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Formed 1828 from Baker, Lee
Stewart formed 1830 from Randolph
Clay formed 1854 from Early, Randolph
Terrell formed 1856 from Lee, Randolph
Quitman formed 1858 from Randolph, Stewart
Old Randolph formed 1807, changed to Jasper 1812


1840 Randolph Co. GA Census
954th Dist.
Pg.255  Nathaniel Duncan      1000,01  -  1000,1
      (MAD: possibly 1850 Pike Co. AL census, possibly 1860 Coffee Co. AL census)

1850 Randolph Co. GA Census (no Duncan indexed)
Beat 2
Pg.11, #151, James ALLEN 28 GA mechanic $1000, mar/in/year
                  Sarah 20 AL
                  John GOLDRING? 25 AL
                  (MAD: one Sarah C. Duncan b. 1/16/1825, dau. of Matthew, m. James Whitfield Allen on 4/9/1845, family to Bastrop Co. TX by 1870; two other James Allens in Randolph Co. had wife Ann and wife Elizabeth; no proof this the correct family)

1860 Randolph Co. GA Census
Cuthbert P.O.
Pg.619, #310, G.M. DUNCAN (m) 54 SC farmer
                  Catharine H. 43 GA
                  Martha E. 15 GA
                  Danaline SHIVES (f) 6 GA
                  Henry DODGE 11 GA
                  (MAD: 1850 Dooly Co. GA census; their dau. Mary Eugenia b. 1/6/1845 Houston Co. GA, mar. Jos. H. Taylor, d. Randolph Co. GA 2/26/1873; from pg.209, "Death & Obituary Notices from 'Southern Christian Advocate' 1867-1878" Vol.3 by Brent Holcomb, FHL book 975.8 V4h)
Pg.649, #504, Jessie A. DUNCAN (m) 25 GA farmer
                  Caroline 20 GA
                  John M. 1 GA
                  Nancy VONCHER 10 GA
                  (MAD: ? 1850 Elbert Co. GA census with J.W. Dunkin; Jesse A. Duncan mar. Caroline Patrick 10/30/1855 Newton Co. GA; perhaps the J.A. Duncan b. 7/2/1830, son of Nathaniel Duncan & Mary Nelms or Nelhomes, Mary of 1860 Newton Co. GA census and 1870 Clarke Co. GA census)
Pg.678, #704, J.M. DUNCAN (m) 27 MO "Missouri" blacksmith
                  Mary M. 23 NC
                  Charles 1 GA
                  (MAD: ? James M. mar. Mary Ann Fish 1/10/1858 Butts Co. GA ?; but see also 1860 Coffee Co. AL census)

1870 Randolph Co. GA Census
City of Cuthbert
Pg.246, #124-134, DUNCAN, Georgia (m) 64 SC (white) agent for college $0-$0
                  Cathrine 52 GA keeps house
Pg.252, #221-235, DUNCAN, David 50 SC BLACK "in carpenter shop" $200-$0
                  Jane 47 SC BLACK keeps house
                  Virginia 12 GA BLACK at school
146th Sub-Division
Pg.311, #753-754, DUNCAN, Jesse 40 GA farmer $225-$300
                  Caroline 37 GA keep house
                  John 12 GA at school
                  Mary Jane 10 GA at home
                  Henry F. 3 GA
                  Luella (f) 6/12 GA b.Jan.
Pg.324, #954-955, DUNCAN, James M. 37 MO "Missouri" (white) blacksmith $0-$0
                  Mary Ann 33 NC keeps house
                  Charles 11, Ella 8 GA at school
                  Margret 4 GA at home
                  Jesse (m) 1, Bessie (f) 1 GA twins


Randolph Co. GA Marriages 1858-1880 (FHL film 271,260)
      Pg.321, John Duncan to Cana Presley, free persons of color, mar. 6 June 1870.


Randolph Co. GA Probate Records
      Wills, estates, returns, etc. 1837-1845, 1858-1869 - no Duncan (FHL film 271,263)
      Wills & estates 1835-1840 - no Duncan (FHL film 271,264)
      Wills Vol.B, 1870-1916 - no Duncan (FHL film 271,264 item 2)
      Admin. Bonds Vol.A, 1840-1851 - no index (FHL film 271,254)
      Letters of Admin. & guardianship 1851-1868 - no Duncan (FHL film 271,255)
      Returns Vol.G, 1858-1861 - sketchy index, no Duncan (FHL film 271,267)
      Returns Vol.N, 1861-1867 - no Duncan (FHL film 271,268)

Randolph Co. GA Court of Ordinary, Minutes 1852-1871; incl. index (FHL film 271,275)
      Minutes 1852-1858 - no Duncan
      Minutes 1858-1871 - no Duncan


GA Land Lotteries; Randolph Co. GA
      Name, lottery year, militia district & county of residence, draw
      Duncan, A., (Agnes Duncan, lot #80, 7th Dist. 1st Sec.) husband died, 1827, of Capt. Dorseys Dist., Hall Co., drew lot #5, 31st Dist., Sec.1, Lee Co. (MAD: later Randolph Co.)

Randolph Co. GA Deeds
      Vol. A, 1830-1838 (FHL film 271,214; grantee index at front of book)
      A-21: Stewart Co. GA; 16 Aug. 1831, Agnes Duncan to Joseph R. Hill & Co., both of county & state aforesaid, for $58, lot 81 in Dist. 7, formerly Lee now Randolph Co.; wit. Smith R. Cleary, A.B. Pope JP. (MAD: she of Hall Co. GA when she won the 1827 lottery lot)
      Vol. B, 1837-1838 (FHL film 271,215; some index pages missing)
      B-248 (1st): Marion Co. GA, 14 Jan. 1837, John Richardson of Marion Co. GA to Nathaniel Duncan of Stewart Co. GA, $250, Lot 74 in Dist. 8, formerly Lee now Randolph Co.; wit. Samuel Holley, Henry Joiner.
      B-248 (2nd): Randolph Co. GA, 14 June 1837, Nathaniel Duncan of Stewart Co. GA to Richard Foster of Randolph Co. GA, $600, Lot 74 in Dist. 8, formerly Lee now Randolph Co.; wit. Henry Howell, Reuben Tye.
      B-250: Randolph Co. GA; 1 Aug. 1837, John Purvis, guardian for minor heirs of Henry Askew, to Nathaniel Duncan (no locality), $200, Lot 26 in Dist. 20, 202-1/2 acres; wit. J.D. Stapleton, W.B. Smith JIC.
      Vol. C, 1838-1839 - no Duncan (FHL film 271,216; grantor index only; no Duncan grantor or grantee found)
      Vol. C&D, 1838-1843 (FHL film 271,216; grantee index only, no Duncan grantor spotted)
      CD-509: 12 Aug. 1839, Henry P. Thomas of Guinett Co. GA to John A. Duncan of Newton Co. GA, $150, Lot 75 in Dist. 7, 202-1/2 acres, grant to Moses Beard of Frosts Dist., Clarke Co.; wit. Thos. H. Moore, Jno. P. Hutchins JIC.
      Vol. E, 1840-1843, 1847, 1848 - no Duncan (FHL film 271,217; grantee index only but no Duncan grantor found)
      Vol. F, 1841-1845, 1841-1848 (FHL film 271,218; grantee index)
      F-134: Union Co. GA, 3 Sept. 1842, Daniel Killian to Alexander Duncan, both of Co. afsd, $600, Lot 28 in Dist. 8, 202-1/2 acres, drawn by William Wood then of Hall Co. GA; wit. Elisha Duncan, M.M. Roberts JP.
      F-211: 20 March 1838, James E. French at present of City of Tallahatsee, Florida Territory, to Davis Duncan of Jones Co. GA, $10, Lot 75 in Dist. 9 and Lot 175 in Dist. 5, 202-1/2 acres each; wit. William Hilliard JP, William Dickerson.
      Vol. G, 1845-1848 - no Duncan (FHL film 271,218)
      Vol. H, 1848-1853 & 1855 (FHL film 271,219)
      H-292: Union Co. GA, 18 Oct. 1844, Alexander Duncan to Robert G.W. Canon, both of co. afsd, $400, undivided half of lot 28 in Dist. 8 formerly Lee now Randolph Co., that half being 101-1/4 acres; wit. Chas. Duncan, Elish Duncan; reg. on oath of Elish. Duncan 25 Oct. 1844.
      H-748: 3 Dec. 1850, Whereas Newton Co. GA Inferior Court of Ordinary on the 1st Monday in September, 1850, on application of Simeon Duncan, exec. of John A. Duncan decd, passed an order to sell real estate ... to highest bidder ... sold 3 Dec. 1850 to Leroy Jenkins of Randolph Co. GA for $280, lot 75 in Dist. 7. Wit. Thomas L. Geares, Lewis A. Goneke NP.
      Vol.J, 1852-1855 - no Duncan (FHL film 271,220)
      Vol.K, 1855-1859 (FHL film 271,221)
      K-36: Randolph Co. GA, 15 Feb. 1855, Davis Duncan of Macon Co. GA to William J. Johnson of first named, $300, lot 175 in 5th Dist. originally Lee now Randolph Co.; wit. William (X) Johnson, Henry W. Johnston; rec. on oath of William Johnson.
      Vol.L, 1858-1866 (FHL film 271,222)
      L-172: Randolph Co. GA, 31 Jan. 1860, David F. Bryan to George M. Duncan, both of said co., $187, lot in Town District originally the 9th Dist. of said Co. containing 15 acres, being a part of lot #162 adj. Andrew Hancock, Hancock & Gamble's plantatin, Thomas Ozmore; wit. T.R. Stewart, Edward Ball JK LC RC.
      L-684: Randolph Co. GA, 5 June 1865, George M. Duncan of Miller Co. & state afsd to Joseph H. Taylor of Randolph Co. said state, $2500, the lot with buildings on which said George M. Duncan has lived several years past and on which J.B. Jackson, William Ingsam? (Ingram?) and B.H. Perkins have formerly lived, said lot being part of lot 193 in 9th Dist. orig. Lee now Randolph, this lot sold containing 20 acres more or less, adj. Mrs. Sarah M. Long, B.J. Smith, lot of Francis Lennard & Mrs. M.L. Tayler, street running to "Babtist" Female Colledge, and lot of R.H. Jones and Mrs. Hendrick; see deed of William "Iggram" to J.B. Jackson 28 Dec. 1857, rec. 4 Aug. 1859 in Book L, page 65; wit. John W. Redding, E.L. Douglas Notary Public.


"Reports of cases in law and equity, argued and determined in the Supreme Court of the state of Georgia; from Hawkinsville term to Milledgeville term, 1849" ("Georgia Reports") Vol.7, by James M. Kelly and Thos. R.R. Cobb, pgs.187 to 189, Americus, July term 1849 (California State Law Library, Sacramento, 12/2003; MAD's extract)
      JAMES E. DUNCAN, plaintiff in error, vs. LEMUEL WEBB, defendant in fi. fa., and RICHARD FOSTER, claimant, defendants in error; No. 36, Supreme Court of Georgia; 7 Ga. 187; July, 1849, Decided.
      Fi. fa. and claim, in Randolph Superior Court, tried before Judge WARREN, April Term, 1849. A fi. fa. in favor of James E. Duncan against Lemuel Webb was levied on a tract of land as the property of defendant, 26th May, 1846, to which a claim was interposed by Richard Foster. On the trial at May Term, 1849, the plaintiff in fi. fa. offered in evidence an execution issued 6th December, 1833, from the Superior Court of Thomas county, with the following entries thereon: "Received this fi. fa. 1st February, 1834. JOHN C. BROWNING, D. S." "No property of the defendant to be found in this county, this 17th May, 1836. WM. WARD, Sheriff." "No property of the defendant's to be found in Houston county, whereon to levy this fi. fa. March 10th, 1842. GEORGE M. DUNCAN, Sheriff Houston County." Also, the levy on the land, 26th May, 1846. The Court rejected the fi. fa. and plaintiff excepted.
      Plaintiff then offered to prove by Duncan Jordan, that about and just before the return of the Sheriff of Houston county, and up to that time, defendant in fi. fa. had been concealing a negro girl in Houston county, and that plaintiff placed the fi. fa. in the hands of the Sheriff, to levy on this negro; and that defendant in fi. fa. then ran off the negro from Houston county. The Court rejected the evidence, and plaintiff excepted.
      (opinion) The execution tendered in evidence by the plaintiff, was rejected by the Circuit Judge, on the ground that the return required by the Act of 1823 should be made either by the Sheriff of the county where the defendant resides, or where the judgment was obtained. The language of the Statute is, that the entry shall be made by "the proper officer for executing and returning the same." It is clear that the Act itself contains no such restriction. The fieri facias is directed "to all and singular, the Sheriffs of the State. " It would seem, therefore, that it was competent for the Sheriff of any county in Georgia to make the return required by the Act to keep the execution alive. If the officer makes a false or fraudulent return, he is liable to answer in damages to any person who may be injured by his misconduct. Upon this ground the judgment below must be reversed.


Carroll Co. GA Deed (FHL film 341,944, transcribed book)
      C-470: Heard Co., 15 Dec. 1837, Reddick Garner of Heard Co. to McKeen Cook of Randolph Co., state afsd, $15, 1/4 lot #163 in 11th Dist. Carroll Co., wit. William M. Coram, William M. Garner. 1 Oct. 1838, oath of William Coram that he saw deed "assigned;" wit. Nathaniel Duncan JP; rec. 15 July 1839. (MAD: perhaps transcribed from C-462)

Greene Co. GA Deed (FHC film 158,299)
      KK-278: 18 Sept. 1830, Mortgage, Wm. Duncan to William W.D. Weaver and Thomas W. Grimes, lot #88 in Lee Co. when drawn now Randolph Co. in 23rd Dist., 202-1/2 acres; that Weaver and Grimes on 16 Nov. 1827 became surety for Duncan as guardian of Columbus Evans, mortgage to protect Weaver and Grimes; wit. Wm. N. Morgan, John Chin JP.

Newton Co. GA Will Books (FHL film 325,733)
      Book 1, 1823-1851, pg.176: 19 Dec. 1846, John A. Duncan; all my settlement of lands in Newton Co. to Simeon Duncan, Margarett Duncan, Patience E. Landers; also one lot of land in Randolph Co. and two lots in Cherokee and all my stock; on condition they maintain Lucinda Duncan during her natural life; and $170 or $180 to my father Samuel Duncan, the money that I loaned to him this day. All the money that I have due me except what I give to my father, to be collected by Simeon Duncan as my exec. and be equally (divided) between him Simeon Duncan, Margaret Duncan & Patience E. Landers. Wit. John J. Rabb, W.W. Holder, Reuben Woodruff; prob. 28 Dec. 1846 on oath of Reuben Woodruff and W.W. Holden.

Newton Co. GA Ordinary Court, Annual Returns
      4-200: Appraisal of estate of John A. Duncan decd, incl. horse & saddle etc., "fancy" bedstead, bed & furniture, large looking glass, cash $50, tract 215a on Yellow River, 202-1/2 acres in Randolph Co. lot #75 in 7th Dist., Walker Co. lot #69 in 12th Dist. 160 acres, Lumpkin Co. 40 acres in 15th Dist., note on Samuel Duncan, interest of undernamed articles the one half of which belongs to Simeon Duncan (farm animals and gear); /s/ David Thompson, John R. Austin, Joseph Maddux, James Y. Thompson, appraisers, dated 5 March 1847. (FHL film 325,750)
      5-67: Estate of John A. Duncan by Simeon Duncan, incl. travel to Randolph Co. to sell land, Dade Co. and examining land of estate, Lumpkin Co. to sell land, and Randolph Co. for a claim on Thomas Davis' estate; received $280 from Thomas Davis estate, rec. July 1851; and received from sale of land in Randolph Co. Dec. 3, 1850, and Lumpkin Co. 3 March 1850; rec. July 1851. (FHL film 325,751)

Stewart Co. GA Deed (FHL film 424,309)
      H-487: Stewart Co. GA, 18 May 1838, Nathaniel Duncan of Randolph Co. GA to Willis Janell of Stewart Co. GA, $150, lot #214 in 24th Dist., originally Lee now Stewart Co.; wit. J.H. Keene, Jas. M. Granbury.


"Roster of Confederate Soldiers of GA 1861-1865" by Lillian Henderson, Director of the State Division of Confederate Pensions and Records for the state of Georgia, 6 vols. (FHL book 975.8 M22h)
      5:808: 55th Regiment GA Volunteer Infantry, Army of Tennessee; Co.H, GA Volunteer Infantry, Randolph & Spalding Cos. GA: J.A. Duncan, Private, May 16, 1862.

GA Confederate Soldiers Pensions; Index - Dobson, W.P. to Ellington, Allen J. (FHL film 1,493,057)
      MAD: The Pension records themselves are alphabetic within the county. The index is small 3x5 cards preprinted with "Name:" and "Service:" and "Res.:" and "Remarks"; also looked at any Dunan and Dunk.. names listed; cards include witnesses for other confederate soldiers.
      Information in FHL Catalog: Confederate soldiers received pensions for military service beginning in 1879; law changed 1891 to include widows; cards in this record for the witnesses of these soldiers & widows attesting to service of each soldier; alphabetical by name of pensioner, included on card are notations concerning county of residence, unit designation, and husband's name in the case of widow cards.
      E.D. Duncan, Co.H, 11th AL, witness for A. Knight in Randolph Co. GA


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