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Formed 1796 from Madison, Lincoln, Mercer


1810 Garrard Co. KY Census
Pg.233  Duncan, Wm.        40010        - 23110
        Duncan, Saml.      00001        - 03001

1820 Garrard Co. KY Census
Pg. 86  David Duncan       400010       - 30010
          (MAD: David Duncan mar. Elizabeth Finney 2/27/1811;
            to Monroe Co. MO)
   102A Will Duncan        011301       - 11101
   113  Ths. Duncan        000010       - 00110
          (MAD: Thomas Duncan mar. Hannah Davis 8/27/1811)
   114  Ste. C. Duncan     300010       - 10100
          (MAD: Stephen B. Duncan mar. Peggy S. Hays 3/16/1812;
            to Gallatin/Saline Co. IL)

1830 Garrard Co. KY Census (pg.231 very faint)
Pg.223  William Duncan     0000,1000,1  - 0000,2000,1
   231  Augustine Duncan   0000,1 ?     - 0000,1 ?
          (MAD: Augustine Duncan mar. Eliza Comely 4/11/1825;
            Franklin Co. KY 1850 census)

1840 Garrard Co. KY Census (pg.71 was duplicate of pg.25)
Pg. 25  B.F. Duncan        0000,01     - 0
          (MAD: Benj. F. Duncan mar. Jane L. McKee 6/17/1841)
    48  Alvis Duncan       1000,1      - 0000,1
          (MAD: to Miller Co. MO; b. 1820 TN)
    71  B.F. Duncan        0000,01     - 0

1850 Garrard Co. KY Census
Division 1
Pg.206, #24-24, Isaac DUNCAN 28 KY farmer $0
                  Harriet 26 KY
                  Elizabeth 7, Almyra 5, Jane 3 KY
                  Eliza Ann 2, Sarah J. 4/12 KY
Pg.207, #40-40, Lewis DUNCAN 30 KY farmer $0
                  Eliza 30 KY
                  Isaac 8, John 5 KY
                  (MAD: Lewis Duncan mar. Eliza Harris 7/20/1840 Jessamine Co. KY; in 1870 Boyle Co. KY census)
Pg.207, #43-43, Joseph DUNCAN 57 KY farmer $0
                  Elizabeth 49 KY
                  Will 23, John 20, Owen 15 KY
                  David 12, Joseph Jr. 10, Nancy 7 KY
                  (MAD: Joseph Duncan mar. Betsy Burchill 6/3/1819 Jessamine Co. KY; Daniel Duncan d. 11/12/1852 age 17 in Boyle Co. KY, parents Joseph and Elizabeth Duncan, from pg.121, "KY Hist. Society Rec." of April 1946, Vol.44, #147; ? Owen Duncan in 1870 Boyle Co. KY census)
Pg.263, #891-941, Benjm. F. DUNCAN 42 KY physician $6400
                  Jane 32 KY
                  Martha 8, John 6, Margaret 4 KY
                  Charlotte 2, William 1 KY
                  George R. McKEE 40 KY lawyer $0
                  Saml. 15 KY
                  Rice L. STEWART (m) 60 VA (blank) $0
                  M.M. MORGAN (m) 26 KY carpenter $500
                  Housten JACKMAN (m) 33 KY physician $200
                  (MAD: son of Benjamin F. Duncan of Lincoln Co. KY)
Division 2
Pg.270, #50-51, John O. DUNCAN 44 VA farmer $0
                  Salley 28 KY
                  Mary S. 7 KY
                  (MAD: 1860 Lincoln Co. KY, 1870 Knox Co. IN)

1860 Garrard Co. KY Census
Pg.648, #108-108, B.F. DUNCAN (m) 51 KY M.D. $15,000-$13,000
                  Jane 41 KY
                  Pattie (f) 17, John 16, Margaret 15 KY
                  Charlotte 13, William 11, Ben 9 KY
                  James 5, Jane 4, Samuel 1 KY
                  George R. McKEE 30 KY lawyer $0-$0
                  Samuel 26 KY -- $0-$3000
Pg.650, #121-121, James PATTERSON 50 KY farmer $10,000-$10,000
                  Elizabeth 57 (37?) IN
                  Isabella MOSSHAN? 17 KY
                  Margaret PATTERSON 11 KY
                  James 6, Sally 4, Wm. 2 KY
                  Thomas DUNCAN 79 VA M.D. $0-$0
Pg.779, #1029-1010, Wm. DUNCAN 36 KY farmer $0-$150
                  Elizabeth 33 KY
                  Alice 6, John 5, Joseph 3 KY
Pg.792, #1117-1108, James HOLLAND 30 VA miller $45-$190
                  Amelia 26 KY
                  Elizabeth 10, Wm. 8, Amanda 7 KY
                  John 5, Sally 4, Fanny 8/12 KY
                  Hetty HALL 107 NC
                  Polly J. MIDDLETON 20 KY
                  (MAD: see Rev. War Pension Appl. Rockcastle Co. KY for Hetty (Duncan) Hall, widow of John)

1870 Garrard Co. KY Census (pg.451 also from Kathy Cawley 2/2002)
District 3, P.O. Lancaster
Pg.399, #31-34, DUNCAN, Sidney (m) 43 KY MULATTO farmer $300-$100
                  Simera (f) 38 KY MULATTO keeping house
                  Anna 18, Peacha (f) 16 KY MULATTO at home
                  Mary 9 KY BLACK
                  William 5 KY MULATTO
                  John 1 KY MULATTO
Pg.420, #292-291, ALDRIDGE, Jesse 60 KY BLACK farm labor $0-$0
                  Meriah 50 KY BLACK keeping house
                  Jane 29 KY BLACK (blank)
                  JENNINGS, William 31 KY BLACK farm labor
                  Casey (f) 26 KY BLACK "no occupation"
                  ALDRIDGE, Hannah 5, Kate 9 KY BLACK
                  DUNCAN, James 45 KY BLACK (blank)
Pg.426-427, #383-380, COMLEY, William 45 KY (white) farmer $0-$365
                  Elizabeth 40 KY keeping house
                  Isaah (m) 18 KY labor $0-$150
                  Ellen 16, Anna 12 KY at home
                  William 11, James 9, Elizabeth 4 KY
                  DUNCAN (DANCER?), John 13 KY (white) laborer
                  DANCER, Henry 21 KY (white) farm laborer
Pg.433, #453-452, DUNCAN, Jane 52 KY (white) keeping house $8000-$750
                  John 26 KY farmer $0-$320
                  Lottie (f) 23 KY "no occupation"
                  William M. 21 KY "no occupation"
                  Benjamin 18, James 15 KY farm laborers
                  Jennie (f) 13, Samuel 11, Nellie (f) 8 KY
                  McKEE, George R. 60 (40?) KY lawyer $150-$0
                  SLAUGHTER, Talitha 67 KY BLACK domestic servant
                  Talitha 11 KY BLACK house servant
District 4, P.O. Bryantsville
Pg.451, #24-24, DUNCAN, Isaac 48 KY (white) farmer $0-$800
                  Sarah 28 KY keeping house
                  Elizabeth 22 KY no occupation
                  Henrietta (f) 19 KY no occupation
                  John L. 17 KY common laborer
                  William F?. 16 KY common laborer
                  James A. 12 KY common laborer
                  Burelas (m) 9 KY
                  Addie A. (f) 7 KY
                  Isaac R. 5 KY
                  Ida (f) 4/12 KY b.Sept.
Pg.451, #25-25, DUNCAN, John 40 KY (white) common laborer $0-$0
                  Henrietta M?. 40 VA keeping house
                  Mary E. 15 KY no occupation
                  Logan (m) 12 KY common laborer
                  Susan A. 10 KY at home
                  William H. 8 KY
                  Sarah E. 5, Manda J. (f) 2 KY
Pg.451, #26-26, DUNCAN, William 46 KY (white) common laborer $0-$100
                  Elizabeth 43 KY keeping house
                  Allice A. 17 KY at home
                  John M. 15 KY laborer
                  Joseph F. 13 KY laborer
                  America R. (f) 12 KY at home
                  Charles T. 9 KY
                  Sopha S?.F. (m) 7 KY
                  Sallie M. (f) 2 KY


Garrard Co. KY Index to Marriages 1797-1958 (FHL film 183,255; only checked a few; could not find the reference for Alvis Duncan) (see "Garrard Co. KY Marriages 1796-1851" by Annie Bell Burns on FHL film 851,646)
      Duncan, Adam to Sarah Duncan, Box 27, Bond 731, 1882
      Duncan, Alvis to Ann Palmer, Box 8, Gen - Cartif, 1838
      Duncan, Augustine to Eliza Comely, Box 7, Bond 1652, 1825
      Duncan, Benjamin F. to Jane L. McKee, Box 9, Bond 406, 1841
      Duncan, Berry A. to Elizabeth Rodgers, 13-337/357, 1880
      Duncan, C.C. to S.F. Worrell, 11-217, 1874
      Duncan, Daniel to Lucy Lee, Box 1, Bond 77, 1799
      Duncan, David to Elizabeth Finney, Box 3, Bond 677, 1811
      Duncan, Isaac B. to Mattie E. Anderson, 14-133, 1882
      Duncan, J.A. to Sallie Montgomery, 14-549, 1886
      Duncan, James C. to Martha E. Yantis, 7-449, 1859
      Duncan, John L. to Malinda R?. Urton, 12-235, 1876
      Duncan, Sidney to Samira Duncan, 5-165, 1873
      Duncan, Stephen C. or B. to Peggy Hayse, Box 3, Bond 732, 1812
      Duncan, Thomas to Hannah Davis, Box 3, Bond 900, 1811
      Duncan, William Jr. to Elzina Turner, Box 8, Bond 5184, 1832
      Duncan, William to Ellen Hutchinson, Box 27, Bond 307, 1873
      Duncan, William to Linda Beaumont, 12-437, 1877
      Dunken, David to Elizabeth Finney, Box 3, Bond 677, 1811
      Duncan, Adie R. to J.M. Johnson, 14-95, 1882
      Duncan, Alice A. to J.W. Askins, 12-397, 1877
      Duncan, Amanda to S.W. Johnson, 12-403, 1877
      Duncan, Anna to Philip Dunn, Box 27, Bond 189, 1870
      Duncan, Charlotte to R.C. Warren, 11-12, 1872
      Duncan, Cynthia to Thomas Scott, Box 3, Bond 748, 1812 (MAD: bdm. Wm. Duncan, 5/29/1812)
      Duncan, Elizabeth to Thomas Bland, Box 5, Bond 1278, 1819 (MAD: bdm. Wm. G. Harris, 11/27/1819)
      Duncan, Harriet to Robert Patterson, 4-179, 1876
      Duncan, Harriet to Robert Patterson, Box 27, Bond 434, 1876
      Duncan, Jenny
to Abraham Adams, Box 5, Bond 1240, 1819 (MAD: bdm. Wm. Duncan, 5/25/1819)
      Duncan, Julia to Mat Folger, Box 15, Bond 336, 1886
      Duncan, Litha to Alex Miller, Box 27, Bond 613, 1880
      Duncan, Maggie to William O. Bradley, 9-297, 1867
      Duncan, Mary to Willis Reynolds, 8-149, 1863 (twice)
      Duncan, Mary to Henry Faulkner, 4-161, 1876
      Duncan, Nancy to Daniel Adams, Box 7, Bond 1786, 1827
      Duncan, Pattie M. to M.H. Gill, 9-133, 1866
      Duncan, Peachy to William McKee, Box 27, Bond 208, 1871
      Duncan, Sallie E. to William A. Askins, 14-551, 1886
      Duncan, Samira to Sidney Duncan, 5-165, 1873
      Duncan, Sarah to Adam Duncan, Box 27, Bond 731, 1882


Garrard Co. KY Wills (FHL film 183,234)
      I-37: Will of William (x) Duncan dated 11 June 1834; of Garrard Co. KY; to my daughter Sally W. Duncan a negro girl Patsey; to my son William Duncan negro Stephen; to my son Daniel B. Duncan negro Elijah; to my daughter Narcissa Duncan negro girl Esther; to my above daughters Sally W. Duncan and Narcissa Duncan, to Sally mare & cold & bed etc., as may be marked with initials of her name, to Narcissa same; all above are no longer considered as part of my estate unless either of my children above should die without lawful issue; to my wife Nancy Duncan should she survive me, the whole of my estate except above devized during life, subject to any sale she may deem necessary for common benefit of all my children with consent of my executors; what I have given heretofore to my other children not named above remain their property forever; at death of my wife or at my decease, my whole estate equally divided among my nine children, viz, Cynthia Scott, Sally W. Duncan, Elizabeth Bland, Lucy J. Adams, William Duncan, Augustine Duncan, Daniel B. Duncan, Nancy J. Adams and Narcissa Duncan and their heirs forever; except my daughter Cynthia Scott whose portion I hereby devise only to her use during her life and at her death to her two daughters Emorine A. Scott and Nancy D. Scott equally. Appoint sons William Duncan and Daniel B. Duncan executors. Wit. Alexr. A. Jennings, Bendell Kemper, Daniel Bowre?; produced in court April 1837 on oaths of A.A. Jennings and Bendell Kemper. (MAD: wife was Nancy Jennings, mar. 1/3/1793 Lincoln Co. KY, per "Documented Notes on Jennings and Allied Families" by Beatrice Mackey Doughtie; FHL book 929.273 J441d. The Rev. War Pension files on National Archives Series M804 roll #2670 include documents on William Jennings, and an inquiry by the soldier's great grandson Daniel Boon Duncan 6/20/1858 from Gentry Co. MO, and in 1860 from Daviess Co. MO; from pg.4009, "Genealogical Abstracts of Revolutionary War Pension Files" by Virgil D. White, Vol.IV; FHL book 973 M28g)

Record of Wills, Garrard Co., KY, WDARI (FHL film 0851650; researched and transcribed by Garland D. Vinyard, posted with his permission, his comments)
      Will Book D, pg.419. DAVIS, John. Recorded Aug. 1817. Wife: Rachel Davis. Sons: Samuel Davis, William Davis, James Davis, Thomas Davis Daughters: Mary Wheeler, Eleanor Davis, Elizabeth Hurt, Anna Totton. Exec. Samuel Davis (son) and Samuel Davis, Sr. (brother) Witness: John Cromer, Frederick Cromer, Peyton Cooke, Stephen C. Duncan
      Roll No. 396 - page 26, 4-6-1816, William Davis. Executor - Son: Jno. Woods. Wife Mary Davis. Children: James & Rebecca. Son in laws: Thos. Duncan and James Thompson. (ED.: Since Hannah is not listed, but her husband Thomas Duncan is listed; we can assume that Hannah died prior to her father's death. Not sure why his son John Woods is not a Davis, unless Mary was previously married to a Woods and John was her son. James Thompson (son-in-law) may be either Rebecca's husband or his wife died prior to her father's probate.)
      Roll No. 396 - page 68, Duncan, Wm. Wife - Nancy Duncan. Children: Sally W. Duncan, Daniel B. Duncan, Narcissa Duncan, Cynthia Scott, Elizabeth Duncan, Lucy J. Adams, William Duncan, Augustine Duncan, Nancy J. Adams. Executors, sons: William Duncan, Daniel Duncan. 6-4-1834. (ED: Neither Thomas or Stephen C. Duncan are mentioned as heirs. This probate indicates that William Duncan is not the father of Thomas and Stephen C. Duncan.)


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Garrard County Kentucky Tax Lists, Roll No.127 (1797-1819) and No.128 (1820-1829) (Researched and transcribed by Garland D. Vinyard, posted with his permission, his comments)
      Year & pg. if given, Taxable Property & Rate, No. White Males over 21, No. of Horses, Total Assessed
      Thomas Duncan
**1805, None, 1, 0, 0
1812, None, 1, -, 0
1813, None, 1, -, 0
1814, None, 1, 1, 20
1815, None, 1, 1, 35
1816, None, 1, 2, 35
1817, 111 acres $2, 1, -, 200
1818-19 - No Listing
1820 pg.19, 18 acres $5, 1, 1, 150
1821 pg.16, 18 acres $5, 1, 1, 130
1822 pg.14, 9 acres $1, 1, 1, 45
      **GDV: The 1805 listing is probably a different Thomas Duncan.
      Other Duncans listed in the Garrard County Tax List 1797-1819
1797 - William & Samuel Duncan.
1798 - No Tax Book.
1799 - no Duncan listed.
1800 - D. Robert Duncan.
1801 - Robert & Will Duncan.
1802 - D. Robert Duncan.
1804 - Robert & William Duncan.
1805 - William Duncan.
1806 - William Duncan.
1807 - David, D. Robert & William Duncan.
1808 - David & D. Robert Duncan.
1808 - David & Robert D. Duncan.
1809 - David & Wm. Duncan
1810 - Wm. Duncan.
1811 - Samuel, Wm. & David Duncan.
1812 - John, Samuel, Wm., David, Berryman Duncan
1813 - Benjamin, David, & Samuel Duncan.
1814 - Samuel & David Duncan.
1815 - Benjamin Duncan.
1816 - William & David Duncan.
1817 - William Duncan.
1818 - William & David Duncan.
1819 - William & David Duncan.
      Stephen C. Duncan
1811, None, 1, -, 0
1812, None, 1, -, 0
1813, None, 1, -, 0
1814-15 - No Listing
1816, 30 acres $1, 1, 1, 65
1817, 85 acres $2, 1, 1, 175
1818, 34 acres $5, 1, 1, 36.25
1819, 35 acres $5, 1, 2, 240
1820 pg.19, 38 acres $5, 1, -, 190
1821 pg.15, 38 acres $5, 1, -, 170
1822 pg.14, 54 acres $5, 1, -, 270
1823 pg.18, 24 acres $11, 1, 1, 360
1824 pg.17, 49 acres NA, 1, 1, 200
1825 pg.16, 42 acres $5, 1, 2, 250
      GDV: Stephen C. Duncan first appeared on the 1811 Tax List dated May 25, 1811. Stephen's final listing was 1825.


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Lincoln Co. KY Deeds
      T-333: 1 Dec. 1847, Alfred Hocker and William Yates by Dudley H. Denton, commissioner, to Martin A. Sturmans and Christena Duncan, Benjamine F. Duncan, William H?. Duncan, James L. Duncan, Nancy Moton, Walter (Wallis?) H. Taylor, and Lucinda his wife, and Nicholas R. Hocker, Louisa Hocker, James Allero? and Jasethone? his wife, Benjamin D?. Hocker, John Hocker and Mary Hocker children of Polly Hocker decd, the children, heirs at law and legal representatives of Benjamin Duncan decd; that by a decree of the Garrard Circuit Court a certain tavern house and lall? stable and all other buildings thereon in the town of Stanford, Lincoln Co. KY, conveyed by Alfred Hocker by deed of mortgage to Martin A. Sturmons and Benjamin Duncan was ordered to be sold, in a pending suit in Chancery in the case of Sturmons and Duncan vs. Alfred Hocker, William Yates and others; by decree Thomas Helm was appointed a commissioner to sell the tavern house and lott stables etc., and it was sold to Martin A. Sturmons one of the complainants, he being the highest bidder; and by interlocutory decree of the court ... on the part of Benjamin Duncan who had died, ... names of his heirs ... (cannot read) ... one equal undivided moity to Martin A. Sturmans and one equal undivided moity to the legal heirs of Benjamin Duncan ... widow and heirs ... (the names of the heirs of Benjamin Duncan are given only in the early part of the deed.) (FHL film 192,247)
      Y-451: 28 March 1855, Maddox & McQuerry families, heirs of Daniel McQuerry, to Sally Duncan late McQuerry, land from division of land, several small parcels. (FHL film 192,249)
      Y-452: 27 Jan. 1855, Joseph McQuerry and wife Mary Francis of Garrard Co. KY to John O. Duncan of Lincoln Co., exchange land, right of his wife to the tract in Garrard Co. owned and occupied by Daniel McQuerry decd and the tract of land owned by himself in Garrard Co. on Drakes Creek, in exchange for land in Lincoln Co. on Baughman's Creek which belonged to Daniel McQuerry. (FHL film 192,249)
      Y-555: 24 Aug. 1855, David McQuerry to John O. Duncan, $170, 3 small parcels from McQuerry's father. (FHL film 192,249)
      Z-91: 19 Dec. 1855, John O. Duncan and wife Sally, and McQuerrys, land on Dick's River. (FHL film 192,250; not copied further)
      Y-425: 27 Jan. 1855, Joseph McQuerry and wife Mary Frances of Garrard Co. KY to John O. Duncan of Lincoln Co. KY, exchange of land, in right of his wife to land in Garrard Co. owned and occupied by Daniel McQuerry decd. at time of death, and land owned by himself in Garrard Co. on Drakes Creek, supposed to be 50 acres, (in exchange) for said McQuerry's interest in land in Lincoln Co. owned by his father said Daniel McQuerry supposed to contain 100 acres, and $540, McQuarrys deed to Duncan their interest (1/10 part) in tract in Lincoln Co. on Baughman's Creek. No wit. Recorded in Garrard Co. KY. (FHL film 192,249)
      1-85: 11 Dec. 1857, B.T/F. Duncan and Jane L. Duncan for $740 paid, convey to William Yates of Lincoln Co. KY the 1/2 of the house and lot by him occupied in town of Stanford KY, which was sold under decree of Lincoln Circuit Court in suit of Duncan vs. Yates and Stemons, the same property which I hold deed from F.W. Varnon commissioner in said case now of record. Recorded Garrard Co. KY, Benjamin F. Duncan and wife Jane L. (FHL film 192,251)

Madison Co. KY Deed (FHL film 183,287)
      G-49: 8 Sept. 1808, John More and wife Mildred of Madison Co. to Robert D. Duncan of Garrard Co. KY, $300, 257 acres on Rock Castle near the mouth of Clear Creek. No wit.

Pulaski Co. KY Vital Statistics (FHL film 216,838 item 5; from information from Cheri Mello 3/2002)
      Deaths, 1853, pg.3: Lany Richardson, age 55 years, female, born Garrard Co. KY, parents William and Nancy Dunkin, died Feb. 11 of consumption.

Pulaski Co. KY Deeds (FHL film 804,636)
      3-78: 13 Jan. 1815, Samuel Duncan of Garrard Co. KY to John Duncan of Pulaski Co. KY, $25, 94 acres on Kings Creek in Pulaski Co. KY, corner his certificate survey, Stephen Wilkinson's line, Jeremiah Meek's line. No wife.
      3-80: 14 Jan. 1815, Samuel Duncan of Garrard Co. KY to John Duncan of Pulaski Co. KY, $25, 200 acres on Kings Creek in Lincoln Co. KY. No wife, no wit.
      3-220: 10 March 1817, William Duncan of Garrard Co. KY to Robert Burton of Pulaski Co. KY, $100, (no acres) land on Clifty Creek. No wife, no wit.
      4-67: 21 June 1819, Samuel Duncan appoint Daniel Duncan, both Pulaski Co. KY, attorney to settle business in counties of Garrard and Lincoln; negroes hired out. No wit.

Union Co. KY Deed
      L-118/120: 9 May 1851, George R. McKee and Sarah H. McKee his wife of Garrard Co. KY, Alexander R. McKee and Mary his wife of Madison Co. KY, Benjamin F. Duncan and Jane L. Duncan his wife late Jane L. McKee of Garrard Co. KY, heirs at law of Patsy McKee decd who was devized of Samuel McKee decd., for $5 per acre paid and secured to be paid, sell and convey to E.L. Given of Union Co. KY all their interest as heirs at law of Patsy McKee decd to the tract of land, being the undivided 3/4, tract was patented to William Lambert and by him conveyed to Samuel McKee who devized to Patsy McKee who died intestate leaving the grantors herein and the children of her deceased son Wm. R. McKee her heirs, in Union Co. KY on Lost Creek a branch of the Ohio River, beg. at corner to J.F?. Chesnut's, being part of Richard Taylor's millitary survey, corner also to James Threlkeld formerly Peter Higgins, then ... crossing Lost Creek, then ... George Paynes corner part of Richard Taylor's survey, then to the beginning, containing 1175 acres, warrant title. Ack. 9 May 1851 in Garrard Co. KY by George R. McKee and Benjamin F. Duncan, and Jane L. Duncan wife of Benjamin F. Duncan. 11 May 1851, Alexander R. McKee and wife Mary McKee ack. deed in Madison Co. KY. Recorded Union Co. KY May 24, 1851. (FHL film 561,090)

HISTORIES before 1923

1878 "The Biographical encyclopaedia of Kentucky of the dead and living men of the nineteenth century" pub. by J.M. Armstrong (from Evelyn Sigler 11/1984; FHL book 976.9 D3b)
      Pg.632: William McKee Duncan, lawyer, born May 19, 1849 at Lancaster [Garrard Co.], KY. Father Dr. Benjamin F. Duncan, a native of Lincoln Co. KY, who was son of Benjamin F. Duncan, who came from VA at an early day to Lincoln Co. His father married Jane Logan (McKee) Duncan of Garrard Co., dau. of Hon. Samuel McKee of VA, a lawyer and congressman of KY. William McKee Duncan was a Presby.; married Dec. 17, 1874, Miss Alice Simmons of Nelson Co., dau. of Greenberry Simmons.

1897 "Lawyers and Lawmakers of KY" by Levin Pub. Co. (Memphis Public Library book 976.900 992 L665L9; from Evelyn Sigler 10/1984)
      Pg.553: Wm. O'Connell Bradly, Gov. of KY, b. March 18, 1847 Lancaster, KY; married at age 20 years Margaret Duncan, dau. of B.F. Duncan of Garrard Co. KY.

1885-1888 "KY, a History of the State" 4th Edition (Volume), by Perrin, Battle & Kniffin (FHL book 976.9 D3wt)
      Pg.26-7, Boyle Co. ALEXANDER ROBERTSON McKEE MD, born 4 Feb. 1816 near Lancaster, Garrard Co. KY, the third son of Hon. Samuel McKee who was a prominent and successful lawyer and politician during the early history of the State. Dr. McKee ... took his degree in medicine at the Univ. of PA with the class of 1830; then located at Richmond, Madison Co. KY; in 1837 to Clay Co. MO for two years, in 1859 returned to KY, located at Danville, until his death on 13 Feb. 1886. He was one of organizers of Boyle Co. Medical Society, also ... Dr. McKee's father, Hon. Samuel McKee, born in Rockbridge Co. VA on Oct. 13, 1774, he removed with his father, Col. Wm. McKee, to Garrard Co. KY about the year 1800. He was a member of Congress from 1806 to 1816, succeeding Judge John Boyle; circuit judge for a number of years, and an officer in the War of 1812. Dr. McKee had only two brothers, Col. Wm. R. McKee who graduated at military academy at West Point in 1829, subsequently colonel of 2nd KY Reg. in war with Mexico and lost his life at the head of his regiment at the same time with Lt. Col. Henry Clay Jr. at Buena Vista. His other brother, Judge George R. McKee, lawyer, resides in Covington. Dr. McKee's only sister, Jane Logan McKee, married Dr. Benjamin F. Duncan of Garrard Co. She died at the old McKee homestead near Lancaster in 1873. Dr. McKee's mother was Martha Robertson, dau. of Alexander Robertson, the first sheriff of Mercer Co. ... (more on McKee ancestors). Dr. McKee married in Sept. 1842, to Mary Ashby, dau. of Dr. M.Q. Ashby, of Richmond, KY; six children ...
      Pg.46, Garrard Co. JOEL T. BAUGHMAN was born March 4, 1825, in Lincoln (now Boyle) Co. KY; in 1851 he removed to Lincoln Co. and in 1866 to "Oakland Place" near the Frying Pan bend of Dicks River, Garrard Co., where he now resides. His father, Henry Baughman Jr., a native of VA, was born in 1776; he came to KY in 1780, remained here two years with his family, then went back to the "Old Dominion" for his mother; he was a farmer and large slave owner; was assessor of property in Lincoln Co., a Whig, and died in 1865. He was the son of Henry Baughman, of VA, who was murdered by Indians eight miles above Crab Orchard. This sad event happened when Henry Baughman, Jr., was on his return from VA with his mother, and had reached the fort above Crab Orchard, when the Indians opened fire, and Henry Baughman Sr. was killed in his attempt to give his relatives a chance to escape. The children born to Henry Sr. were Nancy (Gilbreath), Ticia (Duncan), Polly (McGill), Jacob and John (both killed at St.Clair's defeat), and Henry Jr. Henry Jr. married Patience, dau. of William Owsley, of Lincoln Co. (born 1784, died 1843) and to them were born ... (MAD: possibly Christina Baughman who married Benjamin Duncan Jr. in 1796 in Lincoln Co. KY)
      Pg.59-60, Garrard Co. HON. WILLIAM O. BRADLEY, born March 18, 1847, near Lancaster, KY, the youngest of 8 children (two sons and six daus) born to Robert M. and Ellen (Totten) Bradley; the former born in Madison Co. in 1808 and among the ablest lawyers in KY (more on ancestor), she the daughter of Joseph H. Totten whose father lived in Culpeper Co. VA and served in the Rev. war. William O. Bradley, the subject, a lawyer; when young, his parents moved to Somerset, KY, where they resided until the breaking out of the civil war; he then enlisted in Union Army, first as recruting officer in Pulaski Co., then at Louisville as private; remained a short time, then returned home; admitted to bar at age 18. He married July 11, 1867, to Margaret Robertson Duncan, dau. of Dr. B.F. and Jane L. (McKee) Duncan of Lancaster [Garrard Co.], and a grand-niece of Hon. George Robertson, formerly chief justice of KY. They have two children, George R. and Christine.

"Hancock's diary, or, A history of the Second Tennessee Confederate Cavalry : with sketches of First and Seventh battalions, also, portraits and biographical sketches." by R.R. Hancock; pub. Nashville, Tenn.: Brandon Print. Co., 1887, 663 pgs. (LH12688, HeritageQuest images 5/2007; FHL fiche 6,082,669)
      Pg.33: June 1861. ... Muster roll of Captain E.D. Payne's Company (D): Duncan, J.H., d.
      Pg.38: September, 1861. ... Monday, 9th ... It was about this time that Captain Payne left the battalion, and Duncan was made Captain of Company D.
      Pg.176: Seventh Battalion, Company A., ... Duncan (MAD: no first name), Fourth Sergeant. Captured at Medon, West Tennessee, and mortally wounded July 15, 1864.
      Pg.584: E.O. Elliott served as quartermaster of the Second Tennessee until it and Wilson's Regiment were consolidated, about February, 1865. He was then sent into West Tennessee with a detachment under Captain William Duncan, in search of absentees from Forrest's command. ...
      Pg.599-601: CAPTAIN JAMES HARVEY DUNCAN. J.H. DUNCAN, second son of Alexander C. and Hannah Duncan, was born March 10th, 1817, in Pulaski County, Kentucky. His grandfather, James Duncan, who was born at Culpepper Court House, in Culpepper County, Virginia, July 18th, 1764, was a soldier in the Revolutionary War, and was at the siege and capture of Yorktown, Virginia, when Lord Cornwallis surrendered to General Washington on the 18th of October, 1781; and in 1790 he settled in Kentucky, where he was killed the next year by the Indians, leaving a widow and three small children. The oldest was the Captain's father, who was born in Russell County, Virginia, June 30th, 1788; the other two, William and Sallie (the latter became Mrs. McGee), were twins, and born in Jessamine County, Kentucky, in 1790. After the war of 1812, William settled in Hickman County, Tennessee, where, after raising a large family, he died in 1869.
            The Honorable Ralph Williams, the captain's grandfather on his mother's side, also served in the Revolutionary War under General Greene and the famous Marion.
            The subject of this sketch, who was educated in the common country schools, learned the carpenter's trade when a young man, and was a very successful contractor for ten or twelve years in Lancaster, the county seat of Garrard County, Kentucky.
            In 1843 he married Mrs. Fannie Dawson, who died in 1847, leaving no children. He was married again in 1848 to Miss Louisa B. Hudson, who was born in Garrard County, Kentucky, in 1830. He left Kentucky in 1849, and settled in Davidson County, Tennessee, where he was engaged in farming and trading in horses, mules, and cattle when the war broke out.
            J.H. Duncan enlisted in the Confederate service as a private in Captain E.D. Payne's company, which, about the first week in July, 1861, became Company D of the First Battalion of Tennessee Cavalry. About September following he was, much against his own will, unanimously elected captain of Company D, Captain Payne having resigned. Captain Duncan served at the head of his company with the First Battallion during the two campaigns into Kentucky under General Zollicoffer, who was warmly attached to the captain. It has been said that the latter was the only man who could make the former laugh.
      Pg.600. R.R. Hancock's Diary.
            After the action and defeat at Fishing Creek, Kentucky, the captain fell back with the Confederate army through Middle Tennessee to North Mississippi, where, in May, 1862, the First Battalion re-enlisted and reorganized and Companies B and D were consolidated, and Captain William Parrish commanded the consolidated company.
            Captain Duncan now returned to Middle Tennessee, and soon after joined Wheeler's Cavalry,* (*He raised and commanded an independent company of scouts, but reported to Wheeler.) with which he did valiant service until wounded in the foot at Chickamauga September 20th, 1863, where he was captured and sent to prison on Johnson's Island. He was exchanged in time to take part in General Hood's campaign against Nashville on the staff of General Granberry. He served on faithfullly to the close of the war; surrendered to General James Wilson near Selma, Alabama, and was soon after with loved ones at home in the northern portion of Wilson County, Tennessee, to which place his family had removed in 1863. His occupation after the war was farming and trading in stock.
            Captain Duncan was very lively - always had an anecdote to suit the occasion, and was a favorite with all soldiers. He was a warm partisan in all elections, and was always a States' Rights Democrat. He was a devoted husband and a kind and affectionate father. His last wife bore him three daughters - Cora (now Mrs. Birthright), Eudora (now Mrs. Buchanan, of Nashville, Tennessee), and Lizzie (who died in 1880), and two sons - James McAfee, of Saundersville, Sumner County, Tennessee, and Mongolia (of Texas).
            In reference to her father's death Eudora says, in a letter to her uncle, S.M. Duncan:
            "Pa's death was caused by taking an overdose of morphine through mistake. He was in wretched health, and went himself to Starkes' store in Saundersville, Sumner County,* (*The captain lived in Wilson County and had crossed the Cumberland River to attend church as above named.) and purchased a bottle of morphine, THINKING it was quinine. .... (MAD: elipses theirs) He took it at ten o'clock A.M. and lived until ten at night, October 15th, 1873. Everthing that could be done was administered for his recovery, but all of no avail. Brother Jesse Sewell was carrying on a protracted meeting at Saundersville at the time. Pa was so anxious to hear the discourse through, as he was a strict member of the Christian Church, and had been one year previous to his death, he took the quinine, as he thought, as a stimulant. .... (MAD: elipses theirs) We never knew until after services that he had taken anything, as ma did not attend church that day. Brother Sewell assisted him home. He never spoke but once after returning. He said: 'Ma, I cannot be with you long; I am almost gone,' then fell asleep in Jesus, never to wake with us in this old, unreligious world."
            The remains of the gallant captain were interred at the McLean graveyard, in the first district of Wilson County. The captain's widow is still (1887) living.

1910 "Past and Present of Nodaway Co. MO" pub. by B.F. Bowen (FHL book 977.8124 H2 1975 V.1-2; Los Angeles Public Library book 977.81 N761Pa Vol.2)
      Pg.384-6: BENJAMIN FRANKLIN DUNCAN. ... Prof. Benjamin Franklin Duncan, ... was born in Shelby Co. KY, on April 29, 1842, and is a son of Daniel Boone and Eleanor (Cook) Duncan. His paternal grandparents were William and Martha (Jennings) Duncan, of Garrard Co. KY, where the former was a successful planter. Daniel Boone Duncan was born in Garrard Co. KY, on November 5, 1806, was reared on a farm, and ... read law ... at Lancaster, Kentucky. He served as surveyor of Shelby Co. KY, .... In October, 1832, he married Eleanor Cook, a daughter of Rev. Abram and Sarah Cook, natives of Virginia. To this union were born nine children, six of whom are living. The subject's parents are both deceased, the father dying in 1883 and the mother in 1892. They were Baptists in their religious faith. Benjamin F. Duncan ... In 1879 he came to Missouri, ... On November 14, 1867, Professor Duncan was united in marriage to Sallie E. Buchanan, ...dau of Prof. J.M. and America Buchanan, natives of Kentucky. ...

1884 "History of Monroe and Shelby counties, Missouri ... : including a history of their townships, towns and villages together with a condensed history of Missouri ... biographical sketches of prominent citizens" pub. by National Historical Co. (FHL book 977.832 H2h)
      Pg.463-464, Monroe Co.; Woodlawn Twp.: JAMES DUNCAN (Farmer, Post-office, Duncan's Bridge). It was for Mr. Duncan's father, David Duncan, that Duncan's Bridge was named, and he, the father, was one of the sturdy pioneers of Missouri. He came to this State with his family away back in the territorial days of the country. His wife was a Miss Elizabeth Finney before her marriage and they reared a worthy family of children. On coming to Missouri they first located in Howard county, then a sort of center for settlers. But later along they removed to Randolph county and finally settled permanently in Monroe county. ... James Duncan, the subject of this sketch, was born in Kentucky, August 1, 1814, but was principally reared in Missouri. .... Away back in 1835, he was married to Miss Mary V. Taylor. ...

1889 "History of Cole, Moniteau, Morgan, Benton, Miller, Maries, and Osage Cos. MO" by Goodspeed (TN Gen. Society Library #2899 from Evelyn Sigler 11/1983)
      Pg.1108: Maries Co.: Benjamin F. Branson, b. 1859, m. 1883 Parrie, dau. of James R. and Sally Duncan.
      Pg.1110-1: Maries Co.: J. Russell Duncan, a farmer and stock-raiser of Miller Township, Maries County, was born in Gerrard County, KY, in 1839, and is a son of Alvis and Ann (Palmer) Duncan, the former born in Washington County, East Tenn., and the latter in Garrard County, Ky. The parents were married in Kentucky, where they lived until J. Russell was about five years of age, and then removed to Miller County, Mo., where they settled on a farm, upon which the father died in 1883; his wife is still living at the age of eighty years; both were members of the Baptist Church. J. Russell Duncan was the eldest of a family of six, and was reared in Miller County, his educational advantages being limited. In 1863-64 he served in two different companies in the Enrolled Missouri Militia. In 1864 he married Sarah E., daughter of William H. and Mary C. Scott, the former of whom was born in Kentucky in 1817, (MAD: more on Scott family) .... Mrs. Duncan was born in Laclede County, Mo., and is the mother of twelve children, viz.: Parrie, wife of B.F. Branson; Elben, formerly a teacher, now a farmer; Milford, also a farmer; Alice, who married Thomas Branson; Lillie and Lawrence (twins), Lida, Ella, Ivan, Alvis, Dora (deceased) and Dellard (deceased). Since his marriage Mr. Duncan, has lived on his present farm, which contains 280 acres of the old home place. He owns in all 800 acres, 360 in Miller County and 160 in Pulaski County, besides his farm in Miller Township, Maries County, and 120 acres left him by his father. ... Mason, belongs to Agricultural Whell. Mrs. Duncan is a member of the Baptist Church.

1895 "Portrait & Biographical Record of Boone, Clinton and Hendricks Cos. IN" by A.W. Bowen (SUTRO film 71 reel 6, CA State Library, Sutro branch; FHL film 934,898 item 2, book 28; and from Gloria Duncan 2/1990)
      Pg.957-8: GEORGE H. DUNCAN, of Eel River township, Hendricks Co. IN, is an old soldier and an honored citizen. He was born Jan. 10, 1846, in Jackson Twp, Putnam Co. IN, son of James and Anna (Proctor) Duncan. ... Mr. Duncan is of Scotch descent. Henry Duncan was a pioneer of Garrard Co. KY, from VA. James Duncan, father of our subject, was one of the first settlers of Putnam Co. IN, coming as early as 1829. He was the father of 18 children, by two marriages; by his first wife there were born to him: Coleman C., William, Mary, Annie, James, Miranda, Amanda, George, John, Nancy and Katurah; and by his second wife -- Amanda Dean -- he was the father of seven children: Ruth, Benjamin, Bell, Elmer, Della, Charles and Minerva R. James and John were soldiers in the Civil war; James in Co. H, 11th Reg. IN Vol. Inf., and John in the 142nd Reg., IN Vol. Inf. (see Hendricks Co. IN for more)

1920 "History of Howard Co. (IN) in the World War" by Clarence V. Haworth, pub. by W.B. Burford (FHL book 977.285 M2h; IN State Library book 940.3772 H848H 1920, from C.T. Duncan 12/2007; no explanation on pages of number in parentheses after name)
      Duncan, James Butler (34), son of Isaac B. and Margaret Edgington Duncan, was born in Bryantsville [Garrard Co.], Ky., June 1, 1894. After his enlistment in Kokomo, Ind., April 26, 1918, he was sent to the following camps: Camp Zachary Taylor, Ky.; Fort Oglethorpe, Ga.; Camp Lee, Va.; and Valdahon, France. He landed overseas the day after the armistice was signed, but as his work was in the medical department, he was placed on duty at Camp Hospital No.12. He was discharged July 12, 1919.


"KY Genealogist" Vol.2, #3, July-Sept. 1960, pg.112-113 (and from Evelyn Sigler and Lucille Mehrkam 1982)
      Pg.112-113 contains the Bible record of William Duncan, b. 6/9/1802, mar. Elzina Turner 10/11/1832 in Garrard Co. KY, mar. Elizabeth King 3/28/1841 in Shelby Co. KY, d. 9/18/1866.


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