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Formed 1785 from Lincoln
Franklin formed 1794 from Woodford, Mercer, Shelby
Garrard formed 1796 from Madison, Lincoln, Mercer
Anderson formed 1827 from Franklin, Mercer, Washington
Boyle formed 1842 from Mercer, Lincoln


1810 Mercer Co. KY Census; semi-alphabetic
Pg.320  Dunkin, Martin       10010         - 10100
          (MAD: from Person Co. NC, son of Daniel d.1781
            & Mary d.1796)
   321  Dunkin, John         21010         - 00100
          (MAD: ? 1820 Hardin Co. KY census; 1830 Parke Co. IN
            census; d. 1839 Platte Co. MO)
        Dunklin, John        32010         - 10110
   322  Dunkin, Jesse        22301         - 00200

1820 Mercer Co. KY Census; semi-alphabetic
Pg. 93  Edward Duncan        000001        - 00101
        John Duncan          200010        - 20010

1830 Mercer Co. KY Census
Pg.295  Martin C. Duncan     2031,0001     - 0100,001
   298  Wm. Duncan           0001,1        - 1000,1
   336  Wm. Duncan           0010,01       - 0000,1
   356  Jas. Duncan          0000,1        - 0000,1

1840 Mercer Co. KY Census
Pg.132  Wm. Duncan           0000,01       - 1000,01
   162  Richd. Duncan        2011,001      - 0110,0011
   183  Abner Duncan         0000,1        - 1000,1
          (MAD: also pg.221)
   212  Martin Duncan        0021,0000,1   - 0001,0001
        Asa Duncan           0000,1        - 0
          (MAD: compare Asa in 1830 Dubuque Co. IA census)
        Martin Duncan Jr.    0000,1        - 0
   221  D.C. Duncan          2100,1        - 1000,1
          (MAD: Daniel C. Duncan)
        A.N. Duncan          0000,1        - 1000,1
          (MAD: also pg.183; ?? Abner N. in 1850 Platte Co. MO census ??)
        Garret Duncan        1111,0001     - 1020,001

1850 Mercer Co. KY Census (pg.257 from reference by Karen Stephenson)
District 1
Pg.247, #113, Elvis DUNCAN 51 GERmany broom maker
                  John ARNOLD 63 KY broom maker
                  (MAD: ? 1830 Owen Co. KY census; definitely born "Germany")
Pg.257, #265, E. BURTON (m) 30 KY waggon maker $1445
                  Mary 27 KY
                  Mary DUNCAN 63 KY
Pg.282, #578, Saml. PEATMAN? 67 Delaware cabinet maker
                  John SHIELDS 35 KY farmer
                  Richard SURPLE 66 KY farmer
                  Johnson RILEY 50 City of NY shoemaker
                  (etc.; in Shaker's Village, Pleasant Hill)
                  (scattered through many names, some b. KY, SC, & elsewhere)
                  John DUNCAN 12 IN
                  Jos. DUNCAN 10 IN
                  Mary DUNCAN 16 IN
                  Sally DUNCAN 14 IN
                  Jane DUNCAN 8 IN
District 2
Pg.293, #---, Susan DUNCAN 18 KY in Hotel
Pg.319, #492, Daniel DUNCAN 39 KY farmer $500
                  Margaret 36 VA
                  William 16, John 14 KY
                  Nathaniel 12, Eliza 10 KY
                  James 9, Daniel 6 KY
                  George 4, Margaret 3 KY
                  (MAD: D.C. Duncan, 1860 Rusk Co. TX census)

1860 Mercer Co. KY Census
District 2, P.O. Duncansville
Pg.563, #133-133, J.Q. ALFRED (m) 23 KY merchant $30-$2000 m/in/year
                  Martha 15? KY m/in/year
                  M.T. DUNCAN (m) 39 KY clerk $0-$200
                  (MAD: indexed M.L. Duncan; Mathew T. in 1850 Washington Co. KY census, 1880 Anderson Co. KY census; M.T. Duncan mar. Emily Jane Clark 1863 Mercer Co. KY)
Pg.657, #790-794, John R. DUNCAN 31 KY (blank) $650-$650
                  Eliza A. 25 KY
                  (no children, not m/in/year)
                  (MAD: 1850 Washington Co. KY census)
Harrodsburg town
Pg.701, #118-118, Chas. H.B. DUNCAN 34 KY coach painter $0-$150
                  Zilla A. (f) 30 NC
                  Bayless R. (m) 11, Charles F. 6 KY
                  Charlotte A. (f) 3, McGee (m) 1 KY
                  William DONAHO 18 KY coach driver $500-$0
                  Milly (f) 14 KY (blank) $0-$500
                  Silas BISHOP 34 VA (blank)
                  Rosannah 34 NC
                  William O. 11, Richard A. 9 KY
                  (MAD: Zilla Adaline Carter, wife of Charles H.B. Duncan of "Marion" Co. KY, per Northampton Co. NC deed 36-379; son of Alexander Crockett Duncan)
P.O. Harrodsburg
Pg.735, #352-352, C.M. DUNCAN (m) 34 KY toll gate keeper $0-$200
                  Sarah W. 34 KY
                  Lucy DAVIS 72 VA (blank) $2000-$1500
                  (MAD: Champness Madden Duncan, son of Martin)
P.O. McAfee
Pg.775, #631-667, Martin C. DUNCAN 79 NC (written over KY) (blank occup. & $)
                  Mary B. 72 KY
                  Gustavus YARBROUGH 24 VA
Pg.777, #647-684, Elvis DUNCAN 61 TN farm hand $0-$50
                  Sarah 43 KY
                  James 20 KY
                  William 7 KY
                  Sarah DUNCAN 23 KY
P.O. Pleasant Hill
Pg.803, #787, Households with many people, many surnames
                  Mary DUNCAN 27 KY
                  (7 other people)
                  Jane DUNCAN 17 KY

1870 Mercer Co. KY Census
Precinct 3, P.O. Duncanville
Pg.470, #12-12, DOUNCAR?, John 41? KY (white) dry goods merchant $400-$2000
                  Eliza A. 35 KY keeping house
                  Mary E. 9, Charles E. 6 KY at home
Precinct 5, P.O. Harrodsburg
Pg.502, #30-30, DUNCAN, Thomas 26 KY (white) school teacher $250-$400
                  Martha J. 24 KY keeping house
                  Simon H. (m) 3, Sarah U?. 1 KY
Pleasant Hill
Pg.528, #24-24, McGAUGHLIN, Bard?? (f) 42 KY (white) house keeper $0-$0
                  MILTON, Matilda 42 KY house keeper
                  DUNCAN, Mary 37 KY house keeper
                  POSTON?, Susan 35 KY house keeper
                  KEAD, Ann 35 KY house keeper
                  THRUMM?, Melvira 34 KY house keeper
                  (MAD: all white, all female)
Precinct 7, P.O. El Dorado
Pg.571, #16-16, DUNCAN, C.M. (m) 44 KY (white) farmer $720-$525
                  Sarah 45 KY house keeper
                  DAVIS, Margaret 21 KY at home
Pg.585, #58-63, YOUNG, Harriett 33 TN BLACK keeping house $300-$0
                  WALKER?, Miller (f) 73 KY BLACK at home
                  DUNCAN, Mary 12 KY BLACK at school
                  Adam (m) 11 KY BLACK at school
                  Jesse (m) 8 KY BLACK at home
                  YOUNG, Wm. 2 KY BLACK at home
                  Thomas 23 KY BLACK farm laborer
Harrodsburg Subdivision 116
Pg.602, #43-43, DUNCAN, Washington 27 KY BLACK farmer $0-$0
                  Carrie 25 KY BLACK keeping house
                  Lou Gray (f) 7 KY BLACK at home
                  Permelia (f) 5, Mary 3 KY BLACK at home
                  Anna 8/12 KY BLACK b.Oct. at home
                  James 10 KY BLACK at home


Mercer Co. KY General Index to Marriage Licenses (FHL film 191,839 and from Jean Harper)
      Following are those before 1880 only; the original goes to 1930's; did not copy "(Col)" 1866 and later
      Duncan, Abram B. to Cozine, Mary S., 2-32, 1836
      Duncan, Ann Mariah to Campbell, James M., 3-18, 1853
      Duncan, Benjamin to Anderson, Mary, 1-374, 1831
      Duncan, Benjamin to Bennett, Mary, Filed, 1789
      Duncan, Benjamin to Duncan, Jane, 11-198, 1815
      Duncan, Benjamin to Johnson, Sarah, Filed, 1795
      Duncan, Betsey to Shannel, John, 1-136, 1808 (MAD: John Shannon)
      Duncan, Champness M. to Davis, Sarah W., 3-25, 1855
      Duncan, Daniel C. to Yeast, Margaret, Filed, 1832
      Duncan, Elvis to Carroll, Sarah, Filed, 1851
      Duncan, Howson H. to Southern, Hannah, 2-252, 1817
      Duncan, James to Brown, Eliza T., Filed, 1865
      Duncan, James to Lyons, Charity, 6-129, 1870
      Duncan, James to Trower, Jennetta, Filed, 1829 (MAD: James R. Duncan d. 1840 Pike Co. MO, Will 2-304; his widow Ganetta mar. 2nd 1845 in Pike Co. MO to Evan P. or J. Owens; see also Pike Co. MO Deed K-396)
      Duncan, James T. to Brown, Margaret J., 5-228, 1868
      Duncan, Jane to Cozine, Peter, 6-91, 1870
      Duncan, John to Henderson, Esther, 2-234, 1812 (MAD: see ?? 1850 Andrew Co. MO census; Boyle Co. KY will of her mother)
      Duncan, John to Neff, Elizabeth, 1-128, 1807 (MAD: ?? she 1850 Andrew Co. MO census; John d. 1839 Platte Co. MO)
      Duncan, John to Scanlan, Jane, Filed, 1859
      Duncan, John R. to Graham, Eliza A., Filed, 1860
      Duncan, Johnson to Smith, Elizabeth, Filed, 1849 (MAD: see 1850 Hardin Co. KY census)
      Duncan, Leah to Yocum, Matthew, Filed, 1789 (MAD: mar. 12/28/1789, bondsman Benjamin Duncan, her mother Elizabeth Williams who certifies bride is 21; see marriage of Elizabeth Duncan to William Williams in 12/16/1785 in Lincoln Co. KY)
      Duncan, Martin to Ray, Polly, 2-214, 1806
      Duncan, Mary E. to Gray, W.A., 10-108, 1878
      Duncan, Mary J. to Burton, Edward R., 2-160, 1848
      Duncan, Missouri to Bond, Wilkerson D., 8-168, 1875
      Duncan, M.T. to Clark, Emily Jane, 3-80, 1863
      Duncan, Nannie to Bonta, Samuel, 10-104, 1878
      Duncan, Polly to Bolling, William, 2-48, 1835
      Duncan, Roseltha to Stagg, Thomas, 5-52, 1867
      Duncan, Sally to McGee, David, 1-228, 1818
      Duncan, William to Goodnight, Nancy, 1-328, 1826
      Duncan, William to Hankla, Elizabeth, 2-152, 1842

Mercer Co. KY Marriage Bonds
      No Stone-Short marriage
      Bond of Benjamin Duncan and John Duncan, March 7, 1815, for marriage of Benjamin Duncan to Jane Duncan; consent of Jessee Duncan, father of Jane, March 7, 1815, wit. Wm. Moore, John Duncan; John Duncan swore Jane Duncan to be 21 years of age. (FHL film 191,846) (MAD: marriage register shows "Dunlan and")
      18 Feb. 1833, note by Sara Yeats: I authorize you to ishyou lyesons to Daniel C. Duncan and Margaret Yaeats ... Wit. William Tiler, Joseph Yeats. (FHL film 191,853)
      Bond of Abner N. (X) Duncan and Harvey T. Ray, Aug. 8, 1836, for marriage of Abram (sic) N. Duncan to Mary S. Cozine; statement of Harvey F/T. Ray "my sister-in-law Mary S. Cozine" 21 years of age. Minister's return: A. Duncan. (FHL film 191,855 bonds, film 192,267 mar. reg. B-32)
      10 March 1849, bond of Johnson Duncan and Thomas Smith for marriage of Johnson Duncan to Elizabeth Smith. (FHL film 191,860)

Mercer Co. KY Marriage Registers (FHL film 192,267)
      (MAD: Only copied some)
      1-128: 1807, July 30, John Duncan and Elizabeth Neff by Rev. John McGraw
      1-374: 1831, June 30, Benj. Duncan and Mary Anderson by H.M. Kavanaugh
      2-32: 1836, Aug. 8, Abram N. Duncan to Mary Cozine by Wm. Helm
      2-48: 1835, Aug. 10, Wm. Bolling to Polly Duncan by L. Jones
      2-152: 1842, June 16, Wm. Dunkin to Elizabeth Hanken (Hankill) by J.J. Polk
      2-160: 1848, Dec. 14, Edward E. Burton to Mary J. Duncan by Thos. Celitain
      2-234: 1812, Apr. 15, John Duncan to Esther Henderson, wit. Jas. Henderson


Mercer Co. KY Will Book (extract from Jean Harper 5/1987)
      11-335: John Goodnight's will, dated 7 Sept. 1833; wife Ruth; sons Edward Goodnight, Michael Goodnight, Jacob Goodnight; daus. Sally Adkins, Elizabeth Dye, Rachel Nichols, Nancy Duncan, Mary Goodnight (single); dau-in-law Lucy Goodnight, widow of John Jr. Exec. son Jacob. Wit. S. Ewing, Jesse Sweeney. Proved March 1841.

Mercer Co. KY Wills (FHL film 191,833)
      9-153: 5 Sept. 1832, will of Ann (+) Stone of Mercer Co. KY, estate primarily of 5 negroes, 2 men 2 women & one child, to my children John Bennett, Reuben Bennett, Polly Short, Nancy Perry, and Robert Jennings, and the descendants of him or her who may be dead. Appoint Samuel Eccles and John Ludwell executors; the devise to Nancy Perry is to be held by exec. as trustees for her separate use during her life and at her death to go to her children, free from her husband David Perry. Wit. James Harlan, John Chiles, U. Manly. Proved Dec. 1832. (MAD: see deed of Asa Duncan)


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Mercer Co. KY tax lists (FHL film 8,156)
      Looking for William Williams 1789-1800, married Elizabeth Duncan 12/16/1785 in Lincoln Co. KY; one Elizabeth Williams was mother of Leah Duncan, age 21, who married Matthew Yocum in 12/28/1789 in Mercer Co. KY, bondsman Benjamin Duncan.
      1789 - no William Williams
      1790-1793 - no tax lists
      1794-1795 - no William Williams
      1796-1797 - Wm. Williams, 1 white, 1 horse
      1798 - no tax list
      1799-1801 - Wm. Williams, 1 white, 0 horse
      1802 - no Wm. Williams
      1803 - Wm. Williams, 1 white, 0 horse
      1804-1805 - no Wm. Williams
      1806 - ?William Williams?, 0 white, 2 horses
      1807 - Wm. Williams, 1 white, 0 horses
            Wm. Williams, 0 white, 1 black, 3 horses
      1808-1811 - no William Williams


"Reports of Cases at Common Law and in Equity argued and decided in the Court of Appeals of the Commonwealth of Kentucky" by Thomas B. Monroe, Vol.VI & VII; Vol.7, pgs.150 to 188; ("Kentucky Reports") Vol.23, pgs.150 to 188 (California State Law Library, Sacramento, 1/2004; no case number)
      CHAPLINE v. MOORE, etc., M'AFEE et ux. v. MOORE, etc.; CHAPLINE et ux. v. MOORE, etc., and MOORE v. CHAPLINE, etc. -- CHANCERY; Court of Appeals of Kentucky; 23 Ky. 150; 7 T.B. Mon. 150; April 19, 1828, Decided.
      Cross appeals from the Mercer Circuit; William L. Kelly, Judge.
      COUNSEL: Crittenden, for Chapline and Moore's heirs; Haggin, Mayes and Daviess, for Lawson Moore.
      Opinion of the Court, by Chief Justice Bibb. Lawson Moore, George Moore, and William Moore were brothers. George died in 1810, in the county of Westmoreland, in the State of Virginia, leaving his widow, Hannah, and four infant children, Elizabeth, (now wife of Jacob Chapline,) Judith Ellen Moore, (now wife of Robert M'Afee,) William B. Moore, and Allen Lawson Moore.
      In 1812, one other of the brothers, William Moore, died in the State of Pennsylvania, and town of Carlisle, unmarried and intestate, leaving a considerable estate, real and personal.
      In July, 1812, administration of the goods and chattels, rights and credits of said deceased, William Moore, was committed, by the orphans' court of the county of Cumberland, and State of Pennsylvania, held in the town of Carlisle, to William Irvine and James Given, who entered into bond, in a penalty of $60,000, with approved sureties, for the due administration and account of the personal estate.
      The administrators, on the 23rd of September, 1813, returned an inventory and appraisement of the personal estate, to the amount of $42,059.13, an account of effects administered to the amount of $24,578.24, showing a balance unadministered, of $17,480.89.
      In this account of credits claimed by the administrators of $24,578.24, is included a claim of $1426.50, for their services, founded on an agreement of Lawson Moore with them, for their resignation, to allow 5 per cent. on the monies theretofore paid, as well as upon those paid over to the administrator de bonis non to be appointed, and 2 1/2 per cent. upon all paper securities delivered over to their successor, when, and as the judgments, notes and book accounts should be collected. The credit of $1426.50, thus claimed, was passed, de bene esse, by virtue of that agreement, by the orphans' court, subject to any equity which may or can arise when the minors arrive at age, if it is then thought proper to dispute the same. And upon the said settlement, the court entered of record, that it appeared to the court there were ample assets to discharge all debts.
      Upon this settlement the administrators resigned, and the court appointed Christian Leonard, administrator de bonis non, who gave bond and security accordingly. His account was settled and approved by the court, on the 12th of December, 1822, showing a balance in his hands of $1434.24, for distribution.
      On the petition of Lawson Moore to the orphans' court, on the 15th of September, 1812, stating that one half of the real estate belonged to himself as one of the heirs, and the other moiety to the four infants, under fourteen years, children of George Moore, deceased, the other heirs of William Moore, deceased, and praying partition of three several tracts of land, appropriate writs of inquisition de partitione inquirendo, as known to the laws of Pennsylvania, were issued. Upon these inquests the number of acres of each tract, and values per acre, were returned, with a report, that a partition of the several tracts could not be made by division of the lands, without spoiling the tracts. At the September court, 1813, Lawson offered sureties to be bound with him for payment to the other heirs, their respective shares of the said valuation, and to take the whole of the lands, which being approved, eight several recognizances were acknowledged in court by Lawson Moore, and his sureties, to the guardians of the infants, conditioned for the payment of the sums due to the other heirs respectively. The court had theretofore appointed Thomas Urie and John Helpelstein, guardians for the infant heirs, and they had executed bonds with security for the faithful performance of their duties. The aggregate valuation of the three tracts, after deducting the costs of the inquisitions, amount to $19,052.52 cents, the half of which was $9526.26 cents, which gave to each of the infants the sum of $2381.56 1/2 cents, and so the recognizances require that sum to be paid to the use of each, on or before the 25th of September, 1814, with interest from the 25th of March, 1814.
      In the latter part of the year 1813, Lawson Moore brought the widow and children of his brother George Moore, from Westmoreland county, Virginia, to the county of Mercer, Kentucky, settled Mrs. Moore with her children, in a small tenement, on a tract of land belonging to him, where she and the survivors respectively continued to reside, until the marriage of Mrs. Moore with Abraham Chapline. Allen Lawson Moore died in Mercer unmarried, intestate, an infant of tender years, in 1814.
      On the 25th of March, 1819, very shortly before Mrs. Moore's marriage with Abraham Chapline, Lawson Moore stated an account against her for house rent, articles of provision, etc., etc., with credits also made out by him for boarding and clothing her children, making a debit against her of $1920, the credits amounting to $1351, leaving a balance of $574, for which he took her note, and also her receipt for $1139 to himself as guardian of the children; this sum he charges against the children.
      After the intermarriage of Jacob Chapline and Elizabeth, at their instance, Lawson Moore was summoned by the county court, to make his account as guardian, never having rendered any. He exhibited his accounts to the commissioners of the county court, on the 30th of September, 1820, which, when reported, the county court refused to approve.
      Abraham Chapline and wife, Hannah, had, in September, 1819, exhibited their bill, to set aside the note obtained from her by Lawson Moore; in October, 1820, Lawson answered. Upon the coming in of this answer, Abraham Chapline and wife amended their bill, called for an account of the estate of William Moore, received by said Lawson, claiming the share to which the mother was entitled by the death of her son, Allen Lawson Moore, making the other children parties.
      The defendants, Jacob Chapline and wife, Elizabeth, and Robert M'Afee, and Ellen his wife answered, and made cross bill against Lawson Moore, Abraham Chapline and wife, and William B. Moore, charging Lawson with the recognizances given by him for the real estate, and charged him as having received considerable sums of the personal estate, and prayed for an account and settlement, and a decree for the balance due from him as guardian.
      (MAD: much more omitted here)
      The credit of $457.87 cents, for one-half of the receipt of Messrs. Thomas and James Duncan to Lawson Moore, dated 30th April, 1814, was also erroneously allowed. (MAD: aparently in Cumberland Co. PA) This receipt was given for $915.74, as paid by Lawson Moore, upon a contract by him with them, of the 6th of September, 1812, by which he retained them as counsel for himself and the heirs of George Moore, to support the interest of himself and the co-heirs in the estate of William Moore, deceased, in all cases where Messrs. Duncans had not been previously retained against the estate, they to have for their services 5 per cent. upon the whole estate, real and personal, after payment of the debts and expenses. Upon this contract Messrs. Duncans passed their receipt, at the foot of an account of particulars, for the sum of $915.74. But this sum was paid partly by the accounts standing against them in the books of William Moore, deceased, as appears by the face of the account, by the deposition of Mr. James Duncan, and by the allowances to the administrators in the settlement of their accounts. The allowance made to Lawson Moore by the decree of one-half of this receipt, has converted the amount of those book accounts to the exclusive benefit of Lawson Moore, and moreover charges the one-half thereof upon the shares of the children of George Moore. If it were proper to have allowed this contract of Lawson Moore with Messrs. Duncans, to charge the infants, yet those accounts should have been deducted from the amount of $915.74, receipted for by Messrs. Duncans, as payments made out of the joint funds of Lawson Moore and the infants, and half the residue only carried to the credit of Lawson Moore, on his account as guardian. But by allowing a credit for half of the whole amount of the receipt, the heirs of George Moore have lost their moiety of the book accounts, and lost the like sum out of their shares.
      MAD: The court opinion contains much more information about the accounts charged by Lawson Moore and their background. Click here to read more in the larger file in Mercer Co. KY.


Mercer Co. KY Vital Statistics (from index cards of Kit Smith 8/1983)
      Hartford Peter Duncan, b. 23 April 1856, Cornishville, son of William & Letitia Downey Duncan. (Vital Statistics)
      McGee Duncan, b. March 1859, Harrodsburg, son of Charles & A. Carter Duncan.
      William Dunkin, b. 5 Sept. 1852, son of Elvis & Sarah Hornback Dunkin, Pleasant Hill.
      William Duncan, b. 1 Sept. 1852, son of William & Lettie Downey Duncan, Perryville.


Shelby Co. KY Deed (FHL film 259,238)
      Y-313: 27 Sept. 1830, Moses Duncan of Oldham Co. and Garland Withers of Lincoln Co. to Peter G. Force? and John O'Bannon, both of Shelby? Co., $882, 147 acres on west fork of Clear Creek, now in possession of said Force & O'Bannon, having been heretofore held by them under a contract by them with said Duncan for the purchase, adj. E by tracts of land on which said Force and Thomas Bohon now reside, S. by tracts of land which H. Balco and Preston Balco now occupy, W. by land on which Oswald Thomas and James Drain now reside, and N. by tract of about 50 acres conveyed by said Duncan & Withers to Geo. Marshall by deed recorded in Shelby Co. and now in due possession of the said Marshall; Duncan and Withers will defend tract against claim of all persons except against the claims of Trah? T. Haggin Esq. and Sophia Richardson of Mercer Co. under the conveyance made by the Sheriff of Shelby Co. under an execution in the name of said Richardson against the said Withers issued? by Mercer Civil Court, but the said Duncan and Withers assign and transfer to said Force and O'Bannon all the obligations, assignments, etc., executed by the said Haggin and Richardson to said Duncan and Withers; no wit. /s/ Moses Duncan, Garland Withers. (tight binding)

Woodford Co. KY record (from Lawrence E. Duncan's files 12/1984)
      B-14: Andrew Hair of Mercer Co. to John Duncan and Andrew Holmes of Cumberland Co. PA, Merchants, deed of mortgage, Feb. 14, 1791.

Anderson Co. KY Marriages (from Nancy Young 11/1987)
      G-263: Duncan, Mary J. & Robert Strange were married Dec. 3, 1874 at M.T. Duncan's. Groom resides in Jessamine Co. KY but was born in Woodford Co. KY, as were his parents. He was 21 yrs old. Bride is 23 yrs old, born in Anderson Co. KY. Her father was born in Mercer Co. KY and mother in Garrard Co. KY. Bondsman John Driscoll.
      I-52: Duncan, William T. & Mary Ann York were married at residence of M.T. Duncan, Sept. 18, 1879. Groom was born in Anderson Co. KY, his father was born in Mercer Co. KY and mother in Garrard Co. KY. Bride was born in Anderson Co. KY and her parents were born in Mercer Co. KY. Bondsman W.H. York. Groom was 23 yrs old, bride was 18 yrs old.

Hendricks Co. IN Deed (FHL film 1,315,914)
      13-599: 19 Sept. 1850, Peter V.H. Cozine of Anderson Co. KY have a legacy coming from my deceased father Garrard Cozine who died in Hendrix Co. IN, appoint Martin C. Duncan of Mercer Co. KY my attorney to receive legacy. Rec. Anderson Co. KY 19 Sept. 1850, Hendricks Co. IN 8 Oct. 1850.

Amherst Co. VA Deed Book Z, 1843-1846 (FHL film 30,295)
      Z-142: 8 Oct. 1831, J.A. Lewis and Polly Duncan of Mercer Co. KY appoint Lindsey Duncan of Orange Co. IN their attorney to receive from William Duncan, exec. of John or Sarah Duncan decd, or from Wesley Duncan or any other person in whose hands said William may have left them, debts due said J.A. Lewis and Polly Duncan out of the estate of John Duncan decd. of Amherst Co. VA, and from the said William Duncan exec., and in default, to recover the same, which is coming to the heirs of Cl___ (long blank) Duncan decd. and from his father John Duncan decd.; they appeared before George G. Kirkland and Wm. Wood, J.P.'s of Mercer Co. KY, 8 Oct. 1831; recorded Amherst Co. VA 15 April 1844. (MAD: ? should have been ? Claiborne Duncan?)

Texas Confederate Pension Files
      #20255, Duncan, G.W., Rusk Co. "file out" (when filmed) (FHL film 963,924) (MAD: extract in "Rusk County [TX] Rebs" by Kathryn Hooper Davis and Carolyn Reeves Ericson, FHL book 976.4185 M2d, pg.133-134: DUNCAN, George Washington, born 13 March 1846 Mercer Co. KY, died 12 Feb. 1919 Henderson, bur. Duncan Cemetery, spouse Nancy West, m. 3 Dec. 1868 Rusk Co., parents Daniel C. & Margaret Duncan, pension 20255, service Co.B 11th TX Infantry, to TX 1851)


"Report of the Adjutant General of the State of Kentucky" (Union Soldiers), 1861-1866, Vol.II (from John A. Duncan 4/1995, and FHL film 1,463,600, appendix pages)
      Page, Company, Name, Rank, Date enrolled, When and where mustered in, period, when and where mustered out, remarks. Separate groups for Discharged, Transferred, Died, Deserted.
      Pg.18, Field & Staff of 19th KY Volunteer Infantry, organized at Harrodsburg, [Mercer Co.] KY: John R. Duncan, Major, enr. Dec. 12, 1861; mustered in Jan. 2, 1862 at Harrodsburg, KY, for 3 years; resigned Feb. 14, 1863. (MAD: resided Harrison Co. KY per list of officers)
      Pg.31, Company H, 19th KY Volunteer Infantry, organized at Harrodsburg, [Mercer Co.] KY: Gideon B. Duncan, Corporal, enr. Nov. 19, 1861; mustered in Jan. 2, 1862 at Harrodsburg, KY, for 3 years; transferred March 15, 1864, to Vet. Res. Corps.

"Report of the Adjutant General of the State of Kentucky" (Union Soldiers), 1861-1866, Vol.II (from John A. Duncan 4/1995, and FHL film 1,463,600, appendix & other pages; pg.919 from David D. Sengel 9/2005 with correction)
      Pg.919, Alphabetical List of Officers. Name, Rank, Regiment, Residence, Remarks. (MAD: semi-alphabetical, not indexed)
      Duncan, John R., Major, 19th Infantry, Duncansville [Mercer Co.], KY, Resigned February 14th, 1863.

Pension Index Card File, alphabetical; of the Veterans Administrative Contact and Administration Services, Admin. Operations Services, 1861-1934; Duff to A-J Duncan (negative FHL film film 540,888, some cards very faint); Joseph Duncan to Dunn (positive FHL film 540,889, some cards very dark)
      Cataloged under Civil War, 1861-1865, pensions, indexes; does not say if Confederate or Federal, but probably Federal. Negative film, some cards much too faint or dark to read, some cards blurred or faded, particularly the service unit and the dates of application. Most of the very faint or dark cards were in a slightly different format, with space for years enlisted and discharged which were sometimes filled in. Many of these were for service in later years, although one or two were for service ca 1866.
      Name of soldier, alias, name of dependent widow or minor, service (military unit or units), date of filing, class (invalid or widow or minor or other), Application #, Certificate #, state from which filed (sometimes blank), attorney (sometimes blank, MAD: did not usually copy), remarks. Sometimes the "Invalid" or "Widow" class had an "s" added to it before the application #; occasionally the area for the service information included a circled "S". The minor's name was frequently that of the guardian rather than the minor.
      The military unit was frequently the Company Letter, the Regiment Number, sometimes US Vet Vol Inf. (US Veteran Volunteer Infantry), L.A. (Light Artillery), H.A. (Heavy Artillery), US C Inf (US Colored? Infantry), Cav. (Cavalry), Mil. Guards, V.R.C. (?Volunteer Reserve Corps?), etc. Sometimes there were several service units given.
      Cards appear to be arranged by the last name, first name, middle initial if any, and state (including "US") of service.
      Duncan, Gideon B., widow Duncan, Minerva L.; H 19 KY Inf., G 3 V.R.C.; 1866 June 16, Invalid Appl. #110095, Cert #128887; 1910 March 5, Widow Appl. #937233, Cert. #700456, Ohio. (MAD: mustered in at Harrodsburg, Mercer Co. KY; 1880 Boyle Co. KY; ? 1910 Columbus Wd.9, Franklin Co. OH)
      Duncan, John R., widow Duncan, Eliza A.; Maj. 19 KY Inf.; 1895 Sept. 14, Widow Appl. #620721, Cert. #449749, KY. (MAD: 1860 Mercer Co. KY census; mustered in at Harrodsburg, Mercer Co. KY)

HISTORIES before 1923

1885-1888 "KY, a History of the State" 4th Edition (Volume), by Perrin, Battle & Kniffin (FHL book 976.9 D3wt)
      Pg.56-7, Mercer Co. GEORGE BOHON, native of Wayne Co. KY, born July 4, 1849. His father William F. Bohon a merchant in Wayne and Mercer Cos. was born in Nov. 1810 in Mercer Co.; he married at about thirty years of age to Mrs. V.A. Hutchison, of Danville, KY; seven children: Dr. J.T. of Lincoln Co.; W.J., wholesale hats, of Louisville; H.C., cashier of First National Bank, Harrodsburg; Elizabeth H., wife of L.W. Hudson, a farmer of Garrard Co.; George; Mattie B., wife of A.H. Peacock, a jeweler of Sherman, TX; and Rane S., dry goods merchant, Decatur, IL, all of whom are living. William F. Bohon died in 63rd year of age, in April 1873. Jack Bohon, the grandfather of George Bohon, was a native of Culpeper Co. VA, one of first settlers in Mercer Co., married Miss Martha Lightfoot, nine children (not copied here). George Bohon ... at age 21 in Louisville 1869, five years, then livery business in Danville, KY; sold out in 1876 and embarked in grocery business, later other business; 1883 purchased half interest in Mercer Grain & Coal Co., for one year, then present business as dealer in buggies. Mr. Bohon in December 1871 married Miss Irene Saunders, dau. of S.B. & Phoebe (Duncan) Saunders of Jessamine Co.; three children: Minnie, Davis and Hanly, all living; Christian Church.
      Pg.239, Mercer Co. DR. JOHN LEWIS PRICE, born April 20, 1835, in Nicholasville, KY; taken by his parents in 1837 to Clark Co.; in 1845 to Newcastle; in 1849 again to Clark; and in 1859 to Mercer Co. where he has since resided. His father, Dr. Andrew B. Price, was born in 1802 in Richmond, KY, died Aug. 3, 1873, son of Moses Price [who] married Sarah Broadus, and their offspring were: John, Andrew B., Thomas, Arjalon, Morton, Sarah (Daniel), Mrs. Childs, Mrs. Scott, Lucy (Scott) and Amelia (Poor). These brothers were all physicians. Andrew B. married Evelyne E., dau. of Shastine and Nancy (Duncan) Watkins of Clark Co., born in 1806, now living, and from this union sprang Dr. Dillard S., Catherine (Calk), Dr. John L., Dr. Ansil D., Lucy (Smedley, deceased), and Evelyn E. (Buck). June 13, 1861, Dr. John Lewis Price married Miss Anna T., dau. of Nelson and Lucy (Vivian) Keas, of Mercer Co. ...

1891 "Biographical & Historical Memoirs of MS" by Goodspeed (FHL book 976.2 D3b and film 845,437; from index in FHL book 976.2 D3b)
      Vol.2 p.384-5: James H. Maddox, MD, physician and surgeon and merchandiser of Perthshire, Boliver Co. MS, b. Mercer Co. KY on 2 July 1849, eldest of three children born to James and Ellen (Duncan) Maddox, both of whom were born on blue grass soil. The former was an extensive planter in his native state, but dropped his farming implements for service in the Mexican war, at the end of which he returned to planting and in 1854 came to MS, where he died in 1873 at age 61 years. He inherited Welsh blood of his parents who were Virginians by birth, in which state their ancestors settled during the colonial history of this country. Dr. James H. Maddox to MS at age 5 years, but at end of 5 years he was put to school in Louisville, KY, the greater part of 10 years being spent in educational institutions of that city ... returned to MS, and for past 20 years a resident of Bolivar Co. In 1870, age 21 ... In 1876 mar. Miss Laura A. Blanchard, dau. of John and Mary (Whitson) Blanchard. (MAD: children given, not copied here) (MAD: per "Mt.Vernon & Lawrence Co. MO 1831-1931" James H. Maddox was son of Smallwood Maddox of Lincoln Co. KY and wife Anne Duncan)


"Genealogies of KY Families From The Register of the KY Historical Society" Vol. A-M; Vol. O-Y, by Genealogical Publishing Co., 1981
      Vol.2, pgs.235-244: The Family and Fortune of General James Ray, Pioneer of Fort Harrod, by Kathryn Harrod Mason. ... This article lists the heirs of Martin Duncan and wife Mary or Polly (Ray) Duncan, including Asa, Daniel to TX, Abner to IA, Martin Jr., James, Madden (MAD: Champness M.), Green, Talbott to Anderson Co. KY and had son Asa, Elizabeth mar. Henry Britton, Mary Ray mar. Mr. Burton, and John Ray Duncan. The article gives much more about the family.


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