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Formed 1810 from Pulaski, Lincoln, Madison
Laurel formed 1825 from Whitley, Clay, Knox, Rockcastle
Jackson formed 1858 from Rockcastle, Owsley, Madison, Clay, Estill, Laurel


1810 Rockcastle Co. KY Census
Pg.161  Duncan, Robt. D.            10001 - 32010
          (MAD: ? Robt. Davison Duncan on 1789 Madison Co.
            KY tax list)
Pg.164  Duncan, Peter               21010 - 01011

1820 Rockcastle Co. KY Census
Pg. 81  Sally Duncan                001001 - 02201

1830 Rockcastle Co. KY Census
Pg. 90  Sally Duncan       2000,1000,0000,1 - 0000,2000,1

1840 Rockcastle Co. KY Census
Pg.  8  James Duncan       2210,01       - 1110,01
Pg. 10  Msiah (Micah??) Griffeth  0202,1  - 0001,2001
Pg. 12  Solomon Griffen     0001,1000,1   - 0010,0000,1
Pg. 13  William Durham      0000,1        - 0001
Pg. 18  John Griffin        2210,01       - 1121,01

1850 Rockcastle Co. KY Census
Southern District
Pg.163, #80, Calvin DUNCAN 27 TN
                  Hiram DUNCAN 40 TN
                  Feby (f) 32 TN
                  (MAD: 1840 Campbell Co. TN census; 1860 Carrol Co. AR census)
Pg.177, #292, Elizabeth DUNCAN 80 VA farmer $150
                  Robert 20 KY
                  (MAD: 1860 Carrol Co. AR census)
Pg.177, #293, James LEACH 27 KY farmer $0
                  Elizabeth 23 KY
                  Robert 6, Harman (m) 4, Calvin 4 KY
                  Pheby 4/12 KY
                  (MAD: 1860 Carroll Co. AR census; one Betsey Leach was said to be sister of James Robert Duncan, b.1830 KY, wife Sarah Hayhurst, from pg.168-170, "Carroll Co. [AR] Families: These Were the First" by Jim Lair, 1991, FHL book 976.717 D3L, from Cheri Mello 3/2002; one James H. Leach mar. Elizabeth Duncan 6/27/1842 Pulaski Co. KY, joint consent by John Leach and Jeremiah "Duncan," kinship not stated.)
Pg.177, #294, Thos. DUNCAN 27 NC farmer $75
                  Sciatha 30 NC
                  John 11, James 9 KY
                  Calvin 9, William 5 KY
                  Hiram 3, Andrew 1 KY
                  (MAD: ? 1860 Carrol Co. AR census; see Pulaski Co. KY vital records)
Pg.177, #295, John DUNCAN 56 VA
                  Balinda 45 VA
                  Tilman 18 VA
                  Martha 16, Mary 13 KY
                  Eliza 11 KY
                  (MAD: compare mar. Behethaline Manning 2/12/1829 Kanawha Co. WV; John & Malinda Marshall per FGS for son Tilman; see ? Tillman Duncan 1870 Clayton Co. IA census; Tillman Duncan had land grant R2-139 for 75 acres in Pulaski & Rockcastle Cos. on Line Creek, 5/12/1849, from "The KY Land Grants" by Willard R. Jillson, 1925, but see 1850 Pulaski Co. KY census)
Northern Dist.
Pg.191, #100, Milton DUNCAN 24 KY farmer $200
                  Louisa 17 KY
                  Archibald 2 KY
                  (MAD: 1860 Livingston Co. MO census)

1860 Rockcastle Co. KY Census
      No Duncan indexed

1870 Rockcastle Co. KY Census
District 3, P.O. Mount Vernon, KY
Pg.52, #18-18, DUNCAN, Lindsey C. 31 KY (white) farmer $450-$400
                  Mary J. 20 KY keeping house
                  Laura F. 2 KY
                  Jenetta (f) 1/12 KY b.Apr.
                  (MAD: ? 1860 Madison Co. KY census; 1850 Whitley Co. KY census)


Rockcastle Co. KY Marriage Index 1858-1969 (FHL film 806,408)
      Joseph M. Duncan to Martha F. Clark, 9/26/1873, Book 14-42, pg. 7-22
      Brides start 1892 & later, not copied


Rockcastle Co. KY Probate Records
      Index to Wills 1873-1969 - no Duncan (800,377)
      Wills, Vol. D, 1855-1899 - no index (800,377)
      Guardian Bonds 1857-1899 - no index (806,415)


Rockcastle Co. KY Deeds (FHL film 806,397 grantee index 1865-1968; FHL film 806,399 grantor)
      K-416: 18 Jan. 1860, Jeff Gilmon and wife Ellen of Pulaski Co. KY and Robert Swenny and wife Lydia of Rockcastle Co. KY, to Sarah DURHAM (not Duncan) ... (FHL film 806,401)
      Duncans start 1900's, not copied


Rockcastle Co. KY Tax Records (FHL film 8,215)
1811: Dunkin, Peter, 100a on River ??, 1 wp, 3 horse, 1 stud horse
      Dunkin, Robert D., 247a Clear Creek, 1 wp, 5 horses
1812: Duncan, Peter, 115a on Pound Stone entered in name of Wm. Smith, 1 wp, 3 horses
      Duncan, Robt., 247a Clear Creek, 1 wp, 3 horses
1813: no Duncan
1814: Duncan, Sarah, 200a Clear Creek, 1 wp (sic), 3 horses
1815: Duncan, Sarah, 200a, 0 wp, 3 horses
1816: Duncan, Peter, no land, 1 wp, 2 horses
      Duncan, Sarah, 100a Clear Creek, 0 wp, 3 horses
      Duncan, Peter (line blank except for name, no tax shown)
1817: Duncan, Sarah, 200a Clear Creek entered by Alex., 0 wp, 3 horses
1818: missing list
1819: Duncan, Sally, 200a Poundstone in name of McFarlen, 0 wp, 4 horses
      Duncan, Wm., 1 wp, 0 horses
1820: Duncan, Sarah, 200a Clear Creek in name of McFarlan, 0 wp, 4 horses
      Duncan, Wm., 1 wp, 0 horses
1821: Duncan, Joseph, 1 wp, 0 horses
      Duncan, Sally, 200a Clear Creek name of McFarlan, 0 wp, 3 horses
1822: Duncan, Peter, 1 wp, 0 horses
      Duncan, William, 1 wp, 1 horse
      Duncan, Joseph, 25a Rk? Cr., 1 wp, 0 horses
      Duncan, Sarah, 160a " ", 0 wp, 3 horses
1823: missing list
1824: Duncan, Joseph, 1 wp, 1 horse
      Duncan, James, 1 wp, 2 horses
      Duncan, Sally, 160a Clear Creek, 1 wp (sic), 1 horse
      ?Duncan?, William, 50a Buck? Cr., 1 wp, 1 horse
1825: Duncan, James, 1 wp, 1 horse
      Duncan, Sarah, 200a Clear Crk, 0 wp, 2 horse
1826: Duncan, James, 1 wp, 1 horse
      Duncan, Sarah, 160a, 1 wp, 3 horse
1827: Duncan, James, 50a, 1 wp, 1 horse
      Duncan, Sally, 100a, 1 wp, 1 horse
1828: Duncan, James, 50a, 1 wp, 1 horse
      Duncan, Sarah, 50a, 0 wp, 2 horses
1829: Duncan, Wm., 1 wp, 0 horses
      Duncan, James, 50a, 1 wp, 2 horses
      (no Sarah Duncan)
1830: Duncan, James, 50a, 1 wp, 1 horse
      Duncan, Wm., 1 wp, 0 horse
1831: Duncan, James, 1 wp, 1 horse
      Duncan, Sally widow, 100a, 0 wp, 2 horses
      Duncan, William, 1 wp, 0 horses
1832-1833: missing lists
1834: Duncan, James, 101a Clear Creek in name McFarlin, 1 wp, 1 horse
1835: Duncan, James, 100a Clear Creek name McFarlin, 1 wp, 1 horse
1836: missing list
1837: Duncan, James, 151a, 1 wp, 1 horse
      ?Duncan?, Thomas, 1 wp, 0 horse (on separate list)
1838: missing list
1839: Duncan, Thomas, 1 wp, 1 horse
      Duncan, William, 1 wp, 1 horse
1840: Duncan, Wm., 1 wp, 0 horse
      Duncan, James, 150a, 1 wp, 4 horse
1841: William Duncan, 1 white pole over 21
      James Duncan, 151a Clear Creek, 1 wp, 1 horse, 6 children age 7-17      
      Tho. Duncan, 1 wp, 1h
1842: Hiram Duncan, 1 wp, 1h
      Thomas Duncan, 1 wp, 1h
      William Duncan, 1 wp, 0h
      James Duncan, 151a Clear Creek, 1 wp, 2h, 6 ch. 7-17
1843: (waterstains, 1st names illeg.)
      ---- Duncan, 100a Line F., 1w, 1h
      ---- Duncan, 1w, 3h
      James? Duncan, 1w, 1h, 6 ch. 5-16
      Thom. ?Duncan, 151a Clear Creek, 1w, 1h, 6 ch. 5-16
      Willliam ?Duncan, 1w, 0h
      Peter Duncan, 1 wp
1844: Wm. Duncan, 1w, 0h, 1 ch. 5-16
      James Duncan, 151a Clear Cr., 1w, 1h, 6 ch. 5-16
      Thomas Duncan, 1w, 1h
      Duncan, Hiram, 1w, 0h
      Duncan, Jirry, 100a Line Cr., 1w, 2 ch. 5-16 (next to Hiram)
1845: Thos. Duncan, 1w, 1h
      Wm. Duncan, 1w
      James Duncan, 150a Clear Cr., 1w, 2h, 5 ch. 5-16
      Duncan, Jerry, 100a Line Cr., 1w, 1h, 2 ch. 5-16
      Duncan, Hiram, 1w, 1h (next to Jerry)
1846: Duncan, James, 151a Clear Cr., 1w, 1h, 5 cattle, 4 ch. 5-16
1847: Duncan, James, 1 qualified voter, 400a in ?Shelby Co.? on Big Laurel watercourse, 1 white, 1 horse, 1 child age 5-16 years
      Duncan, M.P., 1 voter, 1 white over 21, 0 horse
      Duncan, Thomas, 1 voter, 1w, 1h
      Duncan, Elizabeth, 100a Line Creek, 0w, 0 voter, 1h, 2 cattle
      Duncan, Hiram, 1 voter, 1w, 1h (next to Elizabeth)
1848: Duncan, M.P., 200a Whitley Co. on Bark? Camp?, 1w, 1h
      Duncan, William, 1w, 3 ch. 5-15 (sic) years (next to M.P.)
      Duncan, Thomas, 1w
      Duncan, John, 1w, 1h
      Duncan, Robbison, 100a Line Cr., 1w, 1h
1849: Duncan, Robert, 0w, 1h
      Duncan, Milton, 200a Whitley Co. on Lin Camp?, 1w
      Duncan, Thomas, 1w, 2 cattle, 3 ch. 5-16
      Duncan, J.R., 100a Line Creek, 0w, 1h, 2 cattle
      Duncan, John, 1w, 2 cattle, 3 ch. 5-16
      Duncan, C., 80a Skiggs Creek, 1w, 1h
1850: Duncan, Robert, 0 white over 21, 1 horse
      Duncan, Milton, 200a Whitley Co., 1 white
      Duncan, H.S., 220a (no watercourse), 1w, 1h, 1 cattle
      Duncan, Hiram, 1w, 1h, 1 cattle
      Duncan, John, 1w, 1h, 3 cattle, 3 ch. 5-16
      Duncan, James R., 100a, 1w, 2h, 2 cattle
      Duncan, Thomas, 1w, 3h, 2 cattle, 3 ch. 5-16
1851: Duncan, William, 1w, 5 ch. 5-15
      Duncan, Millon, 1w, 1h, 1 cattle
      Duncan, Thos., 75a Line Creek, 1w, 2h, 3 cattle, 4 ch. 5-15 years
      Duncan, George, 150a Line Creek, 1w, 1h, 3 cattle, 1 ch. 5-15
      Duncan, Robison, 100a Line Cr., 1w, 1h, 3 cattle
      Duncan, John, 400a Line Cr., 1w, 1h, 2 cattle, 2 ch. 5-15
      Duncan, Calvin, 220a (no watercourse), 1w, 1h, 2 cattle
1852: Duncan, Milton, 1w, 1h, 1 cattle, 2 ch. 5-16 years
      Duncan, Calvin, 220a, 1w, 1h
      Duncan, Thos., 1w, 3h, 3 cattle, 4 ch. 5-16
1853: Duncan, Milton, 1w, 1 cattle, 5 hogs
      Duncan, Lorenzo, 1w
      Duncan, Thomas, 1w, 2h, 5 cattle, 5 ch. 6-18 years, 14 hogs
      Duncan, C.S., 1w, 1h, 24 hogs
1854: Duncan, Milton, 1w, 1 child 6-18
      Duncan, Thos., 200a Line Creek, 1h, 2h, 5 cattle, 5 ch. 6-18, 15 hogs
      Duncan, H., 1w, 1h
1855: Duncan, Milton, 1w, 1 cattle, 1 child 6-18, 1 hog
1856: no Duncan
End of film


Madison Co. KY Deeds (FHL film 183,289)
      L-509: 2 Sept. 1816, William Duncan of Rockcastle Co. KY, appoint Robert Clark of Madison Co., attorney; wages that I am entitled to for a Tower? of Services I rendered to the United States in a late campaign under Colonel Francisco in 17th Regiment. /s/ William Duncan.

Lincoln Co. KY Deed (FHL film 192,248)
      W-331: 19 Feb. 1851, Thomas Duncan and wife Scrotha to Ledawick Oaks, $65 in trade, part paid, land (no acres) patented in name of said Duncan on Buck Creek (indexed? Burch Creek) near the head of a hollow. No wit. Reg. Rockcastle Co. KY. Wife Crotha or Ciotha examined.

Ottawa Co. OK Death Certificate, Register 15, Registration District 58251, for Jas. Duncan (from Cheri Mello 6/2004)
      Ottawa Co, Afton, Okla
      Jas. Duncan, Male, White, Widower, Born Apr. 6, 1840, age 84 years 3 mos 18 days, farmer, born in KY. (CM: on 1850 Rockcastle Co. KY census)
      Father: Thomas Duncan born in Ky
      Maiden Name of Mother: Griffin, born in KY
      Informant: Thomas Duncan of High, Ark (CM: Thomas M. Duncan, Carroll Co. AR, half-brother of the deceased)
      Filed: July 24, 1924 by Nanti.. Thompson
      Died: July 23, 1924. Deceased was attended to from July 17, 1924, to July 23, 1924, and was last seen alive on July 17th, 1924, and the death occured on July 23rd at 2 pm. Cause of Death Old Age, Duration 1 month and 2 days; Signed: L.. Troiett? MD July 23, 1924, Afton, Okla.
      Place of burial: Hickory Grove; Undertaker: W W Painter? Afton; Date of Burial: 7/24/1924


JOHN HALL, wife Hetty, NC Line; Rev. War Pension Application; Rejected, R-14699 (FHL film 971,162; frames 611 to 744+ end)
      Abstract: widow applied 17 April 1853 Rockcastle Co. KY aged 100 years, soldier enlisted in or near Warren Co. NC, soldier m. Hetty Duncan 15 Oct. 1770 in Pickens Dist. SC, soldier d. in March 1810 in Warren Co. TN, sons John Jr. b. in 1776 & James b. in 1790 were mentioned, the son James served in War of 1812, in 1858 widow living in Madison Co. KY, an Elihu Smith made a lengthy affidavit in 1858 in Rockcastle Co. KY. (from "Genealogical Abstracts of Revolutionary War Pension Files" by Virgil D. White, FHL book 973 M28g)
      Condensed additional info: John Hall and wife Hetty were married before the war by proclamation in SC; moved to Warren Co. NC after marriage; after the war they moved to Warren Co. TN where he died before the War of 1812. They had two living children when he died, James and John, who were known to Elihu Smith since 1812. John, the eldest, if living in 1858 would be in his 70's; James was in the War of 1812. Hetty had continued to reside in Warren Co. TN until a few years back when she went to live in an adjoining county. Affidvit of Col. Elisha Smith (who made several very lengthy affidavits). Hetty lived in Polly Miller's house (after John Hall's death) as a widow to raise her children. Affidavit of Polly Miller, age 85, now a resident of Jackson Co. KY, affidavit 15 March 1858, she was born and raised in TN and resided there until she was a grown woman, both the Hall children are now decd. Letter, Warren Co. NC was part of Halifax District NC in which the payments were made. Her son John Hall was b. 1776, and her son James in 1790; James was in War of 1812 and his widow drew warrant under act in 1850 or 1855 from KY.
      Frame 663, letter 23 April 1859, census returns for Rockcastle and Madison Co. KY, names of Hetty Hall and Polly Miller not found; there is no Jackson Co. KY; claim denied, no proof found there were such persons ... Later letters from Elisha Smith and others. The controversy seemed to be requiring proof that the payments to John Hall after the Rev. War were for services. He was the Quartermaster and the payments included reimbursement for supplies, and there was no distinction made. Frame 744, one child born 1776, one child born 1790.
      (MAD: no Hall family indexed 1850 Rockcastle Co. KY; 1850 Madison Co. KY had Allen p.233, John F. p.238, Jesse p.259, but no Hetty Hall in their households. 12/14/1994, No Miller household in Jackson Co. TN printed 1850 census with Polly Miller who made affidavit for Hetty Hall.) (See 1860 Garrard Co. KY census)

"Report of the Adjutant General of the State of Kentucky" (Union Soldiers), 1861-1866, Vol.I (from John A. Duncan 1995 & FHL film 1,463,599 for Regiment organization)
      Page, Company, Name, Rank, Date enrolled, When and where mustered in, period, when and where mustered out, remarks. Separate groups for Discharged, Transferred, Died, Deserted.
      Pg.660, Company G, 4th KY Volunteer Infantry, organized at Camp Dick Robinson, [Garrard Co.] KY: Lindsey C. Duncan, 1st Lt., enr. July 6, 1865, mustered in July 6, 1865, at Macon, [Bibb Co.] GA, for 3 years; mustered out Aug. 17, 1865, at Macon, GA; Promoted from 2nd Lt. to 1st Lt. July 6, 1865; prisoner of war at Andersonville, GA, from July 30, 1864, to Sept. 19, 1864. (MAD: resided Rockcastle Co. KY per list of officers; 1850 Whitley Co. KY census, 1860 Madison Co. KY census)

"Report of the Adjutant General of the State of Kentucky" (Union Soldiers), 1861-1866, Vol.II (from John A. Duncan 4/1995, & FHL film 1,463,600, appendix & other pages)
      Pg.919, Alphabetical List of Officers. Name, Rank, Regiment, Residence, Remarks. (MAD: semi-alphabetical, not indexed)
      Duncan, L.C., 1st Lt., 4th Infantry, Mt. Vernon [Rockcastle Co.] KY, (blank) (MAD: organized at Camp Dick Robinson, Garrard Co. KY)


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