English Names from the 17th Century which is taken from "Vexed and Troubled Englishman" by Carl Bridenbaug, 1968. This is a list of executions in Bristol in the 18th and 19th century taken from the Bristol& Avon Family History Society Journal. Ardleigh in 1796 is a compilation of 1145 surnames, by Vicar John Kelly, and indexed by FH Erith. This is an Index to the 1851 Census of Bedford Prison, Parish of St.Paul. File is indexed by David Kolle of Australia.

Dockyard Volunteers have been extracted from the British Army list of 1851,Pages 90-91. It would seem that most of the officers were were appointed to these posts on 1 June 1848.

The next files are alphabetical lists of all the Bankrupts from 1st Jan 1774 to 30th June 1786, Bankrupts 1774- 1786 (part two), Bankrupts in U.K. 1774 - 1786 (part three).

Names from Bideford and areas of Devon, including clergy and gentry are included in this file.

This is the Robsons Alphabetical list to Surnames in Buckinghamshire, published in 1839. Indexed by David Kolle of Australia.

UK Obituaries Message Board

The following list of persons (mostly cooks) has been extracted from " Recipes of Old England" by Bernard N Bessinger published 1973 . The list has been compiled by members of the Genealogical Computing Group of the NZ Society of Genealogists.

The next file is Churchanston, St Peter & St Paul, Somerset (formerly Devon), Burials 1678-1902.

Details taken from the Long Melford, Suffolk Parish Magazine October 1882.

The transcriptions published here, Trull, All Saints, Somerset, Burials 1678-1889 have been privately made from fiche copies of the parish registers purchased from the Somerset Archive and Record Service who take no responsibility for their accuracy or completeness.

The following information was compiled by Peter Dunn, 7 Monarda St., Runcorn, QLD 4113, Australia in July 1993. The details are from a book titled "Strike and Return" written by Peter Firkins. Peter Dunn's father-in-law is John Goulevitch DFC who was one of the lucky survivors of 460 Squadron.

The names in Scowmen from the Phantom Fleet have been extracted from;- "The Phantom Fleet"by Ted Ashby 9th July 1988.

Immigrants from the Borders of Scotland to Australia consists of names of Scots marrying from 1886 to 1895 and who claimed to be born in a Scottish border County.

Here are some names from Early Bristol.

Ireland Cemeteries & Tombstones

Dallas Co, Alabama, USA, Marriage Book 1, 1818-1845,carries some marriages in Alabama. The following are Index of Births, Devizes Workhouse, Wiltshire, 1848-1902, Indexes of Deaths, Devizes Workhouse, Wiltshire, 1866-1902.

The following Essex files, Elizabethan Essex, Elizabethan Life-Wills of Essex Gentry and Yeoman, Elizabethan Life -Wills of Essex Gentry and Yeoman (2), Elizabethan Life in Essex- Disorder, Elizabethan Life- Morals and the Church Courts, Essex Families, have all been compiled by Mike Foster of Wellington New Zealand, and will be of benefit to Essex researchers.

Here is the essential Pigots Directory of Essex 1823/24.

What follows are extracts from an article printed in the Illustrated London News on Saturday July 6th 1850. It isa contemporary account of the procedure of Emigration from the port of Liverpool to the New World and the Colonies.

RAF Ibsley was located on the east side of the A338 Ringwood to Salisbury Road.

The following are files about Hampshire- Phillimores Hampshire Parish Records Volume 5, and Phillimores Hampshire Parish Records Volume 5 (2).

Taken from the 1841 Census in the Registration District of Corsham, is Inmates at Kingsdown Lunatic Aylum, Wiltshire.

During the two periods when Norfolk Island was used as a penal settlement - 1788-1810 and 1825-1853 - commissions were issued on behalf of the Crown to ieutenant-Governors and Commandants. From 1856 until 1897 the affairs of Norfolk Island were administered by the Governor and Commander-in-Chief, for the time being, of the Colony of New South Wales, and from 1897 to 1914 by the Governor of the State of New South Wales, with the advice of his Ministers. The Chief Magistrate was elected annually by the inhabitants of Norfolk Island from 1856 until 1895, with appointment approved by the Governor. Government of the Island in the absence of the Governor was in the hands of the Chief Magistrate with a Council of Elders. From 1896 until 1914, when the Island came under the jurisdiction of the Commonwealth Government, appointments to that position were made by the Governor of New South Wales. Under the provisions of the Administration Law 1913, the executive Government of Norfolk Island was,during the absence of the Governor of NSW, vested in an Administrator, who was also Chief Magistrate, appointed by the Governor. On 15 January 1897 by an Order in Council, the Government of the Island was vested in the Governor of NSW, with the advice of his Ministers. Government of the Island, in the absence of the Governor, was in the hands of a Chief Magistrate, appointed by the Governor, with a Council of twelve "Elders"of 30 years of age or more, elected by the inhabitants. the Advisory Council of eight elected members was constituted under and by virtue ofthe Advisory Council Ordinance 1935. At the first meeting of the Council, which was held in the beginning of August of each year, the President was elected.

Norton Fitwarren, Somerset- Baptisms 1726-1812, Marriages 1726-1791. Nynehead, Somerset, Baptisms 1769-1812. Pitminster, St Mary and St Andrew, Somerset, Baptisms 1813-1885.

The following list of some 650 names has been extracted from the micro-fiche of 1830 Directory of Gloucestershire. It covers the following towns,:- Northleach, Painswick, Chipping Sodbury, Wickwar, Iron-Acton, Stow in the Wold, Burton on the Water.

The Mayors, Lord Mayors, and Sheriffs of Norwich, Norfolk, 1835-1990,has been indexed by Marianne Philson, Feb 1993.

Names of officers listed in Whitaker's Alamanac for 1894 as serving in ships in commission & in reserve in various parts of the world.

This list of ships should be read in conjunction with the previous file which lists the Officers.

The following list of names, occupations and addresses has been extracted from the micro-fiche of Pigot's 1830 of Gloucestershire. Fairford is in the hundred of Bright-wells Barrow and lied 8 miles from Cirencester in the Cotswolds. The foundation of the church was by opulent merchant John TAME who in 1493 brought stained glass from Italy. The Lord of the Manor in 1830 was John Raymond BARKER Esq. In 1821 the parish contained 1,547 inhabitants. Lechlade lies about four miles from Fairford and is nearwhere the Counties of Wilts, Bucks and Gloucester unite. George MILWARD was Lord of the Manor in 1830. In 1821 Lechlade had a population of 1,154inhabitants.

"First Sea Lord" - An Authorised Biographyof Admiral Lord Fisher by Richard Hough by John Arbuthnot FISHER 1841-1920. The following names have been transcribed from the above book which was published in 1969.

The following list of names, occupations and addresses has been extracted from the micro-fiche of Pigot's 1830 directory of Gloucestershire. Frampton-on-Severn is a small parish about two miles from the river Severn and lies eight miles from Stroud. H.C.Clifford Esq was the Lord of the Manor in 1830. In 1830 the village had about 1,000 inhabitants. Transcribed at Auckland New Zealand by Ted WILDY October 22, 1993.

All New Zealand serviceman who died at Gallipoli 1915: ANZAC Day, April 22, commemorates the landing at Gallipoli. This information was published in the Dominion-Sunday Times from information supplied by the Ministry of Defence and the War Graves Office of the Department of Internal Affairs, 22 April 1990. RootsWeb General Search

A selection of Military Marriages, indexed from Newspapers and Books Mainly covering Suffolk with a few other Counties and Countries SAJ Dec 1994.

This is a list of inhabitants of the towns of Mitchell Dean,Moreton-in-the-Marsh, Newent, and Newnham in Gloucestershire in 1830.

The file "MODELS" is a file of people in UK in 1898 who were involved with the Models Society of Model Engineers or the magazine "The Model Engineer & amateur electrician".

1881 Census of Rev. C.H.Spurgeon's Orphanage, Clapham Rd., Lambeth, Surrey.

You can search for New Zealand place names here

Thomas Turner, The Diary of a Georgian Shopkeeper. The original diary is now held in Yale University library (111 volumes) but a small selection by Blencowe and Lower was published in 1925. The same selection was republished by OUP, edited by G H Jennings,in 1979.

The following lists of civilian ward dead,1939-1945, was compiled by the Imperial War Graves Commission in 1954 and is to be found in the Roll of Honour placed in Westminster Abbey. The files are Wardead1 Wardead2 Wardead3 Wardead4 Wardead5 Wardead6

The following 2 files are from the Dorset Poll Book of 1807, A-K and L-Z

A return of the Medical Officers attached to the forces serving in Crimea; specifying the Name, Age and Rank of each, the Date of their Appointment,and whether still serving in the East.This is a return showing the Names of all Persons appointed Physicians, Surgeons, Assistant Surgeons, Acting Assistant Surgeons, Druggists or other Medical Officers to the Army, or to the Hospital at Scutari, Smyrna or elsewhere, for Sick or Disabled Soldiers from the 1st day of January 1854 to the present Time, stating the nature of the Degrees, Diplomas, or licences held by them as qualifications, and the colleges from which they have been obtained. The following is a return of the Medical Officers appointed to the Civil Hospital at the Dardanelles.

Index of 1841 Census - Parish of Knettishall in the District of Thetford, county of Suffolk.

This is the 1823-24 Pigot Directory for Suffolk, England.

James Boswell is perhaps best known as the biographer of Dr Samuel Johnson. Boswell was a Scot, a bit of a rake, later a lawyer, and not a particularly engaging personality. He wrote his journals over many years (with gaps) but they remained lost to the world for a century and a half after his death in 1795. The London Journal was the first to be published, in 1950.

This list is an index to a List of General and Staff Officers on the Establishment in North America, 1755-1782, which was originally published some 200 years ago.

The names in this file have been taken from some of the many documents contained in Volume X. Those referenced as pp221/222 are from a Prospectus and list of members of the Society for Constitutional Information, a body set up at about 1780 at a time of great reforming interest. They are all men, of standing, some titled esquire. Pages 401/403 shows us lists of Catholics in the diocese of York, some selected responses to an inquiry by the Archbishop of York in 1735. These show Yorkshire Catholics circa 1730/46, plus some family members.

This file covers various aspects of local history in Cornwall as it affected the lives of the people living there.

The following is a list of persons who were involved in three campaigns in the River Plate area, South America, 1806-07. They have been extracted from a publication of the same title by the Naval Records Society 1996.

The following list of names is taken from Richard Gough's History of Myddle, a parish in Shropshire.

Arrival of the "Navarino", Adelaide, South Australia, 10 November 1848. Extracted from - "The South Australian Register". Saturday, November 11, 1848. Copy held at Mortlock Library, Adelaide, South Australia.

Here is a list of names from Boston in the 16th century..

The hearth money roll for the parish of Donoughmore, Donegal-Raphoe, South Barony, in 1665. Indexed by Marianne Philson, Auckland, New Zealand,25 May 1994.

Taken from the "Encyclopedia of New Zealand Rugby" compiled by authors , RH Chester and NAC McMillan, New Zealand Representative All Blacks 1884 -- 1980.

This file contains a list of Te Awamutu, New Zealand residents and early settlers that have been extracted from the book "Frontier Town - A History of Te Awamutu" 1884-1984 by Laurie Barber - published 1984. The names have been sorted into alphabetical order and against each name is given their title, if any, some information about their trade or business and in many cases the page number reference. The file also quotes the year so that the reader may gain some idea of the time scale during which any person was involved with the affairs of the town of Te Awamutu. This date has been extracted by members of the Genealogical Computing Group of the NZ Society of Genealogists, P.O.Box 35-020 Browns Bay, Auckland 10. The attached list of 144 names of persons who lived to over 100 years of age has been extracted from the above publication and re-produced in the Journal of the Cumbria Family History Society (No. 17 Nov 1980 & No. 19 May 1981) from which the names have been copied by members of the Genealogical Computing Group of the NZ Society of Genealogists.

Minchinhampton is a market town lying 14 miles from Gloucester City. In 1830 the Rector of Minchinhampton was Revd. William COCKIN. In the 1821 census which included the chapelry of Rodborough and part of Nailsworth, the population was shown as 7,843 inhabitants. The parish of Bisley contained 5,421 persons in the last returns, and Horsley contained 3,565 inhabitants. In 1830 the Revd Peter HAWKER was rector of Woodchester, which had 1,030 inhabitants.

The following is a list of persons of Cumberland origins whose names appear in the records of the monthly meetings of the Society of Friends in Newcastle.

Persons named on the hearth money roll for the parish of Taughboyne, Co Donegal, Ireland, 1665.

Here is a list of tenants on the Abercorn Donegal, Ireland, 1794.

Here is a list of officers employed in the Coastguard

Persons named on the hearth money roll forthe parish of Leck, in the Barony of Raphoe, Co Donegal, Ireland, 1665.

Persons named on the hearth money roll for the parish of Leck, in the Barony of Raphoe, Co Donegal, Ireland, 1766.

Here are some names from the book "Colonial Outcasts" a search for the remittance men, by Nell Hartley, transcribed by Ted Wildy, Sep 10, 1993, Auckland New Zealand.

Persons named on the hearth money roll for the parish of Raphoe, including Convoy, in the Barony of Raphoe, Co Donegal, Ireland, 1665. Transcribed by Marianne Philson, Auckland, NZ, 25 May 1994.

This index is taken from a Victorian printed edition of Chillesford, Suffolk, Parish Register. The numbers refer to pages in the book, copies of which are known to exist in Leicester University Library, as well as Suffolk County Record Office, and the Libraries of the Suffolk Family History Society.

Woodbridge Gaol Books - Transportees 1825-1840

Index to Wordwell Parish Registers-This Index is extracted from a Victorian transcript from 1572 to 1850; Index of Baptisms....

Index of the Parish Registers of West Stow, Suffolk-Taken from a Victorian print edition up to 1850, and reproduced by David Scott c/o [email protected]; Index of Baptisms.

Here is the Tontine Deed from the Birmingham Public Library, 1798.

Virtually self educated, Francis Beaufort left school at 14 eventually became Hydrographer of the Navy after adventurous service in the Napoleonic Wars. He suffered nineteen wounds capturing enemy vessels and came near to death from a fanatic's bullet. He wrote portions of his 2000 or so letters and journals in cypher which when broken revealed his many family problems including an incestuous relationship with his sister over three years. His name, familiar to all yachtsmen, signifies the international wind force scale, which he first recorded in his journal in 1806. The names from the book have been extracted by Ted WILDY in Auckland New Zealand. July 29, 1993.

This is a study of the appalling conditions of the inner London suburbs of the Tower Hamlets area in 1888. It is a study of poverty, violence, sweated labour, terrible health, even worse housing. It is a revelation of just how bad conditions were, and makes a genealogist boggle at how any records could be made. It is salutary reading. Many addresses are included,though probably often temporary as people often moved. Indexed by Mike Foster, Wellington, 1993.

The following list of names, occupations and addresses has been transcribed from the micro-fiche of Pigots Gloucester directory of 1830 for the City of Gloucester. In many instances a person is listed under more than one trade or occupation and is therefore listed more than once in the directory. No attempt has been made to eliminate these duplications. In the returns for 1821, the City of Gloucester had 9,744 inhabitants. Transcribed by Ted WILDY in Auckland New Zealand on October 24, 1993.

The following 8 files contain a list of ships and craft that served in New Zealand and Australian waters over the years. Disk1 Disk2 Disk3 Disk4 Disk5 Disk6 Disk7 Disk8

Diary of a voyage from London to Australia from SS Arayaba.

The army officers listed in the 1840 naval and military Almanac, Part 1 of 2. Indexed by Marianne PHILSON, 3/5 Chartwell Ave, Glenfield, Auckland, NEW ZEALAND. June 1994. Here is Part 2

A list of men of the 39th Battalion A.I.F, being one of the twelve Infantry Batallions of the Third Australian Division. Approx 2,935 names. N.W. Crook Capt, Ret.(mariner).(Member of the North Harbour Genealogy Computer Group).

The index of names that follows has been transcribed from "The History, Topography & Directory of Warwickshire" by William WEST published in 1830. Warks Warks2 Warks3

Here is a list of the 1825 Chester marriage licence bonds for December of that year. Here follows the February edition...The January list can be found here. Here is the May list of people. Here is the list of the 1826 Chester bonds for the month of January.

The following index can be also obtained from Exeter library as that is the document that the pages apply to. This is a history of the town of Clawton.

Here is a list of casualties from the East India Register of 1832. This document has been indexed by Ted Wildy at Auckland on February 13 1994.

The following is a list that gives details of the burials at St Mary Magdalene, Old Fish Street, City of London for the period 5/1/1813 to 10/7/1853 and they have been extracted from the parish register on film number 374491. This list has been compiled by members of the Genealogical Computing Group of the NZ Society of Genealogists, P.O.Box 35-020 Browns Bay Auckland 10.

The following names of the residents of Alcester have been indexed from "Topography and dictionary of Warwickshire" by William West.

This is the 1841 census index for the parish of Hopton in Surrey.

Here are a list of files related To the Naval biographical Dictionary of 1849. Go here to look

The Glasgow and West of Scotland Society was founded in 1977 "to promote the study of family history in the Glasgow & West of Scotland". Tribute is paid to Mr. Donald Whyte and Dr. Arthur Jamieson of Barnach, whose enthusiasm and guidance contributed greatly to the founding of the Society. A close relationship is enjoyed with the Mitchell Library and Glasgow City Archive sand we are indebted to the senior staff of both for their interest and support.

Here is an Index to Inward Overseas Passengers from Foreign Ports to Australia 1852 - 1859.

Here is a listing of the principal inhabitants of Lowestoft, Suffolk in 1794.

Lowestoft is situated upon the most eastern pointof land in England, and, standing upon a lofty eminence, commands a very extensive prospect of the German Ocean, as all the traders, &c. from the North, pass and re-pass very near the shore; and it has the noblest and most beautiful appearance from the sea of any town upon the coast.Its shore is safe, and an easy declivity into the water, with a fine pebbly bottom; here are good bathing machines, and this place is much resorted to in the bathing season by the nobility and gentry.

The following names have been transcribed from the book Napoleans St Helena published in 1968 which had been translated from the French by Frances Partridge.

Here is a list of inhabitants in Hobart,Tasmania, Australia, 1867-68....

This is part 2

Here are some names from Stockton St James, Durham, England, from 1868-1910.

The attached files comprise a full transcription from the Wiltshire Poll Book of 1772 and has been taken from the micro-fiche published by the Society of Genealogists in London, and then sorted into alphabetical order.

The Wells family research page can be found here.

Index to Croxdale, County Durham, Baptisms 1813 to 1893......

Here is an active map of Bedfordshire.

The following list of names has been copied from the book - One Whaling Family. Edited by Harold WILLIAMS...Published by the Houghton Mifflin Company, Boston - 1964 Library of congress catalogue card number 64-12869. The `Florida' was a Whaling ship, and on board, as well as the crew was the wife of the Captain, Eliza Azelia WILLIAMS, who wrote the journal contained in the first part of the book. The voyage lasted from 7th September 1858 to 26th October 1861.

The following names are indexed from The Merchant Class of Medireview London by Sylvia L Thrupp, 1948. Some entries occur more than once, which contributes more information. Some names are clearly names based on occupations, others of localities.

People AND VESSELS OF ST IVES, CORNWALL, from a diary of John Tregerthen Short, 1817-1839, Part 1. Covering events, elections, wrecks and rescues at St Ives, Cornwall. Indexed by Marianne PHILSON, Auckland, New Zealand, 21 Oct 1995.

Extracts from the Diary of John Tregerthen SHORT..People, event and vessels of St Ives, Cornwall. Indexed by Vessel-Part 2 1840-1872.

More extracts from the Diary of John Tregerthan SHORT.... People, events and Vessels of St Ives, Part 2.1840-1872. Indexed By Marianne Philson, Auckland, New Zealand, Nov 1995.

More extracts from the Diary of John Tregerthan SHORT during the time he was a prisoner of the French from 1804-1814 when he returned to St Ives, Cornwall to take up his civilian life again. Indexed by Vessel-Indexed by Marianne Philson, Auckland, New Zealand, Dec 1995....

The following list of names has been transcribed from a copy of Old Ordnance Survey Maps "Bishops Storford 1896" published by Alan Godfrey Maps Ltd., the entries being from Kelly's Directory of Hertfordshire 1899. Transcribed by Ted WILDY in Auckland New Zealand May 8, 1996.

Here is a link to St Peters Church Nottingham. It contains pictures of St Marys and has some historical background of Nottingham.

Here is a link to a page that has old pictures of Nottingham, and is dedicated to saving the cities heritage.

Phillimore Parish Records. Volume 11: Bentworth banns published. It is noted in the volume that names given in the list of marriages are not repeated here. The names here are not included in the index of marriages.

The attached list of persons connected with Barbados in the West Indies has been extracted from two sources:- A History of Barbados by Ronald Tree, The Genealogist' Magazine Vol 17. No.9 of March 1974.

Here are some Phillimores Hampshire Parish Records Volume 11 Baptisms

Here are names from the Wirksworth Parish Registers 1608-1837, Derbyshire, England..

Here is a link to the NZ Maritime Museum, which has a lot of passengers which arrived in New Zealand in the last century

The Nottinghamshire Family History Society is now online...

Here is the Tipperary Historical society.

The Clan system is a popular area of Scottish history which emerged from the old tribal ways of the people living in the land we now call Scotland.

Here are some files about the Cresswell family of Derbyshire and Nottinghamshire

Here is a list of pupils who attended Te Kopuru School, New Zealand, in 1918.

Fishing was the mainstay of the village of Cresswell. Cresswell Hall was built in the 1820's and it provided work for the people of the village. Cresswell's fishing industry went into a gradual decline as men forsook the sea for jobs in the coal pit, and with the breakup of the Cresswell estate in 1924 there were less jobs for the local people.

You can view some NZ manuscripts here.

Here is Pigots directory for Bristol in Gloucestershire, 1830, Part 1

Here is Part 2

Here is Part 3

Here is Part 4

Here is a file containing pupils from Kaeo primary school, New Zealand, 1902-21

Here is a listing of some of the earliest settlers in Laggan, Donegal, Ireland

The following names, occupations and addresses have been extracted from Kellys directory for Wiltshire for 1899. Transcribed by Ted WILDY in Auckland New Zealand on 11th February 1996.

You can access the Bedfordshire Family History Society here.

Index of 1841 Census - Parish of Knettishall in the District of Thetford, County of SUFFOLK Enumeration District #23 By - David and Barbara Kolle ............ September 1993.

From the Aberdeen and NE Scotland Family History Journal No. 38 - MARCH 1991 Sent in by Member S. Connon No. 12, Hammermen

Of Old Aberdeen 1699 - 1879. Taken from '"Aberdeen Journal" Notes and Queries' Vol II 1909. 1841 Census of Staff and Inmates of Laycock Workhouse in the Parish of Laycock District of Chippenham, WILTSHIRE.

The following list contains all the names of the Brides and Grooms extracted from the parish register of St.Mary's, Kirkdale, Liverpool as filmed by the LDS, on film #1545938.

Here is A Glossary of Mining Terms used in mid 1800's.

List of the Victims of The Wood Pit Explosion Haydock, 1878.

The following is a list of Methodist Ministers who died in England from July 1965, to June, 1966.

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Naval and Military Directory-"In the following list will be found the Names and Stations of the Principal Military and Naval Officers, such as the public have most occasion to communicate with on matters of business." Extracted from the 1894 Edition of Whitaker's Almanac by Ted Wildy in Auckland New Zealand on November 23, 1995.

This file was created from "Some Caithness Burial Grounds" (in thirteen parts) by A. S. Cowper and I. Ross. It is possible that the Scottish Genealogy Society will re-publish all thirteen parts in four volumes. It is likely that this index will be included.

London Metropolitan Police Orders. The attached list of names has been extracted from a few ages of the Metropolitan Police Orders issued between 1868 & 1895. In researching my own family I obtained copies of specific orders that included a member of my family, only to find that the six pages were full of names.

Names from the 1871 Census of Salford Royal Hospital Dispensary -125A Chapel Street Salford Manchester - Film No. 0846316.

A Record of registered grants and Leases in NSW, Van Diemen's Land and Norfolk Island. Edited by R J Ryan, B.A. Australian Documents Library, Sydney. Indexed by Ann Evans, New Plymouth, September 1993 from the copy held in the New Plymouth Public Library, New Zealand.

A List Of Persons who paid hearth tax in 1655 in the parish of Clonleigh, Donegal, Ireland. Includes townlands.

Ralph Josselin was vicar of Earles Colne, Essex 1641/83. His diary was edited by Alan MacFarlane as a university-supported research project. It is a substantial book with detailed references and a very detailed index, plus lineages of the more "important" families. The diary was stolen and lost for many years and eventually turned up on a London book stall.

Here is a list of people from the Dorset Poll Book of 1807 a-k, l-z.

"The Long Farewell" by Don Charlwood ---- The following list of passengers & diarists has been extracted from the above publication by members of the Computer Group of the NZ Society of Genealogists. 13th November 89.

This list of ship arrivals into the port of Halifax, Nova Scotia in 1902 and 1906-1909 was prepared by Dennis Seher and George Dorscher and is issued with their permission. This work may be freely copied for nonprofit purposes. Copyright 1995, DS and GD - 247 Huntridge Way NE, Calgary, AB, T2K 4C4 Canada, (403) 275-2868.

The following is a list of persons of Cumberland origins whose names appear in the records of the monthly meetings of the Society of Friends in Newcastle.

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1871 England Census

National Archives of New Zealand