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Duncans in Philadelphia Co. PA


Duncan research files of
Mary Ann (Duncan) Dobson
the Genealogy Bug

Last revised February 3, 2013

Formed 1682, Original county
Berks formed 1752 from Bucks, Chester, Lancaster, Philadelphia
Montgomery formed 1784 from Philadelphia


1790 Philadelphia Co. PA Census
Pg. 194  Dunkin, Agnes        003xx                 Byberry Twp
    210  Duncan, William      113xx                 Southwark Town
    211  Duncan, James        312xx   (Carter)      "
    212  Duncan, Wm.          124xx   (Sea Captain) "
    217  Duncan, Margt.       012x1   (Mercht)      Phil. City
         Duncan, David        111xx    "            "  (next door)
    220  Duncan, Matthew & Isaac  124xx  (Mercht)   "
    223  Duncan, Richard      0004x   (Negroe)      "
    227  Duncan, James        2021x   (Mariner)     "
    234  Dunkin, Isaac        113xx   (Mert.)       "
    237  Dunkin, John         000xx   (Tea dealer)  "  (East side 2nd St)
         Dunkin, Ann          2061x   (shop keeper) "  (West side 2nd St)
    240  Dunscomb, Vinsant    000xx                 "

1800 Philadelphia Co. PA Census
Not Philadelphia City; handwritten & circled page numbers
Pg.  24  James Dunkin         02111       - 10010    Southwark
     33  Ann Duncan           00000       - 00020    Southwark 1st Dist.
    390  Primus Duncan        00000       - 00000    W.Northern Liberties
Philadelphia City
Pg.  75  Robert H. Duncan     00010       - 11010    Walnut Ward
     88  Thos. Duncan         00000       - 00000    Chestnut Ward
    110  Pheope? Duncan       00000       - 00000    High Street
    112  Judith Duncan        00000       - 00000    High Street
    128  Henry Dunkin         11110       - 00110    Lower Delaware Wd
    193  Mary Duncan          41120       - 01011    S.Mulberry Ward
    200  Wm. Duncan           20010       - 10110    S.Mulberry Ward
    225  Mathew Duncan        21110       - 00001    North Ward

1810 Philadelphia Co. PA Census
Pg.  23  Phebe Duncan         00000       - 00000        Phil.-High St.
     28  Widow Duncan, school mistress  02000 - 01010    Phil.-North
     33  William Duncan, stone cutter   00100 - 10100    Phil.-North
    177  George Duncan        10100       - 10200        Phil.-Chestnut
    243  Sarah Duncan         00000       - 00000        Phil.-Celler
    246  William Duncan       00200       - 00502        Phil.-Celler
     31  Geo. Duncan          10010       - 01100        Penn
     40  William Duncan       41110       - 01211        Lower Dublin
    116  Elizabeth Duncan     51020       - 00010        W. Southwark
    228  Rumer Dunkin         00000       - 00000        W. N. Liberty

1820 Philadelphia Co. PA Census
Pg.  18  David Duncan         101110      - 00110        Phila-Chestnut
     24  Thomas Duncan        000001      - 11310        Phila-Dock (only one)
     65  Alexander Duncan     100010      - 30010        Phila-Locust
     74  Letitia Duncan       002200      - 00110        Phila-Middle
         (MAD: widow of Matthew, Northumberland Co. PA to St. Louis Co. MO)
    112  Mrs. Duncan          011200      - 11010        Phila-North
    187  Mrs. Dunken          000000      - 00001        Phila-S. Mulberry
    189  William Dunken       200010      - 20010        Phila-S. Mulberry
    231  Patience Duncan      000000      - 00000        Phila-Cedar
    240  Wm. W. Duncan        000101      - 01011        Phila-High St.
     36  Nathaniel Duncan     200010      - 10100        6th Ward
     38  John Duncken         100010      - 30010        Penn
     84  Stephen Duncan       000010      - 00001        Oxford
     86  Benjamin Duncan      000100      - 00110        Southwark

1830 Philadelphia Co. PA Census
Pg. 165  Mary Duncan          0           - 1100,001     Frankfort
    253  John Dunkin          1000,1      - 0000,1       Kensington
    277  Susanna Duncan       0001        - 0130,01      Spring Garden
    367  John Duncan          01 (sic)    - 0001,01      W. Southwark
     69  Jerry Duncan         Free colored               Phila-Locust
    358  William Duncan       0100,3001   - 1011,01      Phila-Pine
    361  Benjamin Duncan      0000,0001   - 0000,11      Phila-Pine
    383  Wm. M. Duncan        0000,01     - 0101,1       Phila-South
    407  William Duncan       1110,001    - 1002,001     Phila-S. Mulberry
    458  William Duncan       0000,01     - 2000,1       Phila-U. Delaware

1840 Philadelphia Co. PA Census, Philadelphia City; 2 parts
Pg.   30  Wm. N. Duncan       0000,001    - 0001,21      South Ward
      96  Wm. Duncan          0001        - 0001,201     S. Mulberry
     171  Thos. Duncan        1000,1      - 1000,1       Lower Delaware
     199  Mary Duncan         0001,9 (sic)- 0000,2100,1  North Ward
     218  Thomas Duncan       2202,001    - 0021,01      "
     251  John Duncan         Free colored               Cedar Ward
   237&9  Sarah Duncan        Free colored               Cedar Ward
           (Indexed Isiah pg. 237; pg. 237 & 239 were duplicates)
     276  William Duncan      0001,01     - 0101,2       Middle Ward
     285  Benjamin Duncan     0000,0010,1 - 0001,101     None Ward

1840 Philadelphia Co. PA Census, County
Pg.  42  Geo. Duncan          2002,21     - 1100,3       Spring Garden
     54  Watson Dunkan/Dunhan 0001,01     - 0010,01      N. Liberty
     83  Elizabeth Doncom     0001        - 0000,111     Kensington W-3
    116  John Duncan          2200,001    - 1020,01      Moyamensing

    152  G.W. Duncan          1100,01     - 1000,1       Kensington
    158  John Duncan          2000,01     - 1000,1
    154  H. Duncan            Free colored               Southwark
    166  Margaret Duncan      001         - 0101,101
    187  Joshua Duncan        1000,1      - 0000,1? (or 0 f. 20-30)  N.&S.Penn
    191  Wm. Duncan           0101,0200,1 - 0101,11
    221  James C. Duncan      1000,1      - 1001         Roxburough

1850 Philadelphia Co. PA Census
Philadelphia City
Kensington Ward 4
Pg.260, #318, David DUNCAN 36 PA coal merchant
                  Harriet 35 PA
                  Mary Ann 9, Sarah 5 PA
                  Martha BROWN 23 IRE
Kensington Ward 5
Pg.285, #720, Thomas DUNCAN 50 IRE -?- (alone)
Pg.308, #125, Joseph EVANS & family
                  Hugh DUNKAM 20 NJ glass blower
                  Elizabeth 19 NJ
                  Angeline 7/12 NJ
Kensington Ward 6
Pg.421, #333, Danl. DUNKIN 22 IRE none
                  Mary J. 22 IRE, Jane 21 PA
Pg.448, #775, Agness DUNKIN 46 IRE
                  Samuel 15 PA brassfounder
                  Eliza J. 12, James 1 PA
N. Libertus Ward 2
Pg.74, #62-68, John COSTER 41 GERM cabinet maker
                  Sarah 38 PA
                  Catharine DANKIN 15 PA
                  James 11, Rosanna 8 PA
                  Stephen 4 PA
N. Liberty Ward 2
Pg.93, #341, Albert CROSSCUP 30 PA shoemaker
                  Sarah 28 PA & ch.
                  Jane DUNCAN 56 NJ
N. Liberty Ward 4
Pg.200, #84, Nie H. RICE (m) & many others
                  Amanda DUNCAN 18 PA
Pg.223, #405, George DUNCAN 70 PA seaman $8000
                  Mary 67 PA
Spring Garden Ward 1
Pg.357, #1103, William DUNCAN 78 PA none $30,000
                  Anna C. 50 PA
                  Mahala C. 24 SC
                  Henry H. 5 IL
                  & two others b. IRE
                  (MAD: Mahala Caroline Sims mar. Henry H. Duncan 1/1/1842 Montgomery Co. AL, enlisted in Civil War in Macon Co. AL; Mrs. Carrie Duncan of Philadelphia mar. Rev. Jos. B. Cottrell of AL Conf. in Montgomery, AL)
Spring Garden Ward 6
Pg.342, #1342, David DUNCAN 11 PA in House of Refuge
Pg.359, #1588, Jonathan W. NEVEN 23 PA & family
                  Nancy DUNCAN 22 IRE
Spring Garden Ward 7
Pg.405, #688, Andrew DUNCAN 25 IRE laborer
                  Eliza 20 IRE
                  James 1 PA
Spring Garden 2nd Ward 3
Pg.45, #597-657, Stephen MARKS 52 GERM machines
                  Susan 32 PA
                  Rosanna DANKIN 8, Stephen 4 PA
Southwark Ward 1
Pg.60, #---?, John EASTWICK 21 PA plasterer
                  Ellen 23 PA
                  Catharine DUNCAN 29 PA
Pg.79, #1319, James DUNCAN 32 IRE drayman
                  Martha 25 IL
                  Mary J. 4, John 2 PA
                  William 1 PA
Southwark Ward 2
Pg.103, #162, Ann GOODMAN 40 PA tailoress
                  Wesley DUNCAN 9, Francis (m) 5 MD
                  Anna 4 DE
Pg.103, #166, Noah DUNCAN 32 MD carpenter
                  Louisa 39 MD
                  & others
                  (MAD: from Accomack Co. VA)
Southwark Ward 3
Pg.199, #292, Morris DUNCAN 27 IRE laborer
                  Mary 26 IRE
                  James 5 NY
                  Margaret 3 PA
Southwark Ward 6
Pg.445, #480, John DUNKIN 33 NJ engineer
                  Arvey Ann 39 DE
                  John A. 3 PA
Pg.118, #85, Mrs. A.L.C. DUNCAN 35 Phila
                  Mrs. Mary L.D. BUSBY 25 Phila
                  John L. BUSBY 30 Phila
                  Duncan BUSBY 1 Phila
                  & others
Pg.140, #346, James J. DUNCAN 45 Phila
                  Anna C. 36 Phila
                  Wm. B. 19, Ellen M. 17 Phila
                  Biddy (f) McNANCE 20, Jane 22 IRE
Pg.167, #703, Thomas BROWN family & other laborers
                  William DUNCAN 30 IRE laborer
                  David 30 IRE laborer
                  Peter 23 IRE laborer
                  James 39 IRE laborers
Pg.171, #768, Thomas DUNCAN 55 IRE stone mason
                  Mary 42 IRE
                  Sarah 18, Jane 14 Phila
                  John 9, Archibald 4 Phila
Pg.293, #345, Eliz. DUNOTH & family & others
                  Amelia DUNCAN 25 PA
Pg.294, #292-353, John MASON 50 MA merchant
                  Mary 40 Porto Rico & family
                  Matilda DUNCAN 25 NJ BLACK
                  & 3 other blacks
Pg.306, #535, Eliza DUNCAN 36 PA BLACK
                  Ambrose TUGHMAN 12, Eliza 9 PA BLACKS
Pg.327, #880, William DUNCAN 24 IRE laborer w/others
Pg.348, #122, Alfred DUNCAN 33 MD BLACK waiter
                  Mary 40 NY BLACK
                  Alfred 2 PA BLACK
Pg.368, #460, Sarah DUNCAN 60 NJ BLACK waiter
                  Rachard (m) 26 NJ BLACK waiter
                  & others
Pg.474, #262, Bridget DUNKIN (f) 19 IRE w/innkeeper
Pg.53, #811, John DUNCAN 44 PA clerk
                  Elizabeth 36 PA
                  Harris (m) 17, Benjamin 10 PA
                  Blanch (f) 7 PA
S. Mulberry
Pg.254, #574, Edward HICK? 26 PA merchant
                  Mary 18 PA
                  MARY DUNCAN 44 PA domestic
Pg.315, #1391, Mary C. LEHMAN 55 PA gentlewoman & family & others
                  Mary A. DUNCAN 40 IRE domestic
                  Margaret 18 IRE
N. Mulberry
Pg.324, #69, Ann Eliza DUNCAN 31 PA in boarding house
Pg.367, #649, Adam DUNCAN 40 IRE drayman
                  Martha 39 IRE
                  Samuel 6, Joseph 1 PA
                  Samuel BOYD 12 IRE drayman
Pg.385, #911, Joseph DUNCAN 22 IRE shoemaker
                  Jane 23 IRE, m/in/yr
                  James BLINES 21 IRE
                  James DUNCAN 23 IRE
Pg.446, #1800, James DUNCAN 25 IRE w/others
Pg.460, #1988, Stephen DUNCAN 22 PA carpenter w/others
Lower Delaware
Pg.52, #694, Richard PRICE & family & others
                  Margaret DUNCAN 28 IRE
Upper Delaware
Pg.90, #198, Wm. DUNCAN 30 PA dentist w/others
Pg.131, #755, George DUNCAN 35 PA carpenter
                  Caroline 25 PA
                  George 5 PA
                  & two others b. GER
Pg.131, #757, Thomas DUNCAN 40? (blotted) GER innkeeper w/others
Pg.154, #1047, John DUNCAN 38 IRE collector w/others
Pg.158, #1084, Sophia DUNCAN 24 IRE w/others
Pg.208, #33, Lydia DUNCAN 31 Egg H. NJ
                  Mary A. 18, Catherine 15 Egg H. NJ
Pg.238, #531, Thomas DUNCAN 55 SCT carpenter
                  Mary 48 PA
                  Margaret 23, Jean (f) 21 PA
                  Charles 19, Thomas 17 PA
                  William 13, Edward 9 PA
                  & others
Pg.238, #535, Malachi SLOAN 30 & family & others
                  William DUNCAN 19 IRE carter?
Pg.242, #399, Robert DUNCAN 50 IRE laborer
                  Mary 45 IRE
                  Margaret 24, Elizabeth 25 PA
                  Frances (f) 20, William 18 PA
Pg.322, #1391, Frances DUNCAN (f) 25 IRE w/HILL fam.
New Market
Pg.350, #135, John DUNCAN 26 ENG varnisher w/others
Pg.362, #300, Jacob DUNCAN 25 NJ BLACK waiter
                  Lydia 25 NJ BLACK waitress
Pg.366, #351, Peter DUNCAN 26 SCT seaman
                  Eliza 24 IRE
                  John 2, Peter 1/12 PA
                  John ANDREWS 55 IRE
                  Eliza 50 IRE
Pg.377, #501, Samuel NEALL & family & others
                  Ann DUNCAN 25 NY
Pg.442, #23, Rosanna PENBROOKE 50 IRE
                  Catharine DUNCAN 6 PA
Pg.464, #246, James DUNCAN 34 PA w/others
Pg.471, #318, William M. MADDOCK 45 PA
                  Elizabeth 43 PA
                  children 27-11 b. PA
                  Caroline DUNCAN 21 PA
                  & others
Pg.475, #353, William LAWSON 50 MA none
                  Caroline 45 MA
                  Joseph DUNCAN 49 PA clerk
                  Emily 41 PA
                  Emily Jr. (f) 4, Mary 2 PA
Mayamensing Ward 2
Pg.315, #1389, James DUNKAN 57 ENG none
                  Elisabeth 55 ENG
                  John E. 25, Lewisa (f) 18 ENG
                  Walker (m) 15 ENG
Mayamensing Ward 4
Pg.441, #751, Yancy KILPATRICK & fam.
                  Mary J. DUNCAN 16 IRE servant
Mayamensing Ward 5
Pg.485, #---, US Naval Pensioners (navy base; lots of seamen)
                  J. DUNCAN 38 IRE U.S. seaman
Pg.57, #45, Jno. DUNCAN 56 PA farmer $2000
                  Marg. 42 PA
                  Eliz. 22, Wm. 21 PA
                  Angelina 22, John 16 PA
                  Marg. 14, Adam 12 PA
                  Wash. 10, Isabella 8 PA
                  Hannah 6 PA
                  & laborers
W. Philadelphia
Pg.520, #291, Catherine DUNCAN 32 IRE w/Henry PLEASANT & fam.
Pg.561, #917, Alexander DUNCAN 37 SCT bookeeper $1600
                  Caroline 32 ENG
                  Caroline 10, Agnes 9 N.S. Wales
                  Eliza 8 ENG
                  Grace 6 NY
                  Franklin 5, Kate 2 PA
Pg.56, #---, Philadelphia Alms House
                  Elizabeth DUNCAN 91 ENG pauper
Pg.98, #197, Joseph L. LOVERING & family & others
                  Mary DUNCAN 25 IRE
Pg.138, #217, Abraham SLACK & family
                  John G. DUNCAN 32 IRE tailor
Pg.220, #461, Richard BENHAM & family & others
                  James DUNCAN 39 IRE farmer
Pg.237, #51, Jane DUNCAN 50 PA in hotel
Pg.278, #628, Charles BAYARD & family & others
                  Sarah DUNCAN 19 IRE servant


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Woodlands Cemetery Lot cards, Philadelphia, PA (from Wayne R. Johnson 6/1993; he has visited the cemetery many times)
      Section C, Lot 163 & 165, Cards 1 and 2:
      Name, date of interment, number of permit, size of case, remarks (column for depth had "8" written in for Anna G.C. Duncan, James J. Duncan, and Genl. Wm. Duncan and Mary D. Vernon)

Duncan, Wm. B., 4-27-1857, 2230, age 26, Cyrus Hornes f?
Duncan, Anne G.C., 6-16-1772 (sic), 7651, age 59, W.H. Moore
Duncan, James J., 2-20-1877, 8850, age 72
Duncan, Mary    ) "Duncan Family" 2-1-1860, 2979, remains, 4/18/1818 43 yrs
Duncan, Saml. J.)                 "         "     " 1839 (stone)
Duncan, Jos. M. )                 "         "     " 1843 (stone)
Duncan, Sarah M.)                 "         2980  " 10/2/1832 43 yrs old
Duncan, Louisa  )                 "         "     " 1838 on stone 11 yrs old
Laselle, Nancy                    "         "     1840 on stone
Moulder, Mary, (blank date, permit, size of case) 1812 on stone
Moulder, Jos., 1816 on stone
Moulder, Wm., 8/2?/1832 on stone
Moulder, Martha, 8/4/1849 75 yrs old
Moulder, Anna M., 12/9?/1845 21 yrs old
Moulder, Sarah J., 2/7/1814, 41 yrs old
Laselle, Sarah G.D., 1-2-1869, permit 6406, E.A. Hughes, 1/23/1869
Duncan, Genl. Wm., 2-19-1864, 4432, age 92
Vernon, Mary D., 1-3-1873, 7821, age 30, V.P. Moore's Sons
Wood, Child of Dr., 6/5/1856, 1949, (blank size of case & remarks)

Christ Church Burial Grounds, Philadelphia, PA (inscriptions from Wayne R. Johnson 11/1993)
      Sacred to the memory of William M. Duncan who departed this life March 30, 1842. (stone broken, was not readable)
      Wife's stone: In Memory of my mother, Anna Luisa C. Duncan, wife of William M. Duncan, died December 21, 1855; 23rd Psalm written out.
      Elizabeth Adeline, daughter of Wm. & Louisa Duncan, in the 2nd yr of her age, Aug. 13, 1831. (& poem)

"Notes and Queries: Historical, biographical and genealogical, chiefly relating to interior Pennsylvania" by William H. Egle, 1899 (Memphis Public Library book 929.348 N911; from Evelyn Sigler 2/1985)
      Pg.148: Cemetery, Pennepeck Baptist Church near Bustleton [Philadelphia Co.]: Hannah Duncan, dau. of Wm. & Maria Duncan, d. Aug. 10, 1805, aged 1 yr 4 mo.


Family Records; "Copied courtesy of Mr. Rowland English of 214 DuBois Road, Glassboro, NJ 08028, on Sept. 6, 1977" (from Wayne R. Johnson 9/1993; typed page, all names originally typed in upper case, all birth and death dates typed on separate lines; the second column on the page contained the Todd family record and the notations about parents of George Washington Duncan and wife Martha Todd Duncan)
   Gen. William Duncan (WRJ: son of Seth Duncan)
   born July 1, 1772, died Feb. 16, 1864, Married to
   Mary Moulder Duncan (1) died Apr. 24, 1818
   Sarah Moulder Duncan (2) died Oct. 2, 1832
   Anna C. ---- Duncan (3) died 1879/80 (WRJ: Anna C. Peale Duncan d. Dec. 25, 1878)
      George W. Duncan, son of Gen. Wm. Duncan
      married to Sarah H.----? Duncan
         George Washington Duncan
         born 1835 died July 27, 1896, Married to
         Martha Todd Duncan, born Mar 7, 1840, died Feb. 11, 1928.
            George Washington Duncan was son of George W. & Sarah H. Duncan
            Martha Todd Duncan, daughter of Michael & Anna Todd.
         Children of Geo. W. & Martha Duncan
            George Duncan, born 1-8-1861, died 11-1-1939
            William Duncan, born 10-4-1862, died 7-24-1931
            Mary Eliz. Duncan, born 10-24-1864, died 8-22-1866
            John Franklin Duncan, born 10-14-1866, died 8-23-1870
            Lewis C. Duncan, born 3-15-1868, died 11-3-1941
            Harry Duncan, born 1-22-1870, died 4-25-1943
            Charles Duncan, born 9-13-1871, died 11-19-1935
            Walter Duncan, born 2-13-1873, died 2-5-1945
            Frank Duncan, born 10-27-1874, died 3-15-1915 (WRJ: my grandfather)
            Howard Duncan, born 9-8-1876, died 7-16-1877
            Mabel Duncan, born 5-20-1878, died 8-21-1878
            Florence Bird Duncan, born July 31, 1879, died 12-18-1956
            Lilly Duncan, born 5-13-1882, died 8-19-1882
   Mary & Sarah Moulder, 1st & 2nd wives of Gen. Wm. Duncan were both daughters of William Moulder. Both died at age 43.
   James Todd, married to
   Sarah Sullivan Todd (1)
   Zebiah Brick Peirson Todd (2)
      Michael Todd, son of James Todd, born Sept. 23, 1814,
      married June 1, 1837, died Dec. 26, 1891; married to
      Anna Eliza Clark Todd, died Nov. 18, 1852.
      Children of Michael and Anna Todd
         Sarah Louisa Todd, born 5-28-1838, died ----
         Martha Todd, born 3-7-1840, died 2-11-1928
         James Henry Todd, born 2-17-1842, died 7-2-1863 at Gettsburg, PA
         Mary Ellen Todd, born 9-24-1844, died ----
         Elizabeth Kaighn Todd, born 10-25-1846, died ----
         Joseph Alfrus Todd, born 5-28-1849, died 10-6-1849
         John Andrew Jackson Todd, born 3-26-18xx, died 11-4-18xx (edge of page)

"DUNCAN FOLDER, Heber G. Gearhart Collection, Genealogical Society of PA" (FHL film 525,548)
      MAD: This collection has a lot of material on Duncans in PA; including the Family Bible record of Matthew Duncan, b. Dec. 25, 1756 in Ireland, married Dec. 2, 1800 in Sunbury [Northumberland Co. PA] to Latitia Buyers born June 17, 1777 in Sunbury, PA; and lists their children.


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"The Sons of the American Revolution, New York State Society : 1893-94" ed. by Edward Hagaman Hall; pub. New York: Republic Press, in the 118th year of the independence of the United States i.e. 1894, 283 pgs. (LH13350, HeritageQuest images 6/2007; FHL book 974.7 C4so and film 2,055,182 item 3)
      Pg.250-251: #233. WILSON, THOMAS, 4233. New York City. Brevet-Brigadier General, U.S.A. Born in Washington, D.C., June 10, 1832. Son of Joseph Shields Wilson and Eliza Uhler Moulder, grandson of John Nicholson Moulder and Mary Uhler, great-grandson of William Moulder, Jr. and Martha Duncan, great2-grandson of William Moulder, Sr., and Mary Miller, great3-grandson of Benjamin Moulder (born 1688) and Prudence Reynolds, and great4-grandson of Robert Moulder. William Moulder, Sr., of Pennsylvania, was born December 3, 1724. Besides being Second Lieutenant under Capt. Thomas Robinson and Col. Anthony Wayne, from March 15 to October 1, 1776, he was at various times, during the war, a member of Committees of Correspondence and Safety, committees for raising materials for the army, supporting families of Associators, regulating the sale of provisions so that they would not be inimical to the interests of the people, etc. His brother, Joseph, was Captain of artillery, Third battalion, which lent Washington very timely support at Princeton. His wife was daughter of Joseph Miller and granddaughter of John Miller, of England, who came to America about 1710. (MAD: see Philadelphia, PA)

"Register of the Empire State Society of the Sons of the American Revolution : containing an account of the origin of the Sons of the American Revolution, an explanation of the existence of two different organizations with similar names and objects, and a history of the movements for their union : the constitution and by-laws of the Empire State Society of the Sons of the American Revolution : lists of the national, state and chapter officers : roll of members, with personal data and genealogies : roll of Revolutionary ancestors, with record of their services : pages for an amplified family record : and illustrations." (anonymous); pub. New York: The Society, 1899, 620 pgs. (LH12850, HeritageQuest images 6/2007; FHL book 974.7 C4r and film 238,380 and 1,673,276 item 22)
      Pg.344: #233. THOMAS WILSON. 4233. New York City. Brevet Brigadier-General U.S.A., retired. Born, Washington, D.C., June 10, 1832. Graduated from West Point. Was present at most of the great battles of the Army of the Potomac from '61 to '65; never wounded; breveted Brigadier-General of both Volunteers and United States Army. Member of American Flag Association, Loyal Legion, Society of Army of the Potomac, and United Service Club. Son of Joseph Shields Wilson and Eliza Uhler Moulder; grandson of John Nicholson Moulder and Mary Uhler; great-grandson of William Moulder, Jr., and Martha Duncan; gt2-grandson of William Moulder, Sr., and Mary Miller; gt3-grandson of Benjamin Moulder (born, 1688) and Prudence Reynolds; gt4-grandson of Robert Moulder. (MAD: see Philadelphia, PA)

"The history of Battery A (formerly known as the Keystone Battery) : and Troop A, N.G.P." (anonymous); pub. Philadelphia: J.C. Winston Co., 1912, 294 pgs. (LH13328, HeritageQuest images 6/2007)
      Pg.164: Duncan, William D., Priv.; Res. Harrisburg, Pa.; Enrd. June 15, 1898; M.I. June 15, 1898; M.O. with Baty. Nov. 19, 1898. (MAD: Harrisburg, Dauphin Co. PA)
      Appendix, pg.251: Duncan, William D., N.W. corner Tenth and Chestnut Streets, Philadelphia. (Tobacco Merchant.)
      Appendix, pg.267: Duncan, Harry C., 4719 Baltimore Avenue, Philadelphia (occupation blank)

Pension Index Card File, alphabetical; of the Veterans Administrative Contact and Administration Services, Admin. Operations Services, 1861-1934; Duff to A-J Duncan (negative FHL film 540,888, some cards very faint); Joseph Duncan to Dunn (positive FHL film 540,889, some cards very dark)
      Cataloged under Civil War, 1861-1865, pensions, indexes; does not say if Confederate or Federal, but probably Federal. Negative film, some cards much too faint or dark to read, some cards blurred or faded, particularly the service unit and the dates of application. Most of the very faint or dark cards were in a slightly different format, with space for years enlisted and discharged which were sometimes filled in. Many of these were for service in later years, although one or two were for service ca 1866.
      Name of soldier, alias, name of dependent widow or minor, service (military unit or units), date of filing, class (invalid or widow or minor or other), Application #, Certificate #, state from which filed (sometimes blank), attorney (sometimes blank, MAD: did not usually copy), remarks. Sometimes the "Invalid" or "Widow" class had an "s" added to it before the application #; occasionally the area for the service information included a circled "S". The minor's name was frequently that of the guardian rather than the minor.
      The military unit was frequently the Company Letter, the Regiment Number, sometimes US Vet Vol Inf. (US Veteran Volunteer Infantry), L.A. (Light Artillery), H.A. (Heavy Artillery), US C Inf (US Colored? Infantry), Cav. (Cavalry), Mil. Guards, V.R.C. (?Volunteer Reserve Corps?), etc. Sometimes there were several service units given.
      Cards appear to be arranged by the last name, first name, middle initial if any, and state (including "US") of service.
      Duncan, Joseph, widow Duncan, Annie, C 3 PA H.A.; 1891 Jan. 27, Invalid Appl. #996745, Cert. #891729, PA; 1926 April 20, Widow Appl. #1244640, Cert. #A-6-29-26, NJ. (MAD: ?? 1880 Pg.501A, Philadelphia, Philadelphia Co. PA, 36 ENG, wife Annie 30 PA; 1900 index Phila. Wd.39, Philadelphia Co. PA 1844 ENG, wife Annie 1848 PA)
      Duncan, Walter E., widow Duncan, Mary A.; F 6 PA Cav.; 1876 May 17, Invalid Appl. #219516, Cert. #150745; 1881 Nov. 9, Widow Appl. #287508, no cert. (MAD: 1870 Philadelphia Co. PA, b.1835 ENG)
      Duncan, Wesley J.; Hummell's Indpt. Co. PA M. Cav., C 15 PA Cav.; 1892 Feb. 5, Invalid Appl. #1089550, Cert. #854828, PA. (MAD: ?? 1870, 1900 Philadelphia Co. PA, b.1842 VA)


"PA Archives" Series 1, Vol. 9 or 10, Secretary of the Commonwealth Papers, 1782 (from Florence Dyess 3/1991)
      Pg.534-5: Petition of Merchants of Philadelphia, 1782. To his Excellency, the President, & the supreme Executive Council of the State of PA. The Representation of the undersigned Merchants of the City of Philadelphia, show: That a seizure of a quantity of sugars landed out of two Shallops from Christiana Bridge the 1st May instant (footnote: see Col.Rec., Vol.XIII, p.282, 283) was made in consequence of a state law imposing an import duty to protect the navigation of the Bay & River of Delaware. The signors believe no fraud was intended; the Shallops are employed as Packets between Christiana Bridge & this City; they request restoration of the seized property and remission of the penalties upon payment of the duties and all charges. /s/ Davd. Duncan and about 40 others.

"Notices of marriages & deaths in Poulson's American Daily Advertiser, 1791-1839" by Gen. Society of PA, 1897-1907 (FHL film 382,712 to 1833 and 382,713 1834-1839; from Wayne R. Johnson 6/1993)
      1832. Died, 30th ult., Marsha Eliza, daughter of Gen. Wm. Duncan, of this city, aged 15 years, 4 months. Date of paper: Wednesday, Sept. 12, 1832.
      1832. Died, Oct. 2d, Mrs. Sarah Duncan, consort of Gen. Wm. Duncan, aged 45. Funeral late residence, 6th St. near Germantown road, to proceed to the First Baptist Church, 2d below Arch. Date of paper: Wednesday, Oct. 3, 1832. (p.580)
      August 14, 1837. Died on the 11th inst., Samuel J. Duncan, son of Gen. William Duncan. (p.678)

"Memorial Addresses, Life and Character of William A. Duncan, January 26th, 1885" booklet (from Wayne R. Johnson 6/1993)
      Memorial Addresses of the Life and Character of William A. Duncan, A representative from Pennsylvania, delivered in the House of Representatives and in the Senate, 48th Congress, 2nd Session, Published by Order of Congress, Washington, Government Printing Office, 1885.
      Addresses of the Death of William A. Duncan. Proceedings in the House of Representatives. December 1, 1884.
      Address of Mr. Ermentrout of PA. Mr. Speaker, on me has devolved the sad duty of announcing to the House of Representatives the death of our late lamented colleague, William A. Duncan, recently representing the 19th district of the State of PA, composed of the counties of Adams, York and Cumberland, which occurred at Gettysburg on the 14th of November last. ... (p.1)
         Hon. William A. Duncan, the subject of these funeral rites, was born in Franklin Twp, Adams Co. PA, Feb. 2, 1836. He died at Gettysburg in his native county, Nov. 14, 1884, in his 49th year. His paternal ancestors originally went from the neighborhood of Edinburgh to Donegal, Ireland, from whence, about the year 1750, his grandfather, Seth Duncan, emigrated to the US, and located in Lancaster Co. PA. He there married and lived till late in life, when he removed to Abbotstown, then York (now Adams) Co. Seth had a number of children, most of whom became notable people. It was indeed a remarkable family. James and Matthew were brave officers in the Revolutionary war. William, after whom our late colleague was named, represented Philadelphia in the State assembly as representative and senator for several terms, and was an aid to Gov. Simon Snyder during the war of 1812. His son, Abner L., was a distinguished lawyer in New Orleans, whither he had gone in 1806. He was one of General Jackson's aids at the battle of New Orleans, and counsel with Edward Livingstone in defending that general during his trial before Judge Hall for proclaiming martial law. His daughter Hannah became the wife of John Nicholson, the famous comptroller-general of PA and partner of Robert Morris, the great American financier of the Revolution. Another daughter married Judge William Moulder, of Philadelphia. The most of them lived to a ripe old age. His son, Adam Seth Enos Duncan, the father of Mr. Duncan, was an exception. He died in 1840, aged 51 years. He, too, had been a soldier, serving in the war of 1812-'13 at Lundy's Lane, Chippewa, and Black Rock, and was twice wounded. On the maternal side, tributary rills of PA-German blood steadied and calmed the Scotch-Irish flood of many generations coursing in his veins; for both grandmother and mother were of that race who more than 200 years ago brought from the banks of the Rhine the arts, sciences, literature, and religion of a Christian civilization and planted them firmly in PA. (MAD: mother and grandmother not named) ... (p.5-6)
         With these antecedents Mr. Duncan was left an orphan boy at the age of four years, with two other brothers but a few years older, to the charge of a widowed mother. ... She died in 1880 at the advanced age of 80 years, having found the reward of her motherly devotion in seeing her boys grow into successful business men and honored citizens. ... Mr. Duncan matriculated at the age of 17 at Franklin and Marshall College, Lancaster, PA, in 1853. He graduated in regular course in 1857 as valedictorian of his class. ... Entered the law office of R.G. McCreary, Esq., at Gettysburg, the county seat of Adams, and in due course was admitted to the bar in 1859. ... prosecuting attorney for Adams from 1862 to 1866, and again from 1868 to 1871; November 1882 was elected to represent the counties of Adams, Cumberland, and York, comprising 19th Dist. of PA in the 48th Congress. (p.6-7)
         In 1863 he wedded Miss Catherine W. Schmucker, dau. of Rev. Samuel S. Schmucker, president of the Theological Seminary at Gettysburg, who is now deceased ... The fruit of this union was four sons, now aged respectively 20, 19, 17, and 13 years. Happily they live to console, to comfort and to sustain the bereaved widow in the bitter affliction of this irreparable loss. (MAD: sons not named) (p.10)
      Address by Mr. Swope of PA (p.11)
         William A. Duncan was born in Franklin Twp, Adams Co. PA, on Feb. 2, 1838. After such preliminary training as was at that period accessible in county schools, he entered Franklin and Marshall College, from which he graduated in 1857 with highest honor. ... After leaving college Mr. Duncan studied law in Gettysburg, and was admitted to the bar in 1860. In 1862 he was elected district attorney, and re-elected in 1868. In 1874 he was the nominee of Adams Co. for the State senate. He was also a member of the Stae central committee. In 1882 he was elected a member of the 48th Congress of the US and was re-elected Nov. 3, 1884. He died Nov. 14, 1884. (p.15)
      Address by Mr. Atkinson, of PA (p.16)
      Address of Mr. Post, of PA (p.19)
         William A. Duncan was born in Adams Co. PA, Feb. 2, 1836 ... (p.20-21)
      Address of Mr. Bayne, of PA. (p.21)
      Address of Mr. Hopkins, of PA. (p.23)
      Address of Mr. Cameron, of PA. (p.26)
         It is my sad duty to announce to the Senate the death of William A. Duncan, late my colleague in the House of Representatives from the State of PA, which occurred on the morning of Friday, Nov. 14, 1884, at his home in the historic town of Gettysburg, PA. Mr. Duncan was born in Franklin Twp, Adams Co. PA, on the 2d day of Feb. 1838. ... Mr. Duncan was married in 1863 to Miss Catharine Schmucker, a dau. of Rev. S.S. Schmucker, D.D., an eminent divine of the Lutheran Church ... (p.26-28)
      Address of Mr. Maxey, of TX (p.30)
      Address of Mr. McMillan, of MN (p.31)
         The chair of William A. Duncan, in the House of Representatives, is vacant. He was born in Adams Co. PA in 1836 and died at Gettysburg, PA, on Friday, the 14th of Nov. 1884, in the 49th year of his age. ... (p.31)
      Address of Mr. Jones, of FL (p.33)
      Address of Mr. Manderson, of NE. (p.35)

"Illinois Historical Collections" - "The New regime, 1765-1767" ed. by Clarence Walworth Alvord and Clarence Edwin Carter; pub. Springfield, Ill.: Trustees of the Illinois State Historical Library, 1916, 742 pgs. (LH6196, HeritageQuest images 4/2007; FHL film 1,320,562 item 1)
      Vol.II. Chapter VII: The trade and colonial plans progress, July 30, 1766 -- October 11, 1766.
      Vol.II, pg.368-369: ... letter signed by Baynton Wharton & Morgan, to The Honorable Sir William Johnson, Bart. &c &c. [Endorsed:] Philadelphia 28th August 1766. Messrs. Baynton Wharton &c Acctt. & a Draft on me Ansd. 16th Septr.
      Contract for Hauling Goods, September 2, 1766. [P.D.P.R. - A.D.S.]
      Articles of Agreement made and concluded upon by and between Baynton, Wharton & Morgan of the City of Philadelphia in the Province of Pennsylvania Merchants of the One Part & Stephen Duncan of Carlisle & Daniel Duncan of Shippensburgh in the said Province Yeomen of the Other Part.
      Whereas the said Stephen Duncan & Daniel Duncan have contracted and agreed to and with the said Baynton, Wharton & Morgan in Manner and form following that is to say the said Stephen Duncan for his Heirs Executors and Administrators doth hereby Promise and Engage to provide on or before the fifteenth Day of October next fifty Pack Horses and Waggons and the said Daniel Duncan for himself his Heirs Executors and Administrators doth hereby Promise & Engage to provide on or before the fifteenth Day of October next One hundred & fifty Pack Horses & waggons suitable to take in and carry all such goods Wares & Merchandizes, which the said Baynton, Wharton & Morgan shall order and direct from the City of Philadelphia to Carlisle & from thence to proceed on Pack Horses and carry such Goods Wares & Merchandizes to Fort Pitt and deliver all and every the said Goods Wares & Merchandizes to the Agent or Agents of them the said Baynton, Wharton & Morgan at Fort Pitt aforesaid without any Fraud or Delay, And also that they the said Stephen Duncan & Daniel Duncan shall attend at Philadelphia with the Waggons well equipped to take in and receive all such Goods & Wares by the fifteenth Day of October next ensuing the date hereof -- And the said Baynton, Wharton & Morgan do hereby Promise to pay or cause to be Paid unto the said Stephen Duncan & Daniel Duncan their Executors and Administrators the just and full Sum of Thirty five Shillings lawful Money of Pennsylvania for every gross hundred Weight of all such Goods, Wares & Merchandizes which they shall deliver at Fort Pitt for the Use of them the said Baynton, Wharton & Morgan at the End of six Months next after the delivery of all such Goods Wares & Merchandizes so to be received at Philadelphia for that Purpose as aforesaid -- And moreover do Promise to Pay to the said Stephen Duncan and Daniel Duncan the ferriage of every Waggon which they shall have Ferried over the River Susquehanna proceeding with the said Goods from Philadelphia to Carlisle -- And if it may be in the Power of the said Stephen Duncan and Daniel Duncan to procure One hundred Pack Horses more for the Service aforesaid that they shall be employed by the said Baynton, Wharton & Morgan at the same Rate and upon the same Terms as those contracted for, aforesaid -- For the true and faithful Performance of all and every the Covenants and Agreements aforesaid the said Parties do bind themselves each unto the other of them in the Penal Sum of One thousand Pounds lawful Money of Pennsylvania to be recovered of the Party refusing by the Party complying in any of his Majestys Courts of Record by Bill, Plaint or Information -- IN WITNESS whereof the said Parties have interchangeably set their Hands & Seals hereunto the twenty second Day of September in the Year of Our Lord One thousand seven hundred & sixty six -- STEPHEN DUNCAN for Daniel Duncan. STEPHEN DUNCAN. SEALED & DELIVERED in the presence of Us, JOSH. RIGBY, CORNELIOUS BARNES.

HISTORIES before 1923

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"Biographical Directory of the SC House of Representatives" Vol.V, 1816-1828; by Moore, 1992 (FHL book 975.7 D34b)
      Pg.76-78, has extensive biography, with sources, of DUNKIN, BENJAMIN FANEUIL, b.1792 Philadelphia, PA, son of Edward Dunkin and Susan Bethune, moved to Charleston, SC ca 1811, married Washington Sala Prentiss on 18 January 1820, died 1874.

"Old Northwest Genealogical Quarterly" Columbus, OH; Vol.7 #3, July 1904 (SUTRO book F476 O42; CA State Library, Sutro branch)
      Pg.152+: Capt. James Duncan's Diary of the Siege of Yorktown, 1781 -by W.F. Boogher Esq., Genealogist, 1339 F St., Washington, DC. Capt. James Duncan was native of Philadelphia, b. 1756, entered service; commissioned as Lieutenant on Nov. 3, 1776, and Captain on March 25, 1778; served in Hazen's Regt. He received 500 acres in Shenango Valley, now Mercer Co. He was the first prothonotary of Adams Co. PA when it was formed, until 1822 when he moved to Mercer Co. PA where he died June 24, 1844 in his 89th year.
      MAD: This introduction gives his year of birth as 1756, but the introduction in "Mercer Co. PA Soldiers; Rev. War, War of 1812, Civil War" by Myers gives his year of birth as 1755. See "Mercer Co. PA Soldiers; Revolutionary War, War of 1812, Civil War" by Paul W. Myers, 1987 (FHL booklet 974.8 A1 #328). James Duncan married Susan Lear and had three children: John Nicholson, b. Feb. 16, 1796; Julianna, b. March 1, 1800; James Jefferson, b. Dec. 18, 1801.

"The Story of Thomas Duncan and His Six Sons" by Katherine Duncan Smith, 1928, (Los Angeles Public Library book R929.2 D911; also from Wayne R. Johnson 8/1993, and John A. Duncan)
      This book contains information about descendants of Thomas Duncan, wife Jane, who died in 1776 at Carlisle, Hopewell Twp., Cumberland Co. PA.
      This book also contains on pg.137, extracts from letters of Aug. Duncan. (WRJ: brother of William A. Duncan, Congressman from Cattsburg, PA) of Falling Spring Place, Chambersburg, PA, March 11, 1895, about Seth Duncan, in Abbotstown then Lancaster Co., now [1895] Adams Co., in 1741; and his son General William Duncan who died in Philadelphia about 1885 near 100 years of age.
      Pg.97-99 contain the full copy of a letter from John G. Ford, of 713 Walnut Street, Philadelphia, Feb. 15, 1896, also about Seth Duncan who emigrated from the county of Donegal, Ireland, to Pennsylvania, about year 1750 and first settled in Octorara Township in Lancaster County, then to York, PA, then to Abbotstown in York, now Adams County, and his descendants. His letter mentions David Duncan, who kept a large store in either Penn's or Sugar valley in Centre Co., Penna, and a few of his descendants.

"The History of the Wood and Allied Families" by Eleanor Duncan Wood and Eleanor Wood Moose (Library of Congress book CS71.W875 1969)
      Pg.7-9: Information on descendants of James Duncan, including Seth Duncan of York Co. PA and his son William Duncan b. Adams Co. PA 1772, to Philadelphia in 1790, married first Mary Moulder in 1792, then Sarah Moulder, then Anna C. Staughton; this book gives more information on the generations and descendants.

"The Duyckinck & Allied Families; Being a Record of the Descendants of Evert Duyckinck who Settled in New Amsterdam, now New York, in 1639" by Whitehead Cornell Duyckinck 1908 & Rev. John Cornell (FHL book 929.273 D958d; see Philadelphia Co. PA)
      This book contains the lineage, family and children of Rev. John Duncan, b.1790, d.1855, (son of Mathew Duncan and Helena Mason) mar. 1815 to Eliza McKim, children include Rev. John McKim Duncan b.1818, and others.

1927 "Financing an Empire; History of Banking in CA" by Ira B. Cross; Vol. 1 (CA State Library book QC332.1 C9)
      Pg.269-273: Information on Joseph C. Duncan who arrived in San Francisco in 1850; born in Philadelphia and later removed to IL, in 1848 to New Orleans, in 1850 to San Francisco; became a banker.

"The Real Isadora Illustrated" [Isadora Duncan] by Victor Seroff, 1971, The Dial Press (Gloucester Co. Library, NJ; from Wayne R. Johnson 7/1995)
      Pg.16-17: Information on Isadora Duncan, the dancer, of San Francisco; daughter of Joseph Charles Duncan b. Philadelphia, PA, and Mary Dora Gray, dau. of Thomas Gray.


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