Company G Reunion 1901
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Contributed by Sheryl McClure and Claudia Groh

Nashua Reporter, 7 November 1901

Company G of the 27th Iowa Infantry held their annual reunion last Thursday at the home of Jacob Shannon. Some thirty years after the close of the civil war this company held a reunion at which time it was decided to hold a company reunion at least every three years. But the boys decided of late years that that was not enough and so began holding them yearly. Last year they met at the home of a comrade, Charles Hickok, and this year they met at Comrade Shannon's. There were also present the wives and widows of the company's members. The day was spent in a social way, talking "war talk" and calling to mind those stirring times between 61 and 65 when so many of the country's young men gave their best years to their country's service. We are glad to see these gatherings of these old soldiers and may they instill into the minds of the youth of today the patriotism and loyalty to our country's flag as was shown by the boys of 61. The following members of the company were present: George M. Potter, H. H. Kellogg, Benjamin Parker, Ami Young, Jacob Shannon, Richard Bean, C. R. Hickok, S. S. Sample, Byron Hosea, Jacob Houdeshell, Warren Parish, Dyer F. Hall. The wives and widows of the members of the company present were: Morrelle Parish, Adelia Young, Matilda Kellogg, Mrs. M. E. Dowd, Sarah Hickok. Eliza A. Sample, Sarah Parker, Mrs. Houdeshell, Sarah Shannon, Emma Hall, Mrs. Bead, and Polly Hall.

The appended poetry, written especially for the occasion, was read:

Looking over the history of Company G
Who served Uncle Sam from '61 to '63
We find them men, light hearted and true.
Faithful to country and red white and blue

As years have gone by, their step have grown slow
Their brow became wrinkled, their hair like the snow:
But their hearts beat for each other loyal and true
As when in their boyhood they all dressed in blue.

No, years cannot change their heart for each other.
Each one thinks his comrade his brother
And each one joins in the joys of today
As if death and old age was far far away.

Now Comrades and brothers just make one more vow
To enjoy life here the best we know how.
So when the Great Commander shall say to you, come.
You will be ready to enter the place called home