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Heinrich Schoene of Darmstadt, Hessen

Heinrich Schoene of Darmstadt, Hessen (Settled in Johnstown, Ohio)

Heinrich Schoene was born in the city of Darmstadt. His grandfather (also named Heinrich), was a royal secretary, according to a letter from the Hessiche Archiv. He was holding that job in 1781 when his son Joseph Simon Schoene was born. Heinrich (the royal secretary) was married to Johanette Schoepp.

I got this information from a response letter my Great-Grandmother received December 14, 1934 from the Hessiche Archiv and from a letter from Heinrich's sister, Dorothee Sulger.

My Great-Grandmother, Cleo Schoene wrote to the Hessiche Archiv to ask about inheritance. The letter came back in German with family history in it. She had no inheritance and they asked her to send 5 Reichsmarks to pay for the information. :-) In any case, the letter sat for decades in with the pictures and other old letters. Then when my Mom started genealogy research in the '70s, someone dug out the letter and she had it translated.

Joseph Simon Schoene was married to Elizabeth Nick. Her father was Johannes Nick, a Flour handler. Their son Heinrich was my Great-Great Grandfather. All through the letter from the Archive it tells of family members being born and married in Darmstadt. My Great-Great Grandfather was born in Darmstadt on December 6, 1826. On May 1, 1848, he received a passport for his departure to America. He was listed as a tradesman.

Heinrich had a younger sister, Margarete Elisabeth, born on January 28, 1829 and it was said she was married in Paris in 1850. She died in 1853, according to the letter from the Hessiche Archiv. In a letter from Heinrich's sister Dorothee Sulger, she mentions a sister named Gretchen that died in Paris. (Gretchen is the short form for the name Margarete as well as the name Gretel.) Dorothee wrote that Gretchen had a son "who was with his sister Sophie, he learned the merchant business, and he went at the age of 18 to (unreadable) in America." The letter does not give the son's name.

There was another younger sister, Karoline Dorothea, born March 31, 1831. The Archive shows her as disappearing by 1852. We have a letter written by her dated May 17,1878, after the time Germany lost track of her in February 1853. When she wrote these letters using the name Dorothee Sulger, she was in the United States.

The ship Heinrich Schoene was on landed in Florida and he settled in Johnstown, Ohio.

Heinrich and wife Jennie had at least five children. Cleo, Berthold, Walter, Joseph, and Ivy. Cleo (my great-grandmother) was born in 1878 and died in 1959. She married Sherman Violet.

If you have more information on this part of the Schoene family history, please reply. Or, if this contributed your research, I'm glad to help.

Bethold, Cleo, Walter and Joseph Schoene

<strong><em>Sherman and Cleo (Schoene) Violet's children: Rose, Sylvia,

Sherman and Cleo (Schoene) Violet's children: Rose, Sylvia, John

Family Tree


Heinrich Schoene (royal secretary)
wife: Johanette Schoepp

Joseph Simon Schoene (1781 - 1841)
wife: Elizabeth Nick (1795 - 1837)

Heinrich Schoene (1826 - 1891) ,
sisters: Margarete Elizabeth (Gretchen),
sister: Karoline Dorothea (Dorothee Sulger)
wife: Jennie Frazell

Cleo Schoene (1878 - 1959)
brothers: Berthold, Walter, Joseph
sister: Ivy
husband: Sherman Violet
children: Sylvia, Rose, John, Woodrow

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