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Formed 1786 from Sullivan
Jefferson formed 1792 from Greene, Hawkins
Knox formed 1792 from Greene, Hawkins
Grainger formed 1796 from Hawkins, Knox
Claiborne formed 1801 from Grainger, Hawkins
Hancock formed 1844 from Claiborne, Hawkins
Hamblen formed 1870 from Grainger, Hawkins


1830-1870 Hawkins Co. TN Census
      No Duncan indexed

1850 Hawkins Co. TN Census (no Bowman 1840)
Page numbers without parens are stamped page numbers, within parens are handwritten numbers
District 10
Pg.379 (758), #147, Mary BOWMAN 55 TN farmer $1600
                  Rebecca 18, Samuel 8, Delila 1 TN
Pg.380 (759), #148, Daniel BOWMAN 23 TN farmer $0
                  Rebecca 19 TN
                  Joseph 3, Jacob 2 TN
District 12
Pg.399 (797), #18, Mary BOWMAN 44 TN (blank) $0
                  Nancy 20 TN
                  Benjamin 17, Anderson 16 TN laborers
                  Catharine 13, Jane 11 TN

1880 TN Soundex
Hawkins Co. TN, 16th Dist., Vol. 14, ED 78, sheet 15, line 39
      DUNCAN, J.M., 39, TN, white male
                  Mary Ann (wife) 25 TN
                  Elvira A. (dau) 12 TN
                  Chas. M. (son) 11 TN
                  Mary Jane (dau) 7 TN
                  Jasper H. (son) 1 TN

1880 Hawkins Co. TN Census
16th Civil Dist., Vol. 14, ED 78, Sheet 15, Lines 39-44
#121-121, DUNCAN, J.M., 39, farmer, married, b. TN, par. b. TN TN
                  Mary Ann, 25, wife, keeping house, b. TN, par. b. TN TN
                  Elvira A., 12, dau., at home, b. TN, par. b. TN TN
                  Chas. M., 11, son, farmer, b. TN, par. b. TN TN
                  Mary Jane, 7, dau, at home, b. TN, par. b. TN TN
                  Jasper H., 1, son, b. TN, par. b. TN TN

1900 TN Soundex
Hawkins Co. TN, 16th Dist., Vol. 3, ED 79, Sheet 7, Line 92
      DUNCAN, John M., b. June 1841, age 58, b. TN
                  Mary A. (wife), b. Dec. 1851, age 48, b. TN
                  Elvira A. (dau), b. Jan. 1869, age 31, b. TN
                  Mary J. (dau), b. Dec. 1872, age 27, b. TN
                  Effie M. (dau), b. June 1880, age 19, b. TN
                  Victoria M. (dau), b. June 1882, age 17, b. TN
                  Ernest (grson), b. Sept. 1893, age 7, b. TN
                  Oscar (grson), b. Sept. 1895, age 4, b. TN

1900 Hawkins Co. TN Census
16th Dist., Vol. 3, Sup. Dist. 250, ED 799, sheet 7, lines 92-99
#124-125, DUNCAN, John M. b. June 1841, age 58, m. 23 years, TN TN TN
                  Mary A. (wife) Dec 1851, 48, m. 23 years, 4 ch, 4 liv., TN TN TN
                  Elvira A. (dau) Jan 1869, 31, single, TN TN TN
                  Mary J. (dau) Dec. 1872, 27, single, TN TN TN
                  Effie M. (dau) June 1880, 19, single, TN TN TN
                  Victoria M. (dau) June 1882, 17, single, TN TN TN
                  Ernest (grson) Sept. 1893, 7, single, TN TN TN
                  Oscar (grson) Sept 1895, 4, single, TN TN TN


Hawkins Co. TN Marriage records 1820-1846 (FHL film 24,686, Part 5)
      No Duncan

Hawkins Co. TN Marriage record (from Joyce Colliflower 6/1988)
      Oscar Duncan, age 24, to Elsie Fields, age 18; license 19 Jan. 1924. Pg. 382.


"Hawkins Co. TN Will Book 1, 1797-1886" by Hist. Rec. Project (FHL film 24,689, typed, indexed)
      1-62: 19 July 1847, will of Jacob Bowman, proven 6 Sept. 1847. Wife Mary; son David, son Jacob, son William, son Daniel; daus. Anna & Rebecca when of age; sons John & Samuel when of age. Exec. sons Jacob and William and Christion Sensabaugh. Wit. Jacob Isenburg, Jacob Simmons, Thomas J. Amis.
      1-63: 11 March 1853, will of Mordecai Bean, proven July 1853. Wife Katharine; all my children. Exec. wife Katharine. Wit. Robert Wright, Eldr. Hord, John Weim.
      1-131: 12 June 1857, will of Wiley Cobb, proven July 1857. Land to three sons and 1 dau. Joseph, Jackson, Thomas & Elizabeth when become free; son-in-law Dyer D. Lawson to have land till all heirs come free; 3 sons & one dau. Joseph, Jackson, Thomas & Mary; finish paying for land if Joel Cobb will wait till they can; my dau. Elizabeth; want Dyer & Elizabeth to keep the house & kitchen furniture; my two daus. Catharine & Mandy when they become free, also my dau. Mary when she becomes free. Exec. Dyer D. Lawson. Wit. A.D. Lawson, H. E. Lawson.
      1-135: 18 Feb. 1861, will of Joel Cobb, proven April, 1861. Son Winsted D. Cobb all my land, incl. land joining lands of Wiley Cobb's heirs; 1 year after death pay Pleasant G. Hurrell? $40, and my dau. Sally Trent $5, my granddau. Polly Frazier $1, my dau. Fanny Murrel $1, heirs of Jacob Ean? $1, my son Edward Dobb $1. Exec. son Winstead D. Cobb. Wit. Bank? Lawson, Thomas Lawson.
      1-142: 18 March 1823, will of Pharoah Cobb, no proven date. Wife Barsha; heretofore given son-in-law Julias Connor property; given grandson Connor; given son Richard Caswell Cobb; my son William; my son Arthur Cobb; son-in-law Absalom Kyle; son Jesse Cobb; dau. Barsheba Kyle; granddau. Barsheba Cobb dau of my son Arthur Cobb; slaves (sold?) 1/3 dau. Barsheba Kyle, 1/3 to 3 granddaus. Eliza Barsheba & Sally, ch. of my son Richard Caswell Cobb decd, 1/3 to granddau. Barsheba Cobb dau. of my son Arthur Cobb. Exec. friends George Hale, Andrew Galbraith & Richard Mitchell. Wit. S? D. Mitchell, R. H. Mitchell.
      1-555: 5 June 1876, will of Philip Mulkey, proven Oct. 1, 1883. Dau. Sarah Ferguson $1, son Isaac Mulkey $1, son James Mulkey $1, dau. Ann Eliza Bayles $1, dau. Elizabeth Mulkey $1; wife Mary Jane during her lifetime or remains widow then to my dau. Ida M/H Mulkey. Exec. James H? Walker and D. M. Sheffey. Wit. J.J. Carroll, C. M? Merell(?). (MAD note: one Philip Mulkey m. Ann Duncan 1831 Washington Co., TN; one Philip Mulkey in 1850 Washington Co., TN, census without a wife.)
      No Smith (MAD: Looking for Jonathan Smith before 1820; John Duncan of Smith Co. TN was guardian to his children)

Hawkins Co. TN Will Book 1885-1910 (FHL film 972,797)
      No Duncan


Land records, North Carolina and Tennessee; indexes, 1600-1959; by NC Secretary of State, Land Grant Office (SLC 5/30/2011 copied by CVD)
      Land warrants are documents issued at local land offices to purchasers of public lands. When these warrants are surrendered, the buyers are issued conveyances (deeds). The land warrants (and other miscellaneous records) are organized by file numbers in alphabetical sequences of counties. Some of the counties are now Tennessee counties. These records are in packets. On each packet cover are spaces for the following information: file number, county, purchaser's name(s), number of acres, grant number, date issued, entry number, date entered, book number, page number & location. ... The key to finding the related packets are the file numbers.
      Index cards to grants made in western lands, now Tennessee, prior to the cession of the lands to the U.S. government in 1789; including grants made on military warrants, patents issued after the cession date; includes WESTERN, MIDDLE AND EASTERN DISTRICTS, ca. 1778-1800 ---- "A" - David Ginn (to be cont.) (FHL Film 1,942,646)
            Duncan, Michael, File No.982, Hawkins Co., 75 acres, Grant No.754 issued 20 July 1796, Entry No.216 entered 21 Feb. 1780, Book No.88, page no.501, Location: On N.side of Holston River.

Land warrants, Hawkins Co. TN, no.904-1154 (FHL film 1,928,900; SLC 9/26/2011; 5 pages)
      Jacket: No.982. TENNESSEE. County Hawkins. Name Duncan, Michael. Acres 75. Grant No. 754. Issued 20th July 1796. Warrant No. (blank). Entry No. 216. Entered 21 Feb. 1780. Book No. 88. Page No. 501. Location the N. side of Holston River. Remarks (blank).
      Handwritten paper: No.216. Feb. the 21st 1780. Sullivan County. To the Surveyor of said county greeting. You are requested to measure and lay of according to law for James King one hundred acres of land being part of his Entry on both sides of Lick Creek and on both sides of the great Road two miles below the north fork including the improvements and transferd to Thomas King by order and make return accordingly. Given under hand at office, /s/ Jas. Gaines Esqr.?
      Reverse of handwritten paper: No.216. Land Warrant for Thos. King, 100 acres. (written sideways) I assign the within warrant to Marshall Duncan as a sup..? my warrants &c. /s/ Thos. King.
      Survey: Scale iss ? to an inch. Marchel Duncan 75 acres (rectangle). Ceeded Territory. By virtue of Hawkins ?? a warrant to me directed of No. (blank) I have surveyed for Marshall Duncan seventy five acres of land on in the N. side Holston River and on the waters of Caney Cr. begining on Shelby line of a 400 acre tract at three white oaks thence N 43 East 240 po. to a stake on Shelby's line thece No. 43 West 50 po. to a stake thence So. 43 West 240 po. to a stake, thence to the begining. Surveyed July 3rd 1795 by me. /s/ John Thompson D.S. Thos. King Ca?. John Bryant & William Duncan, S.C.B?.
      Reverse of survey: No.20? (30?) Marchel Duncan, 75 acres, Hawkins County, 21st Feb. 1780.

Tennessee Land Grants Index (indexed D names from FHL film 1,002,730)
      Film consists of small index cards for each grant; some grants are repeated if they appear in two books.
      Elijah Danthin, (blank #), 640a, 12/26/1791, Hawkins, 3-144, NC

North Carolina Land Grants in Tennessee
      3-144: 26 Dec. 1791, NC Grant (no number) to Elijah Danthin, 640 acres in Hawkins Co. and Young Creek adj. Howel's corner, Colliers line, per plat. (FHL film 1,013,313; MAD: not Duncan)

Hawkins Co. TN Survey Books, v.A-B, 1824-1828, 1857-1868; incl. index (FHL film 972,816 item 5-6)
      Vol.A, 1857-1868 - no Duncan
      Vol.B, 1824-1828 - no Duncan

Hawkins Co. TN Land Entry Books, v.A-D, 1824-1837, 1869-1902; incl. index (FHL film 972,816 item 1-4)
      Vol.A, 1824-1835 - no Duncan
      Vol.B, 1836-1837 (1867) - no index found
      Vol.C, 1830-1837 - no Duncan
      Vol.D, 1869-1902 - no Duncan

Hawkins Co. TN Deed Index, 1788- (FHL film 24,687, typed)
      Bowman - deeds start 1841
      Crosby, Thomas, conveyor: 13-275, 14-32 (1833)
      Crosby, Thomas, conveyee: 7-46 (1817), 7-126 (1818)
      Cobb, Pharoah, conveyor: 3-31 (1803, 6-488 (1812), 14-237 (1833), 17-52 (1840)
      Cobb, Pharoah, conveyee: 1-274 (1798), 2-192, 193, 194 (1794), 3-111 (1803), 4-230, 231 (1827), 4-458 (1828), 6-267 (1810), 15-242 (1835)
      Cobb, Jessee, conveyor: 14-185, 484 (1833), 16-73 (1837), 16-197 (1838), 18-274, 411 (1842), and later
      Cobb, Jesse, conveyee: 14-237 (1833), 15-253 (1835), 16-397 (1838), 17-384 (1841), 18-414 (1842)
      Cobb, Wm., conveyor: 16-345, 346, 347, 348, 349 (1838), 18-352 (1842), and later
      Cobb, Wm., conveyee: 17-29 (1839)
      Cobb, Edward/Edmond, conveyee: 18-344 (1842), and later
      Rice, Henry, conveyor: 1-114 (1792), 2-274 (1795), 2-307 (1797), and later (no deeds indexed as conveyee)
      Rice, Jno., conveyor: 1-118, 127 (1792), 2-165 (1794), 2-233, 259, 265 (1795), and later
      Rice, Jno., conveyee: 2-225 (1795)
      Rice, Joel, conveyor: 1-155, 162 (1795), 3-286 (1814)
      Rice, J., conveyee: 3-139 (1795)
      Rice, Wm., conveyor: 3-119 (1796), 4-119 (1805)
      Rice, Daniel, conveyor: 3-240, 269 (1813), and later
      Rice, Isaac, conveyee: 4-84 (1805), 3-255 (1813)
      Rice, Ruben, conveyee: 4-34 (1803)
      Other Rice families 1811 on
      Spurgin, Wm., conveyor: 1-116 (1792)
      Spurgeon, Wm., conveyee: 2-34, 3-218 (1792)
      Scott, James, conveyor: 4-1, 7 (1803), no conveyee deed
      Stephenson, Wm., conveyor: 2-408 (1798), no conveyee deed
      Stevens, Samuel, conveyor: 11-306 (1825), no conveyee deed
      Seahorn, John M., conveyor: 16-90 (1837), may be more
      Shipley, Nathan, conveyor: 14-511 (1834), 17-504 (1841), may be more
      Shipley, Nathan, conveyee: 3-248 (1813), may be more
      Shipley, Eli & wf, conveyor: 19-25 (1844)
      Shipley, E., conveyor: 21-228 (1852)
      Shipley, I., conveyee: 18-650 (1844)
      Dunkin, Marshall, conveyor: 1-129 (1792)
      Duncan, Marshall, conveyor: 2-146 (1794)
      Duncan, Marshall, conveyee: 1-3 (1788)
      Duncan, Marshall, conveyee: 1-3 (1798), listed at bottom of group.

Hawkins Co. TN Deed Index 1788- (FHL film 972,798)
      1797: Duncomb, Marshall, to Joel Gillenwater, 3-164

Hawkins Co. TN Deeds
      1-3: 2 June 1788, Peter Cocke of Hawkins Co. NC to Marshall Dunkin of same, £100 VA money, 300 acres on Cany Creek, corner of Robt. Coils? survey. /s/ Peter Cocke, Mary Cocke. Wit. Ballass Caldwell, Richard Grantham. (FHL film 972,799)
      1-129: Dunkin to Lee, Registered 2 Aug. 1792, transcribed from Liber E, page 110. 2 June 1791, Marshall Dunkin of Hawkins Co., Territory South of the River Ohio, to John Lee of same, £22, 145 acres on Caney Creek, corner Marshall Dunkin's land on Caney Creek, on bank of nose branch. /s/ Marshall (M his mark) Dunkin. No wit. (FHL film 972,799)
      2-146: Marshall Duncom to Henry Johns, Registered 7 Jan. 1794. 5 March 1794, Marshall Duncom of Hawkins Co., Territory South of the River Ohio, to Henery Johns, £26 VA currency, 40 acres in Hawkins Co., including the plantation where said Johns now lives, beg. on bank of Caney Creek; to Dunkins line. /s/ Marshall Duncan (seal). Wit. J. Hagood, J. Lane. (FHL film 972,799)
      2-214: 28 Feb. 1795, Henry Johns of Hawkins Co., Terr. South of River Ohio (TN), to Joel Gillinwaters of same, $130, 40 acres in Hawkins Co. on Caney Creek including the plantation the said Johns now lives on, beg. on bank of Caney Creek, Marshall Duncan's line; wit. Thos. Lane, Wm. (X) Dunkin. (FHL film 972,799) (MAD: land bought from Marshall Duncom 1794, 2-146; Henry Johns moved to Shelby Co. KY per other info)
      3-164: 24 Nov. 1786, Marshall Duncomb of Hawkins Co. TN to Joel Gillingwaters of same, £250, 150 acres on south side of Cany Creek, corner Robert H/Kiles, "conditional line between me and Henry Johns". /s/ Marshal Duncomb. Wit. Thomas Gillinwaters, James Simans. Recorded 27 April 1797; transcribed from Liber K, page 56. (FHL film 972,800)

Hawkins Co. TN Deed Book 1, 1788-1800 (FHL film 24,686, typed by WPA)
      1-80: Transcribed Liber C, pg. 29. Dated 15 May 1790, mortgage of Philip Marstellers of Alexandria in Virginia, to Anna Gibson, widow & executor of John Gibson, decd, and William Wister of Philadelphia, land on north side of Holston River next to lands of James Williams on Sinking Creek, lands of Thos. Copenhaver, and other lands. Wit. Edward Telghman, Rober (sic) Henry Dunkin (indexed Robert Henry Dunkin). Phillip Marsteller appeared 15 May 1790 in the City of Philadelphia.
      1-130: 5 Sept. 1791, John Lee to Moses Johnston, 95 acres next to Dunkin's line and Coiles line.
      1-300: 1799, Robert Kyle/Coile sold land to Isaac Shelby on John Rhea's line; other deeds 1799 from Isaac Shelby to John Rhea and Robert Koile.

Hawkins Co. TN Deeds (FHL film 972,798 index 1788-1884, 1884-1906)
      Deeds to book 39 on film
      29-213: 14 Sept. 1872, Theodocia Peck and Jesse A. Peck to Catherine Duncan, all Hawkins Co. TN, $350, 54 acres on south side Holston River, 4th Civil District, adj. Jno. Kincely, John N. Charles, Buran Harrison & George R. Kites heirs, Jacob Miller's entry. Reserve about 6 acres already sold to Abraham West. Wit. Wilson Howry, J.H. Vance. (FHL film 972,810)
      30-679: 12 Aug. 1877, Catherine (X) Duncan, John J. Duncan, James Luster and wife Elizabeth (X) Luster formerly Elizabeth Duncan, to Aaron Richards, all Hawkins Co. TN, $300, above land. (FHL film 972,811) (MAD: ?? see 1860 Surry Co. NC, J.H. Duncan, wife Kate, ch. Jno. & Eliz.)
      36-569: 12 June 1887, the heirs of Mary Bernard decd. of Hawkins Co., TN (signed G.W. Bernard, J.M. Bernard, Nathan Bernard, Judy Bernard, Anny Bernard, Matilda Bernard, James Bernard, R.L. Bernard, Thomas J. Bernard, R.H?. Crawford, ?? (bottom line too dark to read); to John M. Duncan of same county; for $422, 105-1/2 acres in 16th Dist.; on a ridge on the Baxter line. Wit. Isham Dalton, Jno?. G.B.B.H. English. Reg. on oath of Isham Dalton and J.B. English, 20 June 1889. (FHL film 972,814)
      38-161: 16 April 1891, Nathan Barnard and wife Judia (X), Samuel (X) Barnard and wife Hannah, Rubin (R.F.) Barnard and wife Amanda (X), Thomas J. Barnard and wife Margaret E., to John M. Duncan, $422, our interest in land on waters of Beech Creek in 16th Civil Dist. adj. the lands of Right Light, Geo. Light, Pollie Bernard's heirs and the David F?. Hall, Euley and bounded ... near Rich Creek, 105-1/2 acres. (FHL film 972,815)
      47-56: Hugh Duncan from W.H. Webster & wife, 1902
      48-578: Jno. M. Duncan and wife to Abraham Fields, 1904
      48-416: J.M. Duncan and wife from Wm. H. Webster & wife, 1904
      49-427: Hugh B. Duncan to W.C. Malone & wife, 1905


Hawkins Co. TN Circuit Court Minutes; WPA typed & indexed
   Circuit Court Minutes 1810-1829 (FHL film 972,777)
      No Duncan ?
   Circuit Court Minutes 1810-1845 by Hist. Rec. Survey (FHL film 24,688)
      1810-1821: John Smith on pg. 361, 364, 365, 371, 372 (still living in 1821), 373, 382, 390, 392, 428, 434, 438, 441, 444, 449 (looked at through pg. 372, no reference to John Duncan of Smith Co. TN as guardian of his children)
            Pg. 467: 3 April 1821, case of James Jones vs. Andrew Reed - By consent of the plaintiff it is ordered that a commission issue in favor of the Defendt. directed to any two Justice of the peace of Green County in the State of Tennessee to take the deposition of John Dodd and Anthony Duncan, by giving the adverse party Ten Days notice of taking the ----. (FHL film 24,688)
      1817-1845: John Smith, pg. 30, 31, 34, 35, 36, 37
            No Duncan
            Pg.30: On 6 Jan. 1830, complaint of William Lipe vs. James P. McCarty, John Smith, Jesse Beelor, Henry Hamblen, Nathan Hawkins, Peggy Hawkins & Elizabeth Hawkins; that in 1810 Robert Gray and Jean Hawkins (widow of Nicholas) sold land to John Smith who on 25 April 1825 sold it to William Lipe. (MAD: apparently not connected to John Duncan of Smith Co. TN)
   Circuit Court Minutes 1822-1825 by WPA (FHL film 24,686 item 1)
      No Duncan, no John Smith

Hawkins Co. TN County Court Minutes 1827-28 fragment, by WPA (FHL film 24,686 item 2)
      no Duncan, no John Smith

Hawkins Co. TN County Court Minutes (FHL film 972,793)
      1827-1837, Part A: No Duncan indexed
      1826-1828, Part B: No Duncan indexed
      1857-1863, v.1: no Duncan indexed
      1863-1870, v.2: not looked at
      1870-1877, v.3-4: not looked at (FHL film 972,794)

Hawkins Co. TN Chancery Court Enrolling dockets
      Enrolling dockets 1831-1833 & 1862-1874 (FHL film 972,770)
            1831 - 1833 - no index
            1862 - 1874 - no Duncan
      Enrolling dockets 1865-1891 & 1874-1882 (FHL film 972,771)
            Not looked at

Hawkins Co. TN Chancery Court Minutes - not looked at
      Minutes v.1 1825-1855 (FHL film 972,772)
      Minutes 1856-1862, 1867-1870 (FHL film 972,773)
      Minutes v.D-E 1871-1878 (972,774)
      Minutes v.F-G 1878-1888 (972,775)
      Minutes v.H-I 1888-1894 (972,776)


Hawkins Co. TN Voter List, March 8, 1790 (FHL film 24,686, part 4)
      Marshall Duncan
      William Duncan

Hawkins Co. TN Death Certificate (copy from Doris Duncan 2/1986)
      James M. Duncan of Persia, Hawkins Co., #H3706; male, white, married, b. May 28, 1845; d. May 4, 1920, age 74y 11m 6d, farmer, b. VA, father unknown, mother Rebecca Duncan b. VA; died from pneumonia. informant: Mrs. Tina Duncan, Persia, TN (MAD: see Russell Co. VA)


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Stokes Co. NC Deed (FHL film 466,266)
      3-58: 3 Nov. 1796, William Duncan of Hawkins Co., Territory South of River Ohio, to Matthew Harris of Stokes Co. NC, £30, 200 acres by survey on south side Dan River on Derrick's Creek (tight binding); wit. Joseph Cloud, Jos. Duncan. Rec. on oath of Jos. Cloud.

Smith Co. TN Will (FHL film 24,829 item 3, by Hist. Records Proj.; also on FHL film 319,178; index shows "transferred to roll #104")
      Will 1816-1820, pg. 437: I do certify that I have recd by Jacob Miller of E. Tennessee Hawkins County adms of Jonathan Smith decd, $421 and no more, Rec by me. John Duncan, gdn for the children of the decd. Feb. 1820, the gdn to the heirs of Jonathan Smith decd rendered into court an account of the money of said heirs that came to his hands by virtue of his gdnship which is ordered to be rec. Rec. 6 April 1820.


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