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Index and Table of Contents to The Brobst Chronicles
Title Page
Chapter One - The Early Swiss/German Probsts
Chapter Two - The History Of The German Immigration To America
Chapter Three - The Struggles of the Settlers
Chapter Four - The Early American Pennsylvania Brobsts
Chapter Five - Children of Philipp Jacob Probst
Chapter Six - The Other Children of Philipp Jacob Probst
Chapter Seven: The Other Children of Christophel Probst
Chapter Eight: Other Interesting Brobstology Intermarriages

The Brobst Chronicles is the story of the Brobst family and their travels and travails from the early 1500s in Switzerland, to their migration to Germany in the 1600s, to their migration to America in the 1700s, to their westward migration in the 1800s, and the Brobsts of today.

The complete book is for sale by the Brobst Family Historical Registry at its office in Kitty Hawk, NC. This book is a wonderful gift for your children, siblings, or other relatives. If you donít know what to give them for Christmas, or for their birthdays, give them the history of their ancestors! The price is $18. It has about 140 pages of historical information, ancestral familial relationships, dozens of pictures and photographs, and maps. It traces all of the Brobst families and their Probst ancestors, family by family, up through the early 1800s.

So that Brobsts and their related family members have a more convenient access to the information in the book, and thereby better appreciate their heritage, the Brobst Family Historical Registry, through the gracious assistance of our webmistress, Kay Starr Schaney, is publishing The Brobst Chronicles on our Brobstology webpage. In order to save webpage space and cost, the book is being published on-line without the pictures, photographs, and maps. Youíll have to buy the book to see all of them!

We plan to publish The Brobst Chronicles a chapter at a time, about one chapter per month. The first issue will include the foreword and Chapter 1, and will probably be on-line in August. The next issue will contain an index to the eight chapters and the eleven appendices, along with Chapter 2.

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