File 112: Ancestors of Paul Bailey MCBRIDE

Ancestors of Paul Bailey MCBRIDE


Joyouse [Pedigree]

Married first Sir Gilbert de GREINVILLE (-1243)

Children: [listed under entry for Gilbert de GREINVILLE]

Married second Richard de MONTFITCHET

References: [CP],[WallopFH],[Weis1],[MCS4],[MRL]

Judicael Berengar Count of Rennes (-970) [Pedigree]

Son of Berenger de_Bayeux Count of Bayeux Count of Senlis (847-930) and dau. of Gurvand de BRETAGNE

    d. ABT 970

Married Gerberge


  1. Conan_I "le Tort" of_Rennes Count of Bretagne and Rennes (0927-992) m. Ermangarde d' ANJOU (952-992)

References: [Theroff],[GENSERV],[PlantagenetA],[ES],[Weis1], [AR7]

Judith [Pedigree]

Married Folmar III Count of Metz (-1087)

Children: [listed under entry for Folmar III]

References: [ES],[RFC]

Judith de Fonvens [Pedigree]

Married Uralon Seigneur de Vergy

Children: [listed under entry for Uralon]

Judith of Austria [Pedigree]

Married William III de MONTFERRAT Marquis de Montferrat

Children: [listed under entry for William III de MONTFERRAT]

Judith of Bavaria (800-843) [Pedigree]

Daughter of Welf of Alemannia, Count Duke of Bavaria (776-) and Heilwig (780-)

       daughter of Count Welf.
    b. ABT 800, Bavaria
    b. ABT 805, Bavaria
    d. 19 Apr 843, Tours, Indre-et-Loire, France

Married Louis I "the Pious" of Aquitaine King of France (778-0840)

Children: [listed under entry for Louis I "the Pious" of Aquitaine]

References: [GENSERV],[WilsonAB],[RGD],[AR7]

Judith of Brittany (-1017) [Pedigree]

Daughter of Conan_I "le Tort" of_Rennes Count of Bretagne and Rennes (0927-992) and Ermangarde d' ANJOU (952-992)

    b. 982
    b. 982, Bretagne, France
    b. 956
    d. 16 Jun 1017
    d. 1017
    d. AFT 1026

Married Richard II "the Good" of Normandy 4th Duke of Normandy (958-1026)

Children: [listed under entry for Richard II "the Good" of Normandy]

References: [AR7],[Weis1],[GENSERV],[RGD],[RFC],[Paget1]

Judith of France Princess of The West Franks (-870) [Pedigree]

Daughter of Charles II "the Bald" King West Franks (823-877) and Ermentrude Queen of The West Franks (830-869)

       REF RFC. Queen of Wessex, Queen of England, Countess of Flanders.
    b. 844, France
    b. ABT 846
    d. AFT 870

Married first Ethelwulf (Ethelbald) King of Wessex King of England (806-858)

Married second Ethelbald King of England (-0860)

Married third Baldwin_I "Bras de Fer" Count of Flanders (837-)

Children: [listed under entry for Baldwin_I "Bras de Fer"]

References: [GENSERV],[RFC],[WallopFH],[AR7],[Weis1],[Paget1]

Judith of Friuli [Pedigree]

Married Adalbert II Count in Thurgau, Charragau, Schwarzwald, Alpgau, Hegau

Children: [listed under entry for Adalbert II]

Judith of Lens (1054-1086) [Pedigree]

Daughter of Lambert Count of Lens in Artois (1022-1054) and Adeliza of Normandy (1030-1081)

       There has been controversy about her father.  Instead of Enguerrand II, it is thought to be as shown, Lambert--Count of Lens.
       REF AR7. Lambert may not be the father of Judith of Lens,
       and Adelaide may not have even been his wife. See TAG54:231-2
    b. 1054, of Lens, Normandy, France
    d. AFT 1086
    b. 1054

Married Waltheof_II Earl of Northumberland (1045-1076)

Children: [listed under entry for Waltheof_II]

References: [RD500],[RFC],[Talbot1],[AR7],[PlantagenetA]

Judith of Nantes [Pedigree]

Married Alain CAIGNARD Count of Cornouaille

Children: [listed under entry for Alain CAIGNARD]

References: [MRL],[AR7]

Judith of Verdun (-977) [Pedigree]

Daughter of Henry of_Verdun Count of Verdun

       REF AR7. Probably daughter of Henry, Count of Verdun.
    d. AFT 977/978

Married Otto (Otho) II Duke of Carinthia Duke of Franconia, Carinthia (947-1004)

Children: [listed under entry for Otto (Otho) II]

References: [RFC],[AR7],[WallopFH]

Judith of_Bavaria (1100-1130) [Pedigree]

Daughter of Henry III the Black of Bavaria Duke of Bavaria Duke of Spoleto (1074-1126) and Wulfhilda of Saxony (1075-1126)

    b. 1100
    d. 1130

Married Frederick_II Duke of Swabia (1090-1147)

Children: [listed under entry for Frederick_II]

References: [AR7]

Judith of_Flanders (-1094) [Pedigree]

Daughter of Baldwin IV "Fair Beard" of Flanders Count of Flanders (980-1036) and Eleanora of Normandy (1010-1071)

       Some sources show Judith to be the daugther of Baldwin V.
    d. 4 Mar 1094
    d. 5 Mar 1094

Married first Tostig of Northumbria Godwinsson Earl of Northumbria (-1066)

Married second Guelph I (Welf) of Bavaria Duke of Bavaria Count of Altdorf (1035-1101)

Children: [listed under entry for Guelph I (Welf) of Bavaria]

Married third Tostig of Northumbria Godwinsson Earl of Northumbria (-1066)

Children: [listed under entry for Tostig of Northumbria Godwinsson]

References: [AR7],[RGD]

Julian (1184-) [Pedigree]
    b. ABT 1184
    r. Northampton, Eng.

Married Sir Robert de CHAUCOMBE (1180-)

Children: [listed under entry for Robert de CHAUCOMBE]

References: [GENSERV],[MRL],[AR7]

Juliana [Pedigree]

Married Robert de la HAY Lord of Hanlac

Children: [listed under entry for Robert de la HAY]

References: [WallopFH],[PlantagenetA]

Juliana (1274-1333) [Pedigree]
    b. 1274, Sanderstead, Eng.
    d. 1333

Married William Atte WODE (1270-1345)

Children: [listed under entry for William Atte WODE]

References: [GENSERV]

Juliana FitzMaurice (1266-1300) [Pedigree]

Daughter of Sir Maurice FitzMaurice FitzGerald Lord of Offaly, Judiciar of Ireland (1238-1286) and Maud de Prendergast.

    b. ABT 1266, of Dublin, Dublin, Ireland
    d. 1300

Married Thomas de CLARE Governor of London (1245-1287)

Children: [listed under entry for Thomas de CLARE]

Note: Juliana is not the daughter of Emmeline de LONGESPEE (1250-1291). See postings in soc.genealogy.medieval by Douglas Richardson, 25 Feb 2000 and 20 Apr 2003 for ancestry of Maud de Prendergast.

References: [PresidentsA],[OFHSN],[AR7],[MCS4]

Juliana of Perche (1069-1109) [Pedigree]

Daughter of Geoffrey II de Perche Count of Perche and Mortagne (-1100) and Beatrice of Roucy (-1129)

    b. ABT 1069
    d. AFT 1109

Married second Gilbert II Seigneur de l'Aigle (-1096)

Children: [listed under entry for Gilbert II]

References: [Paget1],[AR7]

Julien (-1670) [Pedigree]
       REF HamptonTH. Her dowery was her weight (112 lbs.) in gold.
       Her name is also shown as Gillyen.
    d. 10 May 1670, Hampton, NH

Married Henry LAMPREY (1616-1700)

Children: [listed under entry for Henry LAMPREY]

References: [HamptonTH]

Jutta [Pedigree]

Married Billung_II of_Obotrites

Children: [listed under entry for Billung_II of_Obotrites]

References: [AR7]

Jutta (Judith) [Pedigree]

Married Conrad Duke of Swabia Count in the Rheingau (920-)

Children: [listed under entry for Conrad]

References: [ES],[RFC],[AR7]

Jutta of Lower Lorraine (1040-) [Pedigree]

Daughter of Frederick II Count Luxembourg, Margrave Antwerp, Lord Saarbrucken (1005-1065) and Gerberge of Boulogne (-1049)

       Heiress of Limburg-Maas.
    b. ABT 1040

Married Udo Count of Limbourg (-1070)

Children: [listed under entry for Udo]

References: [RFC]

Jutta of Luxembourg? Countess Oeningen (-1032) [Pedigree]
    d. AFT 1032

Married Adalbert II Count of Metz, Saargau, Duke of Lower Lorraine (-1033)

Children: [listed under entry for Adalbert II]

References: [RFC],[ES]

Kateryn (-1572) [Pedigree]
    d. BEF 30 Jan 1572, Filby, Norfolk, Eng.
    bur. 30 Jan 1572, Filby, Norfolk, Eng.

Married Roger WARDE (1520-1579)

Children: [listed under entry for Roger WARDE]

Katherine (-1702) [Pedigree]
    d. 23 Dec 1702

Married Thomas DOWNES (1611-1698)

Children: [listed under entry for Thomas DOWNES]

Katherine (-1584) [Pedigree]
    d. BEF 25 Sep 1584, Hemblington, Norfolk, Eng.
    bur. 25 Sep 1584, Hemblington, Norfolk, Eng.

Married Francis GOODWIN (1544-1602)

Children: [listed under entry for Francis GOODWIN]

Katherine [Pedigree]

Married William FELD (-1480)

Children: [listed under entry for William FELD]

References: [FieldFH]

Katherine (-1314) [Pedigree]
    d. AFT 1314

Married Sir John de REYGATE Kt. (-1314)

Children: [listed under entry for John de REYGATE]

References: [YorkshireP]

Katherine (1348-) [Pedigree]
    b. ABT 1348
    r. Wanlip, Leicester, Eng.

Married Thomas (Walse) WALSH (1343-)

Children: [listed under entry for Thomas (Walse) WALSH]

References: [GENSERV]

Katherine of Flanders [Pedigree]

Daughter of Arnold 4th Earl Flanders

Married Alphonsus de VERE Count Ghesnes (1000-)

Children: [listed under entry for Alphonsus de VERE]

Kenneth_I MacAlpin King of Picts and Scots [Pedigree]

Son of Alpin King of Scotland (-837)

    d. 858


  1. Constantine_II King of Scotland
  2. Aedh King of Scotland
  3. Unknown_Dau.

References: [AR7]

Kenneth_II King of Scotland [Pedigree]

Son of Malcolm_I King of Scotland

    d. 995


  1. Malcolm_II King of Scotland (-1034)

References: [AR7],[PRES.GED]

Keretic [Pedigree]

Son of Cunneda Wledlic


  1. Vsei

References: [GENSERV]

Ketel Baron of Kendal [Pedigree]

Son of Eldred Baron Kendal


  1. Gilbert de Lancaster 4th Baron of Kendal m. Goditha Tailbois

References: [MRL],[AR7]

Kilvert [Pedigree]

Son of Ligulph


  1. Lulelph m. Aldgyth

References: [WilsonAB],[BurkeP],[WallopFH]

Klak-Harald King of Jutland (830-) [Pedigree]
    b. ABT 830


  1. Thyri m. Sigurd Hiort King of Ringerike

References: [AR7]

Konrad Count of Arlon [Pedigree]

Son of Udo Count of Meinvelt


  1. Waleran I Count of Arlon (-1052) m. Adele of Mosellane (-1052)

References: [RFC]

Konrad_I of_Luxembourg Count of Luxembourg (-1086) [Pedigree]

Son of Giselbert I Count of Salm, Longuy, Luxembourg (1005-1059)

       Advocate of St. Maximin in Malmedy.
    d. 1086

Married Clementia of_Aquitaine (1048-1129)


  1. Ermensinde of Luxembourg (1080-1143) m(1) Godfrey_I of Namur Count of Namur and Dagsburg (1067-1139)
  2. Mathilde von LUXEMBOURG
  3. William of Luxembourg Count of Luxembourg (-1130)

References: [AR7],[ES],[RFC],[Talbot1],[WallopFH],[RD500]

Konrad_II Count of Auxerre [Pedigree]


  1. Adelaide m. Richard the_Justiciar Duke of Burgandy

References: [AR7]

Kunigunde of France (890-923) [Pedigree]

Daughter of Ermentrude Princess of the West Franks (870-)

    b. ABT 890
    d. AFT 923

Married first Wigeric Pfalzgrave in Thier, Bildgau, & Aachen

Children: [listed under entry for Wigeric]

Married second Richwin Count of Verdun

Children: [listed under entry for Richwin]

References: [RFC],[Weis1],[AR7]

Kuno Count von Oehningen (-1020) [Pedigree]
    d. ABT 1020

Married Rechilde of Germany


  1. Hemma von Oehningen
  2. Itha von OENINGEN (-1020)
  3. (Miss) von OEHNINGEN (-1014)
  4. Richilda von OENINGEN m. Cuno Count of Rheinfelden (-1026)
  5. Judith of OHNINGEN m. Ludwig Count Dagsburg (-980)
  6. Kunigunde? von OHNINGEN (980-1005) m. Frederick von BUREN Pfalzgraf in Swabia (960-1027)
  7. Ekbert Markgraf von Stade

References: [RFC],[Paget1],[ES],[TAG]

Kuno von Lechsgemuend Count von Lechsgemuend [Pedigree]

Married Matilda von Achalm


  1. Heinrich I von Lechsgemuend Count von Lechsgemuend (-1078) m. Irmgard von Rott

References: [Theroff]

Kuno von Rott Count Palatine von Rott [Pedigree]

Married Unknown


  1. Irmgard von Rott m. Heinrich I von Lechsgemuend Count von Lechsgemuend (-1078)

References: [Theroff]

Kunza [Pedigree]
       REF Weis1. Sister of Bazin, Bishop of Treves.

Married Warinus Count

Children: [listed under entry for Warinus]

References: [Weis1]

Kuthen Prince of Kumans [Pedigree]


  1. Elizabeth m. Stephen_V King of Hungary (-1272)

References: [Weis1]

Lafracoth O'Brien [Pedigree]

Married Arnulph MONTGOMERY

Children: [listed under entry for Arnulph MONTGOMERY]

Laidolfo Count of Tabellaria [Pedigree]

Son of Alfano Count of Tabellaria and Porpora of Amalfi

Married Aldara of San Massimo Count of Teano


  1. Porpora of Tabellaria (-1036) m. Waimar IV Prince of Salerno (1010-1052)

References: [RFC],[PlantagenetA]

Lain [Pedigree]


  1. Teresa Lainez m. Roderigo Alvarez Count in Asturias (-1066)

References: [RFC]

Lain Nunez Lord in Castile (-1063) [Pedigree]

Son of Nuno Lainez and Eilone Fernandez

    d. AFT 1063


  1. Diego Lainez de_Bibar in_Castile Senor de Bibar (-1058) m. Teresa

References: [RFC],[AR7]

Lambert Count of Louvain, Toxandrie [Pedigree]

Son of Thiederich Count of Ringleheim (872-917) and Reginhilde von FRIESLAND Countess of Ringleheim (858-)

Married (Miss) von BETUWE


  1. Adele of Toxandrie m. Regnier_III Count of Hainault Count of Hainaut (920-)

References: [RFC],[AR7],[WallopFH],[Moncreiffe]

Lambert Count of Lens in Artois (1022-1054) [Pedigree]

Son of Eustace I of Boulogne Count of Boulogne (1004-1049) and Mathilda de LOUVAIN

       Count or Seigneur of Lens-Aumale.
       REF AR7. Lambert may not be the father of Judith of Lens,
       and Adelaide may not have even been his wife. See TAG54:231-2
    b. ABT 1022, Lens, Normandy, France
    d. 1054, Battle of Lille, Phalampin, France

Married Adeliza of Normandy (1030-1081)


  1. Judith of Lens (1054-1086) m. Waltheof_II Earl of Northumberland (1045-1076)

References: [AR7],[RD500],[RFC],[MRL],[CP],[Weis1],[Talbot1], [PlantagenetA]

Lambert Vicomte de Dijon, Auxerre, Count Chalons [Pedigree]

Married Aelis (Adelaide) de Chalons


  1. Matilda of Chalons (-1016) m. Geoffrey II de Semur Seigneur de Semur (-1019)
  2. Mahaut de CHALON (-1016) m(2) Gerard Seigneur de Vergy Count of Nevers, Duke of Burgundy

References: [PlantagenetA],[ES],[AR7]

Lambert I Seigneur de Grandson (-1026) [Pedigree]

Son of Hirchinbert (-983) and Ilderude

    d. 1026


  1. Adalbert II Seigneur de Grandson (-1059) m. Tetburge

References: [PlantagenetA]

Lambert I de St. Omer [Pedigree]


  1. Rabel de ST. OMER (-1088)

References: [PlantagenetA]

Lambert II Comte de Gand (-1085) [Pedigree]

Son of Folcard Comte de Gand (-1073) and Landrade de LOUVAINE

    d. AFT 1085

Married Gisele (-1071)


  1. Wenemar_I Bargrave of Ghent (-1140) m(1) Lutgarde

References: [PlantagenetA],[Theroff]

Lambert_I (-650) [Pedigree]

Son of Chrodobertus (-630)

    d. AFT 650


  1. Chrodobertus m. Doda

References: [Capet]

Lambert_I "The Bearded" Count of Mons and Louvain (950-1015) [Pedigree]

Son of Regnier_III Count of Hainault Count of Hainaut (920-) and Adele of Toxandrie

    b. ABT 950
    r. Louvain, France
    d. 12 Sep 1015, Florennes
    bur. Nivelles, France

Married Gerberge of Lorraine (975-1008)


  1. Mathilda de LOUVAIN m. Eustace I of Boulogne Count of Boulogne (1004-1049)
  2. Lambert_II of Louvain Count of Louvain (991-1062) m. Ode (Oda) de VERDUN (-1044)
  3. Henry I de LOUVAINE (-1038)
  4. Landrade de LOUVAINE m. Folcard Comte de Gand (-1073)

References: [AR7],[Paget1],[MRL],[RD500],[RFC],[WallopFH],[ES], [PlantagenetA]

Lambert_II of Louvain Count of Louvain (991-1062) [Pedigree]

Son of Lambert_I "The Bearded" Count of Mons and Louvain (950-1015) and Gerberge of Lorraine (975-1008)

       Count of Brussels.
    b. ABT 991
    d. AFT 21 Sep 1062

Married Ode (Oda) de VERDUN (-1044)


  1. Henry_II of_Brabant Count of Lorraine and Louvain (1021-1078) m. Adelaide of Orlamunda (1045-1086)
  2. Adelheid of Louvain (-1083)

References: [AR7],[Paget1],[Weis1],[RFC]

Lancelin Seigneur of Baugency (-1081) [Pedigree]
    d. 1081

Married Alberge


  1. Hildegarde de_Baugency (-1070) m. Fulk_IV "Rechin" 7th Count of Anjou (1043-1109)

References: [AR7],[PlantagenetA],[WallopFH],[Harris1]