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Immigrant to Virginia prior to1720, Thomas Wieland and related lines

William Fort BURTON [Parents] was born on 22 Aug 1837 in , Randolph Co., Missouri. He died in Feb 1923. William married Sarah Coleman BATTLE.

Had 8 children: Burilla (f); Lou (f); May (m), Cherokee (f); Jennie Wallace; Henry Fort; Sue; Irene.

Sarah Coleman BATTLE was born on 27 Feb 1844 in , , Texas. She died on 30 Jan 1902 in , , Texas. Sarah married William Fort BURTON.

Ambrose Waller BURTON was born on 1 Feb 1812 in KY. He died about 1859. Ambrose married Martha Emily FORT on 22 Sep 1836 in Randolph Co., MO.

This was posted 8/99:

Burton, May** -- Pvt., Co. F 3rd MO Infantry. Enlisted at the age of 17 on 7 Dec 1861 in St. Clair Co., MO by Col. R.S. Bevier. He was with the MSG at Drywook and Lexington and served with the MO Brigade from Elkhorn, where he was first wounded to Cornith, MS. May was in the hospital at Magnolia, MS from Feb 1863 until Aug 1863 when he returned to duty. He was killed in action on Kennesaw Mountain, GA 27 Jun 1864 and is buried in Marietta, GA.
Ref: CSR

Collecting information on the Burton family is something of a habit with me. I believe that I may have found the above named May Burton. I recently got a copy of a page of the 1850 census for Randolph Co., MO - specifcially page 274. On the page is listed the family of "A.W. Burton" - or Ambrose Waller Burton (age 39 in the census). This Ambrose Burton was the son of May Burton and Nancy Woodfoldk. Listed in the household with Ambrose is his wife Martha
Emily Fort ( age 32) and their children William (12), Martha (10), Frances (8), May (6 and a male), John (3) and Burilla (1 month). Eleven years after this census the child May would have been the same age as the May Burton who enlisted in the army. There are a number of other May Burton's in my database but none of them are close enough in age to be a match. Just
thought you might find this interesting.

Carole [email protected]

I later discovered that Ambrose's will was probated on 23 Jun 1859. His dod and place of burial is unknown.

Martha Emily FORT [Parents] was born on 8 Nov 1818 in , , Tenn.. She married Ambrose Waller BURTON on 22 Sep 1836 in Randolph Co., MO.

They had the following children:

  M i William Fort BURTON
  F ii Martha A. BURTON
  F iii Frances A. BURTON was born in 1842 in , , Missouri.

See note under wife's father. Found in 1860 census, age 18, with her grandfather William Fort. Copy of census is under grandfather.
  M iv May BURTON was born in 1844. He died on 27 Jun 1864 in GA from Killed in Civil War.

Burton, May** -- Pvt., Co. F 3rd MO Infantry. Enlisted at the age of 17 on 7 Dec 1861 in St. Clair Co., MO by Col. R.S. Bevier. He was with the MSG at Drywook and Lexington and served with the MO Brigade from Elkhorn, where he was first wounded to Cornith, MS. May was in the hospital at Magnolia, MS from Feb 1863 until Aug 1863 when he returned to duty. He was killed in action on Kennesaw Mountain, GA 27 Jun 1864 and is buried in Marietta, GA.
Ref: CSR (MSG is MO State Guard, which is Confed.)

See note under father. I got this 3/99 from: "Leslie (Bridges) Kohler"

"Did you know that May BURTON also m/Amanda Almira HALL on 28 July 1895 in Slidell, TX? They had 4 children."

I guess that she was talking about this May, but he apparently had a previous wife. This would need to be verified.
  M v John T. BURTON was born in 1847.

The below newspaper notice, Randolph Co., MO, may apply to him:

"Proctor, Alex -- remains taken from the residence of his step-father, John G. Burton to the country 2 Feb 1882 for interment; Moberly Daily Monitor, Thursday 2 Feb 1882"
  F vi Burilla J. BURTON was born in 1850.

Bartlett N. WAYLAND [Parents] was born about 1825. He married Catherine BOURNE on 29 Feb 1844 in , Clark Co., Missouri.

Catherine BOURNE [Parents] was born on 15 Apr 1826 in Jessamine, KY. She married Bartlett N. WAYLAND on 29 Feb 1844 in , Clark Co., Missouri.

Hickerson B. WAYLAND [Parents] was born in 1821 in , , Kentucky. He married Jacobina Stuart DRUMMOND in May 1847.

NOTE: B, p.76, addendum to B.

Hickerson is an executor to the will of Nathaniel Burris in Mercer Co., Kty. on Nov 15, 1853, and listed as a grandson of the deceased. This makes the connection definite as the same Nathaniel "Burruss" was administrator of the estate of his father, James (A83), in 1825 in same state, Kentucky. Hickerson is found in the 1850 Hamilton Co. Ohio Census, p. 130 of the Springfield Township, as age 35, occupation teacher. His wife is also a teacher, with an 11 yr. old son from a previous marriage, James Burch, born in Kentucky. From other persons on this page, it appears that they are teachers at a large girls boarding school. Hickerson may have been trying to make himself older than he was because his wife was considerably older than he was. He could not have been 35 on this census, as that would cause him to be born 5 years before his parents' marriage. He was about 29 and his wife age 40.

This is confirmed by what I found later:

History of Trigg County, Historical and Biographical, ed. W.H. Perrin, F.A. Battey Pub. Co., Chicago, 1884. pp. 206-07. [Cadiz Precinct] PROF. H. B. WAYLAND, Cadiz, was born July 18, 1820, in Mercer County, Ky. He is the only child of James and Fannie (Burrus) Wayland. His father was born in 1795, in Madison County, Va. He died October, 1820. His mother
died July 1, 1875. Our subject was reared by his grandfather, Nathaniel Burrus, who participated in the siege of Yorktown in 1781. He removed to Kentucky in 1785, and that year was married to Miss Mary Thelkeld. They lived together until her death, which occurred in 1853, making the remarkable length of their marriage sixty-eight years. Two years later Mr. Burrus died, aged ninety-two years; our subject received a common school education, and later attended the South Hanover College; there he graduated. After teaching school one year, he took up the study of law, also practiced a short time. In 1847 he resumed teaching and has since been engaged in this profession. His first teaching was under the direction of Trustees. The past ten years he has taught on his own premises, he having built a school-house on his own grounds and at his own expense. He owns seventy acres of land where he resides; this he has improved with a very comfortable residence and out-buildings. These improvements cost, including the school-house, about $9,000. Mr. W. has taught in all thirty-six years, which exceeds all others in the county. He has taught twenty-four years where he now resides, and what is remarkable, there have been in his length of time twenty-four different teachers here, not connected with his school. Prof. Wayland was married in May, 1847, to Jacobina Stuart Drummond. She was born in Scotland, she died October 30, 1883. Mrs. Wayland had charge of the musical department, and in 1863-64 taught as high as twenty-seven scholars at a time. Prof. H. B. Wayland is now Principal of the Cadiz High School. He is a member and Deacon of the Baptist Church. He has been for seventeen years successively, Clerk for the Little River Association.

Here he is with his family in the 1880 Trigg Co., KY Census:


"SIL" must stand for sister in law, esp. since born in Scotland also.

Jacobina Stuart DRUMMOND was born in 1810 in , , , Scotland. She died on 30 Oct 1883. Jacobina married Hickerson B. WAYLAND in May 1847.

NOTE: B, p.76

There is living with her and Hickerson, James Burch, age 11, on the 1850 census (see note under Hickerson). A Florence Burch, age 23, is living with her on the 1880 census. It is not known whether this was her son by a previous marriage, or just a nephew, etc.

William WAYLAND was born in 1810 in , , Ohio. He died in 1852 in Batavia, , Ohio. William married Pauline ROBINSON.

NOTE: B, p.76

Found with his family in the 1840 Clermont Co., Ohio census on the page next to William (A40), whose relationship is not known (both were physicians). He is also found in the 1850 Ohio census, CMBA section, age 31(?), wife age 35, and with three children listed. The ages for the children may be incorrect or the else the parents, as this would indicate that the father was only about 15 and the mother 19 when the first child was conceived. Possibly, these were not their children. Harriet Wayland Allen thinks that this is the son of the other William Wayland and calls him "Jr." but has no evidence of this. She says that he m. Pauline Robinson in Batavia, Ohio, and had three children: Aloidas, Laura E. (m. Dr. Harry Willis) and Vena L. (m. John Locke Kennedy). She has William's birthdate as 1810, which would solve the problem about the ages, and his death as 1852 in Batavia.

Pauline ROBINSON was born in 1815 in , , Ohio. She married William WAYLAND.

NOTE: B, p.76 Her mother is found on the 1850 census living with them as Mary Robinson, age 62.

They had the following children:

  F i Aloidas WAYLAND was born in 1835 in , , Ohio.
  F ii Alvenia L. WAYLAND was born in 1840 in , , Ohio.
  F iii Mary L. WAYLAND was born in 1843 in , , Ohio.
  F iv Laura E. WAYLAND was born in 1847.

All children are as listed on 1850 Ohio census.

CONRAD was born about 1778. He married Nancy CRISLER.

Name also is given as "Gunrod".

Nancy CRISLER [Parents] was born on 1 Oct 1780. She married CONRAD.

NOTE: Information on children of Elizabeth taken from Keith.

David CRISLER [Parents] was born on 30 May 1787. He married Nancy BEAN.

Nancy BEAN was born about 1790. She married David CRISLER.

There is a Moses Bean age 60 in the Howard Co. MO 1850 census who was b. N.J., and is the right age to be a sibling. He has no spouse, but a Wm. B. Woodson age 26, b. VA, is living with him. They are next to Wm. Wayland and his wife, E. R. (Woodson), and Elizabeth is possibly a sibling of this Wm. Woodson.

I got an email from: Roseann Hogan: in 11/98:

"I have a Nancy Bohme who was born July 28 1785 and I do not know what happened to here. Her parents were Daniel and Nancy Bohme.

Siblings were John (mine), Susanna, Catharine, Jona, Rosina, Daniel,
Maria and Anna."

BLAKE was born about 1793. He married Fannie CRISLER.

I don't know what relation that this man could have with him. It was in the newspaper, the Moberly Daily Enterprise Monitor:

"Blake, Judge Henry -- d. Sunday last at his residence in Roanoke, leaves a
wife & several children; MDM Saturday 1 Apr 1876."

Fannie CRISLER [Parents] was born on 19 May 1795. She married BLAKE.

FEATHERS was born about 1795. He married Anna CRISLER.

Anna CRISLER [Parents] was born on 31 May 1798. She married FEATHERS.

Daniel BARLOW [Parents] was born in 1775/1780 in Culpeper Co., VA. He died in Boone Co., KY. Daniel married Rhoda CRISLER on 26 May 1825 in Boone Co., KY.

Other marriages:
BEEMON, Susannah

Rhoda CRISLER [Parents] was born on 10 Jun 1801. She married Daniel BARLOW on 26 May 1825 in Boone Co., KY.

Received the below 12/99 from [email protected] (Bonnie Willett):

Daniel Barlow married Rhoda Crisler, May 26, 1825 in Boone County, KY. Married by Christopher Wilson. The entry had the following notation: b. David Crisler, c by mother Elizabeth Crisler, w by David Crisler. Recorded: A-85, Boone County, KY.

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