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The Schaney Family in America

My saga starts in 1984 when I received an advertisement for a book called "The Schaney Family Heritage Book" I didn't know any better then since I was just starting out in Genealogy, but these books are simply lists of Schaney's they were able to pull out of some Phone Book database. I didn't do much with it at the time except look at it. It showed that in 1984 there were Schaney families in the following US States:
CA 4; CT 1; ID 1; IL 6; IN 2; MA 1; NJ 1; NY 1; OH 16; PA 8; TX 1.

I have been able since then to identify "many" of these branches and find out where they fit into the tree. Most in Ohio, Pennsylvania and California descend from two major branches, the Beaver County, Pennsylvania who came from Alsace and the Swiss Colony Bernstadt, Kentucky branch who came from Switzerland.

There may be a connection between these Schaney branches, but as yet I have not been able to find it.


Jakob Schoene of Beaver and Butler Counties (Zelienople)

George Schini of Beaver County

John Schaney of McKean and Potter Counties

Michael Schaney of Westmoreland County


The Christian and Johannn Schoeni of Colony Bernstadt, Laurel County


Heinrich Schoene of Johnstown, Licking County

Schaney's in Southwest Ohio generally descend from the Kentucky branch.


Michael Schini/Shaney of Harrison County

Connecticut, New Jersey, Maryland, Idaho, Illinois, Nevada

I am unsure about these families, if you have information please send it to me.

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