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National Brobst Family Historical Registry

The National Brobst Family Historical Registry exists to help Brobsts and Brobst descendants to find their family roots -- "Brobstology". The Registry contains data on the ancestry, history, and heritage of the Brobst Family in America, and its ancestral Probst Family in Germany and Switzerland. The goal of the Registry is to collect the names and familial relationships of all Brobsts from the time of the 1730s immigration in America into the early part of the 20th century, as well as the earlier Swiss and German Probsts from which we all descend. Data on the old Probsts and Brobsts is already quite detailed and accurate. Brobstology information on more recent members of the Brobst Family is entered into the data base as it becomes available. This information is readily available to any Brobst descendant or researcher who is interested in his/her Probst/Brobst ancestry. We respect the desire for privacy for some living persons, and are quite willing to omit specific data on any living person who desires that for him/herself and his/her family members. But we would like to at least list their names in the proper order in the ancestral lineage in the Registry. And the Registry is collecting information on the family histories of Probsts and Brobsts, as well, from Switzerland, through Germany and France, and to America.

Many different volunteer Brobst Family researchers, including the Curator of the Registry, have contributed to the vast collection of Brobstology names, dates, and places that comprise the history of the Brobst Family. The Registry is continually being updated. Brobst descendants: please submit your family lineage data to the Registry for inclusion. There are already about 20,000 names and over 7000 families, with 4500 Brobsts and 1200 Probsts, and bazillions of their spouses and relatives, back into the middle ages! If you would like to have ancestor or descendant trees printed up from the data base, the Registry's Curator can provide these for a small charge. They make great gifts for your children; get one for each of the kids. He'll print them on nice parchment paper, ready for framing.

The Registry is not a comprehensive library or archive of all of the supporting documents and proofs usually associated with genealogical research. In most cases, those records remain with the various county and state historical and genealogical society libraries, courthouses, etc., and with the descendant families and researchers themselves. The Registry's Curator does not attempt to duplicate all of those records and files in the Registry, although there are some wills, obituaries, land deeds, etc., in the Registry files. We can guide you and refer you to other sources for that information on your Brobst ancestors.

The information in the Registry on your Brobst ancestry is available from the Registry's Curator, Art Holmes, 304 Woodridge Dr., Peninsula Oh, 44264. E-Mail the Curator: Art Holmes [[email protected]].

Please feel free to call, write, or E-Mail the Curator with your suggestions, additions, subtractions, questions, disputations, corrections, and recollections. And you should know that he pays for all this work out of his own pocket! He may have to charge you a nominal charge, if there are more than a few pages. He'll use E-Mail when he can. Donations to the Registry are welcomed (encouraged!) to defray costs of records searches, photocopying, postage, envelopes, etc.; thank you.

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