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Pedigees 476-480: Ancestors of Paul Bailey MCBRIDE

Ancestors of Paul Bailey MCBRIDE

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Pedigree 476

          *Alfonso II Raimundez (1152-1196) [more]
       Pedro II de Aragon-Catalonia (1176-1213)
          *Sancha de Castile (1154-1208) [more]
   Jaime I "the Conqueror" de Aragon (1207-1276)
                  *Guillaume VI de Montpellier (1100-1162) [more]
               Guillaume VII de Montpellier (1130-1173)
                   Sibel de Vasto di Savona (-1146)
           Guillaume VIII de Montpellier (1158-1218)
                  *Hugh II de Bourgogne (1085-1143) [more]
               Mathilde de Bourgogne (1130-1172)
                   Mathilda de Turenne 
       Marie de Montpellier (1182-1218)
           Eudoxia Komnena (1162-1202)
Isabelle of_Aragon (1247-1271) [previous]
                  *Bela_II the Blind (1108-1141) [more]
               Geza_II (1130-1162)
                  *Helen of Serbia (1109-1146) [more]
           Bela_III (1148-1196)
                  *Harold (Mstislas II) (1076-1132) [more]
               Euphrosyne Mstislawna of_Kiev (1130-1175)
                  *Ljubava SAWIDITSCH (-1168) [more]
       Andrew_II (1176-1235)
                  *Henry_I de_Chatillon (1063-1135) [more]
               Renaud de_Chatillon (-1187)
                  *Ermengarde de Montjay (-1139) [more]
           Agnes de_Chatillon (1153-1184)
                  *Bohemond II (1107-1131) [more]
               Constance of Antioch (1129-1163)
                  *Alix (1110-1131) [more]
   Yolande (1213-1251)
              *Peter of France (1125-1183) [more]
           Peter de COURTENAY (1155-1218)
              *Elizabeth de COURTENAY (1127-1205) [more]
       Yolande de COURTENAY 
              *Baldwin VIII of Flanders (V of Hainaut) (1150-1195) [more]
           Yolande of Hainaut (1175-1219)
              *Margaret of Lorraine (1140-1195) [more]

Pedigree 477

              *Thibaut IV de Blois (-1152) [more]
           Henri I de Champagne et de Brie (-1194)
              *Matilda of Carinthia (-1160) [more]
       Thibaut III de CHAMPAGNE (1179-1201)
              *Louis_VII the_Younger (1121-1180) [more]
           Marie of_France (1138-1198)
              *Eleanor of_Aquitaine (1122-1204) [more]
   Theobald I of Navarre (1201-1253)
              *Garcia_VII "el Restaurador" of Navarre (1110-1150) [more]
           Sancho VII "the Wise" of Navarre (1132-1194)
              *Margaret de l' AIGLE (1104-1141) [more]
       Blanche of_Navarre (-1229)
              *Alfonso VII de Le´┐Żn-Castile (1105-1157) [more]
           Sancha of Castile (1140-1179)
              *Berengaria of_Barcelona (1116-1148) [more]
Henry I of Navarre (-1276) [previous]
                  *Guy_I de DAMPIERRE (-1151) [more]
               Guillaume de DAMPIERRE (-1161)
                   Helvide de BAUDEMENT (-1165)
           Guy_II de DAMPIERRE (-1216)
                  *Dreux IV de MOUCHY (-1162) [more]
               Ermengarde de MOUCHY 
       Archambault_VIII de Dampierre BOURBON (-1242)
                  *Archambault_VII de BOURBON (-1173) [more]
               Archambault_VIII BOURBON (1140-1169)
                  *Agnes of Savoy (1105-1183) [more]
           Mahaut de BOURBON (-1228)
                  *Eudes_II de BOURGOGNE (1118-1162) [more]
               Alix de BOURGOGNE (-1192)
                  *Marie de CHAMPAGNE (1128-1190) [more]
   Marguerite de BOURBON (-1256)
       Guigone de FOREZ 

Pedigree 478

      *Louis_VIII "the Lion" (1187-1226) [more]
   Robert I d' ARTOIS (1216-1250)
      *Blanche of_Castile (1188-1253) [more]
Blanche d'Artois (-1302) [previous]
              *Godfrey_III of_Louvain (1139-1186) [more]
           Henry_I of Brabant (1165-1235)
                   Henry_II of Limbourg 
               Margaret von_Limbourg (1139-1171)
                  *Matilda  [more]
       Heinrich_II of_Brabant (1207-1247)
                  *Thierry I (Dietrich) of_Lorraine (-1168) [more]
               Matthias of Lorraine (-1173)
                  *Sibylle d'Anjou (1116-1167) [more]
           Maud of_Flanders (-1211)
                  *Stephen of_Blois (1095-1154) [more]
               Mary of_Blois (1136-1182)
                  *Matilda of_Boulogne (1105-1152) [more]
   Matilda of Brabant (1224-1288)
                  *Frederick_II (1090-1147) [more]
               Frederick_III Barbarossa (1122-1190)
                  *Judith of_Bavaria (1100-1130) [more]
           Philip_II (1177-1208)
                  *Renaud_III de BOURGOGNE (-1148) [more]
               Beatrix de BOURGOGNE (1143-1184)
                  *Agatha of Lorraine  [more]
       Marie of_Swabia (-1240)
                  *Andronicus Angelus  [more]
               Isaac_II Angelus (1155-1204)
                   Euphrosyne Castamonita 
           Irene ANGELICA (-1208)

Pedigree 479

                  *Fastrad II (-1111) [more]
               Walter I d' OISY OF TOURNEY (-1147)
           Nicholas d'Avesnes (-1169)
                  *Everard I Radulf (-1112) [more]
               Ida de MORTAGNE 
                   Francka (-1078)
       Jacques d' AVESNES (1150-1191)
                  *Albert III (1030-1102) [more]
               Henry I de la Roche (1070-1126)
                  *Ida von Sachsen (1035-1117) [more]
           Mathilda de la Roche 
                  *Henry I of Limbourg (1060-1119) [more]
               Mathilde of Limburg (1095-)
                  *(Miss) de ARLON  [more]
   Bouchard d'Avesnes (1180-1244)
       Adele de_Guise (1155-)
Jean_I d'Avesnes (1218-1257) [previous]
   Margareta of Flanders (1202-1280)

Pedigree 480

Adelaide of_Holland (-1284) [previous]
      *Henry_I of Brabant (1165-1235) [more]
   Matilda of BRABANT (-1267)
      *Maud of_Flanders (-1211) [more]

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