Duncans in Warren & Bute Co. NC


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Last revised August 19, 2011

Formed 1764 from Granville; Discontinued 1779
Franklin formed 1778 from Bute
Formed 1779 from Bute
Vance formed 1881 from Franklin, Granville, Warren


1790 Warren Co. NC, Halifax Dist. Census
(Isham Kindruck from Charles Hite 2/1995;
 no M. Duke or M. Johnson 1800-1810)
Pg. 77  Duncan, Blanch      123xx
        M.Duke Johnson      935
          (MAD: witness for undated marriage bond of
            Blanch Duncan to Nancy Smith and for
            marriage of Jesse Duncan to Rebecah
            Riggan on 10/16/1791)
        Isham Kindruck      121 xx

1800 Warren Co. NC Census (semi-alphabetic)
Pg.800  Duncan, James       20100         - 31100
          (MAD: James Dunkin mar. Peggy Cauthon, no bond date,
            bond Geo. Vanlandingham)
        Duncom, Blanch      02010         - 10210
        Duncom, Kissey      00000         - 00101
          (MAD: not "Jessey" Duncom)
   836  John Watson         00101         - 11201
        John Watson         01010         - 10100
          (MAD: bondsman for Blanch Duncan marriage ca 1810
            to Nancy Smith)

1810 Warren Co. NC Census (alphabetic by first name)
Pg.175  James Duncan        40101         - 02010
   182  Willie Duncum       10010         - 20020
          (MAD: Willie Dunkin mar. Sylvia Duke 11/23/1800, bond)

1820 Warren Co. NC Census
Pg.800  John F. Marshall    100010        - 01110
   804  James Duncan        220101        - 00201
   810  Wiley Duncan        000011        - 32110

1830 Warren Co. NC Census
Nutbush (Dist.)
Pg.578  James Duncan        0002,0000,1   - 0000,1001
   579  William Duncan      0000,1        - 0001
          (MAD: William Duncan mar. Elizabeth Vanlandingham
            2/3/1827, bond)

1840 Warren Co. NC Census (pp.236-239 bound with Tyrrell Co. NC)
Pg. 29  James Duncan        0001,2100,1   - 0010,0010,01
   236  William Duncan      0200,01       - 1000,01
   237  Sally Dinkins       0             - 0000,0001,1

1850 Warren Co. NC Census
Pg.18, #242, James DUNCAN 81 NC farmer $630
                  Margaret 79 NC
                  Pearson 40, Thomas 38 NC
                  Elizabeth 54 NC
                  Henry HASKINS 17 NC BLACK laborer
                  Allen 18 NC BLACK laborers
Pg.42, #562, William DUNCAN 50 NC farmer $2428
                  Elizabeth 43 NC
                  Richard V. 19, Gorden C. 17 NC
                  Elizabeth 10, Margaret J. 6 NC
                  James 11/12 NC
                  (MAD: ? Richard in 1860 Carroll Par. LA census or ? wife Martha in 1860 Edgecombe Co. NC census; Gordon C. Duncan mar. Ann E. Davis 12/5/1850 in Franklin Co. NC; Gordon C. Duncan in 1870 Mecklenburg Co. VA census)

1850 Guilford Co. NC Census
Pg.424, #764, Mary DUKE 34 Caswell NC
                  Nancy DUNCAN 30 Warren NC
                  Martha 34 Do. NC (Warren Co. NC)
                  Alcy 9 Do. NC
                  Jane DUKE 7 Do. NC
                  Mary DUNCAN 5 Do. NC
                  James 5 Do. NC
                  John DUKE 2 Do. NC

1860 Warren Co. NC Census
Warrenton P.O.
Pg.487, #232, E. DUNCAN (f) 50 Warren NC -- $5000-$3000
                  G. (m) 26 Warren NC
                  B.A. (f) 20 Warren NC
                  M.J. (f) 18 Warren NC
                  H.M. LAUGHTOR (m) 49 Warren NC farmer
                  J.T. DUNCAN (m) 14 Warren NC
Ridgeway P.O.
Pg.540, #643, P. DUNCAN (m) 48 Warren NC farmer $1648-$2500
                  B.G. DUNCAN (f) 64 Warren NC
                  C. NEWMAN (f) 47 Warren NC
                  J. DUNCAN (m) 50 Warren NC farmer
                  (MAD: Definitely "J." Duncan but I think this was Thomas)

1870 Warren Co. NC Census
Nutbush Dist.
Pg.536, #290, Solomon FLEMING 31 NC farmer $1665-1490
                  Martha 38 VA keep house
                  Mary 12, Ida 11, John 8,
                  Cordelia 2, Emma 8/12 NC
                  George ANDREWS 18 NC laborer
                  Richd. HILLIARD 14 NC (MULATTO?)
Pg.545, #429, DUNCAN, Betsy 74 NC keeping house $1850-575
                  LUIT, Robert 67 NC farm laborer
                  NEWMAN, Katie 59 NC at home
Round Pond
Pg.627, #17, DUNCAN, Eliza 64 NC (f) farmer $820-475
                  Margaret 22 NC at home
Pg.627, #19, DUNCAN, John 20 NC farmer $0-$170 mar. Dec.
                  Ella 18 NC mar. Dec.
                  LARTER, Mills (m) 51 NC farm laborer


Warren Co. NC Marriage Bonds 1779-1868, K-R (FHL film 432,253)
      Bonds are apparently alphabetical by groom's last name.
      Outside of bond: John Kendrick to Martha Dinkins, 1785. (inside not copied) Back of bond: Jno. Kendrick, John Smith.
      Bond: Isham Kendrick to Elizabeth Tucker, 31 Oct. 1781, bdm. Benjamin Turner.


Bute Co. NC tax list (from Charles O. Duncan 3/1987)
1771: List for Hawkins ...
      Grun/Green Duke (& negros), 1-4-5
      William Walker & brother James Walker, 2-~-2
      Jos. Hackney & son Joseph Hackney & negros, 3-2-5
      John Duncan & negro Pat & sonne, 2-~-2
1771: (district not given; negative copy, left edge of orig. torn & missing)
      John Duncan w/Hen? Hawkins? & others, 7 whites, 27 blacks, 4 horses

Warren Co. NC Tax List (from Charles O. Duncan 3/1987)
(Undated; ca 1780?): Nutbush District
      Duncan, John, 222a (CD: 1780 Wm. Duncan had 222a Nutbush)
1792: Nutbush District:
      Dawson Vanlandingham, 500a, 2wp
      Blanch Dunkin, 1 wp
      Len H. Bullock, 2372a, 2wp, 19bp


Warren Co. NC Deeds, Index and X-index, 1764-1917 (FHL film 20,061)
      A-265: Duncan, Rice to Jos. Hackney
      A-302: Duncan, Blanch Flower fr Jas. & Kattron
      1-147: Duncan, Blanch F. fr R. & Anne Williams
      (Book 3, 1770-1772)
      3-45: Duncan, Blanchflower, to Vanlan Kingham
      3-109: Duncan, Robert, fr John Hackney
      (Book 5, 1774-1776)
      5-12: Duncan, Robert, to Josiah Reddick
      7-270: Duncan, Kessiah, fr Benjamin Browner
      Quit on index at 1835

Warren Co. NC Deed Index to 1869 (from Brenda Furches 3/1986)
1764-1766: Peter Dunkin to Phil Burford, A-113
            Rice Duncan to Jos. Hackney, A-265
            Blanchflower Duncan from Jas. & Katron Lester,A-302
1766-1767: Blanchflower Duncan from R & Ann Williams,1-147/247
1770-1772: B. F. Duncan to Vanlandingham, 3-45
            Robert Duncan from John Hackney, 3-109
1774-1776: Robert Duncan to Josiah Reddick, 5-12
1778-1783: Kessiah Duncan from Benjamin Brawner, 7-270
1790-1791: Duncan & Turnball from Commis. of Warrenton, 11-11
1791-1794: Duncan & Turnball to H. Davis, 12-23
            (merchants in Petersburgh)
1818-1821: Wm. Duncan Trustee from Danl Burchett, 21-253
1821-1823: Wm. Duncan, Trustee to Edmund Mayfield, 22-108
1835-1840: James Duncan to R. & G. Railroad Co, 27-169,260
            James Duncan from Thomas T. Twitty, 27-142
1852-1860: Wm. Duncan to J. A. Egerton, 31-174
            Richard Duncan to Saml Bobbitt Trustee, 31-333
            P & Thomas Duncan to R & G Railroad, 31-551
            Elizabeth Duncan to Richard Vanlandingham, 31-340
            Pearson & Thomas Duncan to Benj. F. Cheatham, 31-1063
            Pearson & Thomas Duncan from Richard Vanlandingham, 31-722
1860-1869: Elizabeth Duncan to E. W. Best Trustee, 32-467
      (BDF: I checked Deeds Index for Brawner purchase of property given to Kissiah; Found nothing; Records began in 1764.)
      (BDF: I checked the grantor deed from James Baxter and from James Cauthorn in Warren Co. NC to see if Blanchflower Duncan was a neighbor. He was!)

Warren Co. NC Deeds
      A-113: 22 Sept. 1764, Peter Duncan and Alice his wife of Bute Co. NC, to Philip Burford of same, for £40 VA money fully paid, tract of land in the Co. of Bute late Granville and on waters of Cabbin Branch, adj. Colliers line, Abernathys corner, Mayfields line, Hawkins line, containing 200 acres more or less, being part of a deed surveyed for Wm. Moss. /s/ Peter Dunkin. Wit. John Hawkins, Nathaniel Bullock, Will Johnson. Receipt for money, same witnesses. Bute Co. Court Jan. 1765, proved by oath of Nathaniel Bullock and ordered recorded. Reg. April 1, 1765. (FHL film 20,063) (MAD: ? from Orange Co. NC)
      A-159: 20 Nov. 1764, Lenard Hendly Bullock & wife to James Smith, £35 VA money, 200 acres on Bowhouse Creek adj. Eaton & Thos. Lister. (from Brenda Furches 3/1986)
      A-265: 26 May 1764, Rice Duncan of Faquier Co. VA to Joseph Hackney of Granville Co. NC, £40, 300 acres on east side of Robisson's Mill Branch of Sandy Creek in Granville Co., the same granted from Hugh Hardy to Rice Duncan. Wit. Charles Bah?, Rice Duncan Jun, Charles Duncan. (FHL film 20,063; not listed as signed by mark) (MAD: Joseph Hackney and Robert Duncan were witnesses to Deed A-190 in 1764 from William Duty to William Kimbal)
      A-302: 20 Oct. 1765, James and Katron Lesterer of Bute Co. NC to Blanch Flower Dunkin of same, £50, 214 acres on both sides of Cowhouse? (Bowhourse) Creek, Col. Eatones corner. Wit. George Lamkin, Phill. Burford, Jno. Hawkins. (FHL film 20,063)
      1-147: (no day) Feb. 1766, Robert and Anne Williams of Granvel Co. NC to Blanchflower Dunkin of Bute Co. NC, £26, 260 acres in Bute Co. on bowhouse? Creek, on Dunkins line. Wit. George Tamkin, Benjamin (B his mark) Rawner. (FHL film 20,063)
      2-106: 5 February 1767, James Baxter (X) and Bettey (X), his wife, of Bute Co. NC, to James Cauthron, of Essex Co. VA, for £30 VA money, 200 acres in Bute Co. adj. the plantation where I now live, and beginning at post oak corner adj. Blance Dunkin and John Bailey, crossing the County Road to goonin? (or "govrin"?) Blance Dunkin &c. Wit. James Smith, Dawson Vallandigham, John Bailey. Memond., livery & seizen of the lands delivered by within mend. Jas. Baxtor & Betty to said Cauthron; same date; same witnesses. Bute August Court 1768, Deed & "Livery & Seizen" proved by Dawson Vallandigham, Betty having relinquished right of dower before Thomas Bell, Esq., Ben McCulloch, C.C. Reg: 20 January 1769, by William Johnson, P.R. (FHL film 20,064)
      2-116: 4 April 1768, Joseph Hackney of Bute Co. NC to George Allen of Fauquier Co. VA, £60, land in Bute Co. NC on the east side of Robertsons mill branch (by meets & bounds), for 300 acres of land as the same will more fully appear by a deed from Hugh Hardy to Rice Duncan and from Rice Duncan to Joseph Hackney. /s/ Joseph (H) Hackney, Sarah (+) Hackney. Wit. Wm. Moore, John Hackney, Sussanna Moore. Bute Co. court Aug. 1768, Joseph Hackney ack. the deed, same ordered recorded. Reg. 29 Jan. 1769. (FHL film 20,064)
      3-45: 20 Feb. 1770, Blanchflower Duncan of Orange Co. NC to J. Dawson Vallandigham of Bute Co. NC, £58.10, 214 acres on waters of Bowhouse Creek, tract said Duncan bought of James Lesler & wife, and another parcel adj. and on same water course, Barlow's line, Duncan's line, 130 acres, being part of a tract of land purchased from Robt Williams and wife. /s/ Blanchflower (mark: BD) Duncan, wit. William Moore, Susanna Moore. Proved on oath William Moore, reg. Bute Co. May, 1770. (FHL film 20,065)
      3-109: 9 Aug. 1769, Joseph Hackney of Bute Co. NC to Robert Duncan of same, £20 NC money, 300 acres on both sides the woolf pit, Bakers corner upon the road, down the woolf pit, crossing the woolf pit to Joseph Hackney's corner. Wit. William Moore, Ashhenay Williams. (FHL film 20,065)
      5-12: 6 March 1774, Robert Duncan of Bute Co. to Josiah Reddick of same, £40 proclamation money, 300 acres on Woolfpit Creek, above land. /s/ Robert Duncan. Wit. Daniel Potter, James Gray, William O'Bannon. Reg. on oath of Daniel Potter. (FHL film 20,066) (MAD: Wolfpit Creek later in Franklin Co., branch of Tar River)
      7-270: (blurred) 15 Feb. 1779, Benjamin L. Branner (Browner?) to Kejsia Dunkin of Warren Co., one shilling, 50 acres, her heirs. (FHL film 20,068)
      21-253: 6 July 1819, Daniel Burchett, 1st part; Jno. F. Marchshall and W. David Moss?, 2nd part; William Duncan, 3rd part; all Warren Co. NC, Burchett owes Marshall $28.50 and David Moss $11 & other amounts, Burchett stands charged by Fanny Baird of being the departed (?) father of a bastard child born of his body and willing to pay ... sell in trust to William Duncan all right, ... to undivided estate of my mother Martha Burchett, 1/4 of 5th part of 6 negroes and 188-1/3 acres. (FHL film 20,073)
      22-108: 1 Feb. 1820, William Duncan to Edmd. Mayfield, both Warren Co. NC, ref. deed of trust from Daniel Burchett to William Duncan 10 July last to secure payment of debts, interest Burchett had in negros and land devised to him by will of his father Joseph Burchett, now in possession of Martha Burchett, widow of Joseph and mother of Daniel; Edmond Mayfield being highest bidder, $155, sell 1/5 part of land where Martha now resides, in all 180 acres, adj. lands of Robert Park and others, and 1/5 part of six negroes Cate, Stephen, Bill, Milly, Anarcia?, and Green. Wit. William Williams, Edmd. White. (FHL film 20,074)
      27-142: 30 Aug. 1831, Thomas T. Twitty to James Duncan, both Warren Co. NC, 166 acres adj. Road, Calur's, lands of Richard Vanlandingham & Richart (sic) Short, sum of one dollar. Wit. Amada Twitty, Nat. Smith. (FHL film 454,312)
      27-169: Whereas there is reason to believe that the railroad of the Raleigh and Gaston Railroad Co. will pass through some of the lands of the undersigned James Duncan, and thought by Duncan that it will increase value of land, (blank day and month), 1836, from James Duncan to Raleigh & Gaston Railroad Co. for $1, 80 foot wide strip. Recorded Feb. 1837. (FHL film 454,312)
      27-260: 23 Oct. 1837, James (+) Duncan to Railroad, $90, 80 foot strip for the railroad. Wit. Wm. Person, R. Davison. (FHL film 454,312)
      29-62: 25 Feb. 1845, Matthew M. Drake agent and attorney for heirs of Dr. John P. Nicholson decd, to William Dunkin of Warren Co. NC, $750, 260 acres by estimation on both sides of old stage road from town of Warrenton to Robinson's Ferry on Roanoke River, adj. William Duncan, Daniel Thearin?, John J. Nicholson and others, subject to dower of Mrs. Mary Nicholson mother of said John P. Nicholson; wit. Nathan Milam. (FHL film 454,313)
      29-62: 25 Feb. 1845, Matthew M. Drake agent and attorney for heirs of Dr. John P. Nicholson decd, to William Dunkin of Warren Co. NC, $1700, 520 acres by estimation on both sides of old stage road from town of Warrenton to Robinson's Ferry on Roanoke River, adj. Philemon Jenkins, dower lands of Mrs. Mary Nicholson, Daniel Thearin and others, inclusive of dower lands of Mrs. Mary Nicholson, mother of said John P. Nicholson. Wit. Henry Fitts Sr., Nathan Milam. (FHL film 454,313)
      31-274: 1 May 1851, William (X) Duncan to James A. Egerton, both Warren Co. NC, $807, 202 acres on both sides of old stage road from Robinson's Ferry to Warrenton. Wit. John P. Rodwill, Richard D. Fleming. (FHL film 454,314)
      31-333: 27 Feb. 1855, Richard Duncan to Samuel Bobbitt, Duncan owes John L. Evans; trust deed for all of Duncan's estate of every kind. Wit. Thomas W. Rooker. Rec. on oath of wit. 28 Feb. 1855. (FHL film 454,314)
      31-340: 2 Feb. "1854", Richard Vanlandingham of Warren Co. NC, for love, to beloved daughter Elizabeth Duncan, the following negroes upon the following conditions, "viz. negros Tom, Candis and her child Delia and their future increase during her widowhood, upon the marriage of my said daughter I give all of the above named negroes and their increase to the heirs of William Duncan decd. then living and their representatives to be equally divided, should my said daughter die before her marriage I give the above named negroes as above directed provided she should marry." Wit. J.G. Yancey. Rec. on oath of wit. Feb. 1855. (FHL film 454,314)
      31-551: 24 March 1856, Thomas and Pearson Duncan to Raleigh & Gaston Railroad, $30, land at junction of "said road with the Roanoke Valley" railroad, 1 acre. Wit. Richard W. Kearney, Jas. A. Cheatham. (FHL film 454,314)
      31-722: (blank day and month) 1857, Richard Vanlandingham to Pearson and Thomas Duncan, $1248, 156 acres on east side Roanoke Valley RR, adj. lands of Edward Burchett, William Vanlandingham, Mrs. Duncan, Gusta. Wadkins, Mrs. Short's line. Wit. Jno. W. White. Rec. Aug. 1857. (FHL film 454,314)
      31-1063: 21 Sept. 1857, Pearson and Thomas (X) Duncan of Warren Co. NC to B.F. Cheatham of Granville Co. NC, $1430, 190 acres at junction of Roanoke Valley RR and Raleigh & Gaston RR, adj. lands of Mrs. Agness Short, Richard and Dawson Vanlandingham, Collins old road near school house. Wit. R.D. Paschall, Henry W. Dunkley. (FHL film 454,314)
      32-467: 6 April 1867, Elizabeth Duncan to Edward W. Best, $1, Elizabeth owes John V. Cawthorn by bond 13 Feb. 1860 for $250 and 21 Feb. 1866 for $225 and other bonds; mortgage 540 acres except the homestead of 100 acres which I am entitled by law; mortgage other property. Wit. Henry M. Slaughter, James T. Duncan. (FHL film 454,315)


Warren Co. NC Will Index (FHL film 20,030)
      No Duncan

Warren Co. NC Index to Wills 1763-1964 (FHL film 529,953)
      No Duncan to 1962

Warren Co. NC will (index on FHL film 529,953; will on FHL film 531,532)
      11-237: Will of Dawson (X) Valandingham, 22 Nov. 1799; my son John Valandingham will have me decently buried at his expense for which he is to have for that act extraordinary. To my son John Vanlandingham and Richard Valandingham ... all my lands that I now possess to be equally divided between them free from all claims of my son ?or ?their ?heirs ?others pretending to lay claim to the said land or premises from which I demand all farther recpt? from only made but to my said sons John and Richard Vanlandingham to them and their heirs and assigns forever. Wit. Wm. Campbell, James (X) Duncan, Reuben (X) Cawtorn. Court May 1802, proved by oaths of James Duncan and Reuben Cauthorn, admin. granted with the will annexed to John Vanlandingham who qualified accordingly. (MAD: Dawson Valandingham probably the husband of Nancy Duncan from Fairfax Co. VA)

Warren Co. NC Wills 1764-1779 (info from Brenda Furches 3/1986 from personal trip)
      There are no Smith wills naming a Nancy Duncan or Nancy Smith (wife of Blanchflower Duncan).

Bute Co. NC Probate files (FHL film 18,348)
      No Duncan

Bute Co. NC Will Book A (typed) (FHL film 531,530)
      A-112: Rec. Feb. 1770 (no date), I Blanch Flower Dunkin of the County of North Carolina (?) send Greeting &c. KNOW ye that I the said Blanch Flower Duncan for and in consideration of the sum of Ten pounds ... do owe and am indebted unto Kesiah Dunkin of the above said County and Province, HAVE, given, granted and sold ... unto the said Kesiah Dunkin and her heirs all and singular my goods and Chattles & Emplements of household, as are contained and specified in a Certain Schedule that I have given unto her; ... and her own proper use and behoof for ever, thereof and therewith to do use and dispose at her and their (her heirs) will and leasure ... by the delivery unto her at the insealing hereof of one four pence of silver .... Blanch Flower (his mark B D) Dunkin. Wit. John Vallandingham, Samuel Hammond, Dawson Vallandigham.

Warren Co. NC records (from Brenda Furches 3/1986)
      10 Dec. 1808, account of sales of Simon Duke, includes Willie Duncan.
      Will of James Duncan, 1854, sons Anderson, Pearson, Thomas, William, Henry; daus. Middy Rusel, Susan Rusel, Elizabeth, Eleanor, Tuit(?); wife Peggy. Wit. Watkins, Birchett.
      Bond regarding estate of William Duncan, 24 Nov. 1852, by Richard Duncan, Abner Mosley, Hawkins Kenady, Wm. Brown, Simon Green, John Evans, and J.A. Egerton, $8000.
      William Duncan's inventory filed 1853; statement of account by Gordon Foster, Pearson Duncan security, Nov. 1857.
      Dower to Mrs. Eliz. Duncan, widow of Wm. Duncan, Feb. 1857. Inv. of Wm. Duncan Feb. 1857; Nov. 1859.
      Will of Dawson Vanlandingham, 22 Nov. 1799, prob. May 1802, named sons John and Richard. Wit. James D., Reuban Cauthorn, Wm Campbell.
      Inventory of estate of Pearson Duncan, Feb. 1868.

Warren Co. NC Wills
      43-56/9: 12 June 1846, will of James (X) Duncan of Warren Co. NC; to wife Peggy lifetime support; eldest daughter Middy Russel $2 paid within 12 months; to daughter Susan Russel $2 paid within 12 months; to son Anderson Duncan or his heirs $30 paid within 12 months; to daughter Elizabeth Duncan the land on which my dwelling house is situated, 50 acres, with improvements, for life, then to my sons Pearson Duncan and Thomas Duncan, their heirs etc.; also to Elizabeth Duncan one cow & calf, one? sow & pigs, one bed & furniture, one trunk, one chest, two bedsteads to be delivered to her by my exec. within 10 days; to my daughter Eleanor Tuit (sic) $2 paid within 12 months, having heretofore given her her portions; to my son William Duncan $2 paid within 12 months having heretofore given him his portion; to my son Henry Duncan one cow and calf within (too dark) days; to sons Pearson Duncan and Thomas Duncan land known as Twitty tract on both sides of railroad, 157 acres by estimation with all improvements, to have possession within one day after my decease. To Thomas Duncan certain colt named Peruvian; the residue of stock be for Pearson Duncan and Thomas Duncan but to remain on the plantation to support my wife Peggy Duncan and my daughter Elizabeth Duncan for life; residue of utensils, etc. to belong to my two sons Pearson Duncan and Thomas Duncan equally. Appoint son Pearson Duncan sole exec. Wit. Sanders Watkins, Edward Birckitt (Berchett?). Proved May 1854 court. (FHL film 531,541) (MAD: ?? Anderson Duncan of ?? Montgomery Co. AL 1850)
      50-243/4: 15 Jan. 1867, will of Pearson Duncan; to my brother Thomas Duncan and my sister Betsey Duncan for life all my land and other property incl. bonds, money, &c; in the event of death of either of them, everything to longest liver for life; at death of longest liver, all my estate given to my brother in law Wm. H. Suit and my sister Ellen Suit (very plain) the wife of said Wm. H. Suit. Property not be sold unless money needed to pay debts and funeral expenses. Appoint friend B.D. Paschall exec. Wit. E.A?. Langford, D.B. Kimball (Jurat). Proved Aug. 1867. (FHL film 531,543)
      51-52: 13 Dec. 1871, will of Betsy (X) Duncan of Warren Co. NC, to Margaret Fleming for life and then her son Thomas Fleming, 6 acres of land south of my spring beg. at a stake on NW corner of the fence enclosing my cotton field, along the road, and one cow and calf, one bed and to have the privilege of remaining? in my kitchen? ??? time to have a house built and to have two months provisions. To my sister Ellen Swit the balance of my property of every description to her, her heirs and assigns. Wit. Robt. A. Heavlin, John V. Cawthorn. Prob. 8 Sept. 1873. B.M. Collins appt. admin. with the will annexed, at request of legatees. (FHL film 531,544)
      51-114/5: 17 Oct. 1876, will of Margaret Jane Duncan (/s/ M.J. Duncan); all to niece whom I raised Etta Pearson Pegram. Appoint friend John M. Brame exec. Wit. W.C. Drake, J.H. Blalock, W.E. Beckinson. Proved 23 March 1877 by W.C. Drake and Jno. H. Blalock. (FHL film 531,544)
      51-191/2: 19 April 1884, will of James T. (X) Duncan; to each of my children, namely, James William, Rebecca Ann, Thomas Hyatt, Lula Nicholson and Pearson Theophilus, furnished with bed, bedstead and furniture at such times as my wife Ella V. Duncan may determine; remainder be kept together and controlled by my wife Ella V. Duncan for benefit of whole family until majority of my youngest child with the exception of this years rent from W.A. Byrum?, one bale cotton, 450? and Allen Boyds rast (vast?) $35 which shall be applied to payment of my debts; when my youngest child becomes of age, the property then be equally divided between all my children then living, my wife Ella V. Duncan reserving the right of dower. Appoint wife Ella V. Duncan exectrx. Wit. W.G. Coleman, James J. Pegram. Proved 11 Nov. 1884. (FHL film 531,544)


Warren Co. NC Court of Pleas & Quarter Sessions, 1777-1800 (FHL film 454,196)
      Not paged nor indexed; went through 1783 courts until reference found
      1777-1779 - index at back, no Duncan
      1780-1783 - no index
            Pg.119: Court Tuesday morning after 2nd Monday in Feb. 1783, ordered that John Duncan, orphan of John Duncan decd, be bound to William Holliman until he arrive at the age of 21 years, being 8 years old next April, and that he learn "them" to read and write and the trade of silversmith.
            Pg.120: (next item) Ordered that Willie Duncan, orphan of John Duncan decd, be bound to William Holliman until he arrive at the age of 21 years, being 8 years old next April, and that he learn them to read and write and the trade of silversmith.
      1783-1787 - no index
      1787-1793 - no index
      1793-1800 - no index


Bute Co. NC document (from Charles O. Duncan 3/1987)
      (no date) I Blanch Flower Dunkin of Bute County in North Carolina send Greeting &c. Know ye that I the said Blanch Flower Duncan for and in consideration of the sum of Ten pounds ... do owe and am indebted unto Kesiah Dunkin of the above said County and Province, have given, granted and sold ... unto the said Kesiah Dunkin and her heirs all and singular my goods & chattles and implements of household, as are contained and specified in a certain schedule that I have given unto her; ... and her own proper use and behoof for ever, thereof and therewith to do use and dispose at her and their (her extors, admtors, and assigns) will and pleasure ... by the delivery unto her at the insealing hereof of one four pence of silver .... Blanch Flower (his mark B D) Dunkin. Wit. John Vallandingham, Samuel Hammond, Dawson Vallandigham. Recorded No. 1 pg. 113; proved Feb. 1770 court on oath of Dawson Vallandigham.

Warren Co. NC Will Book (from Brenda Furches 3/1986)
      42-200: 25 May 1853; Gordan Duncan's Bastard Bond, Warren Co. NC. Know all men by these presents that we, Gordan C. Duncan, Richard Duncan and John L. Evans, all of the county and state aforesaid, are held and firmly bound unto the state of North Carolina in the sum of one hundred and fifty dollars current money of the state aforesaid. To which payment well and truly to be made we bind ourselves, our heirs (?) jointly and severally, firmly by these presents, sealed with our seals, and dated this 25h day of May anno Domini 1853 -
      The condition of the above obligation is such, that whereas a certain Gordan C. Duncan is charged with having a certain illigitimate child, begotton of the body of Amanda Burrows, now is the said Gordan Duncan, his Heirs, executors, (?) shall provide for the support and maintenance of the said child to the indemnification of the Parrish of this State and the County aforesaid, and shall perform such order as the Court shall from time to time make in the premises, then this obligation to be void, otherwise to remain in full force and virtue.
      Executed in open Court - witness Jn W. White. Signed: Gordan C. Duncan Richard Duncan John L. Evans. Warren County May Court 1853: This bond was accepted by the Court and ordered that the same be recorded. Jn W. White
      (MAD: Gordon C. Duncan mar. Ann E. Davis, 5 Dec. 1850, bdm. William C. Aycocke, Franklin Co. NC)

The names in the "Bute Co. Committee of Safety Minutes 1775-1776" have been extracted by Ginger Christmas-Beattie and are posted on the webpages of Andy Blackard and on the Bute Co. NC GenWeb webpages (info from Charles O. Duncan 8/13/2011). The names include William Duncan, Joseph Duncan, and Thomas Duncan. The Minutes were also published by the Warren County (North Carolina) Bicentennial Committee in 1977.


Mecklenburg Co. VA Deed (FHL film 32,540)
      18-76: 14 Aug. 1819, John F. Marshall and wife Ritter/Rieter of Warren Co. NC to William Taylor of Mecklenburg Co. VA, $480, 40 acres on Mill Creek, bounded by lands of said William Taylor and ... 40 acres of land in east part of mansion land that John Duncan died possessed of & allotted to said John F. Marshall and Ritter? his wife by commissioners appointed to divide estate of John Duncan among his heirs. (deed almost too dark to read) (MAD: Henrietta Duncan mar. John F. Marshall 11/2/1818 in Granville Co. NC; she the dau. of John Duncan d.1819)


ARCHIBALD DUNCAN, Rev. Pension Application W-8679 (FHL film 970,863)
      Applied 19 Sept. 1832 in Harrison Co. KY; died 13 Nov. 1839 Harrison Co. KY; enlisted for 3 years in Oct. or Nov. 1779 in Fauquier Co. VA under Capt. Mark Thomas, Col. Slaughter, Genl. Clarke; born 22 May 1763 in Bute Co. NC; record of age copied from record made by his father; lived in Fauquier Co. VA when enlisted; since the Rev. War lived in Culpeper Co. VA then Fauquier Co., then in 1800 to KY, Bourbon and Harrison Co.; known to Capt. John Whitehead and Robt. Garner and John Trumble.
      Application of Hannah Duncan, age 63, on 4 March 1840, in Harrison Co. KY; m. Archibald Duncan in August 1792; husband died 13 Nov. 1839; known by Wiseman Hitch of Harrison Co. KY, age 63 on 8 Nov. 1839, in Fauquier Co. VA about 5 years after their marriage and has lived as near neighbor for about 40 years; known by Nancy Hitch of Harrison Co. KY, age 58 on 18 Jan. 1840, who was at wedding; letter from Thos. Parker of Versailles, KY, 18 March 1840, whose Aunt was Hannah Duncan.
      Application of Hannah Duncan, age 67, on 3 Feb. 1843, in Harrison Co. KY; Hannah Williams m. Archibald Duncan 22 Aug. 1792 in Fauquier Co. VA, bond by Archibald Duncan and Joseph Parker, wit. G. Gwathmey.
      Click here for a more extensive extract from the pension file.

ISHAM KENDRICK, Rev. War Pension Application, Rejected, NC, R5862, widow Elizabeth Duncan (FHL film 971,471)
      Cherokee Co. GA, 4 July 1850, Application of Elizabeth (X) Kendrick of Cherokee Co. GA, aged 79 years, to obtain the benefit of the provision of an act of Congress passed July 7, 1838, entitled, "An act granting half pay and pension to certain widows and all other subsequent acts and resolutions of Congress for the benefit of widow of deceased revolutionary soldiers"; that she is the widow of Isham Kendrick who was a private in the revolutionary war; she says she does not now recollect to have heard her husband say how many tours he went, the best of her recollection is he served in all 12 months or above that time. She recollects to have heard her husband say one of his Captains was Sterling Clack one of his Majs. Charles Davis; she states that a part of the time he was under Gen. Morgan; she says she has frequently heard her husband say he fought in the Battle of the Cowpens and in a battle or skirmish at Hillsborough; she states that her husband joined the army in NC, that he was living in Warren Co. and joined in that county, she believes he was attached to the cavalry a part of the time; she does not know that she can make the proof of the above statements by any living witness except by a Mr. Mayfield who was in life and residing in Spartanburg SC a short time ago; she has heard her husband and Mr. Mayfield frequently speak of being in the war at the same time; she further states that she and Isham Kendrick were married in Warren Co. NC by Wyat Hawkins Esq. on 17 April 1788; that her maiden name was Elizabeth Duncan; she states the bible containing the original family record was left with her relatives in Spartanburg Dist. SC when she removed from that place; she does not know whether it is now in existence or not; a number of years ago, the old bible was becoming suritated? and worn, that her son Alston Kendrick transcribed the record into his own bible; she does not know that she can prove the marriage by living witnesses unless by Mrs. Alcey Wood who was in life a short time ago in Spartanburg SC, that they lived together as husband and wife up to the day of his death which took place 17 March 1818; that she was not married to him prior to his leaving the service but the marriage took place previous to 1 Jan. 1794.
      Letter 21 Nov. 1933 to B.C. Holtsclaw, Univ. of Richmond, Richmond, VA, re his inquiry for record of Isham Kendrick: He married on April 17, 1788 in Warren Co. NC to Elizabeth Duncan; he died March 17, 1818, in Spartanburg Dist. SC, his age is not shown; his widow Elizabeth Kendrick applied for pension July 4, 1850, when she was then 79 years of age and living in Cherokee Co. GA; she had previously lived in Greenville and Spartanburg Dist. SC; that Isham Kendrick enlisted while residing in Warren Co. NC, served about 12 months in all as a private with NC troops, part of the time in Capt. Sterling Clack's Co. under Major Charles Davis, and was in the battles of Cowpens and Hillsborough. The claim was not allowed as the widow failed to furnish proof of the alleged service in accordance with the requirements of the pension law. Reference was made to their son Alston Kendrick; in 1850 the widow's sister, Mrs. Alcey Wood, aged 71 years, testified in Greenville Dist. SC in behalf of the widow; no further discernible family data.
      Greenville Dist. SC, 7 Oct. 1850, Affidavit of Mrs. Alsey Wood, aged 71 years, that her sister Elizabeth Kendrick of Cherokee Co. GA who she understands is applying for a pension as the widow of Isham Kendrick a Rev. soldier (aged 80? years at this time), and Isham Kendrick were married in Warren Co. NC 62 years ago by one Wyatt Hawkins Esq., that she well recollects as she was present and saw them married; that a Miss Betsy Jackson was a waiter according to the best of her recollection; Miss Jackson was present she knows; that she went to live with her sister Mrs. Kendrick the seven years after her marriage with Isham Kendrick and continued in the family up to the time of her own marriage which took place the very last of the year 1793 or the first of the year following; that her sister Elizabeth Kendrick and Isham Kendrick lived together as husband and wife up to the time of his death which to (sic) place 31 years ago; she recollects the death of Kendrick by the death of one of her children which was in March 1818; that she has frequently heard Isham Kendrick speak of being in the revolutionary war of being in the battles of the Cowpens and at Hillsborough in a skirmish or battle; that her sister has remained the widow of Isham Kendrick up to this time. She states she has been acquainted with Abraham Mayfield from her first recollection and she has heard him speak many times of being in the war with Isam Kendrick, that Mayfield departed this life about six months ago in this district. (MAD: compare 1850 Spartanburg Co. SC, p.235, A.(f) Wood 53 SC & ch.)
      Hall Co. GA, 13 Sept. 1853, affidavit of Rebecca (X) Atkins aged 75 years who stated she has been personally and intimately acquainted with Isham Kendrick and Elizabeth Kendrick his wife 40 or 45 years, about 45 years to the best of recollection, first in Greenville then in Spartanburg Dist. SC; that she was acquainted with them to the time of Isham Kendrick's death which took place in Spartanburg Dist. SC in 1818; she knows it was that year by the birth of one of her children which was afterwards in that year; that she was living in the neighborhood at the time of his death and well remembers the sale afterwards; that Isham Kendrick and Elizabeth Kendrick at the time lived together as husband and wife; that she does verily believe they were married as she never heard any person before or since Kendricks death dispute their marriage; she has been acquainted with Elizabeth Kendrick who now and ever since she removed from SC lives in Cherokee Co. GA and who is still a widow, is applying for a pension as the widow of Isham Kendrick, a revolutionary soldier; that from her first acquaintance with Isham Kendrick he bore the name and reputation of being a faithful soldier in the revolutionary war on the Whig side and she does verily believe he was a faithful soldier as she never heard it doubted or disputed ... She is not related to Elizabeth Kendrick and she has no interest whatever in any pension Elizabeth Kendrick may receive from the US government.
      Pension Office, Jan. 4, 1854, to Pollard Webb Esq., Sir: The case of Elizabeth Kendrick widow of Isham of GA, Act July 7, 1838, has been re-examined. It has been shown that a I. Kendrick did render some service in the war of the Revolution but no evidence has been adduced to show that the I. Kendrick who served was the husband of the applicant. The date of her marriage must be shown by record, public or private, or its absence accounted for, when proved? testimony will be considered.
      (MAD: Cannot find Alsey Wood in 1850 census. One Alsey Abigail Duncan mar. Benjamin Wood, possibly Culpeper Co. VA (parents not known), she had brothers Samuel & John, she of Spartanburg Co. SC 1810 (notes of Nancy Reba Roy, decd, source not given). Isham Kendrick & wife Elizabeth had son Alston Wood Kendrick b. 1/21/1801 d. 6/12/1853. (see "Old Southern Bible Records" by Memory Aldridge Lester for Alston Wood Kendrick; and "Historic Southern Families" Vol.1 by John Bennett Boddie re Kendrick Fam. pg.62 for extract of Rev.War Pension))

JOHN HALL, wife Hetty, NC Line; Rev. War Pension Application; Rejected, R-14699 (FHL film 971,162; frames 611 to 744+ end)
      Abstract: widow applied 17 April 1853 Rockcastle Co. KY aged 100 years, soldier enlisted in or near Warren Co. NC, soldier m. Hetty Duncan 15 Oct. 1770 in Pickens Dist. SC, soldier d. in March 1810 in Warren Co. TN, sons John Jr. b. in 1776 & James b. in 1790 were mentioned, the son James served in War of 1812, in 1858 widow living in Madison Co. KY, an Elihu Smith made a lengthy affidavit in 1858 in Rockcastle Co. KY. (from "Genealogical Abstracts of Revolutionary War Pension Files" by Virgil D. White, FHL book 973 M28g)
      Condensed additional info: John Hall and wife Hetty were married before the war by proclamation in SC; moved to Warren Co. NC after marriage; after the war they moved to Warren Co. TN where he died before the War of 1812. They had two living children when he died, James and John, who were known to Elihu Smith since 1812. John, the eldest, if living in 1858 would be in his 70's; James was in the War of 1812. Hetty had continued to reside in Warren Co. TN until a few years back when she went to live in an adjoining county. Affidvit of Col. Elisha Smith (who made several very lengthy affidavits). Hetty lived in Polly Miller's house (after John Hall's death) as a widow to raise her children. Affidavit of Polly Miller, age 85, now a resident of Jackson Co. KY, affidavit 15 March 1858, she was born and raised in TN and resided there until she was a grown woman, both the Hall children are now decd. Letter, Warren Co. NC was part of Halifax District NC in which the payments were made. Her son John Hall was b. 1776, and her son James in 1790; James was in War of 1812 and his widow drew warrant under act in 1850 or 1855 from KY.
      Frame 663, letter 23 April 1859, census returns for Rockcastle and Madison Co. KY, names of Hetty Hall and Polly Miller not found; there is no Jackson Co. KY; claim denied, no proof found there were such persons ... Later letters from Elisha Smith and others. The controversy seemed to be requiring proof that the payments to John Hall after the Rev. War were for services. He was the Quartermaster and the payments included reimbursement for supplies, and there was no distinction made. Frame 744, one child born 1776, one child born 1790.
      (MAD: no Hall family indexed 1850 Rockcastle Co. KY; 1850 Madison Co. KY had Allen p.233, John F. p.238, Jesse p.259, but no Hetty Hall in their households. 12/14/1994, No Miller household in Jackson Co. TN printed 1850 census with Polly Miller who made affidavit for Hetty Hall.) (See 1860 Garrard Co. KY census)


Duncan Family Bible; in the possession of Mr. Alton O. Duncan, Rt. 1, Box 150, Macon, NC, in 1976; Bible published in 1829 (from Brenda Furches 3/1986)
Mary Elizabeth Duncan died Oct. the 9 1872
James T. Duncan died April the 29 1884
Ella V. Duncan died Oct 4 1900
Wilton P. Duncan died May 28 1913
William Duncan was born April the year 1800
Elizabeth B. Duncan was born June the 17th 1807
Richard F? Duncan was borne December the 26 1830
Gordon C. Duncan was Oct 9th 1833
Elizabeth A. E. was borne January the 5th 1840
Margarit (?) Duncan was borne Oct the 9th 1844


Many early records of Warren and Bute Co. NC have been published by various authors and should be consulted. These books also contain indexes to the Duncans who were witnesses, neighbors or mentioned in some other capacity in the document.


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