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Leake Co. MS Deed (SLC 6/21/2008)
      C-134: 16 Feb. 1839, Michael Barrier and wife Sarah of Leake Co. MS to William L. Duncan of Tippah Co. MS, $1,760, E 1/2 SW 1/4 Sec.6 Twp.11 Range 6E containing 182.28 acres; also E 1/2 NW 1/4 Sec.7 Twp.11 Range 6E containing 80.11 acres; also SE 1/4 Sec.31 Twp.13 Range 10E containing 159.31 acres; being parcels sold by William Woodland of Madison Co. MS and Frances H?. Clanton of Leake Co. MS to Michael Barrier. No Wit. Michael Barrier and Sarah (X) appeared in Warren Co. MS. (FHL film 899,049 item 3)

Marshall Co. MS Deed (FHL film 892,439)
      U-309: 26 May 1855, Jesse Duncan and wife Paulina L. of Tippah Co. MS to Thomas N. Gunthorp of Marshall Co. MS, $25, lot 40 in town of Hudsonville in Sec.33 Twp.2 Range 2W. No wit.

Hardeman Co. TN Deeds
      E-470/1: 21 Feb. 1838, Wm. L. Duncan trust deed to Pitser Miller; Duncan owes Miller $2000, and Miller is security for Duncan in sum of $4000; mortgage slaves, and mortgage 460 acres in Dist. 9, R.1, Sec. (blank), including land conveyed to said Duncan by Boxley and Perkins of this Co.; he the said Duncan binds himself that the said Negro property which is to remain in his possession shall not be removed beyond the jurisdiction of the State of TN except as far as Tippah Co. in the State of MS without the consent of the said Pitser Miller. (FHL film 989,302)
      Y-322: 30 Dec. 1872, Noah Duncan and wife Elizabeth O?. Duncan of Tippah Co. MS to Joseph Shuller of Hardeman Co. TN, $375, north part of SE 1/4 Sec. 15, Twp 1, Range 3?E, that part of said quarter that lies north the line of MS supposed to contain 50 acres. Personally appeared Noah Duncan, wife Elizabeth C?. Duncan examined, 13 June 1873. (FHL film 989,344)

Chancery Court Record, Hickman Co. TN County Court Records Book D, 1872-1875 (Copy of original contributed by Robert Bryant to April Heath who transcribed it, from April 11/2002 with permission to post)
      (AH: In 1874 Thomas Hiram P. Duncan (son of Hiram Walker Duncan) filed a lawsuit against several persons including Elizabeth Duncan Thornton his Aunt, her husband Moses Thornton, and David Duncan's Mary "who is now a Gossett". The suit concerned the sale of land and Mary's failure to care for Nancy the Widow of David.)
      Pages 169-172: Hickman Co. TN Court, T.H.P. Duncan vs Moses Thornton et al, O.J. Bill. To the Honorable George H. Nixon one of the Chancellors of the State of Tennessee holding the Chancery Court at Centerville.
      The Bill of Complaint of T.H.P. Duncan, a citizen of Hickman County, Tennessee, against Moses Thornton and Wife Betsy, formerly Betsy Duncan; Mary Gosset, formerly Mary Duncan; Wiley G. Ligon; Emily Bates and her husband, W.C. Bates; Mary Ligon and Permelia Ligon, the last named two are minors and have no regular guardian, all citizens of Hickman County, Tennessee; William Ligon a citizen of the state of Kentucky, Gilmore A. Duncan a citizen of the state of [MAD: 1870 Tippah Co.] Mississippi; the heirs of John Duncan; citizens of Hardin County, Tennessee but whose ages, residences, and names are unknown to complainant; the heirs of William Duncan deceased whose names, ages and residences are unknown; the heirs of David Duncan decd who are citizens of the state of Mississippi but whose ages and names are unknown to complainant.
      Complainant would respectfully represent and show to your honor that David Duncan died in Hickman County about twenty years ago, leaving his widow Nancy Duncan who died about three years ago.
      Complainant states that David Duncan left surviving him Betsy Thornton and her husband Moses Thornton, Mary Gossett, David Duncan, John Duncan, William Duncan, Gilmore Duncan, Nancy Ligon (Mother of the parties named as defendants), H.W. Duncan and Complainant his only heirs at law. Complainant states that said David Duncan siezed and possessed in fee of the following described tract of land lying in Hickman County in the 5th Civil District on the waters of Mill Creek, containing ninety-six acres and bounded as follows: On the north by J.P. Beasley's land, on the east by the said Beasley's land and J.N. Anderson's land, on the south by a 5000 acre tract claimed by T.P. Bateman, and on the west by the lands of Hilliard Beasley and T.W. Thornton a non-specific of said land will be given on or before a hearing on this cause.
      Complainant states that there would be nine shares of equal interest of said land, but that he has bought the interest of H.W. Duncan who owned one ninth and the interest of William Ligon who owned one fifth of one share, or one fifth of one ninth.
      Complainant states that David Duncan, Sr. left a will or deed by which he left the land above described to his Mary, (Now a Gossett) upon condition that she would take care of and support his widow during her natural life, that if she failed to take care of, protect and support his wife or widow, the land at the death of the widow should be sold and portioned among his heirs. Complainant states that said Mary failed to support and protect said widow her mother, that is she did not keep her more than two years. Complainant states that after the failure on Mary's part, he took her and supported her during the rest of her life, or at least he supported her for at least two years prior to her death, and that she was so old, a great part of the time helpless.
      Complainant states that the defendants Moses Thornton and wife Betsy Thornton, Mary Gossett and Wiley Ligon filed a petition in the county court of Hickman County December 2nd, 1873 praying to have the said lands sold and praying to have Complainant charged with rental. (An office copy of said bill or petition is herewith filed marked(A) and asked to be taken care of this Bill but not to be copied.)
      Complainant charges that he supported on the place the widow of David Duncan and grandmother to the petitioner all the latter years of her life, that she was in a helpless condition a part of the time, and that all the time a very great trouble, that he was put valuable and permanent improvements upon the land, built a dwelling house, corn Crib, etc, also he has cleared up and fenced in about forty acres of land. Complainant further states and charges that by his improvements and management of the land he has increased it; value more than one hundred percent.
      Complainant states that he is advised that this is the only proper tribunal that can have the same rendered and that he would be greatly embarrassed in any other court. Complainant states that the land cannot be divided by meters and bounds without great injury to the parties concerned and that it is manifestly to the interest of the parties that lands be sold for partition and distribution.
      The premises considered Complainants prays that the parties named as such be made defendant to this Bill, that copy of bill and sp issued and they be compelled to answer all the allegations therein made according to the usual course of this court, that publication be made as to the non-resident defendants as the law dictates and that Guardian be appointed to answer and defend for the minors and unknown heirs of David Duncan decd, and that the States Writ of Injunction issue and that defendants Moses Thornton, Betsy Thornton, Mary Gossett and Wiley G. Ligon be enjoined from further prosecuting this suit in the county court, and that an account be taken and that upon hearing that Complainant be allowed reasonable compensation for the support and maintenance of Nancy Duncan the widow of David Duncan deed, and reasonable compensation for the valuable and permanent improvements that he has put upon the land, and that the land be sold for partition and distributed among the parties in interest and for such other and different relief as to your honor may seem meet on the nature of the case require & c. This is the first application for writ of injunction in this case.
      State of Tennessee; Hickman County. J.W. Duncan agent of T.H.P. Duncan makes oath before me W.M. Johnson, Clerk and Master of the Chancery Court for said county, that the facts stated in the foregoing Bill are true to the best of his knowledge information and belief. Sworn to before me Feb 23rd, 1874.
      The Clerk and Master of the Chancery Court at Centerville, Hickman County upon Complainant executing an Injunction Bond in the sum of two hundred and fifty dollars payable and conditioned according to law, issue the writ of injunction as prayed for in the foregoing Bill given under my hand this 27th day of Feb, 1874.

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Confederate soldiers, from various sources, include:
      F.E. Duncan, 34th MS Inf., b. 1846 Tippah Co. MS, d.1901 Benton Co. MS
      "Lecane C." Duncan, 32nd MS Inf., b.1835 SC, d. 1902 Tippah Co. MS; E. Duncan had pension application 1900; Sarah Ann Duncan, widow of Elcana Duncan, applied for pension in 1903.
      Marshall Duncan, 20th AL Regt., b.1816 SC, d.1862 Tippah Co. MS (Bobbie McDowell: son of John Duncan)
      Nannie Duncan applied for pension 1890.
      R.A. Duncan, wife of John Duncan, 7th MS Cav., applied for pension 1916.
      R.E. Duncan, applied for pension 1890
      Rufus Bell Duncan, of Green Co. GA at enlistment, served in Co. H until close of War; mar. Martha Matilda ---- at Ripley, 1876; from Union Co. MS Confederate Records. (MAD: 1880 Tippah Co. MS census, #291, Rufus Duncan 45 NC NC NC farmer, Matilda 30 MS SC SC, Sarah E. 12, Richard 9, John C. 1 MS MS NC; Rufus Duncan to Martha M. Kingkade, (no month, day) 1878, Tippah Co. MS)
      Wade Hampton Duncan, Co.G 45th MS Inf. Tippah Co. MS, served 3 yrs; mar. Maliny Duncan 1861; b. 1839, d. 1865; Malinda Duncan applied for a pension 1894 in Union Co. MS. (MAD: W.H. Duncan mar. Malinda Parker 3/14/1861 Pontotoc Co. MS)
      William F. Duncan, 2nd MS Inf., b.1841 Tippah Co. MS, d.1912 Tippah Co. MS; L.A. Duncan, widow of W.F. Duncan, applied for pension 1922.
      William H. Duncan, 1st TN, applied for pension 1904.
      MAD: some of these are also listed on pgs.252-3, "MS Confederate Pension Applications" Vol.1, A-G, by Betty Couch Wiltshire, FHL book 976.2 M2wb; some on pg.107, "MS Confederate Grave Registrations" Vol.A-L, by Betty Couch Wiltshire, FHL book 976.2 M2w; and there are still more listings in Vol.6 #4 and other volumes of "Old Timer Press"

TN Confederate Pension Applications
      Indexed: 1407 Duncan, C.A., Hardeman, 10th ARK. Inf.
      #1407, C.A. Duncan, filed Nov. 21, 1893, rejected; applicant C.A. Duncan, native of MS, now res. Whiteville, Hardeman Co. TN, soldier from AR, member Co.G, 10th AR Volunteers, injured seige of Port Hudson, LA, partially paralyzed; born Tippah Co. MS (MAD: no year, b.1836 per age), enlisted April 8, 1861, Col. A.R. Witt, capt. G.T. Merrick, 1st Lt. C.A. Duncan, 2nd Lt. W.B. Burnett, 3rd Lt. Kelly; family consists of wife and one adopted son; I am 57 years old, my wife 42 years old, son 19 years old; res. of TN since 1866; /s/ 13 Nov. 1893; wit. L.C. Moore, J.N. Tisdale; piece of shell struck his skull. (FHL film 969,650)
      Indexed: 4305 Duncan, A.M., Hardeman, 42nd Inf.
      #4305, A.M. Duncan, June 9, 1902; applicant A.M. Duncan, native of MS, res. Middleton, Hardeman Co. TN, Co.D, 42nd TN Inf., wounded Cane Creek, GA, near right eye or temple; b. Tippah Co. MS, Dec. 2, 1837; enlisted Dec. 27, 1861, Co.K, 1st AL, MS & TN composed of companies from three states mentioned, A.M. Duncan 2nd Lt; family consists of wife and two daus. at home now, wife age 61 years, oldest dau. at home is 23, the younger 20 years; I have 1 dau. and 3 sons away from home, oldest boy age 36, 2nd boy 34, 3rd boy 31, dau. age 29; res. of State of TN about 60 years; /s/ 6 June 1902; wit. R.H. Powell, David Bishop. A.M. Duncan enlisted first in Co. and Regt. above named, they wre captured at Island No. 10, were exchanged and reenlisted in the 42nd TN Regt. Application 28 March 1903, enlisted Co.D, 42nd Reg. TN Inf.; wounded Cane Creek GA; b. Tippah Co. MS 1837, enlisted Dec. 27, 1861, 1st AL, TN and MS; I was acting Col., James Rogers Capt; I have been married since 1864; wife age 62, daus. age 23 and 21; wit. James Rogers, W.T. Yapp. (MAD: not marked accepted or rejected) (FHL film 969,767)

Pension Index Card File, alphabetical; of the Veterans Administrative Contact and Administration Services, Admin. Operations Services, 1861-1934; Duff to A-J Duncan (negative FHL film 540,888, some cards very faint); Joseph Duncan to Dunn (positive FHL film 540,889, some cards very dark)
      Cataloged under Civil War, 1861-1865, pensions, indexes; does not say if Confederate or Federal, but probably Federal. Negative film, some cards much too faint or dark to read, some cards blurred or faded, particularly the service unit and the dates of application. Most of the very faint or dark cards were in a slightly different format, with space for years enlisted and discharged which were sometimes filled in. Many of these were for service in later years, although one or two were for service ca 1866.
      Name of soldier, alias, name of dependent widow or minor, service (military unit or units), date of filing, class (invalid or widow or minor or other), Application #, Certificate #, state from which filed (sometimes blank), attorney (sometimes blank, MAD: did not usually copy), remarks. Sometimes the "Invalid" or "Widow" class had an "s" added to it before the application #; occasionally the area for the service information included a circled "S". The minor's name was frequently that of the guardian rather than the minor.
      The military unit was frequently the Company Letter, the Regiment Number, sometimes US Vet Vol Inf. (US Veteran Volunteer Infantry), L.A. (Light Artillery), H.A. (Heavy Artillery), US C Inf (US Colored? Infantry), Cav. (Cavalry), Mil. Guards, V.R.C. (?Volunteer Reserve Corps?), etc. Sometimes there were several service units given.
      Cards appear to be arranged by the last name, first name, middle initial if any, and state (including "US") of service.
      Duncan, Richard A., father Duncan, Erasmus D.; M 2 Miss. Inf.; 1898 Dec. 14, Father(S) Appl. #688267, Cert. #661474, KY; no remarks. (MAD: see ?? Erasmus in Tippah Co. MS?)

Texas Pension Record, file number not given, of Ann Marie Swan, widow of Confederate veteran Robert Franklin Swan (information from Virginia Moss Flesher 3/2004; she is researching the SWAN family)
      One person who testified that he knew them both, was G.W. Duncan, who listed his age as 61 in Feb 1905. He said he knew them for about 40 years, was neighbor to them in Tippah Co MS, confirms he saw Robert at his home when he was wounded, and that Robert SWAN has been in TX since about 1880. G.W. Duncan stated he himself, resided in Mt Pleasant, Titus Co TX.
      (VM note: This SWAN family did come to TX about 1880, and resided in McLennan Co, Titus Co and Fannin Co.)

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HISTORIES before 1923

1889/1890 "Recollections of Mississippi and Mississippians" by Reuben Davis, pub by Houghton, Mifflin (CA State Library, Sutro Branch, book F341 D27; from Gloria Baker 1993)
      Pg.67: My first encounter with Word was at Ripley. On my way there, I stopped in Pontotoc, where I met Colonel William L. Duncan. When quite a young man, he had stayed at my father's house in Russell's Valley, and had known me as a small boy. With my elder brothers he had long maintained an intimate friendship, although he had removed to Hardeman Co. TN while they were all young men. He was a man of great integrity and loyalty, and had a heart as large as his head. As soon as he discovered who I was, he made himself known to me, and told me that numbers of his TN friends had settled in Tippah Co., and he had no doubt of being able to control their votes. His relations with Word were friendly, and he did not wish to be offensive to him in any way, but would throw his whole weight for me in Tippah. He instructed me to stop at the house of Mr. Miller in Ripley, and to tell him that he, Duncan, was actively for me, and would be there to see him in a few days. ... (GB: Davis was running for district attorney, therefore this incident ca 1834-1835) (MAD: see Franklin Co. AL 1820)
      Pg.172: I have already spoken of my friend William L. Duncan, whom I knew first as a resident of Pontotoc. He afterwards removed to Corinth [Alcorn Co.], where he accumulated a large fortune.
      Pg.420: Before I left Jackson for headquarters at Corinth, I obtained a promise from the governor that he would, within 5 days, send a full stock of supplies for the troops, including tents, and $50,000 for the use of the quartermaster. I also informed him that Colonel William Duncan would be quartermaster. To my great surprise and chagrin, when I arrived at Corinth, there were tents for two companies only, and not one morsel of provision, or one dollar for use. Two companies were on the train with me. I saw Colonel Duncan and obtained a loan of $5,000 for immediate use. Duncan was a most active and efficient officer. ...

1891 "Biographical and historical memoirs of Mississippi : embracing an authentic and comprehensive account of the chief events in the history of the state, and a record of the lives of many of the most worthy and illustrious families and individuals" 2 vol. pub. in 2 parts each; pub. by Goodspeed Pub. Co. (FHL book 976.2 D3b and films 845,437 item 2, and 845,438 items 1-2, and 845,439 item 1)
      Vol.1 pg.594: Cossitt, Edward W., b. 1847 Hardeman Co. TN, son of Lewis C. and Matilda (Harris) Cossitt; Lewis C. removed to Tippah Co. MS for purpose of teaching school but from 1845 until his death, which occurred Aug. 1, 1847, he was planter. His death left his widow with four children to care for: Lewis Pearl b. Oct. 23, 1833 (Baptist minister resides Blue Mountain MS); Frederick G. b. July 6, 1839, d. 1885; Henry Clay b. Nov. 23, 1843, enl. 1861 in Federal army in 11th IL Cavalry under Capt. Johnson and d. 1863; and subject Edward William, b. 1847. Two children of Lewis C. and Matilda (Harris) Cossitt died in childhood: Edward A. b. June 1837, d. May 7, 1838, and William C., b. May 19, 1841, died 1842. Edward W. commenced life for himself as planter in Tippah Co. in 1866 but had served in Federal army as a teamster in 11th IL Cavalry, discharged in 1865, then planting until 1888, now merchandising. He (Edward W.) first mar. in 1867 to Miss Sarah E. Butler, two children: Lelia B. (wife of John Duncan) and S.M. Mr. Cossitt took for second wife Miss N.E. Rich, dau. of Tippah county planter, 3 children: W.L. (decd), Alda L. and Charles E. (FHL film 845,437, Vol.I pt.1) (MAD: John Duncan mar. L.B. Cossitt or Cossett in 1889 in Tippah Co. MS)
      Vol.1 pg.624-5: Samuel F. Davis, English, born New Bedford, MA, latter part of last century, as early as 1811 became resident of Natchez, MS, prominent merchant, after few years mar. Miss Maria Vidal, dau. of Don Jose Vidal, Spanish commander of Louisiana after 1798; marriage resulted in birth of a number of children, only four of whom grew to mature years: Samuel Manuel, Celestine A., Alfred Vidal and Pauline. Samuel mar. Miss Charlotte Duncan, dau. of Dr. Stephen Duncan, and died in 1878 leaving two children now residing in Europe. Celestine mar. Dr. William Byrd Page of Philadelphia and died in 1888, leaving two children, S. Davis and Margaret. Alfred mar. Miss Surget and after her death mar. Miss Dunbar of Natchez, and is now living in Pass Christian. Pauline mar. in 1858 to Dr. Robert Carter of VA and they also have two children, Robert S. and Pauline. (more on Dr. Robert Carter, b. VA 1827, son of Thomas & Juliet Muse (Gaines) Carter) (FHL film 845,437, Vol.I pt.1) (MAD: Samuel M. Davis mar. Charlotte B. Duncan in 1846 in Adams Co. MS)
      Vol.2 pg.384-5: James H. Maddox, MD, physician and surgeon and merchandiser of Perthshire, Boliver Co. MS, b. Mercer Co. KY on 2 July 1849, eldest of three children born to James and Ellen (Duncan) Maddox, both of whom were born on blue grass soil. The former was an extensive planter in his native state, but dropped his farming implements for service in the Mexican war, at the end of which he returned to planting and in 1854 came to MS, where he died in 1873 at age 61 years. He inherited Welsh blood of his parents who were Virginians by birth, in which state their ancestors settled during the colonial history of this country. Dr. James H. Maddox to MS at age 5 years, but at end of 5 years he was put to school in Louisville, KY, the greater part of 10 years being spent in educational institutions of that city ... returned to MS, and for past 20 years a resident of Bolivar Co. In 1870, age 21 ... In 1876 mar. Miss Laura A. Blanchard, dau. of John and Mary (Whitson) Blanchard. (MAD: children given, not copied here) (MAD: per "Mt.Vernon & Lawrence Co. MO 1831-1931" James H. Maddox was son of Smallwood Maddox of Lincoln Co. KY and wife Anne Duncan)
      Vol.2 pg.619-21: George W. Price, proprietor of Blue Front store of Water Valley, Yalobusha Co. MS; born July 9, 1842, son of John and Nancy (Ragland) Price, natives of GA. His father was born Feb. 4, 1808, and his mother in March 1810; they were married in Jasper Co. GA, Feb. 9, 1831, and removed to MS, settling in Pontotoc Co.; six children: eldest b. Dec. 11, 1831, Julia Ann, mar. Robert C. Hellum, d. Oct. 19, 1855 (3 children, husband remarried & died 1863 in late war). Second, dau. Martha Jane, mar. Wilson or "Dock" Hellum, brother of Robert C. Hellum, she b. Sept. 22, 1833, d. May 4, 1860 (5 children, husband was in Co. K, 17th MS Reg, d. in army in Richmond VA 1864). Third, dau Susan Caroline, b. Aug. 6, 1835, mar. Samuel T. Crimm (Co. K, 17th MS Reg, died 1862 during war at Richmond VA, 3 ch.), mar. 2nd John F. Stewart (5 ch., to near Sherman, Grayson Co. TX, 1878). Fourth, dau. Mary Morgan, b. Sept. 28, 1837, mar. Henry Lynch 1858 (he d. near Atlanta, GA, in 1864, member Co. E of 1st MS Cavalry; two ch.), mar. 2nd Hardy McGlaune (3 ch., fam. to near Temple, Bell Co. TX 1878), she d. May 21, 1883. Fifth child & eldest son, Dr. John Ragland Price, (b. Sept. 16, 1839, educated at Sparta academy, Calhoun Co. MS, 3rd Lt. of Co. E, 1st MS Cavalry, wounded in knee at Abbeville, MS, a cripple for life; mar. Miss Maggie Duncan, dau. of Dr. M.I. Duncan, of Sarepta. He is a high Mason and was county treasurer of Calhoun Co. MS in 1869 and 1870; after the war he sold goods at Pittsboro and at Banner, then he took up practice of medicine; nine children, two of whom are dead. Eldest two, William Duncan and John Washington, are twins, b. Nov. 30, 1864, 2nd is dau. Minnie, the others are James, Eddie, Dale, Lou, Claude and Ruby ... George Washington, the youngest of the family (and subject of the sketch) was born July 9, 1842, enlisted Co. K, 17th MS Volunteer infantry, ...lost his right leg below the knee at Fredericksburg ... After the close of the war, he returned to Pontotoc Co., shortly went to Memphis, TN, came back to Pontotoc Co., in 1866 formed partnership with H.J. Ragland, his uncle, at Banner, Calhoun Co. MS ... mar. Frances Oregon Freeman, dau. of Simeon Freeman (MAD: more on Freeman family and ch. of George W. Price and ch. of brothers & sisters of George W. Price, not copied here).
      Vol.2 pg.801: Frank Souter, b. Lawrence Dist. SC in 1829 where he lived until age 18, when he came with his parents to Pontotoc Co. MS, where he lived until his marriage in Dec. 1850 to Miss Mary A. Duncan. Purchased farm of 80 acres, engaged in planting until 1858, then embarked in sawmill and lumber business until outbreak of the Civil war. Enlisted in Confederate army in 1861, discharged after two years on account of disability. Returned home, elected to office of supervisor which exempted him from further participation in the war. Member of board of supervisors from 1862 till 1866, ardent supporter of Governor Alcorn. In 1866, physically unable to continue lumber business, began merchandising at Toccopola, in western part of county, where he continued for 22 years. He was burned out in Nov. 1887, shortly afterward located in Pontotoc, became member of firm of Wood and Souter ... Mr. and Mrs. Souter became parents of 10 children, only 3 now living: Laura, wife of W.H. Wood of Pontotoc; Sue a member of her father's family, and J.B. who is studying medicine. Mr. Souter is active member of Pontotoc lodge, A.F. & A.M., member Missionary Baptist church since 1848.


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