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Immigrant to Virginia prior to1720, Thomas Wieland and related lines

John THOMAS was born about 1685 in Germany. He died in Virginia. John married Anna Maria BLANKENBAKER on 18 Nov 1711 in Neuenburg, , Germany.

To review a little of what is known of the Robinson River Thomases, John Thomas married Anna Maria Blankenbaker in Germany, where two children were born John and Anna Magdalena. Later in Virginia two more children were born, Michael and Margaret. John Thomas (Sr.) died shortly after he arrived in America and Anna Maria married, second, Michael Kaifer. Michael Kaifer's will gives us the insight into the Thomas family.

John Thomas, Jr., had two daughters, among other children, and he gave land to their husbands Joseph and Jacob Holtzclaw which gives us the Holtzclaw-Thomas marriages.

This whole story would be wrapped up very neatly, if John Thomas, Sr., had a brother who became the husband of Catherine Russell. No such brother has yet been found in the German records but not all records are available or have been examined.

If anyone can provide a rational explanation which would explain the situation that I have outlined above, I would be interested in hearing it. Why did Jacob and Joseph Holtzclaw move from Fauquier Co. to the Robinson River community? Mary Thomas, who married Joseph Holtzclaw, died before any issue is known. Joseph married, secondly, Elizabeth Zimmerman who was related to Mary Thomas, as both have Blankenbaker ancestors. Eventually, both Jacob and Joseph had large families. (From John Blankenbaker's notes # 166)

John Blankenbaker said 4/99:

"It is believed that the family came in 1717 with the other members of the
Second Germanna Colony, especially her (Anna's) extended family. This information was found by Margaret James Squires and reported in vol. 1, no. 3 issue of Beyond Germanna."

Anna Maria BLANKENBAKER [Parents] was born on 5 May 1687 in Germany. She died in Virginia. Anna married John THOMAS on 18 Nov 1711 in Neuenburg, , Germany.

Other marriages:
KAFER, Wolff Michael

Anna Maria Blanckenbhler was the first child to marry. On 18 Nov 1711 in Neuenberg, at the age of 24, she married Johann Thomas, the son of Albrecht Thomas. They had three children born in Neuenburg:
Hans Wendel Thomas, b. 17 April 1712
Ursula Thomas, b. 8 May 1714, d. same day
Anna Magdalena Thomas, b. 24 Nov 1715

This note was posted 4/99 by John Blankenbaker and I wonder if it is referring to the last child above:

"Marilyn Hansen correctly points out that Margaret Aylor was the daughter of
Anna Maria Blankenbaker and JOHN THOMAS, not Michael Kaifer. Michael was her

Michael Kaifer is to be congratulated for mentioning his step-children
besides his own children."

They had the following children:

  M i Hans Wendel (John) THOMAS was born on 17 Apr 1712.
  F ii Ursula THOMAS was born on 8 May 1714. She died on 8 May 1714.
  F iii Anna Magdalena THOMAS was born on 24 Nov 1715.
  M iv Michael THOMAS

William YAGER [Parents] was born on 24 Sep 1786 in Madison Co., Virginia. He died on 29 Jan 1872 in Beard's Station, Oldham Co., KY. William married Jane Edwards CHANCELLOR on 11 Jan 1809 in Culpeper Co., Virginia.

I got this in 12/98 from Marilyn Lewis

I also am showing a Salathiel Yager, b. ca 1793, a child of Godfrey Yager & Mary Wayland. Did not have a middle name for this person, but it certainly makes sense. In fact, I don't have a gender for Salathiel or any further information. Thom, do you have anything further?

John, I should have given you more info on the Wayland Yager you were
trying to place. William Wayland Yager's father, William Yager, will was recorded Oldham Co KY 1872. I *have not seen* this will, but show it abstracted and he named his children, most complete with their *middle*
names: Elizabeth Edwards, Sanford Chancellor (my line), William Wayland,
Mary Polly, Jane Monroe, Penelope Pope, Louise D'Abrey, and Martha

Jane Edwards CHANCELLOR was born about 1780. She married William YAGER on 11 Jan 1809 in Culpeper Co., Virginia.

They had the following children:

  M i William Wayland YAGER


Living [Parents]


Living [Parents]

Living [Parents]


They had the following children:

  F i Living
  F ii Living

Nicholas WILHOIT [Parents] was born about 1745. He married Mary Margaret FISHER.

Johann Michael Wilhoit(Willheit) (25/1/1671 Schwaigern, Wrttemberg-1746 Orange Co VA) and Anna Maria Hengsteler (chr 10/9/1684 Oberbaldingen Baden)
Johann was first married to Anna Dorothea Mller (died in childbirth) with children Maria Dorothea, Hans Michael, Hans Georg. He married Anna Maria 16/2/1706. Anne Maria was the daughter of Matthias Hengsteler and Maria Mller. (-1688) Matthias, chr. 2/24/1654, m. Maria 7/10/1684, d. 4/1/1693. was the son of Hans Hengsteler (-1699) of Oberbaldingen and Maria Kntzler (-1675, daughter of Martin Kntzlin and Agnes); he was son of Thoman Kntzlin (b. ca. 1555) and Catharina). Maria was the daughter of Barthlin Mller (1630-1-28-1688) and Salome, daughter of Sebastian Metzger of Altdorf, Schaffhausen, Switzerland. He was the son of Sebastian Mller (ca. 1585 Pfohren, Baden) and Maria. Sebastian was the son of Sebastian Mller (b. ca. 1550 at Pfohren) and Anna, daughter of Peter Sulzmann.

The family came with the Second Germany Colony, Evangelical Lutherans who left Germany 12 July 1717 en route to Pennsylvania. Their ship captain was detained in London, imprisoned for debt, and their food supplies dwindled as they waited, with several dying of starvation at sea. They were landed not in PA but all 100 passengers were taken up the Rappahannock and sold as indentured servants to Spotswood to pay for their passage and their belongings were confiscated. Eight years later Spotswood sued to force them into another year of service.He is listed with second group of patentees in 1728 for 289 acres in present Madison County to Hebron Valley near the Robinson River (and next to land granted his wife's brothers, Nicholas, Matthias, and Balthasar Blankenbaker) and was naturalized in 1736. Their church, the Hebron Lutheran Church, still stands.

For context of their immigration, see The Great Palatine Migration.
. Children:

Anna Catharina (b/d 1707)
Tobias (1708-62)
Hans Michael (1711-12)
Johannes (1713-)
Johann Christian (1715-) (the first five children were all born in Germany) Adam (1719-)
Eva (1723-)Holt]
Matthias (1721)
Phillip (1725)

------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Johann Michael Willheit was the son of:

Michael Willheit (9/9/1645 Schwaigern) and Anna Maria Rfflin (-- 27/12/1689) They married 3/11/1668. He is recorded as "Great Caretaker of the Poor." Anna Maria was the daughter of Martin Rfflin (1623-after 1686) and Barbara Bartenschlag (b. 1617 to Matthias and Catharine Bartenschlag, tubmaker) , m. 7/4/1647, d. 8/16/1660): 7 children. Martin was the son of Johannes Rfflin (1606-) and Barbara Kneer (daughter of Jacob Kneer) ; Johannes was the son of Johannes Rfflin (Rffle) (1580-) and Anna Eberman.
Johann married Anna Barbara Nellinger in 1690: Christian, Matthias


Anna Maria
Johann Michael
Johann Georg
Anna Maria

------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Michael Willheit was the son of:

Johann George Willheit ("Schwarz-Georg") (25/4/1610-13/11/1685) and Barbara Lutz (--31/7/1674)
They were married 12/7/1640. She was the daughter of Hans Lutz and Anna Flamm (daughter of Johannes Flamm) of Schwaigern. He was recorded as "Gerichtsverwandt" [Court Official].

Anna Elisabeth

------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Johann Willheit was the son of:

Georg (Jerg) Willheit (ca. 1580-19/8/1623) and Anna Bickel (--19/4/1637)
They married 3/4/1605.
Children: Anna, Johann, Martin

------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Georg Willheit was the son of

Georg Willert ("Old Georg") (ca 1550--between 1611-17 (?))

Mary Margaret FISHER [Parents] was born about 1750. She married Nicholas WILHOIT.

NOTE: A, p.84. She has about same dob as Mary Elizabeth Fisher, who has different husband. The 585th note by John Blankenbaker gives a possible explanation. See it under her mother-in-law. John goes on:

"Nicholas Wilhoit, the son of John and Walburga in the mentioned in the above note, married Mary Margaret Fisher, not Elizabeth Fisher or Mary Elizabeth Fisher. Nicholas and his wife have mentions in the Hebron church records in the Robinson River Valley where her name appears as Mary and as Margaret. This was not unusual as several cases similar to this are known in the church records. The odds are in favor of the name sequence being Mary Margaret (as opposed to Margaret Mary) since Mary is more popular as a first name than Margaret.

It has been said here recently that Michael Souther married a Mary Fisher. I would not argue against this but I would claim that she is not a daughter of Lewis Fisher and Anna Barbara Blankenbaker. An analysis that I have done of the children of Lewis and Anna Barbara clearly suggests there was no daughter Mary except for the Mary Margaret who married Nicholas Wilhoit, see the paragraph above.

Here is an idea to think about. In the Orange County tithe list in 1739, there were two Lewis Fishers, one of whom lived north of the Robinson River and one of whom lived south of the river. In the baptism of Zimmermann children in Sulzfeld, one set of sponsors is Ludwig and Anna Barbara Fischer (as found and reported by Margaret James Squires). While this couple would be too old to be the Lewis and Anna Barbara that we commonly know in Virginia, the Sulzfeld couple might be the parents of the Lewis Fisher. The senior Lewis may have had more children than Lewis, Jr. and the nephews and nieces of Lewis, Jr. may be confused with his own children. Nothing is proven here yet but I pass along these ideas and facts for someone who wishes to search in more detail."

They had the following children:

  M i Sampson WILHITE

Thomas Gorham LOWRY Capt. [Parents] was born on 31 Jan 1821/1822 in Franklin, Howard Co., Missouri. He died on 21 Jun 1870 in Thomas Hill, Randolph Co., Missouri. Thomas married Louisa Catherine FORT on 28 Jun 1843 in , Randolph Co., Missouri.

Times-Herald, "Captain Lowry was a native Missourian, born in Howard county in 1822. Early in his life he settled in Randolph county, and from about 1840 to the breaking our of the Civil War, he took much interest in political affairs. He was one of the leading Democrats and most highly esteemed citizens of the county. W. R. Samuel defeated him by a small vite as a representative to the ligislature in 1852. He was a civil engineer, and ... engaged in the the mercantile business at Thomas Hill." He served under Gen. Hancock Jackson.

Will of Thos G. Lowry

This my last will and testament made on the 2nd day of May 1869

1st I will and bequeath unto my beloved wife Suisa (sic)(Should read: Louisa) C. Lowry all of my property, personal, real and mixed, bonds, notes rents, profits, here delaments and all other property of every discription whatsoever for the purpose of support and educaiton of my minor children, as long as he (sic) remains my widow, to be used by her as her own property with the concurrent management and direction of my son in law, Dr. W.W. Vass. 2nd I will and bequeath, that if my wife, Louisa C. Lowry shall intermarry with
another man after my death or when she shall die, that what shall then be remaining of my property shall be equally divided between my children, Mary M. Vass, Fannie A Lowry, Gray H. Lowry, Dixon T. Lowry, and Lilly H. Lowry- 3rd I make, constitute and appoint Dr. W.W. Vasse my Executory to carry this wlll into effect. In witness of which I hereunto set my hand and affix my seal the day and year aforesaid

Thomas G. Lowry Signe in the presence of Wm Fort, I.H. Poque, H. T. Fort.

A Camp of united Confederat (sic) Veterans was organized at this place on last Saturday afternoon with a membership of twenty-one. G. N. Ratliff was elected Commander and J. S. Robertson was elected Adjutant. The organization
will be known as the Thomas G. Lowry Camp having been named in honor of the late Captain Lowry of this place, who is kindly remembered by his old comrades as one of the best amd most chivalrous of the many gallant soldiers... in MO"

5th Infantry Reg. 24 Sep 1861. This Regiment was organized as a battalion under Captain Poindexter and fought at second Booneville. It was formed at Lexington between the 24th-29th from a group of independent companies. It served at Lexington, Roan's Tanyard and Elkhorn. Regimental Officers:
Colonel: John A. Poindexter
Lt. Col.: Henry T. Fort
Major: Caleb Perkins
Reg. Adjutant: Captain W.T. Ray
Reg. Commissary: Captain P.F. Bumis
Captain William Smith
Reg. Quatermaster: Captain W.D. Mamey
Reg. Surgeon: Captain W.W. Moore
Reg. Asst. Surgeon: Captain T.B. Jackson & Captain Paul Christian Yates

Co. B 5th Reg., 3rd Div. Renick. 15 June 1861. Officers:
Captain: Arthur Parker Terrill
1st Lt.: B.H. Ashcomb
2nd Lt.: Robert Sweeney
3rd Lt.: J.F. Harris

Co. C 5th Reg., 3rd Div. Ft. Henry 23 Aug 1861. Officers:
Captain: Thomas G. Lowry
Captain: W.A. Sivey
1st Lt.: S.G. Johnson
1st Lt.: L.W. Fox
2nd Lt.: Joseph E. Richardson
3rd Lt.: J.M. Baker

From North Missouri Herald:

Lowry, Thomas G. {Capt.} -- served in CSA from beginning to end, died 21 Jun 1870, ill with a cancer on his face for the past year, burial will be at Thomasville; NMH 22 Jun 1870

This is from the book, "Shades of Gray, Confederate Soldiers and Veterans of Randolph County, Missouri" by Neil Block, 1996:

"Lowry, Thomas G. Captain Co. F 3rd Mo. Infantry. Thomas was a Captain in the Missouri State Guard company (Co. C 5th Reg, 3 Div) that Col. Henry T. Fort organized at Ft. Henry [name of Fort's home place], Randolph County, August 1861 and commanded that company at Lexington. He enlisted in the CSA January 11, and was elected Captain on 16th, 1862. Thomas lead (sic) this company from Elkhorn, where he was wounded 3 times, in all the battles and the siege of Vicksburg. Here he was again wounded in the right arm and had to be sent south on the steamer H. Chouteau (US) as a POW and exchanged at Ft. Morgan, Ala. In September 1864 Captain Lowry was assigned as Commissioner for the Establishment and Payments of Claims, Department of Alabama. He surrendered under the command of Lt. Gen. Richard Taylor, May 15, 1865m at Meridian, Miss. His courage and leadership on the field of battle and great human understanding of his troops were only some of the reasons his name was chosen by the United Confederate Veterans in Huntsville as their camp namesake. Thomas was born in 1822 and was married to Louisa C. Fort, June 28, 1843. They had two children; Gray H. and Fannie. He died on June 23, 1870 and is buried in the Thomas Hill Cemetery. She died on August 17, 1885 and is buried at his side. Ref: Confederate Service Records, Randolph County History Books, 1884."

Louisa Catherine FORT [Parents] was born on 10 Jul 1826. She died on 17 Aug 1885. Louisa married Thomas Gorham LOWRY Capt. on 28 Jun 1843 in , Randolph Co., Missouri.

Her name is given as Louisa C. (Gray) Fort and I wonder what the "Gray" means.

This was in "The Huntsville Herald" newspaper:

Lowry, Lou C. {Mrs} -- to sell her household goods & move to Thomas Hill &
live with her son-in-law Dr. W.W. Vasse; THH 2 Sep 1880

They had the following children:

  F i Mary M. LOWRY
  F ii Calpernia LOWRY was born about 1847.
  M iii George L. LOWRY was born about 1849.
  F iv Fannie A. LOWRY was born about 1851.
  M v John J. LOWRY was born about 1854.
  M vi Gray Hamilton LOWRY
  F vii Sally H. LOWRY was born about 1857.
  M viii Dixon T. LOWRY was born in 1859.

Note says "Married Evanline Lowry? and had Percy Lowry, who died at birth.

Living [Parents]


They had the following children:

  M i Living
  M ii Living
  M iii Living

Rosser Lee WAYLAND [Parents] was born on 31 Jul 1891 in Eastham, Albemarle, Virginia. He died on 21 Feb 1979 in Charlottesville, Albemarle, Virginia and was buried in Charlottesville, Albemarle, Virginia. Rosser married Esther Mozel BERKLEY on 19 Sep 1929 in Richmond, , Virginia.

Lee told me in his letter about his father: "My father was the Asst Postmaster in Charlottesville for many years. He retired in 1956 and died in 1979" Dates are also in SSDI.

Esther Mozel BERKLEY was born on 21 Oct 1902 in Eurika, Charlotte, Virginia. She died on 6 Feb 1994 in Raleigh, NC and was buried on 8 Feb 1994 in Charlottesville, Virginia. Esther married Rosser Lee WAYLAND on 19 Sep 1929 in Richmond, , Virginia.

Buried in Riverview Cemetery

They had the following children:

  M i Living
  F ii Living

Living [Parents]


They had the following children:

  M i Living
  F ii Living

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