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Schaney, Schanie, Schany, Scheine, Schini, Schoeni, Schone, Schoni, Schonie, Schoen, Schöne, Schone, Schoene, Shany, Shaney, Shoney, Shoeny

Welcome to the Schaney/Schoene Family History project, my branch of the family came from Zutzendorf (Since 1973 it has been known as Obermodern-Zutzendorf and lies along the Rhine River bordering Germany, about 40 miles north-northwest of Strasbourg in Bas-Rhin, the northern part of Alsace.) in about 1831-33 and came to Western Pennsylvania, settling in Marion Twp., Beaver County, Pennsylvania near Zelienople. In Alsace the name was spelled Schini, but while many of the records I've found in the United States contain various spellings, the most common were Schoene and then, in later records, Schaney.

I've been looking for many years for the ancestors of my father, Ross Schaney with out much success, it seems that even though his grandfather had 8 brothers, they scattered to the winds, never keeping in touch. Since 1997 I have made many connections with some of the descendants of these families, and I now have a much better picture of how the family tree has blossomed.

I hope you enjoy reading through what I have discovered.

The Schaney/Schoene Surname

The Schoene (Schöne) Schini Families in Europe

The Schaney/Schoene Family in America

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