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Documents of the 27th Iowa

This section has miscellaneous documents that have been submitted relating to the 27th Iowa. I have many biographies and obituaries, but they have been put in the Company Notes for the individaul soldier. What's on this page is just misc. information and things that just didn't fit in the notes section.

Note: this page is just roughly alphabetized. I add things to the section as I come to them.


Company A Notes Allamakee County Historical Society
Information on Company B
Michael Adrian's Pension Records Allamakee County Pensioners of 1883


Company B Notes Albert Bond (Bonn) Enlistment
Letters of E. P. Baker James Briar Poem (Grandpa's Coat of Blue)
Buchanan County Cemetery Records Letters by Gil
Letters from Gilbert P. Bennett by Terrie Biggs


Company C. Notes Warren Casaday Pension Info
Alpheus Carman Discharge papers


Company D Notes Decoration Day 1903 (Postville)
William G. Donnan Speech (Reunion in 1871) William G. Donnan Letter
Dickens-Harding Biography Dickens-Harding Biography 2


Company E Notes
Charles Ewringmann Diary Charles Ewringmann Letter & Maps
Ex-Soldiers, Sailors and Marines
living in Iowa in 1885
(Clayton County)
Ex-Soldiers, Sailors and Marines
living in Iowa in 1885
(Allamakee County)


Company F Notes Camp Franklin


Company G Notes GAR Reunion - Denver, CO - 1883
General Order No. 25 issued by
Col. James I. Gilbert
Reunion of Company G (November 7, 1901)
Reunion of Company G (August 17, 18, 1892)


Company H Notes Letters of Charles Hennrich
Eli M. Hutchinson--
Never Repulsed, Never Defeated
Letters of Herman C. Hemenway
History of Buchanan County, Iowa 1848-1881
A Punishment on the Nation
An Iowa Solider Endures the Civil War.
Silas W. Haven Letters, edited by Brain C. Miller


Company I Notes Company I, List of Equipment


Lewis Jenson Enlistment Papers


Company K Notes Co. K Reunion
Reuben Kenyon Enlistment Papers Biography of C. B. Kandy,
Sutler of 27th Iowa
Letters of James B. King


Military Papers of Jed Lake, Lt. Colonel Letters of Jed Lake
History of Buchanan County, 1848-1881
Letters of Charles H. Lewis
History of Buchanan County, Iowa 1848-1881
Invoice signed by Jed Lake
John Loring Enlistment Papers Letter to the Editor (By Eunice Holbrook)


Misc. Letters
History of Buchanan County, Iowa 1848-1881
Mitchell County "Memories of the Civil War"
Memorial Day 1901  


Norwegians in the Civil War Nebraska GAR



John W. Pratt Diary Price List (Clothing & Equipment)


Pension Papers of Dennis C. Quigley Mil. Rcrds 27th Iowa - Dennis C. Quigley
Mil. Rcrds 12th Iowa - Dennis C. Quigley


The Edward Rolfe Civil War Letters & Diaries
Hard Marches, Hard Crackers, and Hard Beds


John Sires Discharge Papers James I Sweney Obituary
Brother of Charles & Joseph Henry Sweney of Co. K.
Memoirs and Letters from V. W. Sargent Vanburen W. Sargent Military Papers


Diary and Letters of Charles Oscar Torrey Albert Tennis Pension Papers

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William H. Walling Discharge Papers William H. Walling Enlistment Papers

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