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The Christian and Johannn Schoene Families of Colony Bernstadt, KY

Swiss Colony Bernstadt
Founded 1881, this was Kentucky's largest foreign colony, Swiss farm crisis and high land prices caused mass emigration. Paul Schenk and Otto Bruner, agriculturalists, and Karl Imobersteg, owner of large passage office, promoted venture. These Swiss capitalists sold 4,000 acres to colonists, most from Bern. They improved farming: became known for wine and cheese production. - Commonwealth of Kentucky Historical Marker

Anna Elizabeth Johns, Johann & Leona (Bundy) Schaney

Christian, Johann and Lena Schoene along with their mother and step-father emigrated from Berne Switzerland in 1883 to the Swiss Colony Bernstadt in Kentucky.

The first name of their father is not known, but their mother was Anna Elizabeth Johns, b. Berne Switzerland. She married second Johann Rettenmund and they emigrated to the US, Anna and Johann are buried St. John Swiss Cem., East Bernstadt, KY.

Children of Herr Schoene and Anna Elizabeth Johns are:
Johann "John", Christian, and Lena

Johann "John" Schaney was born September 28, 1869 in Berne, Berne, Switzerland, and died May 10, 1947. He married Leona Bundy (who was the sister of Lena's husband) March 01, 1895 in Gills Creek, KY.

Children of Johann Schaney and Leona Bundy are:

i. John Schaney, b. November 24, 1896; d. September 15, 1977, Navarro, OH; m. Grace E. Yoder.

ii. Willie Alexander Schaney, b. October 22, 1898; d. October 10, 1899.

iii. Thretha Schaney, b. January 22, 1900; d. June 1901.

iv. Walter Jacob Schaney, b. November 23, 1904; d. November 29, 1996, Dayton, Montgomery Co., OH; m. Alice.

v. Fred Schaney, b. May 18, 1907; d. July 13, 1978, Jewett, Harrison Co., OH.

vi. Mollie Schaney, b. November 11, 1909; m. Carthell Stewart.

vii. Hattie Shaney, b. March 29, 1912; m. Cutshall.

viii. Pearl Schaney, b. March 29, 1912; m. (1) Hensley; m. (2) Hill; m. (3) Pryor.

ix. Louise Ann Schaney, b. April 20, 1915; m. Owens.

x. Elizabeth Schaney, b. July 18, 1918; m. Smalley.

xi. Grayce Schaney, b. February 21, 1921; m. Hauber.

xii. Margaret Ruth Schaney, b. June 25, 1924; m. Palmer.

Christian Schaney was born 1863 in Berne, Berne, Switzerland. He married Bertha Rohner, daughter of Rose Anna Reusch and ____ Rohner.

Children of Christian Schaney and Bertha Rohner are:

i. Mary Schaney m. Krall.

ii. Hulda Schaney m. Leesun.

iii. Rose Schaney, b. November 04, 1898; d. April 09, 1988, Hamilton, Butler Co., OH.

iv. Bertha Schaney, b. November 15, 1903; d. May 28, 1994, Hamilton, Butler Co., OH.

v. Louis Schaney, m. (1) Elsie Weaver; m. (2) Gladys Miller.

vi. Christian Schaney, b. September 07, 1895; d. October 1970, Hamilton, Butler Co., OH; m. Nellie Hampton.

vii. Ernest Schanie, m. Millie.

viii. Elmer Schaney, b. March 04, 1910; d. May 1973, Ohio.

ix. Jacob "Jake" Schaney, b. July 29, 1905; d. July 1959, Ohio.

x. Walter Schaney m. Henrietta.

xi. Herman Schaney.

Lena Schaney married John Rohner (who was the brother of Johann's wife)


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