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The Brobst Family in Print

The Brobst Grist Mill at the Pinnacle
By Jonathan Bond

200 Signed and numbered prints
Image Size 12"H x 15 1/4"

Available for purchase:
Print $75.00
Print & Matt $90.00
Matted & Framed $185.00

Bond Customart
114 Penn Street
P.O. Box 215
Lenhartsville, PA

To Order call:

Please tell them you heard about it on the Brobst Website!

Brobst Genealogy News

The "Brobst Genealogy News" is a quarterly newsletter with stories about current and ancestral Brobsts, annual Brobst reunions, new genealogy findings, births, marriages, and deaths, etc. At the present time, the newsletter is on vacation.

The Brobst Chronicles - A detailed and pictorial history of the Probst/Brobst family and their travels and travails (120 pages) ($18).

Pedigree Register of Early Brobst Families - A detailed listing of the family members and relationships for the first thirteen generations of Probsts/Brobsts (from the early 1500s through the mid- to late 1800s).

Brobst Forges and Grist Mills - The story of the various forges and grist mills built and operated by the Brobsts (11 pages) ($5).

By William A. Brobst. You can order the books by contacting Bill by e-mail at: [email protected]

William A. Brobst
6072 Currituck Road
Kitty Hawk, NC 27949

Brobst/Probst - A Genealogy of the Family of Mathias Brobst and Maria M. Stambach.

Forrest and Carolyn Price set out to: …record and report for future generations the family of Rudolph Probst descendant Johan Michael who immigrated to America in October 1732 and is the progenitor of Mathias and Maria Magdalena (Stambach) Brobst family in America…

If you would like a copy of the book, please contact:

Carolyn and Forrest Price
1233 Lisa Ann Drive
Akron, OH 44313-6742.

"Well, Mary" — Civil War Letters of a Wisconsin Volunteer

Well, Mary is available from the Mimosa Book Store, 212 Henry Street North, Madison, Wisconsin 53703-2204. Phone 608-256-5432.

More about "Well, Mary" — Civil War Letters of a Wisconsin Volunteer

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