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Brobst Family Researchers

This is the place to share data and sources with other family researchers. Send your Ancestor, Year, Location, And list your e-mail address and/or homepage to make connections with others who share your area of interest.

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Richard R Anderson
E-mail: [email protected]
Migration: CHE, DEU, Ras Rhin, PA, IA Year: 1500 - Now
Ancestor: Brobst/Probst, through both Philip Jacob and Johan Michael

Thomas Neal Brobst
E-mail: [email protected]
Home Page:
Migration: Switzerland-S. Germany-PA
Year: 1500-now
Ancestor: Brobst/Probst; Michael Johann > Matthias George lineage

William A. Brobst
E-mail: [email protected]
Home Page: Home Page
Migration: CHE-DEU-PA-USA
Year: 1500-now
Ancestor: BROBST/

Dianne Camp
E-mail: [email protected],
Home Page: Home Page
Migration: NC-MO
Year: 1806-now
Ancestor: Goerge Propst (s/o John ?)

Stephen J. Hartzell
E-mail: [email protected]
Home Page: The Seneca Hartzell History Links
Relative: Thomas Hartzell, m. Elizabeth Louisa Brobst (1826-1910) Location - Lehigh County, PA Thomas Hartzell was a brother of my gr-gr-grandfather

Art Holmes
E-mail: [email protected]
Migration: CHE-DEU-PA-OH-KS
Year: 1500-now

Irene Diehl Konrad
E-mail: [email protected]
Home Page: Surnames to Brag about
Philip Jacob (1692-1747).
Daughter: Eva Catherine BROBST (born c1740) married
(John) Nicholas KUTZ (c1730/35-1790)
Dorothy KUTZ (1765-1832) married Abraham SIEGFRIED (1764-1802)
Isaac SIEGFRIED (1790-1863) married Elizabeth BARTHOLOMEW (1793-1865)
Joseph SIEGFRIED (1814-1892) married Rachel O'BRIEN (1820-1893)
James F. SIEGFRIED (1839-1915) married Matilda C. GIESS (1850-1931)
Morris SIEGFRIED (1868-1917) married Jemima MORITZ (1868-1962)
Mamie C. SIEGFRIED (1897-1986) married Robert J. DIEHL (1884-1963)

Barbara (Propes) McCollum
E-mail: [email protected]
North Carolina Probst (Propst) I am a decendant of Henry Propst married Elizabeth Klein, had 4 sons and a daughter. My line is through son Michael m., Nancy Angel, son William m. Hannah Causby, s Joseph Meekson m.Elizabeth Cooper, son Lenoir m. Letha Ann Baker, son Durry m. Sarah Ervin, son Ervin Byrum, my father. Any information about this line from Henry or any of his sons and daughter's decendancy would be appreciated

Margaret Kyger Miller
E-mail: [email protected]
Home Page:
Migration: VA
Year: 1770-now
Ancestor: Propst, Henry, Rueben, Delilah, Harriet, Malinda, Anna Maria

Marilyn Brobst Mosson
E-mail: [email protected]
Migration: CHE-DEU-PA-USA
Year: 1500-NOW
Ancestor: Brobst/Probst

Carlos Probst
Email: [email protected]
Home Page:
Migration: Germany - Ontario, Canada
Years: 1600s until present - Ancestors: Probst family, from Peter Probst until Carlos Probst

Jörg Probst, D-53498 Bad Breisig / Rhein - Germany
E-mail: [email protected]
Searching for: Josef PROBST, migrated in 1945/46 from Kiel to Milwaukee
Wife: Anni Probst 2 Kids: son Peter and daughter Susi Josef PROBST had 3 Brothers: Anton PROBST (my grandpa) Peter PROBST Johann PROBST

Kevin Paul Probst
E-mail: [email protected]
Migration: Bern Switzerland, Kandell Germany, Berks Cnty Pennsylvania, Mercer County Pennsylvania, Crawford County Pennsylvania, Harris County Georgia
Year: 1500 -- Now
Ancestor: Probst: Nicklaus, Rudolph, Barthel, Christophel, Johann Michael, Mathias, Daniel, Henry, George, Frederick, Arthur, Leslie, Kevin

Mark G. Probst
E-mail: [email protected]
Migration: New York > Pennsylvania > Indiana> Wisconsin> Minnesota> Dakota's
Year: 1835+
Ancestor: Friedrich Probst (1837?-1901) Great Grandfather
Rudolph Michael Probst (1867-1943) Grandfather One brother and 4 sisters
Oscar Paul Probst (1903-1971) Father Two sisters and one deceased infant brother
Melvin Floyd Probst (1932- Brother
Eugene Benjamin Probst (1940- Brother
Marion Hilda Probst Roth (1930-1982) Sister
Beverly Josephine Probst Melcher (1936- Sister Mark George Probst (1951

Pete Probst
E-mail: [email protected] See Query
Migration: Bayern, Germany > England circa 1891
Year: 1871- now
Ancestor: PROBST, Johann Jacob born Schillingsf�rst 1871, Johann Martin born Feuchtwangen 1826, Johann Thomas born Feuchtwangen? 17??. Other names: Anna Caroline RENZ born St Gallen 1870, Eva Margaretha R��LAR born Insingen 1842, Anna Rosina ENDLEIN, born Haundorf 1838, Sybilla Elisabetha SALZNER born W�rzburg 1836, Anna Christina H�rner born Feuchtwangen? 17??, Rosina LIEBIG

Stefan Probst
E-Mail: [email protected]
Home Page:
Area: Upper Bavaria, namely villages/towns Lenting, Denkendorf, Oberhaunstadt, Ingolstadt.
Ancestor: Anton Probst (NI21887) born 23 Dec. 1828 in Lenting died 09 Dec. 1899 in Oberhaunstadt. Married to Theresia Sch�n. Their son Jakob Probst was my GGFather.

Newton Robert ROBINSON III
E-Mail:: [email protected]
Ancestors: Jean Michael Brobst 1721 / Maria Albrecht; Jacob F. Brobst 1752. / Magdalena Braver 1752; Dr. James Smith 1764 / Catharina Brobst 1776; Mary Ann Smith1800 / Thomas Silverwood 1790; Isabella Silverwood 1820 / John Martin Taylor 1817; John Newton Taylor 1850 / 1st wife Eliza Jane Stroup 1851; Mary Isabella Taylor / Newton Robert Robinson 1872; Lon Stephen Robinson 1904 / Bertha Irene Brown 1909; Newton Robert Robinson III 1941 / Neva Kay Garner 1942.
Area: Berks, Juniata, Mifflin, Union counties Pa. to Keokuk County Ia. to Huntsville, Mo. to Kansas city, Mo.
We are stuck on John Stroup 1816, Thomas Silverwood 1790 and John Martin Taylor 1817 all from Pennsylvania.

Mrs.Luann B Staheli
E-mail: [email protected]
Migration: CHE-DEU-Berks Co. PA> Pickaway Co. OH> Elwood, IN
Year: 1500's-now
Hans, Niklaus, Rudolph, Barthel, Christophel, Phillip Jacob, Jean Michael,. Johannes, Jacob Sr., Jacob Jr., Caleb, David Ellsworth, Pearl, Robert Ellsworth, Lu Ann

Timothy W. Terry
E-Mail: [email protected]
Home Page:

Ancestor: I am descended from Johann Michael 1701 who came to America in 1732. I am descened from his son Matthias George born 3-17-1735/36.

Bonnie Thompson
E-mail: [email protected]
Migration: DEU-OH-IN
Year: 1750 to present
Ancestor: PROBST; Johann Heinrich, Eberhard Heinrich, Hermann Heinrich, Anne Marie Elisabeth, Emelia Schuette Price

Sue Zumchak
E-mail: [email protected]
Migration: Berks Cty
Ancestor: BROBST/PROBST - Hans, Niklaus, Rudolph, Barthel, Christophel, Philip Jacob, Jean Michael, Martin, Johannes, Jacob, Benjamin, James K., Pierson Sr., Pierson Jr.

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