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Please click the link above to get information regarding this compilation. NOTE:  The site has been updated and the link was changed.  So, you will also need to click on the link that says:  Nebraska Civil War Veterans (which will pull up a PDF file.).

 Basically this is a listing of soldiers of the GAR of Nebraska. It includes the GAR Post # and the Town and County the Post was located in. I extracted soldiers from the 27th Iowa only. Please note that a few did not have a GAR Post #, and therefore no city or county. I do note on the source page, that the names with no post # were taken from the 1890 Nebraska Census. I knew several from the 27th had gone to Nebraska, but I was a little surprised to see how many did.

Names Unit Company GAR Post # Town County
Adams, Timothy G. 27th IA Inf. K 10 David City Butler
Bennett, Gilbert P. 27th IA Inf. K 147 Fullerton Nance
Blank, John M. 27th IA Inf. H 70 Creighton Knox
Burke, John 27th IA Inf. E 69 North Platte Lincoln
Caswell, David J. 27th IA Inf. G 274 Comstock Custer
Chalk, William 27th IA Inf. I 304 Whitney Dawes
Clark, Judson 27th IA Inf. F 16 Edgar Clay
Cole, Daniel 27th IA Inf. A 147 Fullerton Nance
Cosler, William A. 27th IA Inf. E 195 Sargent Custer
Cram, William W. 27th IA Inf. A 186 Grand Rapids Holt
Crandall, Kneedham N. 27th IA Inf. C 116 Ponca Dixon
Curry, Elisha W. 27th IA Inf. A 10 David City Butler
Dodd, Calvin R. 27th IA Inf. B 94 Alma Harlan
Douglas, Thomas B. 27th IA Inf. A 23 Central City Merrick
Elles, Daniel 27th IA Inf. I 123 Elmwood Cass
Evans, Hamilton 27th IA Inf. H 107 Dorchester Saline
Fillmore, George 27th IA Inf. E 201 Plymouth Jefferson
Frizelle, Erasmus B. 27th IA Inf. C 229 Newport Rock
Garber, Joseph 27th IA Inf. D 80 Red Cloud Webster
Garber, Silas 27th IA Inf. D 80 Red Cloud Webster
Gates, Jonathan F. 27th IA Inf. C 17 Hebron Thayer
Hector, Peter 27th IA Inf. B
Hettinger, P. F. 27th IA Inf. G 258 Wallace Lincoln
Hineze, Frederik 27th IA Inf. D
Kellog, W. H. H. 27th IA Inf. G 31 Ashland Saunders
Lathrop, George B. 27th IA Inf. F 86 O'Neill Holt
May, James H. 27th IA Inf. B 268 Nonpareil Box Butte
McClaskey, James W. * 27th IA Inf. A
McGonigil, Alvi 27th IA Inf. H 14 Steele City Jefferson
McKinney, Steward 27th IA Inf. H 258 Wallace Lincoln
McKinney, William 27th IA Inf. H 35 Beatrice Gage
Melick, Edward E. 27th IA Inf. H 262 Fort Robinson Dawes
Miller, Jacob M. 27th IA Inf. H 70 Creighton Knox
Minkler, John R. 27th IA Inf. F 14 Steele City Jefferson
Montgomery, V.W. 27th IA Inf. G 45 Plattsmouth Cass
Montgomery, William 27th IA Inf. D
Moore, Henry H. 27th IA Inf. F 114 Orleans Harlan
Muhm, Frederick 27th IA Inf. G 316 Neligh Antelope
Parrish, Gilbert R. 27th IA Inf. C 94 Alma Harlan
Pelton, Daniel R. 27th IA Inf. K 90 Wahoo Saunders
Pratt, John W. 27th IA Inf. G 99 Sterling Johnson
Rice, John G. 27th IA Inf. C
Rider, Romane 27th IA Inf. A 4 Fremont Dodge
Sherwith, John 27th IA Inf. D 352 Randolph Cedar
Smith, Thomas J. 27th IA Inf. F 336 Douglas Otoe
Stevens, Ezra M. 27th IA Inf. A 10 David City Butler
Taylor, Sylvanus 27th IA Inf. C 5 Wayne Wayne
Turner, Henry H. 27th IA Inf. H 60 Harvard Clay
Tyler, William E. 27th IA Inf. E
Vanderbelt, William H. 27th IA Inf. C 116 Ponca Dixon
Wilson, Robert H. 27th IA Inf. H
Winch, Fred 27th IA Inf. D 25 Lincoln Lancaster

*According to the Roster for the 27th Iowa, James McClaskey died during the Civil War. Since there was no POST #, it appears that this was taken from the 1890 Nebraska Census. His widow Louisa E. Dull was on the 1890 census in Nuckolls County, Nebraska.