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Formed 1785 from Craven, Camden Dist.
See also Union and York Co. SC


1800 Chester Co. SC Census
Pg. 91  William McLane, Hugh Kelso, James Kanady,
        Wm. Garten? (Gaston?),
        Markever? (no 2nd name?), Robert Henlock,
        Sarah Dunkin       00000      - 20100
        Agnes Hunter, John Johnson, Archabald Elliott,
        Benjamin Rives ...

1810 Chester Co. SC Census (page by page)
        No Duncan

1820 Chester Co. SC Census
Pg. 46  Jas. Chesnut, Geo. McCullough,
        Revd?. J. Hemphill, Wm. Hemphill,
        Wm. Colvin Senr, Patsy Wilks, John Watts Esqr.,
        Sarah Duncan       010000     - 00101
        ??nore (f) Brown, Saml. Seely Senr,
        John Seely, Jas. F. Seely ...

1830 Chester Co. SC Census
Pg.310  Edwd. McMeans, George Conn, Pressly Thomas,
        Jno. T. Johnsy, W.H. Yarbrough,
        Aaren Johnsy, Jno. Fair,
        Thos. Dunkin       1000,1     - 0100,1
        Saml. Conn, Jane Smith, Benja. Pernell,
        Wm. Pernell, Thos. Jones ...
   316  D. Jenkins, Zbue? Millar, Margt. Kelsey,
        Jennet Morrison, C. Thompson, G.M. Cullough,
        D. D. Duncan       0000,1     - 0
        D. McMillan Sr., J. Kirkpatrick, O. Walker,
        E. Snoddy, Jno. Conn Jr.

1840 Chester Co. SC Census
Pg.327  Archibald D. Donald, Thomas Bennet,
        Thomas? Conn, George Conn,
        Thomas Duncan      1110,001   - 1100,01
        William Bennet Sr., James Grant Jr.,
        John M. Grant, James E. Wilson

1850 Chester Co. SC Census (and from Vivian Biddle 7/1983)
Pg.70, #1097, Mary S. NEELY 37 SC & ch.
Pg.70, #1098, O.P. McCULLOUGH 36 SC & fam. & BASKINS fam.
Pg.70, #1099, Samuel BOYD 60 SC, P.F. (f) 52 SC & ch.
Pg.70, #1100, Mary A. BOYD 60 IRE (alone)
Pg.70, #1101, Wm. R. DUNCAN 34 SC farmer $0
                  Jane M. 29 SC
                  L.A. (f) 1 SC
                  (MAD: William Roddey and Jane Minerva; York Co. SC to Bradley Co. AR bef. 1860)
Pg.70, #1102, Ellinor DUNCAN 55 SC (blank) $2560
                  Sarah E. 31 SC
                  David H. 28 SC farmer
                  Margaret A. 23 SC
                  John A. 21 SC farmer
                  Mary B. 19 SC
                  R.Z. (m) 16 SC farmer
                  Sarah RODDY 53 SC
                  (MAD: husband James Duncan in 1850 Fairfield Co. SC census; Robert Z. Duncan in 1860 Bradley Co. AR census; John A. Duncan in 1860 Fairfield Co. SC census, 1870 Henderson Co. TN census but see 1851 Warren Co. NC)
Pg.70, #1103, Dempey RICKS 32 NC, Mary 35 SC & ch.
Pg.70, #1104, C.D. CHISHOLM 60 VA, E.C. (f) 62 VA & ch. b. SC
Pg.70, #1105, James D. CRAWFORD 52 SC, Mary 47 SC & ch.
Pg.70, #1106, Mary DOWNING 65 SC, W.D. McFADDEN (m) 41 SC
Pg.70, #1107, Jane NEELY 40 SC, Walker (m) 36 SC pauper & idiotic
Pg.80, #1258, Henry J. GRANT 37 SC, Jane 33 SC & ch.
Pg.80, #1259, Jno. LEALY 24 SC, Elizabeth 22 SC, mar. in year
Pg.80, #1260, Jno. CARTER 36 SC, Sarah 33 SC, & ch.
Pg.80, #1261, David FRIDDLE 55 SC, Arena (f) 45 SC & ch.
Pg.80, #1262, Thos. DUNCAN 50 SC farmer $0
                  Anna 48 SC
                  Francis (f) 18, Mary 16 SC
                  Alex 14, John 12 SC
                  Nancy J. 6, Malinda 2 SC
Pg.80, #1263, H.A. SMITH (m) 41 SC, "Marth" 46 SC & others
Pg.80, #1264, Jane SMITH 64 SC & ch.
Pg.80, #1265, Joseph SMITH 38 SC & fam.
Pg.80, #1266, George HARDIN 54 SC, Margaret E. 43 SC & ch.

1860 Chester Co. SC Census
Pg.5, #78-67, Thomas DUNKIN 60 SC farm laborer $0-$200
                  Annie 50 SC
                  Mary 24, Nancy J. 18 SC
                  Louisa 14 SC
Pg.5, #83-72, Jacob MINTER 77 SC farmer $2,500-$2,250
                  Elizabeth 72 SC
                  John DUNKIN 22 SC farm laborer $0-$100
Pg.67, #1122-1055, Elleanor DUNCAN 65 SC -- $2056-$383
                  Sarah E. 42, David H. 39 SC
                  Eccles (m) 20 SC
                  Sarah RODDY 64 SC

1870 Chester Co. SC Census
Baton Rouge Twp.
Pg.2, #20-21, DUNCAN, Thos. 70 SC (white) laborer $0-$0
                  Annie 55 SC keeping house
                  Louisa 22 SC
                  LAMBERT, Nancy? (f) 24 SC keeping house
Town of Chester
Pg.50, #56-68, NOWLAND, Hester (f) 30 SC MULATTO (blank) $0-$0
                  BIGHAM, Robert 50 SC MUL. Supt. livery stables
                  Lilly (f) 19 SC
Pg.50, #56-69, WILLIAMS?, Lucy 32 SC MULATTO (blank) $0-$0
                  ALEXANDER, Elick (m) 15 SC MULATTO
                  DUNCAN, Eliza 9 SC MULATTO
West Chester Twp.
Pg.213, #154-179, DUNCAN, Dave 50 SC (white) farmer $1285-$775
                  Ellen 75 SC
                  Elvira (f) 52 SC
                  Mary 39 SC

1920 Chester Co. SC Census (HeritageQuest image 12/2006)
Baldwin Mills, Chester Twp., S.D. 5, E.D. 22
Pg.21A, #2-2, DUNCAN, Golden L. (not S), m/w age 39 mar. NC NC NC
  Minnie, wife f/w 32 mar. NC NC NC
  Caral, son m/w 19 single NC NC NC
  Eugenia, dau. f/w 11 single NC NC NC
  Ruth, dau. f/w 6 single NC NC NC
  Coatie? H., son m/w 3-6/12 single NC NC NC
      (MAD: 1910 Spartanburg Co. SC census)


Index to SC Royal Land Grants, A-K (FHL film 22,581)
      (Location in parentheses below was added in small handwriting near the name columns, apparently at a later date)
      Duncan, George, (Rocky Cr), Camden, 400a, 37-55, 9 June 1775

SC Royal Land Grants (FHL film 22,597)
      37-55: 9 June 1775, to George Duncan, 400 acres in Camden Dist. on waters of Rocky Creek, bounding NE on John Knox and Jane Brown, SE on David Grimes, SW on Jonas Miller, NW on John Henderson and David McQuistan; plat certified 26 April 1775.

SC Land Plats 1688-1787 (Index on FHL film 22,598)
      Name, location, No. of Acres, volume, page, date
      Duncan, George, Camden, 400a, 14-492, 26 April 1775

SC Land Plats (FHL film 22,607)
      14-492: Receipt 1 March 1775, laid out to George Duncan, 400 acres in Camden District on waters of Rocky Creek, bounded .. John Knore's and Jane Brown's land, David Grumb?s, Jonas Millen, John Henderson's and David McQuinstain's land. Cert. 26 April 1775. (MAD: see Chester Co. SC)
      14-494: 3 Dec. 1771, to Jonathan Dunkan, 300 acres in Craven Co. on S. fork of Rocky Creek, bounded ... John Lews?, Archibald Cauthen? (Cauken?). Survey 14 Dec. 1771. (MAD: see Rocky Creek in Chester Co. SC)

SC Memorials (FHL film 23,298)
      2-408: (page badly torn) Memorial to George Duncan, June 1775, Camden District, waters of Tho... NE on John Kn... Grimbs, W on ... David McQu... 100 acres (rest of page missing) (MAD: see Chester Co. SC)

Camden Dist. SC Commr. of Locations, Plat Books, 1781-1841 (FHL film 1,294,175)
      E-275: Pursuant to warrant of 2 Nov. 1793, I have laid out to William Duncan, 337 acres in Pinckney Dist. on waters of S. & N. Forks of Fishing Creek adj. Robert Gill, John Cooper, David Boyd, Samuel Wharry, John Workman; surveyed 26 Nov. 1793 by Wm. Boyd D.S., rec. 9 Dec. 1793. (MAD: Chester Co. SC)
      Map entitled "Early Surveys on Headwaters of Fishing Creek in York & Chester Cos. SC" shows survey for William Duncan, 1793, 337 acres, on east side Stamp Branch of S.Fork Fishing Creek, on both sides Saluda Road, with northern majority of land in York Co. SC, perhaps touching line of Chester Co.; adjacent neighbors were Samuel Wherry's lines (& corner?) (granted in 1772, 100 acres & undated 200 acres on Stamp Branch), David Boyd line & corner (granted in 1774, 350a, & William Boyd 1788), Robert Cooper's corner & lines (1774, 110-1/2 acres, James H. Cooper 1814, John Cooper granted to William Boyd), William Downing's line (no year or acres given), Abraham Gill's line (Robert Gill 1771 200 acres), corner of John Downing (1772, 250 acres), Robert Lusk? or vacant; nearby land of John Workman (1767, 200 acres), James Muldoon (1764, 200 acres) in York Co.; nearby land of James H. Cooper, William Boyd, James Gill, George Glover & Susannah Glover, Samuel Neely, Samuel Porter, Richard Carroll, William Weir, Alexander Pagan, David & Samuel Morrow, Charles Burnet, Samuel Kelsey; on road from Turkey Creek to Lands Ford, to Fishing Creek Meeting House, all in Chester Co. (from pg.89 of "NC Land Grants in SC, Anson & Mecklenburg Cos. [NC], 1749-1770" Vol.II, by Brent H. Holcomb; FHL book 975 R28h, and from Evelyn Sigler 2/1983 and Joyce Graf 2/1985)
      MAD: see Chester Co. SC Deed EE-73 for 259? acres adj. Samuel Wherry & Robert Gill & Charles Boyd, being orig. grant to John Gill, sold by Samuel & Elizabeth Fife to William R. & David H. Duncan in 1843, William Roddy Duncan the elder son of James Duncan whose widow Sarah married James Arthur of York Co. SC, see York Co. SC deed L-22 in 1826.

Chester Co. SC Deeds, incl. Powers of Attorney, Mortgages, Receipts (index 1776-1866, grantor pg.40 on FHL film 23,320; grantee pg.41 on FHL film 364,840 grantee)
      O-528: 30 Nov. 1810, John Harris to Matthew Duncan, Chester Dist. SC, $60, bill of sale for black mare and cows and yearlings. Wit. Jesse T. Wallis, Asa Wallis. (FHL film 23,325)
      R-109: 22 Nov. 1775, George Duncan of Charleston, SC, to Alexander Turner of Camden Dist. SC, for 100 lbs., 200 acres to be laid off adj. Jane Brown, David Grimbs, Josias Millerby, from 400 acre grant 10? June 1775 to George Duncan in Camden Dist. on Rockey Creek, adj. Jno?. Knox & Jane Brown, David Grimbs, Josias Miller, Jno?. Henderson, David McQuistons. Wit. Arthur Stafford, Thos. Hanscome. Reg. on oath of Thomas Hanscome 1 May 1815. (FHL film 23,326; next deed from Alexander Turner's heirs, referring to his will)
      DD-378: 13 Dec. 1843, William R. Duncan and David H. Duncan to Samuel Fife; Duncans owe Fife $1,155.50, mortgage 259? acres on south fork of Fishing Creek, corner W. Croft's old corner, Samuel Wherry's corner, Robert Gills line, adj. lands of Charles Boyd, James Wherry, Samuel Wherry, Robert Gill, Charles Boyd, Peter Wylie, orig. grant to John Gill. Note 4 May 1848 that mortgage satisfied. Wit. A.W. Cullough, D.W. Fife. (FHL film 23,332)
      EE-73: 13 Dec. 1843, Samuel Fife of Chester Dist. to William Duncan and David Duncan, $1,165.50, 259 acres (above land). Release by Elizabeth (X) Fife. Wit. A. McCullough, D.W. Fife. (FHL film 23,332)
      GG-250: 18 May 1848, David H. Duncan of Chester Dist. to Theodore S. Dubose of Fairfield Dist., mortgage; Duncan and DuBose (sic) owe John W. Crory by note $1,000 payable in 4 years, dated 1848; DuBose is security for Duncan; mortgage to DuBose 256 acres on waters of S.fork of Fishing Creek, refer to plat by James H. Crawford D.S. 30 Dec. 1844, being land sold by Samuel Fife to William R. Duncan and David H. Duncan, except about 3 acres; wit. James Johnson, William J. Johnson. (In margin: Satisfaction recorded Vol.63 #295 pg.524) (FHL film 23,333)
      GG-565: 20 Dec. 1849, David H. Duncan to the Charlotte & SC Railroad Co. who are about to construct a railroad which will pass through my lands, land on waters of S.fork of Fishing Creek bounded by land of Jas. T. Wherry, Robert Gill, Charles Boyd, and DeKalb Wylie, the right of way to embrace 65 feet from the center on each side (no money); wit. Wm. McNinch Jr., Hugh McLure. (MAD: similar deeds from others to railroad recorded on nearby pages.)
      II-402: 27 Feb. 1855, Thomas Brown of Chester Dist. SC to Thomas Duncan of same, $422, 48-1/2 acres where Duncan now lives adj. lands on S. of Abner Wilks, W. of Jane Smith, N. of George Harden, and E. of said Hardin; wit. Amos Cornwill, James S. Turner. (FHL film 23,334)
      Later grantor deeds for David H. Duncan not copied
      LL-264: 3 Dec. 1859, Thomas (X) Duncan to Elias N. Presley, both Chester Dist. SC, $441.06, 48-1/2 acres on branch waters of Susey Bole Creek adj. N. by Jane Smith, E. by said E.N. Presley, S. by Abner Wilks and W. by Jane Smith; wit. John Duncan, James S. Tumer; release of dower by Ann Duncan, /s/ Anna (X) Duncan. (FHL film 23,335)
      TT-629: D.H. Duncan to John Tidwell, 2 acres, May 1873. (not copied)


Chester Co. SC Probate Index 1787-1950 (FHL film 23,307)
      File 148, Pkg. 812 (8112?) - D.H. Duncan; John A. Duncan exor, Book B, pg.326, Feb. 7, 1883
      (Book B not filmed; probate packets not filmed)

Chester Co. SC Equity Court Records 1820-1874 (Direct and cross Indexes on FHL film 359,094)
      No Duncan Plaintiff or Defendant


JOHN DUNCAN, Rev. Pension Application R-3125 (FHL film 970,864; from National Archives; part from Sammie Duncan)
      Born June 10, 1755, Pittsylvania Co. VA; d. May 3, 1844, Jackson Co. AL. Applied 1834 in Jackson Co. AL; enlisted early 1776 in Camden [Co.], SC, under Gen. Lincoln, Col. Thompson, Maj. Perdue, Capt. Hopkins, served 18 months; volunteered again under Gen. Morgan, Col. Shelby, Capt. Small in VA and served 6 months; entered again under Col. Preston and Capt. Chadwell for 3 months; entered again under Pickens, Col. Anderson, Capt. Key; age in father's family bible burned with house shortly after war before he married; lived in Camden [Chester] Dist. SC about 10 years after end of war; moved to Hawkins Co. TN; then to Greene (now Adair) Co. KY; then to Jackson Co. AL. Married 1780-81 Ann, who d. Nov. 23, 1846. Witnesses Rev. Steven Donathan and Jesse McElyea of Jackson Co. AL. Listed in 1841 census of pensioners age 83, Jackson Co. AL residing with Robert Duncan. Affidavit of Peter Duncan and David Chadwell 20 Feb. 1835 in Jackson Co. AL re service. Deposition of brother Peter Duncan of Marshall Co. AL on 8 April 1843, age ca 77; home in Hawkins Co. TN burned 47-48 years before; Peter age 10-11 when John entered service, age ca 13 when discharged. Deposition of Greenbury Middleton 27/29 March 1843, age ca 1868, of Jackson Co. AL; knew John Duncan ca 40 years ago in Adair Co. KY. Deposition by Absalom Coffee on 28 March 1843, age ca 55, knew John more than 20 years, later 30 years; mentions John and aged wife. Witnesses Daniel M. Martin and Philip Henry Armbruster. Deposition by John Duncan on 30 Sept. 1843, age ca 88.
      Children: David, Robert, Peter. There were other children but all died before their parents. Aug. 17, 1854, Absolum Coffee testified his wife Jane was a granddau. of John Duncan. William Duncan of Jackson Co. AL filed power of attorney 9 June 1854. Deposition by Absalom Coffee, adm. of estate, that when Ann d. 23 Nov. 1846 she left survivors David, Robert and Peter her only legal heirs; since her death David and Robert are both dead.
      Statement by SC on 25 July 1857 of copy from Indent and account No. 84, Book R: payment 9 May 1785 to John Dunkin Senr. for 526 days duty in 1781-82; note by John Duncan 14 Sept. 1784 of Broad River asking for indent, wit. Amos Davis JP; statement by John Dunkin 3 June 1784 before Camden Dist. JP
      Click here for more from the pension application file.

Index to War of 1812 Pension Applications and Bounty Land Warrant Applications; National Archives Film (FHL film 840,458)
      Duncan, James, widow Ellen; WO 24486, WC 24915; BL 38834-80-50, 17738-80-55; Private Capt. Beaty's Co. SC Mil., 10/1/1814 to 3/7/1815; Res. of soldier 1851, 1855, Fairfield Co. SC; res. of widow 1878 Chestnut Grove, Chester Co. SC; maiden name of widow Ellen Roddey, m. June 15, 1815, Neelys Creek, York Co. SC; soldier d. April 26, 1862, Chestnut Grove, SC; widow d. June 23, 1883, Chester Co. SC.


Buncombe Co. NC Deeds (FHL film 410,551)
      7-475: 12 July 1806, Thomas Ingon (looks similar to Dugan but signature written above in different writing: "Ingram") to Saml. J. Hunter of Chester Co. SC, $45, 50 acres on head of a small branch of Clear Creek on south side of Bald Top Mountain, as will appear by a patent 18 Dec. 1804. Wit. David McMilon, Jonathon Parris.
      8-252: 2 Oct. 1801, John Chamners of Buncombe Co. NC to Thomas Dugen of Chester Co. SC, £60 NC currency, 100 acres (by computation) in Buncombe Co. on Buck horn branch of Clear Creek, NW corner of William Mills land, on the ridge of the Green Mountain, Chamness line, as will appear by pattent 23 July 1801. Wit. Will Walton, Will Dugen. Ack. in court April, 1804; Reg. 13 May 1805.

Charleston Dist. SC Will
      C-411: Will of William Dounken (Dunkan) of the vicinity of Charleston, dated 16 Aug. 1797, prob. 20 Sept. 1797. Wife: Sarah, to have use of plantation in Back Country during her widowhood. Sons: John and James, under age, my plantation in the back Country. Dau: Sarah, now living in Kingdom of Ireland. Mentions: house where I now live being on leased ground for term of 14 years to be sold to highest bidder, the lease to be obtained as soon as possible for benefit of wife and sons; sons to be educated to fit them "to do common Business." Exors: Benjamin Boyd of Charleston; Thomas Niely of the Back Country. Wit: Richard McMillan; John Clark; William Smith, his mark. (from pg.376-377, "Abstracts of Wills of Charleston Dist. SC, and other wills recorded in the districts, 1783-1800" by Caroline T. Moore; FHL book 975.79 S2m and from Evelyn Sigler 7/1983) MAD: York and Chester Co. SC both had one or more Thomas Neelys in the 1790-1810 census.


Chester Co. SC County Court Minutes 1785-1799 have been published as "Chester Co. SC Minutes of County Court 1785-1799" by Brent H. Holcomb (FHL book 975.747 P2s)
      These minutes include a reference to Minute Book A, pg.141, court 7 July 1786, Elizabeth Duncan, Plaintiff, against John Miles, Defendant, In Trover. Pg.219/220, court 5 April 1787, the case was heard and the jury found for the Defendant. (MAD: Black's Law Dictionary defines "Trover" as originally, an action for recovery of damages against a person who had found another's goods and wrongfully converted them to his own use. Subsequently, the action became the remedy for any wrongful interference with or detention of the goods of another.)
      Minute Book A, pg.162, court 3 Oct. 1786, John Duncan testified on behalf of the State against Samuel Walker.
      Minute Book B, pg.77, 107, 124, 140 and 148, from April 1790 to June 1791, contain references to James Barron or John Barron, Administrators of John & Jean Duncan, Plaintiff, against James Houston & Michal Dickson Defendants, In Debt. (MAD: some references are to James Barron and some to John Barron.)
      Minute Book B, pg.169, court 26 Jan. 1792, State vs. Sarah Duncan, Defendant, for Bastardy; she was fined, and John Duncan gave his bond for payment of the fine.

Some church records have been published in "Early records of Fishing Creek Presbyterian Church, Chester County, South Carolina, 1799-1859 : with appendices of the visitation list of Rev. John Simpson, 1774-1776, and the cemetery roster, 1762-1979" by Brent H. Holcomb and Elmer O. Parker, 1980 (FHL book 975.747 K2h, and from Evelyn Sigler 3/1985)
      The early communicants ca 1799 included Thomas Neely; one Thomas Neely of the back country was to be co-executor of will of William Duncan filed 1797 in Charleston, SC; William had wife Sarah and sons John and James, minors in 1797. The baptisms in 1799 included Sarah Duncan. James Arthur had mar. Mrs. Sarah Duncan, mother of James Duncan b. 1794, by 1825; over 45 on 1820 census. Jas. Arthur was on the 1820 Communicants' Register among those dismissed.
      In 1849, William Duncan was dismissed, and in 1852, William Duncan and Minerva Duncan were dismissed. Rosaline Isabelle, infant of Wm. Duncan, was baptised in 1850. William and Jane M. Duncan were received in 1854; William Duncan was present at a session in 1857.
      The Cemetery Roster included many Gill family members as well as James Duncan who died 4/26/1862 age 63y, Ellen Duncan b. 10/31/1795 d. 6/21/1884, David H. Duncan 7/20/1820 - 11/20/1882 and Sarah E. Duncan 7/24/1818 - 10/12/1881.
      MAD: John Gill, who settled first in New Jersey, moved to SC before the Rev., and died in 1797 in Chester Co. SC is said to have married Sarah Duncan bef. 1755, but no original source for the information has been found. There are articles on the Gill family by Elmer Oris Parker on pgs.206-7, in the 1982 "Heritage History of Chester Co. SC" by Chester Co. SC Gen. Society (FHL book 975.747 H2h); and pgs.103-4 in the Dec. 1986 issue of "The Bulletin" of Chester Dist. SC Genealogical Society (from Martha Jones 7/1995); and in other genealogies.


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