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Brobst Genealogy News Online Index

Brobst Genealogy News

The "Brobst Genealogy News" is a quarterly newsletter with stories about current and ancestral Brobsts, annual Brobst reunions, new genealogy findings, births, marriages, and deaths, etc. At the present time, the newsletter is on vacation. If you want any back copies, contact the Editor, Paula Brobst, at 1133 LaPorte Avenue
Fort Collins, CO 80521
970-495-2296 (MT)
(E-Mail: [email protected])
In the meantime, feel free to submit articles and news notes to the Brobst/Probst Family History and Genealogy Website; send them to [email protected].

Winter 2000

Probstberg Wine
Families in the News
Note from the Editor: Paula Brobst
AWARD!! LuAnn Brobst Staheli
News from the Net - A Genealogist's Guide to Identifying Photographs



Spring 1999

1999 Brobst Reunion in Iowa

Iowa Brobst Ancestry

Word to the Wise
News from the Net
Stambach and Yost

Summer 1999

News on the Net
World Family Tree look-ups
The Surname PROBST
Documents on Line
Obituary � Polly Manders (nee Brobst)

Winter 1998

Brobst Registry Information
Obituaries - Titus, Buller
Nathan Brobst, A Kansas Pioneer Paulin Probst, The Peasant's General, 1525

Fall 1998

Families in the News
Obituary - Elmer Joseph "Joe" Brobst
Johann Michael WHO?
John’s Bible
Net Resource

Summer 1998

Obituary - Forrest Price
Brobst Reunion in PA
Brobst Reunion in OK
The Search for Rudolph and Barthel

Spring 1998

Reunion 1998
Franz Probst Family Tree
Family Photo - Herb and Ott Brobst

Historical Perspectives
Martin Luther and the Probst Family
The Brobst Name
News on the Net

Winter 1997

Families in the News
Reunion 98 !!!
Probst/Brobst Signatures
Featured Ancestor: Philip Jacob Probst
Trip Notes – Bill Brobst travels to Kandel Germany –
Digging up Dead Brobsts

Brobst Family Historical Registry

Fall 1997

Brobst Mini-Reunion 9-13-97
250th Anniversary of the Jerusalem Red Church
Featured Ancestor: Philip Jacob Probst
Family Group Sheets – Phillip Jacob Probst

Summer 1997

Obituary Althea H. Brobst
PA Reunion, Jerusalem Red Church
Brobst Reunion in Haysville, Kansas
Page from Christian Good Brobst's Journal: July 1877
Richard Knerr - Featured Ancestor
Family Photo: Ella Nora Bensing Brobst
Found on the Net

Spring 1997

Photos from 1996 Reunion
Featured Ancestor - James K. Brobst
Family Photo Album

Winter 1996

Families-in-the-News - The Distler twins
Obituaries - Bill Rutledge, Evelyn M. Williams
Brobst Violin Shop
Where Were They Born - Stony Run
Biographical Sketch - Kevin Probst SUVCW - Brobst Camp #23
Preserving Family Documents
Family Photo Album
Computer Corner

4th Quarter 1992

Brobst Family on the move
Biographical Sketch - Paul William Gann
Computer Corner
Familes in the News
Germans Top Descendants
Obituary - Edward Lindley Brobst
A Columbus Lady
Family Facts
Next Family Reunion

3rd Quarter 1992

Brobst Family on the move
Biographical Sketch - Bill Rutledge
Computer Corner
Family in the News
Family Research Reference
Brobst Family Reunion 1992
Family Facts

2nd Quarter 1992

1st Quarter 1992

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