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Found in Revolutionary War Pension Accounts
Outside of NARA Record Group 15

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The National Archives and Records Administration (NARA) holds the Applications for Revolutionary War soldier's and widow's pensions in Record Group 15 (Records of the Veterans Administration). Bounty-Land-Warrant applications are interfiled with the Revolutionary pensions. All these files are reproduced on NARA microfilm M804, a total of 2670 rolls. Long-distance researchers usually request pension info by using NATF-80.
Further records related to the pension, in addition to the ones filed in Record Group 15, exist in different record groups. Some of the added records relate to payments. For example, the pension payment ledgers and final payment vouchers are in Record Group 217 (Records of the United States General Accounting Office). One series within that group has 144 boxes of payment records from the Records of the Third Auditor. The title is "Settled Accounts for Payment of Accrued Pensions (Final Payments)."
Instead of receiving their payments directly from the government, Revolutionary pensioners dealt with local pension agents. On 6 April 1838, Congress enacted legislation concerning unclaimed pension funds. When pensioners failed to claim the payments from the agents within eight months, the funds were to be returned to the Treasury of the United States. Thereafter, the pensioner, his attorney, his heirs, or his estate must apply directly to the Treasury to obtain any such accrued payments. The documents cited below resulted from this act.

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