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Pedigees 431-435: Ancestors of Paul Bailey MCBRIDE

Ancestors of Paul Bailey MCBRIDE

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Pedigree 431

              *Henry I of France (1008-1060) [more]
           Philip_I the_Fair (1052-1108)
              *Anne of Russia (1036-1075) [more]
       Louis_VI the_Fat (1081-1137)
               Floris I (-1061)
           Bertha of Holland (1055-1094)
                  *Bernhard II of Saxony (995-1057) [more]
               Gertrude of Saxony (1030-1113)
                  *Elica von SCHWEINFURT (1000-1055) [more]
   Peter of France (1125-1183)
          *Humbert_II (1062-1103) [more]
       Adelaide of_Savoy (1092-1154)
          *Gisele of_Burgundy (1070-1133) [more]
Alice de COURTENAY (1160-1205) [previous]
      *Renaud (Reginald) COURTENAY (1100-1190) [more]
   Elizabeth de COURTENAY (1127-1205)
      *Hawise de DONJON (1113-1158) [more]

Pedigree 432

          *Ramon Berenger III (1080-1131) [more]
       Raymond Berenger IV of Barcelona (1113-1162)
          *Douce of Provence (1095-1127) [more]
   Alfonso II Raimundez (1152-1196)
                  *Ramiro I de Aragon (-1064) [more]
               Sancho Ram�rez I de Aragon (1042-1094)
                  *Gilberga Hermesinda de Conserans (-1054) [more]
           Ramiro II "the Monk" de Aragon (1075-1157)
                  *Hildouin IV (1010-1062) [more]
               Felice of Rouci (-1086)
                  *Adelaide of Rouci (1014-1063) [more]
       Petronilla de Aragon (1135-1173)
              *Guillaime IX de Aquitaine (1071-1126) [more]
           Matilda de Aquitaine (1101-1157)
              *Maud (Philippe) of Toulouse (1073-1117) [more]
Alfonso II Alfonsez "el Casto" (1174-1269) [previous]
      *Alfonso VII de Le�n-Castile (1105-1157) [more]
   Sancha de Castile (1154-1208)
           Vladislav II (1041-)
       Richilde (Rixa) of Poland (1130-1185)
                  *Conrad_II "the Salic" (-1039) [more]
               Henry_III "the Black" (1017-1056)
                  *Gisela of Swabia (0985-1042) [more]
           Sophia (Agnes) of Austria (1043-)
                  *William III of Poitou (V of Aquitaine) "le Grand" (969-1030) [more]
               Agnes of Aquitaine (1024-1077)
                  *Agnes of Burgundy (995-1068) [more]

Pedigree 433

               Guillaume I de SABRAN (1064-)
           Guillaume II de SABRAN (1094-)
               Wife of Guillaume I de SABRAN (1068-)
       Rostaing de Sabran And CAILAR (1124-)
           Wife of Guillaume II de SABRAN (1098-)
   Raimond de (Reinier) de SABRAN (1154-1224)
           Raines (Rainon) de CAILOR (1098-)
       Rose du Cailar And D' UZES (1128-)
           Beatrix D' UZES (1102-)
Gersinde II de FORCALQUIER (1180-1209) [previous]
                   Ermengaud IV Count of URGEL (1052-1092)
               William Count of FORCALQUIER (1078-1129)
                  *Adelais Countess of FORCALQUIER (1054-1129) [more]
           Bertrand Count of FORCALQUIER (1104-1149)
       Guillaume IV Count of FORCALQUIER (1130-1208)
           Josserane de FLOTTE (1106-)
   Garsinde Countess of FORCALQUIER (1156-)

Pedigree 434

                  *Eudes SAVOY (1002-1057) [more]
               Amadeo II Count of SAVOY (1032-1080)
                  *Adelais SUZA (1004-) [more]
           Humbert II of SAVOY (1062-1103)
                  *Gerold of GENEVA (1032-1045) [more]
               Joan de GENEVA (1034-)
                   Gisela (1034-)
       Amadeo III of SAVOY (1092-1148)
              *Guillaume I "the Great" de Bourgogne (1024-1087) [more]
           Gisela (Gille) of Burgundy-Ivrea (1060-1133)
                  *Raimund Berenger Ii(Iii) Count of BARCELONA (1055-1082) [more]
               Stephanie of BARCELONA (1045-1092)
                  *Mathilda (Maud) D'Apulia & HAUTVILLE (1055-1083) [more]
   Humbert III "le Saint" of SAVOY (1136-1188)
                   Guigue I Count of ALBON (1016-)
               Guigue II Count of ALBON (1042-)
                   Gotheline Wife of Guigue I ALBON (1018-)
           Guigues III Count of ALBON (1068-1198)
       Maud (Mathilde) Countess of ALBON (1116-1145)
           Mathilde Wife of Guigues III ALBON (1070-)
Thomas I of SAVOY (1178-1233) [previous]
           Guillaume IV of VIENNE (1088-)
       Girard I Count of VIENNE (1112-1180)
               Theobald of TRAVES (1064-)
           Poncia (Adala) of TRAVES (1090-)
   Beatrix de VIENNE (1138-1230)
           Gaucher III Sire de SALINS (1088-)
       Guigonne (Maurette) de SALINS (1114-)

Pedigree 435

                  *Gerold of GENEVA (1032-1045) [more]
               Gerold II (III) of GENEVA (1058-1080)
                   Gisela (1034-)
           Aimon II of GENEVA (1084-1134)
               Thietburge Wife of Gerold II (Iii) GENEVA (1060-)
       Amadeo I of GENEVA (1110-1162)
               Louis Signeur de FAUCIGNY (1060-)
           Itha de FAUCIGNY (1086-)
   Guillaume I of GENEVA (1130-1195)
           Pons I Seigneur de CUSEAU (1086-)
       Mathilde Countess of GENEVA (1112-1137)
           Laura de SENECY (1088-)
Beatrix (Marguerite) de Geneva and Faucigny (1179-1257) [previous]
      *Amadeo III of SAVOY (1092-1148) [more]
   Agnes Countess of SAVOY (1138-1177)
      *Maud (Mathilde) Countess of ALBON (1116-1145) [more]

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