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The Schoene Surname

Schoen - Schön: In old German, the adjective schoen means pleasant to look at, beautiful, and friendly. In old Alsatian the adjective schön also meant "healthy, a person in good health, free from disease." (You will hear a lot of German integrated with French in the Alsacian dialect.)

The first person named Schöne must have been a healthy, lovely person, who was fun to be with!

Phonetically in High German (proper) the pronunciation of the name "Schöne" sounds like "Sherna." But depending on the dialect of the people, it may have sounded different, in Rheinland Pfalz, Hessen, and Saarland it might sound a little more like "Schane".

The "oe" is the accepted way to spell the umlaut "o" (the o with two dots over it.) People without the umlaut keys on their typewriter indicated an umlaut by putting the e after it.


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