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Formed 1836 from Chickasaw Cession of 1832
Lee formed 1866 from Itawamba, Pontotoc
Union formed 1870 from Pontotoc, Tippah


1840 Pontotoc Co. MS
Pg.149  Thomas L. Duncan   0100,0000,1  - 1210,1000,1
   153  James Dunson       1100,1       - 2000,1
        Henry Duncan       1110,101     - 1100,01
        John F. Duncan     2200,01      - 0210,1
          (MAD: 1850 Itawamba Co. MS census)
   154  William Duncan     0001,2000,1  - 0001,0001
          (MAD: from Elbert Co. GA; 1830 Tuscaloosa Co.
            AL census)
        John Duncan        0020,0001    - 0000,001
   155  James Duncan       1120,1001    - 0002,11

1845 Pontotoc Co. MS State Census (FHL film 899,869)
Pg. 2   John F. Duncan       4 males, 6 females, 10 total
        William Duncan       3 males, 1 female, 4 total
        James Duncan         2 males, 3 females, 5 total
        James Duncan Jr.     4 males, 5 females, 9 total
   11   James Duncan         3 males, 4 females, 7 total
        T.L. Duncan          4 males, 1 female, 5 total

1850 Pontotoc Co. MS Census
Pg.130, #1022, Samuel P. NEIGHBORS 37 SC farmer $1000
                  Emily 38 SC
                  Susan 14 MS
                  John WEATHERALL 22 SC teacher
                  (MAD: 1860 Navarro Co. TX census; "Milly M." the dau. of Thomas L. Duncan)
Pg.131, #1035, James DUNCAN 62 NC farmer $1000
                  Elizabeth 59 SC
                  Jane 36, Mahala 28 SC
                  Ann 26, James 21 SC
                  William 18 AL
                  Hamilton 10 (11?), Henrietta 8 MS
                  Columbus 3 MS
                  John RIGGINS 27 AL
                  (MAD: John J. Riggins mar. Mahala Duncan 8/15/1850; Hamilton b.1840 was also called Hilliard M. Duncan)
Pg.174, #1583, John DUNCAN 61 NC farmer $300
                  Ann 60 NC
                  John 23, Isbella 23 GA
                  Benjamin 2 MS
                  (MAD: son of James Duncan of York Co. SC; Isabella (Hampton) 23 GA; ?? John Duncan 23 in 1860 Lafayette Co. MS census as J. Duncan 32 GA, mar. Mary J. Gilmore 6/4/1854 Lafayette Co. MS)
Pg.174, #1584, John C. HALL 31 TN farmer
                  Sarah 44 GA -- $200
                  Henry DUNCAN 20 NC
                  Georgiana 17, Thomas 14 GA
                  Mississippi (f) 9 MS
                  Missouri HALL 7 MS
                  Adolphus 5, Texas (f) 1 MS
                  (MAD: John G. Hampton mar. Georgeanna Duncan 4/1/1852)
Pg.187, #1775, Thomas L. DUNCAN 69 VA farmer $4000
                  Mary 40 SC
                  (MAD: Elizabeth Duncan, wife of Thomas L., 1/26/1766 NC - 7/2/1842, bur. Pontotoc City Cemetery, from pg.244, "Pontotoc Co. Pioneers" Vol.3#3 Fall 1982, and 7/9/1842 issue of "The Spirit of the Times", pg.198, Vol.1, "Marriages and Deaths from MS Newspapers, 1837-1863" by Betty Couch Wiltshire, FHL book 976.2 V2w; Thomas L. Duncan mar. Mary Maston 6/5/1844; Mary A. Duncan by Reuben F. Mastin, next friend, filed divorce petition in 1853 vs. Thomas L. Duncan, Pontotoc Co. MS Drawer 103, Case #6879, from pg.238, "Mississippi court records from the files of the High Court of Errors and Appeals, 1799-1859" by Mary Louise Flowers Hendrix, FHL book 976.2 P2h; Mrs. Mary A. Duncan, sister of John B. Marston, mar. at his residence in Whitfield Co. GA on 9/14/1858 to Rev. B.F. Lee of Catoosa Co., from "Marriage & Death Notices from the Southern Christian Advocate" Vol.1, 1837-1860, by Brent Holcomb, FHL book 975 B38h)
Pg.191, #1822, Jesse J. DUNCAN 25 TN farmer
                  Nancy 23 AL
                  William BATY 25 GA laborer
                  (MAD: son of Joseph Duncan of 1850 Hardin Co. TN census; Jesse J. Duncan mar. Nancy E. Cole 10/18/1849)
Pg.196, #1887, Jeremiah DUNCAN 31 GA farmer $2000
                  Amanda 22 TN
                  Mary 1 MS
                  (MAD: Jeremiah W. Duncan mar. (2nd) Martha J. Willey 6/28/1853 or 1/28/1855; Amanda, wife of J.W. Duncan, 6/4/1828 - 8/13/1851; Jeremiah W.H. Duncan 11/19/1817 - 10/17/1857)
Pg.196, #1888, James W. DUNCAN 42 GA farmer
                  Ann 29 GA
                  William 2 MS
                  Leroy MARTIN 23 AL
                  (MAD: James W. Duncan, 3/28/1809 "GA" - 7/21/1859; Eliza Duncan, wife of James W., 6/19/1822 "GA" - 6/27/1853)
Pg.196, #1889, William DUNCAN 71 NC farmer $15,000
                  Sarah 64 NC
                  William 34 GA farmer $2500
                  (MAD: son of John Duncan Sr. of Elbert Co. GA; William Sr. d. ca 10/1850, Sarah Duncan, wife of William, b. 6/8/1788 "GA", d. 4/28/1855; d. 4/28/1855, William N. Duncan b. 3/10/1816 GA, d. 2/17/1858)
Pg.196, #1892, Andrew J. DUNCAN 28 AL farmer $2500
                  Mary 18 TN
                  Sarah 2 MS
                  (MAD: Andrew J. Duncan mar. Mary T. Blackwell 3/30/1848, both of Pontotoc Co. MS, from "Nashville Christian Advocate issue #25, Fri. 4/21/1848; from "Genealogical Abstracts of Marriage and Deaths from 'Nashville Christian Advocate'" by Annie Sandifer Trickett, 1985, FHL book 976.855/N1 V28sa; Andrew J. Duncan, 12/30/1821 AL - 7/4/1865)

1860 Pontotoc Co. MS Census (first page number is stamped number, numbered on right-hand pages only)
Pontotoc, taken 6/12/1860
Pg.495 (11), #69, Thomas W. JONES 24 GA farmer 0-$2000
                  Martha J. 22 GA
                  Thomas H. DUNCAN 5, Nancy J. 3 MS
                  (MAD: Martha J. the widow of Jeremiah H. Duncan who d. 10/8/1857; Martha J. Duncan mar. T.W. Jones 9/22/1859)
New Albany, taken 6/23/1860
Pg.530 (46), #289, Andrew J. DUNCAN 39 AL farmer $10,000-$34,800
                  Mary T.P. 27 TN
                  Sarah A. 11, John B. 7 MS
                  Andrew J. 5, Elizabeth M. 2 MS
                  Wm. M. 11, Josephine E. 9 MS
                  Sarah L.A. 9 MS
                  James B. BLACKWELL 15 MS
                  (MAD: Andrew J. Duncan, 12/30/1821 - 7/4/1865; Sarah L.A. 9 MS was dau. of Jeremiah W. Duncan, also called Jerre H.W. Duncan)
Ellistown, taken 7/23/1860
Pg.599 (115), #746, Wm. C. DUNCAN 27 TN farm laborer $0-$0
                  Amanda V. 16 TN, mar/in/year
                        (MAD: Wm. C. Duncan mar. Melvina Short 6/24/1860; 1850 Henry Co. TN, his father John Duncan in 1860 Marion Co. AL census)
Pontotoc, taken 8/25/1860
Pg.713 (228), #1492, John F. DUNCAN 52 TN farmer $6400-$6029
                  P.M. (m) 26, W.G. (m) 22 MS
                  J.S. (m) 20, J.K.P. (m) 19 MS
                  E.M. (f) 16, Jacob T. 10, John F. 8 MS
                  Henry L. 6, S.F. (f) 4 MS
                  (MAD: 1850 Itawamba Co. MS census; Sarah F. Duncan 40 AL d.5/1860, from 1860 mortality schedule; John F. Duncan mar. Caroline Souter 1/20/1861; Pitser Miller Duncan mar. S.J. Temple 3/20/1866 Lafayette Co. MS, P.M. Duncan applied for Confederate pension in 1907 for service in 1st MS Cav., Lafayette, and his wife Sarah Jane Duncan applied in 1911; one E.M. Duncan (f) mar. C.R. Temple 4/23/1865; one Samuel Duncan mar. Kizzie Wells 8/5/1866, Susan K. Duncan applied for Confederate pension 6/28/1924 as widow of John S. Duncan whom she married 8/5/1866, Keziah S. Wells Duncan, wife of J. Sam., 11/30/1850 - 8/8/1836?, bur. Pontotoc City Cem.; J.S. Duncan, 1st MS Inf., b.1840 Itawamba Co., d.1900 Pontotoc Co., Confederate Grave)
Pg.??? (272), #1787, P.C. DUNCAN (m) 44 SC farmer
                  Advill (f) 50 SC
                  R.H. (m) 21, Jos. F. 19, Rufus H. 15 SC
                  (MAD: Perry Duncan 1850 Union Co. SC census; Decatur Duncan 1870 Pontotoc Co. MS census; one Robert H. Duncan mar. Elizabeth J. Rogers 5/27/1861 Lafayette Co. MS)
Taken 9/13/1860
Pg.767 (282), #1865, John C. HALL 40 TN farmer $1165-$780
                  Sarah A. 52 GA
                  Thomas B. DUNCAN 22 MS
                  Missouri E. HALL 17, John A. 15 MS
                  Minerva T. 11, J.A. (f) 8 MS
New Albany, taken 10/4/1860
Pg.809 (322), #2116, John G. BUSBY 61 PA Mechanic $0-$50
                  James DUNCAN 70 NC farmer $2000-$390
                  Elizabeth 58 SC
                  Ann 35 SC
                  Columbus 13 SC
                  Francis SHELL (m) 23 TN laborer $0-$150
Pg.809 (322), #2117, Hilliard DUNCAN 28 AL farmer $0-$333
                  Elizabeth 26 GA
                  Robert BRADSHAW 18 AL laborer
                  (MAD: name "Hilliard" written plainly)
Ellistown, taken 10/17/1860
Pg.842 (357), #2336, Rangley DUNCAN 42 TN farmer $0-$280
                  Rachel 43 TN
                  Talitha A. 21, Cynthia E. 18 AL
                  Martha J. 17, Lenora 15 AL
                  Charles W. 14, Nancy C. 9 AL
                  William R. 7, Robert C. 5 AL
                  Rachel E. 4 AL
                  Robert 21 TN laborer
            (MAD: Raleigh Duncan, 1850 Marion Co. AL; Rachel Duncan & ch. in 1870 Chickasaw Co. MS census; supposed to be son of William and Ruth (Granger or Gregory) Duncan and grandson of Marshall Sr. & Betty Denston (Rogers) Duncan. Charles W. probably 1907 Rankin Co. MS, 1847-1910, Confederate grave; one Rachel Duncan mar. Benjamin Ellis 4/13/1862, Talitha A. Duncan mar. R.R. Johnston 2/25/1863)

1870 Pontotoc Co. MS Census
Town of Pontotoc
Pg.186, #3-5, MITCHEL, Charles 27 AL (white) lawyer $1000-$668
                  Virginia 24 TN keeping house
                  Charles 3 MS at home
                  Virginia 1 MS at home
                  DRAKE, Martha 73 VA at home
                  GILLIAM, Mary 57 VA at home
                  DUNCAN, Mariah 30 VA BLACK house keeper
                  Nancy 10 MS BLACK at school
                  Anderson (m) 4 MS BLACK at home
                  Caroline 14 MS BLACK farm laborer
                  Ader (f) 11 MS BLACK at home
Pg.195, #55-55, MITCHEL, Thomas 28 KY MULATTO farmer $0-$500
                  Mary 22 TN MULATTO keeping house
                  Nathaniel 3, Mary 1 MS MULATTOS at home
                  DUNCAN, Renella (f) 9 MS BLACK at home
                  ALLGOOD, Jackson 18 MS BLACK farm laborer
Pg.195, #56-56, MITCHEL, Charles 51 KY (white) farmer $8000-$2750?
                  Mary 38 TN keeping house
                  DUNCAN, Sarah 21 MS (white) house keeper
                  MITCHEL, John 17 MS (white) at school
                  Elizabeth 12, Josephine 19 MS (white) at school
                  (KDC: Elizabeth & Josephine should be DUNCAN)
                  MITCHEL, Mary 14 MS BLACK farm laborer
                  Scott (m) 9 MS BLACK at home
                  (MAD & KDC 9/13/2009: 1880 Union Co. MS)
Pg.196, #63-63, BOND, Charles 22 MS BLACK farmer $0-$135
                  Elizabeth 24 SC BLACK keeping house
                  Julia 3 MS BLACK at home
                  James 10/12 MS BLACK at home b.Aug.
                  DUNCAN, Seaser (m) 38 TN BLACK farm laborer
Pg.208, #153-153, RIGGINS, John 48 TN (white) farmer $600-$360
                  Mahala 46 SC keeping house
                  James 16 MS at home
                  Elizabeth 13 MS at home
                  DUNCAN, Nancy? 16 MS (white) house keeper
Pg.209, #260-260, DUNCAN, Columbus 22 MS (white) farmer $0-$100
                  Susan 22 MS keeping house
                  PARKER, Malinda (f) 11 MS (white) at home
                  Newton (m) 10 MS at home
Pg.209, #261-261, DUNCAN, Amor? (f) 35 SC (white) keeping house $400-$323
                  Elizabeth 75 SC at home
                  Mary 11 MS at school
                  Henry 10 MS at home
                  (MAD: also indexed as Anna and Ama; Elizabeth probably the widow of James Duncan)
Pg.234, #104-104, GAULDING, Brit (m) 52 GA BLACK farmer $0-$0
                  Harriet 50 SC BLACK keeping house
                  Catherine 17 MS BLACK at home
                  DUNCAN, Oliver (m) 9 MS BLACK at school
Pg.235, #126-126, MILLSAPE, Caroline 45 MS BLACK keeping house $0-$0
                  Jane 15 MS BLACK at home
                  Richard 12 MS BLACK farmer
                  Alice 9 MS BLACK at home
                  Philmore (m) 16 MS BLACK farmer
                  Daniel 50 NC BLACK farmer
                  SCOTT, Taylor 20 MS BLACK farm laborer
                  DUNCAN, Henry 20 MS BLACK farm laborer
Pg.237, #147-147, DUNCAN, Henry 34 TN BLACK farmer $100-$250
                  Sarah 24 MS BLACK keeping house
                  Caroline 9 MS BLACK at home
                  Linney (f) 10 MS BLACK at home
                  CARTER, Cilvey (f) 22 MS BLACK farm laborer
Pg.237, #149-149, DUNCAN, William 21 MS (white) farmer $0-$00
                  Manda (f) 41 SC BLACK keeping house
                  Hester (m) 19 MS BLACK farm laborer
                  Richard (m) 17 MS BLACK farm laborer
                  Jackson 12 MS BLACK farm laborer
                  Susan 3 MS BLACK at home
                  Emma 2 MS BLACK at home
Pg.241, #207-207, DUNCAN, Pitser (m) 35 TN (white) farmer $480-$225
                  Sarah 25 MS keeping house
                  Charles 2 MS at home
                  Richard 7/12 MS at home b.Dec.
Pg.244, #242-242, DUNCAN, William 32 MS (white) farmer $0-$355
                  Frances (f) 30 AL keeping house
                  John 1 MS at home
Pg.244, #252-252, BIDEGES, Theodore 28 MS (white) farmer $500-$250, mar. in Oct.
                  Emma 23 MS keeping house, mar. in Oct.
                  DUNCAN (DOMCASE?), Silvey (f) 26 MS BLACK farm laborer
                  Jane 4 MS BLACK at home
Pg.257, #441-441, JONES, Thomas 34 GA (white) farmer $2500-$1200
                  Martha 32 GA keeping house
                  DUNCAN, Thomas 14 MS (white) at school
                  Nancy 12 MS at school
                  JONES, Louis (m) 9, Charles 7 MS at school
                  Mary 5 MS at home
                  WADE, Millie 30 MS BLACK house keeper
                  Albert 11 MS BLACK at home
Pg.269, #17-17, CONLEY, Wm. 26 MS (white) farming $500-$310
                  Jane 27 GA keeping house
                  Ann 1 MS at home
                  DUNCAN, Robert 7 MS (white) at home
Pg.274, #98-98, DUNCAN, John 61 SC (white) farmer $1300-$995
                  Caroline 60 SC keeping house
                  Joseph 18, Henry 15 MS farmers
                  Susan 13 MS at school
                  Albert 8, George 5, Emma 3 MS at home
                  Viola (f) 8/12 MS at home b.Nov.
                  GAMBREL, Francis (f) 17 MS (white) at home
                  Nancy 16 MS at home
                  John 14 MS farmer
                  Elizabeth 12 MS at home
Pg.276, #123-128, DUNCAN, Saml. 30 MS (white) farmer $700-$480
                  Kiziah 19 SC keeping house
                  Vallie (f) 2 MS at home
                  Effie 3/12 MS at home b.Apr.
                  DUNCAN, Henry 16 MS BLACK farm laborer
Twp.9, P.O. Tocopola
Pg.291 (46), #312, HALL, Sarah 62 GA keeping house $500-$226
                  DUNCAN, Thomas 33 (35? written over) MS farmer
                  Ann 18 MS at home (not mar/in/year)
Pg.291 (46), #315, DUNCAN, Joseph 28 SC farmer $400-$360
                  Mary 28 MS keeping house
                  Luiza (f) 3, Sallie 1 MS at home
                  GAGGINS, Thomas 12 MS farm laborer
                  (MAD: J(oseph).F. Duncan mar. Mary C. Thornton 1/23/1866)
Pg.291 (47), #316, DUNCAN, Decator (m) 52 SC farmer $400-$630
                  Alice 56 SC keeping house
                  (MAD: P.C. Duncan on 1860 census)
Pg.291 (47), #317, DUNCAN, Rufus 26 SC farmer $400-$446
                  Emma? 26 TN keeping house
                  Nancy 3, William 2 MS at home
                  (MAD: R.H. Duncan (m) mar. E.M. Huckabee 12/14/1865)
Pg.318, #300-300, DUNCAN, James 60 SC BLACK farm laborer $0-$100
                  Hanah 26 MS BLACK keeping house
                  Lindsey (f) 9 MS BLACK at home
                  Asca (m) 1 MS BLACK at home

1880 Pontotoc Co. MS Census (partial; from Gloria Baker 1992)
District 2, Pg.37B, taken 6/15/1880
Pg.37B, #227, DUNCAN, John F. 71 SC VA SC
                  Lavina C. 40 SC SC SC wife
                  Albert G. 18, George D. 15 MS SC SC
                  Emma J. 13, Viola T. 10 MS SC SC
                  Gionna B. (f) 6, Iva Q. (m) 3 MS SC SC
                  Galena J. (m) 3, Addie B. (m) 1 month MS SC SC
                  (GB: John F. on census but he died 2/25/1880 per Tocapola Cemetery, Pontotoc; youngest child born 3 months after John F. died.)


Pontotoc Co. MS Marriages "1849-1856" (FHL film 893,399)
      1-12: Bond 5 June 1844, mar. 5 June 1844, Thomas L. Duncan to Mary Maston; bond Wm. H. Jennings, m. by Rev. Elijah Smith. (MAD: some earlier dates mixed in)

Pontotoc Co. MS Marriages from various sources:
      Samuel Duncan to Martha J. Ramsey, 8 Feb. 1855
      Samuel Duncan to Kizie Wells, 4 Aug. 1866
      W.H. Duncan to Malinda Parker, 14 Mar. 1861 (MAD: see ? Wade Hampton Duncan, 23rd & 45th MS Inf., b.1839, d.1865, Union Co. MS Confed. Rec.)
      Emeline Duncan to W.H.P. Singleton, 19 May 1864
      Mary H. Duncan to G.W. Dorsey, 15 July 1860


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JAMES DUNCAN, Rev. Pension Application S-37901, PA, NC, GA (MS) (FHL film 970,863; National Archives Roll 863)
      Applied 19 Nov. 1827, age 74-5? in Feb. 1827, in Baldwin Co. GA; enlisted in 1776 for 2 years at Pittsburg (PA) under Capt. Andrew Waggoner, Col. James Wood; witnesses Benjamin Gilbert of Putnam Co. GA who served with James, Wm. Y?. Hansell of GA.
      Statement of James Duncan, son of James, 22 Jan. 1850; that James Sr. lived in Baldwin Co. GA 4-5 years before his death, before that he lived in NC; James Sr. d. 17 Feb. 1834 in Baldwin Co. GA, leaving no widow and only 4 children heard of in 4-5 years: James, John, Jane Harris, Edy Neely. Eady Nealy of Jasper Co. MS on 16 June 1851; John Duncan and Jane Harris of Pontotoc Co. MS on 26 July 1852; James Duncan Jr. still living 26 July 1852.
      Click here for more from the pension file.


Hardeman Co. TN Deeds
      E-379: 12 Sept. 1837, John F. Duncan of Pontotoc Co. MS to William L. Duncan of Hardeman Co. TN, $500, 80 acres by survey Aug. 16, 1824, on waters of Hatchee River, R.1, Sec. 1. No wit. John F. Duncan appeared in Hardeman Co. TN 12 Sept. 1837. (FHL film 989,302)
      H-236: 27 Oct. 1842, Austin Miller of Hardeman Co. TN to John F. Duncan of Pontotoc Co. MS, $502 and 24/100 dollars paid to Pitser Miller, all interest Austin Miller has in land in Hardeman Co. TN in 9th Dist., 460 acres, same land conveyed to Wm. L. Duncan by Boxley and Perkins on 29 Feb. 1838, and on the same day conveyed in trust by said Wm. L. Duncan to Pitser Miller. Wit. ??, Wm. McCarter?. (FHL film 989,303)
      H-236: 27 Oct. 1842, Pitser Miller of Hardeman Co. TN to John F. Duncan of Pontotoc Co. MS, $502 and 24/100 dollars paid by John F. Duncan, sell to John F. Duncan all interest of Pitser Miller to land in 9th Dist., being the same land conveyed to Wm. L. Duncan by Boxley and Perkins 21 Feb. 1838, and on the same day conveyed by said W.L. Duncan in trust to Pitser Miller, 460 acres. (Wit. illeg.) (FHL film 989,303)

Warren Co. KY Will
      D-134: Nov. 24, 1838, will of James Duncan, now of Bowling Green late of Natches Miss.; 4 lots or parcels of ground being in Pontatoc in Miss.; note on Robert J. Walker endorsed by Thos. Bamard in possession of Marsha and Shields of Nashville; certificate of deposit of the Bank of Orleans, New Orleans, My annuity of 800 payable Jan. and July received by deed from Dr. Duncan, Natches, now deposited in Bowling Green Branch Bank; my land in Texas; to Maria and Henry P. Duncan children of Dr. Stephen Duncan. To Wm. S. Walker now a student in Georgetown college. Execs. Joseph P. Brown of Nashville and A.R. Macey of Bowling Green. Mentions Duncan S. Walker. Witnesses, Richard Curd, E.T. Duncan. Codicile Jan. 6, 1839, appoints Warner L. Underwood Esq. of Bowling and John Marshall merchant executors in place of Joseph P. Brown Nashville, witnesses, P. Donaldson, Jona Hobson, Recorded July court 1839. (FHL film 339,885; from pg.14, "Record of Abstract of Wills in Warren Co. KY, v.1 1798-1823; v.2 1823-1847" by Annie W. Bell; FHL book 976.974 S2w)

Harris Co. GA Deed (FHL film 327,505)
      D-344: 12 Nov. 1841, James Duncan of Pontotoc Co. MS to Grigsby E. Thomas of Muscogee Co. GA, $1000, lots 119 and 138 in 21st Dist., 141-1/4 acres. Wit. Lovick L. Mittick, Geo. F. Furintive? JP.

Lafayette Co. MS Deeds (FHL film 893,601)
      E-81: 25 Oct. 1847, John Duncan of Pontotoc Co. MS to Ambrose Moreland of Lafayette Co. MS, $400, NE 1/4 Sec. 16 T10 R1W, 160 acres. No wife. Wit. E.C. Bell, Hinton H. Vrek?.
      E-118: 19 Oct. 1844, Swepson Taylor of Itawamba Co. MS to John Duncan of Lafayette Co., $200, 20 acres in SE corner of NE 1/4 and 20 acres in NE corner of SE 1/4, Sec. 17 T10 R1W. Also /s/ Elizabeth M. Taylor. No wit.

Monroe Co. MS Deeds (SLC 6/21/2008)
      10-225: 3 April 1837, Stephen Duncan and wife Catharine A. of Adams Co. MS to Francis Surgett of county & state aforesaid, $29,828.78, land in counties of Monroe, Noxubee, Oktibbeha, Chickasaw, Pontotoc, Winston, Attalla, Pontotoc, & others. Duncans appeared in Adams Co. MS. (FHL film 878,385)

Tippah Co. MS Deeds
      K-453: 19 Feb. 1852, (headed and signed W.L. Duncan) "Thomas" L. Duncan of Pontotoc Co. MS and wife Mary A. to Thomas Macon of Tippah Co. MS, $100, E 1/2 SW 1/4 Sec.23 T3 R3E; no wit. (FHL film 895,795)
      L-276: 30 Dec. 1852, Thomas L. Duncan of Pontotoc Co. MS to Wm. W. Rutherford of Tippah Co. MS, $120, W 1/2 SW 1/4 Sec.23 T3 R3E; no wife, no wit. (FHL film 895,796)

Tishomingo Co. MS Deed (FHL film 895,875)
      H-242: 26 Oct. 1846, John F. Duncan of Pontotoc Co. MS to Stephen O. Gibbs of Tishomingo Co. MS, $750, negro man Ned age about 38; wit. W.L. Duncan, L.L. Brown.

Winston Co. MS Deed (FHL film 897,902)
      G-195: 3 April 1837, Stephen Duncan & wife Catharine A. of Adams Co. MS to Francis Surget of same, $29,878.78, land in Sec.16 and 21, Township 15, Range 7E, 1,208 acres in Monroe Co. MS; W 1/2 NE 1/4 Sec.4 T14N R17E, 79.24 acres in Noxubee Co.; E 1/2 NE 1/4 Sec.28, W 1/2 NE 1/4 Sec.27, W 1/2 SE 1/4 and SW 1/4 Sec.22 T17N R13E, 399.53 acres in Oktibbena Co.; SE 1/4 and NE 1/4 Sec.14 T13 R3E, 320.88 acrs in Chickasaw Co.; SW 1/4 Sec.4 T7 R3E, 159.78 acres, and SE 1/4 Sec.36 T11 R3E, 165.66 acres, in Pontotoc Co.; and E 1/2 NW 1/4 Sec.28 T15N R13E, 82.23 acres in Winston Co.; and W 1/2 SW 1/4 Sec.36 T14N R6E, 80.62 acres in Attala Co.; and SE 1/4 Sec.11 T11 R3E, 160.22 acres in Pontotoc Co.; and land on which the Indian reserve granted to Susan Colbert by the Treaty of Dancing Rabbit Creek may be located to contain one section of land. Both signed, appeared in Adams Co. MS, 4/4/1837.


From a scrapbook in the Corinth, [Alcorn Co.] MS, Courthouse (from Bobbie McDowell 8/1982; copy is white print on black background, includes photo.; see Tishomingo Co. MS for complete article)
      Among the pioneer citizens of old Tishomingo county no one is entitled to more consideration and appreciative remembrance than the Hon. William Lane Duncan. .... William Lane Duncan was born in South Carolina in 1800. His facilities for acquiring an education were limited, but he made the best of such as were at hand. In the latter part of the '20's he, together with his father, Thomas Lane Duncan, and two uncles, John F. and E. Garner, emigrated to Russell's Valley, Alabama, and thence to Hardeman Co. TN. Thomas Duncan, after the surrender of the lands to the government by the Chickasaws, moved to Pontotoc Co. MS, and before his death acquired an immense fortune. John F. Duncan moved to old Tishomingo county in 1834 and was elected a member of the first board of police of the county in the spring of 1836, serving two years. He later moved to Pontotoc county, where he resided the remainder of his life. E. Garner Duncan, Sr., moved to Tishomingo county in 1848, but only remained a short time, returning to Hardeman county, Tennessee, where he lived to the day of his death. Wm. L. Duncan was married to Miss Rebecca Null, in Hardeman county, Tennessee, on the 7th day of November, 1830, and in 1842 moved to Tishomingo county, where he lived the remainder of his life. .... He died on the 11th of August, 1876, and was laid to rest in the City cemetery, but was later disinterred and buried in Henry cemetery.

HISTORIES before 1923

1891 "Biographical and historical memoirs of Mississippi : embracing an authentic and comprehensive account of the chief events in the history of the state, and a record of the lives of many of the most worthy and illustrious families and individuals" 2 vol. pub. in 2 parts each; pub. by Goodspeed Pub. Co. (FHL book 976.2 D3b and films 845,437 item 2, and 845,438 items 1-2, and 845,439 item 1; also from Evelyn Sigler 1983)
      Vol.1 Pt.2 Pg.671-3: JAMES M. DUNCAN, ... was born in Greene Co. TN on the 28th of October, 1813, and inherits Scotch blood from his paternal grandfather, who was a native of Scotland. The latter and a brother came to the United States prior to the Revolution, and the brother was killed by the British near Norfolk, VA. The grandfather settled in Botetourt Co. VA, and there reared his family, consisting of George, Jerry, Amos, Benjamin, David and two daughters. The fourth child in order of birth, Benjamin, grew to manhood in Virginia, and when a young man went to East TN, where he was married in 1812 to Miss Nancy Ross, also a native of the Old Dominion, and a daughter of William Ross, who served in the Revolutionary war, and was present at the surrender of Cornwallis. Mr. Ross has several sons, who served in the Creek Indian wars. Mr. and Mrs. Duncan continued to reside in Greene Co. TN until November, 1822, when they moved to Limestone Co. AL, and from there to Shelby Co. TN, in 1834. The father followed merchandising from the close of the Indian wars, in which he served as a lieutenant in Capt. Waterhouse's company, until about 1850, when he carried on planting .... He was a stanch whig, ... a Mason of rank, ... of Shelby county. He died June 1, 1860, ... his wife died in the same county in 1836, leaving six children -- three sons and three daughters, two of whom are yet living: James M. Duncan, the subject of this sketch, and the eldest child; and Mrs. Ann Reembert, of Shelby Co. TN. After his wife's death Mr. Duncan was married the second time and became the father of two children by this union, a son and daughter, both now deceased. James M. Duncan passed his boyhood and youth in Limestone Co. AL, and their received his education. In 1836 he started out in life for himself as a merchant at Mooresville, Ala., Limestone county, and there continued until the spring of 1840. He first came to MS in 1838, to administer upon the estate of George Dillard, and ... moved there in the fall of 1840. .... He was first married while living in AL to Miss Mary H. Gamble, who was born and reared in that state. She died on the 21st of June, 1840, leaving two children: Benjamin G. and Mary, both of whom are deceased. The former served as a soldier in the Civil war, and was a member of Captain Stanford's battery, ... His death occurred on the 6th of April, 1880, in Grenada. The other child died in Alabama when young.
            Mr. Duncan's second marriage was to Mrs. Susan Augusta (Girault) Sykes, widow of Dr. J.B. Sykes, whom she had married in 1847. Her parents, James A. and Susan (Dunbar) Girault, were early settlers of Mississippi. James A. Girault was born near Natchez, MS, in 1793, and died at Jackson, MS, March 24, 1851. (more on Girault genealogy) Mrs. Duncan ... the fourth child in order of birth. She was born at Bellevue, near Natchez, on the 19th of October, 1832 ... (more on Girault genealogy). To Mr. and Mrs. Duncan were born 9 children, five of whom are now living: Robert D., engaged in merchandising at Greenwood, Miss.; James M., resides at Vicksburg and is teller in the Delta bank; Annie E., married R.S. Turnage and lives in Memphis, TN; Blanton C. is a merchant of Grenada, Miss.; and Katie A., who is a single and a highly accomplished lady. Those deceased are: Mary, died in 1852; Nancy Ross, died in 1859; John G., died in 1866; and Susan H., who was the wife of Thomas P. Lampkin, died in 1883, leaving two beautiful young daughters, Helen and Elouise. Mrs. Duncan is a member of the Methodist church. Mr. Duncan is a democrat in politics and is the only one of the older members of the family who voted with that party, they being whigs. (MAD: See 1850 Tallahatchie Co. MS census)
      Pg.675-6: J.S. DUNCAN, whose postoffice address is Pontotoc, MS, was born in Pontotoc county in 1840. He is a son of John F. Duncan, a native of Franklin Co. AL, who was born in 1812. He first married a Miss Brotherton, in 1830. To them were born four children. Sarah F. Cole, who married John F. Duncan, was born in Tuscola, Ala., in 1820, and was his second wife. They were married in Pontotoc county in 1836, and Mr. Duncan engaged in planting, and in the grocery trade at Bridgeport, Miss. He was a man of considerable political influence. He served Pontotoc county as a member of the board of supervisors, for four years, and was also state magistrate. As far back as 1850 he was elected to represent Itawamba Co. in the state legislature. Mr. and Mrs. Duncan had nine children, of whom three are yet living. In 1860 he married, for his third wife, Miss Carrie Souter, who bore him eight children, all of whom are living. He was a member of the Baptist church, ... He died in 1880. J.S. Duncan began life for himself in 1861, enlisting in the Confederate service under Capt. John H. Miller, as a private in the 1st MS volunteers. ... He was married in 1866 to Miss K.S. Wells, who was born in SC in 1852. Her father, J.S. Wells, was a prominent farmer. Mr. and Mrs. Duncan have three children: Vallie L., Effie T. and Edward F. ....
      Vol.2 pg.619-21: GEORGE W. PRICE, proprietor of Blue Front store of Water Valley, Yalobusha Co. MS; born July 9, 1842, son of John and Nancy (Ragland) Price, natives of GA. His father was born Feb. 4, 1808, and his mother in March 1810; they were married in Jasper Co. GA, Feb. 9, 1831, and removed to MS, settling in Pontotoc Co.; six children: eldest b. Dec. 11, 1831, Julia Ann, mar. Robert C. Hellum, d. Oct. 19, 1855 (3 children, husband remarried & died 1863 in late war). Second, dau. Martha Jane, mar. Wilson or "Dock" Hellum, brother of Robert C. Hellum, she b. Sept. 22, 1833, d. May 4, 1860 (5 children, husband was in Co. K, 17th MS Reg, d. in army in Richmond VA 1864). Third, dau Susan Caroline, b. Aug. 6, 1835, mar. Samuel T. Crimm (Co. K, 17th MS Reg, died 1862 during war at Richmond VA, 3 ch.), mar. 2nd John F. Stewart (5 ch., to near Sherman, Grayson Co. TX, 1878). Fourth, dau. Mary Morgan, b. Sept. 28, 1837, mar. Henry Lynch 1858 (he d. near Atlanta, GA, in 1864, member Co. E of 1st MS Cavalry; two ch.), mar. 2nd Hardy McGlaune (3 ch., fam. to near Temple, Bell Co. TX 1878), she d. May 21, 1883. Fifth child & eldest son, Dr. John Ragland Price, (b. Sept. 16, 1839, educated at Sparta academy, Calhoun Co. MS, 3rd Lt. of Co. E, 1st MS Cavalry, wounded in knee at Abbeville, MS, a cripple for life; mar. Miss Maggie Duncan, dau. of Dr. M.I. Duncan, of Sarepta. He is a high Mason and was county treasurer of Calhoun Co. MS in 1869 and 1870; after the war he sold goods at Pittsboro and at Banner, then he took up practice of medicine; nine children, two of whom are dead. Eldest two, William Duncan and John Washington, are twins, b. Nov. 30, 1864, 2nd is dau. Minnie, the others are James, Eddie, Dale, Lou, Claude and Ruby ... George Washington, the youngest of the family (and subject of the sketch) was born July 9, 1842, enlisted Co. K, 17th MS Volunteer infantry, ...lost his right leg below the knee at Fredericksburg ... After the close of the war, he returned to Pontotoc Co., shortly went to Memphis, TN, came back to Pontotoc Co., in 1866 formed partnership with H.J. Ragland, his uncle, at Banner, Calhoun Co. MS ... mar. Frances Oregon Freeman, dau. of Simeon Freeman. (MAD: more on Freeman family and ch. of George W. Price and ch. of brothers & sisters of George W. Price, not copied here)
      Vol.2 pg.801: FRANK SOUTER, b. Lawrence Dist. SC in 1829 where he lived until age 18, when he came with his parents to Pontotoc Co. MS, where he lived until his marriage in Dec. 1850 to Miss Mary A. Duncan. Purchased farm of 80 acres, engaged in planting until 1858, then embarked in sawmill and lumber business until outbreak of the Civil war. Enlisted in Confederate army in 1861, discharged after two years on account of disability. Returned home, elected to office of supervisor which exempted him from further participation in the war. Member of board of supervisors from 1862 till 1866, ardent supporter of Governor Alcorn. In 1866, physically unable to continue lumber business, began merchandising at Toccopola, in western part of county, where he continued for 22 years. He was burned out in Nov. 1887, shortly afterward located in Pontotoc, became member of firm of Wood and Souter ... Mr. and Mrs. Souter became parents of 10 children, only 3 now living: Laura, wife of W.H. Wood of Pontotoc; Sue a member of her father's family, and J.B. who is studying medicine. Mr. Souter is active member of Pontotoc lodge, A.F. & A.M., member Missionary Baptist church since 1848.

1889/1890 "Recollections of Mississippi and Mississippians" by Reuben Davis, pub by Houghton, Mifflin (CA State Library, Sutro Branch, book F341 D27; from Gloria Baker 1993)
      Pg.67: My [MAD: Reuben Davis] first encounter with Word was at Ripley. On my way there, I stopped in Pontotoc, where I met Colonel William L. Duncan. When quite a young man, he had stayed at my father's house in Russell's Valley, and had known me as a small boy. With my elder brothers he had long maintained an intimate friendship, although he had removed to Hardeman Co. TN while they were all young men. He was a man of great integrity and loyalty, and had a heart as large as his head. As soon as he discovered who I was, he made himself known to me, and told me that numbers of his TN friends had settled in Tippah Co., and he had no doubt of being able to control their votes. His relations with Word were friendly, and he did not wish to be offensive to him in any way, but would throw his whole weight for me in Tippah. He instructed me to stop at the house of Mr. Miller in Ripley, and to tell him that he, Duncan, was actively for me, and would be there to see him in a few days. ... (GB: Davis was running for district attorney, therefore this incident ca 1834-1835) (MAD: see Franklin Co. AL 1820)
      Pg.172: I have already spoken of my friend William L. Duncan, whom I knew first as a resident of Pontotoc. He afterwards removed to Corinth [Alcorn Co.], where he accumulated a large fortune.
      Pg.420: Before I left Jackson for headquarters at Corinth, I obtained a promise from the governor that he would, within 5 days, send a full stock of supplies for the troops, including tents, and $50,000 for the use of the quartermaster. I also informed him that Colonel William Duncan would be quartermaster. To my great surprise and chagrin, when I arrived at Corinth, there were tents for two companies only, and not one morsel of provision, or one dollar for use. Two companies were on the train with me. I saw Colonel Duncan and obtained a loan of $5,000 for immediate use. Duncan was a most active and efficient officer. ...


Typed transcript of record in Family Bible from Gay Lord who has the Family Bible to Anne Hampden to Kathy Cawley with permission to post on my webpages (from Kathy Cawley 10/2009).
A Brief Concordance to the Holy Scriptures of the Old and New Testaments by John Brown, Late Minister of the Gospel, at Haddington, in Scotland. Revised and Corrected.
Printed and Published by Mathew Carey, Philadelphia, No. 121 Chesnut [sic] Street, 1816 - Bible in the possession of Gay Lord Lambert of Daphne, AL, 18 Sept 2009
Nancy Duncan was born the 19th of July in the year of Our Lord 1805
Elizabeth Duncan was born the 13th of November in the year 1806
Mary Duncan was born the 15th of November in the year 1807
James W Duncan was born the 28th of March in the year 1809
Sarah Duncan was born the 10th of November in the year 1810
Lucinda Duncan was born the 8th of March in the year 1812
Thomas Duncan was born the 24th August in the year 1813
William Duncan, Senior was born the 14th of February in the year 1779
Sarah Duncan was born the 8th of June in the year 1788
William M Duncan was born the 10th of March in the year 1816
Jeremiah Duncan was born the 19th of November in the year 1817
Malinda Duncan was born the 25th of December in the year 1819
Andrew J Duncan was born the 20th of December in the year 1821
Martha Duncan was born the 23rd of February in the year 1825
Elizabeth Malinda Duncan Daughter of AJ Duncan was born Feb 18th 1858
Elizabeth Davis died -?- Aug, the 28 - 1829 After 16 days illness of the Billious [sic] flue [sic]
Thomas H Duncan died July the 11th 1841 - After 8 days illness of the congestive fever
Martha M Duncan died Sept 3rd 1844
Nancy Tardy died the 28 June 1845
William Duncan Sen died the 6th October 1850
Malinda Cobb died the 15th of August 1854
Sarah Duncan, wife of Wm Duncan, Sr died April 28th 1855. Aged 66 years 10 mo. 20 days. Died of Epilepsy. Lived 12 hours after being Taken sick.
Jeremiah B? Duncan departed this life Oct 7, 1857. Aged 39 years 10 m 18 days
William M Duncan departed this life February 17, 1858. Aged 41 yrs. 11 m & 7 days
Elisabeth Jones departed this life Feb 16, 1858
William Duncan was married to Sarah Horton on the 30th of January in the year 1804
Joseph B Tardy was maried [sic] to Nancy Duncan on Thursday the 25th of Aug 1825
Edward Davis and Elizabeth Duncan was maried on Thursday the 13th of November 1823
Hope Hull Hargrove and Mary Duncan was married on Thursday the 15th of March 1827
Isaac Cole was maried to Sarah Duncan on the 27th Dec 1827
Benjamin Collins was maried to Lucinda Duncan the 5th February 1829
John S Cobb was maried to Melinda Duncan on Thursday the 2nd of November 1837
James W Duncan was maried to Eliza Anne Horton on the 5th day of September 1839
Jeremiah W Duncan was married to Amanda C Blackwell Oct the 17th 1844
Andrew J Duncan was married to Mary -?- Blackwell March the 30th 1848


"William Temple of Prince George Co. VA and His Descendants" by Lucy Temple Temple, ca 1978 (FHL book 929.273 T247a; from Florence Dyess 4/1984)
      Pgs.87-8 refer to Frances Temple, b.1839 Coosa Co. AL, mar. 3/14/1857 W.G. Duncan, and Sarah Jane Temple, b. 7/1/1845, mar. 3/20/1866 Pitser Miller Duncan, daughters of U.A. Temple who died 8/1889 in Lafayette Co. MS. (MAD: Pitser Miller Duncan, in 1850 Itawamba Co. MS, 1860 Pontotoc Co. MS, son of John F. Duncan)

"History of the Duncan Family" by James V. Young, after 1994, a manuscript genealogy, has been posted on the Internet by D. Nathan Meehan of Colleyville, TX. The document was apparently a scanned image which contains a few uncorrected errors, but has a lot of genealogy about the descendants of Thomas Lane Duncan of Pontotoc Co. MS. The ancestry of Thomas Lane Duncan is speculative.


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