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Brobst Resources

From the Winter 2000 Issue, Brobst Genealogy News

A Genealogist's Guide to Identifying Photographs, by Scott Andrew Bartley

This article addresses how to determine the approximate time a photograph was taken and developed. The author discusses both the process that indicate a time frame for development and what to look for within the photo, such as the fashion and business signs in the background.

From the Summer 1999 Issue, Brobst Genealogy News

News on the Net

Just came across a most interesting website for those of you who are digging into your Schuylkill County, PA, ancestors. Take a look!

World Family Tree look-ups

The Registry contains all Brobst data from Family Tree Maker Family Tree (WFT) Archives numbers 1 through 12; I have already searched those CDs. We would love to incorporate Brobst data from FTM World Family Tree (WFT) Archives 13-23 which I do not have. We need volunteers to help submit data or assist in some other way. If you have any of those CD, please look up the Brobsts and send on to me whatever you find. I'll be happy to do look-ups for WFTs 1-12 or Social Security records through 1993 for Brobsts or their related families; I have those CDs on file. Just ask. No charge. Bill Brobst

Documents On-Line

Hello Folks .. I've put the PA Dutch baptism certificate (Taufschein) of Samuel BROBST on my fraktur Webpage.


John Bieber
[email protected]

Here is the data on the certificate (though I think this info is already known to Brobst researchers): Taufschein: Samuel Brobst, born 1840 Mar 16 in Lynn Township, Lehigh County. Baptized 1840 Mar 29 by Rev Herrman. Parents: Simon Brobst and Salome Kunkel. Sponsors: William Brobst and Rebecca Dietrich. Confirmed 1858 Apr 10 by Rev Heilig. Died 1914 Apr 26.

News on the Net

From the Spring 1999 Issue, Brobst Genealogy News

Well � Spring is here! I hear rumored that Karen Price was doing a quarterly family newsletter and offering a free subscription for a year for submissions!

GREAT IDEA! Send me your submissions � either via the regular postal service, or via e-mail and I will extend your subscription for a year for free!

Paula K. Pennington. e-mail: [email protected]

Word to the Wise

From the Spring 1999 Issue, Brobst Genealogy News

I have just received notice of the publication of a new book entitled "A Celebration of American Brobsts". I wanted to alert everyone that this book is not what it is purported to be. Don't waste your money! The book is one of a series published by Halbert's, of Bath, Ohio. Each year they come out with a new one, and lead you to believe that it contains a lot of good Brobst genealogical information. Wrong!

They have had in the past only a half-page or page of very general information on the Brobst history, many pages of general information on how to do genealogical research, and a listing from the nation's telephone directory of 700-800 people named Brobst. Useless information for a genealogist. And you can find the same telephone listings by going to any one of several national telephone directories on the internet, free. And they want $69.50 for that!!

The flyer gives one example of a Mary A. Brobst who lived in Fairfield Co, Connecticut in 1850. Actually, Fairfield Co is in Ohio! What accuracy!! If you want to learn about the Brobsts, check the web site maintained by Kay Schaney:

Submitted by William A. Brobst, [email protected]

Good News about Census Microfilm, Submitted by Kay Schaney:

Net Resource

From the Fall 1998 Issue, Brobst Genealogy News

Submitted by Kay Schaney

Back in about 1992-3 on Genie, I exchanged information on the Spangler Family with Shelly Hallard, (

She sent me info, which was shared with her by Max Spangler and Fillmore Spangler. Later I made contact with Fillmore Spangler on Prodigy. Well, now the information Fillmore Spangler has collected over the years is on the web check it out!

News on the Net

From the Spring 1998 Issue, Brobst Genealogy News

If you have been searching the net for the December issue of the BGN, it's not there yet. There were some unavoidable hitches in the plan, and they are still being ironed out….so, please bear with me..Here is the latest information I have on Donna Kilroy's Brobst sites:

She recently moved to:
She moved from:

We decided to publish the newsletter on a separate site with links. Kay Schaney who also lives in the Rochester area, has volunteered to help me. Hopefully, we have a site up and functional by May. I will notify anyone with net access if you send me your e-mail address. A few of you have already e-mailed me indicating you will access the newsletter on the net. You don't need to re-send that request, I will notify you with the address when the newsletter has been published.
Thanks for your patience!

Albany Township Historical Society

From the Fall 1997 Issue, Brobst Genealogy News

The mission of this group is to honor, collect, preserve and interpret the rich cultural heritage of Albany Township. The society will also serve as an information resource for people with ties to Albany Township.

The address of the society is:
Albany Township Historical Society
P.O. Box 95
Kempton, PA, 19529
Membership is $20.00 per year per family or individual.


From the Summer 1997 Issue, Brobst Genealogy News

PROBST, PREVOST, and PRAEPOSITUS were the medieval titles (in German, French, and Latin respectively) for the clerical office of prior or abbot and the secular office of mayor (mostly France).

Internet Address:

This site contains the descendants of Barthel Probst, including a GEDOM file that can be downloaded. The information on the Probst/Brobst line at this site was contributed by Diane Howard and Kay McLaughlin. Check it out!

Computer Corner

From the Winter 1996 Issue, Brobst Genealogy News

File Sharing

I have traded GEDCOM files with two genealogists in our family via e-mail. In both cases, we were using Family Tree Maker software. If anyone would like a copy of my (my father’s file which I converted from PAF2.2) via e-mail, let me know. You don’t necessarily need Family Tree Maker, but you do need a genealogy program that converts GEDCOM files.

CAVEAT: The information in my files is believed to be accurate, but not all information was obtained from primary sources. In some files, in the note section, my father listed the primary/secondary/tertiary sources from which he obtained the data. If the notes do not transfer in the GEDCOM file, we can work something out.

Usenet Group: Soc.Genealogy.Computing

Anyone who is on-line and using a computer program for genealogy should subscribe to the USENET newsgroup: soc.genealogy.computing. This newsgroup discusses a wide variety of issues related to genealogy and computing, from which scanners are best, to how to make the software programs work more efficiently, to where to find information on genealogy issues.

Sample Posting:

Date: December 24, 1996

I now have 8 Michigan GenWeb genealogy pages up and running. These pages each include sections on those counties Surnames, Send In Your Queries, View Queries Received, Obits, and Bio's.

The URL is: index.html

This will take you to an index page with hotlinks to each individual page. When you get to the county you are interested in be sure to place a bookmark there. There is also a hotlink to ALL the other counties in Michigan under the "Michigan Master County Index" heading found on each of my pages.

If you had ancestors in Michigan, or are currently researching in this state, go to this page and bookmark your areas of interest. There will be a great deal more research information on these pages in the days to come so stop back often.

***If you have information you would like me to include in any of these counties just email it to me (be sure to tell me which county).

Norm Vance
E-Mail: [email protected]

Web Sites to Check Out:

Genealogy Springboard – a page with links to several genealogy software programs for review:

S&N Genealogy Supplies: Books and software available.

Journal of On-Line Genealogy: a free publication available to those on-line.

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