1883 Denver GAR Camp
27th Iowa Top Banner

1883 Denver G.A.R. Camp, Colorado Springs Gazette, El Paso County, Colorado with a list of Civil War veterans living in El Paso County.

Transcribed by Marta Norton

The Colorado Springs Daily Gazette
Sunday, July 22, 1883 page 1

G.A.R. Reunion

Denver, July 21 -- Every incoming train to-day was loaded down with veterans, who come to participate in the grand reunion and encampment of the Grand Army which begins Tuesday next. At the camp everything is in readiness for the thousands to arrive Sunday and Monday. Indeed several hundreds have already taken quarters there. Meals are being served regularly and everything moves as smoothly as one could wish. Never in its history has the city presented such a beautiful appearance in the matter of decoration. Neither money nor time has been spared. Larimer Street still leads off as is natural, but the others are falling into line, and in all probability by Tuesday morning the dozen blocks in the center of the city will be covered with decorations. There is no hesitation in this. Everybody is in earnest, and the result will be a magnificent success. The private residences on Champa and Curtis and along Fourteenth Avenue are also decorating, and | from the city limits along the entire round will be the most glorious spectacle ever witnessed in a western city. The city council will put on every watering cart in the city on the route, and as they will work all night and up to noon of Tuesday, the march will be pleasant to spectators and the participants alike. From twelve o'clock until the passage of the column the cars on the Champa Street line will be taken off in order that the line may be entirely unobstructed. Mayor Routt has issued a proclamation requesting all citizens to close their place of business on Tuesday afternoon.


General Logan will arrive Sunday night. He is at present in Durango. The Pennsylvania delegation will spend today in Chicago, arriving here Monday evening. The Mexican veterans will form a feature of Tuesday's parade. Visiting comrades all unite in the expression of the opinion that there will not be fewer then 30,000 members of the order here next week. New York expects to send 1,000 and Pennsylvania will have 400.

The Maryland delegation arrived this morning.


At the G.A.R. encampment at Denver this week there will naturally be many enquiries for old army comrades who have been separated since the close of the rebellion. We, by request, published the following list of those known to be in El Paso County:

McKenney, S, Co H, 27th Iowa infantry

Whaite, G N, Co C, 27th Iowa infantry