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Formed 1823 from Western District
Fayette formed 1824 from Shelby, Hardeman
Chester formed 1875 from Hardeman, Madison, Henderson, McNairy


1830 Hardeman Co. TN Census
Pg.344  Elihugh G. Duncan     0000,1        - 1001,1
        Thomas L. Duncan      0001,2001     - 0000,1000,1
   346  John F. Duncan        1000,1        - 1000,1
   348  William Duncan        1300,01       - 1100,01
   349  James Duncan          0100,01       - 1000,1
   371  Henry Duncan          1100,01       - 1001
   372  Zephaniah B. Duncan   0000,1        - 0
          (MAD: to Crawford Co. AR by 1840)
        William B. Duncan     0000,0100,1   - 0001,0001
        Samuel Duncan         2100,01       - 1100,01
        John Duncan           2000,1        - 0200,1
        John Duncan           0000,1        - 0001

1840 Hardeman Co. TN Census
Pg.291  William B. Duncan     0000,0000,01  - 0
        Henry W. Duncan       3101,01       - 1200,01
   297  James Little          1101,001      - 2021,101
            (MAD: probably from Lincoln Co. NC,
              wife Martha Duncan)
   302  James Duncan          2201,001      - 0010,01
   312  Elihu G/L. Duncan     2200,01       - 2010,01

1850 Hardeman Co. TN Census
Page numbers without parens are stamped page numbers, within parens are handwritten numbers
Pg.83 (166), #214, Sarah A. HARTY 35 TN (blank) $0
                  Nathan WILLIAMS 50 TN
                  Jefferson DUNKIN 22 TN apprentice
Pg.93 (185), #350, William B. HIX 34 NC gunmaker $2000
                  Amanda 27 PA
                  John 8, James 6 MS
                  Robert 4 MS
                  Sarah 10/12 TN
                  Nimrod GRAHAM 26 TN gunmaker $350
                  John R. DUNKIN 25 TN gunmaker $0
                  (MAD: son of James Duncan & Jane Rankin)
Pg.100 (199), #456, Thomas DUNKIN 43 TN farmer $0
                  Nancey 54 NC
                  Winneford 18 TN
                  Fredonia 15, Calvin 14 TN
                  Elizabeth 10, Edward 8 TN
                  Abner HARVEY 49 NC farmer $2400
                  Winney 37 KY
                  Amanda 14, Margret 7 TN
                  S.M. HARRIS (m) 25 TN laborer
                  (MAD: Thomas the son of William B.; Winneford 18 not named as child of Thomas & Nancy)
Pg.100 (199), #457, William B. DUNKIN 84 VA farmer $750
                  Joseph TEREY 27 TN laborer $0
Pg.100 (200), #463, James JONES 32 NC farmer $200
                  Winneford 16 TN
                  Nancey 1 TN
                  (MAD: James Jones mar. Winaford Duncan 11/7/1848)
Pg.104 (208), #524, Henry W. DUNKIN 46 SC farmer $10,000
                  Margret 28 KY
                  Jocast (f) 20, Henry 16 TN
                  Ellen 15, Edwin 12 TN
                  Hugh 11, Joannah (f) 9 TN
                  John 8 TN
                  William GRAY 26 (blank) laborer $30
                  (MAD: Henry W. the son of William B. Duncan, mar. Mary Boyd 8/24/1824 Calloway Co. KY; ?? Compare Henry A. b. 1804 bur. Collins Co. TX)
Pg.104 (208), #525, Henry JONES 56 SC farmer $0
                  Chelley (f) 55 NC
                  Lavina 16, Francis Marion 15, Thomas 13 TN
                  (MAD: looking for Henry Jones who mar. Lavinia Duncan 10/28/1816 Caldwell Co. KY, she the dau. of William B. Duncan)
Pg.146 (291), #1094, E.G. DUNCAN (m) 46 NC farmer $1500
Pg.146 (291), #1095, Thomas (no last name) 15 TN laborer $0
                  Mary 13, Austin (m) 12 MS
                  Amanda 9, Francis (f) 8 TN
                  Elihugh 7 TN
                  Mary A. LITTLE 20 TN
Pg.152 (304), #1184, Willis H. DAVIS 28 TN farmer $350
                  Elizabeth 21 TN
                  Thomas 4, Mary 2 TN
                  (MAD: Willis Davis mar. Elizabeth M. Duncan 8/3/1845)
Pg.152 (304), #1186, John TIPLER (TISSLER?) 30 NC farmer $0
                  Thomas 8 TN
                  William DUNKIN 20 TN married in year
                  Jane 18 TN (m/in/yr)
Pg.165 (330), #1372, James DUNCAN 55 TN farmer $1200
                  Jinia 48 TN
                  Samuel 18, James 17 TN
                  Robert 14, William 12 TN
                  Nancey 10, Mary 6 TN
                  Sarah J. JOHNSON 23 TN
                  John 1 TN
                  (MAD: James 55 the son of John of Blount Co. TN, his wife Sinia P.)

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Definition of "Scire Facias" (from John A. Duncan 4/1985; from Black's Law Dictionary; see Hardeman Co. TN County Court Minute Book 2, pg.127, 10 April 1828, State vs. William B. Duncan)
      "To practice a judicial writ, founded upon some record, and requiring the person against whom it is brot to show cause why the party bringing it should not have the advantage of such record, e.g. a Motion to revive a judgement after the lapse of a certain time, or to revive it on a change of parties."
      JAD: It is a common law pleading which is still in use today. The Latin name has, of course, been dropped and it refers to estoppel and to injunctions.

Death Notice found in Bolivar TN weekly newspaper 7 March 1868, Xeroxed at Court House 1970 in office of county court clerk (copy from Sara Blalock 1985)
      Found Drowned -- An old and well-known citizen of this county, Henry W. Duncan, Sr., who resides on the Hatchie river, some twelve miles northwest of Bolivar, was found drowned in a small creek near his residence last Monday morning. The facts, as we learn them, are as follows: Mr. Duncan, on Sunday night, crossed the creek and visited some negro cabins on his place. After transacting his business there he lit a torch and departed for his own residence, only a short distance off, and while endeavoring to recross the creek was accidentally drowned. When discovered the following morning his body was in a most singular position. He was standing upon his feet, with his body bent downward, and his hands resting, as it were, upon his knees, with his head entirely under water. Mr. Duncan was an estimable citizen, and his singular death is deplored by a host of friends.


TN Confederate Pension Applications from index (and from Sara Blalock 1985)
      #1407, C.A. Duncan, filed Nov. 21, 1893, rejected; applicant C.A. Duncan, native of MS, now res. Whiteville, Hardeman Co. TN, soldier from AR, member Co.G, 10th AR Volunteers, injured seige of Port Hudson, LA, partially paralyzed; born Tippah Co. MS (MAD: no year, b.1836 per age), enlisted April 8, 1861, Col. A.R. Witt, capt. G.T. Merrick, 1st Lt. C.A. Duncan, 2nd Lt. W.B. Burnett, 3rd Lt. Kelly; family consists of wife and one adopted son; I am 57 years old, my wife 42 years old, son 19 years old; res. of TN since 1866; /s/ 13 Nov. 1893; wit. L.C. Moore, J.N. Tisdale; piece of shell struck his skull. (FHL film 969,650)
      #4305, A.M. Duncan, June 9, 1902; applicant A.M. Duncan, native of MS, res. Middleton, Hardeman Co. TN, Co.D, 42nd TN Inf., wounded Cane Creek, GA, near right eye or temple; b. Tippah Co. MS, Dec. 2, 1837; enlisted Dec. 27, 1861, Co.K, 1st AL, MS & TN composed of companies from three states mentioned, A.M. Duncan 2nd Lt; family consists of wife and two daus. at home now, wife age 61 years, oldest dau. at home is 23, the younger 20 years; I have 1 dau. and 3 sons away from home, oldest boy age 36, 2nd boy 34, 3rd boy 31, dau. age 29; res. of State of TN about 60 years; /s/ 6 June 1902; wit. R.H. Powell, David Bishop. A.M. Duncan enlisted first in Co. and Regt. above named, they wre captured at Island No. 10, were exchanged and reenlisted in the 42nd TN Regt. Application 28 March 1903, enlisted Co.D, 42nd Reg. TN Inf.; wounded Cane Creek GA; b. Tippah Co. MS 1837, enlisted Dec. 27, 1861, 1st AL, TN and MS; I was acting Col., James Rogers Capt; I have been married since 1864; wife age 62, daus. age 23 and 21; wit. James Rogers, W.T. Yapp. (MAD: not marked accepted or rejected) (FHL film 969,767)

Widow's Indigent Pension of Sallie Duncan, filed May 26, (19)10, widow of E.G. Duncan, F 9 Tenn Inf., #3210, Rejected (copy to Tamra Duncan from TN Archives microfilm, not her line; from Tamra 9/1988)
      Application: Sallie Duncan, 628 Madison Ave., Memphis, Shelby Co. TN, resident of TN 70 years, born Aug. 25, 1839, Hardeman Co. TN, maiden name Sallie Cox; husband Elihu Garner Duncan born June 2, 1842, married Nov. 28, 1865 in Hardeman Co. TN (certification attached from Book 3, pg.81), by A.H. Thornton JP; husband enlisted April 1861 at Middleton? TN in Co. F, 9th Infantry, served about 1 year; surrender unknown; was wounded when he left his command; husband was not pensioner; husband died Nov. 16, 1875 (1895?) Kossuth? (Kossenth?), Mississippi; have not remarried; children were 9 girls, all more than 16 years of age. Four of children are living with me, 3 of whom are seamstress and one steng?upon. They have no property. /s/ 5 May 1910.
      Statement by witness W.B. Shearin of 21 South 3rd St., Memphis, TN, who has known Mrs. Sallie Duncan 40 years; she resides with her children; she was born Aug. 20, 1839, Hardeman Co. TN; he knew her husband, they were married Nov. 28 1865 by A.H. Thornton, JP; he was not present at their marriage; he has known her husband all his life; he was with E.G. Duncan when he enlisted and was member of same company & regiment; E.G. Duncan performed regular military duty about 2 years; he does not know when the company surrendered as he (the witness) was a prisoner at Chicago. E.G. Duncan was in the Cavalry with Gen. Forrest?, he was wounded and left his command after the Battle of Shiloh; the witness knew this because E.G. Duncan told him after the war. E.G. Duncan died Nov. 16, 1865, at Kossuth, Miss., having resided at Jackson TN all his life. His widow has remained unmarried since then. /s/ 5 May 1910.
      Brief Statement by F.M. Cox in Hardeman Co. TN who was acquainted with E.G. Duncan all his life and served with him in the army. /s/ 21 May 1910.
      Letter from Mrs. E.G. Duncan (top too dark to read); saying that she had been turned down in her old age and asking Geo. A. Warren to do what he can to help.
      Letter from Geo. A. Warren of Memphis, TN, 4 Nov. 1913 ... all of the papers and the parole was burned in a fire which destroyed the house he (E.G. Duncan) was living in before he died.
      Letter Sept. 17, 1913 ... E.G. Duncan enlisted 9th TN Inf. in April 1861 and remained in this regiment until the Battle of Shiloh, in which he was wounded in arm and taken prisoner, and confined at Alton by the northern Army where he remained 8 months and was exchanged at Vicksburg, MS. After he was exchanged he joined Gen. Forrest and continued with him till paroled at La Grange, TN. I believe Mr. Cox and Mr. Bishop were paroled from the same command. ... In behalf of Mrs. Duncan who is my mother by marriage ... /s/ Geo. A. Warren.
      Other letters not copied here, including brief one from David Bishop 6/29/1910; letter from Mrs. E.G. Duncan dated 9 June 1911, her old age in a short time of 72 years and in need.
      Pension rejected because of insufficient proof of how he left the army.


Madison Co. TN Deeds
      1-598: 9 Nov. 1826, Jane (X) Duncan of Wake Co. NC, being desirous to remove to the westward in the Chickasaw Purchase near Jackson and having no means of obtaining her desire do this day bind herself as a servant for the space of 5 years to Daniel Verser of county and state aforesaid for which purpose the said Daniel Verser is to remove the said Jane Duncan to said place (with goods and chattels) ... and to treat her in a Christian like manner as he the said Verser does his other servants and at the end of 5 years the said Verser is to set her the said Jane Duncan at liberty and she is then to remain a free woman as she has heretofore been. Wit. Sherwood Hanse, James Morphis?. /s/ Jane (x) Duncan, Daniel Verser. Reg. May 1827 Hardeman Co. TN on oath of Sherwood Hanse. (FHL film 389,635)
      5-15: 15 June 1836, Joseph Duncan appointed Lewis Duncan, both of Hardeman Co. TN, his attorney to recover money (etc.) and furthermore to fully authorize Lewis Duncan my attorney to sell ... or otherwise dispose of my lands and premises with the crop thereon ... and three negros ... and all and singular my household furniture and to include all my goods and chattels and property that may be not herein? used? as well as my stock of cattle ... in that way he may deem best and to fully make good deeds, ... to do all lawful acts that may be appertaining to the premises herein ... and to be fully empowered to appoint one or more attorneys for the above purposes and ... to be fully vested with authority to have the control over my five children, viz, William K., George T., Luiza, Anna Cerel and John M. Duncan, and to be their agent and representative ... for their benefit until they may arrive to the age of 21 years and to properly distribute to each one of them their proportionate part of the proceeds arising from all the profits herein contained, also to be hereby fully empowered to transact? all and singular my administration in the Estate of Willis Chery deceased late of said county as referred to the order of the worshipful court held in the town of Jackson of county above mentioned on the first Monday of May 1835. Wit. Patrick H. Duffy, Banolas? Edwards; rec. on oath of wit. who are acquainted with Joseph Duncan, 4 July 1836. (FHL film 389,637) (MAD: see ref. to William Cherry in deed for Joseph & Lewis from Madison Co. TN; see Coffee Co. TN; from Duplin Co. NC)

McNairy Co. TN Deed (FHL film 983,084)
      D-607: 20 April 1853, E.G. Duncan to W.S. Wisdom, $150, 100 acres by estimation in McNairy Co. TN, part of entry 2819 in my name for 200 acres in Range 1, Sec. 1, the portion intended to convey is that portion that lies on south side of Tuscumbia, a fork of Hatchee River, in SE corner of #2819 (from Tuscumbia River south to boundary). E.G. Duncan appeared 20 April 1853.

Alcorn Co. MS Deeds
      H-486: 8 June 1847, Clark T. Barton and wife Jane B. of Franklin Co. AL to Elihu G. Duncan of Hardeman Co. TN, $809.36, 240 acres in Chickasaw survey, W 1/2 NW 1/4 Sec. 17 and NE 1/4 Sec. 18, both Twp. 4, Range 10E. Wit. C.O. Taylor, J.C. Reed. (FHL film 895,875)
      Q-84: 24? Aug. 1853, Elihu G. Duncan "& his wife" (unnamed and did not sign or release dower) of Hardyman (sic) Co. TN, to W.L. Duncan of Tishomingo Co. MS, $809.36, land in Tishomingo Co. MS, "ten hundred & fifty acres", W 1/2 NW 1/4 Sec. 17 and NE 1/4 Sec. 18, all Twp. 4, Range 10E. No wit. (FHL film 895,878)

Tippah Co. MS Deeds
      B-109: Tippah Co. MS, 15 Feb. 1838, William L. Duncan to Felix W. Goff and Terry B. Young; agreement; Wm. L. Duncan sells to Felix W. Goff and Terry B. Young for $6,250, by notes, the undivided half of land in Hardeman Co. TN on Big Hatchy, in 9th Survey District, Survey #2650 in Sec.1 R1 and Survey #3235 and #1893, total 460 acres granted land and an occupant claim adjacent supposed to contain 125 acres, upon payment of notes, Duncan to make title; also undivided half additional negroes Bob age 25, Lige, Peter, Moriah, old Bob and his wife Dolly, Lucinda and her three children Lewisa, Flem and Emberson, and Ned and his wife Charity and her children Crocket and their increase from 26 Sept. 1835; negroes only to be moved to the counties of Tippah and Tishomingo in MS and Hardeman in TN; wit. Jno. W. Thompson, Thos. J. Davidson. (FHL film 895,791)
      C-204: 21 Feb. 1838, William L. Duncan of Hardeman Co. TN to secure Pitser Miller of same, Duncan owes Miller $2000, deed for life Bob about 50 and wife Dolly 52, Aube? age 20, Peter 17, Elijah 15, Marie 17, Louisa 12, Lucinda 27, ?elen 6, Emberson 7, Crocket 7, Sarah 3, Henderson 2, and 160 acres in said county, 9th Surveyor District, R1 Sec.(blank) incl. land conveyed to Duncan by Boxly and Perkins this day. (FHL film 895,791)
      D-28: 19 Nov. 1839, John H. Glaze of Tippah Co. MS to E.G. Duncan of Hardeman Co. TN, $950, SE 1/4 Sec.15 T3 R1, 160 acres; no wit. (FHL film 895,792)
      F-137: 15 Nov. 1844, E.G. Duncan and wife Jane (X) to Lewis Neighbors (later Nabors), for $300, SE 1/4 Sec.15 T3 R1E; appeared Tippah Co. MS; no wit. (FHL film 895,793)

Lincoln Co. NC Deeds (FHL film 421,016)
      38-550/1: 1 Feb. 1841, James Lay of Hardeman Co. TN appoint friend David Parks of Mecklenburg Co. NC attorney to receive from Michael Reinhart & Benjamin Morris of Lincoln Co. NC, Exec. of William A. Scott late of said county & state now deceased, all such estate as may be devised by said Scott to the children of Nancy J. Carnes and to which I am entitled in right of my wife Rebecca A. Lay who is one of Nancy J. Carnes children alluded to in said Scotts will. Wit. David B. Carnes, Wm. Irwons?.
      38-552: 26 May 1840, Mary D. Duncan formerly Mary D. Scott sister and heir and legatee to William A. Scott deceased, now a resident of Red River Republic of TX appoint David Parks of Mecklenburg Co. NC attorney to receive ... whatever may be due and owing me as heir and legatee of aforesaid William Scott deceased from the executors of said Scott decd. Mary D. Duncan appeared in Republic of TX, County of Red River, 26 May 1840. Rec. Lincoln Co., June 1841. (MAD: see Albert D. Duncan of Hardeman Co. TN)
      38-552/3: 11 Jan. 1841, Stephen Jarman and David B. Carnes of Hardeman Co. TN, appoint David Parks of Mecklenburg Co. NC, their attorney to receive from Michael Reinhart? and Benjamin Morsis (sic?) of Lincoln Co. NC, executors of William A. Scott late of said county & State, now deceased, and ... such estate devised by said Scott to my wife Eliza H. Jarmon and to the children of Nancy J. Carnes deceased, namely Robert W.S., Eliza B. & Mary A. Carnes and to which Stephen Jarman is entitled to in right of said wife and David B. Carnes in right as guardian of the said Robert W.S., Eliza B. and Mary A. Carnes. Reg. Hardeman Co. TN 11 Jan. 1841; reg. Lincoln Co. NC June 1841.

From a scrapbook in the Corinth, MS, Courthouse (from Bobbie McDowell 1982; copy is white print on black background, includes photo.; see Tishomingo Co. MS for complete article)
      HON. W.L. DUNCAN - Among the pioneer citizens of old Tishomingo county no one is entitled to more consideration and appreciative remembrance than the Hon. William Lane Duncan. .... William Lane Duncan was born in South Carolina in 1800. His facilities for acquiring an education were limited, but he made the best of such as were at hand. In the latter part of the '20's he, together with his father, Thomas Lane Duncan, and two uncles, John F. and E. Garner, emigrated to Russell's Valley, Alabama, and thence to Hardeman Co. TN. Thomas Duncan, after the surrender of the lands to the government by the Chickasaws, moved to Pontotoc Co. MS, and before his death acquired an immense fortune. John F. Duncan moved to old Tishomingo county in 1834 and was elected a member of the first board of police of the county in the spring of 1836, serving two years. He later moved to Pontotoc county, where he resided the remainder of his life. E. Garner Duncan, Sr., moved to Tishomingo county in 1848, but only remained a short time, returning to Hardeman Co. TN, where he lived to the day of his death. Wm. L. Duncan was married to Miss Rebecca Null, in Hardeman Co. TN, on the 7th day of November, 1830, and in 1842 moved to Tishomingo county, where he lived the remainder of his life. .... He died on the 11th of August, 1876, and was laid to rest in the City cemetery, but was later disinterred and buried in Henry cemetery.

HISTORIES before 1923

1887 "Histories of Fayette & Hardeman Cos. TN" by Goodspeed (TN Gen. Society Library #2927 from Evelyn Sigler 10/1983; FHL book 976.8 H2ha, Vol.11)
      Pg.824, Hardeman Co.: First Venire (jury), S. Duncan, 1823.
      Pg.907, Hardeman Co.: C.A. Duncan. Among the early settlers of Hardeman Co. was William B. Duncan, a native of SC, who came to this county on a hunting expedition in 1814. He was so well pleased with the country that in 1820 he returned, bringing his family, among whom were Henry W. and Thomas. The former is spoken of in another sketch. Thomas was born in Rutherford Co. TN in 1807. He married Mrs. Nancy Gray, born in 1797. To this union 5 children were born, 4 of whom lived to be grown. Mr. Duncan was a farmer and a Democrat. He died in 1858. His wife's death occurred in 1855. Both were members of the Methodist Church. The Duncan family is of Scotch-Irish descent. The only living son is Calvin A., our subject; was born October 25, 1836, in Marshall Co. MS where his parents lived a short time. His early life was spent on a farm. ... At the age of 18 he began his career as a farmer. In 1861 he enlisted in Co. G of 10th AR Infantry, Confederate service. ... He was disabled for 9 months, and for 13 months held a prisoner. ... In 1871 he married Miss Sallie Andrews, born in 1852. They have no children, but are raising two orphans. Both Mr. and Mrs. Duncan are active and liberal members of the Cumberland Presbyterian Church. For 45 years Mr. Duncan has been a resident of Hardeman Co. ... stanch Democrat.
      Pg.908, Hardeman Co.: Stephen N. Duncan, a farmer and mechanic of Whiteville, was born Aug. 6, 1851, in Hardeman Co. His parents were Henry W. and Margaret (Ruddell) Duncan. The father was born in 1800. He had been twice married previous to his union with Miss Ruddell. By this 1st wife he had one child, and 8 children with the second wife. When about 20 years of age he settled in the western district, where Whiteville now lies. His chief occupation was farming. He also operated a grist and saw-mill, and kept a landing on Hatchie River. From religious principles, he never owned a slave. He met a sad and shocking death by drowning in Hatchie River in 1869. Mrs. Duncan was born in KY in 1822, and died in 1852, leaving only one child, Stephen, our subject. He was but 10 months old when his mother died. He was raised by his uncle, R.K. Ruddell. ... In 1873 he married Alice P. Andrews, who was born Aug. 10, 1853. Of the 3 children born to this union only one is living -- Mussie D. Mr. and Mrs. Duncan are ... members of the Methodist Church. ...

1912 "The Book of St.Louisans (MO)" by John W. Leonard (pgs.169-170 from Vivian Ruegge 2/1984; also SUTRO book F474 S2 B6, CA State Library, Sutro Branch, pub. 1906)
      DUNCAN, Abner Harvey, retired, born in Callaway Co. KY, May, 1843; son of Crawford and Elizabeth (Harvey) Duncan; educated in school at Murray, KY; married, Henry Co. TN, January, 1869, Laura Henry; children: Crawford Henry, Mary (Mrs. William Everett), Lucy (Mrs. J.B. Rogers). Enlisted in Confederate Army on breaking out of Civil War, and was second lieutenant in Third Kentucky Regiment, serving under Generals Hood and Forrest. After war located in TN, where was engaged in farming, general merchandise and drug business, and from 1889 to November, 1901, was (the?/vice? - illeg.) president of Paris (Tenn.) Medicine Co., came to St. Louis May, 1900, and was president of the Mayfield Woolen Mills Clothing Co. until 1909. Democrat. Member Tennessee and Kentucky societies of St. Louis. ... Residence: Kirkwood, MO. (MAD: married in Hardeman Co. TN)

1880 "History of Macon Co. IL" by Brink, McDonough & Co. (from Pat Johnson 3/1989)
      Pg.217: John N. Demsey was born in Fayette Co. OH in the year of 1813. About the year 1832 he was married at Chillicothe [Ross Co.], OH, to Tabitha Duncan, a native of Jackson Co. OH, and a daughter of General John Duncan. General John Duncan was born in TN and was connected with a family of that name who settled in middle [Hardeman Co.] TN, where a considerable number of the descendants still reside. During the Indian troubles, connected with the War of 1812, he raised a regiment in TN with which to fight the Indians, and after having served in OH, he settled at Salt Springs in Jackson Co. of that state, where he lived for many years."


Duncan Obituary Notices (from William Ralph Phillips 1/1991; see Hardeman, Lauderdale & Blount Cos. TN; names and dates of newspapers not given; annotated by Ralph)
            John R. Duncan
      John R. Duncan died at his home Curve Tennessee Wednesday July 12th, 1899. Age 74 years. Mr. Duncan was born in East Tennessee. When a child he was brought to Hardeman County by his father, the late James Duncan.
      John Duncan lived here until 1855 when he moved to Lauderdale County. He was twice married; his first was Mary Jane Bently of Haywood County, by whom he had five children. She died in 1875. His second marriage was a lady of Lauderdale County (Midgett) who with the children of his first wife survived. Mr. Duncan was an honorable Christian gentleman for years a consistent member of the Baptist Church. He was a half brother of the Mr. William Duncan Sr. of Bolivar Tennessee.

            William M. Duncan
      William Duncan Dies After Long Illness. As a Boy He Heard Forrest's Force Raiding Fort.
      William Duncan, whose "Thrill of a Lifetime" came when, as a boy, he heard Gen. Nathan Bedford Forrest's forces blasting the Yankees at Fort Pillow in Lauderdale County, died at 9 o'clock yesterday morning following an illness of six years. He was 86 and lived at 58 Bodley, Memphis [Shelby Co.], Tenn. Born in Hardeman County, Tenn. near Bolivar, Mr. Duncan came to Memphis 35 years ago from Ripley, Tenn. where he served as turnkey at the Lauderdale County Jail under Sheriff Joe Crocket. Previously he had served as city marshal at Halls, Tenn. and had farmed several years at Nankipoo, Lauderdale County. During the Civil War Mr. Duncan's father bought a farm near Fort Pillow, and when General Forrest raided the Fort in 1863, young Duncan received the biggest thrill of his life when the cannon began to roar, he frequently told his children. Another Civil War thrill came when Mr. Duncan and his father eluded Yankee pursuers while enroute home from Brownsville with money obtained from the sale of cotton. Mr. Duncan came to Memphis in 1905 as an employee of a timber company. He later worked as a night watchman for the Peabody Hotel and the Memphis Furniture Company. A stroke of paralysis forced him to retire about 12 years ago. He had been confined to his bed for the past six years. Mr. Duncan was a member of the Baptist Church. He leaves three daughters, Mrs. J.M. Cox, Mrs. Dora Phillips, and Mrs. John Hall, all of Memphis.
      Services, conducted by the Rev. D.D. Satterwhite, will be at the National Funeral Home Memphis, at 10 o'clock tomorrow morning. Burial will be in Forrest Hill Cemetery.

            William Duncan
      Services for William Duncan, former turnkey at Lauderdale County Jail, were held at 10:A.M. at National Funeral Home. Rev. D.D. Satterwhite officiated. Burial was in Forest Hill Cemetery. Mr. Duncan died Saturday after a long illness. He was 86. First stricken 12 years ago, he became seriously ill six years ago.
      He was born in Hardeman County, near Bolivar Tennessee, and farmed for several years at Nankipoo, Lauderdale County. He remembered many events of the Civil War. He served as turnkey at Lauderdale County jail a short time and was city marshal at Halls, Tenn. at one time. He came to Memphis [Shelby Co. TN] in 1905 and worked for a lumber company. He was later night watchman for the old Peabody Hotel and later the Memphis Furniture Company. He was a Baptist and resided at 58 Bodley Ave.
      He leaves three daughters, Mrs. J.M. Cox, Mrs. Dora Phillips, and Mrs. John Hall, Memphis, six grandchildren and 15 great grandchildren.

            Allena Duncan
      Miss Allena Duncan, the 12 year old daughter of Mr. W.M. Duncan, died at the home of Mr. W.F. Cones, in this city Tuesday afternoon about six o'clock, after an illness of six weeks of Typhoid fever. Allena was a bright child and her death at this early age is indeed sad to her many friends.
      Her remains were laid to rest in Enon Cemetery, Wednesday afternoon. We extend symmpathy to the Bervement (sic) father and other relatives and friends.

            Roberta Childress; Daughter of Lula Catherine Duncan Childress
      Funeral services for Miss Roberta Childress, 18, daughter of Mrs. James Hall, 58 Bodley Avenue, who died at the family residence yesterday morning at 4[30 o'clock, will be held from the home this afternoon at 3: o'clock. The Rev. W.L. Norris will conduct the rites and interment will be in Forest Hill Cemetery, Memphis [Shelby Co.], Tennessee.
      Miss Childress is survived by her mother, one sister, Catherine Hall and two brothers, L.V. Childress and J.W. Hall, all of this city. September 28th, 1924.


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