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Formed 1840 from Union
Dallas formed 1845 from Clark, Bradley
Drew formed 1846 from Arkansas, Bradley
Lincoln formed 1871 from Arkansas, Bradley, Desha, Drew, Jefferson
Cleveland formed 1873 from Dallas, Bradley, Jefferson, Lincoln


1850 Bradley Co. AR Census
Pg.98, #435, William K. DUNCAN 27 NC merchant $1300
                  Elizabeth 24 NC
                  Zachary T. 1 AR
                  John 20 TN farmer
                  George 26 TN
                  Asa DAWDY 45 KY merchant
                  (MAD: sons of Joseph Duncan d. 1838 Madison Co. TN; George Duncan as G.P. Dunckan in 1860 Calhoun Co. AR census)

1860 Bradley Co. AR Census
Pg.519, #479, William R. DUNCAN 45 SC farmer $540-$1500
                  Jane N. 40 SC
                  Mary N. 3 SC
                  James S. 6/12 AR
                  (MAD: 1850 Chester Co. SC census)
Pg.573, #839, Robert Z. DUNCAN 26 SC farmer $4000-$15,500
                  Elmira 40 SC
                  (MAD: 1850 Chester Co. SC census with Ellinor)
Pg.600, #1056, William K. DUNCAN 36 NC farmer $20,000-$2,500
                  Elizabeth 30 MD
                  Zachariah 12, William 10 AR
                  Florence (f) 4, George W. 4/12 AR

1870 Bradley Co. AR Census (pg.532 also from Denzil Mauldin 1/1987)
Ouachita Twp.
Pg.532, #12-12, RAGSDALE, Edward 40 NC farmer $0-$220
                  Anabella 37 AR keeping house
                  William 3 AR
                  Robert 6/12 AR b.Oct.
                  DUNCAN, George 10, Jefferson 9 AR
Smith Twp.
Pg.589, #33-33, DUNCAN, Isham 60 GA BLACK farm lbr. $0-$200
                  Marla (f) 65 AR BLACK kpg. house
                  Elie (m) 17 AR BLACK farm lbr.
                  Elizabeth 13 AR BLACK
                  DUNCAN, Frank 24 MS BLACK farm lbr.
                  Harriett 22 MS BLACK farm lbr.
                  Charlotte 4, Matt (m) 2, Mary 1 AR BLACK

1880 Bradley Co. AR Census (partial; from Denzil Mauldin 1/1987)
Pg.1B, #17-20, G.W. DUNCAN (m) 20 AR TN TN at school
                  with Thos. M. GOODWIN 48 NC & family & others
Pg.13B, #216-274, John MATHEWS 34 AL SC AL farmer
                  Martha J. 33 AR OH PA wife keeping house
                  John T. 13, Lila M. (f) 10 AR AL AR (children)
                  James S. 6, Joseph M. 2 AR AL AR (children)
                  Doory A. (f) 3/12 (Feb.) AR AL AR (children)
                  Sarah W. DUNCAN 54 AR KY LA (mother-in-law; widow)
                  Margaret D. 17 AR OH AR dau.
                  (MAD: ? 1850 Clark Co. AR census, she widow of Thomas?)


Bradley Co. AR Marriage Index 1856-1942 (FHL film 982,767)
      Duncan, George J., age 37, to Elizabeth Jones, age 24, 6-25-1865, A-240, white
      Duncan, G.W., age 25, to Rofertson (Robertson?), Ella, age 25, 7-26-1885, C-85, white
      Duncan, William, age 21, to Stephins, Francis A., age 21, 3-2-1862, A-181, white
      Duncan, Florence F., age 20, to Robertson, George E., age 23, Feb. 27, 1879, B-310, white
      Others after 1900


Bradley Co. AR Will Book (FHL film 982,766 item 2; typed will book)
      B-3: 25 Oct. 1860, will of William R. Duncan; wife Jane M. have 60 acres land where dwelling now stands; each of my children Mary M. and James S. have 60 acres of land each and that Jane M. their mother and my wife have full control until they are of full age; and should she find it to be to their interest to sell said lands she can do so during her widowhood, and if she should marry, I will for my children not to pay any board while on said land; I will that all my personal property be sold and a good house obtained for my wife; what corn there is on hand is for the use of the family, not to be sold. Appoint Jane M. Duncan my wife and John G. Martin to carry this my last will into effect. Wit. Jas. I. Robinson, H.D. Payton, W.G. Maloney. Proved Nov. 19, 1860 on oath of W.G. Maloney; and James I. Robinson.

Bradley Co. AR Probate Court Records; index found at beginning of some volumes
      Vol.A 1841-1850 (FHL film 982,764)
            No index, not looked at further
      Vol.B 1850-1860 (FHL film 982,768 item 2)
            Most of index too faint to read; Duncans on index pg.56
            Pg.38: April 7, 1852, estate of William Duncan decd; bond of Samuel Halley as administrator taken in vacation; appraisal filed, approval by court to hire an attorney if needed to settle part of business.

Bradley Co. AR Probate Records, Box 4, Bundle 6 (from Jean S. Duncan 4/2000)
      To the Honl the Probate Court for Bradley County Arkansas Your petitioner would respectfully represent that William Duncan who died within our said county of Bradley on the 5th inst requested before his death that your petitioner would act as administrator of his Estate which I have consented to do, and pray that letters of administration be granted to me accordingly -- and I believe the amount of property of the deceased at his death does not exceed in value the sum of four thousand Dollars, that all the heirs are residents of this state & that he will faithfully perform all the duties of administration aforesaid according to law. ... /s/ Saml Halley. 12th day of March 1852.

Bradley Co. AR Probate Records, Box 4, Bundle 6 (from Jean S. Duncan 4/2000)
      Moro Landing Ark Oct 12th 1851. Mess W. & G.A. Duncan Decd to W.K. Duncan (JSD: this is a statement of what their estate owed him)
      1851 (JSD: partial list)
      Oct 12th 3 pair wool socks, nails, 2 yds flannel; "paid your order to J.M. Duncan 12.50 ... 10 yds prints; head stall; nails; cash paid G.A.D. 2.50 ..... saddle tree; ladies brogans; "amt freight & string"
      1852 -- For Funeral Expenses ---
      March 4 12 1/2 yds Irish Linen for G.A.D. $15.61; 1 pr White cotton host for GAD ....
      March 18 this amount paid Dougless & Masterdale for making coffin for G.A. Duncan 6.00
      This Amt paid Dayless & Rusk for making coffin for Wm Duncan 6.00
      Lumber Nails Tacks Lamb Black & ? Turpentine for 2 coffins....
      Feb 5 1 pr Ladies Brogans returned
      100 lbs bacon ... this amt rec from Wm Merrit to pay ... this Amt of Jas M. Merrits Note given to Wm Duncan July 26/51 ?saw files; tobacco; gallon jug.
      Mar 18 1852 ... I W.K. Duncan do solemnly swear that nothing has been paid or delivered towards the satisfaction of the above demand except what is credited therein and that the sum of Forty Three and 69/100 Dollars above demanded is justly Due /s/ W.K. Duncan ... sworn to before me an acting justice of the peace within the state aforesaid on the 9th day of February AD 1853 /s/ John K. House JP

Bradley Co. AR Probate Records, Box 4, Bundle 6 (from Jean S. Duncan 4/2000)
      Samuel Halley in account Estate of Wm Duncan
      120 acres of land 240.00, Dan a slave 800.00
      Alsey a slave 600.00
      Lewis a slave 300.00
      John a slave 175.00
      Fed a slave 200.00 Sale, notes and accounts.
      Cash Received of E. Conery...
      Received on the sale of Mat 800.00
      Received on the sale of Sandy 1000.00
      Cr the estate of Wm Duncan to S Halley Adm: (jsd: "includes")
      Cash paid to Notary public in New Orleans LA 9.00
      Medical service 20.00
      Cash paid Wm K. Duncan 59.54
      Cash paid Elizabeth A. Duncan wid 556.42
      ...Traveling Expenses New Orleans and home again...in 1852 16.00
      Traveling Expenses New Orleans and Lake Providence in 1853 36.00...
      By the Death of Fed 200.00
      Total 4417.61
      (MAD: Lake Providence, E. Carroll Par. LA)

Bradley Co. AR Probate Records, Box 4, Bundle 6 (from Jean S. Duncan 4/2000)
      15 Aug 1852, Corrected schedule of estate of Wm Duncan decd:
      80 acres of land (described)
      Sandy a boy aged 22 years
      Mat a boy aged 25 years, both in State of LA in possession of Edward Conery
      Alsey a girl aged 35 years
      Dan a boy aged 18
      Lewis a boy aged 6
      John a boy aged 5
      Fed a boy aged 3 died of congestive chill Aug 22 1852
      2 mules and one waggon
      1 bed and bedding
      2 trunks 1 small lot of books
      1 table 1 ? 9 gro buttons
      1 bar whiskey
      Received of Edward Conery New Orleans one draft drawn on Thos Wade of the State of LA on H. Frelson & Co in faver of Wm Duncan dec for four hundred dollars payable Mar 1 1852. Draft protested and placed in the hands of attorney for collection
      Received at the same time and place to the ___ Wm and G A Duncan Five hundred sixty seven 87/100 dollars
      Also received of Mrs Elizabeth A. Duncan the following notes & accounts belonging to Messrs Wm & G.A. Duncan jointly: Wm A Kamp 7.30, Wm M. Smith 17.50, W.D. Jones 24.70, J.M. Merritt 15.45, One account on Wm. A. Kamp 17.73, Same John Splawn 7.00, Same T.D. Miller 9.75, Same T.D. Miller & G.J. Duncan 57.16, Deduct for Mrs. E.A. Duncan 362.23, Total 762.23
      Personally came Samuel Halley Adm of the Estate of Wm Duncan Dec before me an acting Justice of the Peace who deposeth and saith that the above is a correct schedule of the property of said Wm Duncan Dec that has come into his possession. /s/ Saml Halley adm. .. Sworn 18 Sept 1852 /s/ H.H. Mobley JP

Bradley Co. AR Probate Records, Box 4, Bundle 6 (from Jean S. Duncan 4/2000)
      Bradley Co. AR ... The undersigned Rufus A. Lees represents that he is a minor aged about eighteen years, is a citizen of Rusk County TX that he is entitled in right of his wife Ann S. Lees, formerly Ann S. Duncan, to a destribution share of one fourth part of the estate of Wm Duncan late of said Bradley Co decd. That your petitioner has no guardian, and hereby applies to the Court to appoint Samuel Halley to be his guardian. Your petitioner further states that he supposes his Estate in Bradley County to be about fifteen Hundred Dollars. 3 January 1855 /s/ Rufus A. Lees
      (MAD: No Rufus Lees or Ann Lees indexed in 1860 TX census, no Lees-Leas family in Rusk Co. TX 1850-1860; no good match for Rufus Lees or Ann Lees or Rufus Sees anywhere in 1860 census indexes; Ann Lies in 1860 Yuba Co. CA pg.837 was age 30, born Prussia)

Bradley Co. AR Probate Records, Box 4, Bundle 6 (from Jean S. Duncan by email 4/2000)
      William Duncan's estate April 1855 (JSD: There were 3 William Duncans who died in the 1850's and early 1860s: (1) this one which I am not able to identify; (2) William R. Duncan who died in 1860 and whose records are in the same bundle with (3) William K. Duncan.)
      To the Hon the Probate Court of the County of Bradley.
      Your petitioners, James Ricks, Elizabeth A. Ricks his wife, and Samuel Halley adm of the estate of Wm Duncan late of said county decd and guardian of Rufus Lees, represent to the Court that said estate consists among other property of the following named slaves to wit: Alsey a woman aged about 35 years, Ben a child of Alsey aged about 1 year, Daniel a man aged about 20 years, Lewis a boy aged about 12 years, Jack a boy aged about 10 years.
      Your petitioners further represent that there are four heirs of said Estate, to wit:
      Elizabeth Ricks, formerly Elizabeth Duncan and late widow of Geo Duncan decd who was a son of said Wm Duncan
      Ann Lees wife of Rufus Lees formerly Ann Duncan
      William Duncan and Edward Duncan, grandchildren of Said Wm Duncan decd
      And your petitioners further represent that said estate is solvent and able to pay all claims against it exclusive of said slaves.
      Your petitioners represent that said William & Edward are without a guardian.
      In consideration whereof your petitioners pray the court to appoint commissioners to direct said slaves among the heirs aforesaid, and that a guardian ad litern may be appointed to represent & protect the interests of said William & Edward. /s/ James Ricks, Elizabeth A. Ricks, Samuel Holley.
      Granted 10 Apr 1855
      (MAD: Possibly William Duncan, b. ca 1783 NC, son of William Duncan d.1806 Duplin Co. NC; mar. bef. 1811 to Civil Kornegay, dau. of Isaac Kornegay; Duplin Co. NC through 1809, Craven Co. NC 1817-1831, Jones Co. NC 1809, 1829-1833; possibly 1840 Kemper Co. MS next to Abraham)
      (JSD: William K. is a whole new ball game. He died in 1861 and left an extensive estate which included accounts payable and due to him. He was definitely (as definite as you can be!) the son of Joseph Duncan of Madison Co TN, and brother to George J. (I looked at the original power of attorney papers from Joseph Duncan to Lewis Duncan, and it was a "J" made in the old fashioned way that is easily confused with "T."), John M., Louisa, and Anne Civil/Sevel. Both the sisters died in TN, and then Wm K, George, and John appear in the AR census of 1850.)
      (JSD: In the probate of the estate, there were expenses to NO and mention of a Conerly (who mar. a Duncan, I believe Jacob Duncan), and also the mention of "Ann Lees" who apparently was the sister of G.A., daughter of William, and somehow related to a Rufus Lee, I think this was her son. Also there was a mention that she lived in Rusk TX at that time.)


Bradley Co. AR Probate Records, Box 4, Bundle 6 (from Jean S. Duncan 4/2000)
      ... We the undersigned commissioners appointed at the April term 1855 of the Bradley Probate Court to divide the slaves belonging to the estate of William Duncan decd among the heirs of said estate do here report that according to said order of said court your commissioners met at the residence of Saml Halley in said County on the 28th of April 1855. And the slaves of said estate being produced to us then and there, we proceded to value said slaves and then divided them into four lots and apportioned said lots among said heirs by drawing which resulted as follows: Rufus Lees one of said heirs drew Negro boy Lewis valued at five hundred dollars. James Rix drew boy Jack valued at four hundred dollars. William Duncan drew Negro woman Alsey and child valued at Eight hundred and fifty dollars and Edward Duncan drew negro man Daniel vald at one thousand dollars all of which is respectfully submitted. /s/ L. Belin, E.J.S. Tidwell, John Davis.

Bradley Co. AR Probate Records, Box 26, Bundle 21 (from Jean S. Duncan 4/2000)
      January 2 1860, in act of J.M. Duncan
      11 months work 100.66
      Wife Sevises (jsd: could this be "services?") 75.00
      Jan 1861 for work 22.50
      Wife Servises 10.60 (Total) 268.16
      State of Ark, County of Bradley: I J.M. Duncan do solemnly swear that nothing has been paid or delivered towards the Sattisfaction of the above demand and its sum of two hundred & eighty 16/100 dollars is justly due me January 14, 1862. ...
      Recd Moro Bay January 14th 1862 of Elijah Mosely adm of the Estate of W.K. Duncan decs. One hundred and Twenty three and 66/100 dollars on a/c allowed and probated. /s/ John M. Duncan (his mark)

Bradley Co. AR Probate Records; index at beginning of some volumes
      Letters of Administration Vol.A 1841-1858 (FHL film 982,762 item 1)
            No Duncan
      Guardian Bonds & Certificates v.B 1857-1904 (FHL film 982,762 item 2)
            Pg.241: Bond of G.W. Duncan, sec. J. Ritchey, for $100, 10 April 1899, as guardian of Walter and Lummie Robertson, minors under age of 21.


Bureau of Land Management, General Land Office Automated Records Project. Champagnolle, [Union Co.], AR, Land Office, Act/Treaty of April 24, 1820, Entry Classification: Sale - Cash Entries
      Name, Acres, Date land document signed (see Union Co. AR for complete list)
      Duncan, William K, 40 acres, May 15 1852 (MAD: ? Bradley Co. AR)
      Duncan, William R, 40 acres, Oct 01 1860 (MAD: ? Bradley Co. AR)

Government Land Office Records, Land Patents, Bradley Co. AR
      http://www.glorecords.blm.gov/asp/response.asp?SearchType=1 (index, search AR by Duncan surname)
      Pg.186, #1895, Patent 15 May 1852 to George A. Duncan of Bradley Co. AR, 40 acres, NE 1/4 of NW 1/4 Sec.10 Twp.16S, Range 12W, Champagnolle Land Office. (Accession AR2110__.186)
      Patents indexed: #5430, 3 May 1858, AR2170__.368; #5431, 1 Sept. 1860, AR2250__.093; #8052, Patent 1 July 1859, AR2220__.076; to George J. Duncan.
      Patent indexed: #13176, 1 April 1861, AR2310__.410; to John Duncan.
      Pg.185, #1894, Patent 15 May 1852 to William Duncan of Bradley Co. AR, 40 acres, SE 1/4 of SW 1/4 Sec.3 Twp.16S Range 12W, Champagnolle Land Office (Accession AR2110__.185)
      Pg.349, #2069, Patent 1 March 1855 to William Duncan of Bradley Co. AR, 40 acres, SW 1/4 of NW 1/4 Sec.10, Twp.16S Range 12W, Champagnolle Land Office (Accession AR2110__.349)
      Pg.158, #1862, Patent 15 May 1852 to William K. Duncan and Howel D. Tindill of Bradley Co. AR, 40 acres, SE 1/4 of SE 1/4 Sec.31 Twp.15S Range 11W, Champagnolle Land Office (Accession AR 2110__.158)
      Patents indexed: 20 patents from 1 Sept. 1856 to 1 Sept. 1860 and 20 Aug. 1869, to William K. Duncan, including three also indexed under Calhoun Co. AR, and one indexed only under Calhoun Co.
      Patents indexed: 1 Oct. 1860, to William R. Duncan, #12735, AR2300__.181; #12752, AR2300__.196; and #12865, AF2300__.281.
      Patent indexed: #3159, 30 June 1884, AR1530__.072, to William T. Duncan. (also indexed under Calhoun Co. AR)
      Patent indexed: #2960, 10 Sept. 1883, AR1520__.388, to Mary M. Duncan, indexed in Calhoun Co. AR
      Pg.398, #3585, Patent 1 Sept. 1856 to William K. Duncan of Bradley Co. AR, 46.54 acres, E fractional 1/2 of NE fractional 1/4 Sec.32 Twp.16S Range 12W and NE fractional 1/4 of SE fractional 1/4 of Sec.32 Twp.16S Range 12W; county of land not given but indexed under Calhoun and Union Cos. AR, Champagnolle Land Office (Accession AR2130__.398)

Government Land Office Records, Land Patents, Bradley Co. AR (Internet search 10/14/1999)
      http://www.glorecords.blm.gov (index, search by Sec.30 T13S R11W)
      Patent #616, US to James S. Tidwell, Nov. 1, 1849, Cash Entry Sale, Champagnolle Office, NE [1/4] SE [1/4] Sec.30 T13S R11W, 40 acres, Bradley Co. (MAD: no grantor deed indexed from James S. Tidwell for land in Sec.30 through 1907; see sale by W.T. Duncan et al in 1890, K-294, of land in Sec.19, 20, and 30, T13, R11)

Bradley Co. AR Deed Indexes to 1907
   Grantees, A-G, Dun names pg.251-254, H-O (FHL film 981,944); P-Z (FHL film 981,945)
      No Elizabeth Harrell
      D-536: James S. Tidwell to Elizabeth A. Duncan, 29 Jan. 1860, filed 14 March 1860, deed, $300, 80 acres land, Sec.19, 20, T13 R11 (on pg.251)
      M-84: United States to James S. Tidwell, 15 May 1852, filed 26 June 1893, Patent, Full amount, SE [1/4] NE [1/4] and NW [1/4] SW [1/4] Sec.19,20, T13 R11.
      M-85: United States to Elizabeth A. Ricks, 8 Jan. 1861, filed 26 June 1893, Patent, Full amount, SW [1/4] NW [1/4] and NE [1/4] SE [1/4] Sec.19,20, T13 R11 (MAD: see grantor deed K-294, W.T. Duncan et al to Angus C. McLeon, 1890, 160 acres, Sec.19,20,30 T13 R11)
      (K-294: W.T. Duncan et al to Angus C. McLeod, 1 Feb. 1890, filed 14 April 1890, deed, $300, 160 acres land, Sec.19,20,30 T13 R11) (MAD: William Thomas Duncan, son of Abram Duncan & Elizabeth Hannegan Duncan Harrell Ricks) (MAD: Book K & later not on film)
      N-52: State of Arkansas to Lindsey Land & Lumber Co., 29 Feb. 1896, filed 4 March 1896, SE [1/4] SE [1/4] and SW [1/4] NW [1/4] Sec.22 T12 R11 and Sec.10 T16 R12 (MAD: Bradley Co. AR Land Patent #2069 to William Duncan of Bradley Co. AR, patent signed March 1, 1855, for SW 1/4 NW 1/4 Sec.10 T16 R12; no US Patent to William Duncan indexed in Bradley Co. AR deed books for this land)
      H-388: Maggie L. Richardson from James Hathorn et al, 24 Nov. 1877, NW [1/4] SW [1/4] Sec.3 T16 R12 (MAD: no grantee deed indexed for James Hathorn; land near patent to William Duncan #1894 SE 1/4 SW 1/4 Sec.3)
      S-636: Jesse B. Armstrong from M.L. Richardson, 21 Feb. 1879, filed 19 Sept. 1903, deed, $450, NW 1/4 SW 1/4 Sec.3 T16 R12 (A-G, pg.20) (MAD: land near patent to William Duncan #1894 SE 1/4 SW 1/4 Sec.3)
      S-637: Jesse B. Armstrong from State of Arkansas, 14 Sept. 1887, filed 19 Sept. 1903, deed, full, 120 acres land, Sec.3,10 T16 R12 (MAD: land near patent to William Duncan #1894 SE 1/4 SW 1/4 Sec.3)
      V-1: United States to Thomas J. Tatum, 1 July 1859, filed 19 Sept. 1903, NW [1/4] NE [1/4] Sec.10 T16 R12 (MAD: land near patents to William Duncan #2069 SW 1/4 NW 1/4 Sec.10 and George A. Duncan #1895 NE 1/4 NW 1/4 Sec.10)
      S(I?)-375: Joseph Ritchey to G.W. Duncan, 15 Oct. 1884, filed 25 Oct. 1884, Apt. as Deputy Sheriff. (on pg.252)
      S(I?)-607: N.C. Waller to G.W. Duncan, 19 Jan. 1886, filed 18 Oct. 1887, deed, $100, SW [1/4] NE [1/4] Sec.9 T13 R9
      J-114: George E. Robertson to G.W. Duncan, 7 March 1888, filed 7 March 1888, deed, $150, S 1/2 NE [1/4] Sec.14 T12 R10
      J-181: R. Owens to G.W. Duncan, 17 July 1889, filed 23 July 1889, deed, $150, NW [1/4] SW [1/4] Sec.10 T13 R9
      J-222: J.E. Robertson to G.W. Duncan, 11 Jan. 1890, filed 11 Jan. 1890, deed, $355, 132 acres lands, Sec.14 T12 R10
      J-263: Richard Owens to G.W. Duncan, 5 April 1890, filed 12 June 1890, deed, $120, SE [1/4] NE [1/4] Sec.14 T12 R10
      S-620: M.G. Hale to G.W. Duncan, 9 Sept. 1903, filed 9 Sept. 1903, deed, $50, 117-84/100 acres land, Sec.15 T13 R9
      T-130: W.T. Hardie Sons & Co. to G.W. Duncan, 28 Oct. 1904, filed 2 Nov. 1904, deed, $200, 99.53 acres land, Sec.15 T13 R9 (on pg.254)
      Z-520: T.M. Goodwin to G.W. Duncan, 12 Feb 1895, filed 18 Dec. 1906, deed, $140, land, Sec.5 T13 R9
      AB-294: Asa Dawdy to William K. Duncan, 15 Sept. 1849, filed 15 Sept. 1849, deed, $450, one acre land and lot 6 block 15 Sec.6 T13 R9 (on pg.253)
      AB-295: Asa Dawdy to William K. Duncan, 15 Sept. 1849, filed 15 Sept. 1849, deed, $325, SE 1/4 Sec.28 T13 R9
      AB-296: Asa Dawdy to William K. Duncan, 13 Sept. 1849, filed 17 Sept. 1849, deed, $300, E 1/2 SW 1/4 of SE 1/4 Sec.7 T14 R11
      C-13: James Bradley to William K. Duncan, 19 Sept. 1850, filed 19 Sept. 1850, deed, $1410, 223-21/100 acres land, Sec.20&21 T16 R12
      C-104: H.W. Smith to William K. Duncan, 7 Sept. 1852, filed 22 Sept. 1852, deed, $400, NW [1/4] SE [1/4] & W 1/2 NE [1/4] Sec.11 T15 R12
      C-492: Wm. M. Smith to W.K. Duncan, 7 Oct. 1853, filed 16 July 1854, deed, $100, SW [1/4] NE [1/4] Sec.15 T15 R12
      C-575: William Gates to W.K. Duncan, 12 Dec. 1857, filed 12 Dec. 1857, deed, $350, S 1/2 SW [1/4] Sec.23 T15 R9
      C-576: Jessee Boyt to W.K. Duncan, 11 Sept. 1857, filed 22 Dec. 1857, lien, $144.56, cotton
      C-577: Henderson C. Patrick to W.K. Duncan, 11 Dec. 1857, 22 Dec. 1857, mor., $86.65, cotton
      D-83: Thomas E. Gray to W.K. Duncan, 13 Sept. 1858, filed 13 Sept. 1858, mor., $230.50, Horses, cattle &c
      D-85: H.C. Pratt to W.K. Duncan, 9 April 1858, filed 13 Sept. 1858, deed, $550, 160 acres land, Sec.5,8, T13 R11
      D-111: James Herring to Wm. K. Duncan, 13 Sept. 1858, filed 19 Sept. 1858, mor., $360.40, cotton crop
      D-242: Marvill McClendon to Wm. K. Duncan, 24 Dec. 1857, filed 14 March 1859, deed, $156, SW [1/4] NW [1/4] Sec.26 T15 R11
      D-243: William Hall to Wm. K. Duncan, 1 Nov. 1856, filed 14 March 1859, deed, $5000, 597-50/100 acres land, Sec.20,21,28,29 T16 R12
   (right columns with land description, deed book & page, are very dark)
      D-244: Riley Hathhorn to Wm. K. Duncan, 27 Oct. 1858, filed 14 March 1859, deed, $900, 157 acres land, Sec.36 T14 R12
      D-246: Moses H. Kemp to Wm. K. Duncan, 12 Oct. 1858, filed 14 March 1859, deed, $200, SW [1/4] SW [1/4] Sec.24 T13 R11
      D-247: S.F.H. Harmon to Wm. K. Duncan, 2 Oct. 1858, filed 14 March 1859, deed, $150, NW [1/4] SE [1/4] & SE [1/4] NW [1/4] Sec.21 T16 R12
      D-248: F.J. Brownlee to Wm. K. Duncan, 29 Oct. 1858, filed 14 March 1859, deed, $100, S 1/2 NW [1/4] Sec.31 T14 R11
      D-360: F.J. Brownlee to W.K. Duncan, 23 Aug. 1859, filed 5 Sept. 1859, deed, $2400, 425 acres land (no description)
      D-362: H.C. Patrick to W.K. Duncan, 21 July 1859, filed 5 Sept. 1859, deed, $85, NW [1/4] SE [1/4] Sec.32 T14 R11
      D-363: A. Eves to W.K. Duncan, 1 March 1859, filed 5 Sept. 1859, deed, $145.89, 119-90/100 acres land 19,30 T16 R11
   (MAD: cannot read far right column with deed book & page; following deed book-page from grantor indexes)
      D-364: James Calloway to W.K. Duncan, 25 July 1859, filed 5 Sept. 1859, mor., $89.83, cotton
      D-365: Chesley Gentry to W.K. Duncan, 26 Jan. 1859, filed 5 Sept. 1859, deed, $500, W 1/2 NE [1/4] & E 1/2 NW [1/4] Sec.29 T15 R10
      D-409: Jesse Haralson to W.K. Duncan, 15 Sept. 1859, filed 15 Sept. 1859, mor., $120, cotton, cattle &c
      D-270: William Gates to W.K. Duncan, 13 Dec. 1860, filed 4 Nov. 1861, mor., $500, realty & personal, Sec.23 T16 R11
      AB-581: United States to Wm. K. Duncan, 1 July 1859, filed 2 May 1907, Pat, full, land, Sec.27 T16 R12 (on pg.254)
      AB-592: State of Arkansas to Wm. K. Duncan, 16 April 1907, filed 6 May 1907, deed, $7.41, land, Sec.27 T16 R12
   Grantors, A-G, Dun names pg.251-254 (FHL film 981,943); H-O names (FHL film 981,944); P-Z names (FHL film 981,945)
      No Elizabeth Duncan, no Elizabeth Harrell, no Elizabeth Ricks
      S(I?)-307: G.W. Duncan to Samuel H. Turner, 5 May 1884, filed 6 May 1884, Apt. of Deputy Sheriff (on pg.252)
      S(I?)-316: G.W. Duncan to M.L. Wells, 8 July 1884, filed 8 July 1884 Apt. of Deputy Sheriff &c
      S(I?)-402: G.W. Duncan to E.A. McKinney, 6 Dec. 1884, filed 3 Jan. 1885, Deputy Constable
      J-90: G.W. Duncan to J.M. Bailey, 24 Feb. 1887, filed 18 Oct. 1887, deed, $150, SW [1/4] NE [1/4] Sec.9 T13 R9
      J-182: G.W. Duncan to N.H. Wheeler & Edirington, 23 July 1889, filed 23 July 1889, deed, $150, NW [1/4] SW [1/4] Sec.10 T13 R9
      J-314: G.W. Duncan to J.M. Bailey, 20 Jan. 1891, filed 16 March 1891, deed, $300, NW [1/4] SW [1/4] Sec.10 T13 R9
      K-192: G.W. Duncan to Richard Owens, 17 July 1889, filed 18 July 1889, deed, $150, S 1/2 NE [1/4] Sec.14 T12 R10
      M-442: G.W. Duncan to James M. Bailey, 10 April 1895, filed 11 April 1895, deed, $400, S 1/2 SE 1/4, SW [1/4] NE 1/4 & SE [1/4] NE 1/4 Sec.14 T12 R10
      O-400: G.W. Duncan guard. to S.W. Robertson, 11 April 1899, filed 23 Jan. 1900, deed, $50, int. in land, Sec.32 T12 R9
      P-291: Geo. W. Duncan to G.E. Robertson, 7 Nov. 1894, filed 6 Sept. 1901, deed, $145, 39 acres land, Sec.14 T12 R10
      Z-530: G.W. Duncan to B.A. Murphy, 17 Dec. 1906, filed 31 Dec. 1906, deed, $67, land, Sec.5 T13 R9
      AE-42: G.W. Duncan to Union Saw Mill Co., 13 July 1907, 19 July 1907, deed, $100, timber, Sec.15 T13 R9
      C-291: William K. Duncan to Andrew Black, 3 Nov. 1851, filed 21 Aug. 1855, deed, $450, 1 acre & Lot 6 Block 15 Sec.6 T13 R9 (on pg.253)
      C-404: W.K. Duncan to Andrew L. Black, 21 Aug. 1855, filed 1 Sept. 1855, deed, $150, 1 acre land, Sec.5 T13 R9
      C-419: William K. Duncan to William Hall, 1 Nov. 1856, filed 13 Jan. 1857, deed, $1250, 707-68/100 acres land (blank location)
      D-66: W.K. Duncan to Thomas Singer, 9 Sept. 1856, filed 21 Aug. 1858, deed, $600, SE 1/4 Sec.28 T13 R9
      D-86: W.K. Duncan to Jane Hines, 18 June 1858, filed 13 Sept. 1858, deed, $120.50, SW [1/4] NE [1/4] Sec.15 T13 R9
      D-476: W.K. Duncan to John S. Wheeler, 2 Dec. 1858, filed 27 Jan. 1860, deed, $400, 149-55/100 acres land, Sec.5,6,31 T15,16 R11
      E-484: W.K. Duncan to Henry M. Ederington, 25 Aug. 1860, filed 21 Dec. 1865, deed, $800, 200 acres land, Sec.29 T15 R10
      E-509: W.K. Duncan to James H. Goumbles, 15 Feb. 1861, filed 7 Feb. 1866, deed, $100, 2 acres land Moro Bay, block 20
      E-600: Wm. R. Duncan to Wm. G. Maloney, 1 May 1860, filed 17 Sept. 1866, deed, $80, 20 acres land Sec.35 T15 R9 (MAD: William Roddey Duncan)
      F-355: W.K. Duncan to Thomas Jones, 4 March 1860, filed 29 July 1869, deed, $150, NW [1/4] NE [1/4] Sec.11 T15 R12
      F-768: W.K. Duncan to James M. Drummond, 8 Oct. 1858, filed 26 July 1870, deed, $858, SE [1/4] SE [1/4] Sec.15 T16 R11
      K-294: W.T. Duncan et al to Angus C. McLeod, 1 Feb. 1890, filed 14 April 1890, deed, $300, 160 acres land, Sec.19,20,30 T13 R11 (MAD: William Thomas Duncan, son of Abram Duncan & Elizabeth Hannegan Duncan Harrell Ricks)
      AA-351? (371?): W.K. Duncan to Jefferson B. Davis, 28 July 1864, 23 April 1907, deed, $500, timber (MAD: entry in grantee index for Davis not legible for this document)

Bradley Co. AR Deed from previous index (FHL film 982,518)
      D-536: 29 Jan. 1860, James S. Tidwell of Bradley Co. AR to Elizabeth Ann Duncan, late widow of G.A. Duncan decd, of same, $300, 80 acres known as SE 1/4 NE 1/4 Sec.19 and NW 1/4 Sec.20, all Twp.13S Range 11W; wit. Samuel Halley, Henry H. Mobley; appeared 29 Jan. 1855; filed 14 March 1860.


Bradley Co. AR Chancery Court records (SLC 6/16/2008)
      Vol.A, 1847-1860 - no index (FHL film 981,947)
      Vol.B, 1860-1893, index (FHL film 981,949)
            Duncan, WR F (MAD: no page number, not found to page 39)
            Duncan, George J. v. Elizabeth Duncan, pg.39
      Chancery Court Minutes, Vol.B (FHL film 981,949)
            B-39: Wednesday, 13 March 1867, George J. Duncan vs. Elizabeth Duncan, Divorce. Complainant by solicitor, with consent of court, continues this cause to the next term of the court.

Bradley Co. AR Circuit Court records and index, 1861-1881 (FHL film 981,948)
      Index covered Vol.C only - no Duncan
      Index only for Vol.B, no records; Duncan on pg.15, 25, 31, 430, 502, 503 - no correlation found to Vol.B

Bradley Co. AR County Court Records, Vol.A, 1841-1853 (FHL film 981,971)
      No Duncan

Bradley Co. AR Misc. Records 1839-1860; includes deeds and misc. civil records (FHL film 981,950)
      Loose documents, no order, did not go through each page


Dallas Co. AR Deeds, Book A, 1845-1851 (FHL film 984,735, Placerville FHC 7/20-21/2011 on loan, some pages very faded)
      A-314/315: 8 March 1849, George J. Duncan of Bradley Co. AR to George W. Mallett of Dallas Co. AR, for $10 paid, sell lot in town of Princeton, Dallas Co. AR, Lot No.1 in Block No.12, warrant title. /s/ G.J. Duncan. Wit. P. Watts, Clerk of Circuit Court of Dallas Co. AR. George J. Duncan appeared before Presley Watts, 8 March 1849. Filed for record 8 March 1849.
      A-315/316: Dallas Co. AR, 9 March 1849, George J. Duncan of afsd to William K. Duncan of Bradley Co. AR, for $50 paid, sell to said William K. Duncan a town lot in the town of Princeton, Dallas Co. AR, Lot No.8 in Block No.1, of the dimensions of 66 feet front and 132 feet back, together with ... appurtenances belonging, warrant title. /s/ G.J. Duncan. He appeared before Allen Ramsey, JP, 9 March 1849, filed for record 9 March 1849 and recorded same day.

Concordia Par. LA Deed (FHL film 858,700)
      N-291: 3 May 1858, notarial deed before Charles S. French recorder, came James Ricks, guardian of minors William and Edward Duncan, "children" of William Duncan decd, herein represented by this agent Edward D. Hannagan of Carroll Par. LA, by power of attorney annexed, who declares that for $50 paid him by Joseph C. De La Hoste of Concordia Par. LA, he sells the said De La Hoste, land on E. Bank of Black River, being NE fractional 1/4 of Sec.35, Twp.4, Range 6E, in District North of Red River, containing 31-80/100 acres. De La Hoste dispenses with certificate of mortgage. Wit. John Janney, Albert H. Brenham. Office in town of Vidalia.
            James Ricks, guardian, power of attorney to Edward D. Hannigan, Calhoun Co. AR. At a probate court in courthouse in town of Hampton, Calhoun Co. AR, on Monday, 30 July 1855, the following order was made: application of James Ricks for Letters of Guardianship in names of William Duncan and Edward Duncan, minor heirs to the estate of William Duncan, late of Bradley Co., decd; it appearing to the court that the minors had become residents of Calhoun Co. AR and were legally possessed of an estate, and that their property was scattered; the court ordered James Ricks appointed guardian of said William and Edward Duncan upon filing bond; he filed bond, approved, letters of guardianship issued. James Ricks petitioned for sale of land in LA, court agreed, order issued to sell the land, certification by Clerk about proceedings 17 Nov. 1857. (MAD: does not say the minors were children of William Duncan, only that they were heirs)
            Power of attorney from James Ricks of Calhoun Co. AR as guardian of William and Edward Duncan, minor heirs of William Duncan decd, per order of Probate Court of said Co., appoint E.D. Hanagan of Carroll Par. LA to sell the land and make a deed, 17 Nov. 1857.

HISTORIES before 1923

1890 "Biographical & Historical Memoirs of Southern AR" Clark, Miller, Sevier, Howard, Pike, Lafayette, Hempstead, Columbia, Little River, Nevada, Cleveland, Ouchita (sic), Dallas, Bradley, Calhoun, Union, Ashley, Drew, Lincoln, Desha and Chicot Cos., by Goodspeed (FHL film 266,242; and from Betty Laarveld 5/1987)
      Pg.988: Lincoln Co.: James Martin Lyle, b. Drew Co. AR Oct. 24, 1855, son of Thomas and Sarah M. (Knox) Lyle, natives of IRE and IL, respectively. The father was born in IRE in 1817, to the US when an infant with his parents; located in IL, continued there after his marriage. In 1851 to TN, then to Drew Co. AR where still lives. The mother died in 1862, and the father married Mrs. Duncan of Bradley Co. AR. To his first marriage were born 9 children (not copied here). By his last marriage there have been 2 children: Isabella (who is dead) and Lula (wife of J.A. Bishop). ...


"AR DAR Records, Little Rock Chapter, Pulaski Co." by AR DAR (FHL film 869,280 item 1)
      Pg.107-8 contain the WILLIAM RODDEY DUNCAN Bible (MAD: York & Chester Co. SC), starting with William Roddey Duncan, b. March 4, 1816, d. Nov. 7, 1860, and wife Jane Minerva Boyd born Nov. 16, 1820, married June 22, 1848. Jane Minerva Boyd married 2nd Thomas Lyle as his second wife, Jan. 22, 1863, at Johnsville, Bradley Co. AR. This record includes children of both marriages, as well as cemetery records.

"Footprints to Wildcat Ferry (And Beyond)" [Henderson Co. TX] by Koma Jo Baker, 1981 (from Ann Johnston 7/1999)
      Pgs.190-209 refer to the families of William K. Duncan of 1850 Bradley Co. AR, G.P. Dunckan (George Joseph Duncan) of 1860 Calhoun Co. AR, and George Duncan of 1870 Henderson Co. TX. The book also has information about William Thomas Duncan and Edward Franklin Duncan, sons of Abram Duncan and Elizabeth Hannegan, of Bradley and Calhoun Co. AR.


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