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Letters and Memoirs of Van Buren Whipple Sargent, Company F

The Information from this page has been
Transcribed and Contributed by Tom Busby
Great Great Grandson of V. W. Sargent, Company F.

Van Buren Whipple Sargent was born May 5, 1845 to Americus Vespucious Sargent and Mary Haven (Whipple) Sargent in New Hampshire. He was the eldest of five boys. The next born to his parents were twins, George Washington (Washy) Sargent and James Wellington (Welly) Sargent on August 5, 1847. His twin brothers joined the same Co. as Van about a year and a half later.

Van enlisted August 15, 1862, as a resident of Delaware County and was mustered into Co. F of the 27th Iowa Infantry on Sept. 1, 1862. His brothers enlisted Feb. 5, 1864. Their uncle, served with the 21st Iowa Infantry from Aug. 18, 1862, until his death from disease on Aug. 3, 1863. Van was wounded in both legs on May 18, 1864 at Yellow Bayou, LA and returned to his unit at Nashville, TN.

Memoirs of Van Buren Whipple Sargent

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Letter Dated Jan. 22, 1863

Letter dated May 14, 1863

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Letter dated December 26, 1863

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February 12, 1865

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