00010 - 10100
        William Cockrum, Mark Thompson,
        Richd. Magall, Nathaniel Dobbs
   250  William McHuff, Joseph Gilliland,
        David Gilliland, John Kirkland,
        Rheubin Harris, Benjn. Harris, James Walker Junr.
        #264  Thos. Duncan        11001 - 00101
        Thos. Cantwell/Cantrell,
        Thos. Brummitt, William Keer
   266  Thos. Pain, Moses Garrison,
        #898  Sion Turner         31010 - 01010
        Randol Dalton, Elizth. Corley, James Ward
        #902  Mary Duncan         11000 - 11110
          (MAD: widow of Jesse)
        John Jones, Alex Armstrong,
        Blackmon Legon, Benjn. McLinsey
   271  Wm. Dunklin (not Dunkin)  00100 - 00100
          (neighbors not copied)
   272  Joseph Dunklin            31010 - 02020
   282  #1498  Prew Benson        10210 - 30020
   284  #1541  Enoch Benson Sr.   00111 - 00021
        Patrick Moore, Jesse Griffin, James Stigler,
        Archa. Brooke, John Pounds
        #1556  Samuel Duncan      00100 - 10100
        Thos. Ellage, Enoch Benson Junr.
        #1559  Wm. Duncan         00100 - 00100
        Wm. Chandlor, John Chandlor
   285  #1585  Joseph Batson      20001 - 10100

1810 Greenville Co. SC Census
Pg.106  Wm. Dunklin               10010 - 10010
          (neighbors not copied)
   116a B. Ligan, G. Givens, S. Carel, Ru. Harrison,
        J. Offins, O. Holly, R. Harrison, J. Shanen
        Rd. Duncan                02101 - 31101
        D. Brock, C. Richerson, S. Philips, D. McDaniel
   116b B. Bridges, E. Bridges, W. Bridges, A. Bridges,
        J. Gran/Green, H. Henderson, C. Sticks,
        J. Dial, P. Hanekers
        J. Duncan                 30010 - 11010
          (MAD: John Duncan)
        P. McDaniel, F?. Fangat?, L. ??,
        J. Barnhill, Wm. Ares
   118a L. Land, H. Ralitison, H. Grifan?
        Wm. Duncan                21010 - 30100
        D. Even, ??, J. Brigs?, ??, L. Gipson
   119a J. Smith, C. Garrison
        J. Duncan                 20010 - 20100
          (MAD: Joseph Duncan)
        J. Tinsley, J. Clagg, P. Rolletson, J. Lesso?
   119a/b  E. Earl, ? Daniels
        S. Duncan                 32100 - 21100
          (MAD: Samuel Duncan & Eliz. Benson)
        W?. Honard?, A. Steed, H?. Mave/Mare,
        A. Anderson, Y. Griffin
   121a B. Bronin, B. Malin, J. Honikins, C. Poole
        Wm. Duncan                11101 - 31110
          (MAD: wife ? Sarah Turner)
        F. Gray, J. Barnet, Wm. Firston, G. Green
   124  P. Benson                 01201 - 02010

1820 Greenville Co. SC Census
Pg. 94  William Dunklin           201301 - 21011
          (neighbors not copied)
   101  Robert Maxwel, Anderson Bray,
        Noel Hide, Willey Hughs
        Wm. Duncan                010001 - 01101
          (MAD: wife Sarah Turner)
        Clayborn Waddill, Moses Hemp,
        John Hageathey, Wm. Hemp Junr
   110  James Hollen?, Beatley? Bagwell, James Lovcliff
        Samuel Duncan             410201 - 21110
          (MAD: 1830-1840 Gwinnett Co. GA census;
            1850 Cobb Co. GA census)
        Thomas Brown, Gipson Southern? Jnr,
        Alfred Rivers, James Payne
   113  James Smith, Perry Smith,
        Joseph Smith, Samuel Magress
        Robert Duncan             010001 - 10001
        Thos. Edwards, Hugh Bayley,
        Fielding Wigington, John Ashmore

1830 Greenville Co. SC Census (semi-alphabetic)
Pg.278  David Brock               0000,0000,1   - 0
   291  Dunahoo
        Duncan, Robert            0000,0000,1   - 0000,0001
        Duncan, Thomas            2310,01       - 1000,1
   292  Dill
        Duncan, Willis            1000,1        - 1000,1

1840 Greenville Co. SC Census (semi-alphabetic)
Pg.221  Duncan, Robert            0000,0000,01  - 0000,0000,01
          & Robert Duncan pensioner age 78
            (MAD: Robert Duncan Sr. mar. Elizabeth Roe 10/2/1836;
               he d. 7/2/1845)
        Duncan, Perry E.          2100,011      - 0000,1
        Duncan, Hezekiah          1000,1        - 0001
   222  Duncan, Wm. E.            0000,1        - 1000,1
        Duncan, Thomas            1022,001      - 0210,001

1850 Greenville Co. SC Census
Pg.319, #30, Turner DUNCAN 40 NC farmer $0
                  Elizabeth 46 SC
                  Lucinda 24, Caroline 19 SC
                  Eliza 16, Nancy 16 SC
                  William 10, Frank 8 SC
                  Jackson 7, Mary E. 3 SC
                  John 1 SC
                  (MAD: 1830-1840 Anderson Co. SC census; 1860 Pickens Co. SC census; son of William Duncan & Sarah Turner)
Pg.351, #502, Perry E. DUNCAN 50 SC farmer $10,000
                  Mary 36 GA
                  Burrill 15 SC
                  Robert 12, Wiley 10 GA
                  James 8, William 6 SC
                  Martha 4, Amelia 2 SC
                  Edwin 3/12 SC
                  Barnette HAWKINS 21 SC overseer
                  William 29 MO ("Missouri") merchant
                  (MAD: P.E. Duncan mar. Mary F.A. Hill 2/25/1834 Wilkes Co. GA; in Dougherty Co. GA by 1866)
Pg.356, #567, H. DUNCAN (m) 34 SC laborer $0
                  Emily 29 SC
                  Perry 11, Andrew 9 SC
                  Emily 7, Baby (f) 1 SC
                  (MAD: Hezekiah Duncan; Perry was "Benjamin" & Emily was "Louisa" in 1860)
Pg.356, #576, Thomas DUNCAN 52 SC farmer $0
                  Elizabeth 52 SC
                  Lucy 18, Elizabeth 16 SC
                  Franklin 14 SC
                  (MAD: ? son of William Duncan & Sarah Turner)
Pg.388, #1057, Elizabeth DEYOUNG 50 SC (blank) $0
                  Jane 55 SC
                  Jane 30 SC (MAD: age as given)
                  Sarah 26 SC
                  (MAD: 1860 Greenville Co. SC census, p.450, Sarah DeYoung 30 SC had Jane Duncan 48 SC seamstress in household; 1870, p.525, John W. Duncan 62 SC, Jane 58 SC, Sarah A. Deyoung 44 SC)
Pg.390, #1089, Nancy WOOD 60 SC (blank) $2700
                  James DARBY 46 SC laborer $0
                  Rebecca 13 SC
                  (MAD: looking for Alsey (Duncan) Wood, sister of Elizabeth (Duncan) Kendrick of 1850 Cherokee Co. GA census)
Pg.390, #1093, Charles DUNCAN 25 SC laborer $0
                  Nancy 25 SC
                  John 3 SC
Pg.390, #1094, Stephen NIEL 57 SC laborer $0
                  Elizabeth 47 SC
                  James 20, Samuel 16 SC
                  Sion (m) 14, Sarah 10 SC
                  Susan 7, Mary 4 SC
                  Sarah DUNCAN 89 NC
                  (MAD: Sarah Duncan the widow of William Duncan; see 1827 will of their dau. Sally Duncan)
Pg.391, #1101, Lewis DUNCAN 21 SC laborer $0
                  Caroline 23 SC, mar. in year
                  (MAD: Lewis Duncan mar. Caroline H. Neal 8/19/1849)
Pg.394, #1140, Elbert DUNCAN 33 SC laborer $0
                  Elizabeth 40 SC
                  Caroline 11, Thomas 9 SC
                  Mary 8, Charles 7 SC
                  Warren 5 SC
                  (MAD: grandson of William Duncan & Sarah Turner; ? son of Thomas Duncan; not found 1860-1870 Greenville Co. SC)
Pg.398, #1194, Thomas DUNCAN 26 SC laborer $0
                  Sarah 23 SC
                  Emily 9, Mary 6 SC
                  Eliza 3 SC
Pg.398, #1203, Joseph DUNCAN 26 SC laborer $0
                  Maria 24 SC
                  Jourdin (m) 8, Jane 6 SC
                  Martha 4, Lucretia 2 SC
Pg.452, #1950, Daniel WOOD 61 SC farmer $1800
                  Mary 58 SC, no ch.
                  (MAD: see pg.390 above; any other Wood family too young)
Town of Greenville
Pg.474, #2273, R.B. DUNCAN (m) 52 SC merchant $3000
                  Susan 32 SC
                  Sloan (m) 15, Susan 6 SC
                  Elizabeth 4, Hannah 2 SC
                  (MAD: R.B. Duncan mar. Henrietta A. Sloan 11/20/1834 who d. 10/24/1835; Robert "Henry" Duncan Esq. mar. Susan Brodie dau. of P.G. Gerhard 2/16/1841)

1850 SC Mortality Schedule; Greenville Co. (FHL film 1,294,287)
      Pg.4, David Duncan, 6/12, male, b. SC, d. Nov. of hives?, sick 2 days
      Pg.5, Elizabeth Duncan, 83, female, widowed, b. England, d. March of old age, sick 1 month
      Pg.5, Prew Benson, 60, male, b. SC, d. May of consumption, sick 5 months
      No Milkey Dean - none Greenville, Edgefield or Newberry Co. SC, from page by page
      No Elizabeth Bridges - none Greenville Co. SC from page by page

1860 Greenville Co. SC Census
Town of Greenville
Pg.415, #2256-2178, R.B. DUNCAN (m) 61 SC merchant $9,000-$39,400
                  Susan B. 41 SC
                  Susan G. 16, Lizzie M. 14 SC
                  Hannah Carr 11 SC
                  Sloan A. 25 SC merchant 0-$25,000
Marietta Dist. Pg.436, #1418-1291, Henry HESTER 37 SC farmer $0-$200
                  Mary 35 SC
                  James 11, Elisha 9, Mary 7, Perry 4, Sarah 1 SC
                  (MAD: see Pickens Co. SC estate of Daniel Looper Sr.; Mary Looper wife of Henry Duncan or Hester; minor in Real Estate 11/9/1855; "minor" 11/9/1855 gdn. R.F. Morgan per Joice Looper; Henry Duncan & wife Polly in Real Estate 12/6/1855; "Henry Duncan or Hester & wife Mary" out of state by 4/8/1860, had recd. advance in decd's lifetime; 7/5/1869, had recd. full share bef. previous division.)
Marietta Dist.
Pg.439, #486-398, John THOMPSON 54 SC farmer $300-217
                  Sarah 51 SC
                  George 36, Carter 34 SC
                  Julia Ann 22, Artamissa (f) 16 SC
                  Susan 14, Narcissa C. 9 SC
                  William DUNCAN 20 SC farmer
                  Harriet 21 SC
Milford Division
Pg.450, #629-555, Sarah DEYOUNG 30 SC housekeeper $100-135
                  Jane DUNCAN 48 SC seamstress
Pg.453-454, #686-604, Hezekiah DUNCAN 40 SC farmer 0-$300
                  Emily 30 SC housekeeper
                  Benjamin 19, Andrew 18 SC farmers
                  Louisa C. 14 SC
                  William 1, Francis (m) 1 SC
Pg.454, #687-605, A.P. ODAM (m) 36 SC farmer $500-300
                  Terry (f) 70 SC housekeeper
                  George B. DUNCAN 6 SC
Pg.454, #692-610, Joseph DUNCAN 37 SC farmer 0-$485
                  Ealy 30 SC
                  Jordan 18 SC farmer
                  Mary J. 16 SC weaver
                  Martha A. 14, Frances (f) 3 SC
                  John W. 1 SC
Pg.454, #699-617, Lewis DUNCAN 29 SC farmer 0-$30
Chicks Spring Division
Pg.339, #99-617, Caroline DUNCAN 32 SC housekeeper
                  Henry 9, Jane 6 SC
                  Martha 3, Perry 4/12 SC
                  (MAD: pages out of order; this is the wife and children of Lewis Duncan, continued from stamped pg.454)
Paris Mountain Division
Pg.473, #1246-1123, Thomas DUNCAN 62 NC farmer 0-$100
                  Elizabeth 61 SC
                  Nancy ROBERTS 56 NC
Pg.473, #1247-1124, Franklin DUNCAN 24 SC farmer 0-$100
                  Lease (f) 27 SC
Pg.475, #1275-1149, Sandel DUNCAN (f) 45 VA housekeeper 0-$20
                  Asby (m) 20 SC farmer
White Horse Division
Pg.514, #1457-1358, P.E. DUNCAN (m) 60 SC farmer $37,000-$101,000
                  Mary A. 46 SC
                  Robert P. 22, Wiley H. 19 SC
                  James M. 17, Martha P. 14 SC
                  Amelia I. 11, Edwin D. 10 SC
                  George W. 7, William J. 3 SC
                  (MAD: R.P. Duncan in 1870 Shelby Co. TN census, Ward 4, Memphis; Jas. M. Duncan 28 SC in 1870 Calhoun Co. GA census; Wylie H. Duncan 25 "GA" [SC] in 1870 & 1880 Wilkes Co. GA census)
Pg.517, #1514-1415, Thomas DUNCAN 36 SC overseer $150
                  Sarah 35 SC
                  Emily 18 SC seamstress
                  Eliza 13, King (f) 10 SC
                  Columbus 7, Josephine 5 SC
                  Robert 3, John 9/12 SC
                  (MAD: 1870 Greene Co. TN census)

1870 Greenville Co. SC Census
(Pg.# is stamped page number every 2nd page; page numbers in parens are page number consecutively in county / page number in Dist/Twp.)
(MAD: did not find Nancy, widow of William Duncan of 1812 Pension)
Austin Twp.
Pg.469 (31/31), #253-252, DUNCAN, James 27 SC BLACK miller $0-$
                  Sousan 70 SC BLACK
                  Eliza 16 SC BLACK
12th Bates Twp.
Pg.478 (50/10), #81-83, DUNKIN, Wm. C. 52 SC farmer $0-$150
                  Elizabeth 65 SC
                  Mahala 30, Sarah 18 SC
                  (MAD: ? Wm. G. Duncan of 1860 Kershaw Co. SC census)
Butler Twp., P.O. Buena Vista
Pg.503, #155-153, FORD, Elizabeth 29 SC (white) keeping house $0-$0
                  Mary 10 SC at home
                  W.M. (m) 8 SC
                  DUNCAN, Sallie 19 SC "no occupation"
Pg.508 (110/30), #238-236, DUNCAN, Henry 38 SC BLACK farmer $0-0
                  Jane 26 SC BLACK
                  Margaret 12, Mary 8 SC BLACK
                  Eliza 7, Matter? (f) 2 SC BLACK
                  Julia 5/12, Jennie 5/12 SC b. Jan, all BLACK
                  WHITFIELD, Claria (f) 55 VA BLACK (no occup.)
Pg.512 (118/38), #296-292, AUSTIN, Long (m) 55 SC BLACK laborer $0-0
                  Dilsy (f) 63 SC BLACK
                  Loney (m) 22 SC BLACK laborer
                  Isaac 20 SC BLACK laborer
                  DUNCAN, Samuel 70 SC BLACK
                  AUSTIN, Betsy 15 SC BLACK
                  AUSTIN, Hannie? (f) 4 SC BLACK
Chick Springs Twp.
Pg.525 (144/20), #149-149, DUNCAN, John W. 62 SC farmer $0-$104
                  Jane 58 SC
                  DEYOUNG, Sarah A. 44 SC
                  (MAD: cannot locate John W. Duncan in 1850-1860 census; see 1860 Greenville Co. for Sarah A. Deyoung & Jane Duncan)
Ward 1 in Greenville
Pg.625 (343/13), #79-84, DUNCAN, A.S. (m) 34 SC merch. ret. $12500-$6500
                  Anna R. 26 SC
                  HILL, Emma 14 SC
Pg.625 (344/14), #82-87, DUNCAN, R.B. (m) 71 SC merchant ret. $4000-$300
                  Susan B. 42 SC
                  BALFOUR, Susan B. 24 SC
                  BALFOUR, Mary J. 7 MS
                  TAYLOR, Mary 28 SC BLACK cook
Greenville Twp.
Pg.640 (373/7), #54-54, STAN, Thomas 57 ENG merchant & family
                  3 domestic servants, including
                  DUNCAN, Ellen 28 SC BLACK domestic servant
Pg.645 (383/17), #128-128, DUNCAN, Robert 33 SC BLACK blacksmith
                  Nathan 5, M.A. (f) 3 SC BLACK
                  R.P. (m) 8/12 b. Oct. SC BLACK
11th O'Neal Twp., P.O. Sandy Flat
Pg.710 (513/19), #156-156, DUNKIN, A.G. (m) 28 SC farmer $0-$0
                  Mary 30 SC
                  Wm. 6, W.J. (m) 4? (1?) SC
Pg.712 (517/23), #189-189, DUNKIN, F.C. (?H.?) (m) 51 SC farmer $0-$100
                  E.M. (f) 48 SC
                  B?.J?. (m) 30, S.C. (f) 24 SC
                  F.N. (m) 12, E.M. (f) 8 SC
                  G/J?. (f) 4, R.B. (m) 5 SC
                  (MAD: indexed "J." Dunkin, very ornate initials; Hezekiah Duncan & fam.)
Pg.712, #197-197, DUNKIN, J. (m) 46 SC (whites) farmer $0-$300
                  A.D. (f) 40 SC at home
                  F.A. (f) 13, John 12 SC at home
                  Wm. 11, B. (m) 10 SC at home
                  Woo. (m) 9, E.C. (f) 5, Thos. (m) 2 SC
                  Mary 60 SC at home
                  (MAD: Joseph Duncan 37 SC, Ealy 30 SC, in 1860 Greenville Co. SC census; ? 1880 Pickens Co. SC census)
15th Saluda Dist.
Pg.739 (571/23), #167-167, DUNKIN, Diane (f) 62 NC BLACK keeping house
                  Harriet 30, Mary 22, David 18 SC BLACK
                  Perry (m) 16, Sigatha? (f) 16 SC BLACK
                  Eliner (f) 7, Waren (m) 2 SC BLACK
Pg.748 (590/42), #326-323, DUNKIN, John A. (m) 26 SC farming $0-$0
                  Mary 24 SC
                  Charles 2, Samuel 9/12 b. Sept. SC

1910 Census, Greenville Township, Greenville County, South Carolina (from Kathy D. Cawley 6/2006)
S.D.# 4, E.D.# 17, Page # 13, Image 25 of 54
Wm. P.,
Head, m/w, age 51, M1X, 28 yrs., N.C./N.C./N.C., sweeper/cotton mill
Martha Ann, Wife, f/w, age 50, M1X, 14 chi. born, 8 living,
Mont, Son, m/w, age 24, w'd., 0 chi., N.C./N.C./N.C., weaver/cotton mill
Wilbur, Son, m/w, age 23, single, N.C./N.C./N.C., weaver/cotton mill
Vance, Son, m/w, age 17, N.C./N.C./N.C., weaver/cotton mill
Mabel, Daughter, f/w, age 19, single, N.C./N.C./N.C., weaver/cotton mill
Wesley, Son, m/w, age 16, N.C./N.C./N.C., weaver/cotton mill
Carey?, Son, m/w, age 12, N.C./N.C./N.C., sweeper/cotton mill
Elmer, Son, m/w, age 7, N.C./N.C./N.C.
Clarence, Grandson, m/w, age 4, N.C./N.C./N.C.
      (KDC: 1900 Jackson Co. NC census as Pink Duncan; 1920 Troup Co. GA census)

1920 Census, Greenville Township, Greenville County, South Carolina (from Kathy D. Cawley 6/2006)
S.D.# 4, E.D.# 23, Page 184B, image 16 of 65
34 Seth Street
Lee V.,
Head, rents, m/w, age 28, N.C./N.C./N.C., weaver/cotton mill
Bessie, Wife, f/w, age 27, N.C./N.C./N.C.
Frances, Daughter, f/w, age 3, S.C./N.C./N.C.
Etrulia, Daughter, f/w, age 2, S.C./N.C./N.C.
      (KDC: *probably Lee Vance Duncan. Lee V. on 1900, Vance on 1910; 1930 Laurens Co. SC census)


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According to Leonardo Andrea, SC genealogist, in his "Counties in SC" (FHL film 954,248, and from Louis Boone)
      Extinct counties after the Revolution included:
      Washington County or District. Was formed for a time and included parts of Greenville, Pickens and Oconee. It was not in existence for very long. Records for lands granted are in Columbia. Other records scattered in Spartanburg, Greenville, Anderson & Pickens, S.C.

Greenville Co. SC records have been abstracted and published:
      "Index to County Wills of SC" copied by Mrs. John D. Rogers, pub. by Martha Lou Houston (from Alice Duncan 1978-1979 and from Juanita Breckenridge to Bobbie McDowell to MAD 7/1982; FHL film 908,509 item 3 and fiche 6,046,877)
      "Upper SC Records" by Stoddard, 1955 (SC DAR Records) (FHL film 855,223)
      "A Collection of Upper SC Genealogical and Family Records" Vol.I, 1979, Vol.II, and Vol.III, ed. by James E. Wooley, pub. by Lucas; Vol.III, pg.197, contains information from Apt.6 File 346, estate of Drury Morris, inventory mde 22 July 1818 by William Dunkin and others. (FHL book 975.7 D2c; and some from Evelyn Sigler 10/1988 and Kit Smith 8/1983)
      "Genealogical Collection of SC Wills and Records" Vol.2, by Pauline Young, on pg.14-15 includes an extract from Greenville Dist. SC Real Estate Book A, pg.16, Elizabeth Allen, applicant, vizt. William H. Allen and Jane T. Allen, Minors, defendants, R. Loveland Guardian, for the sale or division of a tract of land belonging to the estate of Thomas Allen decd lying in Pickens Dist. on the Saluda River; statement 27 April 1835 by Robert B. Duncan and Saml. Mauldin of Greenville Dist. who knew the land. (FHL book 975.7 P2y)
      "Patent Land Survey 1770-1820 Located in Greenville Co., Laurens Co., Newberry Co., Spartanburg Co., Union Co. (Parts of the Old 96th Dist.)" by Smith & Owens, 1978 (from Evelyn Sigler 6/1984)
      "An Index to Deeds - Greenville Co. SC" by Robertalee Lent, Books A-F, 1787-1802, by name only (no date), taken from "S.G.E." (Sacramento FHC 7/1983)
      "GA Genealogical Magazine" #51-54, 1974; #58, 1976; #87-89, 1983 (from Evelyn Sigler, Donna Little, and Lucille Mehrkam)
      "Greenville Co. SC Records" by DAR (FHL film 855,216)
      "Abstracts of General Sessions Court Case Rolls, Washington Dist. SC, 1792-1799, Greenville Co. SC 1787-1799" by Anne K. McCuen, Jane E. Kirkman, Penelope Forrester, 1994; includes Joseph Duncan on juries 1792 and 1794-1795; the charge of Larceny against John McEwen (McCown) in 1798 includes a statement by Martha Duncan and Agness Askin, sureties were William Duncan and Joseph McEwen, all in Washington Dist. General Sessions Court; and Robert Duncan on juries in 1797 in Greenville Co. General Sessions Court (FHL book 975.7 P28ma)
      "Epitaphs, Springwood Cemetery, Greenville, SC" (WPA) (Los Angeles Public Library book R975.72 G815Un-1; FHL book 975.727 V22g and film 22,724 item 12)
      "The Presence of the Past -- Epitaphs of 18th & 19th Century Pioneers in Greenville Co. SC & Their Descendants" by Beverly T. Whitmire, 1976; includes some cemeteries, death notices, Church records (from Evelyn Sigler, from Carole Nation, from Juanita Breckenridge to Bobbie McDowell to MAD; pages not numbered consecutively; FHL book 975.727 V22w)
      "Greenville Co. SC Cemetery Survey" Vol. 1, 2, 3 (and Vol.4, 5) by Greenville Chap. SC Gen. Society (FHL book 975.727 V22a)
      "Some South Carolina marriages and obituaries and miscellaneous information, 1826-1854, abstracted from early newspapers : the Greenville Republican, the Greenville mountaineer, the Laurensville herald" by Robert F. Simpson & Mrs. Charles R. Barham; this book includes among many Duncan items, the obituary of Robert Duncan who died 2 July 1845 in the 84th year of his age; and obituaries of other Duncans who died out of the county. (FHL book 975.7 B38s)
      "SC Magazine of Ancestral Research" Vol.IV, 1976; Vol.VI, 1978; Vol.VII, 1979; Vol.VIII, 1980; and later (from Evelyn Sigler, Lucille Mehrkam and others)
      "Marriage & Death Notices from the Southern Christian Advocate" Vol.1, 1837-1860; Vol.3, 1867-1878; by Brent H. Holcomb (FHL book 975 B38h; SUTRO book F208 H62? 1993, and H63 1994, CA State Library, Sutro Branch; and from Evelyn Sigler 6/1984 and Marion H. Duncan 3/1983)
      "Marriage and Death Notices from Baptist Newspapers of SC, 1835-1865" by Brent H. Holcomb, 1981 (FHL book 975.7 V2hbm, and from Evelyn Sigler 6/1984)
      "SC Historical Magazine" Vol.50, Vol.55 pg.54 (from Evelyn Sigler 1983)
      "GA Genealogical Magazine" Summer 1982, Vol.85 (FHL book 975.8 B2gg; from Lucille Mehrkam 3/1984)
      "Greenwood Co. (SC) Sketches, Old Roads and Early Families" by Margaret Watson, pg.162, contains information on the Brooks family, including J. Wesley Brooks who married 2nd Melissa Duncan. (FHL book 975.733 D2w, and from Evelyn Sigler 1983)
      "Genealogical Material in OR Donation Land Claims" Abstracted by Gen. Forum of Portland, OR, in Vol.III and Vol.IV, refers to Robert R. Duncan b.1816 SC, married in Platte Co. MO in 1842 to Elizabeth, and "Hury O." or "Zury O." Duncan, b. 1806 Greenville Dist. SC, who married in Pulaski Co. MO on 26 Dec. 1833 to Polly Blevans, both of whom arrived in OR in Aug. 1852 and settled claims in Lane Co. OR. (FHL book 979.5 R2g)
      "Family Bible Records" by GA DAR, at GA Department of Archives & History, 1938; Series 2, pg.219 (FHL film 6,979), includes the bible record of Robert Duncan, born June 14, 1762, died "July 2nd, 1821" and wife Hannah Carr, born Sept. 28, 1765, died "---- 1845"; and includes dates of birth for all children and dates of death for many of them; and the further record of the children of Hannah Milescent Duncan, born July 12, 1806, died March 11, 1848, married John E. Brown Dec. 1, 1825, and the parents and siblings of John E. Brown.


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