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Immigrant to Virginia prior to1720, Thomas Wieland and related lines

Johann Christian WILHOIT was born on 1 Jul 1713 in Schwaigern, , , Germany and was christened on 13 Dec 1715. He died on 4 Oct 1776 in Madison, Madison Co., Virginia. Johann married Walburga WEAVER in , , Virginia.

I have the 10 children of John listed, courtesy of Harriet Crisler,
2843 So. Daniels, Heber City, UT 84032. John's wife was given as Margaret Weaver, but John Blankenbaker pointed out that this is not true:

"Just the simplest of time lines shows that
Margaret Weaver could not be true. She would be younger than some of her children.

The true facts were worked out in an article in Beyond Germanna, v. 6, n.3
(May 1994). A summary is provided here.

John Willheit and wife Burga attended the Hebron Lutheran Church in Culpeper Co., VA on Easter Sunday in 1776. They appear in the list of communicants.
The names adjacent to John and Burga were George Utz, Sr.(son of the 1717 immigrant), wife Mary (Kaifer) and Henry Aylor, wife Anna Margaret. Henry
Aylor was born in 1718 and the other three were thought to have been born in the 1720's. Thus John Willheit was probably the son, born 1713, of the immigrant Michael Willheit. Usually people sat with others of the same age. Also, the grandsons of Michael Willheit who were named John had wives whose names do not suggest the name Burga.

On the first Sunday after Easter in 1778, the name Burga Wilheit was
recorded again in the church Register confirming that the name really did exist. The name Burga is unusual at the Hebron Lutheran Church. Burga is, of course, a nickname for Walburga or Waldburga. In the Virginia records there
is one other record of a similar name. The list of fifty imported Germans
which Spotswood used to partial payment for a patent of land includes the family, Joseph Wever, Susannna Wever, Hans Frederick Wever, Maria Sophia
Wever, and Wabburie Wever. Except for the name Wabburie, the family is known
in Germany. This suggests that Wabburie was born in 1717, at sea or, at
least, in transit from Germany. Wabburie is another nickname for Walburga.

So we have these facts: John Willheit married Burga (i.e., Walburga). The
only Walburga in the Second Colony is Walburga Wever (Weaver). He was born
in 1713 and she was born in 1717.

The Hans Frederick Wever, above, was actually Hans Dietrich Wever (from the German records). The Dietrich became Dieter, Teter, Peter. Thus Walburga
Weaver was a sister of Peter Weaver, the 1717 immigrant, and not the granddaughter of Peter.

Mrs. Wever was Susanna Klaar, the sister of Michael Klaar (Clore). Joseph
Wever died early on in Virginia though his arrival in Virginia is recorded. Susanna married Jacob Crigler and, after he died, she married Nicholas Yager.

The name Wever is often rendered as Weber or in America as Weaver.

John Blankenbaker
Beyond Germanna
PO Box 120
Chadds Ford, PA 19317

Walburga WEAVER [Parents] "Burga" was born in 1717. She died after 1776. Burga married Johann Christian WILHOIT in , , Virginia.

John Willheit and wife Burga attended the Hebron Lutheran Church in Culpeper Co., VA on Easter Sunday in 1776. They appear in the list of communicants. Therefore, she died after this date. John died soon after in 1776. "Burga" is the sister of the immigrant Peter Weaver # 6787. Last name may be "Weber" but may have become "Weaver" after arrival in Virginia.

The five hundred and eighty-fifth note in a series on the Germanna Colonies

Recent notes on the list have given some names and relationships which I do not believe are true. One note said that the wife of Johann Michael Willheit, early Germanna immigrant, was Mary Blankenbaker which is
definitely false. His wife was Anna Maria Hengsteller and she was the mother of all of Michael's children.

The senior Willheits had a son John who married Walburga Weaver. Often her name is given as Margaret or Peggy which is not correct. At the Hebron church she was known as Burga. This, and her nickname as a headright, suggest strongly that her formal name was Walburga which is also sometimes spelled as Waldburga. Her birth is not recorded in the German records yet she was living at the time of importation. Very probably she was born at sea; the age of her parents and siblings suggests that it would be natural.
She had a brother, slightly older, who became known as Peter Weaver. Her father was Joseph Weaver and her mother was Susanna Clore who later married Jacob Crigler and Nicholas Yager.

Nicholas Wilhoit, the son of John and Walburga in the preceding paragraph, married Mary Margaret Fisher, not Elizabeth Fisher or Mary Elizabeth Fisher. Nicholas and his wife have mentions in the Hebron church records in the Robinson River Valley where her name appears as Mary and as Margaret. This was not unusual as several cases similar to this are known in the church records. The odds are in favor of the name sequence being Mary Margaret (as opposed to Margaret Mary) since Mary is more popular as a first name than Margaret.

It has been said here recently that Michael Souther married a Mary Fisher. I would not argue against this but I would claim that she is not a daughter of Lewis Fisher and Anna Barbara Blankenbaker. An analysis that I have done of the children of Lewis and Anna Barbara clearly suggests there was no daughter Mary except for the Mary Margaret who married Nicholas Wilhoit, see the paragraph above.

Here is an idea to think about. In the Orange County tithe list in 1739, there were two Lewis Fishers, one of whom lived north of the Robinson River and one of whom lived south of the river. In the baptism of Zimmermann children in Sulzfeld, one set of sponsors is Ludwig and Anna Barbara Fischer (as found and reported by Margaret James Squires). While this couple would be too old to be the Lewis and Anna Barbara that we commonly know in Virginia, the Sulzfeld couple might be the parents of the Lewis Fisher. The
senior Lewis may have had more children than Lewis, Jr. and the nephews and nieces of Lewis, Jr. may be confused with his own children. Nothing is proven here yet but I pass along these ideas and facts for someone who wishes to search in more detail.

Finally, a few correct spellings are Baden, W�rttemberg or Wuerttemberg, and Schwaigern.

John Blankenbaker, PO Box 120, Chadds Ford, PA 19317
Beyond Germanna, A Newsletter/Journal of Germanna Information

In another note, John answered:

">Nicholas was the son of Johannes WILLHEIT (John
>> WILHOIT/WILHOITE) Walburga (Waldburga) Margaret P. WEAVER.

There is no valid source for saying that her full name was Walburga Margaret P. Weaver. One record calls her Wabburie and other records call her Burga. Margaret and the P. are dreams."

They had the following children:

  F i Mary WILHOIT
  F ii Susanna WILHOIT
  M iii Nicholas WILHOIT
  F iv Margaret WILHOIT
  F v Rosina WILHOIT

Samuel MONETTE was born about 1777. He married Mary WAYLAND on 22 Sep 1801 in , Madison Co., Virginia.

NOTE: A, p.76

Descendants are traced in the Monet Genealogy, according to Source "A". Also, Harriet Wayland Allen, Box 156, Center Point, TX 78010, gives further information. She says that a history of Ross County, Ohio, lists him as one of the pioneer doctors in Chillicothe, and says that he was also a Methodist minister.

Mary WAYLAND [Parents] was born on 23 Jun 1777 in , , Virginia and was christened in Hebron Church, Madison Co., Virginia. She died on 23 Mar 1857. Mary married Samuel MONETTE on 22 Sep 1801 in , Madison Co., Virginia.

Marriage bond same day as marriage. Married by Isham Tatem (Madison Co. Marriage Register 1, p. 251). Her descendants are listed in Monet genealogy.

NOTE: A, p. 76

Monet Genealogy says that her children were: Rosana, William, Elizabeth, Simeon, Bluford, Fanny, Nancy, John Wesley, and Ann Monnett.

Francis TULLY was born about 1779. He married Elizabeth WAYLAND on 28 Jan 1797 in , Culpeper Co., Virginia.

NOTE: A, p.76
Marriage Reg. 1, p. 248, Madison Co., Va. In 1/95 I received a letter from Alice (Tulleys) Duckworth of 1740 Jalisco Court, San Luis Obispo, CA 93405-4712 who said that this Francis was the brother of John Tully, who was her great, great grandfather. She was trying to find out who their father was. She said that John m. Judiah Brown and that Francis and John moved to Ohio, settling in Buckskin Twp., Ross County, in the same area where she grew up.

Elizabeth WAYLAND [Parents] was born on 24 May 1779 in , , Virginia and was christened in Hebron Church, Madison Co., Virginia. She married Francis TULLY on 28 Jan 1797 in , Culpeper Co., Virginia.

Marriage bond June 28, 1797, married by Isham Tatem (Marriage Reg. 1, p. 248)

NOTE: A, p. 76. Harriet Wayland Allen says that this couple moved to Chillicothe, Ohio, but believes that they later settled in Kentucky.

John Blankenbaker's notes 4/99 says:

The five hundred and ninety-seventh note in a series on the Germanna Colonies

In 1775, when the congregation of Hebron Church rewrote their records of
births and baptisms, they purchased a fifty-page book in which to make the
entries. The used the first 24 pages for family records, devoting one page
to a family. Some pages had two families though which was a puzzle to me.
How did they know that they would not be needing the space on the page for
the first family? This was one of the oddities that tipped me off that the
Register was not quite what it seemed to be. Another thing that was strange
about the record of baptisms was that the date of baptism was not given
though the date of birth was given. Remember the book was meant to be a
record of baptisms.

When the Rev. Franck arrived in 1775, he found the Register in a beautiful
condition with the data neatly organized in sections (a page or part of a
page) for each family. What did he do? He kept the records in a strict
chronological sequence. Starting on page 25, he entered each baptism
immediately after the previous one giving the parents, the child, the
sponsors, and the dates. So there is an abrupt change in style starting with
the baptism of Aaron Broyles, son of Peter Broyles and his wife Elizabeth.
Sponsors were Zacharias Broyles, John Blankenbaker, and Mary Blankenbaker...

By October of 1778 when Rev. Franck resigned, the entries were being made on
page 36 showing that he had a very busy three years (the previous 25 years
had been summarized in 24 pages). The last entry on page 36 is 19 Oct 1778.
The first entry on page 37 is for Elizabeth Wayland who was born on 24 May
1779. The third baptism on this page appears to be in 1781.

William WAYLAND [Parents] was born on 20 Jun 1783 in , , Virginia and was christened in Hebron Church, Madison Co., Virginia. He died on 6 Oct 1858 in , Clermont Co., Ohio and was buried in IOOF Cem.. William married Nancy SEELEY in Nov 1837 in , Hamilton Co., Ohio.

NOTE: A, p. 76, 93; B, p. 77.

1840 Clermont Co., Ohio Census, p. 128, shows William, age 50-60,
with others as: one female, age 30-40, and one male under age 5. The 1850 Clermont Co. Census p. 572 or 580 (notes unclear) shows William as age 66, born in Va., and a physician by occupation, with others being: Nancy, age 40 born in Tenn., and three children listed here. Also on the census are Melissa F. Riad, age 15 born in Ohio (unknown relation), and Jonas Wilhoit, age 28 born in Va., Black. Jonas was no doubt a former slave of William's mother, a Wilhoit. #11, which I always code as reference "A" above, says that William Wayland #378 (born 1783) was apparently umarried when he made the deeds over in 1805, as no wife signed them. It is likely that this second William (b. 1810) is a son of a first marriage of this William (b. 1783). Mrs. Allen says that William (378) came to Chillicothe, Ohio in 1806. After living there awhile he returned to Virginia and then later moved back to Ohio and opened a medical practice in Circleville in 1812. He later moved to Bethel, Ohio and stayed there for a few years before he settled in Batavia, where he remained the rest of his years. She says that the Melissa Reid mentioned above in the census was probably not a relative but most likely a live-in maid. The biography on his son, John, says that this William served for a short time as a surgeon in the U.S. Army in the War with Great Britain. It says that in 1829 he was elected state senator and served for two years, and says that he was a Mason for 50 years.

Nancy SEELEY was born on 14 Nov 1809 in , , Penn.. She died on 9 Sep 1878 in Batavia, Clermont Co., Ohio and was buried in IOOF Cem.. Nancy married William WAYLAND in Nov 1837 in , Hamilton Co., Ohio.

NOTE: A, pp.93-94; B, p. 77. There is 26 years difference in their ages,
if the 1850 census is correct, as he is 66 and she is 40. I have a copy
of her obit of 1878 from the Clermont Courier. It mentions both marriages and children of both. She had the following from her marriage to Thomas Stagg: Thomas, Wiliam, Jesse and Mrs. Charlotte Shipley. She is found in the 1870 Ohio cenus as age 60, b. Penn., no husband, along with John, age 32; Anna H., age 21; Annie, age 25; and Ann, age 70. Names are difficult to read.

They had the following children:

  M i John WAYLAND
  F ii Harriet WAYLAND
  F iii Ann WAYLAND

Norroway ASHER was born about 1783. He married Rosanna WAYLAND on 11 Feb 1813 in , Madison Co., Virginia.

NOTE: A, p.76

Rosanna WAYLAND [Parents] was born about 1785 in , , Virginia. She married Norroway ASHER on 11 Feb 1813 in , Madison Co., Virginia.

Married same day as bond by John Hobbs (Marriage Reg. 1, 261, Madison Co., Va.

NOTE: A, p. 76

Simeon Bluford WAYLAND [Parents] was born on 17 Mar 1788 in , , Virginia. He died on 17 May 1847 in , Culpeper Co., Virginia. Simeon married Mary Ann KIRTLEY on 5 Nov 1816 in , Madison Co., Virginia.

NOTE: A, p. 77, 94; B, p. 78, 79.

REFERENCE: Culpepper Co. Will Book "Q", p. 431; 1850 Culpeper Co. Census, No. 278; Madison Co. Marriage Reg. 1, p. 264.

Mary Ann KIRTLEY was born on 19 Sep 1795. She died on 28 Dec 1878. Mary married Simeon Bluford WAYLAND on 5 Nov 1816 in , Madison Co., Virginia.

NOTE: A, p.77,94; B, p.78,79

Madison Co. Marriage Reg. 1, p. 264 gives marriage. Old family bible with accurate dates was found in old bookstore by Dr. John Walter Wayland. Her parents may be Francis Roberts Kirtley and Agatha Christy. This, with the line back, is on WorldConnect at RootsWeb.

They had the following children:

  M i William Beverley WAYLAND
  F ii Susan Marion WAYLAND
  M iii John Wesley WAYLAND
  F iv Sarah A. WAYLAND
  M v Joseph H. WAYLAND was born on 2 Feb 1828 in , , Virginia. He died on 30 Nov 1831 in , , Virginia.

NOTE: B, p.79

Not listed by Holtzclaw in "A", but in bible. Died as child.
  F vi Mary R. WAYLAND was born on 3 Mar 1830 in , , Virginia.

NOTE: B, p. 79; nothing else known.
  F vii Emily Fannie WAYLAND
  F viii Cornelia E. WAYLAND
  M ix James Edward WAYLAND

SCOTT was born about 1785. He married Fanny WAYLAND.

Fanny WAYLAND [Parents] was born about 1790 in , , Virginia. She married SCOTT.

NOTE: A, p. 75, 77

REFERENCE: Arthur L. Keith's article on 1717 colony published in 1917, p. 242; Monnet Family Genealogy, published in 1911 by Orra E. Monnette. The listing of Fanny as a child of John (A7) is tradition, and has no historical fact. She apparently died young and unmarried. But another unknown source has her married to a man with the surname of Scott.

John Wesley WAYLAND [Parents] was born about 1797 in , , Virginia. He died about 1829 in , , Virginia. John married Mary HUFFMAN about 1827 in , , Virginia.

NOTE: A, p. 77, 95, 96.

There is a John Wayland in the War of 1812 as a "Matross" which is "a private in the army who aided the artillary gunners to load, fire, sponge, etc., the guns." They would use a strong teenager to do this.

"Wayland, John
1 Reg't (Clark's) Virginia Militia War of 1812, Matross"
Found in the National Archives in the "Index to Compiled Service Records of Volunteer Soldiers Who served During the War of 1812, M602"

Proof is needed that it is this individual.

Mary HUFFMAN [Parents] was born in 1809 in , Madison Co., Virginia. She died in 1866. Mary married John Wesley WAYLAND about 1827 in , , Virginia.

Other marriages:

NOTE: A, p. 95

Granddaughter of John Huffman, the 1714 Germanna Colonist (see Germanna Record No. 5, pp. 345-347,349 ff; and Record No. 3 for Huffman genealogy). According to her father's will, Mary married (2) a Mr. Wells. Huffman is also "Hoffman". The first wife of John Hoffman was Anna Catherine Haeger, dtr. of Rev. John Henry Haeger, the religious leader of the first colony, so Mary is a direct descendant of Rev. Haeger also.

They had the following children:

  M i John Wesley WAYLAND II

Godfrey YAGER [Parents] was born on 6 Jun 1747 in , Culpeper Co., Virginia. He died on 26 May 1819 in , Madison Co., Virginia. Godfrey married KLUG before 1775.

Other marriages:

"Rev. War Patriot"

NOTE: Germanna Record No. 11, p.67; Record No. 10 has descendants of this Yager family. Also Record No. 6, p.47

I got this from Marilyn Lewis in 12/98:

"Have looked further.....in the inventory of Godfrey Yager, Madison Co VA
will book 4, page 189, Godfrey lays out an account of advances he made to
his children, complete with the year of the advance. He states that he
made an advance to "Salathiel W. Yager" in 1813. The "W" most probably was Wayland."

Godfrey married twice, as indicated, and had 12 children total, who are known. I received correspondence from Paul Sparks about this line in 1994.

In 4/98, I received his line from Lars Lovegren [email protected] :

Yager, Godfrey b: June 6, 1747 Culpeper Co, VA d: May 26, 1819 Madison, VA
3 Yager, Rosanna b: Abt 1780 d: Bef 1890
+Bledsoe, Benjamin b: Abt 1780 d: Bef 1880
4 Bledsoe, William Lewis b: January 7, 1807 d: May 31, 1859
+Perry, Rachel Hawkins b: March 28, 1812 d: December 2, 1884
5 Bledsoe, Lucinda "Lucy" Ann Hawkins b: September 9, 1833 d: December 11,
+Johnson, Joseph William "Gov." b: August 6, 1828 d: August 19, 1902
6 Johnson, Stonewall JACKson b: October 15, 1862 Virginia d: September 4, 1959 Huntington WV
+Perry, America Eugenia "Jink" b: November 14, 1867 d: January 22, 1942 7Johnson, Eddith Elma b: October 30, 1896 Salt Rock, WV d: August 27, 1976
Rest Haven Nursing Home, York, PA
+Adkins, Roscoe Conklin b: November 5, 1887 WV d: November 4, 1962 Morton
Plant Hospital, Clearwater, FL
8 Adkins, Ruth Eloise b: October 17, 1916 Salt Rock, Cabell Co, WV
+Lovegren, Frank Jonathan b: May 14, 1910 Seattle, King Co, WA d: May 10, 1979 Hanover, York Co, PA
9 Lovegren, Lars Jackson b: June 3, 1947 East Stroudsburg, Monroe Co, PA

KLUG was born about 1750. She married Godfrey YAGER before 1775.

NOTE: Germanna Record No. 6, p.47.

She was the dtr. of Rev. Samuel Klug, the second pastor of the Hebron Church.

Adam YAGER [Parents] was born on 29 Sep 1707 in Germany and was christened on 29 Sep 1708 in Winnweiler, Pfalz, Bayern, Germany. He died in 1794 in , , Virgnia. Adam married Susannah (Kabler) COBLER in Oct 1727 in , , Virginia.

NOTE: Germanna Record No. 6, pp.46,47

Place of birth may be "Frankenstein" rather than "Fulkenston". It was located in the Duchy of Neuberg, near Duesseldorf. He had 5 sons and a dtr. who are listed in the above reference. See also the special Germanna book on Yagers.

Adam "rendered patriotic service" in the Rev. War, which entitled him to the honor of having a National DAR Chapter named for him in MO.

Susannah (Kabler) COBLER was born about 1707 in , , , Germany. She died about 1774. Susannah married Adam YAGER in Oct 1727 in , , Virginia.

NOTE: Germanna Record No. 6, p.46

She is supposed to be a sister of Frederick Cobler, who came to Virginia 1718

They had the following children:

  M i Michael YAGER
  F ii Barbara YAGER
  M iii John YAGER
  M iv Nicholas YAGER
  M v Adam YAGER Jr.
  M vi Godfrey YAGER

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