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Pedigees 901-905: Ancestors of Paul Bailey MCBRIDE

Ancestors of Paul Bailey MCBRIDE

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Pedigree 901

  *Stephen_III of_Blois (1046-1101) [more]
Stephen of_Blois (1095-1154) [previous]
  *Adela of England (1062-1137) [more]

Pedigree 902

      *Eustace II of Boulogne (1030-1080) [more]
   Eustace_III of Boulogne (1058-1125)
      *Ida of Lorraine (1040-1113) [more]
Matilda of_Boulogne (1105-1152) [previous]
      *Malcolm III Canmore (1031-1093) [more]
   Mary of_Scotland (-1116)
      *St._Margaret of_Scotland (1045-1093) [more]

Pedigree 903

       Frederick of_Buren 
   Frederick_I (1050-1105)
Frederick_II (1090-1147) [previous]
      *Heinrich IV (1050-1106) [more]
   Agnes of_Saxony (1074-1143)
      *Bertha of MAURIENNE (1051-1081) [more]

Pedigree 904

           Azo II of Este (997-1097)
       Guelph I (Welf) of Bavaria (1035-1101)
                  *Rudolf II of Altdorf  [more]
               Guelph (Wolfard) of Altdorf (-1030)
           Cunegunda (1020-1055)
                  *Frederick I of Luxemburg (965-1019) [more]
               Imagi of Luxemburg (1000-1057)
                  *Ermentrude von GLEIBERG  [more]
   Henry III the Black of Bavaria (1074-1126)
          *Baldwin IV "Fair Beard" of Flanders (980-1036) [more]
       Judith of_Flanders (-1094)
              *Richard II "the Good" of Normandy (958-1026) [more]
           Eleanora of Normandy (1010-1071)
              *Judith of Brittany (-1017) [more]
Judith of_Bavaria (1100-1130) [previous]
              *Bernhard II of Saxony (995-1057) [more]
           Ordulf of Saxony (1020-1072)
              *Elica von SCHWEINFURT (1000-1055) [more]
       Magnus of Saxony (1045-1106)
                  *Harald "Grenski"  [more]
               St. Olaf_II (995-)
           Ulfhilde of_Norway (1023-1070)
                  *Harald III Hardrada of Norway Sigurdsson (1015-1066) [more]
               Ingigerd Haraldsdottir 
                  *Ellisif (Elizabeth) Jaroslavna (1032-) [more]
   Wulfhilda of Saxony (1075-1126)
          *Bela I of Hungary (-1063) [more]
       Sophia of Hungary (-1095)
          *Ryksa (Rixa) of Poland (1018-1059) [more]

Pedigree 905

      *Guillaume I "the Great" de Bourgogne (1024-1087) [more]
   Etienne I "Tete-Hardi" de BOURGOGNE (-1102)
      *Stephanie de LONGWY (1035-1109) [more]
Renaud_III de BOURGOGNE (-1148) [previous]
      *Gerhard III (-1045) [more]
   Beatrice of Upper Lorraine (-1090)
      *Gisela of Lower Lorraine  [more]

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