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Immigrant to Virginia prior to1720, Thomas Wieland and related lines

John WINN [Parents] was born about 1694 in Middlesex Co., Virginia and was christened on 25 Nov 1701 in Christ Church, Middlesex Co., VA. He died in 1789. John married Mary PLEDGER on 17 May 1738.

Lived in Hanover County where he owned a great deal of land along the Chickohominy Swamp. He also owned land in Goochland and Louisa, adjoining counties, and New Kent, from which Hanover County was taken. The record books of Goochland County show numerous references to this John Winn and his family in deeds and wills, but through the loss of early Hanover County records by fire during the Civil War, it is impossible to get a more complete story of his life. In an " Opinion on the resettlement of his estate by Chief Justice Mar shall (at one time in the possession of Dr. John Farme Winn of Richmond, but now lost) the names of this John Winn's wife and children are given.

His home was called " Jessamine Lawn " and he gave the land on which was built a church which, though no the original structure, is still called "Winn's Baptist Church." It was here that John Clay, father of th. famous
statesman, Henry Clay, was the first pastor.

The above was sent to me 10/99 by:

Harris B. "Jack" Wynn III
6345 Colewood Ct.
Atlanta, GA 30328-2963
[email protected]

The bio under John David Winn's notes says that John Winn, son of Richard and Sarah Winn, was baptized Nov 25, 1701. Possibly this was a previous son named John, who died, and the next child (this one) was named John again.

Mary PLEDGER was born in 1710 in Henrico Co., Virginia. She died before 1789 in Virginia. Mary married John WINN on 17 May 1738.

They had the following children:

  F i Millicent WINN
  F ii WINN
  F iii Sarah WINN was born about 1747 in Virginia.
  M iv Hezekiah WINN
  M v John WINN Jr.
  M vi Major Thomas WINN
  M vii Peter WINN
  F viii Ann WINN

James Carl ROWLAND [Parents] was born on 22 Oct 1892 in Hannibal, Marion Co., MO. He died on 5 Jan 1962 in Hannibal, Marion Co., MO and was buried in Mt. Olivet Cem., Hannibal, MO. James married Bessie Clem FOX on 23 Jun 1915 in Hannibal, Marion Co., MO.

The below came 2/99 from Greg Turnbaugh

I connect to the Waylands through my Great
Grandmother, Mary Belle Swearingen b. 1868 in Fayette. She is shown in your information as Mary Bell Swearingen. She is decended from the Ninion Beall family, which is quite a large group of family history researchers.

Her son (an only child) was James Carl Rowland b. 1892 in Hannibal. Mary
Belle married Bolivar Newton Rowland of Cass County, Mo.

Bessie Clem FOX was born on 7 Dec 1893 in Marcelene, MO. She died on 9 Mar 1970 in Mexico, MO and was buried in Mt. Olivet Cem., Hannibal, MO. Bessie married James Carl ROWLAND on 23 Jun 1915 in Hannibal, Marion Co., MO.

Information on her and her husband is on this web site:


They had the following children:

  F i Ruth Louise ROWLAND

Elias FINKS [Parents] was born on 29 Feb 1776 in VA. He died in 1840 in Missouri. Elias married Mary BERRY on 21 Dec 1797 in VA.

The below is from a post 10/99 to the Germann group:

"This message is to, hopefully, correct an error floating around in some databases regarding an uncle and nephew of the same name.

Among the children of Mark1 Finks, the putative immigrant (died 1764), was Mark2 Finks, Jr. (1744-1834). Page 524 of the Gaar Genealogy gives the children of Mark Finks, Jr. as: John, Elias, James, Joel, Mark, Lewis, Sallie. This list omits three daughters: Mary, who married Aaron Gaar; Anna, who married (1) Reuben Hume and (2) William House; and Elizabeth, who married James Lewis Berrey.

Of these children, Elias3 Finks married Mary Berrey and moved his family to old Franklin, Howard Co., Missouri about 1835/36, and from there to Henry Co., Missouri about 1837/38. Among Elias' children was Mark Fisher4 Finks. On 4 May 1840 in Henry Co. Mark Finks was appointed administrator of Elias'
estate, with James S.[trother] Rains, Abner Finks and Thomas Benton as securities. If "Benton" was a miswriting of "Britton" then the securities were the son and two of the sons-in-law of Elias3.

Mark Fisher4 Finks married 28 Jan. 1830 Eliza Graves Eddins, the widow of Clayton Eddins, and who is believed to be the daughter of Joel and Lydia (Graves) Eddins. Mark4 and Eliza (Eddins) Finks left numerous descendants in Henry Co. See, e.g., Vel W. Lamkin, "History of Henry County, Missouri"
(n.p.: Historical Publishing Co., 1919), p. 784 (identifying Judge Mark Fisher5 Finks, who was then living, as the son of Mark and Eliza (Eddings) Finks).

So, what's the problem? The problem is that some researchers have confused Mark Fisher4 Finks with his uncle, Mark3 Finks. Such researchers assign the marriage of Eliza Graves Eddins to Mark3 Finks. However, the estate records of Mark2 Finks, Jr. prove that Mark3 Finks predeceased his father and died
without issue.

Madison Co., VA Will Book 6, pp. 240-41 show the final disbursements of the estate of Mark2 Finks, Jr. The estate was divided into nine parts of $1052.00 each and disbursed to: Ann Hume "(formerly Ann Finks)", Elias Finks, James Finks, John Finks, Aaron Gaar, Joel Finks, James Berrey, Lewis Finks, and Acrey Berrey.

No disbursement was made to Mark3 Finks. Nor was any provision made for his heirs. The failure to provide for either Mark3 Finks or his heirs demonstrates clearly that Mark3 Finks predeceased his father and died without issue. Because there is no doubt that Eliza Graves (Eddins?)(Eddins) Finks left children, Mark3 Finks could not have been the man who married her.

This is, of course, assuming that Mark3 Finks ever existed in the first place. As noted above, the Gaar Genealogy's listing of Mark2 Finks, Jr.'s children is known to contain errors. I'm not aware of any other records showing the existence of Mark3 Finks.

It is possible, however, that some of the records attributed to Mark2 Finks, Jr., could belong to Mark3 Finks.

What would really nail down the issue would be a document dated after 1764 (when Mark1 Finks was no longer alive) and prior to 1824 (when Mark Fisher4 Finks came of age) which lists two "Mark Finks." Is anyone aware of such a document?"

Worth S. Anderson
[email protected]

Mary BERRY was born about 1778 in VA. She married Elias FINKS on 21 Dec 1797 in VA.

They had the following children:

  F i Virinda F. FINKS

Peter FLESHMAN Jr. [Parents] was born about 1730 in , , Virginia. He married Winifred SMITH.

In 10/98,from: Lewis Sanders Tuggle :

My paternal ancestory goes as follows: Parents - Lewis Henry Tuggle,
Jr. & Janie Josephine Sanders, Grandparnets - Lewis Henry Tuggle & Dixie
Dale Henderson, G Grandparents - Henry Harrison Tuggle & Esther Jane
Calfee, 2G Grandparents - John Tuggle & EMILY FLEISCHMANN, 3G
Grandparents - Larkin Tuggle & MALINDA SHUMATE, 4G Grandparents - Celia
(Seela) Tuggle & an unknown man, 5G Grandparents - John Tuggle & Mary
Houchens, 6G Grandparents - Henry Tuggle, Jr. & Mary Godbey, 7G
Grandparents - Henry Tugwell & Mary Baskett, 8G Grandparents - Thomas
Tugwell & Mary Tarrant, 9G Grandparents - Benjamin Tugwell & Maccha

The two ancestors above who are listed in all capital letters I believe
are of German descent. EMILY FLEISCHMANN was the daughter of JOHN

Winifred SMITH was born about 1730. She married Peter FLESHMAN Jr..

Michael THOMAS [Parents] was born about 1720. He married Catharine.

This was in the Germanna group in 6/99:

"The six hundred and twenty-seventh note in a series on the Germanna Colonies

As we move into the family of Michael Thomas, son of John Thomas and Anna
Maria Blankenbaker, we are bordering on fiction. By tradition, Michael is
said to the father of twenty-five children by two wives. His will, which
emphasizes the second family, was partially burned. So even though I put
some names down in black and white, don't believe that they are solid facts.
There is some evidence which will be discussed later.

The first wife of Michael was Catherine. Many people speculate that she was
a Wayland who had a daughter of this name with approximately the correct
age. A good circumstantial case can be built that this was the Catherine who
married Michael. The only weakness in the argument is that the same facts
can also be used to show that Catherine married other men. So I usually
refrain from identifying Catherine as a Wayland. The tradition is that
Catherine was the mother of fifteen children. A list of suggested children is:

Henry (said to be the eldest),
Margaret, married Everhard Hupp,
Anna Maria, m.1 Michael DeBolt, m.2 Michael Crisler,
Abraham, m. Susanna Smith,
Michael, m. Elizabeth Bennett,
Elizabeth, m. Anthony Berry,
#11, #12, #13, #14, #15.

The second wife of Michael Thomas was Eva Susannah Margaret Hart. The names
of ten children of this union have been put forward:

George B., m. Lavina Scholl
Sarah ?,
Israel, m. Catherine Halbert,
Daniel, Mary McQueen,
Solomon, m. ____ Barnhill
Ann, m. Stephen Bowles,
Elizabeth, perhaps m. Mathias Rafelty, Jr.,

John Blankenbaker, PO Box 120, Chadds Ford, PA 19317

"The six hundred and thirty-second note in a series about the Germanna Colonies

Henry Thomas is said to have been the oldest son of Michael Thomas. Michael
Thomas himself was born in the neighborhood of 1720. Before he was seven
years old, he owned one-half of a good tract of land in Virginia. Therefore,
with a livelihood guaranteed and perhaps a home already built on his land,
he probably did not wait long to be married. It would be reasonable to
assume that he was married by the time he was twenty. Therefore, Henry might
have been born about 1740. The Thomas family probably moved to the Ten Mile
Creek area in the latter part of the 1760's, perhaps when Henry was about
27. About ten years later he was about 37. His proposed brothers, Michael
and Samuel, could readily have been adults also. Adam Smith, the first
cousin of the Thomas men, is thought to have been born about 1736, so
slightly older than Henry. Adam had two brothers, Zacharias and John, who
like Adam, have no record in Virginia after 1777. They are to be found in
Kentucky. (If memory serves me correctly, Zacharias claimed land on the
basis of having grown a crop of corn before 1776.) Zacharias married, for
the first time, Anne Elizabeth Fishback, who was a granddaughter of two
Germanna pioneers. One of these was Jacob Holtzclaw, a family that had some
connections to the Thomases. The three Smith brothers, had four sisters. One
sister, Mary, married Adam Barlow whose name is to be found in Kentucky at
an early date. Of the other sisters, Susanna married John Berry, Jr. and she
is to be found in Virginia for a long time thereafter. Anna Magdalena,
another Smith sister, married John George Crisler and they remained in
Virginia. The other daughter, Catherine, had a most uncertain future as her
lifestyle was very unconventional. There were more cousins from Culpeper
County in Virginia who were early settlers of Kentucky..."

John Blankenbaker

Catharine was born about 1720. She married Michael THOMAS.

Living [Parents]


They had the following children:

  F i Living

Living [Parents]


They had the following children:

  M i Living

Christopher Calhone BERRY [Parents] was born in 1851 in , Madison Co., Virginia. He married Mary Belle DEAL.

Mary Belle DEAL was born about 1853. She married Christopher Calhone BERRY.

Also surname is spelled "Diehl". Said to be a descendant of "Phand. Goodall."

They had the following children:

  M i Grover Cleveland BERRY
  M ii Michael Howard BERRY


Living [Parents]

Living [Parents]


They had the following children:

  F i Living

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