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Kiron Kountry's Family Farms
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 Wide View Aerial Photos of Farms:

  1. Along Crawford/Sac/Ida border
  2. Around present day Kiron
  3. Along OtterCreek/Stockholm border
  4. Along road to Boyer
  5. In Stockholm 18
  6. In Stockholm 18 and 19
  7. Around Johnsonville
  8. Along Spirit Lake Airline
  9. In Stockholm 30/31
  10. In Stockhom 31/Milford 06
  11. Around Deloit
  12. Kiron-Stockholm Twp Satellite View

 Individual Farm Histories:

  1. Fred Gronau Farm ------- Stkm 17
  2. Julius Johnson Farm ----- Stkm20
  3. John Sparfeldt Farm ----- Stkm20
  4. C.E.Waldemar Farm ----- Stkm28
  5. B.A.Samuelson Farm ----- Whlr18
  6. John E.Gustafson Farm -- Whlr18
  7. Carl Gustafson Farm -- Stkm05
  8. Axel Lundberg Farm -- Whlr31
  9. Nicolaus Lindblad Farm -- Whlr31

 Farm Operations and Activities:

Russell Gustafson Farm Photos

 Willard Gustafson Farm Photo

 Carl Gustafson Threshing Ring

 Carl Gustafson Corn Shelling

 Mayme Gustafson children and chickens

 Marten Berg's "Lindberg the Hog"

 Farm Buildings - Barns, etc.

  1. Family Farm ------ H36
  2. Finstrom Farm --- O24
  3. Ullrich Farm ------ S04
  4. Baker Farm ------- S05
  5. Family Farm ------- S05
  6. Gustafson Farm -- S05
  7. Buller Farm ------- S06
  8. Baker Farm ------- S07
  9. Gronau Farm ----- S08
  10. Gronau Farm ----- S08
  11. Gronau Farm ----- S18
  12. Larson Farm ---- -W07
  13. Larson Farm ---- -W07
  14. Family Farm ----- -W15
  15. Neville Farm ------W16
  16. Family Farm ------W23
  17. Youngquist Farm-W28
  18. Family Farm ----- -W33
  19. Family Farm ----- -Wxx

This section of the Kiron Kountry web site is dedicated to all the families who came to this part of Iowa, bought a parcel of land and developed that land into a "FAMILY FARM". They came as early as 1867 which was long before there was anything that could be called a town. They provided the entire basis of the economy for the area in the beginning and they continue to fulfill that role over 130 years later. In this section is their story in word and picture told in a series of individual 'farm chapters'.

So much of the day to day history of farm life involved "barn chores". It is fitting that some attempt be made to refresh memories of what it was like to live on a farm. Several of these old "mansions" are still standing and are presented here. It should stimulate some good discussion about past life experences on the farm. It was a hard life but one worth celebrating. And photos of other farm activities are being added to bring back those memories or to enlighten another generation.

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