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Duncans in Logan Co. KY


Duncan research files of
Mary Ann (Duncan) Dobson
the Genealogy Bug

Last revised December 14, 2012

Formed 1792 from Lincoln
Christian, Warren formed 1796 from Logan
Muhlenberg formed 1798 from Christian, Logan
Butler formed 1810 from Logan, Ohio
Simpson formed 1819 from Allen, Logan, Warren
Todd formed 1819 from Christian, Logan


1810 Logan Co. KY Census
Pg.171  Duncan, William      00210         - 01000
          (MAD: one William Duncan mar. Susan Price 11/1/1809)
   176  Duncan, Nimrod       30010         - 20100
   182  Duncan, Elizabeth    10000         - 02001
        Duncan, William      11010         - 11010
   183  Duncan, Matthew      01300         - 00000
   185  Duncan, James        01110         - 00001
          (MAD: one James Duncan mar. Mary Bell 4/27/1807)
   196  Duncan, Sanford      10100         - 10100

1820 Logan Co. KY Census
Pg. 30  John Duncan          421101        - 21010
    37  William Duncan       100220        - 40100
    40  Zachariah Duncan     100010        - 10010
          (MAD: 1830 Todd Co. KY census)
    43  Nimrod Duncan        221101        - 13101
        Elizabeth Duncan     000100        - 11010
    44  George Duncan        000010        - 00010
        Reuben Browning
        James M. Duncan      110010        - 20010
    45  Squire Duncan        100100        - 00100

1830 Logan Co. KY Census
Pg. 46  George Duncan        0000,001      - 0000,01
          (MAD: son of William & Lucy Crowley)
    51  Coleman Duncan       1221,2001     - 0012,001
    54  Alexander Duncan     1100,1        - 0133,2011
    57  Elizabeth Duncan     0000,1        - 0000,0001
        Squire Duncan        0210,01       - 0200,01
    65  James M. Duncan      0010,101      - 0012,01
    66  Richard C. Duncan    0000,01       - 0000,1
          (MAD: Richard C. Duncan mar. Mary Gilbert 6/3/1829)
    68  Benjamin Duncan      0000,01       - 1000,1
          (MAD: James M., Richard C., and Benjamin were sons
            of William & Lucy Crowley)
    77  John Duncan          1021,3001     - 1011,001
    79  William T. Duncan    1101,001      - 1112,01
    86  Lucy Duncan          0011          - 0010,001

1840 Logan Co. KY Census
Pg.188  James M. Duncan      1000,1        - 0000,001
        Hannah F. Duncan     0             - 0001,0001
   189  Richard Duncan       0000,01       - 0100,01
   194  Danil S. Duncomb     0001,001      - 0
        John Duncan          0011,2100,1   - 0110,2001
   203  William T. Duncan    0211,0001     - 0001,001
   214  Coleman Duncan       0012,1001     - 0000,2001
   220  Samuel Duncan        1111,201      - 1110,01
   221  Lewis DUNN           2000,1        - 1000,01
          (MAD: indexed Lewis Duncan)

1850 Logan Co. KY Census
Pg.1, #7, Jas. M. DUNCAN 64 VA farmer $5500
                  C. (f) 55 VA
                  Jourdon 15 KY
District 1
Pg.4, #48, R.C. DUNCAN (m) 50 VA farmer $3280
                  Polly 42 GA
                  Martha GILBERT 75 VA
Pg.15, #215, Elizabeth BEALE 55 VA
                  Sarah F. 27 KY
                  Caroline DUNCAN 24 KY
                  A. Jackson BEALE 23 KY farmer
                  William 20, Stephen 18 KY
                  Joseph DUNCAN 27 VA
                  (MAD: Joseph Duncan mar. Caroline Susan Bell 5/16/1850 Sumner Co. TN; 1860 Johnson Co. MO census)
Pg.30, #442, James DUNCAN 28 KY farmer $950
                  Ann 22 TN
                  Ann M. 3, William W. 2 KY
Pg.30, #443, Robert CARR 80 VA farmer $1500
                  Barsheba 64 NC
                  Priscilla 25 KY
Pg.37, #541-550, William DUNCAN 68 PA farmer $11,100
                  Susan 53 VA
                  Samuel 19, Daniel 15 KY
                  Mary NANCY? 32 VA
                  (MAD: William T. Duncan mar. Susan Price 11/2/1809)
Pg.57, #826-838, William CROMWELL 41 Eng. farmer
                  Daniel DUNCAN 48 VA ("B" instead of M/F, name below has "M", then "B")
Pg.61, #880-893, Dellard DUNCAN (m) 55 VA
                  Elizabeth 50 TN
                  Henry C. 28, Elizabeth 18 KY
                  John B. 15, William H. 14 KY
                  Thomas J. 11, Mary J. 8 KY
                  (MAD: Dillard Duncan mar. M.B. McReynolds 1/2/1821; 1830 Butler Co. KY census)
Pg.66, #949-971, William DUNCAN 20 KY with another merchant
District 2
Pg.84B, #189-189, Henry DREON 51 VA farmer $1440
                  Carrie 45 VA
                  Elizabeth 26 KY
                  Martha A. 23 KY
                  Louis (m) 20 KY farmer
                  Frances (f) 19 KY
                  Susan 17 KY
                  Smith (m) 15 KY farmer
                  (indexed DEWSON)
Pg.84B, #190-190, George DREON 26 KY farmer $0
                  Susan 19 KY
                  Patsey 2/12 KY
Pg.90, #273-273, Henry BROWDER 37 VA farmer $1120
                  Mary 34 KY
                  George 14, William 11 KY
                  Sarah 9, Martha 7 KY
                  Mary A. 4, Henry E. 2 KY
                  Coleman DUNCAN 32 KY farmer
Pg.103, #463, Robert DUNCAN 28 KY wagon maker $200
                  Mary C. 25 KY
                  Mary E. 3, Alicia 5/12 KY
                  Benjamin C. MASON 29 KY wagon maker
                  (MAD: Robert Duncan mar. Mary C.B. Duvall 8/12/1845)
Pg.103, #464, John Q. DUNCAN 25 KY blacksmith
                  Jane A. 22 KY
                  James W. 2, Ellen 8/12 KY
                  James W. BAGWELL 21 KY blacksmith
                  (MAD: John d. 1856 ? Cass Co. MO)
Pg.109, #544, William DUNCAN 26 TN farmer $240
                  Margaret 22 KY, mar. in year
                  (MAD: William Duncan mar. Margaret Henley Purvis 11/10/1849)
Pg.109, #557, Martha DUNCAN 49 NC (blank) $411
                  Martin 21 TN farmer
                  Jacob 18, Nancy 16 TN
                  T. Bailey (m) 11 TN
                  Eitha (f) 9 KY
                  (MAD: Martha the widow of Samuel; plainly "Eitha" age 9, not "Martha")
Pg.114, #613, Asa CLEAVINGER 62 VA farmer $407
                  Rebecca 60 VA
                  Hanna DUNCAN 40 VA
                  Asa E. CLEAVINGER 23 KY
                  Nancy 20, David 18, Jacob 15 KY
                  Juliet DUNCAN 11 KY
                  James A. STILL 7 KY
                  Enos CLEAVINGER 34 KY
                  (MAD: William H. Duncan mar. Elizabeth Cleavinger 3/2/1837)
Pg.114, #620, Ephram DUNCAN 29 TN farmer $180
                  Tabitha 22 TN, mar. in year
                  (MAD: Ephraim Duncan mar. Tabitha B. Madding 10/15/1849)
Pg.121, #713, John DUNCAN 73 VA farmer $1000
                  Elizabeth 64 VA
                  John B. 42, Sarah 36, Milly 33 KY
                  Nancy 20, Susan 19 KY
                  William RUST 23 KY
                  (MAD: John's wife Elizabeth Jane Palmer mar. 5/20/1828 Christian Co. KY; his 1st wife was Nancy Browning; John B. b. 3/2/1806 per "Descendants of William Duncan The Elder" by Nancy Reba Roy, 1959)
Pg.121, #714, Benjamin DUNCAN 40 KY farmer
                  Grace (f) 29 KY
                  John 9, Elirabeth (f) 7 KY
                  Sarah 5, Z. (m) 3, Nancy 1 KY
                  (MAD: mar. Gracy Walters 3/6/1838 Hardin Co. KY; 1860 Platte Co. MO census)
Pg.121, #715, William DUNCAN 24 KY farmer $1065
                  Amanda 20 KY
                  Henry RUST 17 KY
                  (MAD: William D. Duncan mar. Amanda Hall 6/26/1848)
Pg.121, ---, BROWNING families
Pg.121, #718, James A. DUNCAN 23 KY farmer $450
                  Samuel DUNCAN 21 KY farmer $450
District 2
Pg.122, #744, D. Shephard DUNSCOMB 34 KY merchant $540
                  Mary 31 KY
                  Ann E. 8, Samuel 6, William 4 KY
                  (MAD: 1860 Dunklin Co. MO census as Daniel Duncomb)
Pg.123, #756, James C. KINNERLY 56 KY
                  Catharine B. 43 SC
                  ch. to age 9 b. SC, younger ch. b. KY
                  William DUNCAN 26 KY farmer
Pg.129, #840-840, Joel STANLEY 58 VA farmer
                  Lucy A. 45 NC
                  Thomas 19, John 15 NC, Elizabeth 13 TN
                  Cordelia 8, Henry C. 7 KY
                  (MAD: Joel Stanley mar. Lucy A. Duncan, Caswell Co. NC 1824 per Nancy Reba Roy)

1860 Logan Co. KY Census
District 1, P.O. Rabbittsville
Pg.340, #26-21, Henry DUNCAN 32 KY farmer $0-325
                  Sarah 30 KY
                  Elizabeth 9, Fredonia 6 KY
                  Rachel 2, William 2/12 KY
                  (MAD: H.C. Duncan mar. Sally C. McReynolds 11/16/1850)
Pg.340, #27-22, J.B. DUNCAN (m) 26 KY farmer $0-615
                  Mary 21 KY
                  George 2 KY
                  (MAD: J.B. Duncan mar. M.A. McReynolds 4/22/1857)
Pg.340, #28-23, Dillard DUNCAN (m) 65 VA farmer $1500-0
                  Elizabeth 60 TN
                  William 23 KY farmer
                  Elizabeth RIVER (RIVES?) 25 TN domestic
                  Thomas DUNCAN 21 KY
P.O. Richliew
Pg.368, #241-231, Jacob BELCHER 35 TN farmer $500-800
                  Nancy 36 TN tailoress
                  W.B. TURNER (m) 16 TN farm laborer
                  M.A. DUNCAN (f) 25 TN cook
P.O. Escipian
Pg.384, #358-345, J.M. DUNCAN (m) 74 VA farmer $16800-10480
                  Catharine 64 VA
                  S.J. DUNCAN (m) 24 KY farm laborer
P.O. Escipian or Adairville
Pg.391, #415-397, Mildred DUNCAN 45 KY MULATTO servant
                  John 19, Rebecca 17 KY BLACK
                  Edmond 14, Presley (m) 8 KY BLACK
                  Nameless (f) 5/12 KY BLACK
Pg.392, #427-409, R.C. DUNCAN (m) 60 VA farmer $9225-13330
                  Polly 52 GA housekeeper
                  (no children)
P.O. Hagen (Hague?)
Pg.428, #691-660, Danl. DUNCAN 59 VA BLACK day laborer (alone)
P.O. Russellville
Pg.460, #926-888, Danniel DUNCAN 26 KY farmer $10,000-5968
                  Fanny 26 KY
                  Ida (f) 4, Samuel 3, Susan 1 KY
                  (MAD: Daniel D. Duncan mar. Fanny R. James 9/28/1854)
P.O. Rabbittsville
Pg.489, #1132-1092, Samuel DUNCAN 29 KY farmer $11750-9650
                  Margaret 20 KY
                  (not mar/in/year, no children)
District 2, P.O. Henrysville
Pg.511, #62-60, W.D. DUNCAN (m) 34 KY farmer $1325-500
                  Amanda 31 KY
                  Francis T. (m) 8, Sarah E. 7 KY
                  Martha C. 5, E. (m) 3 KY
                  M.M. HALL (m) 21 KY farm laborer $0-75
Pg.511, #63, Unoccupied
Pg.511, #64-61, Jno. B. DUNCAN 54 KY farmer $1300-125
                  E.J. DUNCAN (f) 74 VA
                  Sarah E. 47 KY
                  Milley (f) 44, Nancy M. 31 KY
                  J.W. RUIT (m) 32 KY (blank occupation)
Pg.511, #65-62, S.M. DUNCAN (m) 31 KY farmer $505-400
                  Susan E. 29 KY
                  Jas. B. 6, Jno. W. 4 KY
                  Wm. G. 2, M.E.V. (f) 6/12 KY
                  (MAD: Samuel M. Duncan mar. Susan E.L. Duncan 4/11/1853; he the son of Squire Duncan & Elizabeth Browning, she the dau. of John B. Duncan and Nancy Browning, per Virginia Duncan)
Pg.519, #117-113, Jas. A. DUNCAN 33 KY farmer $1550-700
                  Mary J. 27 KY
                  Saml. F. 8, Isaac W. 6 KY
                  Sarah C. 3 KY
P.O. Gordonsville
Pg.533, #213-209, William DUNCAN 37 TN farmer $1220-1350
                  Margt. 34 KY
                  Sam F. 8, Mary E. 3 KY
Pg.542, #263-259, Robt. DUNCAN 38 KY wagon maker $0-4000
                  Mary C. 35 KY
                  Mary E. 13, Olive (f) 10 KY
                  Robt. C. 6, John Q. 1 KY
Pg.546, #288-284, Martha DUNCAN 59 NC farmer $1096-1300
                  Martha L. 18 KY
                  (MAD: Martha, plainly written, age 18 was "Eitha" age 9 in 1850 census)
Pg.604, #703-689, Ephraim DUNCAN 39 TN farmer $6000-500
                  Tabitha 32 TN
                  Joseph 9, Permile (f) 7 KY
                  Jno. W. 5 KY
                  Sam B. 3, Jas. M. 1 KY
Pg.604, #704-690, Martin DUNCAN 30 TN farmer $1000-200
                  Mary J. 30 KY
                  Martha 6, Mary A. 4 KY
                  L.E.F. (f) 2 KY

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1880 Logan Co. KY Census (partial)
Fillmore Dist., pg.28, SD 2, ED 172
Pg.575D, #256-256, BELCHER, R.G. (m) 26 KY farmer KY KY
                  Mary E. 40 KY wife housekeeper KY KY
                  Jeremiah 11 KY son KY KY
                  Mary Francis 10 KY daughter KY KY
                  Nancy J. 10 KY daughter KY KY
                  Malissa B. 8 KY daughter KY KY
                  Wm. B. 6 KY son KY KY
                  Amanda 5 KY daughter KY KY
                  DUNCAN, Anna 21 KY Step-daughter KY KY
                  Henry N. 8 KY Step-son KY KY

1880 Census, Russellville District, Logan County, Kentucky (from Kathy D. Cawley 12/2006)
S.D.# 2, E.D.# 163, Page# 426B, Image# 33 of 41
w/m, age 48, Head, farmer, KY./PA./VA.
P.M., w/f, age 40, Wife, keeping house, KY./KY./TN.
J.T., w/m, age 16, Son, farm hand, attends school, KY./KY./KY.
W.T., w/m, age 14, Son, attends school, KY./KY./KY.
Minnie D., w/f, age 12, Daughter, attends school, IN./KY./KY.
Emmett, w/m, age 9, Son, attends school, KY./KY./KY.
S.E., w/f, age 7, Daughter, KY./KY./KY.
Daisy, w/f, age 4, Daughter, KY./KY./KY.
George, w/m, age 1, Son, KY./KY./KY.
      (KDC: Samuel T. Duncan to Pamelia M. Blakey, 1 Feb. 1859, son of Wm. T. Duncan and Susan Price; Pamelia Duncan and children William T. and Minnie D. in 1870 Putnam Co. IN census with George D. Blakey, Samuel Duncan and son James in 1870 Logan Co. KY census)


Logan Co. KY Marriages (index on FHL film 364,549, marriage records on FHL film 364,550)
      1-138: Sarah A.S. Duncan to Washington E. Collins, 1/15/1838, both of age. (MAD: see 1850 Johnson Co. MO census)
      2-19: Nancy Duncan to William N. Wand, 1/1/1844

Logan Co. KY Marriage Records (from Nancy Bobal 4/1993)
      1-51: Jno. Duncan to Nancy Danks, lic. 19 March 1825; married John Duncan and Nancy Danks on 22 March 1825 by Grigsby? Rush. (NB: Nancy Danks the dau. of John Danks 1761-1834 and Nancy Gilert 1764-1837.)
      1-134: William H. Duncan to Elizabeth Cleavinger, license 16 Feb. 1837; married 2 March 1837 by Wm. Tatrim? (NB: per "Clevenger Pioneers & Descendants" by George R. Griffiths, 1980, William H. Duncan d. 1857 Logan Co. KY, son of Zachariah Duncan and Jemima Hopper; Hannah Elizabeth Clevenger, 1810-1859 Logan Co. KY, dau. of Asa Clevinger and Rebecca Danks.)


Logan Co. KY Wills
      A-21: Will of James Barton, 24 March 1804, of Logan Co. KY; to wife Mary my tract of land, 2 mares, household furniture and plantation utensils and two white cows; to my dau. Barbary Smith one bay colt, and to my dau. Nancy my black colt. Son Stephen choice of bay mares. Son William the grey mare's colt she now with. Rest of my children a cow; to my wife my hogs and all sums of money due me. Likewise choose my trusty friend William Duncan my exec. and my wife Mary my executrix. Wit. John Heillis, Mosias J. Davidson. No proved date. Second earlier will proved 10/21/1805, preceding will had no proved date, following will proved Dec. 1800. (FHL film 364,608) (MAD: James Barton and Mary Duncan per Sammie Duncan; their dau. Barbara mar. Millington Smith in Stewart Co. TN after Smith and Barton families moved from Edgecombe Co. NC; see Clark Co. AR Biography of Smith family)
      A-186: 21 July 1801, will of Benjamin Duncan of Fayette Co. KY; wife Elizabeth all personal estate during her widowhood or till my children come of age, then estate equally divided amongst my children but she shall keep as much as shall maintain her during life then equally amongst my children after her death; if any of the children shall die before they come of age then that part divided as above; appoint wife Elizabeth sole executor. Wit. Abner Browning, Peggy Browning. Prob. 17 June 1811. (FHL film 364,608)
      B-77: 27 Sept. 1817, will of William (X) Duncan of Logan Co. KY, sick and week (sic) of body; wife Seneth Duncan the plantation I now live on during her life or widowhood and for the property she was in possession of when I married her ... that should be at her own disposal to do what she may think proper with; also give to her the (furniture and farm implements); my three youngest children Ceily, William and Samuel $100 each ... a donation for their infancy; to my daughter Ceily (bed); my son John 60 acres of land off the upper end of my tract lying next the Nob including a small improvement made by (edge of page dark and illegible) and (furniture); ballance of property sold and money equally divided amongst my children to wit Ervin (MAD:??) my son John my daughter Nancy King my daughter Ceely my son William & my son Samuel. Appoint Martin Duncan my brother and William Spiller executors. /s/ William (X) Duncan. "N.B. It is my will that the plantation willed to my wife Aseneth should be sold with the other property at her marriage or death and divide equally among my six children above named Polly John Nancy Cely William and Samuel it is also my desire that my son John should ten or (crossed out: twenty) acres of the clear land till or tend if he should think proper & stay one (sic) the plantation this note made before signed." /s/ William (X) Duncan. Wit. Augusta Newman, James Duncan, John McCallister. Prob. 17 Nov. 1817. (FHL film 364,608) (MAD: see Todd Co. KY deeds 1832-1836)
      B-263: 21 Feb. 1820, appraisal of estate of James Duncan.
      C-244/5: 28 Sept. 1825, appraisal of estate of Nimrod Duncan by Isaac Browning, Squire G. Duncan, Thomas Wilson; admin. Lucy Duncan, G.S. Duncan. C-245, sale to Zach. Duncan?, John Duncan, Greenup Duncan, & many others. Sale 24 Sept. 1825, Reg. 2 July 1826. Did not copy C-377, 389. (FHL film 364,609)
      D-144: 5 Jan. 1829, Daniel S. Dunscomb, gdn. of heirs of Samuel D. Dunscomb, filed 6 Jan. 1829. Pg. 336, 30 Dec. 1829, similar, not copied. (FHL film 364,609)
      D-372: 5 Nov. 1830, per order at Nov. term of court, estate of Abner B. Duncan decd; inventory and sale; commissioners Isaac Browning, Cornelius Whitescarver, Robert Whitescarver. (FHL film 364,609)
      Book E - no Duncan (FHL film 364,610)
      F-67: 6 Oct. 1834, will of George Duncan of Logan Co. KY, weak in body; wife Hannah F. Duncan all my property both real and personal during her natural life except a piece of land and my three negroes; to my brother Benjamin F. Duncan all the property I willed to my wife at her death except the negroes; to my nephew Thomas J. Duncan a piece of land beginning on Montgomerys corner ... dividing line between myself and James Duncan, to Edward Hollises line, to my fence, with my line of fence to McCuddys line, to the beg.; my three servants be free from all servitude; at death of my widow all the negroes freed and that my brother Benjamin F. Duncan to go their security; appoint Hannah F. Duncan and Benjamin F. Duncan executors. Wit. Wm. Morgan, James B. Bowbery?, Isaac B. McCuddy. Prob. 31 Oct. 1834. (FHL film 364,610) (MAD: George Duncan mar. Hannah Brown 1/18/1810 Culpeper Co. VA; son of William Duncan and Lucy Crowley)
      F-75: 15 Oct. 1832, Will of John Danks named among others his grandson William Duncan; witnesses were John B. Duncan, H.E. Priest, James Henery; the will was recorded 2 March 1835 (from pg.31-32, Vol.2, "KY Family Records"; from Dorothy Franks 2/1989; this source has much more on the Danks family; MAD: John Duncan mar. Nancy Danks 3/22/1825)
      F-77: 2 Oct. 1828, will of Squire Duncan; "Let it be remembered that I this day being in my right mind do say that Elizabeth Duncan my companion shall and may exercise all the power over my little Est. as Executrix either to buy or sell any property whatever that she may think proper provided she may live otherwise. to take her thirds I desire that she should make sale of Nanson? out ?? she such and have any sale of her househould ... and as soon as convenient pay all my just debts." No wit. Rec. 2 March 1835 as "last will and testament of Squire G. Duncan" produced and proven by the oaths of Francis R. Browning and Samuel Ely to have been wholly written by said Duncan and signed by him, they being acquainted with the handwriting of said Duncan. (FHL film 364,610)
      F-217: 20 Jan. 1837, Settlement with Benjamin F. Duncan, exor of George Duncan; Hannah F., widow of George; receipts included receipt 12, writing deeds to James M. Duncan 1836, and to Thomas Duncan, 1836. (Pgs. 217 to 221 are receipts) (FHL film 364,610)
      G-208: 13 May 1841, schedule of goods of the estate of Samuel Duncan, decd, admr. Martha Duncan. Purchasers include Wm. Duncan, Mrs. Duncan, Ephraim Duncan, Wm. H. Carneal, Andrew Sears, John Latham, Littleton Carneal, W.A. Brown, Abel McGuire, James Long, L.S.? Page, Thos. K. Hollingsworth, W.A. Provine. Filed 28 June 1841. (FHL film 364,611) (Kay D. Hampton file shows as Todd Co. KY)
      G-208: Inventory of Samuel Duncan, showed by Mrs. Martha Duncan admr.; appraisers William Currence, George D. Brown, Jesse W. Milam, 13 May 1841; filed 28 June 1841. (pg.209) purchasers incl. Wm. Duncan, Mrs. Duncan, Ephraim Duncan, Littleton Carneal, many others, at sale 13 May 1841. Pg. 284, account filed 3 Jan. 1852 of notes received or paid. (FHL film 364,611)
      G-286/7: Appraisal of estate of Oliver Duncan 30 Oct. 1841, incl. negro woman Betty; admin. J.H. Priest. Sale to many, incl. John S. Danks, Wm. Danks, Zachariah Duncan, John H. Priest, Benja. Duncan. Filed 30 Oct. 1841. (FHL film 364,611) (MAD: Oliver Duncan mar. Manervy Priest 9/27/1830)
      G-466: 2? (blotted) Jan. 1844, will of Coleman Duncan; "To William Duncan I charge $100" the amount I have advanced to him; to Joseph Marttins/Watters? I charge $160; to Charles Duncan $100; to Coleman Duncan I credit by 3 years ?? at $30 per year making in all $90. I leave John L. Duncan my executor. Balance of estate both real and personal to my wife (unnamed) during widowhood, at her death or marrying given to the balance of my children as they marry (horse, farm animals) to the amount of $100 shall be equally distributed to all my children but John is to take care of his mother as long as she lives to have the use of the farm ...; at her death the farm on which I now live and a small tract of land containing about 30 acres (& negroes, etc) John to have the privilege of keeping same by paying the balance of the children their proportion of the value, otherwise the land sold and Rachel and her children sold together. Wit. Jame? Lyne. Addition 20 April 1844: My executor John T. Duncan not required to give security. Addition 17 July 1844; if personal estate not sufficient to pay debts, the land be sold and a smaller tract purchased for my wife to live on. Wit. Timo.? Lyne, W.L. Lyne, Sanford Duncan. Prob. 22 July 1844. (FHL film 364,611)
      G-509: 27 July 1844, estate of Coleman Duncan appraised (appraisers not named); recorded Jan. 1845. (FHL film 364,611)
      G-571: 3 Dec. 1846, will of John Duncan; give in fee simple the whole of my property both personal & ?? to my beloved sister Polly Morehead, wife of Presly Morehead all of Logan Co. KY. I want Armstead Morehead paid out of my money the balance I owe him on the purchase of George. I want given to my niece Nancy Morehead $50 also my niace (sic) Susan I give $50 also my nicae (sic) Mary Young $50. I want my nephews Armistead & William Morehead to collect the proceeds of some monies due me in Bowlingreen by and for each of them to have $100 apiece out of the sd. proceeds when collected. /s/ J.M. Duncan. Wit. William M. Cornelius, Richard T. Young. N.B. I wish given to my niece Mary Ellen Morehead $100 to be appropriated for the benefit of her education also $100 to my nephew James Morehead to be judicially appropriated for their education provided my money can be collected in Bowlingreen. I wish my neice Harriet Browning wife of James Browning to have $100 out of the monies that may be collected at Bowlingreen Ky. for the purpose of assisting her in the education of her children & her maintainance. /s/ J.M. Duncan. Wit. Richard T. Young, H.B. Wethers. Prob. 28 Dec. 1846. (FHL film 364,611) (MAD: ? John Morgan? Duncan; ?son of James Duncan and Barsheba?)
      H-81/2: 14 May 1849 (1847?), Article of agreement between children and heirs of Squire G. Duncan decd, all of Logan Co. KY: Virginia M. McReynolds (100 acres of land, negro boy Natum, girl Judy, cow & calf, horse, bed); Jno. C. Duncan (has received cash $700, 3 horses $250); Elizabeth I. Duncan (negro man Jim, girl June, bed); James A. Duncan (150 acres land $500, horses, bed, etc.); Samuel M. Duncan (150 acres $400, mare and colt, animals, bed, etc.); agreed and understood that the property is to remain together and under the controll and management of our mother Elizabeth R. Duncan during her life, she having as the widow of decd and by his will a life estate to said Squire G. Duncan. Wit. McArthur Duncan, John B. Duncan. Reg. 30 March 1850. (FHL film 364,611)

Logan Co. KY Will or probate extracts (from Virginia Duncan 3/1984; from county records)
      Oliver Duncan, prob. 30 Dec. 1844; mentions Benjamin Duncan, Zachariah Duncan. (lived Lewisburg area).
      Elizabeth Duncan, prob. 20 Dec. 1842; mentions Wm. Duncan, John Duncan. (VD: wife of Benjamin; lived Lewisburg area).
      James Duncan, prob. 21 Feb. 1820; mentions Polly Duncan Morehead, Nancy Duncan Hines, John Duncan, Elizabeth Duncan Browning. (VD: these are James' children; lived Lewisburg area).
      Abner Duncan, prob. 5 Nov. 1830; mentions no Duncan names. (lived Lewisburg area).
      Colman Duncan, prob. 25 Sept. 1848; exec. his son Dr. John B. Duncan. (lived Olmstead area).
      John M. Duncan, prob. 23 Nov. 1833. (VD: son of James Duncan; he never married; lived Lewisburg area).
      William T. Duncan, prob. (MAD: no date); mentions son Daniel Duncan, William Duncan, Samuel Duncan, John R. Duncan, and girls. Wife Susan. (lived Russellville area).
      Nimrod Duncan, prob. 29 Sept. 1825; wife Lucy Duncan; son G.S. Duncan. Mentions Isaac Browning, Squire Duncan, Nimrod Duncan Jr., Zachariah Duncan, John Duncan, Greenup Duncan. (lived Lewisburg area).
      John P. Duncan, prob. 24 Sept. 1867; mentions David D. Duncan, John T. Duncan, S.T. Duncan, James Duncan.


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Index to War of 1812 Pension Applications and Bounty Land Warrant Applications; National Archives Film (FHL film 840,458)
      Duncan, Dillard, widow Elizabeth B.; WO 28033, WC 28386; BL 7540-160-50; Private in Capt. Jennings Co. VA Mil; Sgt. in Capt. Dulin's Co. VA Mil, 3/30 to 10/11/1813 and 8/25 to 11/24/1814, soldier also alleges service as Ensign US Inf.; sol. res. 1850 Logan Co. KY; wid. res. 1878, 1879 Logan Co. KY (P.O. Dallams Creek); maiden name Elizabeth B. McCreary m. Feb. 2, 1826, Butler Co. KY; soldier d. Dec. 30, 1862, Logan Co. KY.
      Duncan, Richard C., wife Mary; SO 9500, SC 8594; BL 11273-80-50, 31624-80-55; Ord. Sgt. in Capt. Jesse Hall's Co. VA Mil. 3/30/1813 to 10/13/1813; sol. res. 1850, 1855 Logan Co. KY, 1871 Logan Co. (PO Russellville) KY; maiden name of wife Mary Gilbert m. June 4, 1829, Logan Co. KY.
      Duncan, Samuel, widow Martha; WO 21849, WC 26821; BL 71301-40-50, 73093-120-55; Res. of widow 1852, 1855 Logan Co. KY, 1878, 1885 Logan Co. (PO Gordonsville) KY; maiden name Martha (Patsy) House m. Nov. 25, 1819, Robertson Co. TN; sol. d. March 25, 1841, Logan Co. KY; wid. d. Jan. 21, 1885, Logan Co. KY; Remarks: Soldiers certificate of discharge on file in brief.

Copy of Pension Application #6539 for J.M. Duncan (from Joyce Colliflower 2/1989; see more in Hawkins Co. TN)
      3 Sept. 1904, Soldier's Application for Pension (filled in form). J.M. Duncan, native of State of TN, resident at Persia, Hawkins Co. TN, who was a soldier from State of TN in war between the US & the Confederate States, apply for a pension ... served in Co. H., ... Born in Ohio 1845, enlisted in 1863, Prentises Command, Capt. Richard Hager, Col. Prentis; ... rheumatism in legs; I was not discharged by reason of said wound or disability; I got out of the army ... I came home sick, not able for service in 1865 four or five days before the surrender ... (Doctor's statement re rheumatism; witnesses' statements in Russell Co. VA that they served with him.)
      2 Oct. 1905, letter from S.H. Cheswith? (Chesmutt?), Rogersville, TN, to Capt. Frank A. Moses, Knoxville, TN: Mr. J.M. Duncan ask me to make the following statement for him in regard to the matters contained in your letter enclosed. He says Mr. Lauderback was mistaken when he wrote that he was a soldier from TN; that he was a soldier from VA. Co. H., Capt. Richard Hager (not Wager) Col. Prentis, 9th KY. His home in 1865 was in Russell Co. VA, 10 miles north of Lebanon. Look up his record. Write him at Persia, TN, RFD 16.
      16 Oct. 1905, TN Board of Pension Examiners; J.M. Duncan, who is an applicant for Pension under TN Pension Law, claims to have been a member of Co. H, 9th Regiment KY Cav. Request for Record of Service.
      19 Oct. 1905, War Department (typed) record, to TN Board of Pension Examiners: The name J.M. Duncan has not been found on the rolls of Co. H, 9th KY Cavalry, C.S.A., on file in this office. No record of his capture or parole has been found.
      24 April 1906, War Department (typed) record to TN Board of Pension Examiners: The records of this office show that Jordan Duncan, Co. H, 2nd (Gano's), subsequently Co. H, 3rd, subsequently Co. H, 7th KY Cavalry, C.S.A., enlisted Sept. 1, 1862, at Keysburg [Logan Co.], KY, to serve 3 years. He is reported on the roll dated Feb. 27, 1863, last on file, as present. Prisoner of war records show that he was captured July 19, 1863 at Chester, OH; received at Camp Douglas, IL, in Aug. 1863, and sent to Point Lookout, MD, for exchange, March 2, 1865. No later record of this soldier has been found. (MAD: see Sharshall Jordon Duncan of Logan Co. KY)

TN Confederate Pension Application (FHL film 969,670)
      #9906, S.J. Duncan, filed Feb. 21, 1908, accepted, Wid. #3662 (MAD: widow Julia A. Duncan, Robertson Co. TN, widow of S. Jourdan Duncan); applicant S.J. Duncan, born KY, res. Springfield, Robertson Co. TN; soldier from KY, Co.H, 3rd KY Reg. Cavalry CSA; born Logan Co. KY 1835; enlisted Sept. 7, 1861, Co.H, Captain G.H. Page, 3rd KY Reg. Cavalry, Col. Richard M. Gano; wounded at Snows Hill, bullet in right arm and contracted rheumatism; paroled after Lees surrender at Lynchburg, VA, and were taken up at Lexington, KY, and made to take oath of allegiance; family consists of wife age 47 and 3 children ages 21, 17, 14, first 2 are girls and boy age 14; res. of TN ever since 28 Dec. 1902; /s/ 19 July 1907; wit. Frank M. Beauchamp, age 64, of Adairville, Logan Co. KY, known him 50 years.
      MAD: Widow's Pension Application #3662 by Julia A. (Hester) Duncan of Robertson Co., born Sumner Co. TN, d.1936, widow of S. Jourdan Duncan b. Logan Co. KY, married 1882 in Robertson Co., died 1910 Robertson Co. (from "TN's Confederate Widows and Their Families; Abstracts of 11,190 Confederate Widows Pension Applications" by Edna Wiefering, 1992)

"Report of the Adjutant General of the State of Kentucky" (Union Soldiers), 1861-1866, Vol.I (from John A. Duncan 4/1995 and FHL film 1,463,599 for Regiment organization)
      Page, Company, Name, Rank, Date enrolled, When and where mustered in, period, when and where mustered out, remarks. Separate groups for Discharged, Transferred, Died, Deserted.
      Pg.227, Company M, 8th KY Volunteer Cavalry, 3rd Battalion recruited at Lebanon, [Marion Co.] KY: James Duncan, Private, enr. July 28, 1862; mustered in Sept. 8, 1862 at Russellville, [Logan Co.] KY, for 1 year; mustered out Sept. 17, 1863 at Lebanon, KY.


"Lick Skillet Banner" [Jackson Co. MO], Oct. 9, 1975, and Oct. 16, 1975; column by Dorothy Butler (from James H. Duncan 11/1982)
      "The Duncans," Mrs. Scaletty says, "were ...." "They located in Logan County, Ky. Gradually through 1828 other members of the family left Virginia and came to Kentucky to be near their kin ...."
      There is much more in these newspaper columns about the Duncans who moved from Culpeper Co. VA to Logan Co. KY to Saline and Jackson Co. MO.

"The Duncans of Culpeper County, Virginia to Logan County, Kentucky" by Mrs. J. Wells Vick, Russellville, Kentucky 46804 (Typed manuscript, double spaced; DAR Records; FHL film 870,802)
      This manuscript contains a lot of information on the early Duncan families who settled in Logan Co. KY.

Several Bible and family records of Logan Co. KY residents have been published by the DAR:
      Walter Duncan Bible, in the Misc. Records of 1952, Vol.1, pg.271-273, on FHL film 854,847 item 5
      Samuel Duvall Dunscomb records, on pg.263 in the 1952 volume.
      William T. Duncan Bible, on pg.279-280 in the 1952 volume.
      Records of the Haden, Johnson, Price and Duncan family, Logan Co. KY Misc. Records of 1957, Vol.VII, on pgs.27-62 (159-194), on FHL film 855,039 item 1
      Suire G. Duncan records, on pg.172, in the KY Misc. Records of 1962, Vol.1, pg.172-173, on FHL film 854,851 item 1
      Philip Warden Duncan's Family Bible, on pg.199 in the 1962 volume.
      William D. Duncan Bible, in KY Misc. Records (missed date),
pgs.35-37, on FHL film 855,038 item 12

Schoenberger Family Material (from Rose McElfish 4/1993, original sources not given) (MAD: see Allegheny Co. PA)
   "The William Duncan Bible Pub. 1806 in possession of Peter S. Duncan Jr., Hollidaysburg, PA; list of names recorded, visit 5-31-60 by writer. Shoenberger / Duncan; pg.57. Geo. H. Liebegott, 521 E. 26th Ave., Altoona, PA. (typed page)
   June 1, 1960. William and Margaret Duncan.
      John William Duncan b. Feb. 8 1826 at Pittsburgh
      William Duff Duncan d. Nov. 19 1826 at Shakers Village, Logan Co., KY in the 27th years of his age.
      Margaret, wife of William D. Duncan, and mother of John Duncan, d. April 20 1830 in 25th year of her age. (Born 1805)
      John W. Duncan and Martha K. Shoenberger, married May 2 1848, by George Upfold D.D. at Pittsburgh.
      William D. Duncan, son of John W. and Martha Duncan, died at Pittsburgh Feb. 24 1849. ?? He died Dec. 15 1847, at Pittsburgh aged 21 days. ??
      John Collins Duncan, son of John W. and Martha K. Duncan, born Dec. 12 1850 at Pittsburgh.
      Peter Shoenberger Duncan, son of John W. and Martha K. Duncan born Oct. 16 1852.
      Sarah Shoenberger Duncan, dau. of John W. and Martha K. Duncan, born April 8 1861 at Whitehall, near Pittsburgh.
      Martha K. Duncan, died March 28 1863 at Philadelphia, Pa, in her 38th year.
      John Collins Duncan died ? aged 28 years
      John W. Duncan died, Dates not recorded
      Peter S. Duncan and Anna Bowman Sweitzer, married Oct. 21, 1875 at Pittsburgh.
      Anna S. Duncan, b. Dec. 27 1876 at Bloomfield, Bedford Co., Pa.
      Peter S. Duncan Jr. b. March 6 1877 at Lancaster, Pa. (Stevens House)
      Bowman S. Duncan born Jan. 9 1879 at Allegheny (North Side, Pittsburgh.)
      Martha S. Duncan born April 23 1881 at Allegheny.
      Mary Stevens Duncan born April 22 1884 at Allegheny.
      Margaret Denny Duncan born Sept. 2 1892 at Hollidaysburg, Pa.
      Sarah F. Duncan married George W. Langdon at Bedford, Pa. Jan. 1896, by his father Rev. Clarence Langdon.
      Peter S. Duncan, son of John W. Duncan Martha K. Shoenberger died May 4 1937 at Hollidaysburg, Pa.
      Anna Bowman Sweitzer Duncan died Aug. 5 1941 at Hollidaysburg, Pa.
      Anna Bowman Duncan, dau. of Peter S. Duncan & Helen L. Hare b July 27 1942 at Altoona, Pa. (Hospital)
      Peter S. Duncan III, son of (as above) b May 1 1944.
      There are some variations in dates given above from those in the family records from other sources.
      MAD: The "National Banner and Nashville Whig" of 12/2/1826 contained the obituary of Mr. William D. Duncan, who died at Shakertown, Logan County, Ky. of the house of Duncan, Forsyth and Riddle of Pittsburgh. His name was also given as William A. Duncan of the same house. From "Obituaries from Early TN Newspapers, 1794-1851" by Silas Emmett Lucas.


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