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Formed 1796 from Franklin
Clarke formed 1801 from Jackson, Greene
Madison formed 1811 from Clarke, Elbert, Franklin, Jackson, Oglethorpe
Gwinnett formed 1818 from Cherokee Lands, Jackson
Hall formed 1818 from Cherokee Lands, Jackson, Franklin
Barrow formed 1914 from Jackson, Walton, Gwinnett


1830 Jackson Co. GA Census
Pg.339  Thos. Duncan        3000,01      - 0000,1
          (MAD: one Thomas Duncan mar. Polly Alligood
            7/1/1824 Laurens Co. GA)
   340  John Duncan         0000,0100,1  - 0000,0100,1
          1 name
        Dennis Duncan       0000,001     - 0001

1840 Jackson Co. GA Census
Pg. 20  Elijah DUCHAM       0111,1       - 0000,1100,1
        John Duncan         0000,0100,01 - 0000,0010,01
        Dennis Duncan       0100,001     - 0000,1
    29  James F. Duncan     0100,1       - 2000,1000,1
          (MAD: son of Charles Duncan of Union Co. GA)
    47  Mary Duncan         0            - 1000,1

1850 Jackson Co. GA Census
Subdivision 45
Pg.9, #135, Joshua H. RANDOLPH 44 SC merchant $1336
                  Nancy 42 GA
                  Mary A. 17, Joshua W. 14, James E. 12 GA
                  Sarah J. 10, Hilliard J. (m) 9, Susan C. 6 GA
                  Frances E. (f) 1 GA
                  (MAD: co-administrator of John Duncan's estate 1856)
Pg.37, #547, Rachel S. DUNCAN 27 GA
                  Sarah J. 8, George W. 6 GA
                  (MAD: William Duncan died 1845-50, mar. Susan Gray 10/3/1838 Madison Co. GA; Susan R. Duncan mar. 2nd Patrick Shadden 7/18/1852 Madison Co. GA; her children were among heirs of William Duncan b.1793 GA of 1850 Madison Co. GA census)
Pg.45, #669, John DUNCAN 87 NC farmer $200
                  Bashaba HOPKINS 56 NC
                  (MAD: John Duncan born in Randolph Co. NC April 17, 1764, a soldier of the Revolution and a participant at King's Mountain and a resident of Jackson Co. GA for 60 years, d. Dec. 7, 1855, in Jackson Co. GA; from "Marriage and Death Notices from Extant Asheville NC Newspapers, 1840-1870")
Pg.54, #790, Dennis DUNCAN 60 NC farmer $1100
                  Elizabeth 36 NC
                  Lumpkin J. (m) 18 NC laborer
                  Eliza A. (f) 1 GA
                  (MAD: Eliza Duncan in 1860 Banks Co. GA census with Patison Dodd)

1860 Jackson Co. GA Census
Pg.146, #710, George DUNCAN 21 GA farmer $0-$260 m/in/yr
                  Annes 21 GA m/in/yr
Pg.147, #716, Anderson E. DUNCAN 41 SC farmer $2500-$970
                  Matilda 50 SC
                  Joel 18, Margaret 15, Emily 13 GA
                  Zebalon (m) 11, Eliza 8 GA
                  (MAD: 1850 Walton Co. GA census, "Elbert" Duncan)
Pg.148, #725, William DUNCAN 30 GA farmer $300-$205
                  Mary 25 GA
                  Lewcy (f) 12, Simpson (m) 10 GA
Pg.149, #733, Malech DUNCAN 27 GA farmer $428-$250
                  Emily 25 GA
                  (MAD: Malakiah B. Duncan mar. Emily Jane Pike 2/15/1855 Walton Co. GA)
Pg.203, #338-333, Elias M. DUNSON 42 GA farmer $2500-$2894
                  Disa 42 GA
                  Susana A.E. 18, Georgian R. (f) 15 GA
                  William W. 12, Linton M. (m) 10 GA
                  Elizabeth H. 7 GA
Cutoff District
Pg.232, #1322, Lampkin J. DUNCAN 28 GA farmer $1000-$605
                  Susannah D. 30 SC
                  Martha A. 8, Sina 6, Wiley 3 GA
                  John 8/12, Nancy 8/12 GA
                  Barsheba HOPKINS 60 NC
                  (MAD: 1870 Union Co. GA census)

1870 Jackson Co. GA Census
J. Randolph's District
Pg.283, #163, DUNCAN, Elbert 57 SC farmer $700-$300
                  Matilda 60 SC
                  Emily 23 GA
                  Franklin 22 GA at school $0-$125
                  Eliza A. 17 GA
                  DUNCAN, Gid (m) 39 GA farmer $160-$100
                  (MAD: Lewis Gideon Duncan, son of George Duncan & Matilda Pike)
Pg.284, #184, DUNCAN, William 40 GA farmer $300-$180
                  Mary 40 GA
                  Simpson P. (m) 20 GA laborer
Pg.285, #190, DUNCAN, T. (m) 28 GA farmer $0-$200
                  Harriett 21 GA
                  William T. 2 GA
                  (MAD: Joel Tramel Duncan)
Pg.285, #191, KIRBY, Annis C. (f) 33 GA keeping house $50-$0
                  DUNCAN, Emily 8 GA
                  KIRBY, John H. 4 GA
                  (MAD: Annis C. was probably widow of George Duncan, mar. ca 1860)
Jefferson District (pg.294 faint)
Pg.294, #29, DUNCAN, M.B. (m) 38 GA farmer $150-$100
                  Emily J. 36 GA
                  Henry H. (m) 7, Ezekiel ?. 5 GA
                  Ema (f) 3, Matilda 1 GA
                  (MAD: Malachi B. Duncan)
Pg.339, #832, DUNCAN, John C. 41 GA farmer $690-$318
                  Jane M.O. 34 GA
                  Matilda 16, Elizabeth 14, George A. 12 GA
                  Mary Ann 10, Thomas J. 8, Sarah M. 5 GA
                  Allice (f) 3, Louiza O. 1 GA
                  Mary B. 72 NC keeping house
                  (MAD: Mary B. in 1860 Union Co. GA census, widow of Alexander)

1880 Jackson Co. GA Census (partial, and from Dennis Garrett 3/2003)
House's Dist. 243, Pg.63, SD 2, ED 56
Pg.582A, #227-233, GRAHAM, Morgan (f) 18 GA (white) farm laborer, mar., GA GA
                  Ola V. (f) 16 GA wife, keeping house, mar., GA GA
House's Dist. 243, Pg.64, SD 2, ED 56
Pg.582B, #231-237, CODY, Alfred S. 66 GA farmer, mar., GA GA
                  Mahalie (f) 45 GA wife, mar., (occupation: wife), GA GA
                  Sarah J. 14 GA dau., works in farm, GA GA
                  Moena F. (f) 12 GA dau., works in farm, GA GA
                  Petuna? L. (f) 10 GA dau., works in farm, GA GA
                  (MAD: Petuna? L. indexed as Potiena L.; 1870 Clarke Co. GA census)


Jackson Co. GA Marriages, Vol.A-D, 1805-1860 (FHL film 325,652)
      James F. Duncan to Elizabeth M. Lumpkins, 13 Oct. 1833, mar. 31 Oct. 1833 (pg.203) (MAD: 1850 Union Co. GA; 1860 McMinn Co. TN)
      Lumpkin J. Duncan to Susan Wilson, 27 July 1850, mar. 28 July 1850 (pg.359)
      Dewey Hopkins to Jane Ray, 4 April 1811 (pg.71) (Harold Hopkins note: Denny Hopkins, diminuitive of Dennis)
      No bride index; no Hopkins to Duncan bride.
      Duncan, Jane to Willinagham, Humphries, 11/10/1831 (from "Jackson Co. GA Marriage Records 1806-1850" by Ingmire; FHL book 975.8145 V2i) (MAD: see 1850 Newton Co. GA)
      Duncan, Thomas to Polly Heard, 10/3/1824 (from "Jackson Co. GA Marriage Records 1806-1850" by Ingmire, FHL book 975.8145 V2i; also from "Genealogy Anyone")
      Vol.C 1805-1860, includes list of admin. & guardians 1831-1838, after pg.451 - no Duncan
      No marriage found 1850-1860 for George Duncan to Annis ----.


Jackson Co. GA Temporary Administrations, Guardians, Bonds, 1844-1897 (FHL film 325,671)
      Pg.141: 4 Feb. 1856, Joshua H. Randolph, Lumpkin J. Duncan, T.K. Randolph and P.F. Hinton security for administrators bond; Joshua H. Randolph and Lumpkin J. Duncan to administer the estate of John Duncan, decd.

Jackson Co. GA Inventories and Appraisements, Annual Returns and Vouchers, Sales Bills
      Book A, 1850-1860 - no Duncan; no Randolph (FHL film 325,677)
      Book B, 1852-1860 (FHL film 325,678):
      B-321: Inventory and appraisement of the estate of John Duncan decd. taken 8 Feb. 1856: included notes on Moses Hindcup? 4 Oct. 1855; note on James Daily 20 Jan. 1853; note on Moses? Bowan 20 July 1855; 1 fifa against James Darby dated 19 Oct. 1853 (interest from 1 Jan. 1852), 1 fifa against Walton Berry dated 26 Feb. 1852 (interest from 20 Dec. 1851), 1 fifa against James Darby dated 11 April 1854 (interest from 14 Oct. 1852).
      B-475: Sale bill of John Duncan's proposed Property sold 19 Feb. 1856 on a credit to 1 January 1857: Purchasers included John Wheeler, W.T. Crider?, Moses and Andrew Hendrix, M.M. Mintz, Derril Anderson?, P. Pettijohn, W.A.M. Hoper, M. Wilson, B. Hopkins, L.J. Duncan, E. Dunavon?, Wm. Bowman?, and lots of others; sale of the lands in Jackson & the negroes by J.H. Randolph & L.J. Duncan 1st Tuesday in August 1856 on a credit til 1st Jan. 1857, sales of 1 tract known as the Darby place 140 acres to H.? Atkins, 1 tract 33 acres joining David to M. Thornton, 1 tract of 18-3/4 acres joining B. Hopkins to B.T. Highfield, 1 tract 113 acres joining R. Duncans place to G.P. Thurmond, negroes to E.M. Cobb, James Darby, W.R. Randolph; total $2726.
      B-483/5: Return by L.J. Duncan admr. of John Duncan decd. filed 27 April 1857: Paid H. Atkins, J.M. Brooks?, L.D. Dean?, James Darby, Moses Hendrix, A.C. Thompson, John B. Browning, other costs. Voucher 1, Mr. John Duncan, "bot" of Abram Atkins, paid; Voucher 2, note by John (x) Duncan to J.M. Brooks marked paid; Voucher 3, John Duncan, for smith's? work, &c in 1855 marked paid; etc. (nothing to show receipt of their shares by his heirs.)
      Book C, 1858-1867 - Index "D" page missing

Jackson Co. GA Temporary Letters, Letters of Administration, Guardians, Dismissions, 1856-1861 (FHL film 325,666)
      Pg.141: J.S. Randolph and L.J. Duncan appointed administrators of estate of John Duncan decd. on 4 Feb. 1856; petition 6 June 1859 to be discharged; administrators discharged 6 June 1859.
      Book 1, 1860-1898: Pg.323: 30 Aug. 1871, John C. Duncan granted letters of administration on estate of Jesse R. Duncan decd. (definitely Jesse "R." although probably should be Jesse "A.") (MAD: John C. in 1870 Union Co. GA census, age 31 GA)
      Book 1, pg.193: Margaret M. Dunsan, admin. of Ruse Dunsan, 6 Oct. 1862. (MAD: not Duncan)

Jackson Co. GA Court of Ordinary Minutes 1855-1878 (FHL film 325,661)
      Pages not numbered; no index. Following found by approximate dates in other documents; heirs not named.
      Monday, 4 Feb. 1856, J.H. Randolph and Lumpkin J. Duncan, having given the notice required by law that they would apply at this term of the court for Letters of Admin. on the estate of John Duncan decd; ordered by court that Letters of Administration issue to the applicants, they giving bond and security of $8,000.
      Monday, 5 May 1856, J.H. Randolph and Lumpkin Duncan, admins. of estate of John Duncan decd, are granted leave to sell lands and negroes belonging to the estate of John Duncan decd.
      April 1857 - no reference found about filing return.
      Monday, June 6, 1859, J.H. Randolph and Lumpkin J. Duncan, administrators of the estate of John Duncan decd, having given the notice required by law, are granted letters of dismission.

Jackson Co. GA Inventories, Appraisements, Annual Returns, Vouchers, sales Bills, Court of Ordinary 1800-1832 (FHL film 325,675)
      No Duncan
      No Duncan to 1854

Jackson Co. GA Annual returns (FHL film 325,678)
      Returns Book B, 1852-1860:
      John Duncan decd, indexed pg.321, 475, 483, 485; looked at, most not copied; heirs not given
      Pg.483: Return of John Duncan's estate, includes 9 days going to Walker Co. to sell lot of land; sale of lot of land No. 54, 26th Dist., 3rd Div., Walker Co., sold 2 Sept. 1856 to Williams for cash.
      Returns Book C, 1858-1867: (index D missing)
      Nothing found ca July 1859, page by page; looking for L.J. Duncan dismissed as admin. of John Duncan's estate.

Jackson Co. GA Letters of administration & guardianship 1818-1843 (FHL film 325,665 item 1)
      No index; two or three letters dated 1818, then jump to 1832; no Duncan to pg.54, quit. (MAD: had wanted husband died 1832-1835, widow Mary Duncan, 1840 Jackson Co. GA census; she probably Polly (Heard), widow of Thomas Duncan)

Jackson Co. GA Wills v.A-C, 1796-1919 (FHL film 325,656)
      Vol.A, 1796-1814, Wills and Appraisals of Estates, Minutes, Court of Ordinary - no Duncan.
      Vol.B, 1860-1888 - Record of Wills - no Duncan


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Jackson Co. GA Tax digests, 1799 (item 2) and 1849 (item 3) (FHL film 159,155 item 2-3)
      MAD: top inch or two of pages missing, pages numbered at bottom center of opposing pages
1799: no Duncan found
      Columns for Poll, slaves, professions, Oak & Hickory Upland 1st & 2nd & 3rd (acreage); River Swamp 1st & 2nd & 3rd (acreage); Pine; Number; District; Counties Lands lie in; (illeg., but columns also for carriages, etc.
1849: Capt. Dickson's Dist. (pg.23):
            Default tax, Duncan, John, 1 poll, no slaves or land
       Capt. Wheeler's Dist.: (pg.33-35)
            Duncan, Dennis, 1 pole
            Duncan, Elijah, 1 pole
            Duncan, John, Ext. (poll), 6 slaves, 490 pine, #138, Dist.8, Irwin Co.
            Ditto, 202-1/2a Oak & Hickory Upland 3rd, #130, Dist.2, Campbell Co.
            Ditto, 40a Oak & Hickory Upland 3rd, #175, Dist.17, Cuss (Cup?) (Cobb but looks like p instead of b) Co.
            Ditto, 250a Pine, #133, Dist.15, Earley
            Ditto, 250a Pine, #194, Dist.27, Earley
            Ditto, 250a Pine, #126, Dist.10, Earley
            Ditto, 490a Pine, #34, Dist.16, Irwin
            Ditto, 490a Pine, #78, Dist.1, Irwin
            Ditto, 72-1/2a Oak & Hickory Upland 2nd & 496a Oak & Hickory Upland 3rd, Jackson Co.

Jackson Co. GA Vol.E, Marriages 1869-, also incl. homestead docket, pension roll, court docket 1878-1880, and undated tax digest (FHL film 323,653)
      No Duncan on tax digest


Jackson Co. Superior Court Minutes
      Minutes, 1801-1803 - no index (FHL film 325,713 item 1-2)
      Minutes, 1806-1812 - no index
      Minutes, 1814-1821 - no index (FHL film 376,993)
      Minutes, 1822-1831 - no index (FHL film 325,713 item 3-4)
            (MAD: no Dec. 1830 court; looked for order issued 12/1/1830 against property of William Duncan and John Duncan; see Clarke Co. GA deed O-268)
      Minutes, 1832-1843 - no index

Jackson Co. Inferior Court Minutes, sitting for ordinary purposes
      Minutes 1796-1802 - no index (FHL film 325,659)
      Minutes 1800-1822 - no index
      Minutes 1801-1817 - no index
      Minutes 1802-1805 - no index
      Minutes 1805-1809 - no index
      Minutes 1805-1830 - no index
      Minutes 1809-1822 - no index (FHL film 325,660)
      Minutes 1813-1822 - no index
      Minutes 1822-1831 - no index

Jackson Co. Inferior Court Minutes 1800-1873
      Minutes 1800-1809 - no index (FHL film 325,657)
      Minutes 1822-1843 (FHL film 325,657)
            Pg.227: Petition of Dennes Duncan, that Peter A. Maddon and Elijah Clowe of Jackson Co. owe him $40 and 5 cents interest, they on 16 Feb. 1827 made promissory note to pay him by Jan. 7 next but not paid; summons issued 16 Dec. 1828 to appear 2nd Monday of Jan.; served Dec. 19, 1828; they confessed judgement, $44.85 and cost $10.55 to be paid; Ordered by court 8 July 1829.
      Minutes 1842-1862 - no Duncan plaintiff, no defendant index (FHL film 325,658)


Campbell Co. GA Deeds (FHL film 401,780)
      E-263: 3 Dec. 1842, Elizabeth (X) Duncan to John Duncan, both Jackson Co. GA, $60, Lot #130 originally Carroll now Campbell Co. GA, 202-1/2 acres; wit. Russel Thompson, Andrew H. Henderson.
      E-264: 30 Sept. 1850, John (X) Duncan of Jackson Co. GA to Jacob A. Baggett of Campbell Co., $100, lot #130 originally Carroll now Campbell Co. GA, 202-1/2 acres; wit. Milton Berry, Micah Willson JP.

Cherokee Co. GA Deeds
      B-321: Gwinnett Co., 16 July 1833, William G. Tolbert Jr. late of Madison Co. now of Jackson Co. to John Brewster of Gwinnett Co., $275, Land Lot #182, 2nd Dist. 2nd Sec., 40 acres more or less; wit. Ezekiel Hewitt, Robert Duncan (X); rec. 15 March 1836. (FHL film 325,883; and from pg.105, Vol.2, "Cherokee Co. GA Land Records, Book B, 1834-1836" by Taylor; FHL book 975.8253 R28t)
      F-233: Hall Co., 12 March 1838, John Duncan of Jackson Co. to James Smithey, $100, Land Lot #984 in 3rd Dist. 2nd Sec., 40 acres; wit. J.D. Hardage, N. Garrison. (FHL film 325,885)

Clarke Co. GA Deeds (FHL film 214,595)
      O-267: 14 Jan. 1808, Wm. Duncan of Jackson Co. GA to John Duncan of Green Co. GA, $400, 200 acres in Clarke Co. GA on north fork of Oconee River. Wit. Henry Swann. Appeared in court 2 Feb. 1808.
      O-268: 1 March 1831, Sheriff to Henry Swann of Jackson Co. GA, $30, 150 acres on north fork of Oconee, adj. Chandler & others, which was lived upon as the property of William Duncan and John Duncan, to satisfy 2 fifas issued from Jackson Co. magistrate dated 1 Dec. 1830; sold by sheriff 1st (trial?) day in March 1831; Henry Swann was highest bidder.

Decatur Co. GA Deeds
      J-416: 11 Dec. 1852, John (+) Duncan of Jackson Co. GA to Abram Atkins of same, $200, 250 acres in Early Co. GA, lot 294, 27th Dist. Wit. Lumpkin L. Duncan, James T. Wilson JP. (FHL film 249,535)
      J-417: 11 Dec. 1852, John (+) Duncan of Jackson Co. GA to Abram Atkins of same, $200, 250 acres, Lot #337 originally in Early Co. Wit. Lumpkin L. Duncan, James T. Wilson JP. (FHL film 249,535)
      J-418: Next deed was power of attorney by Abram Atkins to sell the land. (FHL film 249,535)
      M-474: 10 March 1823, Elisha Norris of Hall Co. GA to Dennis Duncan of Jackson Co. GA, $100, lot 294, 27th Dist., 250 acres. Wit. Joseph Morris, Elijah Duncan, Wm. Legg JP. (FHL film 249,538)

GA Land Lottery grants, 1820-1904; index of names of fortunate drawers, 1820 (FHL film 514,012 item 4)
      Dist.10, Lot 136, to Elias Tredaway of Dickson's Dist., Jackson Co. GA, granted 5 March 1823.

Early Co. GA Land Lottery Grants Dist. 5-10 (FHL film 519,018)
      Dist.10, (index missing for B to L names) pg.21: Grant 5 March 1823 to Elias Treadaway of Dickson's Battalion, Jackson Co., 250 acres in 10th Dist. Early Co., Lot 136.

Early Co. GA Deeds (FHL film 164,051)
      A-261: Jackson Co. GA, 10 March 1823, John Dunkin to Dennis Dunkin, both Jackson Co. GA, $100, Lot #136 in 10th Dist. of Early Co., 250 acres; wit. Elijah Dunkin, William Legg, Joseph Morris.
      (MAD: no grantor deed indexed for Elias Tredaway to John Dunkin)

Franklin Co. GA Deeds (FHL film 159,042)
      B-77: 28 Aug. 1821, John Cates of Jackson Co. GA to John Duncan of Franklin Co. GA, $200, 140 acres, part in Jackson Co. and part in Franklin Co. on Grove River and Chandlers Creek, part of 1000 acre survey grant to E. Malery. Wit. Isaac Denawey, Bethsheba? (X her mark) Hopkins, Dens Duncan J.P.
      DD-16: 7 March 1834, John Duncan of Jackson Co., admr. of the estate of Charles Rice Sr., late of Franklin Co., decd, to Charles Rice and Noah Rice of Franklin Co., per court order, for $196, sell two tracts belonging to said estate, one 35 acres on Middle Fork of Broad River on Freemans line, adj. Henry Freeman lands, the other 25 acres also on Middle Fork on Williamson's line adj. Henry Freeman and Job Hammon. Wit. Richard Allen, Thos. King.

Hall Co. GA Deeds
      B-401: 5 March 1828, Redfearn Weems of Franklin Co. GA. to John Duncan of Jackson Co. GA, $100, 250 acres in Hall Co. GA, #38, in 10th Dist. Wit. Dns. Duncan, James H. David. (FHL film 454,859)
      E-221: 10 March 1835, William Barnwell to John Duncan, $100, 46 acres, corner White's line, etc. Wit. Dennis Duncan, John (X) Elliott. Proved Jackson Co. GA by witnesses. (FHL film 454,862)
      E-239: (blank) day of March, 1836, Harris Davison to Dennis Duncan, $200, 400 acres on No. Oconee. Wit. John Duncan J.P., Barsheba (+) Hopkins. Recorded Jackson Co. GA. (FHL film 454,862)
      F-7: 5 Jan. 1842, John Duncan (signed) of Jackson Co. GA to Ephraim M. Johnson of Hall Co. GA, $150, 250 acres in 4th Dist. of Hall Co., lot #38. Wit. Richard Banks, James Law. (FHL film 454,862)

Lee Co. GA Land Lottery Index, 1827; by District, Section & Lot (FHL film 514,014)
      26th Dist., 1st Sec., #24, granted John Duncan R.S. of Bowen's Dist., Jackson Co., 18 Nov. 1836 (MAD: sold in Sumter Co. GA 1838)
      28th Dist., 1st Sec., #120, granted Pearson Duncan of Story's Dist., Jackson Co., 12 Nov. 1831. (MAD: sold in Sumter Co. GA 1834)

Sumter Co. GA Deeds
      A-348: Sumter Co. GA, 5 May 1834, per writ of Firia Facias from Justice Court of Jackson Co. at suit of James Montgomery against Piercson Duncan, Sheriff Lemon C. Morgan seized land as property of said Pierson Duncan and sold it at public sale 5 May 1834 to highest bidder James Montgomery for $110, deed for lot #120 of 202-1/2 acres in 28th Dist. originally Lee now Sumter Co.; wit. Wm. D. Britt JP, Jacob W. Cobb Clerk SC. (FHL film 255,322)
      G-494: Jackson Co. GA, 25 July 1838, John Duncan of afsd to John Boyl of Campbell Co. GA, $550, Lot #24 of 202-1/2 acres in 26th Dist. originally Lee now Sumter Co.; wit. H. Webb, William Cowan; rec. 23 Jan. 1847. (indexed 1/21/1838 as date of document) (FHL film 255,327)

Union Co. GA Deeds (FHL film 366,310)
      B-150: Union Co. GA, 7 Jan. 1861, James Long of co. afsd to Lumpkin J. Duncan of Jackson Co. GA, $800, lots in 9th Dist. 1st Sec., #322 and #323, each 160 acres; wit. T.J. Haralson, Andrew Young JIC.
      B-151: Union Co. GA, 7 Jan. 1861, Lumpkin J. Duncan to Simpson Reid, William Martin and John S. Fain; Duncan owes by bond this date, mortgage above land.

Wilkinson Co. GA Land Lottery Grants; Surveyor General's Office; Districts 1-28 index 1807-1828 (FHL film 514,017)
      MAD: Grants are by district, then by lot number, and show name of drawer, residence, and date of grant; did not look at all districts
      Districts 16-23 (FHL film 519,060)
      23rd Dist., lot 125, granted Benjn. Duncan of Johnson's Bat., Jackson Co., 28 April 1808 (MAD: does not say (orphans))

Wilkinson Co. GA Land Lottery Grants (FHL film 519,060)
      Grant books are by one or two districts, separate name index to grantees for each district at the front of the book (or section).
      Dist.23, pg.82, Grant 28 April 1808 to Benjamin Dunkin, orphan, of Johnson's Battalion, Jackson Co., lot 125 in 23rd Dist.

Randolph Co. NC Deed (FHL film 470,233)
      29-493: 4 Nov. 1846, Samuel Allred of Randolph Co. NC, attorney for John Duncan of Jackson Co. GA to Thomas Ragan of Randolph Co. NC, $87.50, 100 acres on Sandy Creek. Wit. Wm. Wilson, Manley Wilson.


"Georgia's roster of the revolution, containing a list of the state's defenders; officers and men, soldiers and sailors..." by Lucian Lamar Knight, 1920 (FHL film 547,588 item 1)
      Pg.342: Certified List of Revolutionary Soldiers, Compiled by Capt. B.F. Johnson from Lottery Lists of 1827. ... furnished by Mrs. Robert Emory Park, State Regent of GA and Chairman of the DAR Committee on Colonial and Revolutionary Records:
             Duncan, John, lottery 1827, Jackson Co.

Pension Claim of Eliza A. Duncan, No. 39798, for War of 1812 service by her husband Dennis Duncan (from Harold Hopkins 6/1995 from his visit to the National Archives; see complete in Franklin Co. GA)
      Jacket: Rejected Claim No. 39798, War of 1812, by Eliza A. Duncan of Nails Creek, GA, widow of Dennis Duncan, alias Reuben Warren, under Capt. T.F. Anderson et al, GA Militia, died Nov. 24, 1853. Received May 31, 1884. Attorney A.C. Moss, of Horner, Banks Co. GA.
      Claim of widow under Act March 9, 1878, by Eliza (X) A. Duncan, Banks Co. GA, 1 May 1880, appeared Eliza Ann Duncan, age 66, resident of Belton, GA, widow of Dennis Duncan who served under the name of Dennis Duncan as private in Company commanded by Capt. Thomas F. Anderson in the Batt. of Col. Jones commanded by Genl. Blackaher? in War of 1812; that her husband enlisted at Franklin Co. GA 1812 or 1813, continued in service for probably 6 months, and was discharged. He was born in 1770 (MAD: faint, probably should be 1790), complexion fair, height the rise of six feet, hair black, eyes black. She married Dennis Duncan in Hall Co. GA on 21 Jan. 1830 by James Russel, JP, her maiden name Eliza Dodd; she has not remarried; she nor her husband neither had been married before. Her husband Dennis Duncan died in Jackson Co. GA on 24 Nov. 1852. That from his marriage to the time of his death he lived in Jackson Co. GA and since her husband's death she has lived in Banks Co. GA. Wit. W.C. Haulbrook?, A.J. Pool. Certification by Lucinda (X) Terrel and Mary (X) Pittman who have known Eliza A. Duncan for 60 years and for 350 (50? or 35?) years respectively who believe her; that they were present and saw Dennis Duncan and Eliza A. Dodd married at or about the time alleged in this application; that she has not remarried. /s/ W.C. Hemlbrook?, Thos. F. Hill.
      Office of the Ordinary, Hall Co., A. Rudolph, Ordinary, Gainsville, GA, Feb. 1, 1872. "213 - License of Denny Duncan and Eliza Dodd executed 21st of Jany. 1830 as per certificate of James Russle J.P." I, A. Rudolph, Ordinary of said county, do certify that the above is a true copy of the Record, as appears in Book A, marriage record in this office. The figures "213" is the number of the certificate entered in this Book. ...

GA Military Commissions in the State Militia, 1798-1860, by the GA Executive Department
      MAD: by year, includes index, frequently two items on a page; these are apparently orders that these men be commissioned a certain rank in a particular company. The early ones gave a county, the later ones only a militia district. I have added localities from 1830 census index.
      1825 (FHL film 159,005 item 1)
      Pg.506: 21 Nov. 1825, Dennis Duncan, Gent., Captain of 465th District Company of Militia. (MAD: Jackson Co. GA)

GA Confederate Soldiers Pensions; Index - Dobson, W.P. to Ellington, Allen J. (FHL film 1,493,057)
      MAD: The Pension records themselves are alphabetic within the county. The index is small 3x5 cards preprinted with "Name:" and "Service:" and "Res.:" and "Remarks"; also looked at any Dunan and Dunk.. names listed; cards include witnesses for other confederate soldiers.
      Information in FHL Catalog: Confederate soldiers received pensions for military service beginning in 1879; law changed 1891 to include widows; cards in this record for the witnesses of these soldiers & widows attesting to service of each soldier; alphabetical by name of pensioner, included on card are notations concerning county of residence, unit designation, and husband's name in the case of widow cards.
      C.C. Duncan, Co.A, 2nd GA, application in Banks Co. GA
      C.C. Duncan, Co.A, 2nd GA, application by Mrs. M.A. Duncan, widow, of Jackson Co. GA
      C.C. Duncan, Co.A, 2nd GA, application by Mrs. M.A. Duncan, widow, Oglethorpe Co. GA
      Charles C. Duncan, Co.A, 2nd GA, witness for John M. Ariail, Jackson Co. GA
      Mrs. M.A. Duncan, widow of C.C. Duncan, Co.A, 2nd GA, application in Jackson Co. GA
      Mrs. M.A. Duncan, widow of C.C. Duncan, Co.A, 2nd GA, trfd from Jackson Co., appl. in Oglethorpe Co. GA

      J.T. Duncan, Co.D, 16th Bn GA Inf., application in Jackson Co. GA
      J.T. Duncan, Co.D, 16th Bn GA Inf., application by Mrs. Harriett A. Duncan, widow, Jackson Co. GA
      Mrs. Harriett A. Duncan, widow of J.T. Duncan, Co.D, 16th Bn GA Inf., application in Jackson Co. GA

      M.B. Duncan, Co.B, 16th Bn GA Cav., application in Jackson Co. GA
      M.B. Duncan, 16th Bn GA Inf., witness for S.M. Holland, Jackson Co. GA

TN Confederate Pension Application (FHL film 969,801)
      #14,631: Henry Clay Duncan, born Jackson Co. GA in 1841; enlisted in 1861 in Co. C, 5th TN Cavalry; wife is dead when he applied for pension 10 March 1915, he living with one of his married daughters; he had 3 boys and 3 girls; has been in TN for 65 years, res. Spring City [Rhea Co.] TN. (MAD: 1850 Union Co. GA census; 1860 McMinn Co. TN census)


Biographical Questionnaires in GA Dept. of Archives & History, alphabetically arranged, incl. biographies of those who served in Public Office in GA and those who fought in the war between the states; data gathered by Mrs. Mary Givins Bryan in 1926, per "GA Gen. Mag." (FHL film 288,172)
      Francis Marion Duncan, died March 9, 1904; born on Dec. 23, 1840 near Marietta in Cobb Co., GA. Educated in Common Schools of GA; later he graduated at Bowden College, Bowden, GA. School teacher; taught first school at Cuba near Duncan's Crossing, Douglas Co. GA, then at Bethel, Paulding Co. Later he went to Bowden College and graduated there, teaching afterwards. Methodist, Democrat, Mason. Mr. Duncan enlisted in War between the States in May 1861 and served until April 1865. Private in Co. D, 7th GA Regiment CSA. He was wounded six times while in Army. Member House of Rep., Douglas Co., 1873-74, 1875-76; State Senator 36th Dist. 1878-79. Father William W. Duncan born July 1800 in Greenville Dist. SC, mar. Jan. 1823 in Jackson Co. GA, died Jan. 23, 1847 in Cobb Co. GA; Mr. Duncan attained to considerable prominence and was elected a Justice of the Inferior Court, to which he was re-elected for a number of terms. Buried 4 miles East of Powder Springs, in Cobb Co. GA. Mather Mary Barnwell, b. in Cobb Co. GA, d. in Cobb Co. GA. Paternal grandfather John Duncan, born in SC. (Paternal grandmother, and maternal grandfather and grandmother spaces blank). (Marriage date and place blank) Maiden name of your wife: Nannie Smith, born March 8, 1852 in Haralson Co. GA, died June 10, 1926, in Atlanta, Fulton Co. GA; father-in-law Rev. S.E. Smith, born Nov. 28, 1826 SC, mar. in 1851, died Feb. 6, 1872 in Carroll Co. Bowdon, GA; he was 22 years a member of the M.E. Church; licensed to preach in 1865, he was ordained Elder at the Annual Conference of 1867, convened at Shady Grove Church in Coweta Co.; he was buried with Masonic honors at Bowden, GA. Maiden name of your mother-in-law: Jennie Whitehead, born Aug. 20, 1830 in Cobb Co. GA, died Jan. 30, 1915 in Fulton Co., Atlanta, GA. Names and birth dates of your children: no children. /s/ J.T. Duncan (nephew), April 2nd, 1935. (printed form filled in by typewriter)

HISTORIES before 1923

"The early history of Jackson County, Georgia : 'the writings of the late G.J.N. Wilson, embracing some of the early history of Jackson County' : the first settlers, 1784 : formation and boundaries to the present time : records of the Talasee Colony : struggles of the colonies of Yamacutah, Groaning Rock, Fort Yargo, Stonethrow and Thomocoggan" by G.J.N. Wilson; ed. by W.E. White; pub. Jefferson, Ga.: W.E. White, c1914, 325 pgs. (LH9694, HeritageQuest images 4/2007; FHL book 975.8145 H2w and film 1,425,700 item 8)
      (Civil War)
      Pg.315: Marler's Company, Company E, 16th Georgia Volunteer Cavalry ... Duncan, J.C.
      Pg.317: Camp's Company, Company D, 16th Georgia Volunteer Cavalry ... Duncan, W.H.; Duncan, N.B.; Duncan, J.T.; Duncan, L.G.; Duncan, George.
      Pg.325: Soldiers living in Jackson County: Duncan, J.C.

1895 "Memoirs of Georgia : containing historical accounts of the state's civil, military, industrial and professional interests, and personal sketches of many of its people" or "Memoirs of Georgia, Historical and Biographical" abstracted by Georgia Genealogical Gleanings; pub. by Southern Historical Assn. (FHL book 975.8 H2m and film 1,697,814 items 1 & 2; from Evelyn Sigler 1984) (MAD: See complete under Cobb Co. GA)
      Vol.I, Pg.615: JOHN B. DUNCAN, farmer, Douglasville, Douglas Co. GA. Son of William W. and Mary (Barnwell) Duncan, b. in Henry Co. GA Nov. 5, 1826. His paternal grandfather was John Duncan, b. in SC. His father was born in Greenville Dist. SC, July 1800. Father was orphaned at 10 years of age. William W. in Jan. 1823 m. Mary Barnwell of Jackson Co. GA; to Cobb Co. GA. William W. Duncan died Jan. 23, 1847; Mary Barnwell Duncan died March 8, 1850. John B. was in the Civil War; married Feb. 15, 1849 to Louisa Matthews. She d. six months later; he m. (2) Oct. 17, 1850 to Miss Martha E. Mosley.

1878 "History of Jackson Co. Illinois" by Brownlee; pub. by Brink, McDonough & Co. (FHL film 962,314 item 1)
      Pg.86: William Montgomery Duncan was born in Lancaster Dist. SC, 1 Nov. 1815, 8th of 10 children of Pierson and Sarah Duncan. Family to Jackson Co. GA when William age about 8, in fall of 1827 to IL with wife and children, arriving Christmas day in Jefferson Co. Fall of 1829 to Randolph Co., about 8 miles above Kaskaskia; spring 1831 to Jackson Co. about 1/2 mile from home place of William Duncan. Father died about 1843, widow survived him 3 or 4 years. Wm. M. Duncan married June 22, 1835, to Sarah Atkins of Randolph Co.; 10 children, 5 yet living; she died 25 Nov. 1854, and he m. 8 July 1855 to Caroline Tyndall; 4 children, 3 yet living. Mrs. Duncan died 30 April 1865, he married on 5 Sept. following to Mrs. Marilla Hobbs; 4 children, two boys yet living. Mrs. D. died 6 Sept. 1875, and on 28 Jan. 1876, he m. a sister to his former wife, Mrs. N. Hobbs, who is still living. Democrat, enjoying good health, is among the old residents of his township.


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