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The group of local and family history webpages that inhabited this space for 15 years has been deleted today, August 22, 2013.

The reason? Copyright infringement and plagiarism by users of these pages.

Notifying so many people of their infringements takes considerable time, hours that otherwise could have gone towards more research and assessment. When I have tried to contact such infringers, I politely asked them to to either remove infringing components from public view, or at a minimum, cite me or my pages as the source. I am grateful to those who acknowledged their mistakes and made appropriate changes. I am mindful that we all make mistakes, so hold no grudges against those researchers who took corrective actions.

However, too many times the response has been far from civil. The increasing frequency of such abusive behavior this summer has convinced me to abandon my projects.

copyright 2013 by a c goodwin