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Formed 1832 from Creek Cession
Bullock formed 1866 from Barbour, Macon, Montgomery, Pike


1840-1860 Barbour Co. AL Census
      No Duncan indexed
      (MAD: one Abraham Duncan had a land record in Barbour Co. AL 11/27/1847, from "Old Sparta and Elba (AL) Land Office Records and Military Warrants, 1822-1860" by Marilyn Davis Hahn and/or Marilyn Davis Barefield, 1983, FHL book 976.1 R2h; from Evelyn Sigler 1983)

1870 Barbour Co. AL Census
Twp.8 Range 24, P.O. Newtopia
Pg.347, #1576-1688, DUNCAN, John 50 GA BLACK farmer $0-$0
                  Elizabeth 30 GA BLACK keeps house
                  Nancy 4 AL BLACK
                  McSWAIN, Eveline (f) 22 AL BLACK at home
                  Della (f) 14 AL BLACK
Twp.10 Range 26, P.O. Clayton
Pg.446, #1187-1266, DUNCAN, Charles 25 GA farmer $1500-$1500
                  Elizabeth 21 AL
                  John 5, Etta 2 AL
                  (MAD: 1860 Jackson Co. FL census, son of Levin Duncan d. age 72, 7/29/1882 in Jackson Co. FL)
Twp.11 Range 26, P.O. Eufaula
Pg.471, #1440-1484, LOWMAN, Luellin (m) 24 AL (white) farmer $800-$200
                  ANDREW, Angeline (f) 26 AL MUL domestic
                  DUNCAN, John 12 AL MUL domestic


Barbour Co. AL Deeds; Indexes 1833-1865 (Direct on FHL film 1,294,003; Reverse on FHL film 1,294,004)
      MAD: no Duncan grantee
      G-143: Indexed Duncan Register to J.H. Shorter et al, Duncan was first name instead of surname (FHL film 1,294,007)
      H-427: Barbour Co. AL, 8 March 1849, Nathan Duncan and wife Nancy (no locality) for $300 to Hugh M. Carmichael of afsd Co., the SW 1/4 NW 1/4 Sec.24 and E 1/2 of SE 1/4 Sec.23, in T13 R25; wit. Thos. Harris. (FHL film 1,294,008) (MAD: 1840 Randolph or Sumter Co. GA census; ?? 1829-1843 Stewart Co. GA; 1850 Pike Co. AL census, 1860 Coffee Co. AL census)
      Q-601: Barbour Co. AL, 30 Jan. 1861, George W. Cooper and wife Harriet (X) for $480 to W.B. Duncan of Macon Co. AL, E 1/2 SW 1/4 and W 1/2 SE 1/4 Sec.32 T11 R25, 160.25 acres; wit. Moses Mathews, John G. Grotes. (FHL film 1,294,013)


Barbour Co. AL Index to Probate Records; estates, wills, petitions, adoptions, bonds, etc.; 1833-1927 (FHL film 1,547,511 item 2)
      Thomas Duncan, decd, estate, admin. B. Williams, orphans books 2-317; 3-134, 173, 216, 291 (MAD: no middle initial)

Barbour Co. AL Orphans Records from Index to Probate Records; Vol.3 (FHL film 1,289,491)
      3-134: Estate of Thomas W. Duncan, return by B. Williams; 1847, receipts, due Duncan by note, notes incl. Philip Saunders, Joseph Ivy, sale of books, medicine, furniture on 28 Dec. 1846, /s/ Buckner Williams, rec. 27 Dec. 1847. (definitely Thomas W. Duncan, not Thomas M. Duncan)
      3-173: Estate of Thomas W. Duncan insufficient to pay all debts, should be declared insolvent, Jan. 19, 1848; no real estate; rec. 17 April 1848.
      3-216: Estate of Thomas W. Duncan, account filed 27 June 1848.
      3-291: Estate of Thomas W. Duncan, estate insolvent; paid notes at "88 cents nearly on the dollar"; filed Feb. 26, 1849.


AL Confederate Service Records, 1861-1865, cards in AL State Archives; Driver to Elich (FHL film 1,462,918)
      MAD: most items were small typed cards, 3x5; some items were very blurred in the filming and were double images and hard to read. Cards had name and rank in upper left corner, service unit usually in upper right corner, notation if Home Guard, details from source were given in center of card, and the "Authority" as the last line on the card. The service record from the Historical Record Roll frequently listed several engagements he served in, dates wounded, absent, present, etc., and I usually did not copy all the details.
      Duncan, Wm. H., 1st Corp. (age 26), Lovard Lee Jr.'s Company, Barbour County. Home Guards. Enlisted Barbour Co. Oct. 3, '63. Has substitute in CSA. Authority: Roll (photostat) Clayton, Oct. 21, 1863.
      Duncan, H.H. Letter 8 April 1931, War Department to AL Archives, one H.H. Duncan, name also born as Henry H. Duncan, Private, Co.C, 45th Regt. AL Inf., CSA, enlisted May 1, 1862 at Auburn, AL, age 18 years. Union Prisoner of War records show captured Jan. 5, 1863 at Murfreesboro, TN, and received at City Point, VA, April 17, 1863. Again captured Nov. 30, 1864 at Franklin, TN, imprisoned at Camp Douglas, IL, where discharged June 18, 1865. Resided at Macon Co. AL, age 18, height 5 ft 9 inches, complexion fair, eyes blue, hair dark, profession student, born in Illinois. (MAD: 1850 Philadelphia Co. PA census pg.357 with Gen. William Duncan)
      Duncan, Henry H., Private, Co.C, 45th AL Inf. Reg., Auburn, AL, wounded in action. Authority: Statement of Charles C. Hay. (MAD: no date given)
      Duncan, H.H., Private, Capt. G.W. Carter's Co.C, 45th AL Regt. Enlisted by Capt. Carter at Auburn [Lee Co.] May 1, '62 for 3 years. Born in IL. Age 18, 5 ft. 9", fair comp., blue eyes, dark hair, profession student. Authority: Capt. Thos. Swanson's Company Book.
      Duncan, H.H., private (age 17), Co.C, 45th AL Inf. Regt. Enlisted Macon Co. AL. Authority: Muster in roll not dated.
      Duncan, H.H., Private. Hospital service, General Hosp., Eufaula, AL. Regt: 45th AL, Co.C. Complaint: V.S. Admitted Aug. 19, '64. Authority: Register of P. DeLacy Baker, Surg. in Chg, Hosp., General Hospital, Eufaula, AL, Aug. 20, '64.
      Duncan, H.H., Private, Co.G, 1st AL Regt. (was Co.C & K, 45th AL Regt.). Authority: Capt. Thos. Swanson's Company Book (Smithfield, NC, April 8, '65).

AL Confederate Pension Applications, in AL State Archives, Duke - Dunn (FHL film 1,502,781)
      MAD: Did not extract all pension applications for the same person if they gave no other genealogy information. Documents were extracted in order on film. Did not usually copy reason for pension request, which was frequently old age or rheumatism or feebleness; did not always copy witnesses names, which sometimes only said they knew the applicant was of good character and in need of the pension. "Cavalry" was frequently abbreviated "Calv" and spelled "Calvary." Did not usually copy the schedule of property unless it listed land. The complete pension papers should be rechecked individually, following is very brief extract of contents.
      DUNCAN, Charles F., widow Elizabeth A. Duncan, Henry, Barbour and Houston Cos. AL, Private, Co.G, 6th FL. Appl. 4 April 1923, Elizabeth Ann Duncan, of Houston Co., widow of C.F. Duncan, pensioner #4384, who died Feb. 19, 1923, at Dothan, AL, she of Dothan, Houston Co. AL; married at Cottonwood, Houston Co. AL, on 19 Aug. 1865, she born at Clayton, Barbour Co. AL, on Nov. 27, "1848", she now age 77; now living with her daughter; children: Monroe Duncan, farmer of Clayton, AL; Mrs. Ella Jones of Sidney, FL; Mrs. Anna Holmes of Dothan, AL; Nora Sellers of Columbus, GA; Willis and Lizzie Staidkin (MAD: listed together, no residence given). Appl. 14 Dec. 1925, Elizabeth Ann Duncan, now living with her dau. Mrs. B.J. Kent; Elizabeth Ann b. 27 Nov. 1845, her father Benjamin Spears died Clayton, AL; her husband Charles F. Duncan, married Campbellton, FL, he died 19 Feb. 1923 at Dothan, AL; have also lived in FL and AL, in Jackson (Co. FL) and Houston Cos., lived in FL 2 years, P.O. Campbellton, and in Dothan, AL, moved here 1867; her husband enlisted Campbellton, FL, in 6th FL Co.G, Capt. Grace, drew pension Houston Co. AL. Appl. 2 July 1926, her husband Charles Franklin Duncan; she b. Nov. 27, 1845, her father Benjamin Spears died Aug. 9, 1852, at Clayton, AL; her husband Charles Franklin Duncan, married Aug. 17, 1865 in FL, he died 19 Feb. 1923 at Dothan, AL, .... Appl. 30 July 1902 in Henry Co. AL of Chas. F. Duncan, enlisted as Volunteer in Co.G, 6th FL Reg. about 25 Nov. 1861 at Appalachacola, FL, discharged April 1865, now age 59, P.O. Howard, Henry Co. AL; wit. Isaac M. Toole, Dan (X) Hall. Appl. 7 July 1914, C.F. Duncan on pension roll, Houston Co. AL, born at Co?urt T?aby, GA, over age 70, wounded in right hip. (other applications not copied). C.F. Duncan, estimated age 59, undated report from doctor.
            Letter in C.F. Duncan papers. Mrs. C.J. Duncan, unable to go to Montgomery to appear before the pension board; this applicant is the widow of Jno. A. Duncan (who) died 1903. /s/ Thomas Duncan, MD., July 6, 1903, Fleta, AL. (MAD: Fleeta, Montgomery Co. AL) (MAD: see pension file for John A. Duncan, Montgomery Co. AL)

"Records of LA Confederate Soldiers and LA Confederate Commands" by Andrew B. Booth, 1920, Vol.2, B-G (FHL film 1,305,384 and 1,685,400; also from Evelyn Sigler 3/1985, and pgs.712-714 from Florence Dyess 1987 & 1990)
      Duncan, Harry H., Pvt. Co. E, 45th AL Inf. Rolls of Prisoners of War. Paroled Shreveport, LA, June 7, 1865. Res. Eufala [Barbour Co.], AL.


Macon Co. AL Probate Records; original estate papers 1832-1940; Drakeford, James to Echols, John H. (FHL film 2,033,923; did not extract all documents)
   W.B. Duncan, Folder #1 of 2.
      Recorded Bond Book pg.616; bond for Thos. Ramsey as admin. of Wm. B. Duncan, 12 Feb. 1866, security R.W. Coleman, W.G. Andrews.
      4-page list of notes, total $529,541
      Petition to declare estate insolvent, includes accounts of others, filed June 8, 18??; includes Confederate Bonds $6,900; no real estate; dated 8 June 1868.
      Settlement, includes sale of land in Macon Co. and in Barbour Co.; settled 2nd Monday July 1871; recorded Book ?? pg.55.
      Inventory included 1 lot land and house, 160 acres, 1 land warrant for 160 acres; filed March 1866, recorded Book 11, pg.114.
      Petition to sell land: E 1/2 SW 1/4 and W 1/2 SE 1/4 Sec.32, Twp.11 R25, 160.25 acres; and E 1/4 Sec.25 Twp.14 R24, 160 acres.
      W.B. Duncan, post master at Hardaway at beginning of war.
   W.B. Duncan, Folder #2 of 2.
      Deposition of John W. Rogers; (1) he knows the land; (2) not personally acquainted with any heirs of W.B. Duncan's estate but has heard Mr. Duncan speak of a full brother in Oregon and half brothers and sisters living in Walker Co. GA, he thinks Lafayette is their post office; he does not remember the number (of brothers and sisters) of either; he has also heard him speak of another full brother since died and left widow with 3 or 4 children.
      Deposition of W.H. Henderson; L.J.C. Duncan of Jacksonville [MAD: Jackson Co.], Oregon, is a full brother; W.B. Duncan had one other full brother living in Lafayette, Walker Co. GA, now decd, who left a widow and some children, unknown how many nor residence of this family; Mr. Duncan had full sister now dead who left 3 children, residence unknown other than Alabama; he had 2 half brothers and one half sister, one of the brothers H.S. Duncan lives in Lafayette, Walker Co. GA, the other, R.S. Duncan, living in Arkansas, the half sister lived in Lafayette, Walker Co. GA, died and left two children; the full sister married Robt. Huston who lived near Lafayette, Walker Co. GA, and has since died; the half sister married Thos. McDonald who lived at the same place and is dead; 23 May 1866.
      Petition 6 Feb. 1866, that William B. Duncan died more than 15 days ago in the State of VA in 1864 or 1865, Thomas Ramsey the largest creditor, petitions for administration of the estate.
      (MAD: W.B. Duncan 38 TN in 1860 Macon Co. AL census; L.J.C. Duncan 42 TN in 1860 Jackson Co. OR census with wife & child; one Hugh L. Duncan 23 GA in 1860 Walker Co. GA census with wife next to Marvel Duncan 64 TN and near the widow of Marvel L. Duncan; one Robert T. Duncan 25 GA in 1860 Sevier Co. AR census and one Robert Duncan 38 TN in 1860 Benton Co. AR census with wife & family)


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