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Immigrant to Virginia prior to1720, Thomas Wieland and related lines

Downing Rucker SMITH [Parents] was born about 1715. He married Catherine BOEHM.

Catherine BOEHM was born about 1717. She married Downing Rucker SMITH.

Last name could also be spelled Beam, Beamon. This is from John Blankenbaker's 388 note.

They had the following children:

  M i William Downing SMITH
  M ii Fountain SMITH

John DEER was born about 1750. He married Mary BLANKENBAKER.

See notes under his wife.

Mary BLANKENBAKER [Parents] was born on 29 Sep 1754. She married John DEER.

From Blankenbaker's note no. 784 at:

"Frederick Baumgartner left a will in which he named a daughter Dorothy, but not a daughter Eve. (There were also four sons: Adam, George, Frederick, and Joel.) After the father Frederick died, the mother, Catherine, married John Deer. There are no clues as to Catherine's maiden name. John Deer left a will and in it he left three pounds each to Dorothy and Eve (given by their married names in 1781). This has resulted in some confusion as to the status of Dorothy and Eve, with respect to John Deer, who did not state the women were his daughters. Dorothy is known, from the will of Frederick Baumgartner, to be Frederick's daughter. Eve gave a disposition once that Dorothy was her sister, and the current belief is that Eve was a daughter of Frederick Baumgartner, but was born after he died.

Six children are named by John Deer, who are believed to be his children: John, Catherine, Susannah, Moses, Mary, and Elizabeth. Mary and Elizabeth were apparently unmarried in 1781, the year in which the will was written. Catherine is named as Catherine Rider, and Susannah is named as Susannah Brown. At present, this is the extent of the knowledge about the four daughters of John Deer.

In the following, reliance is placed on information furnished by Gene Dear, a descendant of Simeon Dear. John Deer married Mary Blankenbaker, the daughter of Christopher Blankenbaker and his wife Christina Finks. Mary was born 29 Sep 1754. The husband of Mary had not been known until Gene Dear found a Supreme Court case in Virginia, which named all of the children and, for the women, their husbands. It seems probable that John Deer, Jr., was the eldest son (and probably child) of John, Sr., and Catherine Deer, and he was born about 1749.

Gene has given me the children of John, Jr., and Mary (Blankenbaker) Deer as follows:

Reuben (1775 1882) m. Elizabeth Gaar (1775 1830) on 15 Dec 1795 in Madison Co., VA and the family moved to Kentucky. The children are given in the Garr Genealogy.
Lewis (1777 ), m.1 Peggy Crisler in 1801, and m.2 Nancy Wilhoit.
Ephraim (1783 ).
Simeon (1786 ), m. Lucy Major in 1802.
Elizabeth m. Amos Roberts in 1802.
Jeremiah (1788 ), never married.
Sarah (Sally) m. Jeremiah Clore in 1808.
Abner (1793 ), m. Rosanna Weaver in 1815.
Jonas (1797 ), m. Elizabeth Crigler in 1818.
Mildred, nfi."

And in his next note, Blankenbaker says:

"John Deer, who married Catherine, the widow of Frederick Baumgartner, had six children by her. The four daughters are basically unknowns except for the married names of two. The children of the two sons are known. In the last note, the children of #3. John (and Mary Blankenbaker) were given. The wife of the other son, Moses (#6), is unknown. They had eight children:

Lucy, m. William French in 1811.
John, nfi.
Elizabeth, m. John Ford in 1816.
Mary, m. John Dawson in 1815.
Larkin, who was born about 1794.
Moses (Jr.), who was born about 1797.
Thomas, who was born about 1799.
Jermima, nfi."

And further notes carry the Deer/Dear line further down. He says in one:
"In searching for the records of the Deers in the Hebron Church Register, one must generally use the German form of the name, Hirsch"


Minnie Mae WAYLAND [Parents] 1 was born 2 on 17 Feb 1895 in Lagonda, MO. She died 3 in Mar 1973 in Mexico, MO. Minnie married Living.

James Ambrose FRY was born about 1850. He married Anna WINE.

Anna WINE was born about 1852. She married James Ambrose FRY.

They had the following children:

  F i Mattie Virginia FRY

Daniel BARLOW [Parents] was born in 1775/1780 in Culpeper Co., VA. He died in Boone Co., KY. Daniel married Susannah BEEMON on 30 Jan 1797 in Madison Co., VA.

Other marriages:

Susannah BEEMON was born about 1780. She died before 1825. Susannah married Daniel BARLOW on 30 Jan 1797 in Madison Co., VA.


Living [Parents]

Bartlett SEARCY was born about 1735. He married Lucy ANDERSON.

Lucy ANDERSON was born about 1740. She married Bartlett SEARCY.

They had the following children:

  M i Richard SEARCY

Thomas SEARS was born about 1720. He died after Jun 1788. Thomas married Elizabeth.

To see his children, go to: http://sml.simplenet.com/smlawson/sears.htm#HSears

Elizabeth was born about 1720. She married Thomas SEARS.

Lived her later years with her son, William.

They had the following children:

  M i Henry SEARS

William F. MANNING was born about 1830 in TN. He died on 25 Mar 1882 in Randolph Co., MO and was buried in Grand Prarie Cem., Randolph Co., MO. William married Martha A. BURTON.

Martha A. BURTON [Parents] was born in 1840. She married William F. MANNING.

The below was posted 3/00

1860 MANNING W. F. Randolph County MO 898 Union Township Federal Population
Schedule MO 1860 Federal Census Index MO060103747 Union Twsp., PO Mitton
624 623 MANNING, W. F., 30, m, w, farmer, 2000, 1070, Tenn
Martha A., 20 , f, w, MO
Mary F., 10/12?, f, w, MO

1870 MANNING W. F. Randolph County MO 165 Jackson Twp Federal Population Schedule MO 1870 Federal Census Index MO301111427 Jackson Twsp., PO Cairo 36 35
MANNING, W.F., 40, m, w, minister, 4000, 700, Tenn
Martha A., 30, f, w, keeping house, MO
Mary F., 10, f, w, MO
Lela K., 6, f, w, MO
David F., 3, m, w, MO
BURTON, B.J., 20, f, w, MO (note Martha above is a BURTON, the B.J. listed here is Burilla, grand dau of Ambrose Waller Burton and Martha Emily Fort.)...Linda

Burton, Mary -- Partition Estate Sale; Martha A., her husband William F. Manning, John T. & Murrilla Burton (by their guardian William F. Manning) against Marth E. & her husband Jeptha C. Parrish, William F. Manning, Special Commis'nr; NMH 27 Jan 1869 died 25 March 1882, aged 51y 10m 12d;

Mt. Hope Cumberland Presbyterian Church Huntsville, Randolph Co., MO. Register of Adult Baptisims:
Name Date Reverend
HOOVER, Jacob Apr 18, 1890 W.F. MANNING

Huntsville Cumberland Presbyterian Church Huntsville, Randolph Co.,MO Register of Elders (Deacons?) Name Date Ordained Ceased to Act Page 61
MANNING, W. Feb. 24, 1895 Aug 1899
They had the following children:

8 i. Mary Fannie MANNING
9 ii. Waller B. MANNING
10 iii. Lela K. "Lena" MANNING
11 iv. David F. MANNING

She second married James Frank MANNING, son of John W. MANNING Jr. & Martha Isabelle (MANNING). Born About 1869 in Missouri. Died 1944 in Randolph Co., MO. Buried in Grand Prarie Cem., Randolph Co., MO.
4. Frances BURTON. Born About 1842 in MO.
5. May BURTON. Born About 1844 in MO. Died 27 Jun 1864 in Kennesaw Mountain, GA. Buried in Marietta, GA.

Burton, May** -- Pvt., Co. F 3rd MO Infantry. Enlisted at the age of 17 on 7 Dec 1861 in St. Clairr Co., MO by Col. R.S. Bevier. He was with the MSG at Drywook and Lexington and served with the MOO Brigade from Elkhorn, where he was first wounded to Cornith, MS. May was in the hospital at Magnnolia, MS from Feb 1863 until Aug 1863 when he returned to duty. He was killed in action on Kennesesaw Mountain, GA 27 Jun 1864 and is buried in Marietta, GA. Ref: CSR

6. John T. BURTON. Born About 1847 in MO.
7. Burilla J. BURTON. Born 1850 in Randolph Co., MO.

Third Generation

8. Mary Fannie MANNING. Born About 1859 in Missouri. Died 21 Aug 1880 in Randolph Co., MO. Buried in Grand Prarie Cem., Randolph Co., MO.
Manning, Mary Fannie - dau. of W.F. [Rev.] & M.A. [Martha A.], died 21 Aug. 1880, aged 21y; burial Grand Prairie Cemetery

9. Waller B. MANNING. Died 1857 in Randolph Co., MO. Buried in Grand Prarie Cem., Randolph Co., MO.

10. Lela K. "Lena" MANNING. Born 14 Oct 1863 in Cairo, Randolph Co., Missouri.

Info from [email protected] (Elaine) 11 Dec 1996

Mary L. was known only as "Lena" later in life. Her Father sent her to college in TN, which was rare in those times when educating a female was thought to be a waste of time and money. She taught Latin and Algebra for many years and had married the Rev. J.W. Henderson. They spent their lives "preaching" and "teaching", mostly to the Indians in Arizona and New Mexico.
They had 3 sons and 1 daughter. First child was born in Missouri and the rest in Iowa. So they left Missouri between 1890 and 1893, and left Iowa for the southwest in the early 1900's.

Date: Friday, August 15, 1997 1:30:52 PM
From: Flame60244
Subj: Those MANNINGS in MO again

Hi Linda,
Been a long time since we connected, but I read your post in the genealogy forum today and see another link. Darned if I can remember telling you this before--but my latest Manning was Lela (she was b. 1863 in Cairo, MO) who married my Ggrfather, Rev. James W. Henderson. They met and married while attending (both of em) the university of Missouri. He recieved his Bachelor of Divinity in 1890. He was a Presbyterian minister. He did missionary work in NM and AZ with the Indians and she traveled all over the country with him, dragging their 4 kids along. (My redheaded grandfather remembered living on an Indian reservation when he was a kid) I've recently been in contact with the daughter of one of those 4 kids. Will go over the letters again and see if I find more Manning info from them. I also have Lena's death certificate. It states her mother as Martha A.Burton Manning and father as William F. Manning. I have the census' for 1900 and 1920 for James and Lela and kids. The 1900 says Lela's father was born in AL, the 1920 say he's born in IL, and Lela's death certificate says he's born in MO. Also in 1920 Martha is living with James and Lela, so William is probably deceased. The Presbyteran link is strong here.

Am still without that other generation, or William's siblings, or if he was a
minister too.

Let me know what you've come up with and I'll do the same. Good Luck.

Elaine Stewart

She married J.W. HENDERSON Rev..

11. David F. MANNING. Born About 1867 in Randolph Co., MO.

Compiled by:
Linda Manning
[email protected]

Cyrus BROYLES [Parents] was born in 1732 in VA. He married Mary WILHOIT.

Mary WILHOIT was born about 1735 in VA. She married Cyrus BROYLES.

Believed to be dtr. of Tobias Wilhoit.

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