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Formed 1799 from Sumner
Jackson formed 1801 from Smith
White formed 1806 from Overton, Jackson, Smith
Humphreys formed 1809 from Stewart, Smith
Macon formed 1842 from Smith, Sumner
Trousdale formed 1870 from Macon, Smith, Wilson
See also Sumner & DeKalb Cos. TN


1820 Smith Co. TN Census
Pg. 47  Thomas W. Casby       100001        - 10010
    52  Fleming Duncan        200100        - 00100
    53  Elijah Duncan         000001        - 00001
        John Duncan           220010        - 22010
        Joseph Duncan         521110        - 01110
        Josiah Duncan         100001        - 32101
            (MAD: 1800 Worcester Co. MD census)
        Thomas W. Duncan      320010        - 20010
    54  Abner Duncan          000010        - 00010

1830 Smith Co. TN Census
Pg. 35  Thomas W. Duncan      0210,001      - 0110,001
    61  Thomas W. Cosby       0001,0000,1   - 0000,0001
    71  Leonard Fite          0000,0000,001 - 0001,0000,1
        Wm. Fite              0100,01       - 2100,1
          (MAD: see 1820 Lincoln Co. NC census)
    76  Henry Cosby           1001,1000,001 - 0001,001
        William Duncan        1000,1        - 1000,1
    84  John O. Cosby         1200,01       - 1000,1
    90a Abner Duncan          0000,0001     - 0000,0001
    97  Marshall Duncan       0010,1        - 0001
        George Duncan         1001,0000,11  - 0131,001
   112  Levi Dunham           0100,01       - 3001,1
   117  John Duncan           0211,001      - 2101,101
   120  Isaac Duncan          0000,1        - 0001,001

1840 Smith Co. TN Census
Pg.229  Daniel Duncan         2000,1        - 1100,01
   230  Thomas A. Dunham      0110,1        - 1000,1
   240  M.B. Duncan           1100,0100,01  - 2100,1
   278  Joseph Duncan         1000,1        - 0000,1
        Richard B. Martin     1211,001      - 0100,01
        John Duncan           0002          - 0001
        Samuel Shurfey        0001,001      - 0021,001
   300  Joseph Duncan         1000,1        - 0100,1
   302  Edwin Duncan          1011,11       - 3300,01
          (MAD: see 1850 Wilson Co. TN census)

1850 Smith Co. TN Census (and from Roy Hall 2/1989)
Page numbers without parens are stamped page numbers, within parens are handwritten numbers
N. of Cumberland, E. of C.F. River
Pg.226 (452), #215, Joseph GASS 63 PA farmer $1000
                  Elizabeth 38 VA
                  Hardy B. 35 TN farmer
                  Francis M. (m) 18 TN farmer
                  Jasper N. 17 TN (farmer)
                  Joseph V. 13, James P. 5 TN
                  Wm. C. 3, Zachry T. 11/12 TN
                  Cary R. DUNCAN (f) 18 TN
Pg.297 (593), #1196, Marshall B. DUNCAN 45 VA farmer $3000
                  Calpernia 34 VA
                  Clementimy 17, Cyrus 15 TN (farmer)
                  Elizabeth 13, Mintlow 11 TN
                  Patsy 9, Clementine 8 TN
                  Fountain P. (m) 6, George A. 4 TN
                  Mary J. 10/12 TN
South Division
Pg.344 (685), #503, Rufus P. GASS 25 TN laborer $0
                  Sarah 22 TN
                  (MAD: Rufus P. Gass mar. Sarah H. Duncan 11/15/1849; in 1870 Crittenden Co. KY census)
Pg.348 (694), #570, J.A. DUNCAN (m) 30 TN laborer Can't read/write
                  Arena 27 TN
                  Francis (m) 2/12 TN
Pg.370 (737), #908, William PIGG 33 TN laborer $200
                  Martha 27 TN
                  Mary 11, Juratia (f) 9, John 6 TN
                  Rebecca 4, Martha 2 TN
                  (MAD: John William Pigg b.1816, d.1886, bur. Fossil, OR, mar. 1838 Martha Ann Duncan, dau. of Joseph Duncan and Rebecca Vandergrift; per "The Trail Blazers" Historical and Genealogical record of early pioneer families of OR, MO and the South; by Alice (Turnidge) Hamot, 1935, Portland, OR; Library of Congress book CS71.T948 1935)

1860 Smith Co. TN Census (pg.332 also from Mary Louise Craven 4/1981)
District 8, Dixon Springs
Pg.332, #1276, F.W. DUNCAN (m) 40 TN Constable $1500
                  F.H. 27 (f) TN
                  Josiah 12, Mary 9 TN
                  (MAD: Fleming W. Duncan from 1850 Macon Co. TN census, wife Phebe H.)
Pg.332, #1278, Josiah MARSHAL 83 VA & family
Pg.333, #1298, Marshall DUNCAN 56 VA farmer $1000
                  Calpurnia 50 VA
                  Elizabeth 24 TN
                  Fountain (m) 18 TN laborer $8000-$20,000 (sic)
                  George 14, Josephine 11 TN
                  Joseph 6 TN
Pg.362, #827, Wm. N. SUITE 38 NC mechanic $1200-$1000
                  Mary J. 29 TN
                  Martha S. 3, Julia A. 1 TN
                  John M. HARRISON 21 TN stone mason $0-$200
                  Sarah J. 23 TN
                  (MAD: William N. Suite mar. Mary Jane Duncan 9/9/1852 Wilson Co. TN)

1870 Smith Co. TN Census
District 3, P.O. Carthage
Pg.28, #8-8, DUNCAN, Isaac 54 VA BLACK farm laborer $0-$150
                  Mary 50 TN BLACK keeping house
District 8, P.O. Hartsville
Pg.99, #88-87, DUNCAN, Marshal 65 VA (white) farmer $4000-$2200
                  Calpernia 61 VA keeping house
                  Josephine (f) 21 TN seamstress
                  Jofielia ("m") 16 TN farm laborer
Pg.99, #90-89, SCRUGS, John H. 29? VA farmer $0-$0
                  Martha 28 TN keeping house
                  Marshal 2/12 TN b.Nov. (sic)
                  DUNCAN, George 25 TN farm laborer $2500-$7500
Pg.99, #91-90, DUNCAN, William 32 TN farmer $2000-$925
                  Martha 26 TN keeping house
                  Biddy (f) 9, Liza (f) 7, Mollie 5 TN
                  Marshal (m) 3, Annis (f) 1 TN


Smith Co. TN Marriages (Duncan/Hall/Scruggs notes of Sue Harris, from Mary Louise Craven 12/1986)
      15 Nov. 1849, Rufus P. Gass to Sarah H. Duncan
      30 Dec. 1851, Andrew J. Duncan to Martha S. Eatherly, by W.B. Suite, M.G.
      31 Aug. 1853, Henry D. Gass to Cary R. Duncan
      18 Jan. 1860, John B. Austin to Patty S. Duncan
      4 Sept. 1860, George W. Duncan to Dorinda A. Pryor
      25 Oct. 1860, James E. Turner to Elizabeth Duncan
      20 June 1861, Thomas J. Frost? to Mary Duncan
      19 May 1868, James Duncan to Elizabeth Melton
      28 April 1872, James Duncan to Bettie Farley
      30 Oct. 1876, F.M. Duncan to Elizabeth Clements
      7 Aug. 1879, Douglas Duncan to Mary Petty


Smith Co. TN Wills
      Will of John Pigg, 1831, pg.178 -- not found in Will Book 1803-1833 (FHL film 319,178)
      Will 1816-1820, pg.437: I do certify that I have recd by Jacob Miller of E. Tennessee Hawkins County adms of Jonathan Smith decd, $421 and no more, Rec by me. John Duncan, gdn for the children of the decd. Feb. 1820, the gdn to the heirs of Jonathan Smith decd rendered into court an account of the money of said heirs that came to his hands by virtue of his gdnship which is ordered to be rec. Rec. 6 April 1820. (FHL film 24,829 item 3, by WPA / Hist. Records Proj.; also on FHL film 319,178; index shows "transferred to roll #104")
            Pg. 4, 10, 46, 61, 87, 100, 13, 36, 60, & other pages are receipts by John Duncan as guardian for heirs of Jonathan Smith; not copied.
      Will 1823-1833, pg.10: 24 Nov. 1823, account of John Pigg, gdn. for Polly Terry and John Terry, includes amount paid John Duncan for "scooling."

Smith Co. TN Wills (FHL film 319,178)
      Book 3?, pg.9, 10: Court 24 Nov. 1823, John Dunkan, gdn. of Dennis and John Smith, minors of Jonathan Smith decd. (MAD: other Duncan references indexed in this volume were not copied)
      Book 5, pg.178: Rect. of John Congor? gdn. for Julia Duncan late Julia Pigg, $294.33, in full as a legacy which fell to her by the will of her father John Pigg decd, this 12 March 1831. /s/ William Duncan, Julia Duncan. Wit. Richard Titsworth JP; recorded 20 June 1831. (MAD: will of John Pigg not found.)
      Book 5, pg.181: May 1831, account by Thomas Whaley Jr. as gdn. to the heirs of Josiah Duncan; received of Lemuel H. Duncan, adm., $167 and interest; paid out various amounts; by settlement with Isaac A.D. Duncan and Jane R. Cockram by her husband William L. Cockram, leaving in my hands as gdn. to Peggy Duncan, $56.92; less amount for schooling $11.88, balance $45.04. Recorded 21 June 1831. (MAD: did not go through Book 4, 1827 year, page by page to find any other reference to Josiah Duncan; no index found in Book 4)
      Book 5, pg.207: Feb. 1832, report by gdn. for Peggy Duncan; incl. rent of land.
      Book 5, pg.240: Thomas Whaley, gdn. to Margaret Duncan, reports at July term 1833, amounts include rent of farm for 1831 and 1832, and hire of boy Stephen. Sworn to in court 25 Feb. 1833, recorded 26 June? 1833.


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ELIJAH DUNCAN, Rev. Pension Application S-3309 (FHL film 970,863, and extract from Alice Duncan 1978/79)
      Born April 1757 in Fairfax Co. VA; died 14 Dec. 1840 Smith Co. TN. Lived in Caswell Co. NC in 1777. He was a pvt in the Continental Army commanded by Capt. Wilson of 10th Regt., under Co. Lytle, NC. Enlisted in Caswell Co. NC for 3 yrs served 18 mo's himself and the balance of time served by a substitute. Heirs, living in 1840: no widow, Elijah Duncan, Jane Kimbil, Nancy Ban, Catherine Oweing, Abby Davis, Richard Duncan. John Davis of Virginia had the family Bible giving age of Elijah Duncan. Elijah "lived in Caswell Co. NC when he enlisted in 1777, lived in Rutherford Co. NC for some time, thence to Smith Co. TN for about 26 yrs" statement 15 Oct. 1833. Witnesses Jacob Fite, Augustine Robinson, Rev. John J. Bennett, Thomas Terry. Jonathan Fuson adm. of estate.
      Click here for more from the pension application file.

"Census of the Pensioners for Revolutionary or Military Services, Act of Sixth Census (1840)" pub. 1841. (CA State Library, Sacramento)
      Elijah Duncan of DeKalb Co., Middle Tennessee, age 90, head of family.

Index to War of 1812 Pension Applications and Bounty Land Warrant Applications; National Archives Film (FHL film 840,458)
      Duncan, Elijah, widow Sarah; WO 12015, WC 7202; BL 29851-80-50, 49413- 80-55; Private Capt. Dale's Co. TN Mil. and Private Capt. John Robinson's Co. TN Mil., 12/23/1813 to 2/8/1814, and 11/13/1814 to 5/13/1815; sol. res. 1851 Holt Co. MO; res. of widow 1855 Holt Co. MO, 1876, 1877 Linn Co. (P.O. Scio) Oregon; maiden name Sarah Tinney mar. Aug. 1, 1816, Smith Co. TN; soldier d. Aug. 31, 1852, Franklin, Holt Co. MO.

TN Civil War Questionnaire, Confederate (FHL film 975,594)
      These questionnaires were sent by TN Historical Committee to all living Civil War Veterans about 1914-1915, and vary a little in format. Not all were returned by the veterans. They are about four pages long, a printed form to fill in the blanks. A name index was printed in Ansearchin News, Vol.25, sent by Evelyn; the TN State Library & Archives has either the originals or a copy.
      This questionnaire contains 46 questions, many about his parents' home and work, many about his own home and work as a boy, some about servants and the feeling in his area about slaves and slave-holders, his schools, and his service in the War, such as experiences in battles, and the names & addresses of other men in his company.
      TN Historical Committee Questionnaire, Recd. 14 Sept. 1922, filled in by W.A. Duncan, of Martin, TN, age 75, born Wilson Co. TN. Confederate Soldier in Company G.
      7. Father: a farmer, William Spencer Duncan, born at Carthage, Smith Co., TN; lived in Wilson Co. when he died but he did not live but a few years after he married.
      8. Mother: Eliza Chambers, she did not live long, she was the daughter of Lewis Chambers and his wife Ann Chambers, who lived in Wilson Co.
      9. Remarks on Ancestry: My Father and Mother died when I was a small child don't remember nothing about them more than I have given. My grandfather Chambers father came Ireland to North Calina (sic) and moved Tennesse Wilson County and settled and lived at the same place as long as he lived. This is all I know on that line, he was a little boy during the revolutionary war. What little I know I heard him tell.
      Value of property owned by your parents: My parents both died many years before the one war and my Grandfather Chambers taken me and took care of me and I went to the War. (answer to earlier question: I was about 14 years old when the war begun.)
      Other comments later on questionnaire: I did not have time enough to finish telling you in No. 9. My Grandfather Duncan father came from Scotland so was Scottz & Irish. I spent (Depend?) they settled in Virginia and my Grandfather came to Tenness he was in the war of 1812 he was a farmer. His full name was William Spencer Duncan his wife name was Nancy Skott which was her maiden name and married my grandfather.


DeKalb Co. TN Will (FHL film 593,056; SLC 12/2008)
      A-23/24: Elijah Dunkin will; of Smith Co. TN, of sound and disposing? mind and memory, make ... my last will and testament; first, to my beloved wife Cole my land and all my stock of any kind, horses cattle hogs and sheep and household and kitchen furniture and farming tools and every thing that I have only she shall pay all my lawful debts and she shall have all liberty to ocupy thereon as she shall think best and after her decease the property that remains shall be sold by the executor? my three daughters Nancy Barr, Abby Davis, Jane Vanatta? to have $50 each and Caty Owens to have $1 and my two sons Richard Elijah $1 each, and the balance to be equally divided between my two sons and daughters Nancey Barr, Abby Davis and Jane Vaneta and I do appoint Jacob Fite and Thomas Laurence executors of this my last will and testament heretofore revoking all previous wills by me made. In witness whereof I have hereunto set my hand and affixed my seal this 8th day of December 1833. Elijah (X) Dunkin. Signed, sealed, published and declared by Elijah Dunkin to be his last will and testament in presents of us, Attest, John Reynolds, Moses Fletcher. State of Tennessee, DeKalb County, January term 1841, a paper purporting to be the last will and testament of Elijah Dunkin deceased was presented in open court for probate ... in open court by the oath of John Reynolds (too blurred) witness ... who being ... sworn, depose and said that he was acquainted with Elijah Dunkin the testator and that he signed the said will in his presents by his request, and on motion ordered to be recorded ... first Monday in January 1841.

Sumner Co. TN Deeds
      9-115: 18 May 1818, Hardaway Marshall of Sumner Co. to Wm. & George Duncan of Smith Co. TN, $525, 72 acres, land bought of Josiah Marshall. Wit. Charles C. Coghill, Richard Gifford. (FHL film 467,524)
      11-17: 17 Sept. 1824, Joseph Campbell of Smith Co. TN to T.W. Duncan of same, $10.58 ($2.58?), 102+ acres on east fork of Goose Creek at T.W. Duncan's line. Wit. John H.D. Cary, Richard T. Hall. (FHL film 467,524)
      18-448: 20 Jan. 1842 (should be 1843?), Marshall B. Duncan to Tandy P.D. Hall, $500, 45 acres in Sumner and Smith Cos. in Dist. 8 and 14, corner 400 acre tract, Stephenson's NE corner, John A. Watters? (Wattons?), Rich'd Hall's line. Wit. Hardaway Marshall, John A.Watton?. Rec. 28 Jan. 1843 on oaths of wit. (FHL film 467,527)

Cannon Co. TN Deeds (FHL film 898,453; Book A has blurred or out-of-focus pages)
      A-9: 4 Nov. 1835, Thos. W. Duncan of Smith Co. TN to Wells Adamson, $50, 1/10 part undivided tract of land in Smith Co. on Smith's Fork, heir of Josiah Duncan decd, where Josiah lived and died. Wit. Samuel J. Garrison, L.S. Gilian?. (SLC 9/15/1983)
      A-9: Same, Henry Frise? 1/10 part.
      A-128: 2 March 1831, Cantrell Bethel of Smith Co. TN to Thomas W. Duncan of same county and state, for $100 paid, sell parcel of land in Smith Co. TN on north side of Smith's fork of the Cany fork beg. 20 poles east of said Bethell's SE corner, then W 51-1/2 poles to a stake, then N 82 poles to a sugartree, then E 33 poles to a stake, then S 9 poles to a stake, then S 42 deg. W 25 poles to a stake, then S 36-1/2 deg. E 26-1/2 to a stump, then S 30 deg. E 40-1/2 poles to the beginning, containing 15 acres 44 poles. /s/ Cantrell Bethell. Wit. Tilmon Bethell, P.W. Brien. Recorded 21 Oct. 1836. (FHL film 898,453; SLC 9/15/1983; rechecked SLC 9/4/2010)

DeKalb Co. TN Deed (SLC 6/14/2008)
      B-77: 6 Jan. 1836, Thomas W. Duncan of Smith Co. TN to Samuel Baily, $600, 147 acres in county afsd on waters of Smith's fork, a branch of Cany Fork river, and on N side of said creek, adj. Sampson Williams. Wit. John Young, Brackett Coty. (FHL film 593,060)

Wilson Co. TN Deeds (Duncan/Hall/Scruggs notes of Sue Harris, from Mary Louise Craven 12/22/1986)
      Q-331: 12 Jan. 1836, Asa B. Douglass of Wilson Co. TN to E.M. Duncan of same, $719, a tract on bank of Cumberland River adj. B. Ward's corner, then up the river, to Barksdale's corner, then south, to NE corner of lot in "sd" Division assigned to Sally Hooks, then West, D. Ward's line, containing 70-1/2 acres; also a tract originally a part of above, adj. Barksdales, W. boundary corner of J. Page, Allgood's line, containing 53 acres; wit. B. Douglass, Clinton Hooks. (extract from Sue Harris: land in Smith & Wilson Cos.) (FHL film 427,173)
      Y-106: 30 Nov. 1850, Thomas P. Browning trustee for John L. Dillard by deed of trust made some time in the spring of 1850, have this day sold to Edwin M. Duncan, for $282.85, land on Cumberland River in Wilson and Smith Cos., 35 acres 57 poles, adj. said Duncan's NW corner of tract on which he now lives, supposed to be formerly Elmira? Douglass NW corner, then running down the River; wit. Joel Algood, P.A. Baird. (extract from Sue Harris: land in both Wilson & Smith Cos.) (FHL film 427,178 item 1)

HISTORIES before 1923

1889 "Biographical & Historical Memoirs of Northeast AR" by Goodspeed (and from Evelyn Sigler 1983)
      Pg.738, Sharp Co.: James P. Cochran, of firm of J.P. Cochran & Son, general merchants & dealers in farming implements, born in DeKalb Co. TN in 1832. His parents were William T. and Jane K. (Duncan) Cochran of Smith and DeKalb Co. TN respectively, being married in the latter place. The parents moved to Dresden, Weakley Co. TN, when James was very young, and resided there until their decease, Mr. Cochran dying in 1862 and his wife several years after their arrival. The elder Cochran was a tailor and clothier, and later in life established general merchandise store. ... He fought in one of the Indian Wars and was a member of the IOOF. His father, Henry Cochran of Scotch-Irish descent, died in Smith Co. TN where he had resided for a great number of years. The mother of James P. Cochran was member of the Christian Church and died in that faith. Her father, Josiah Duncan, was an old resident of DeKalb Co. TN where he died. James P. Cochran is eldest of two sons and three daughters. He was educated at Dresden Academy (TN) ... married in 1857 to Julia, daughter of David and Harriet Shaver, natives of TN, where Mr. Shaver died when his daughter was very young. The mother afterward moved to Sharp Co. where she died a few years later. Mrs. Cochran's death occurred on 27 Dec. 1866, she was the mother of one son and one daughter. Mr. Cochran was again married on Jan. 10, 1870, to Miss Martha M. Shaver, sister of his first wife, this lady dying March 23, 1886. In 1861 moved to Salem, 1865 appointed clerk of Fulton Co., 1866 re-elected, held office 3 years; to Sharp Co. 1869, 1872 elected clerk of Sharp Co., 4 years.

1888 "History of Southeast MO ... Counties of Ste. Genevieve, St. Francois, Perry, Cape Girardeau, Bollinger, Madison, New Madrid, Pemiscot, Dunklin, Scott, Mississippi, Stoddard, Butler, Wayne and Iron" by Goodspeed (from Sue Monaghan 1988)
      Pg.1070, Butler Co. Byrd Duncan, of the firm of B. Duncan & Co., is a native of Wilson Co. TN, born July 20, 1846. His father, Richard M. Duncan, also a native of TN, was of NC ancestry, while his wife, Miss Alapher Breece, was a native of the same State but of British stock. Father was a stonecutter by trade, about 1859 engaged in the business near Bowling Green [Warren Co.], KY. With the opening of the war he moved to Shawneetown [Gallatin Co.], IL, where the mother died in 1870 at age 62. He still lives there at age 76. Now a Republican, earlier a Whig. Both parents Baptist. Byrd, youngest of seven children, common school education, age 16 began brick-layer's trade, for about 7 years. To Wayne Co. MO 1873, clerk, until to Poplar Bluff [Butler Co.] in 1878; then he became a member of the firm of B. Duncan & Co. with Pat Harmon. ... In 1879 he married Miss Mollie Spence, native of Butler Co. Have two sons and two daus. (not named). (MAD: Richard M. in DeKalb Co. TN 1850; son of John d. Smith Co. TN.)

1878 "Biographical Encyclopedia of KY of the Dead and Living Men of the 19th Century" by Armstrong (FHL book 976.9 D3b pt.1; and from Evelyn Sigler 11/1984)
      Pg.496: George Washington Duncan, M.D., physician and surgeon, born Simpson Co. KY Jan. 12, 1826. His paternal grandfather was one of three brothers who came to this county from Scotland among the early colonists. His father, Sanford Duncan, one of commissioners who surveyed Simpson Co. & one of State commissioners to mark the boundary line between KY & TN from Heel Foot lake to MS River; farmer. Dr. George Washington Duncan in 1840 entered Cumberland College then at Princeton, KY; the college removed to Lebanon TN while he was studying there, he finished his education at Franklin, KY instead; in 1844 commenced study of medicine at Bowling Green KY; graduated from Univ. of Louisville, KY, in 1848; started practicing at Mitchellville [Sumner Co.], TN, same year; in 1859 he moved to Franklin, KY. Member of Cumberland Presb. Church of Franklin, KY; surgeon in the late war; Mason; married in 1859 Miss Dorinda Puryear of Smith Co. TN; had 7 children, four of whom now living.

1886/7 "History of KY Illustrated" 3rd Ed, by F.A. Battey & Co. (from Denzil Mauldin) and 1887 "History of KY" by Perrin (from Evelyn Sigler) and 1885-1888 "KY, a History of the State" 2nd Ed. 1885, and 3rd Ed. 1886; 9 Editions (volumes), by Perrin, Battle & Kniffin (FHL book 976.9 D3wt)
      Pg.189-90, Simpson Co. DR. GEORGE W. DUNCAN was born Jan. 26, 1826, in Simpson Co. KY, and is the tenth of 8 boys and 4 girls born to Sanford and Nancy (Hammond) Duncan. Sanford Duncan was born in Loudoun Co. VA. He was a son of Colman Duncan, who married Mary Lyne, both of Westmoreland Co. VA; was a Revolutionary soldier and immigrated to Nelson Co. KY about 1795. He was born in February, 1742, and died in April, 1823. His wife was born in March, 1749, and died in May, 1814. Colman Duncan was a son of Henry Duncan, who was born in Scotland. He with two brothers came to the United States and settled in Westmoreland Co. VA. Mrs. Nancy (Hammond) Duncan was a daughter of Job Hammond, who married Mary Stone, both of KY and of Welsh origin. He was an officer of the Revolutionary war, and was wounded in both arms in an Indian fight. Sanford Duncan came from Nelson to Logan Co. KY about 1800. In 1818 he located 5 miles south of Franklin, assisted in organizing the county of Simpson, was one of the commissioners appointed to run and locate the State line from Reelfoot Lake to the Mississippi River in 1840; was also appointed one of the commissioners to survey Simpson Co. and lay out school districts. He did all the public business in his own community, and was one of the most influential and valuable citizens in Simpson Co. He farmed extensively ... Masonic fraternity. Dr. G.W. Duncan was reared on a farm and received a good education. In 1840 he entered Cumberland College at Princeton. When the college was transferred to Lebanon he returned to Franklin and finished his education. In 1846 commenced the study of medicine ... in 1848 graduated; located and commenced practice at Mitchellville, TN. In 1859 located in Franklin, KY ... ever since. He married, September 4, 1860, Dorinda Puryar, of Smith Co. TN, a daughter of William and Mary (Pearce) Puryar, both natives of TN, of French and Scotch descent, respectively. William was a son of Daniel Puryar. To Mr. and Mrs. Duncan have been born eight children, four now living: Mary Sanford, Charles A., George H. and William A. Dr. Duncan and wife are members of the Cumberland Presbyterian and Baptist Churches, respectively. ... Masonic fraternity, Knight Templar. ...

1915 "Maryland Records: colonial, revolutionary, county and church from original sources" by Gaius Marcus Brumbaugh, Vol.II (Placerville, CA, Library, 2/1983)
      Pg.591: Worcester Co. Marriage Licenses 1795-1799:
      Josiah Duncan m. Martha M. Dale, 1795, Oct. 20.


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