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Formed 1833 from Murray
Dade formed 1837 from Walker
Chattooga formed 1838 from Floyd, Walker
Whitfield formed 1851 from Murray, Walker
Catoosa formed 1853 from Walker, Whitfield


1840 Walker Co. GA Census
Pg.83  Sherrod Nowlin      1010,1  -  1110,1001
            (MAD: 1830 Clarke Co. GA census)

1850 Walker Co. GA Census
E. Check District
Pg.318, #92-92, Thos. McDONALD 52 GA carpenter $0
                  Elizabeth 46 SC
                  Martha J. 26, Emily E. 20, Margaret R. 17 SC
                  Amanda M. 14 GA
                  (MAD: looking for 1866 decd wife of Thos. McDonald who was half sister of William B. Duncan b.1822 TN d.1864-5 VA, of 1860 Macon Co. AL; Duncan cemetery in South Walker Co. near Cane Creek includes graves of Marvel Duncan 10/17/1795 - 8/26/1863 and Mary Duncan 10/15/1804 - 4/16/1884; and Sarah A. Duncan wife of Thos. McDonald 9/26/1838 - 6/5/1857 and Thomas McDonald (blank) - 6/7/1857; from "Walker Co. GA Cemeteries" by Historical Society, FHL book 975.833 V3w Vol.1)
Pg.356, #207, Sherard NOWLAND 40 SC carperter
                  Matilda 37 SC
                  Wm. 21, Carolina A. 15, Andrew 13 GA
                  Thos. 9, Sherard 6, James 4 GA
                  Valentine (m) 3, July A.M. (f) 1 GA
                  Agnes DUNCAN 70 SC
                  (MAD: Matilda Duncan mar. Sherod Knowling 1/17/1828 Hall Co. GA; Agnes Duncan in 1860 Lafayette Co. AR census; was Agnes Duncan the widow of John Duncan Jr. of 1820 Hall Co. GA; was she the Agness of the 1831 deed of Stewart Co. GA made in Randolph Co. GA?)
Pg.383, #?, Charles WHITSON 24 TN (single)
Pg.427, #73-73, Robert HOUSTON 66 IRE hatter $0
                  Sarah 64 SC
                  (MAD: looking for 1866 decd wife of Robt. Huston who was full sister of William B. Duncan b.1822 TN d.1864-5 VA, of 1860 Macon Co. AL census)
Pg.437, #1300, Marvel DUNCAN 54 TN farmer $0
                  Mary 46 TN
                  Lafayette 16, Hugh 14, Sarah A. 12 GA
                  (MAD: ?? see Marcus L. (Lafayette?) mar. 1853 Paulding Co. GA)
Pg.437, #1301, Jessey WILLIAMS 65 GA shoemaker
Pg.437, #1302, Marvel L. DUNCAN 26 TN farmer $0
                  Susan A. 22 NC
                  Wm. L. 1 GA

1860 Walker Co. GA Census (no Robt. Houston/Huston or Thos. McDonald found in page by page search)
Pg.699, #206-194, Thos. BLACKWELL 69 NC farmer $4000-$5300
                  Mary 53 SC & fam.
                  Susan DUNCAN 30 NC border
                  William 11 NC
                  Mary 9 GA, Martha 7 GA, Robert 5 GA
                  Susan BLACKWELL 60 NC border
                  (MAD: widow of Marvel L. Duncan; William Duncan and Robert Duncan in 1880 Cherokee Co. AL census)
Cane Creek
Pg.717, #339-316, Marvel DUNCAN 64 TN farmer $2500-$863
                  Mary 54 TN
Pg.717, #340-317, Hugh L. DUNCAN 23 GA farmer $0-$100
                  Susan E. 22 TN
Pond Spring
Pg.814, #1019-970, Joshua DUNCAN 42 TN farmer $400-$245
                  Lucinda 44 TN
                  Chesley (m) 18, James 17, Sarah E. 15 TN
                  Isaac N. 14, Charity (f) 13, Russell 11 TN
                  (MAD: 1850 Bradley Co. TN census)
Pg.846, #1241, R.M. HUGHS (m) 28 GA farmer $200-$0
                  Rachel 28 TN
                  Lear G. (f) 6, James M. 3, Mary C. 1 GA
                  (MAD: looking for Sarah J. Duncan mar. Robertson M. Hughs 4/7/1853 Gwinnett Co. GA)
Upper Cove
Pg.860, #1336-1281, G.R. DUNCAN (m) 26 TN farmer $0-$1050
                  Margaret A. 24 TN
                  William H. 2 TN
                  Babe (m) 9/12 GA
                  (MAD: 1850 Blount Co. TN census, son of Benjamin Duncan & Harriet Nance; Geo. K. Duncan mar. Margaret A. Holland 11/15/1855 Blount Co. TN)

1870 Walker Co. GA Census
Subdivision 128, Frick's Gap
Pg.187, #44-41, DUNCAN, James M. 26 TN farmer $200-$0
                  Elizabeth J. 31 TN keeping house
                  BURROWS, Mary D. 6 GA
Pg.187, #45-42, DUNCAN, Isaac N. 24 TN farmer $200-$200
                  Mary L. 21 GA keeping house
                  Margaret L. 11/12 GA b.July
                  Charity C. 23 TN
Pg.189, #69-66, DUNCAN, Joshua 51 TN farmer $100-$250
                  Lucinda 53 TN keeping house
                  Sarah E. 23 TN at home
                  Sarah E. 7 GA
Pg.196, #166-160, DUNCAN, Frank 20 GA BLACK farm laborer $0-$0, mar. in Jan.
                  Ally (f) 16 GA MULATTO keeping house, mar. in Jan.
Pg.227, #610-599, DUNCAN, Susan 42 NC keeping house $0-$200
                  William L. 21 GA farm laborer $0-$150
                  Mary C. 19, Martha E. 17 GA at home
                  Robert B. 15 GA farm laborer
Pg.245, #898-872, DUNCAN, Margaret A. 35 TN keeping house $300-$400
                  Willie H. (m) 12 TN farm laborer
                  John B. 10 GA at home
                  Harriet A. 8 GA
                  HOLLAND, Martha 69 NC keeping house $0-$1900
Pg.265, #1200-1167, MURDOCK, Eliza 68 TN keeping house
                  DUNCAN, Martha 23 GA
                  Mary E. 11/12 GA b.June
Subdivision 145, Rock Spring P.O.
Pg.288, #174-172, DUNCAN, Hugh L. 33 GA farmer $1000-$175
                  Teressa J. 30 GA keeping house
                  Emah E. (f) 3 GA
                  Marvel L. (m) 7/12 GA
                  DUNCAN, Mary 60 TN no occupation


GA Land Lotteries; Walker Co. GA
      Name, lottery year, militia district & county of residence, draw
      Duncan, John A., 1832, of Nesbit's Militia Dist., Newton Co., drew land lot in Dist.12 Sec.4, Walker Co.
      Duncan, Matthew, 1832, of Shattox Militia Dist., Coweta Co., drew land lot in Dist.7 Sec.4, Walker Co.
      Duncan, Winwright, 1832, of Martin Militia Dist., Pike Co., drew land lot in Dist.9 Sec.4, Walker Co., granted before 1 Jan. 1838.
      Swift, Sheldon, 1832, of Hitchcock's Militia Dist., Muscogee Co., drew land lot in Dist.13 Sec.4, Walker Co.
      Swift, Tyre, Soldier, 1832, of Edward's Militia Dist., Franklin Co., drew land lot in Dist.26 Sec.3, Walker Co., granted before 1 Jan. 1838.


Index to War of 1812 Pension Applications and Bounty Land Warrant Applications; National Archives Film (FHL film 840,458)
      Duncan, Marvel, widow Mary; WO 24187, WC 23326; BL 17637-160-50; service Capt. Joseph Duncan's Co. TN Mil. 1/10/1814 - 7/25/1814; res. of soldier 1851, Walker Co. GA; res. of widow 1878 Walker Co. (PO Lafayette) GA; maiden name of widow: soldier's 1st wife Sarah Colville, widow Mary Kirkpatrick m. Apr. 28? (blotted) 1830 Blount Co. TN; soldier d. Aug. 25, 1863 Cane Creek, Walker Co. GA; widow d. Aug. 16, 1884, Waterville, GA; Remarks: soldier also served in Capt. Paris's Co. from 7/4/1836 to 10/1/1836 (Creek Indian War).

"Roster of Confederate Soldiers of GA 1861-1865" by Lillian Henderson, Director of the State Division of Confederate Pensions and Records for the state of Georgia, 6 vols. (FHL book 975.8 M22h)
      4:335: 39th Regiment GA Volunteer Infantry, Army of Tennessee; Co.K, Walker Co. Volunteers, Walker Co. GA: H.L. Duncan, Private, March 4, 1862; surrendered at Greensboro, NC, April 26, 1865.
      (MAD: TN Confederate Widow pension #1883 by Martha E. Duncan, formerly Roddy, born 1847 Ringgold, GA, res. Hamilton Co. TN, widow of John E. Duncan born 1835 Blount Co. TN, married 1868 Ringgold [Catoosa Co.], GA, he died 1907 Rossville [Walker Co.], GA; from "TN's Confederate Widows and Their Families; Abstracts of 11,190 Confederate Widows Pension Applications" by Edna Wiefering, 1992; FHL book 976.8 M28w)

"List of Pensioners on the Roll in 1883" Vol.V (from Laura Jones 8/1983)
      State, County, page, name, pension #, Post Office, cause, date of original allowance:
      GA, Walker, 210, Duncan, Mary, 23,326, Lafayette, widow 1812, May, 1879.


Jackson Co. GA Annual Returns (FHL film 325,678)
      B-483: Return of John Duncan's estate, includes 9 days going to Walker Co. to sell lot of land; sale of lot of land No. 54, 26th Dist., 3rd Div., Walker Co., sold 2 Sept. 1856 to Williams for cash.

Newton Co. GA Ordinary Court, Annual Returns
      4-200: Appraisal of estate of John A. Duncan decd, incl. horse & saddle etc., "fancy" bedstead, bed & furniture, large looking glass, cash $50, tract 215 acres on Yellow River, 202-1/2 acres in Randolph Co. lot #75 in 7th Dist., Walker Co. lot #69 in 12th Dist. 160 acres, Lumpkin Co. 40 acres in 15th Dist., note on Samuel Duncan, interest of undernamed articles the one half of which belongs to Simeon Duncan (farm animals and gear); /s/ David Thompson, John R. Austin, Joseph Maddux, James Y. Thompson, appraisers, dated 5 March 1847. (FHL film 325,750)
      5-67: Estate of John A. Duncan by Simeon Duncan, incl. travel to Randolph Co. to sell land, Dade Co. and examining land of estate, Lumpkin Co. to sell land, and Randolph Co. for a claim on Thomas Davis' estate; received $280 from Thomas Davis estate, rec. July 1851; and received from sale of land in Randolph Co. Dec. 3, 1850, and Lumpkin Co. 3 March 1850; rec. July 1851. (FHL film 325,751) (MAD: Dade Co. formed 1837 from Walker Co.)

Paulding Co. GA Deed (FHL film 419,107)
      K-249: Fulton Co. GA, 12 Aug. 1854, Marvel Duncan of Walker Co. GA to Charles P. Corsey of Fulton Co. GA, $65, lot #960 of 40 acres in 2nd Dist. 3rd Sec. in Paulding Co.; wit. William (X) Stolnicker; rec. 6/18/1855.

Macon Co. AL Probate Records; original estate papers 1832-1940; Drakeford, James to Echols, John H. (FHL film 2,033,923; did not extract all documents)
   W.B. Duncan, Folder #1 of 2.
      Recorded Bond Book pg.616; bond for Thos. Ramsey as admin. of Wm. B. Duncan, 12 Feb. 1866, security R.W. Coleman, W.G. Andrews.
      4-page list of notes, total $529,541
      Petition to declare estate insolvent, includes accounts of others, filed June 8, 18??; includes Confederate Bonds $6,900; no real estate; dated 8 June 1868.
      Settlement, includes sale of land in Macon Co. and in Barbour Co.; settled 2nd Monday July 1871; recorded Book ?? pg.55.
      Inventory included 1 lot land and house, 160 acres, 1 land warrant for 160 acres; filed March 1866, recorded Book 11, pg.114.
      Petition to sell land: E 1/2 SW 1/4 and W 1/2 SE 1/4 Sec.32, Twp.11 R25, 160.25 acres; and E 1/4 Sec.25 Twp.14 R24, 160 acres.
      W.B. Duncan, post master at Hardaway at beginning of war.
   W.B. Duncan, Folder #2 of 2.
      Deposition of John W. Rogers; (1) he knows the land; (2) not personally acquainted with any heirs of W.B. Duncan's estate but has heard Mr. Duncan speak of a full brother in Oregon and half brothers and sisters living in Walker Co. GA, he thinks Lafayette is their post office; he does not remember the number (of brothers and sisters) of either; he has also heard him speak of another full brother since died and left widow with 3 or 4 children.
      Deposition of W.H. Henderson; L.J.C. Duncan of Jacksonville [MAD: Jackson Co.], Oregon, is a full brother; W.B. Duncan had one other full brother living in Lafayette, Walker Co. GA, now decd, who left a widow and some children, unknown how many nor residence of this family; Mr. Duncan had full sister now dead who left 3 children, residence unknown other than Alabama; he had 2 half brothers and one half sister, one of the brothers H.S. Duncan lives in Lafayette, Walker Co. GA, the other, R.S. Duncan, living in Arkansas, the half sister lived in Lafayette, Walker Co. GA, died and left two children; the full sister married Robt. Huston who lived near Lafayette, Walker Co. GA, and has since died; the half sister married Thos. McDonald who lived at the same place and is dead; 23 May 1866.
      Petition 6 Feb. 1866, that William B. Duncan died more than 15 days ago in the State of VA in 1864 or 1865, Thomas Ramsey the largest creditor, petitions for administration of the estate.
      (MAD: W.B. Duncan 38 TN in 1860 Macon Co. AL; L.J.C. Duncan 42 TN in 1860 Jackson Co. OR census with wife & child; one Hugh L. Duncan 23 GA in 1860 Walker Co. GA census with wife next to Marvel Duncan 64 TN and near the widow of Marvel L. Duncan; one Robert L. Duncan 25 GA in 1860 Sevier Co. AR and one Robert Duncan 38 TN in 1860 Benton Co. AR with wife & family)

Monroe Co. TN Court Records
      Circuit Court pgs.350 & 356: 1837; Caswell Hall, Mary Ann Hall, and Marville Duncan of Walker Co. GA in the cause of Adms. of James Hall, dec'd vs John and Margaret Hall. (from pg.93, "Monroe Co. TN Records 1820-1870" Vol.2, by Reba Bayless Boyer, FHL book 976.888 V2b)
      Chancery Court Case #70, Charles Kelso and James Pursley, Gdns. v. John Hall and Margaret Hall, filed 2 Sept. 1836. File contains copy of Circuit Court case 1836. Suit over a slave. The minor heirs of James Torbett decd. are Caswell, Marcena, James W., Mahala, Terressa, and Margaret, with the Orators as Gdns. Depositions to be taken of David W. (Woods) McReynolds of NC, Martha Miller of Roane Co., Caswell Hall and Marvel Duncan of Walker Co. GA, Rebecca Sherrill of Bledsoe Co., and James Sevier of Washington Co. (from pg.4, "Monroe Co. TN Chancery Court Records 1832-1887" by Reba Bayless Boyer; FHL book 976.8883 P2b)
      Chancery Court Case #157, Caswell and Marcena Torbett and other Heirs of James Torbett decd. v. Robert McReynolds and Marvel Duncan, surviving Admins., W.A. Upton and wife Mahala, John O. Cannon, John McGhee, & John Hall. Filed 25 March 1840 ... The Admins. were William S. Blair now decd., Robert McReynolds, and Marvel Duncan of Blount Co. but now of Walker Co. GA. (from pg.11-12, "Monroe Co. TN Chancery Court Records 1832-1887" by Reba Bayless Boyer, FHL book 976.8883 P2b; also from pgs.223-224 of "Blount Co. TN Chancery Court Records 1866-1869 incl. Divorce Proceedings 1860-1937; & Monroe Co. TN Chancery Court Records 1832-1852 Mentioning Blount Co." by Albert W. Docktor Jr., 1994, FHL book 976.8885 P2d Vol.2; and notice published in Hiwassee Patriot on 30 June 1840 with similar information, on pg.48, "Monroe Co. TN Records 1820-1870" Vol.2 by Reba Bayless Boyer, FHL book 976.888 V2b. MAD: Monroe Co. TN Chancery Court Minutes 1832-1842, typed by WPA, on FHL film 24,769 item 5, for this case transcribed the name as Maxwell Duncan instead of Marvell Duncan)


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