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Immigrant to Virginia prior to1720, Thomas Wieland and related lines

Jacob CRIGLER was born about 1700 in , , Germany. He died in 1734. Jacob married Susanna CLORE about 1720 in , , Virginia.

Was one of the original 1717 colonists to Germanna in Virginia, and the first of these to be sued by Col. Spotswood (in 1723). His widow was appointed administratrix of his estate 3 April, 1734. He had at least two sons, Christopher and Nicholas, and probably a dtr. Margaret, who m. Henry Aylor, grandson of Henry Snyder, the 1717 immigrant. See Germanna Record No. 6. Name is also spelled: Creagler, Criegler, Krugler, etc.

Children of Susanna Klaar and Jacob Crigler:

Christopher Crigler
d. between 9 September 1808 when will made and 23 May 1810 when will probated m. Catharina and had the following children: Maria Crigler (9 September 1751-after 1808); Reuben Crigler (28 January 1753-before 1808); Jacob Crigler (27 June 1756-before 1808); Elizabeth Crigler (7 July 1759-after 1808); Susanna Crigler (3 January 1762-before 1808); Ludwig (Lewis) Crigler (1 October 1764-after 1808); Johnnes Crigler (10 June 1767-before 1808); Christoph Crigler (28 November 1769-before 1808); Anna Crigler (6 July 1771-before 1808); James Crigler (23 March 1775-before 1808) and William Crigler (28 June 1778-after 1808)

Nicholas Crigler
d. before 19 October 1789 when estate appraised
m. Margaret Kaifer and had the following children: Elizabeth Crigler (8 August 1750-); Aron Crigler (9 July 1756-); Margaret Crigler (8 March 1759-); Nicholas Crigler, Jr. (14 April 1762-); Susanna Crigler (13 February 1764-); Anna Crigler (16 December 1768-); Abraham Crigler (3 June 1771-); Jacob Crigler (twin) and Ludwig Crigler (twin)

Susanna CLORE [Parents] was born about 1692 in Gemmingen, Baden, Germany. She died after 6 Apr 1764 in , , Virginia. Susanna married Jacob CRIGLER about 1720 in , , Virginia.

Other marriages:
WEBER, Philipp Joseph
YAGER, Nicholas

on April 3, 1734, Susanna Crigler gave bond in
Spotsylvania County, as administrator of his estate. She later became the second wife of Nicholas Yager of the 1717 Germanna Colony. She last appears
in the records on April 6, 1764, when she deeds slaves to her two sons by
Jacob Crigler. (Reference - Mr. W. C. Barrickman and Dr. Arthur Leslie
Keith.) From a post by: Cindy Crigler [email protected]

John Blankenbaker says:

"There have been recent questions about Susanna Klaar (Clore) who married Joseph Weaver, Jacob Crigler, and Nicholas Yager. All three of these men had wives, at least at one time, named Susanna. Was it the same Susanna?

The evidence is circumstantial and not entirely strong. For example, Susanna Yager gave slaves to Crigler men which is evidence that she was married to Jacob Crigler. For the significance, genealogically speaking, of the question of the Yager marriage, this is enough evidence. The Clore - Weaver - Crigler connection is significant because the Clore connection establishes her ancestry and the Weaver and Crigler connection identifies her descendants.

There is most excellent evidence, of a very strong, albeit circumstantial, nature in the baptisms of the children of Christopher Crigler (who married Catherine Finks). A detailed look at the sponsors answers the question. These occurred at the Hebron Lutheran Church in the period 1751 to 1778.

During this time, the sponsors were usually chosen from siblings of the parents or from the first cousins of the parents plus the spouses of the siblings and cousins. Looking at the sponsors:

Andrew Carpenter. He married Barbara Weaver, the niece of Christopher Crigler. This is an exception to the sibling-cousin rule but remember that the Weavers were a little older than the Criglers so that Barbara was closer in age to Christopher than an uncle-niece relationship might indicate. The important point here is that she was a close relative from the Weaver family. On six occasions, Andrew Carpenter was a sponsor. On two occasions, Barbara (Weaver) Carpenter was a sponsor. These two, Andrew and Barbara, show that marriage was as good a bond as blood.

John Weaver. Similar to the previous, John was a nephew of Christopher. Three times, John was a sponsor.

Dorothy and John Clore. She married John Clore, a cousin of Christopher. She sponsored five children of Christopher. On six occasions, John Clore sponsored children.

Paul Leaderer. He was a sponsor to the child, Lewis. He married Margaret Clore, the cousin of Christopher Crigler.

Two of the sponsors defy classifications. Catherine Wayland is not a known relative and furthermore her identity is uncertain. A Catherine Clore is listed also but she is not classifiable; her identity is even uncertain.

Of the 31 sponsors for the first ten children of Christopher Crigler, 29 of them come from the Clore and Weaver branches. This is extremely strong evidence of the Clore - Weaver - Crigler connection.

The sponsors for the eleventh child, William, are another completely different story. Tied in to this question is the total lack of Finks related sponsors in the first ten children who are given above."

They had the following children:

  M i Christopher CRIGLER
  M ii Nicholas CRIGLER

Christopher CRIGLER [Parents] was born about 1721 in Germanna, Spotsylvania Co., Virginia. He died on 9 Sep 1808 in Criglersville, Madison Co., Virginia. Christopher married Catherine FINKS in 1750 in Hebron Lutheran Church, Madison Co., VA.

Was deeded land in 1743, which means that he would have been of age, and born sometime before 1723.

d. between 9 September 1808 when will made and 23 May 1810 when will probated.

Below from Cindy Crigler:

2. Christopher Crigler, b. about 1721, Germanna, Spotsylvania Co. VA and d. September 9, 1808 in Criglersville, Madison Co. VA. He married Catherine
Finks in 1750. She was the daughter of Mark Finks and Elizabeth ?, later immigrants to Germanna. Catherine's sister, Elizabeth, married Mathias
Weaver, grandson of Susanna Clore.
6. Maria, b. September 9, 1751
7. Reubin, b. January 28, 1753
8. Jacob, b. June 27, 1756
9. Elizabeth, b. July 7, 1759
10. Susanna, b. January 3, 1762
11. Lewis (Ludwig), b. October 1, 1764
12. John, b. June 10, 1767
13. Christopher, b. November 28, 1769
14. Anna, b. July 6, 1771
15. James, b. May 23, 1775
16. William, b. June, 1778

The names of the above children and their births are recorded in the Hebron Lutheran Church at Madison VA.

Catherine FINKS [Parents] was born about 1734 in Culpeper Co., VA. She died in Madison Co., VA. Catherine married Christopher CRIGLER in 1750 in Hebron Lutheran Church, Madison Co., VA.

The seven hundred and twelfth note in a series on the Germanna Colonies:

The oldest children of Mark Finks, Sr. appear to be Catherine, Christina, and Elizabeth. Catherine and her husband, Christopher Crigler, had eleven children baptized even though Catherine appears to have been present for only the last one in 1778. There were no Finks related sponsors except for Wilhelm, the last one. And even here, the closest we come is Elizabeth Christopher, a relation by marriage.

Christina and her husband Christopher Blankenbaker had nine children and only one Finks sponsor, Mary Finks Wayland, was related to the Finks family. This too was in 1778. Elizabeth and her husband, Matthew Weaver, had ten children up to 1780. None of the sponsors at the baptisms of their children were Finks related.

There is only one case where a Finks appeared as a sponsor before 1776. In 1772, Christina, with her husband Christopher Blankenbaker, were sponsors of Anna Miller, the daughter of Henry and Susanna Miller. This would seem to mark this as an exceptional event and we have no good explanation for it.

I elaborate on these events to emphasize that the Finks had an attitude problem toward the Lutheran Church and its infant baptisms. When Rev. Franck came in late 1775 to be the pastor, he was successful in getting more participation from the Finks family. Was this due to his personality or was it due to the death of the parents? Or another reason? In telling this story to an Anabaptist, he said he could believe that the family was Anabaptist because this behavior is typical of Anabaptists. While the parents are living, the children are very faithful to the Anabaptist church. After the parents die, the children often switch churches. Was the change that was evident during Rev. Franck's pastorate due to the death of the parents? Mark Finks, Sr. had died several years earlier. The last known record of Elizabeth Finks is her attendance at the Lutheran church on Easter Sunday in 1776, just a few months after Rev. Franck came. It appears from the record which has been kept that she partook of communion. Was this attendance by Elizabeth a symbolic release of the children? Did the family decide that if you couldn't lick them, then join them?

In the petition made by the male members of the church in the fall of 1776 to be released from payment of tithes to the state church, Mark Finks, Jr. signed it as Mark Fink. (I say that "he" signed it as most of the signatures were made by the person named but one can never be sure who wrote a name.)

John Blankenbaker ([email protected])
P.O. Box 120, Chadds Ford, PA 19317-0120

They had the following children:

  F i Elizabeth CRIGLER
  F ii Susanna CRIGLER
  M iii Ludwig "Lewis" CRIGLER
  M iv John CRIGLER
  M v Christopher CRIGLER
  F vi Anna CRIGLER

James FINKS [Parents] was born on 29 Feb 1776 in Culpeper Co., Virginia and was christened on 3 Mar 1776 in Hebron. He died in 1851/1852 in Greene Co., Virginia. James married Mary YOWELL on 14 Apr 1800 in Madison Co., Virginia.

The site below:


on biography on his grandson under "prairie.txt" it says:

"James FINKS, was a soldier in the war of 1812 and served his country faithfully until the close of the struggle. He distinguished himself in several important engagements by his resolute, unfaltering courage in the most trying circumstances. He was born in Madison county, Virginia, in 1776, and and died in that state in 1846. He was married in his native county to Miss Mary ALLEN, and subsequently removed to Orange county of the same state."

Worth Anderson posted this to the Germanna group 10/99:

From Greene Co., VA Will Book 1, pp. 398-99: James Finks of Greene Co., Virginia, "being of sound mind and disposing memory" bequeaths one third of his estate to "my dear wife Mary Finks". After her death "the whole of the tract of land on which I now live together with that lying in the county of Madison to be sold at public auction to the highest bidder, as it is my wish that my lands should not be divided but sold and the money apportioned and divided as hereinafter directed."
"I given and bequeath unto my granddaughters (children of my son James F. Finks) the following sums of money, namely to Sarah Ann Finks the sum of one thousand dollars to Mary E. Finks the sum of one thousand dollars and to Louisa C. Finks the sum of one thousand dollars, to them and their heirs forever, which I give to my said three granddaughters insted [sic] of my son James F. Finks."
He bequeathes one thousand dollars to son Oliver Finks and one thousand dollars to son Mark F. Finks. The rest of the estate is to be divided "among my three sons Oliver Finks, James F. Finks and Mark F.
Finks". Oliver Finks and Mark F. Finks are appointed executors.
The will is dated 31 October 1851, signed "James Finks" and was witnessed by Abraham Taylor, Jefferson Jarrell and Hiram [?] Sholes [?]. It was proved 15 April 1852.

This James Finks was the son of Mark Finks, Jr. and Eve Fisher. He was born 29 Feb. 1776 in (then) Culpeper Co., VA, and baptized at Hebron 3 March 1776. He married 14 April 1800 in Madison Co. Mary Yowell, born 1779. According to a biographical notice of his grandson, Major Joseph Hughes Finks of Missouri, he was a soldier in the War of 1812. He was living in Orange Co. in the 1830 census, but appears in Greene Co. in the 1840 and 1850 censuses.

Biographical notices of Major Joseph Hughes Finks name his grandmother as Mary Allen, but this is likely a misreading or misremembering of Yowell.

Oliver Finks was born about 1802/3. In the 1860 census he was single and living with his mother in Greene Co.

Mark Franklin Finks was born in 1819. He married 2 May 1840 in Greene Co. Susan W. Dulaney, who was born abt. 1821/2. They appear in the 1850 and 1860 Greene Co. censuses.

Captain James Fisher Finks was born 1 Sep. 1808 in Madison Co., VA; died 25 Feb. 1886 in Glasgow, Howard Co., MO. He married (1) Mary E. Dulaney, who was born 1800/10. By her he had the three daughters listed in James3 Finks' will. He married (2) 4 Oct. 1837 in Howard Co., MO Caroline M.P. Hughes, the daughter of Joseph S. and Cassandra G. (Price) Hughes. She was born in VA in 1819. James Fisher Finks had several additional children by this marriage, including Major Joseph Hughes Finks.

Sarah Ann Finks was born in 1831 in VA.
Louisa C. Finks was born in 1833 in VA, and married 11 Oct. 1855 in Howard Co., MO Alonzo H. Donohoe.
Mary Finks was born 1830/5 in VA.

Mary YOWELL was born in 1779 in Virginia. She died after 1852. Mary married James FINKS on 14 Apr 1800 in Madison Co., Virginia.

Her surname was given as "Allen" in bio on grandson.

The below was posted to the Germanna group:

>Who were the parents of this Mary Yowell?

After a lot of study, I think she was the daughter of John Yowell and Sarah Hurt, and granddaughter of James and Sarah (--?--) Hurt. (Personal note: this makes her of particular interest to me, because it means she and I share the same umbilical line of descent). I'll just give a brief summary of my reasoning:

The 14 April 1800 marriage bond of James Finks and Polly Yowell identifies her as the daughter of John Yowell, deceased. Joel Yowell wrote a letter consenting to the marriage, stating, "Polly Yowell, being destitute of Either Father or Mother and brought up until now under my protection. . . ." Joel Yowell also consented to the marriage of "my sister Anna Yowell, she being destitute of either Father or Mother & under the sole care & protection of myself." The consent was witnessed by Humphrey Yowell and Anna Campbell.

Joel Yowell witnessed the will of (my ancestor) Acrey Berrey in 1804. Acrey Berrey was married to Mary Hurt, the daughter of James and Sarah (--?--) Berrey.

On 24 Dec. 1795 in Madison Co. Joel Yowell, Elisha Berry (Acrey's brother) and Acrey Berry gave bond for Joel Yowell as executor of John Yowell, deceased. John Yowell's will was made 14 Jan. 1795. According to the abstract published by Ruth and Sam Sparacio it mentions "my desire that my whole estate be kept together until my daughter, Sarah, shall arrive to the age of eighteen years old." According to the abstract, the will names children William, John, Joel, Humphrey, James, Any (also called "Amy" in the abstract), Mary and Sarah. Joel is appointed executor. Witnesses were Dennis Crow, William Hurt, James McAllister and Benjamin Thomas. It was proved 24 Sep. 1795.

A review of the Madison Co. will and deed books will show numerous links among the Hurt, Crow, Berry, Yowell, Campbell and Weatherall persons. The cause for these links is not presently clear to me, but the links suggest these families lived in the same neighborhood or perhaps were related in some way.

Clark S. Yowell, "Yowell: A Genealogical Connection" (Somerville, NJ: by author, 1931), p. 47, identifies this John as the son of Christopher and Margaret (--?--) Yowell. Clark S. Yowell also states John Yowell's wife was "Mary, surname unknown", but provides no source for this claim.

James Hurt's will, made 28 March 1785, mentions "the Children of my Deceas'd Daughter Sarah Yowell." In 1767/68 John Yowell and James Hurt were the chain carriers for the survey of a tract of land to William Hurt. John (X) Yowell was a witness to the 1781 will of James Hurt, Jr.

There is some more circumstantial evidence, but I hope I've set out enough here to show my foundation for believing that Mary (Yowell) Finks was the daughter of John and Sarah (Hurt) Yowell.

"Worth S. Anderson"

They had the following children:

  M i Oliver FINKS was born about 1802/1803 in Virginia.
  M ii James Fisher FINKS Capt.
  M iii Mark Franklin FINKS

Mark FINKS Jr. [Parents] was born on 2 Jul 1744 in , , Virginia. He died on 7 May 1834. Mark married Eve FISHER in 1770.

Mark was a Rev. War veteran. A Captain. At the below site:


Under the "prairie.txt" is a biography on his descendant, Joseph H. Finks, which says:

"Mark FINKS, the major's ancestor of the third generation, was a captain in the revolutionary army and served under General LAFAYETTE. He died in Virginia at the advanced age of eighty. His wife was previously a Miss FISHER, whose family subsequently became prominent in Kentucky. He was a man of great personal worth, and of a more than ordinarily generous, kindly disposition, and quitted a long and useful life without a known enemy."

Mark had 10 children.

I got this 3/99 from Cindy Crigler:

Mark Finks, Jr., m. Eve Fisher, b. 1746 Orange Co. VA, d/o Louis L. Fisher and Anna Barbara Blankenbaker. The Berry's listed below are all children of Acrey Berry, Sr. and Mary Hurt.

Anna, b. 1777 d. 25 Dec 1812, m. 1 Reuben Humes, b. 1772, d. 1821 KY, s/o George Hume II and Jane Stanton, m.(2nd) William HOUSE

Elizabeth, b. 12 Oct 1783 d. 26 Oct 1860 m. 4 Mar 1806 James Lewis Berry 13. Lewis, b. 1 Nov 1788 d. 2 Nov 1873 m. 16 May 1812 Juriah Berry

John, b. 1779 d. 22 Jul 1857 m. 12 Dec 1804 Nancy (WILHITE) WILHOIT

Mary, b. 30 Aug 1773 d. 19 Dec 1849 m. 18 Dec 1804 Aaron (GARR) GAAR b. 20 Jan 1773 d. 5 Sep 1844

Joel Addison, b. 28 Mar 1781 d. 5 Mar 1870 m. 25 Nov 1806 Frances (WILHITE) WILHOIT

Simeon, b. 1778, m. Frances Berry

Sarah, b. 1792 d. 1866 m. 20 Feb 1815 Acrey Berry Jr.

Elias, b. 29 Feb 1776 d. 1840 m. 21 Dec 1797 . Mary Berry

James, b. 29 Feb 1776 d. 1852 m. 14 Apr 1800 Polly YOWELL

Mark Fisher, b. Sep 1803 d. 4 May 1878 m. 28 Jan 1830 Eliza GRAVES EDDINS b. 1803 d. 17 Feb 1887

Eve FISHER [Parents] was born on 7 Oct 1754 in Orange Co., VA. She died about 1838. Eve married Mark FINKS Jr. in 1770.

They had the following children:

  M i Elias FINKS
  M ii James FINKS
  F iii Anna FINKS
  M iv Joel Addison FINKS
  M v Lewis FINKS

John Adam GAAR [Parents] was born on 24 Nov 1711. He married Elizabeth KAIFER.

ii. LEWIS GARR, d. 1824; m. CATHERINE WEAVER, 1755, Culpeper Co., VA.

The five hundred and eighty-sixth note in a series on the Germanna Colonies

Andrew Garr has been discussed in these notes before and a search on the
name may be made by the use of the RootsWeb capabilities. Twelve children
were born to Andreas Gar and Eva Seidelmann but only four of these survived.
Three of the children died in July of 1727 in Bavaria where the family
originated. The six surviving members arrived on the ship Loyal Judith at
Philadelphia on 25 Sept 1732 (Rupp, "Thirty Thousand Names"). The family
lived for a while in Germantown outside Philadelphia but moved within a
short time to the Robinson River Valley in Virginia. Their reasons for this
move are unknown.

The four surviving children were
2. John Adam, b. 24 Dec 1711, m. Elizabeth Kaifer,
3. Rosina, b. 11 Aug 1713, m. Dewald Christler/Crisler,
4. Lorenz, b. 29 Nov 1716, m. Dorothy Blankenbaker,
5. Elizabeth Barbara, b. 11 Feb 1730, m. Michael Blankenbaker.

John Adam married Elizabeth Kaifer, several years younger than he, and she
was the daughter of Anna Maria Blankenbaker and Michael Kaifer (see the
will of Michael Kaifer). Anna Maria was the widow of John Thomas who died
perhaps about 1720. John Adam and Elizabeth were the parents of six children.

6. Michael, m. Elizabeth Wilhoit,
7. Ludwig or Lewis, m. Catherine Weaver,
8. Benjamin, m. Margaret Crigler,
9. Elizabeth, m. Adam Fisher,
10. Rosannah, m. Benjamin Dickens,
11. Mary Magdalena, m. Stephen Fisher.

Elizabeth Wilhoit was the daughter of Adam Wilhoit and Catherine Broyles.
Catherine Weaver was the daughter of Peter Weaver and his wife Elizabeth
___. Margaret Crigler was the daughter of Nicholas Crigler and Margaret
Kaifer. Adam and Stephen Fisher were the sons of Lewis Fisher and Anna
Barbara Blankenbaker. I know very little about the Dickens family and
perhaps others could add some information about Benjamin Dickens. I do not
even know if the Dickens family was German or English.

The Gar/Garr/Gaar family and the Blankenbaker family shared a number of
ancestors at this early time as three of the four children of Andrew Gar and
Eva Seidelmann married individuals who had a Blankenbaker ancestor. Since
all of the descendants in America who are named Gar/Gaar/Garr have either
John Adam or Lorenz (Lawrence) as an ancestor, they also have a Blankenbaker
ancestor. Those Garr descendants through the Fishers have two Blankenbaker
ancestors, Balthasar and Anna Maria.

John Blankenbaker, PO Box 120, Chadds Ford, PA 19317

The five hundred and eighty-seventh note in a series on the Germanna Colonies

John Adam Gaar, or more simply Adam Gaar, and his wife Elizabeth (Kaifer)
were recorded as communicants at the German Lutheran Church in Culpeper
County, Virginia, in late 1775. In fact they were the first names on page 1
of the volume used to record communicants, confirmations, minutes, and
financial records. This probably meant they were sitting in the front pew.
Adam's will was written in 1790 and probated in 1793 in the new county of
Madison. He would have been 81 or 82 years old at his death. His wife
Elizabeth is not mentioned. With the exception that the son Benjamin
received some extra goods, the estate was divided evenly among all six
children. No grandchildren were mentioned. Among the special items that
Benjamin received were a Dutch Bible and a Sermon Book.

It is interesting to see who owed Adam Gaar money. Absalom Utz owed 16
pounds. Peter Witham owed 9 pounds. George Wilhoit (son of Adam) owed almost
55 pounds. Adam Yager owed 5 pounds. Lewis Gaar (son) owed 9 pounds. Moses
Deer owed 2 pounds. Stephen Fisher (son-in-law) owed 9 pounds. David Crisler
(grandson) owed 3 pounds. Andrew Gaar (nephew) owed almost 3 pounds. John
Miller owed 5 pounds. Adam Crisler (grandson) owed 9 pounds. James Haynes
owed almost 4 pounds. Benjamin Dickens (son-in-law) owed 53 pounds. Benjamin
Gaar (son) owed 7 pounds. Adam Rouse owed 7 pounds. These obligations were
in the form of bonds and notes. Along with eight slaves, the estate of Adam
was significant.

The second child of Andreas Gaar and Eva Seidelmann was Rosina who married
Theobald Christler. Theobald's name has been troublesome in the records,
probably because it is an unusual name. Pick a spelling and it has probably
been used. In fact, I would make no claim that Theobald is the correct form.
The last name of Christler is usually simplified to Crisler. Rosina and
Theobald were the parents of

12. Henry, m. Elizabeth Weaver,
13. (John) George, m. (Anna) Magdalena Smith,
14. Adam, m. Elizabeth Crigler,
15. Leonard, m. Margaret Clore,
16. David, m. Elizabeth Wayland,
17. Andrew,
18. Michael, m. Mary Ann (Thomas) De Bolt,
19. Catherine, m. Aaron Crigler,
20. Mary, m. Michael Carpenter,
21. Elizabeth, m. Michael Wilhoit,
22. Margaret, m. Adam Clore.

I am following the "Garr Genealogy" in this information. If readers detect
an error, please bring your question or statement forward. There are some
uncertainties in the above family.

John Blankenbaker, PO Box 120, Chadds Ford, PA 19317
Beyond Germanna, A Newsletter/Journal of Germanna Information

Elizabeth KAIFER [Parents] was born about 1722. She married John Adam GAAR.

They had the following children:

  M i Michael GAAR
  M ii Ludwig "Lewis" GAAR
  M iii Benjamin GAAR
  F iv Elizabeth GAAR
  F v Rosannah GAAR
  F vi Mary Magdalena GAAR

Andreas GAAR [Parents] was born on 14 Jun 1685 in Frankenhofen, , , Germany. He died on 14 Aug 1747 in , Orange Co., Virginia. Andreas married Eva SEIDELMANN on 23 Feb 1711 in Illenschwang, Bavaria.

NOTE: Germanna Record No. 6, p.79,83; "Genealogy of the Descendants of John Gar", by John Wesley Garr, pub. 1894, gives very complete history on the Garrs.

Later immigrant to Germanna from Germany. I also corresponded in 5/94 with Bunny Crisler, 2843 So. 50 W. Daniel Rd., Heber City, UT 84032-4017, who had a lot of information on the Garr lineage and provided three more generations in Germany for me.

Eva SEIDELMANN was born on 1 Mar 1689 in Sinbronn, , Germany. She married Andreas GAAR on 23 Feb 1711 in Illenschwang, Bavaria.

Ms. Bunny Crisler, 2843 S. 50 W. Daniel Rd., Heber City, UT 84032-4017, has this line back for several more generations, including side trees.

They had the following children:

  M i John Adam GAAR
  F ii Rosina GAAR
  M iii Lawrence GAAR
  F iv Elizabeth Barbara GAAR
  F v Maria Barbara GAAR

John Terrill WAYLAND [Parents] [scrapbook] was born on 2 Mar 1907 in Moberly, , Missouri. He died on 8 Nov 1997 in Charleston, , South Carolina and was buried on 12 Nov 1997 in Fairlawn Cem., Wilkes Co., North Carolina. John married Living on 8 Aug 1932 in New Haven, , Conn..

The following was written for the 1986 Brushy Mountain Baptist Association Annual, which was dedicated to John and his wife, Eunice: "JTW graduated from Moberly High Shool a member of the honor society, and was one of four salutatorians. Upon completion of four years at William Jewell College in 1928, John Wayland enrolled at Southern Baptist Theological Seminary in Louisville, Kty., from which he received the Th.B. degree two years later. Continuing his education, John went to Yale, where, after a year, he received his B.D. degree, and in 1933 the Doctor of Philosophy degree. In 1932 John T. Wayland and Eunice Fowler were married in New Haven, Connecticut. They felt the call to become foreign missionaries and had hoped to be sent to Burma where he would have taught at Judson College. The depression and lack of funds, however, made this impossible. In June, 1933, Dr. Wayland was called to become pastor of the First Baptist Church in Monroe, N.C. The Temple Baptist Church in Durham, N.C. was the next call to Dr. Wayland. He went there in 1937 and remained until he went in the military service as a Navy Chaplain in 1944. After the war, Dr. Wayland became pastor at Pimlico Baptist in Baltimore, Maryland. A year later he was asked by a committee from the First Baptist Church of North Wilkesboro, N.C. to come there. Dr. Wayland and his family arrived in North Wilkesboro in August 1947. Under the leadership of Dr. Wayland at the North Wilkesboro Church, the new parsonage was built and a much-needed educational building was constructed. A school for rural Baptist preachers was established under his leadership and he taught there. Dr. Wayland resigned from the North Wilkesboro First Baptist to become professor of Christian Education at the Southeastern Baptist Theological Seminary at Wake Forest, N.C. in 1953. For over 18 years he taught at the seminary. On his retirement from the seminary, Dr. Wayland returned to Wilkes County in 1972 and has since served as Associate Pastor of the First Baptist Church of North Wilkesboro, where he was formerly pastor, in semi-retirement. From 1972 to 1982 he was Adjunct Professor of Religion at Wilkes Community College. Many of the best things that have happened to Wilkes County have come into being with the aid of his gentle spirit and the urging of his strong leadership. Dr. Wayland served as first president of the Board of Trustees of the North Carolina Baptist Homes for the Aging. He is a past president of the Board of Trustees of the Baptist Children's Homes of North Carolina. In 1961-1962 he served as visiting lecturer at Oxford University in England, on sabattical from the seminary." John and Eunice at the time this is written in 1989 remained quite active and the summer of 1988 took a two week tour of Alaska alone and spent one week on the train and one on a boat. He has been a delegate to nearly every national Southern Baptist Convention, including 1988, often accompanied by wife, Eunice. While in the Navy in WWII as a chaplain, he was at Fort McHenry, (where the Star Spangled Banner was written by Francis Scott Key), and also served on the Cruiser, USS Houston, making a trip to Cuba.


Lloyd Lowry WAYLAND [Parents] [scrapbook] 1 was born on 11 Dec 1872 in , Chariton Co., Missouri. He died on 7 Dec 1967 in Fredericksburg, Missouri. Lloyd married Anne Calvin TERRILL on 27 Jun 1901 in , Randolph Co., Missouri.

Attended William Jewell College in Missouri, but did not finish as he went into the family businesses. He owned several businesses of his own over his life span, including a bakery in Moberly. He was also Moberly City Clerk for awhile. He was a stockbroker at the time of the 1929 crash and lost everything he had in savings (over $50,000). As he was age 57 at the time, he never recovered financially, but seemed to take this philosophically. His son, John, was attending Yale at the time of the crash, and had to get out and work to put himself through the rest of his PhD. degree by pounding rails for the railroad. During WWII, Lloyd went back to work to aid the war effort as a machinist in a factory. He had learned this trade in his father's machine shop and haystacker factory. He was past 70, and the other men called him "Pop". He looked like a Dutchman, with his white mustache, stocky build, and pipe that drooped down from his mouth. He had a great sense of humor. He worked so well at the factory that the other men complained that he was making them look bad by turning out more items than they were. His supervisor told him to go ahead and make as many as he wanted, and he would set some aside for a rainy day (which never came) on a separate set of books, keeping everyone happy. Lloyd never knew how to do less than his best on any job.

Lloyd lived in an apartment in Fredericktown, MO from 1963, to be closer to family. His son, Hank, went to see him at least twice a day; his place was only a block from where Hank lived. He eventually had to go into a nursing home and didn't last long. His mind was sharp until the last. He always read Time, Newsweek, ... etc. from cover to cover. I don't have a cause of death for him, but would use "old age" as he was 95.

Anne Calvin TERRILL [scrapbook] 1 was born on 9 Nov 1873 in , Randolph Co., Missouri. She died on 19 Feb 1958 in Moberly, , Missouri. Anne married Lloyd Lowry WAYLAND on 27 Jun 1901 in , Randolph Co., Missouri.

I have many fond memories of Anne, my grandmother. She was a classy lady. I have seen her middle name also listed as "Coates", rather than "Calvin". Her brother, Vincent, had the middle name of Calvin. A note from Lloyd gives marriage date as 25 Jun 1901.

Her line back is on the Terrill genealogy page on my home site. Her photo, and that of her children are on my Wayland photo page.

They had the following children:

  F i Annabelle WAYLAND
  M ii John Terrill WAYLAND
  M iii Henry Parker WAYLAND
  F iv Lolah Ellen WAYLAND
  F v Living

TRIMBLE was born about 1875. He married Sallie WAYLAND.

NOTE: B, p.85

Sallie WAYLAND [Parents] was born about 1884. She married TRIMBLE.

NOTE: B, p.85

Albert Bottom GILES [Parents] was born on 2 Oct 1874 in , Schuyler Co., Missouri. He died on 19 Oct 1952 in Peoria, , Illinois and was buried in Swan Lake Cem., , Peoria. Albert married Hattie Alice SHOEMAKER on 4 Sep 1902 in Ottumwa, , Iowa.

Had 5 children.

Hattie Alice SHOEMAKER was born on 12 Dec 1882 in Ottumwa, , Indiana. She died on 14 May 1936 in Pontiac and was buried in Shawl Cem., , Ottumwa, Iowa. Hattie married Albert Bottom GILES on 4 Sep 1902 in Ottumwa, , Iowa.

Parents were Thomas and Mary Shoemaker according to Vicki Maddox.

They had the following children:

  M i Thedore A. GILES
  M ii John Thomas GILES
  M iii Albert Bottom Jr. GILES was born on 30 Nov 1907. He died on 22 Jan 1909 and was buried in Shaul Cem., Ottumwa, Iowa.
  F iv Margaret Pearl GILES was born on 8 Aug 1910 in Ottumwa, , Iowa. She died on 1 Apr 1930 in Woodstock, , Illinois.
  F v Living

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