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Formed 1792 from Greene, Hawkins
Loudon formed 1870 from Blount, Monroe, Roane, McMinn


1830 Monroe Co. TN Census
Pg. 80  Charles Whitson       1110,01       - 1210,01
    81  Hugh Weare            0121,001      - 2000,1
    82  Andrew Duncan         1000,01       - 1220,01
    90  John Bennett          2100,001      - 0002,001
   103  John Dunkin           1000,1        - 1000,1
   104  Francis Dunkin        0000,11       - 0000,1000,1
   114  Andrew Dunkin         0000,1        - 0000,1
   138  Charles Duncan        0000,1        - 0000,1000,1
   148  David Stephens        2300,01       - 2210,01
   269  John Duncan           3220,101      - 0120,01

1840 Monroe Co. TN Census
26th Reg.
Pg.145  Ann Duncan            001           - 0122,001
   155  Joseph Stepheson      0000,0000,01  - 0000,0000,01
        Jas. Stepheson        0010,0001     - 0001,1001
        Mary Stephens         0             - 1010,0001
        John Stephens         0100,01       - 2000,1
   158  David Stephens        0012,001      - 001
   159  Isaac Stephens        1122,001      - 1110,001
        Jack? Stephens        1000,1        - 2100,1
27th Reg.
   173  John Duncan           1010,011      - 1110,01
        Francis Duncan        0000,001      - 0
        John C. Duncan        0101,01       - 1010,11
   184  James K. Duncan       1000,01       - 1000,1
   185  Ann Duncan            001           - 0122,001
   186  Thomas Stephens       1000,1        - 0000,1
        Sampson Stephens      1000,1        - 1000,1
        George Stephens       0020,1001     - 0001,101
        Michael Stephens      1100,1        - 1100,1
   188  John Duggan           0210,01       - 1011,11
   189  Alvis Duncan          0100,01       - 0000,1
        Berry Duncan          0120,0001     - 0101,201
        Thomas Duncan         0000,0000,01  - 0000,0000,1
        Jefferson Duncan      1000,1        - 1000,1
   194  Wm. Stephens          0000,1000,1   - 0222,101
        Isaac Denton          0011,201      - 0202,0001
   195  William Stephens      0000,1000,1   - 0222,101
        Richd. Stephens       0111,0001     - 0011,101
   198  Jackson Duncan        0010,4        - 0001
   199  John McAdams          1100,01       - 1000,01
        John Duncan           1000,1        - 0000,1
        John Alexander        0000,01       - 2110,01

1850 Monroe Co. TN Census (and from Roy Hall 2/1989)
Page numbers without parens are stamped page numbers, within parens are handwritten numbers
4th District
Pg.30 (59), #397, J. DUNCAN (m) 36 NC farmer $500
                  Sarah 25 NC
                  Martha 12, Nicholas 10 NC
                  Nancy 8, John 6 NC
                  Mary 4, Sarah 4 NC
                  James PATTEN 22 NC farmer
                  (MAD: Jefferson Duncan; Nicholas in Dade Co. MO in Civil War)
5th District
Pg.33 (66), #441, Alvis DUNCAN 40 TN farmer $0 can't read/write
                  Hanah 40 TN
                  James 22 farmer, Elizabeth 19 TN
                  Joseph 17, Wm. 15 TN
                  Henry 9, John 7 TN
                  Eli 4, Mary 1 TN
                  (MAD: 1860 Dade Co. MO census)
Pg.35 (70), #474, Thomas DUNCAN 24 not known farmer $0
                  Sarah 21 not known
                  Mary 9/12 not known
Taken 9/13/1850
Pg.35 (70), #475, Berymin DUNCAN 62 NC farmer $350, can't read/write
                  Fanny 55 NC
                  Beryman 21 farmer, Jane 17 NC ("do)
                  Samuel 14 NC ("do")
                  Rody (f) 80 NC can't read/write
                  (MAD: 1860 Dade Co. MO census; Berry Duncan mar. Fanny Tummins 7/16/1812 (bond date) in Roane Co. TN, son of Thomas)
Pg.35 (70), #477, Robert SIMPSON 50 NC farmer $500
                  Mary 52 NC
                  Surann 20, George 17, Elihugh 12 TN
                  Sally 11, Samuel 8 TN
                  James McKEHAN 81 TN
                  (MAD: Robert Simpson mar. Mary Duncan 12/5/1833 in Rhea Co. TN, if same person)
3rd District
Pg.40 (79), #542, Robert DUNCAN 33 VA carpenter $0
                  Adaline 26 NC
                  Sarah 10, Louisa 9 NC
                  Caroline 6 NC
                  Hanry 3, Elizabeth 1 TN
                  Nancy LANSTON 15 TN
                  (MAD: wife Adaline Whittaker per query; d. 1907 Loudon Co. TN)
Pg.41 (82), #566, W.A. SPENCER (m) 46 VT farmer $5500
                  Mary 46 TN
                  Hedgesh (sic) (m) 17, Mary E. 10 TN
                  (MAD: William A. Spencer mar. Mary W. Duncan in Blount Co. TN 2/12/1828)
2nd District
Pg.45 (90), #619, Hamilton JOHNSTON 35 TN farmer $3000
                  Isabella 37 TN
                  Elizabeth 13, Nancy 10 TN
                  Samuel 8, Sarah 6 TN
                  Josiah 3, Francis (m) 1 TN
                  Wm. DUNCAN 21 TN farmer
Pg.46 (91), #627, Samuel DUNCAN 35 OH farmer $0
                  Elizabeth 33 NC
                  Sarah 9, Mary 7 (f) NC
                  Nancy 4, Martha 1 NC
                  Eliza NELSON 17 NC
                  (MAD: ?? Mrs. Elizabeth E. Duncan mar. Lewis L. Ellis 1853 in Tuscaloosa Co. AL, she age 42 NC of 1860 Jefferson Co. AL census w/Nancy A. 13 & Martha 11 TN)
Pg.49 (98), #680, John DUNCAN 33 KY laborer $0 can't read/write
                  Velary (f) 35 TN
                  Sarah 8, Joseph 6 TN
                  Rody (f) 4, Wm. 2 TN
7th District
Pg.54 (108), #750, Easter PESTERFIELD (f) 44 TN $500 can't r/w
                  Henry 22 TN farmer can't read/write
                  Charity DUNCAN 67 VA, can't read/write
                  John GILBY 12 TN
18th District
Pg.93 (185), #1294, James LAND 57 NC farmer $200
                  Nancy 47 NC
                  William 19, Elison 17, Julia 15 TN
                  James 12, Tillman 9, Eliza 4 TN
                  James ALISON 77 NC "nothing" $0
                  (MAD: looked for James Land who mar. 1/20/1842 in Haywood Co. NC to Nancy Caroline Duncan, dau. of Jonathan & Rachel Bivings of Burke Co. NC; James Land indexed 1850 in Wilkes and Granville Cos. NC did not have wife Nancy or Caroline; doubtful if this the right person since Nancy, dau. of Jonathan, would probably be born after 1817)
19th District
Pg.94 (188), #1314, Andrew DUNCAN 51 NC laborer $0
                  Nancy 60 VA
                  (MAD: Andrew mar. Nancy Early in 1816 in Lincoln Co. NC; this cannot be Andrew & Nancy Jane Johnston mar. 1838 who were in 1850 Louisa Co. IA census)
Pg.94 (188), #1315, Mary Jane DUNCAN 56 TN $500
                  Louisa 24, Wm. 17 TN
                  John 14 TN
                  Theodore MILLAR 36 GERMANY
15th District
Pg.101 (202), #1411, William SHADDIN 25 TN carpenter $0
                  Louisa 25 NC
                  Sarah 5, Nancy 1 TN
                  (MAD: William A. Shadin mar. Louisa Duncan 12/23/1844)
Pg.114 (227), #1594, Isaac STEPHENS 52 TN farmer $5000
                  Anny 51 TN
                  David 25, John 23, Thomas 20 TN
                  Joseph 18, Isaac 16, Margarett 14 TN
                  Sarah 15, James 9, Freeling H. 5 TN
                  William LOWRY 9 TN
                  Elizabeth STEPHENS 22 TN
                  (MAD: not the son of John Stephens Sr. and wife Margaret Duncan, mar. 12/27/1813 Washington Co. TN; perhaps the Isaac Stephens who married Ann Humphreys 12/16/1820 Washington Co. TN)
14th District
Pg.126 (251), #1765, John T. DUNCAN 29 NC farmer $0 can't read/write
                  Sarah 30 TN
                  Elbert 9, Malissa 7 TN
                  Margarett 5, Louisa 3 TN
                  Emily 1 TN
                  (MAD: 1870 Hamilton Co. IL census)

1860 Monroe Co. TN Census
3rd District
Pg.202 (26), #186-186, Wm. DUNCAN 31 TN farmer $3500-$500
                  John DUNCAN 25 TN farmer $3500-$500
                  Frank EDMOND 13 TN MULATTO
Pg.204 (29-30), #213-219, Coleman DUNCAN 43 NC farmer $0-$0
                  Maiserath (f) 37 TN wife
                  Florance (f) 5, W.L. (m) 3 TN
                  J.H. (m) 6/12 TN
5th District
Pg.220 (62), #448-459, R.P. DUNCAN (m) 45 VA carpenter $0-$300
                  Adaline 37 NC
                  Louisa 16 NC
                  Caroline 15, Henry 14 TN
                  James 8, Betty 10, John 5 TN
11th District
Pg.260 (142), #1025-1054, John DUNCAN 23 TN laborer $0-$0 mar.in year
                  Charlotte 30 NC mar.in year
14th District
Pg.276 (174), #1256-1278, Henery STEPHENS 37 TN farmer $3000-$400
                  C.S. (f) 23 TN
                  Aron W. (m) 3, M.W. (m) 1 TN
                  Thos. J. 32 TN laborer $3000-$400
Pg.282 (186), #1362-1382, Wm. RAY 48 TN farmer $2000-1000
                  Eliza 42 TN
                  W.M. GILES (m) 6 TN
                  David STEPHENS 65 TN laborer
Pg.282 (186), #1363-1383, Isaac STEPHENS 61 TN farmer $10000-2000
                  F.H. (m) 15 TN
                  Isaac B. 25 TN laborer $0-$500
                  Sarah 18 TN
"Different Districts" P.O. Sweetwater
Pg.312 (245), #1765-1285, Joseph W. DUNCAN 24 TN laborer $0-$100
                  Caroline 19 TN
                  Jacob 1 TN
                  Sallie HARAY 55 VA

1870 Monroe Co. TN Census
District 4
Pg.37, #91-91, DUNCAN, John 28 GA Physician $1200-$500
                  Mary 28 b. NC keeping house
                  M.C. (male) 23 GA (blank occupation)
                  Leorgia (male) 10/12 TN born Aug.
                  (MAD: John Wesley and Moses C. Duncan from Union Co. GA)
District 8
Pg.77, #96-96, DUNCAN, Cale (m) 53 TN farm laborer $0-$100
                  Malsenci (f) 43 TN keeping house
                  Florence 14, William 12 TN
                  John 10, Nancy 7, Mary 5 TN
District 17
Pg.151, #1-1, DUNCAN, Robert 55 NC farm laborer $0-$350
                  Adaline 46 NC keeping house
                  Sarah 30, Mary 26 TN
                  Henry 22, John 14 TN farm laborers
                  Bettie (f) 20 TN
                  PRESLEY, Will 11, Mary 9, Robert 7, Louisa 5 TN


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Monroe Co. TN Wills, Vol.1, 1833-1860, and Vol.A (FHL film 956,237)
      1-39/40: 19 Sept. 1839, Samuel Duncan of Monroe Co. TN, weak of body; to Andrew J. Duncan, George B. Duncan, Archibald W. Duncan and William A. Duncan (my sons) all my real and personal estate to be divided equally as soon as William A. Duncan becomes of age except so much as may be hereinafter mentioned; to my sons John C. Duncan and James K. Duncan also my daughter Issabella (sic) Johnson formerly Issabella Duncan and Sarah Duncan $350 each to be paid out of the proceeds of my estate by the said Andrew J. Duncan, George B. Duncan, Archibald W. Duncan and William A. Duncan in the following manner, viz, in March 1844 1/3 paid to each, in March 1845 1/3 and in March 1846 the balance or remaining thirds. To my son Archibald W. one bay horse; to my daughter Sarah one horse and saddle, the horse to be equal in value to the one above described to be paid over by the said Andrew J. Duncan, George B. Duncan, etc. as soon as she comes of age or may need the services of the said horse; to my son William one horse of the above description paid over as soon as he may arrive to the age of 21 also one saddle; to my daughter Sarah three beds and furniture; to my son George B. Duncan one bed etc.; to my son Archibald W. Duncan one bed etc.; to my son William A. Duncan one bed etc.; to my son Andrew J. Duncan all my household and kitchen furniture except so much as is above otherwise appropriated; so much of my personal property be sold as will be sufficient to satisfy my outstanding debts; appoint friends John Duncan Sen., Robert Russell and Andrew J. Duncan executors. Wit. Josiah Rowan, John E. Grigsby. No recording or probate date given.
      A-143: 3 Sept. 1856, Jeremiah Duncan will; to wife Mary Duncan as long as she remains on the place and remains a widow; want minor heirs taken good care of, a good common English education, good horse etc. each after they come of age; son William Duncan stay on the farm and take care of the family and keep the personal property together to the best advantage for the benefit of the family, to wit, Samuel, Josephis, & Mary L. Duncan minor heirs for which I give up the farm & all to my son William, until my youngest child is of age; then the land be sold and the proceeds divided between my three oldest sons, William, James and John, except $5 to each of my 3 married daughters, Catharine Singleton, Mary anall Taylor and Margaret Roddy; the house and lot I have in Rinegold [Catoosa Co.] GA to my daughter Margaret and her heirs; the personal property after raising the minor children shall belong to my son William. (no exec.) /s/ J.H. Duncan. Wit. Robt. Carter, J.H. Montgomery, Benjamin Franklin. No proved date.
            MAD: See "Chancery Court Records of McMinn Co. TN" by Reba Bayless Boyer; FHL book 976.8865 P2bo, pg.142; Box 392: John E. Duncan et als v. Catherine Singleton and Mary Ann Taylor. Filed 13 Feb. 1874. John E. Duncan and Margaret Roddy formerly Duncan, of Ringgold, GA, James Taylor and Robert Singleton of Blount Co. v. Mary Ann Taylor formerly Duncan wife of James, and Catherine Singleton formerly Duncan wife of Robert. Mary Duncan, stepmother of complainants and defendants, and widow of their father Jeremiah dec'd died 1859 or 1860 somewhere in the West leaving two minor children by Jeremiah dec'd Samuel and Joseph aged nine and twelve who soon died without issue. Petition to sell lot for division.

Monroe Co. TN Will Book A, 1825-1869, typed by WPA (FHL film 24,769 item 3)
      Pg.24: Samuel Duncan. (not copied; see above)
      P-49: Jane Carter will; 12 Oct. 1844; to dau. Margaret Carter 3 negroes and a note of hand on David P. Walker and two notes, one on Samuel J. Rowan and the other on the estate of John Duggan. To granddaus. Louisiana and Mary K. Sawyers each $50 to be paid out of a note I hold on Robert Carter, the remainder of said note I give to my dau. Carter (no other name); $50 to my sister Katherine Sawyers out of above note, the remainder to Margaret Carter; to grandson Robert Carter 1/2 a note I hold on him and M.C. Dibbrell if he will carry Louisiana and Mary K. Sawyers and Katherine Sawyers to them; the other half of the note I give to M.C. Dibbrell. Appoint grandson Robert Carter exec. Wit. John Duncan, Gabriel Ragsdale. No proved date. (pg.29-30)
      P-143: Jeremiah Duncan will. (Not copied; see above)
      P-229: Jacob Parks, Deceased. Will of Jacob (X) Parks, no date (next will dated Jan. 1856); to son James Parks all household & kitchen furniture and one note of hand on McGlapan? for $18 and 1/2 estate; to my daughter Susan Jackson the remaining half of my estate by paying Sarah Parks my dau. in GA, $10 by her coming after it herself. Wit. R.P. Dunkin, John Vasser, Robert (X) Hall. (pg.129)

Monroe Co. TN Wills (FHL film 956,237)
      Book A, 1825-1869 - no David Stephens
      Book 1, 1833-1860 - not checked
      Book 2, 1859-1872 - no Stephens
      Book 3, 1873-1903 - no Duncan
      3-115: 4 Aug. 1884, Isaac (X) Stephens, widow Eliza Ann Stephens to have the mill and land for life/widowhood; son N.P. Stephens and stepson H.S. Watkins have "same property" equally and keep the mill in running order; if mill fail, they to see "she has plenty her life time"; the rest of my children have received their portion which was $37.50. Wit. Newton Webb, L.D. Hunnicutt. Probate on record book pages 5-6, Oct. 6, 1884.


Joseph Roddy's Bible (from Alma Finney 12/1990)
      Alma Finney: I had an aunt and uncle who never married and lived in what was called "the old home place" in the country out of Fayetteville, AR. My sister was visiting there in the 30's or 40's and for some unknown reason copied this info from our Great-grandmother's Bible (Margaret Duncan Roddy). It was her husband's Bible, so it seems. Since then everyone has died and no one knows where the Bible is. This was the days before I thought of my roots. This is the Bible as she copied it. Some of it she couldn't read.
            Joseph Roddy's Book
      Father John Roddy died April 28 in Blount County Tenn in 1851.
      Mary Caroline Roddy died Oct. 17, 1861 - Age 7 yrs. 9 mo and 6 days.
      Joseph Roddy died June 20?th, 1870
      ---- Duncan died Oct (?). 8th, 1856, Grove County, Tenn. (AF: must have been Greene Co.; MAD: Could this be Jeremiah Duncan of Monroe Co. TN?)
      Joseph Roddy was born Sept 27, 1824 in Blount County, Tenn on Little River
      John Roddy, my father, was born May the 1st, 1791 and died April 28th, 1851. Aged 60 years.
      Joseph Born Sept. 27, 1824
      Margaret Jane (Duncan) Roddy, Sept. 11, 1833
      Baby Roddy born Feb. 28, 1851
      Elizabeth California Roddy born Feb. 23, 1852
      Mary Caroline Roddy born Feb. 23, 1852
      Joseph Roddy married Jan. 17, 1850 to Margaret Duncan
            On a separate paper: Milledgeville, June 29, 1878
            On another sheet: State of Georgia, Catoosa. County. We the Baptist Church at Pleasant Grove, do certify that our Beloved Sister, Callie E. Johnston is a member with us and in good standing and is hereby dismissed from us when joined to another Church of the same Faith and Order. Done by order of the Church in Conference this October the 6th, 1883. A.T. Wells C.C. (AF: The Johnston family were Presbyterians from VA to TN to GA to TX; this may be the reason the Roddy's were not readily accepted by Callie's father-in-law James Harvey Johnston.)


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HISTORIES before 1923

1885 "History of East TN" by Goodspeed (from Georgia Helderlein 3/1989)
      Loudon Co.: Joseph Duncan was appointed Commissioner among others Oct. 25, 1813, for the town of Morganton ... which later fell within the limits of Monroe Co.

1885 "History of McDonough County, Illinois : together with sketches of the towns, villages and townships, educational, civil, military and political history; portraits of prominent individuals, and biographies of the representative citizens; and History of Illinois ..." pub. by Continental Historical Co. (FHL film 1,000,503 item 2)
      Pg.652: Lamoine Township: Hugh E. Wear, a native of Washington Co. TN, came with his family to Lamoine township, in May, 1835. He was born in 1789, and in 1825 removed to Monroe Co. TN, where he remained about seven years, when he went to Franklin Co. IL, after which he came to this township. His death occurred in 1873, and he was interred at Scott's church. His wife, whose maiden name was Sarah Duncomb, died in 1858. Mr. Wear was justice of the peace in Lamoine for a number of years. Andrew Wear came at the same time with his father, Hugh, and is still a resident of the township.
      Pg.653: Joseph D. Wear, a son of Hugh, came with his parents to Lamoine township, in 1836. He was born in Washington Co. TN, February 25, 1815, and married January 16, 1838, to Mary B. Downs, who were the parents of 10 children. They are still residents of the township.
      Pg.661: George J. Lawyer ... Mr. Lawyer was married in November, 1867, to Amanda C. Wear, a daughter of Hugh and Sarah (Duncomb) Wear. ...

1889 "Portrait & Biographical Album of Louisa County Iowa : containing full page portraits and biographical sketches of prominent and representative citizens of the county" by Acme Pub. (CA State Library, Sutro Branch, microfilm 63, reel 27; FHL film 934,952)
      Pg.503-4: FRANCIS MARION DUNCAN is one of the early settlers of Louisa Co. of 1846, and now resides upon a farm on Sec. 10, Union Twp. He was born in Monroe Co. TN in 1838, and is a son of John and Rachel Duncan, who were natives of Blount Co. The father was a farmer by occupation, and in 1846 emigrated to Louisa Co. IA with his family, settling in Columbus City Twp, where he purchased 290 acres of partly improved land, making his home upon that farm until his death, which occurred in May, 1876. His wife died in September 1864. They were the parents of ten children, six of whom are now living: Mary, wife of Matthew Edmondson of Ainsworth, IA; Joseph Carter who died in September 1864; Jane C., deceased wife of David McLaughlin, of Washington Co.; Nancy A., widow of Reuben Hammil of Washington Co.; Francis Marion, of this sketch; Elizabeth C. who is the wife of David C. Hammil also of Washington Co.; John Calvin who is engaged in farming in Columbus City Twp; Robert Nelson, a farmer near Columbus City. The parents were members of the Seceders Presbyterian Church, in which Mr. Duncan held the office of an Elder. ... Republican (moved from TN because abolitionist). ....

1911 "History of Louisa Co. IA, From Its Earliest Settlement to 1911" by Arthur Springer, pub. by S.J. Clarke Pub. Co. (FHL book 977.7926 H2s; FHL film 924,762)
      Pg.240: JAMES CARSON DUNCAN ... was born on the 8th of April, 1868, a son of John Calvin and Sarah Jane (Tedford) Duncan, early settlers of this district. The father was born in Monroe Co. TN, on the 6th of September, 1845, a son of John and Rachel (Duncan) Duncan, also natives of the Volunteer state, who came to Louisa Co. IA in 1846.
      Pg.342: SAMUEL H. DUNCAN ... was born in Tennessee on the 28th of October, 1838, his parents being J.K. and Margaret (Johnson) Duncan. In the early '40s they removed westward, being among the pioneer settlers of Iowa, where they passed the latter days of their lives.
      Pg.498: FRANCIS M. DUNCAN ... was born in Monroe Co. TN, on the 8th of July, 1838, and is a son of John and Rachel G. (Duncan) Duncan, natives of Tennessee, but the father was of Irish extraction his father having come from the Emerald Isle. The family removed to Iowa from Tennessee in 1846, arriving in Louisa county on the 10th of May. They settled in the vicinity of Columbus Junction, .... continuing to reside there until he passed away at the age of seventy-five years. The demise of the mother occurred in 1864, at the age of fifty-five. In their family were ten children, namely: Mary, Joseph C., James C. and Nancy, all of whom are deceased; Francis M., our subject; James M., who is deceased; John Calvin, who is a resident of Columbus City; Nelson, living in the same place; and Caroline and Madison Blair, both deceased. ...
      Pg.551: ROBERT F. DUNCAN ... was here born on the 24th of August, 1844. His parents were J. Kennedy and Margaret (Johnson) Duncan, natives of Tennessee, who on coming to Iowa in 1840 settled in Louisa county ...

1886 "Biographical & Historical Record of Wayne and Appanoose Cos. IA" by Inter-State Publ. Co. (FHL book 977.78 D3b)
      Pg.353: ANDREW R. DUNCAN, section 31, Benton Township, was born in Blount Co. TN, October 21, 1834. His father, Andrew Duncan, moved with his family to Louisa County, Iowa, in the spring of 1844, and there died in June, 1848. Our subject was reared to agricultural pursuits, ... He came to Iowa with his parents when ten years old, and in the spring of 1867 removed to Wayne County, and the following fall located on the farm where he now lives, ... Mr. Duncan was married January 20, 1859, to Catherine Johnson, a native of Monroe Co. TN, daughter of George B. Johnson, an early settler of Warren Township, Wayne County. They have had a family of six children but four of whom are living -- Emma, Rosa, Ella and Leonard. Emma is the wife of George Bell, of Warren Township, and has one child -- Edith. Mr. Duncan has served his township as trustee two terms.

1895 "Memoirs of GA, Historical and Biographical" Vol.1, by Southern Hist. Assn. (FHL book 975.8 H2m; and from Evelyn Sigler 3/1984)
      Vol.1, Pg.763: DOCTOR JOHN WESLEY DUNCAN was born on a plantation in Union Co. GA, Sept. 29, 1842, and resided there until he reached his majority, attending schools of the county and the academy in Clay Co. NC, where he was pursuing his studies when the war began. In 1865, having finished his accedemic course, came to Forsyth Co. GA, studied medicine with Dr. E.M. Bacon. ... Graduated from Atlanta Medical college after two years, in 1868; practiced for a time in western NC, then to Philadelphia (in) east TN for 13 years; 1883 to Atlanta, GA. ... Member of Grace Methodist Episcopal Church in Atlanta. Dr. Duncan married first in western NC on Oct. 1, 1868, to Mary M., dau. of Watson Curtis, had six children; he married again, Sept. 16, 1885, to Minnie E., dau. of Dr. A. Ellis, Milton Co., GA, had six children, three boys & three girls. Dr. Duncan's father was David Newton Duncan, native of Burke Co. NC, born in 1806, came to GA 30 years later, locating in Union Co. where he farmed until death in 1879; married Nancy Gillespie and had 5 children, 4 grew up, three now survive, William Rufus of Union Co. GA; Dr. John Wesley; Dr. Moses C. of Madisonville [Monroe Co.], TN. Dr. Duncan's grandfather was Charles Duncan, b. VA, who migrated to NC in early manhood and there married; in later years to Union Co. GA, where he lived until his death which occurred during the war in his 91st year. The emigrant ancestor was a Scotchman. ... (MAD: David Newton married in Macon Co. NC)


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